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MANILA – A Wikipedia entry about Vice President Jejomar Binay was defaced, with his name changed to Jejemon and Jesus Christ Darth Vader Illuminati.

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Binay's Wikipedia entry vandalized

For all fans of Christopher ‘Batman’ Nolan, here’s good news The versatile actor will be in Mumbai on December 28 to attend IIT Bombay’s coveted festival ‘Mood Indigo’.

The first event of Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay’s Illuminati 2014 is out and will be attended by Christopher Nolan. The news was announced according to a post by IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo on their Facebook page.

The 2013 edition of Mood Indigo witnessed a footfall of more than 1,04,000 students from more than 1500 colleges from across the country. It was started in 1971 by a group of enthusiastic IITians and Mood Indigo is now in its 44th edition according to entries in Wikipedia.

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Christopher Nolan to visit Mumbai, set to attend IIT Bombay's Mood Indigo festival

Many voices on the left complained vociferously each time in the past few years that the Supreme Court rolled back unconstitutional campaign finance restrictions. Yet the loosening of the rules on campaign donations and campaign spending are showing positive signs in both the political arena and in an economic one: the advertising sector.

In terms of politics, it should be self-evident that more speech is better than less. The first amendment really only had two points as the Founding Fathers saw it: protect the press so they could expose any government wrongdoing and ensure freedom of speech for political arguments. Nude dancing was not on their minds.

Read the history of the revolutionary period and the early presidential campaigns and you will realize that the campaigns were wild, often dirty, free-wheeling affairs. Todays negative campaigners have nothing on their forefathers of two centuries ago.

New Orleans house with a collection of signs for all the mayoral candidates, with the comment More candidates than voters? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet, beginning with a perhaps natural reaction to Watergate, a few incumbent politicians who wanted to protect their own reelections by making it harder for non-incumbents to raise money pushed through a series of restrictions on campaign financing, effectively reducing freedom of speech. We should all be glad that we are moving back in the direction of freedom of political speech. And no one has more to be glad about than the political operatives who design and buy advertising time and the corporations who sell the media slots to them.

According to Ashley Parker in The New York Times, spending on political advertising for the 2014 elections is up 70 percent over the last midterm elections in 2010. That will add up to about $2 billion in advertising buys just on House and Senate races with gubernatorial and local races added to that. Media consultants and campaign advisors who help design their candidates media strategy and place the advertising buys commonly earn high salaries and commissions equal to as much as 7 percent of the advertising spending.

That means that media consultants could stand to make $50 million off the increased spending just in the Congressional races. Freedom of speech appears to be excellent for media consultants. The Supreme Courts ruling in Citizens United might have been one of the best stimulus actions of the entire Obama presidency.

For media companies that are selling the advertising space, the increased political advertising is a bit of a mixed bag. Political candidates must be offered time or space for their ads at the lowest rates the outlet has charged to any other advertisers for equivalent spots. That means that more political ads could mean lower revenues for the media companies.

However, there is good news for the media companies as well. In this election cycle, an increased share of the political ads is being bought by outside groups. Outside groups do not benefit from the same preferential pricing, so media companies can charge them higher rates. Thus, the Supreme Court rulings like Citizens United that have made it easier for such groups to operate is a boon to those selling space for political ads.

Political speech is a good thing. When all sides and parties are free to express their opinions and make their case in favor of their causes and candidates, we get better, more informed elections and hopefully better election results.

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Campaign Spending Freedom Is Great For Speech and The Advertising-Media Sector

Oct 162014

Te Cato Cato Institute has long issued areport card on the nations governors. The grades are based on what Cato thinks constitutes good fiscal policy. Governors who work for policy like that get As, and those who dont get Fs. Back when my libertarianism was still in the closet, I wrote critically of the Cato report card. I now regret my harsh critiques of the project because I believe Cato does the nation a great service by analyzing, assessing, and rating state executives.

That doesnt mean everyone does or should agree with Catos assessment of each governor. The report card serves as a marker representing the institutes views, and those views challenge liberal and traditional conservative thinking on fiscal issues. Reading the report card and other works by the institute may change some minds. But more importantly, it broadens the debate over the role of fiscal policy in particular and government more generally. So if you pray at the altar of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities or of Citizens for Tax Justice, I hope you wont reflexively dismiss the Cato report card. Rather, I hope youll seriously consider the arguments in it. I also encourage libertarians and conservatives to follow the work of theCBPP,Citizens for Tax Justice, andGood Jobs Firstclosely. Just because their political philosophy is different than yours doesnt make their fiscal arguments wrong.

Entrance to the Cato Institute in Washington, DC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I have everyone holding hands, lets look at this years report card.There were only four A students, which tells you that Cato is a tough grader. IndianasMike Pence(R), MainesPaul LePage(R), KansassSam Brownback(R), and North CarolinasPat McCrory(R) were rated the only excellent governors when it comes to fiscal policy.

I realize that picking those four will jeopardize the possibility of any liberals taking the report card seriously. All four significantly cut taxes and have fought for less government spending, so its not surprising that Chris Edwards and Nicole Kaeding of Cato put them at the front of the class.

I like most of those choices. I think LePage (who removed 70,000 low-income citizens from the tax rolls), McCrory (who led significant reform), and Pence (who should get an A for fighting to eliminate the personal property tax on business equipment) deserved their grades. However, I disagree with the Brownback grade. While I generally like the idea of income and business tax cuts, I think Brownback deserves a D for supporting a policy that exempts from taxation income from passthrough entities. Thats bad tax policy whether youre conservative, liberal, or libertarian. By the way, LePage and Brownback are seeking reelection this year, and right now the polls suggest they wont be coming back to the governors mansion.

Eight governors failed: MinnesotasMark Dayton(DFL), OregonsJohn Kitzhaber(D), DelawaresJack Markell(D), WashingtonsJay Inslee(D), IllinoissPat Quinn(D), MassachusettssDeval Patrick(D), ColoradosJohn Hickenlooper(D), and CaliforniasJerry Brown(D). That sounds harsh to most Americans. We dont fail. Kids get straight As, go to Ivy League schools, and eventually work in a profession their parents can brag about. The failing governors are what we used to call tax-and-spend liberals. None have met a tax (or a spending policy) they didnt embrace. So I generally agree with Cato on its assessment of the worst kids in the class. Of those up for reelection, only Quinn is in any danger of not retaining his position.

The one governor who should have gotten an F but inexplicably received a B isAndrew Cuomo. The Democrat from New York pushed the worst tax policy idea of all time: tax-free zones. Im disappointed Cato didnt call him on it.

This post is an excerpt of an article that first appeared inState Tax Notes.

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Schooling The Nation's Governors

Social networking websites allow groups to grow from a dozen friends, to a hundred hobbyists, to a huge organization that transcends national borders. Meanwhile, a new generation of citizen journalists have taken to (micro)blogging and video live-streaming to expose the world to stories that would otherwise go unheard. Websites like Wikipedia and the Internet Archive contribute to a new open-source model of sharing and preserving information.

In countless ways the Internet is radically enhancing our access to information and empowering us to share ideas and connect with the entire world. Speech thrives online freed of limitations inherent in traditional print or broadcast media that are created by corporate gatekeepers.

Preserving the Internet’s open architecture is critical to sustaining free speech. But this technological capacity means little without sufficient legal protections. If laws can censor us to limit our access to certain information, or restrict use of communication tools, then the Internet’s incredible potential will go unrealized.

Governmental organizations have time and again tried to do just that. Censorship laws often aim at speech that would also be restricted offline, but they can also erect new barriers to free expression on the Internet in order to privilege established stakeholders. When old laws are not properly adapted to this medium, it’s all too easy for governments and companies to undermine your rights.

EFF defends the Internet as a platform for free speech, and believes that when you go online, your rights should come with you. Learn more below and consider supporting our efforts.

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Free Speech | Electronic Frontier Foundation

WE were the only ones there at peak season, Shivaji Das observes of his trip to the Kelimutu coloured lakes in Flores, listed on Wikipedia as the islands most famous tourist attraction. Thats what makes these islands a bit special, he says.

Das was at Universiti Malaya last month to give a talk on his newly launched travel ebook, Journeys With The Caterpillar, that charts his adventures in the Eastern Indonesian islands of Sumba and Flores with his then partner, now wife, Lobo (real name Yolanda Yu).

These relatively unknown islands seem to be a curious choice for two lovebirds, but Das lists their other options as Nepal and Syria, proving that these two choose the road less travelled by (and also less air-conditioned) whatever the circumstances. As it were, he says, Indonesia was the cheapest option with the best weather.

Its very different from Bali, he tells an audience of students and academics who will probably venture no further than that glossy destination when it comes to Indonesian islands. Its still very raw.

Sumba, Das informs us, is known as the Texas of Indonesia. Its very dry and you have a lot of flatlands and small hills. And of course horses. About a hundred years ago, the Sumba used to export horses. They still do, though not to the extent it once was and horses still play a major role in their culture, especially in annual festivals like Pasola, where horseback riders throw spears at each other.

Flores on the other hand, is wet and mountainous and has many volcanoes. These volcanoes, Kelimutu specifically, are the cradles for the lakes that change colour according to the oxidation state of the lakes. But more captivating than their landscapes is their culture.

PINK BUFFALOES AND MONOLITHS In his three-week travel, Das managed to cover a lot of ground and also discover much about the daily lives and festivities of the people of Sumba and Flores.

In Flores they say they dont have a face, Das says as the projector reveals a slide populated with faces that seemed to look like they are from South America and Africa. If you look at their faces, theyre all very different. From a Creole face to sharper features to more Javanese features.

These variations can be attributed to the rich colonial history of Flores, waves of colonisation as Das calls it, from neighbouring islands of Sumbawa and Sulawesi, and the Portuguese, then the Dutch.

On Sumba and Flores, a lot of importance is placed on ancestor worship, although most of Flores is nominally Roman Catholic. It is especially strong in Sumba, where the practice is called Marupu. In recent years, there has been a new surge of pride in their culture.

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HERITAGE: Mysterious isles of East Indonesia

Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution
This is a synthesized speech reading of the Wikipedia article “Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution” and is intended primarily for blind and visually impaired individuals who can…

By: Frank Eckstein

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Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Video

Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution
This is a synthesized speech reading of the Wikipedia article “Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution” and is intended primarily for blind and vi…

By: Frank Eckstein

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Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Video

Nato News

NATO Comments Off
Apr 262014

Business Insider Wed 23 Apr 2014 The 11 Most Powerful Militaries In The World Asymmetrical wars in Afghanistan, Vietnam, and now in Syria demonstrate all too clearly that relatively small numbers of belligerents can carry out successful military operations against superior… (photo: AP / Mark Lennihan) Defence Militaries Photos Wikipedia: List of countries by military expenditures World National Journal Wed 23 Apr 2014 U.S. Sending Troops to Eastern Europe, Must Turn Over Info on CIA Prisons, Apaches Headed to Egypt By Jordain Carney Follow on Twitter April 23, 2014 By Jordain Carney ( @jordainc) Welcome to NJ’s Early Bird, today’s best national security, defense, and foreign policy coverage. To contact us, email… (photo: USMC / Zachery B. Martin) Egypt Europe Photos Troops Wikipedia: Troop Top Stories more Headlines Novosti Tue 22 Apr 2014 ANALYSIS: NATO Build Up in Poland Threatens International Stability WASHINGTON, April 22 (RIA Novosti), Lyudmila Chernova NATOs military build-up in Poland is a dangerous and provocative development which might lead to… (photo: US DoD) Nato Photos Poland Washington Wikipedia: NATO The Daily Telegraph Tue 22 Apr 2014 US troop numbers in Afghanistan may drop below 10,000 Related Articles Deal for US troops to stay in Afghanistan ‘will be signed soon’ 07 Dec 2013 The ‘living hell’ of patrol in Afghanistan 02 Dec 2013 Karzai’s refusal to… (photo: USMC / Zachery B. Martin) Afghanistan Karzai Photos US Troops Wikipedia: Afghanistan Khaleej Times Mon 21 Apr 2014 Bidens Ukraine agenda Diplomatic pressure is now showing on Russia. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrovs remark that Ukraine is to be blamed for violating the Geneva accord is incomprehensive… (photo: AP / Sergei Chuzavkov) Geneva Photos Russia Ukraine Wikipedia: Joe Biden CNN Mon 21 Apr 2014 How Obama can avoid lame-duck blues April 21, 2014 — Updated 1235 GMT (2035 HKT) Editor’s note: Julian Zelizer is a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University. He is the author of… (photo: AP / Pablo Martinez Monsivais) Barack Obama Photos Politics US Wikipedia: Barack Obama Detroit news Mon 21 Apr 2014 Obama must defend NATO’s red line Michael Barone Comments Last week, masked men in camouflage garb with no insignia, dressed and equipped like Russian special forces, started taking over police stations… (photo: AP / LM Otero) Barack Obama Nato Photos US Wikipedia: Barack Obama The Telegraph India Mon 21 Apr 2014 In Cold War rerun, Obama plans to isolate Russia PETER BAKER Putin, Obama Washington, April … Washington, April 20: Even as the crisis in Ukraine continues to defy easy resolution, President Barack Obama and his national security team are looking beyond the… (photo: AP / Carolyn Kaster) Photos Russia Ukraine Washington Wikipedia: Barack Obama

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Nato News

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Second Amendment may refer to:

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Second Amendment – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Feb 212014

Pleasent Beaches
Images for Beaches – Report images Beach – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A beach is a landform along the shoreline of an ocea…

By: henry lee

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Pleasent Beaches – Video

What is freedom? Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder – BBC News
Jimmy Wales is famous for founding the non-profit online encyclopaedia Wikipedia and the for-profit Wikia web-hosting company. He is extremely concerned abou…

By: Tude News

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What is freedom? Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder – BBC News – Video

NSA Whistleblower Discussing The Second Amendment
NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake talks about the second amendment while in Washington DC. For more information about Thomas Drake check out his Wikipedia profi…

By: James Madison

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NSA Whistleblower Discussing The Second Amendment – Video

Calaguas Islands is increasingly becoming a popular backpacker destination. Located in the northernmost tip of Bicol, this beautiful beach is probably one of the best for Barkada destination in this part of Luzon.

Mahabang Buhangin in Calaguas Island (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Calaguas is a group of islands that includes Tinaga Island and Guintinua Island, there are minor islands like Maculabo Island and other minor islands.In Tinaga Island, you can find the famous Mahabang Buhangin (Long Beach) or Halabang Baybay in Bicolano. If you are looking for a perfect camp site or a perfect white sand beach, you will surely enjoy Mahabang Buhangin.

If you are planning a trip to Calaguas Islands and you are looking for travel tips, sample itinerary, transportation guide and hotel recommendation then you just found the right page. This post aims to provide the most detailed Calaguas Islands Travel Guide to help you prepare for your future visit in this beautiful group of islands.

There are no hotels in Calaguas except Cottages. If you are more adventurous, you can choose to camp out. If you do not have a tent, you can ask the locals or your boatmen where you can rent a tent. Each tent is normally good for up to 5 individuals and it is usually rented at 300 400 pesos per night plus a camping fee of 100 pesos per person.

There are Sari-sari stores in some parts of the island but they dont sell hot meals. There are houses where you can ask to cook your meals but I guess its more exciting if you will cook your own meals so make sure to bring enough drinking water, food and booze. You will find some fishermen selling their fresh catch every morning or in the afternoon. There is also a small talipapa (market) in Brgy. Mangcawayan where you can buy fish. If you dont have cooking utensils, ask your boatmen, some of them will you borrow their cooking pan, plates etc.

Day 0 9:00PM ETD daet

Day 1 07:00AM ETA Daet/ Breakfast 08:00AM ETD for Calaguas Island 10:00AM ETA Calaguas Island/ set camp explore 12:00 NN- Lunch 01:00PM Siesta/ swimming/ explore/ picture happy campers 06:00PM Dinner 07:00PM Socials 10:00PM Lights out

Day 2 06:00AM Wakeup call 07:00AM Breakfast 09:00AM Prepare for Island Hopping (own pax Acct) 12:00NN Back to camp site 01:00pm Late lunch 04:00pm Explore the beach 05:00 PM Rest 06:00 PM Dinner

Day 3 06:00AM Wakeup call 07:00AM Breakfast 09:00AM Break Camp 10:00AM ETD Calaguas Daet 12:00NN ETD Daet 01:00PM Late Lunch 02:00PM Surfing Bgasbas 05:00 PM Rest 06:00 PM Dinner 09:00 PM ETD Daet Manila

Excerpt from:
Travel Guide: Calaguas Islands in Daet Camarines Norte

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Freedom may refer to:

Continued here:
Freedom – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sen. Rand Paul Defensive Over Wikipedia Plagiarism at Liberty University
5 Reasons Obama Never, Ever Should Have Trusted the Healthcare Industry:…

By: politicalarticles

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Sen. Rand Paul Defensive Over Wikipedia Plagiarism at Liberty University – Video

There are few people in the SEO industry who have been as consistent and giving as much and for as long as Jill Whalen.

To many, Jill is the Queen of SEO. She has been working in SEO for almost 20 years, even before the term SEO was around. She has been speaking, writing, education and servicing in the industry for longer than most. Heck, I’ve been writing about search for 10 years, she has been doing it for almost twice as long. And I am considered a SEO geezer by most my readers.

Well, Jill announced in her last high ranking newsletter she is hanging up the towel after two decades and moving on to new things.

Why now? She said thanks to Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm – SEOs no longer need her preaching about great web sites and great content. Now, SEOs are preaching it because the alternatives are incredibly hard or impossible.

Here is how Jill put it:

Imagine that!

Which means, my friends, that my work here is done.

We cited Jill on this site hundreds of times. Heck, she is one of the incredibly few SEOs to have a Wikipedia page. She is and will forever be an icon in our industry.

For some reason, her saying goodbye to the SEO industry doesn’t feel like a real goodbye. For some reason, I still expect to see her at future events. I know, probably not – but hey, the best in all industries do make guest appearances.

Jill, thanks for everything and wishing you the best going forward.

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Jill Whalen Says The SEO Industry No Longer Needs Her

We upgrade our recommendation on Liberty Global plc. ( LBTYA ) to Neutral following its recent acquisition of Virgin Media. The acquisition has positioned the company as the largest pay-TV operator globally. Liberty Global currently has a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold).

Why the Upgrade?

On Jun 2013, Liberty Global completed the acquisition of British cable MSO Virgin Media. Together, Liberty Global and Virgin Media had approximately 24.5 million subscribers at the end of the second quarter of 2013. In the U.K., the merged entity poses serious competitive threat to British Sky Broadcasting Group plc. and BT Group plc. ( BT ).

Recently, Virgin Media decided to offer the video-subscription service of the online video streaming service provider, Netflix Inc. ( NFLX ). With this, for the first time in the global pay-TV industry, web-based service will be integrated into cable system. Initially, Virgin Media will test run the Netflix service with its 40,000 subscribers who use the company’s next-generation set-top boxes developed by TiVo Inc. ( TIVO ).

At the end of the second quarter of 2013, the company had over 1.7 million video subscribers who use TiVo developed set-top boxes. This new converged digital TV platform provides improved graphics, on-demand video content, catch-up TV service, and web-based applications including games and personal video recorder. The set-top box integrates the Internet and live TV on one screen through fiber-optic cable.

Liberty Global has launched a hybrid IP video gateway called “Horizon TV” in Netherlands and Switzerland. This innovative IP gateway will combine cable operators’ video services with web-based content through an integrated cable modem. This modem includes an open software developer platform and application store.

Further, customers can view TV programs on multiple screens such as PCs, iPhones and iPads. Horizon TV also features an in-build application store for YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook. This service will be introduced in Germany and Ireland by the end of this year.

BT GRP PLC-ADR (BT): Free Stock Analysis Report

LIBERTY GLBL-A (LBTYA): Free Stock Analysis Report

NETFLIX INC (NFLX): Free Stock Analysis Report

The rest is here:
Liberty Global Reverts to Neutral – Analyst Blog

Second Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wiki Article
This is a synthesized speech reading of the Wikipedia article “Second Amendment to the United States Constitution” and is intended primarily for blind and visually impaired individuals who…

By: wikispeak10

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Second Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wiki Article – Video

First Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wiki Article
This is a synthesized speech reading of the Wikipedia article “First Amendment to the United States Constitution” and is intended primarily for blind and vis…

By: wikispeak10

See the original post here:
First Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wiki Article – Video

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