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West Virginia Triangle UFO Sighting Oct 12 2014 . Rapture. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. The 10 people seeing the UFO represent…

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West Virginia Triangle UFO Sighting Oct 12 2014 . Rapture. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. – Video

Video Production Virginia Beach – Video SEO
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Video Production Virginia Beach – Video SEO – Video

By Elisabeth Hulette The Virginian-Pilot October 12, 2014


Picture this: You’re being prosecuted for a crime.

Police have a search warrant for your iPhone, but they can’t open it without your pass code. Now they’re asking a judge to order you to give it up. What do you do?

If you’re David Baust, you put up a fight. The Emergency Medical Services captain, who is charged with trying to strangle his girlfriend during a fight in February, argues the move raises a Fifth Amendment issue – that by opening his phone, he could incriminate himself.

A judge will decide Baust’s case, but it’s unlikely to settle the issue for good. Apple and Android recently announced plans to dramatically increase the amount of information on their phones that’s automatically encrypted – translated into code – making it far more difficult for law enforcement officials to get the access they say they need to convict criminals.

As that happens, attorneys and experts say, the courts are likely to see more cases pitting prosecutors and police against pass codes.

“It’s a bitterly disputed debate on all fronts,” said Sharon Nelson, immediate past president of the Virginia State Bar and the president of Sensei Enterprises, a digital forensics company in northern Virginia.

“You can see the need of law enforcement on the one hand,” she said. “On the other, the Fourth Amendment means nothing if you have to turn your life over to the government.” The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches.

Police access to cellphones changed radically after a June ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. Officers still can extract information from cellphones of people who are arrested but now need a court-issued search warrant.

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Code cases: Police want phone access, but some pass

NATO Leaders Meet in Virginia
2014 – NATO leaders meet in Virginia to discuss new rapid deployment plans.

By: DoD News

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NATO Leaders Meet in Virginia – Video


The National Rifle Association and their fellow gun enthusiasts continue to misconstrue the founders original intent in creating the Second Amendment to the Constitution. A recently published NRA comment states that Guns save lives, stop crime and protect you. This is why we arm police, why people arm themselves and why the Founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution.

The amendment reads as follows: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. A total of 27 words.

The NRAs comment in the first paragraph would be accurate if these first 13 words of the Second Amendment concerning the role of a militia had not been included in this simple statement. The first 13 words have meaning. The founders were much concerned about the power of a standing army and the possibility of overt military control of the fledgling country.

In 1791 the members of the Virginia legislature elaborated on the importance of a militia in a letter accompanying their ratification of the first 10 amendments (1791). They stated that, a well regulated Militia composed of the body of the people trained to arms is the proper, natural and safe defence of a free State. That armies in the time of peace are dangerous to liberty: and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to and governed by the Civil power. 1791 was a time when less than 15 percent of the white male population, mostly untrained in the military use of weapons, possessed guns.

The requirement for a well trained militia rather than a standing army was further emphasized in several issues of the Federalist Papers authored by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. In fact, Federalist No. 29 was exclusively dedicated to the need for a militia.

Of course, the issue of no standing army was short-lived. The War of 1812 proved that a standing army and navy were essential to our survival as an independent nation. The concern, however, about undue influence of the military remains today.

Over the years Supreme Court rulings have essentially ignored the first half of the Second Amendment, opting instead for easy access to weapons. A major question: How did the founders intent to provide for a militia evolve into a nation with over 300 million guns in circulation?

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, in his recent book, Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, proposes the addition of five words to the Second Amendment. As so amended, it would read: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms when serving in the Militia shall not be infringed.

There is no Second Amendment right to own guns! So intended the founders!

Founders intended limits on gun rights

By Brock Vergakis The Associated Press October 7, 2014


Members of NATO’s military committee began meeting in Virginia on Tuesday to get an update from the alliance’s only command in North America and discuss the creation of a quick-reaction force in Europe.

Officials from the military committee are visiting NATO’s Allied Command Transformation through Wednesday.

The Norfolk-based command serves as a type of think tank for the alliance and looks for ways to address current and emerging threats impacting the 28-nation alliance. The committee’s visit to the command occurs once a year. While the discussions are classified, NATO officials said they would focus on developments from a recent NATO summit in Wales, an initiative that calls for interoperable forces as well as the planned quick-reaction force that’s intended to counter Russian aggression in eastern Europe.

“We must make sure that all the nations are aligned with those projects and this is a unique occasion we have to do that in a very open, very frank manner,” said French Air Force General Jean Paul-Palomeros, NATO ACT’s supreme commander.

Details of the quick-reaction force will be worked out in February at a NATO ministerial meeting, but it is expected to consist of 4,000 to 5,000 troops. Among other things, NATO officials are still working out where those troops will be located.

The military committee is made up of senior military officers from each NATO member and is the primary source of military advice to NATO’s civilian decision-making bodies – the North Atlantic Council and the Nuclear Planning Group.

Along with the spearhead force, the Readiness Action Plan approved by President Barack Obama and leaders of the 27 other allied nations includes stepped-up intelligence sharing, an upgrade of defense plans and more military exercises on short notice.

“This is an important event for the military committee because it ensures that the decisions taken by the heads of states and government taken at the Wales summit last month are properly operationalized and we stay focused on our work,” said Danish Army General Knud Bartels, chairman of the military committee, at a news conference at Allied Command Transformation headquarters.

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NATO military committee officials meet in Norfolk

6 hours 41 minutes ago by Dave Fields

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is visiting Maurice, La., Tuesday to show support for Sen. Mary Landrieu’s re-election bid and to discuss with Acadiana officials what he said is Landrieu’s longtime support for Second Amendment gun rights for Louisianians.

According to the senators, the pair have worked closely together on protecting Second Amendment rights, increasing support to build the Keystone Pipeline, and fighting onerous regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency, among other issues.

Manchin took the opportunity to enjoy the GOL shooting range with area leaders while in Maurice.

Excerpt from:
W. Va. Sen. Manchin visits with Landrieu, local officials at Maurice shooting range

Sep 272014

Gay marriage advocates are counting on Supreme Court justices to be watching the Sunday shows ahead of their first private conference of the new term Monday.

Freedom to Marry, a group thats long pursued gay marriage legalization in courts, will air a new ad aimed at urging the Supreme Court to take up one or more of the five cases currently on its docket. Most expect the Court to take up a caseand ultimately legalize gay marriage across the countrythis term. The justices could decide to start a case moving as early as Monday, though they could also wait until a future conference in the coming months.

Currently, 19 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized gay marriage. The cases already up for consideration by the court are from Utah, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Virginia and Indiana, with another from Ohio expected to follow soon.

(PHOTOS: Where same-sex couples can wed)

One nation, indivisibleexcept if youre gay, the narrator of the Freedom to Marry ad says, as a map appears on screen with all the states that have legalized marriage in bright blue, against the dull grey for all the rest.

Proponents and opponents alike are eager to see the Supreme Court establish one set ruling, a swift change from even just a few years ago. Thats not the only shift: now the wide expectation is that the court will rule in favor of legalization, likely with the courts four liberal justices joining Anthony Kennedy, whos spent years writing opinions that have eased restrictions on gays. Some even think Chief Justice John Roberts might join a legalization decision too.

(PHOTOS: 26 gay-rights milestones)

Over photos of gay couples, the narrator of the ad says, theyre taxed unfairly, denied Social Security and parenting rights, and can lose a family home when their loved one dies.

Our ad underscores the human costs of prolonging marriage discrimination. Every day of denial is a day of real and needless injury, indignity, and injustice to too many families across the countryand time matters, said Freedom to Marry found and president Evan Wolfson.

America is ready for the freedom to marry, 40 lower courts have affirmed the freedom to marry, even opponents are saying its time to bring the country to national resolution, Wolfson added. And it is, indeed, time.

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Freedom to Marry ad targets court

The Freedom Bank of Virginia announced that effective September 18, 2014 its common stock began trading on OTCQX. The Banks symbol will continue to be FDVA. The OTCQX

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Freedom Bank of Virginia Begins Trading on OTCQX

Managers of bankrupt Freedom Industries continue to work toward getting their Elk River facility into a voluntary industrial remediation program, but Department of Environmental Protection officials want the company more focused on actually cleaning up contaminated soil at the site of the January chemical spill that polluted the drinking-water supply for hundreds of thousands of people.

Scott Mandirola, director of the DEP Division of Water and Waste Management, said he has been concerned about the possibility that some cleanup work could be delayed while the company worked to establish its eligibility for the agencys Voluntary Remediation Program.

It appears that we should have been moving faster down the remediation pathway, said Mandirola, whose staff has been overseeing the cleanup since the Jan. 9 spill of a mixture of Crude MCHM and other chemicals at Freedoms tank facility. Im looking for a little more in terms of when are you going to start digging?

Last week, Freedom submitted an updated plan to DEP to outline its proposal for more soil and groundwater testing that will help determine how much remediation work needs to be done. And today, Freedom hopes to begin cutting apart and tearing down the last of its chemical storage tanks.

But on Tuesday, the company faces a hearing before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Ronald Pearson, who early this month issued a strongly worded order questioning whether Freedom was really committed to the cleanup. Pearson complained that Freedom was spending too much on lawyers and other professionals, wasnt making adequate progress at the site, and had warned in bankruptcy court filings that it might abandon the Elk River facility if cleanup costs appeared to be coming in too high.

Pearson ordered Freedom officials to appear in court prepared to answer serious questions about the extent to which the company intends to comply with existing demolition and cleanup orders and pay necessary environmental administrative claims to do so.

The dispute over Freedoms cleanup efforts comes just three months after Pearson had proclaimed in a formal court order that Freedom had been working conscientiously and diligently to implement a cost effective and safe means for demolition and cleanup at the site, located just 1.5 miles upstream from West Virginia American Waters regional drinking water intake.

Freedom contractors have removed most of the more than a dozen chemical storage tanks that stood at the companys Etowah Terminal prior to the Jan. 9 spill. Four tanks that remain were being used for storage of stormwater runoff while Freedom worked out a deal to ship that waste to the Charleston Sanitary Board, for treatment and disposal in the Kanawha River. The next phase for Freedom is removing those four tanks. Stormwater will then be collected in temporary storage tanks.

The companys new, 161-page Remediation Delineation and Investigation Work Plan, submitted to DEP last week, spells out a plan for additional contamination testing at the site, leading up to submission in December of an application for the site to enter DEPs voluntary cleanup program.

If allowed to proceed in this program, Freedom could have to meet less-stringent contamination standards than under existing DEP enforcement orders. Under existing orders, Freedom likely would have to clean up the Elk River site to the point where no MCHM can be detected in soil left at the location. Under the voluntary program, the cleanup standard would be a risk-based one, which would depend on what sort of potential for human exposure exists based on the planned future use of the land.

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DEP concerned about pace of Freedom Industries cleanup

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WordPress Security Company in Virginia – SEO Case Study – Video

Virginia Balloon Crash .Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.
An investigative look into the Spiritual Side of the Virginia Balloon Crash. Psalm 23…

By: TheGroxt1

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Virginia Balloon Crash .Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. – Video

May 092014

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NSA – National Softball Association

Inside the Classroom with Professor Leslie Kendrick
University of Virginia School of Law professor Leslie Kendrick discusses special relationships and how they affect sovereign First Amendment rights during a lecture in her course Constitutional…

By: University of Virginia School of Law

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Inside the Classroom with Professor Leslie Kendrick – Video

In January, 300,000 residents of the Charleston, W.Va., area lost access to drinking water when 10,000 gallons of a coal-cleaning chemical leaked into the Elk River. The little-known company behind the disaster, Freedom Industries, was swiftly besieged by dozens of lawsuits and then hustled into bankruptcy court for legally sanctioned dismemberment. So much for Freedom Industries.Or so one might have thought.

A week ago, the Charleston Gazette published ascoopthat can only be described as mind-blowing: Some of the executives who once managed Freedom Industries have been involved in forming a new West Virginia corporation with an equally anodyne name, Lexycon, whose characteristics, the local paper reported, are strikingly similar to Freedom Industries.They wouldnt dare, one might think.

Oh, yes they would.In a May 5 bankruptcy-court filing, lawyers representing the remains of what was once Freedom Industriesthe debtor, in Chapter 11 lingoconfirmed that Lexycon would provide employment to former Freedom executives. Those lawyers also asked the bankruptcy judge overseeing the case for permission to sell whats left of a Freedom-owned facility in Nitro, W.Va., to the former Freedom execs now operating under the Lexycon banner. In other words, Freedom lives!

The Nitro coal industry chemical facility, also known as Poca Blending, is irrevocably tainted due to the incident, the Freedom Industries motion observed in something of an understatement. The media attention associated with the debtor and the underlying nature of the assets comprising the Nitro facility force the conclusion that on a net-net basis, these assets were actually a liability to the debtor and its bankruptcy estate, the motion added. Demolishing the Nitro plant, the motion estimated, would cost Freedom Industries about $400,000.

So rather than tear it down, the lawyers in charge of shutting Freedom asked the judge to allow a sale of Poca Blending for $575,000. The proposed buyer: Lexycon.

Mark Welch, the chief restructuring officer hired to dispose of Freedom Industries, filed a declaration in which he explained that he was introduced to Lexycon by Gary Southern, Freedoms former president. Lexycons principal, a man named David Carson, is a personal friend of Gary Southern, Welch told the court. Moreover, he added, the president of Lexycon, Kevin Skiles, is the former vice president for research and technology and Dennis Farrell, a former Freedom Industries owner and ex-executive, will serve as a consultant to Lexycon.

I strongly advocate the proposed transaction as being in the best interests of Freedom, its bankruptcy estate, and creditors, Welch concluded. He did not say whether hed sought the opinion of the many Charleston residents who might be skeptical of having the Freedom Industries boys continuing to do business in their midst. The judges ruling is expected shortly.

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They're Back: Freedom Industries Execs Return to West Virginia

UPDATE 5/8/14 @ 11:38 a.m. CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – A bankruptcy judge is concerned that a company responsible for a West Virginia chemical spill wants to sell remaining property to a company tied to former executives.

Freedom Industries has filed a motion to sell chemicals and property at a leased secondary facility, Poca Blending in Nitro, to Lexycon LLC.

Lexycon President Kevin Skiles and independent consultant Dennis Farrell are former Freedom executives.

Lexycon was formed in Florida in March.

In court filings Wednesday, Judge Ronald Pearson questioned possible advantages for insider interests, transparency issues and opportunity for participation in the sale.

Pearson also questioned Freedom’s timeframe. Freedom wants to sell by May 20 to let Lexycon prepare for its dust control product season.

A preliminary hearing is set for Tuesday.

The January spill contaminated 300,000 people’s water for days.

Freedom Industries filed court motions Monday seeking permission to sell chemicals and property in Nitro at Poca Blending, which Freedom leases. Lexycon LLC would be the buyer.

Lexycon President Kevin Skiles and independent consultant Dennis Farrell are former Freedom executives. The company was formed in Florida in March.

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UPDATE: Bankruptcy Judge has Concerns Over Freedom Sale

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – The now-bankrupt company at the center of West Virginia’s chemical spill wants to sell what’s left at its other site to a company tied to former executives.

Freedom Industries filed court motions Monday seeking permission to sell chemicals and property in Nitro at Poca Blending, which Freedom leases. Lexycon LLC would be the buyer.

Lexycon President Kevin Skiles and independent consultant Dennis Farrell are former Freedom executives. The company was formed in Florida in March.

Freedom’s motion says the sale would save $387,000 in net costs, like potentially demolishing the Poca site. Instead, Freedom would sell to Lexycon for $575,000.

Dozens of businesses suing Freedom are among the creditors seeking its dwindling assets.

The Jan. 9 spill contaminated 300,000 people’s water for days. Freedom filed for bankruptcy Jan. 17.

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Freedom Industries Wants to Sell Chemicals and Property to Former Company Execs

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The founder of a Swiss trust pleaded guilty to helping Americans evade taxes and said Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN) was involved in the scheme, adding to pressure on the bank as it tries to resolve a U.S. criminal probe.

Josef Dorig, 72, said in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, that he helped the banks U.S. clients cheat the Internal Revenue Service by hiding the owners of accounts through phony trusts and foundations. He was indicted in 2011 with seven Credit Suisse bankers on a charge of conspiring to hide $4 billion from the IRS. The U.S. told Credit Suisse then that it was a target of the probe.

Dorig is cooperating with prosecutors probing Zurich-based Credit Suisse, the largest of 14 Swiss banks under U.S. criminal investigation amid a crackdown on offshore tax evasion. The bank has said its trying to negotiate a resolution with the U.S. Former Credit Suisse banker Andreas Bachmann, who pleaded guilty on March 12, also is cooperating in the probe.

Todays plea further pulls back the curtain on efforts by Swiss banks to help U.S. taxpayers evade taxes through the use of sham trusts and foundations, Deputy Attorney General James Cole said in a statement.

Dorig, who worked at Credit Suisse or its units from 1961 to 1997, helped set up structures like foundations, trusts and companies. They supposedly owned accounts which were actually controlled by U.S. clients, he said.

In 1997, the subsidiary where he worked spun off the structures linked to undeclared accounts to a new trust company controlled by Dorig. Credit Suisse bankers then referred U.S. clients seeking to avoid domestic taxes to Dorig Partner AG. Despite the obfuscation, Credit Suisse recorded the real owners of accounts, Dorig said.

It was Dorigs role to create a paper trail that made it appear the structure operated independently and the U.S. person who owned the assets in the undeclared account linked to the structure had no control over the assets, according to a 17-page statement of facts. In truth, Dorig regularly acted at the direction of the U.S. person who owned the assets.

Dorig implicated several bankers under indictment, including Markus Walder, former head of North American offshore banking; Susanne Ruegg-Meier, a former member of senior management in cross-border banking; and Roger Schaerer, who worked in the banks New York office and was a senior manager. They have not responded to the 2011 indictment.

Dorig, a citizen of Switzerland and Italy, said he went to Miami, Beverly Hills, California, and other U.S. cities with Credit Suisse bankers to help U.S. clients set up the structures. After he set up the structures, clients visited Credit Suisse bankers in Zurich for cash. Between 2004 and 2008, one client took out $30,000 in cash on one trip, $11,000 on another, $50,000 on a third, and then $55,000, Dorig said.

Walder and Ruegg-Meier signed a contract in 2005 that required Dorig to pay a referral fee to Credit Suisse for clients. The bank terminated the deal in 2008, when Walder told him the bank would no longer maintain undeclared accounts. At that point, the U.S. was stepping up its offshore crackdown.

Originally posted here:
Credit Suisse Pressure Increases With Enablers Plea

Fueled by growth in both loans and deposits over this quarter last year, The Freedom Bank of Virginia earned a net profit of $348,215 for the quarter ending March 31, 2014.

Here is the original post:
Freedom Bank Generates Record Loan Growth While Improving Asset Quality

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