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Dec 132012

“Us Über Alles” by HaSkaLA
People all over the World! Join hands! Join in! Start a HaSkaLOVE train! The Party Starts… NOW! One mere mouse click away! HaSkaLA's greatest song ever: “Us Über Alles”! Eternal ( Danceable) Bliss for 99 cents! On sale now at iTunes: On CDBaby: -On Soundcloud: -And on Spotify! Just in time for the End of the World, the Mayan Apocalypse, the HaSkaLApocalpyse (and/or Christmas)! A Rocksteady Romantic Manifesto scientifically engineered to make your heart bleed, your mind race unt yer ears-gasm! So storm the Bastille inside your soul- with HaSkaLA! Bonus materials (including lyrics) below: -HaSkaLA on Facebook: -HaSkaLA on Twitter: -HaSkaLA on iTunes: -HaSkaLA on YouTube: Ska'd for Life, HaSkaLA —- Us Über Alles. Lyrics by Steven Schub. Music by Curtis Pollitt. Performed by HaSkaLA: Steven Schub- Vocals. David Mastas- Guitar. Curtis Pollitt- Vocals/Guitar. Darby McCullough- Vocals. Julie Gibbs- Bass. Brad Watson- Keyboards. Nick Schneider- Drums. Sarah Wood- Saxophone. Kyle Pouzou- Trumpet. Recorded Mixed by David Mastas. Mastered by Would Work Sound. Published by Danceable Bliss Music/ASCAP. Photo by Peter Konerko. Art by Max Berkowitz. — Us Über Alles When all our dreams are dead and gone, and all our friends have failed us. When I've retired and you've been fired, and all we've done's forgotten. When the levy breaks, the whole Earth shakes, your …From:GootchiegootchiegooViews:5 0ratingsTime:04:31More inMusic

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"Us Ãœber Alles" by HaSkaLA – Video

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