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Aug 252015

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Bitcoin Charts

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Aug 252015

Major Magazine Publisher to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Time Inc., publisher of e. g. for People, Sports Illustrated, InStyle and Time, now accepts bitcoin as a payment.

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It can be used to buy apps, games, and other digital content from Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox Games, Xbox Music, or Xbox Video stores. Be aware, that Money added to the Microsoft account using Bitcoin cannot be refunded.

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Mozilla, the community behind Firefox and Thunderbird, now accepts Bitcoin donations.

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PayPal does first steps for a integration of bitcoin.

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The Wikimedia Foundation now accepts Bitcoin. They will work together with coinbase.

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The German Newspaper “taz”, also called “die tageszeitung”, now accepts Bitcoins as donations. All the content on is available for free, based on their model of donations. So far, more then 10 BTC got donated, which is a lot, compared to the approx. 10 000 donations (in German), received in June.

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Latvian airline airBaltic has become the worlds first airline to accept Bitcoin as payment for its tickets to 60 destinations in Europe, Middle East, Russia and the CIS.

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Dell is now accepting bitcoin payments from consumers and small business shoppers across the U.S. for all items available on, including the Alienware line of products.

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Illuminati – RationalWiki

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Aug 232015

The Illuminati, originally called The Order of Perfectibilists, was a small freethinker society founded in 1776 in Bavaria by a man named Adam Weishaupt. Among the group’s goals were the opposition of prejudice, superstition, and abuse of political power. In the universe that rational people agree to recognize as reality, the Illuminati ceased to exist in 1787, when Karl Theodor, Prince-Elector of Bavaria, had the group banned for conduct inciting people to rebel against state authority after some of the organization’s writings were intercepted.

In the parallel universe where the likes of Henry Makow and David Icke hang their hats (and the snakes living therein), they not only have continued to exist, but have developed such enormous capacity for secrecy, power, and control that the complete absence of evidence for their existence, power, and control …proves their existence, power, and control.

The spread of the Illuminati legend and continued belief in them today can be traced back to the book Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robinson, a 1798 anti-Freemasonry book (the Freemasons and Illuminati are often regarded as one and the same by conspiracy theorists). Proofs of a Conspiracy has become a source of inspiration to many conspiracy theorists since its initial publication and has been reprinted by, among others, the John Birch Society. Many modern variations of the Illuminati conspiracy have them being a controlling influence in the New World Order. Another influential series was Mmoires pour Servir a l’Histoire du Jacobinisme by Abb Augustin de Barruel (1799).

The alleged continued existence of the “Illuminati” looms large in many conspiracy theories, tall tales by evangelical Satanic Panic-fakers like Mike Warnke and John Todd, crank anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic writings, pseudolaw theories, etc. Depending on which version of the “Illuminati” story one believes, they are either a Satanic, Masonic, Zionist, atheist, reptilian,[2] or secular financial conspiracy. Despite the many different versions of the conspiracy, each version claims to have evidence that they are correct. They secretly control world events and their symbol, the all-seeing eye, is on the back of the U.S. $1 bill. This belief, in whatever version, is patently ridiculous but it persists. When the Founding Fathers designed the Great Seal, the all-seeing eye was proposed by members of design committees who were not Freemasons (since conspiracy theorists regard Freemasons and the Illuminati to be practically the same). It was also not named the “all-seeing eye,” as the cranks believe, but rather the “eye of providence,”[3][4] a symbol for God[5].

Several 20th century conspiracy theory books such as those by William Guy Carr and Des Griffin combined John Robinson’s allegations about the Illuminati and Freemasonry with those of the hoax book, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, to come up with an explicitly anti-Semitic version of the Illuminati theory. Jack Chick and Alberto Rivera on the other hand promoted an anti-Roman Catholic variant of the theory, alleging the Illuminati was a creation of the Vatican.

Pat Robertson’s version, on the other hand, is just plain weird since it somehow touches on both the French Revolution and gay marriage.[6]

Robertson, it seems, has company among other theocratic media weirdos personalities. Rick Wiles is under the impression that the Illuminati is not only linked to the 9/11 attacks but that the new One World Trade Center is actually a tribute to what he terms the “Free Mason/Illuminati New World Order.”[7]

Mike Warnke and John Todd, mentioned above, are two fake “ex-Satanist” Protestant evangelists. They have both described the Illuminati as the highest level of Satanism. Warnke claimed he learned of the Illuminati when attending a high-level conference of Satanists and Witches, shortly before he dropped out of Satanism to join the Navy and convert to Christianity. Todd claimed to have been a member of the Illuminati himself, which he said was a high council of druids secretly working to destroy Christianity and make witchcraft the official religion of the United States. Belief in the Illuminati as a Satanic conspiracy continues to be held by many evangelical Christians, despite both Warnke and Todd being exposed as frauds.

To the true believer, exposing them as frauds only goes to show how far the Illuminati are willing to go to malign opponents.

To this day there are many Youtube videos of people claiming to be “ex-Illuminati” members, whistleblowers, etc. The only problem is why there are so many. Why doesn’t the Illuminati take these videos down? Oh, something as simple as an auto correct of “NWO” to “NOW” in the comments section will make people say the Illuminati doesn’t want people to know about the NWO, but they refuse to take down people who are blatantly saying they exist! Another problem is that all the stories have contradictions with each other. You would think these guys would be telling the same story, but no two stories are the same!

The Illuminati plays a role in books like Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatus! trilogy, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, and the joke religion of Discordianism.

It is also a kick-ass card game put out by Steve Jackson Games.

Not to mention video games that flat out depict the Illuminati as either an actual faction or even a playable one, such as Funcom’s “The Secret World”.

The Illuminati are “well-known” to be behind Hollywood[8] and the fnord Ford Motor Company.[9] It would seem that just about any organization you can name has been accused of being an Illuminati front.

They also have a “tendency” to put hidden symbols and clues to their existence around the world, and on money, for no apparent reason.[10] Nearly every popular culture icon, including television shows, politicians, musicians and any celebrity, are said to be somehow connected to the Illuminati in some way, from something as normal as a triangle[11] to a hand sign.[12][13] Maybe it’s because they want you to know their evil plans, or maybe it’s because they’re bored at their broadcasting job.[14]

Probably the best example of this would be Tupac Shakur, whose last album issued before his death, entitled The Don Killuminati: The Seven Day Theory, led to many theories.[15] The word “killuminati” (a portmanteau of the words “kill” and “Illuminati”) is interpreted as Pac saying that he is speaking out against them and killing Illuminati. The truth being that he heard about them in prison and used logic the majority of these conspiracy nuts lack, that is: “If this organisation is so secret, how the fuck does everyone know about it?”[16] There is also the claim that Tupac faked his death and will be coming back (since 2003[17])[18]. This is mainly because a while before he died, Tupac was planning on permanently changing his rap name to Makaveli after the 15-16th century writer Niccol Machiavelli.

An equally good example would be rapper Jay-Z, who is supposedly very high in the Illuminati’s hierarchy of celebrities. The hand gesture that he flashes has been cited as “proof” (in a very, very loose sense of the word) even though it’s meant to represent the diamond of Roc-a-fella Records and is thrown up as frequently as the “East” or “West” hand signs. Some has compared it to that Temple of Astarte logo.[19] He is also accused of selling his soul, amongst other things.[20] As with Tupac, theorists just turn to bullshit to prove their points, interpreting that the name of his newborn daughter, Blue Ivy, backwards (Yvi Eulb) is Latin for “Lucifer’s daughter,” even though there is nothing to imply this.[21] (Even the Church of Satan debunks this! [22] Jay Z has denied all these claims; his response to the conspiracy theorists can be heard in Rick Ross’s song “Free Mason.”[23]

It can be very difficult to find anyone who isn’t actually connected with the Illuminati. All of the claimed affiliations involve an occult symbol in a music video or photo (usually the “all-seeing eye,” the Star of David, or a Pentagram). This is most likely to get people talking and get publicity. For example, if Rihanna has a newspaper cutout that says “Princess of the Illuminati” in a music video, millions of people will go watch the video. In fact, there are even whole websites like this that are dedicated to finding pop stars who are part of the Illuminati. Basically, everyone.

Michael Jackson is a very interesting case. One faction of the conspiracy community considers him a member of the Illuminati, employed to brainwash the public. Another faction, however, says that Jackson was not a member, but actually was fighting to expose their control of the music industry and media. Jackson was supposedly killed for this very reason. Either way the theorists have all the bases covered.

Spelling Illuminati in reverse and entering it as an URL leads to the NSA website.[24] This is merely someone purchasing that domain and redirecting it to a government website as “inconclusive proof” even though anyone can do so.[25]

And finally, there is the trend of blaming the Illuminati for the death of apparently anybody with any degree of fame. This is usually explained as the assassination of those who were just about to expose the conspiracy, or as one of the Illuminati’s ritualistic, demonic “sacrifice.”[26]

Whenever so-called symbolism is refuted, the Conspiracy theorist usually says that the Illuminati “created” that refutation as a cover-up to make the symbolism less blatant.[27]

One has to wonder… If the Illuminati controlled all the media, why won’t they censor websites like PrisonPlanet and Vigilant Citizen? There are whole websites dedicated to “exposing” the Illuminati, but those are generally left alone!

There are many Youtube videos claiming that a popular singer like has “sold their soul” to the Devil. However, there are four major problems with this:

And the most obvious and common:

One popular type of Youtube video is to cherrypick what celebrities say in speeches, and shoehorn the Illuminati into it, even when the Illuminati have nothing to do with what they’re saying.[29]

If the UN even ACKNOWLEDGES a music video, then, that video is Illuminati.[30]

Celebrities are getting a lot of attention from this, so they’re getting less and less subtle with the imagery. Rihanna went as far as to have a music video with the words “Illuminati Princess”, and of course Mark Dice caught on to this before anyone else.[31] Lady Gaga is taking advantage of it to the point where she is starting to claim she’s having dreams about the Illuminati: though what she is exactly dreaming about varies.[32][33] Celebs are even going so far as to use terms such as “I swear to Lucifer” instead of “I swear to God”[34] and Katy Perry jokes about selling her soul to the Devil.[35]

When Amy Winehouse was killed, CTs made a big deal of how she made joke of refusing to “be molded into a triangle” in her last interview.[36] Of course, coincidences happen all the time, so this isn’t exactly proof on its own.

Often, theories will be made of symbolism over speculation. For example when Kim Kardashian was undecided on what to name her baby, everyone decided to throw in their shoehorning.[37] Only, they were blatantly wrong and didn’t even get the name right.

The Deus Ex series of games feature the Illuminati, though they are constantly fighting other shadowy organizations at the same time like the UN New World Order, or the Knights Templar, or a Corporate Takeover of Earth or something, or FEMA death camps (or were those run by the Illuminati?).

Unsurprisingly, whenever anyone tries to show evidence against the Illuminati, or refute bogus evidence for the Illuminati, said person is called a shill to spread disinformation,[citationneeded] or that the evidence against them was created by the Illuminati to keep people from believing they exist. This makes the theory unfalsifiable.

Youtube is the only website where you can blow the whistle and expose The Powers That Be without worrying about being assassinated. Due to this, it is advised that you only use Youtube[38] as a source, as you don’t have to worry about misinfo.

Seriously, though… Youtube is a horrible place to get evidence for… well, anything. It’s probably THE largest repository of crank videos, despite the fact that Google is often accused of being in the cahoots with the Illuminati. It’s a great place to find Conspiracy Documentaries and even lower-quality homemade ones. Some are as little as two-minute long montages of Mainstream Media[39], most stretch across about three hours of content, and a select few can be tens of hours long!

The bad thing about Youtube is that it actually gives nutjobs a way to get to otherwise sane, yet weak-minded skeptics. The type of “evidence” can range from a celebrity almost as crazy as them claiming the Illuminati Exist[40], those celebrities siblings claiming the same[41], and pretty much everything else. Expect every interview by the POTUS/Google/UN to be quote-mined, and expect a shitton of Illuminati whistleblowers too (And every other Conspiracy Theory too, actually).

Yes, these people can be fun to watch sometimes, but dear god, please tread lightly, don’t stay for too long, and make sure you aren’t logged in if you absolutely must watch these videos. And you’ll probably be better off if you steer clear from the comments, but that generally applies to any Youtube video that has comments anyway.

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Illuminati – RationalWiki

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Aug 202015

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The Futurist: The Singularity

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Aug 152015

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) seeks to answer one of the most basic questions of human identity – whether we are alone in the universe, or merely one civilization among many. It is perhaps the biggest question that any human can ponder.

The Drake Equation, created by astronomer Frank Drake in 1960, calculates the number of advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy in existence at this time. Watch this 8-minute clip of Carl Sagan in 1980 walking the audience through the parameters of the Drake Equation. The Drake equation manages to educate people on the deductive steps needed to understand the basic probability of finding another civilization in the galaxy, but as the final result varies so greatly based on even slight adjustments to the parameters, it is hard to make a strong argument for or against the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence via the Drake equation. The most speculative parameter is the last one, fL, which is an estimation ofthe total lifespan of an advanced civilization.Again, this video clip isfrom 1980, and thus only 42 years after the advent of radio astronomy in 1938. Another 29 years, or 70%,have since been added to the ageof our radio-astronomy capabilities, and the prospect of nuclear annihilation of our civilization is far lower today than in was in 1980. No matter how ambitious or conservative of a stance youtake on the other parameters, the value offLin terms of our own civilization, continues to rise.This leads us to our first postulate :

The expected lifespan of an intelligent civilization is rising.

Carl Sagan himself believed that in such a vast cosmos, that intelligent life would have to emerge in multiple locations, and the cosmos was thus ‘brimming over’ with intelligent life. On the other side are various explanations for why intelligent life will be rare. The Rare Earth Hypothesis argues that the combination of conditions that enabled life to emerge on Earthare extremely rare. The Fermi Paradox, originating back in 1950, questions the contradiction between the supposed high incidence of intelligent life, and the continued lack of evidence of it.The Great Filtertheorysuggests that many intelligent civilizations self-destruct at some point, explaining their apparent scarcity. This leads to the conclusion that the easier it is for civilization to advance to our present stage, the bleaker our prospects for long-term survival, since the ‘filter’ that other civilizations collide with has yet to face us. A contrarian case can thus be made that the longer we go without detecting another civilization, the better.

But one dimension that is conspicuously absent from all of these theories is an accounting for the accelerating rate of change. I have previouslyprovided evidencethat telescopic power is also an accelerating technology. After the invention of the telescope by Galileo in 1609, major discoveries used to be several decades apart, but now are onlyseparated by years. An extrapolation of various discoveries enabled me to crudelyestimate that our observational power is currently rising at 26% per year, even though the first 300 years after the invention of the telescope only saw an improvement of 1% a year. At the time of the 1980 Cosmos television series, it was not remotely possible to confirm the existence of any extrasolar planet or to resolve any star aside from the sun into a disk. Yet, both were accomplished by the mid-1990s. As of May 2009, we have now confirmed a total of 347 extrasolar planets, with the rate of discovery rising quickly. While the first confirmation was not until 1995, we now arediscovering new planets at a rate of 1 per week. With a number of new telescope programs being launched, this rate will rise further still. Furthermore, most of the planets we have found so far are large. Soon, we will be able to detect planets much smaller in size, including Earth-sized planets. This leads us to our second postulate :

Telescopic power is rising quickly, possibly at 26% a year.

This Jet Propulsion Laboratory chart of exoplanet discoveries through 2004 is very overdue for an update, but is still instructive. The x-axis is the distance of the planet from the star, and the y-axis is the mass of the planet. All blue, red, and yellow dots are exoplanets, while the larger circles with letters in them are our own local planets, with the ‘E’ being Earth. Most exoplanet discoveries up to that time were of Jupiter-sized planets that were closer to their stars than Jupiter is to the sun. The green zone, or ‘life zone’is the area within which a planet is a candidate to support lifewithin our current understanding of what life is. Even then, this chart does not capture the full possibilities for life, as a gas giant like Jupiter or Saturn, at the correct distance from a Sun-type star, might have rocky satellites that would thus also be in the life zone. In other words, if Saturn were as close to the Sun as Earth is, Titan would also be in the life zone, and thus the green area should extend vertically higher to capture the possibility of such large satellites of gas giants. The chart shows that telescopes commissioned in the near future will enable the detection of planets in the life zone. If this chart were updated, a few would already be recordedhere.Some of the missions and telescopesthat will soon be sending over a torrent of new discoveries are :

KeplerMission : Launched in March 2009, the Kepler Mission will continuously monitor a field of 100,000 stars for the transit of planets in front of them. This method has a far higher chance of detecting Earth-sized planets than prior methods, and we will see many discovered by 2010-11.

COROT : This European mission was launched in December 2006, and uses a similar method as the Kepler Mission, but is not as powerful. COROT has discovered a handful of planets thus far.

New Worlds Mission: This 2013 mission will build a large sunflower-shaped occulter in space to block the light of nearby stars to aid the observation of extrasolar planets.A large number of planets close to their stars will become visible through this method.

Allen Telescope Array: Funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the ATA will survey 1,000,000 stars for radio astronomy evidence of intelligent life. The ATA is sensitive enough to discovera large radio telescope such as the Arecibo Observatory up to a distance of 1000 light years. Many of the ATA components are electronics that decline in price in accordance with Moore’s Law, which will subsequently lead tothe development of the…..

Square Kilometer Array: Far larger and more powerful than the Allen Telescope Array, the SKA will be in full operation by 2020, and will be the most sensitive radio telescope ever. The continual decline in the price of processing technology will enable the SKA to scour the sky thousands of times faster than existing radio telescopes.

These are merely the missions that are alreadyunder development or even under operation. Several others are in the conceptual phase, and could be launched within the next 15 years. So many methods of observation used at once, combined with the cost improvements of Moore’s Law, leads us to our third postulate, which few would have agreed withat the time of ‘Cosmos’ in 1980:

Thousands of planets in the ‘life zone’ will be confirmed by 2025.

Now, we will revisit the under-discussed factor of accelerating change. Out of4.5 billion years of Earth’s existence, it has only hosted a civilization capable of radio astronomy for 71 years.But asour own technology is advancing on a multitude of fronts, through the accelerating rate of change and the Impact of Computing,each year, the power of our telescopes increases and the signals of intelligence (radio and TV) emitted from Earth move out one more light year. Thus,the probability for us to detect someone,and for us to be detected by them, however small, is now rising quickly. Our civilization gained far more in both detectability, and detection-capability, in the 30 years between 1980 and 2010, relative to the 30 years between 1610 and 1640, when Galileo was persecuted for his discoveries and support of heliocentrism, and certainly relative to the 30 years between 70,000,030 and 70,000,000 BC, when no advanced civilization existed on Earth, and the dominant life form was Tyrannosaurus.

Nikolai Kardashev has devised a scaleto measure the level of advancement that a technological civilization has achieved, based on their energy technology. This simple scale can be summarized as follows :

Type I : A civilization capable of harnessing all the energy available on their planet.

Type II : A civilization capable of harnessing all the energy available from their star.

Type III : A civilization capable of harnessing all the energy available in their galaxy.

The scale is logarithmic, and our civilization currently would receive a Kardashev score of 0.72. We could potentially achieve full Type I status by the mid-21st century due to a technological singularity. Some haveestimated that our exponentialgrowth could elevate us to Type II status by the late 22ndcentury.

This has given rise to another faction in the speculative debate on extra-terrestrial intelligence, a view held by Ray Kurzweil, among others. The theory is that it takes such a short time (a few hundred years) for a civilization to go from the earliest mechanical technology to reach a technological singularity where artificial intelligencesaturates surrounding matter, relative to the lifetime of the home planet (a few billion years), that we are the first civilization to come this far. Given the rate of advancement, a civilization would have to be just 100 years ahead of us to be so advanced that they would be easy to detect within 100 light years, despite 100 years being such a short fraction of a planet’s life. In other words, where a 19th century Earth would be undetectable to us today, an Earth of the22nd century would be extremely conspicuous to us from 100 light years away, emitting countless signals across a variety of mediums.

A Type I civilization within 100 light years would be readily detected by our instruments today. A Type II civilization within 1000 light years will be visible to the Allen or the Square Kilometer Array. A Type III would be the only type of civilization that we probably could not detect, as we might have already been within one all along. We do not have a way of knowing if the current structure of the Milky Way galaxy is artificially designed by a Type III civilization. Thus, the fourth and final postulate becomes :

A civilization slightly more advanced than us will soonbe easy for us to detect.

The Carl Sagan view of plentiful advanced civilizations is the generally accepted wisdom, and a view that I held for a long time.On the other hand,the Kurzweil view is understood by very few, for even in the SETI community, not that many participants are truly acceleration aware. The accelerating nature of progress, which existed long before humans even evolved, as shown in Carl Sagan’s cosmic calendarconcept, also from the 1980’Cosmos’ series, simply has to be considered as one of the most critical forces in any estimation of extra-terrestrial life.I have not yet migrated fully to the Kurzweil view, but let us list our four postulates out all at once :

The expected lifespan of an intelligent civilization is rising.

Telescopic power is rising quickly, possibly at 26% a year.

Thousands of planets in the ‘life zone’ will be confirmed by 2025.

A civilization slightly more advanced than us will soonbe easy for us to detect.

Asthe Impact of Computingwill ensure that computational power rises 16,000X between 2009 and 2030, and that our radio astronomy experience will be 92 years old by 2030, there are just too many forces that are increasing our probabilities of finding a civilization if one does indeed exist nearby. It is one thing to know of no extrasolar planets, or of any civilizations. It is quite another to know about thousands of planets,yet still not detect any civilizations after years of searching.Thiswould greatlystrengthen the case against the existence of such civilizations, and the case would grow stronger by year. Thus, these four postulates in combinationlead me to conclude that :

Most of the ‘realistic’ science fiction regarding first contact with another extra-terrestrial civilization portrays that civilization being domiciled relatively nearby. In Carl Sagan’s ‘Contact’, the civilization was from the Vega star system, just 26 light years away. In the film ‘Star Trek : First Contact’, humans come in contact with Vulcans in 2063, but the Vulcan homeworld is also just 16 light years from Earth. The possibility of any civilization this near to us would be effectively ruled out by 2030 if we do not find any favorable evidence. SETI should still be given the highest priority, of course, as the lack of a discovery is just as important as making a discovery of extra-terrestrial intelligence.

If we do detect evidence of an extra-terrestrial civilization, everything about life on Earth will change. Both ‘Contact’ and ‘Star Trek : First Contact’ depicted how an unprecedented wave of human unity swept across the globe upon evidence that humans were, after all, one intelligent species among many. In Star Trek, this led to what essentially became a techno-economic singularity for the human race. As shown in ‘Contact’, many of the world’s religions were turned upside down upon this discovery, and had to revise their doctrines accordingly. Various new cults devoted to the worship of the new civilization formed almost immediately.

If, however,weare alone, then accordingto many Singularitarians, we will be the ones to determine the destiny of the cosmos.After a technologicalsingularity in the mid-21st century that merges our biology with our technology, we would proceed to convert all matter into artificial intelligence,make use ofall the elementary particles in our vicinity, and expand outward at speeds that eventually exceed the speed of light, ultimately saturating the entire universe with out intelligence in just a few centuries. That, however, is a topic for another day.

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The Futurist: The Singularity

Does The First Amendment Protect The Release of Videos …

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Aug 062015

A Los Angeles court has ordered the Center for Medical Progress not to publish further video exposing Planned Parenthoods sale of aborted babies. Another Federal Court has also barred the release of specific documents pertinent to CMPs investigation. On Federalist Radio today, Ben cuts through the legalese with scholars from Powerline Legal Blog and the Alliance Defense Fund.

Paul Mirengoff, a lawyer and author at Power Line Blog, explains that both courts have made use of prior restraint, an instrument barring free expression before publication. He says that this legal mechanism has long been deemed as unconstitutional and highly unfavorable in most cases.

Casey Mattox, Senior Council for the Alliance Defense Fund, predicts that, in the long run, these videos will keep coming out.

Also during the program, the founder of Puerto Rico Clearing House, Cate Long, explains how that US territory ended up in default for the first time in history.

Click here to listen, or use the embedded link below.

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Does The First Amendment Protect The Release of Videos …

Jitsi: A Multi-Protocol, Cross Platform Compatible Chat …

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Jul 242015

Whether you are using Mac, Windows or Linux, I am sure you have your own favorite chat client that you use on a daily basis. For some of you, you might even have a audio/video call client that you use to make free call to your friends. Wouldnt it be great if you have these two applications combined into one and it works regardless which OS you are using? Jitsi is the one for you. Jitsi is a java-based desktop client that supports multiple chat and audio/video call protocols. You can use it to connect to the various instant messaging service like MSN, Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, and also make audio/video call with SIP and XMPP. It doesnt support Skype though, but other than that, this seems to be the most complete app I have ever come across.

The installation is pretty simple. Since it is java-based, it will work on every OS that has java enabled. It does come with an installer package for each OS, so you dont need to run the jar file manually in the terminal. Head over to the Download page and download the version for your system. For Linux Debian/Ubuntu users, you can head over to its deb download page and download the version for your system.

On the first run, it will prompt you to setup your accounts by entering your username and password to the various IM and XMPP/SIP accounts.

Once you have set it up, it will run like any other SIP/XMPP/IM client.

On Windows and Mac, it integrates quite well with the system theme, but on my Ubuntu machine, the java GUI sucks. In addition, this application will cause an invisible JavaEmbeddedFrame window to appear in the menu bar and cant be removed until you quit the app. This doesnt affect the functionalities of Jitsi, but still, it can be rather annoying.

For the chat, there is one feature that I like best: the ability to encrypt your chat session. During a chat, you can click the padlock button to encrypt the conversation. However, this works only when both parties are using Jitsi, else it wont work.

To make a audio/video call, you can easily click the Phone or Video icon below your friends name. You can also click the Screen Sharing icon to share your screen, though I cant get it to work, perhaps due to my firewall configuration.

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NSA has been spying on Americans for decades – Video

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Apr 142015

NSA has been spying on Americans for decades
FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as…

By: Liberated Galaxy

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NSA has been spying on Americans for decades – Video

News Bits: The Bitcoin Foundation is broke – Video

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Apr 142015

News Bits: The Bitcoin Foundation is broke
News Bits on: Rand Paul Accepting Donations In Bitcoins – Former Nike CIO Joins Bitreserve Oliver Janssens and the Bitcoin Foundation's Woes Video sources:…


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News Bits: The Bitcoin Foundation is broke – Video

GTA IV | Liberty Gaming LCPDFR Patrol #1 (Official) – Video

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Apr 142015

GTA IV | Liberty Gaming LCPDFR Patrol #1 (Official)
Enjoy the video? Subscribe! Please Read Description Help Me Reach 100 Subs! Liberty Gaming Official Website:…

By: WattlezZ.

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GTA IV | Liberty Gaming LCPDFR Patrol #1 (Official) – Video

Wedding MBA 2014 – Jason Hennessey’s My SEO Blueprint, Actionable Tips For Ranking Higher – Video

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Apr 142015

Wedding MBA 2014 – Jason Hennessey's My SEO Blueprint, Actionable Tips For Ranking Higher
Wedding MBA 2014 – Las Vegas NV – Jason Hennessey's My SEO Blueprint, Actionable Tips For Ranking Higher on Google In this video Jason Hennessey, of EverSpark Interactive, gives his . Wedding …

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Wedding MBA 2014 – Jason Hennessey’s My SEO Blueprint, Actionable Tips For Ranking Higher – Video

How to Optimize Your WordPress Robots txt for SEO – Video

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Apr 142015

How to Optimize Your WordPress Robots txt for SEO
Do you want to improve your robots.txt file? This is important for SEO but can be confusing for users. In this video, we will show you how to optimize your WordPress robots.txt for seo. If…

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How to Optimize Your WordPress Robots txt for SEO – Video

Lovestern Galaktika Project Meets Pulsedriver & Ole Van Dansk – Move For Freedom (Single Version) – Video

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Apr 132015

Lovestern Galaktika Project Meets Pulsedriver Ole Van Dansk – Move For Freedom (Single Version)

By: Gioz

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Lovestern Galaktika Project Meets Pulsedriver & Ole Van Dansk – Move For Freedom (Single Version) – Video

Widespread Panic 1997-11-13 Set 1 Liberty Hall Lawrence, KS – Video

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Apr 132015

Widespread Panic 1997-11-13 Set 1 Liberty Hall Lawrence, KS
Widespread Panic 11-13-1997 Liberty Hall Lawrence, KS Video Attributes: AUD tripod VHS 6500 kb/sec set 1, 5600 kb/sec set 2 TV System: NTSC Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Menus included Transfer – Edit…

By: tdunski

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Widespread Panic 1997-11-13 Set 1 Liberty Hall Lawrence, KS – Video

TRIP VIDEO – Illuminati – Video

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Apr 132015

TRIP VIDEO – Illuminati
ATENO RECOMENDA-SE +18 ANOS ! Ou no :3 -Playlist: [0:00-0:04] Yellow Claw,Diplo LNY TNZ – Techno(feat.WakaFlockaFlame) [0:05-0:09] San Holo – Fly …

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Exuma Islands — The REAL Bahamas HD – Video

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Apr 132015

Exuma Islands — The REAL Bahamas HD
It's better in the Bahamas. Welcome to the Out Islands of the Bahamas, or as we like to call it the REAL Bahamas. This video is about the islands of The Exumas.. Behold The Islands Of…

By: Carolos Gingras

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