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Apr 232014

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has said he is thrilled to be coming home ahead of receiving the freedom of Stirling and an honorary degree from the university where he trained as a boy.

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Freedom of the city for Murray

Christian Professor sues University and Wins Free Speech – PIJN 0248 – Dr. Chaps Klingenschmitt
Get free e-alerts at 1. A Christian professor wins a lawsuit after he endured persecution for his faith. 2. The Supreme …

By: Gordon James Klingenschmitt

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Christian Professor sues University and Wins Free Speech – PIJN 0248 – Dr. Chaps Klingenschmitt – Video

Jay Strack – Liberty University Convocation

By: Liberty University

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Jay Strack – Liberty University Convocation – Video

Michele Bachmann – Liberty University Convocation

By: Liberty University

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Michele Bachmann – Liberty University Convocation – Video

Top Plays of the Week – 4/18/14

By: Liberty University

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Top Plays of the Week – 4/18/14 – Video

When they were together at a signing ceremony at Liberty High’s college signing ceremony Thursday, Mariah Kondravy and Alyshia Dellatore were dressed quite nicely.

It was hard to believe that either one is a terror to pitchers.

But in uniform, there may not be a more frightful site to an opposing pitcher than having Kondravy or Dellatore step up to the plate.

The two sluggers, fixtures in the Hurricanes’ batting order for the last four seasons, will stay together even after graduating from Liberty in two months.

They’re headed to the University of Delaware, where they will play for former Saucon Valley and Kutztown University product Jaime Wohlbach.

They will trade the Hurricanes’ colors for Blue Hens attire, but they will not change their desire to succeed on the softball diamond.

“I’ve had some great memories here at Liberty and I am ready to make even more memories with my good friend and teammate, Mariah,” Dellatore said. “It’s going to be awesome at Delaware. It’s going to be an amazing road for us to travel on.”

Dellatore committed to Wohlbach first.

“I committed to Delaware before my junior year,” she said. “At that time, I didn’t think Mariah would be coming with me. It’s great that she is.”

Liberty coach Rich Giering is just happy he has them in the heart of his batting order for the remainder of this season.

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Liberty's Kondravy, Dellatore a dynamic duo

Sikhs Rearming The Second Amendment
In this Fall 2013 classroom discussion, University of Michigan students discuss the projected impact of Sikhs “rearming” for gurdwara security. This discussi…

By: SikhStudiesForum

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Sikhs Rearming & The Second Amendment – Video

I'm wondering what part of free speech the folks at the University of Regina don't get. Or freedom of association or freedom of peaceful assembly.

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Freedom of speech going out of fashion

BBB on the Streets with AVC
The AVC are pumping up the volume on behalf of the vulnerable animals being tested on at the University of Bradford. Chanting down Vivisection was one of the…

By: Bring Back Best – Free Speech UK Revolution – Justice for Dr. Steven Best

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BBB on the Streets with AVC – Video

BBC Free Speech @ University of Westminster
Rick Edwards Tina Daheley pop by Regents Campus to host a special pilot episode of their BBC 3 show Freedom of Speech.

By: WestminsterSmokeTV

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BBC Free Speech @ University of Westminster – Video

Collapse Of Free Speech
April 15, 2014 What part of 'free speech' do the folks at the University of Regina not get?

By: John Human

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Collapse Of Free Speech – Video

Paul Weston at Kent University 9 April 2014
European elections 2014 hustings at the University of Kent.

By: Liberty GB

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Paul Weston at Kent University 9 April 2014 – Video

Clayton King (4/9) – Liberty University Campus Church

By: Liberty University

Clayton King (4/9) – Liberty University Campus Church – Video

The nonprofit alleges that coach Dabo Swinney crosses the line by using his position to promote Christianity.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter of complaint to Clemson University, citing concerns about how much religious influence coaches have on football players,according to The Greenville News.

According to the foundation, Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney has promoted a culture in the program that violates constitutional stipulations of the separation of church and state.

A spokesman for the athletic department declined to comment on the letter. Cathy Sams, the university’s chief public affairs officer, said her department has not completed its review of the letter but said Swinney hasn’t forced his religion onto his players.

The foundation does not plan to bring this to litigation, and according to the article, it does not want to infringe on Swinney’s rights of religious freedom. However, it wants to ensure that the Clemson players are protected for instance, it wants to make sure that some players aren’t given preferential treatment on the basis of religion. It also wants to make sure Swinney’s position as head coach doesn’t pressure athletes into becoming more religious.

“What we have observed in the records is that the football coaching staff is doing a number of things to promote Christianity to their student-athletes,” foundation staff attorney Patrick Elliott said.

“What we’d like to see is the end of this chaplaincy position and end to Bible distributions by coaches, an end to devotionals scheduled and put on by coaches and staff. The coaches need to step back and just coach (football) and not coach in religious matters.”

Under Swinney, Clemson has had an outwardly religious program,which was discussed in a Chronicle of Higher Education feature last year. According to the piece, there are Bible studies for coaches twice a week, three other devotionals each week and a voluntary chapel for players the night before each game. Star receiver DeAndre Hopkins was baptized in a livestock trough on the 50-yard line after a practice in 2012. Swinney says he is up front about his faith.

Before they ever joined the team, some of them prayed with coaches on the phone during recruiting calls. On recruiting visits, they heard from Mr. Swinney: “I’m a Christian. If you have a problem with that, you don’t have to be here.”

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Freedom From Religion Foundation complains about Clemson football program

Liberty University Provost Ron Godwin's duties have been reduced following a mix-up involving a biblical studies certificate program.

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Liberty provost's duties reduced following mix-up

Preacher Angela Cummings preaches in a free speech zone defined by barricades at UTC in this file photo.

Campus preacher Angela Cummings talks aloud to passing students and some scoffers in this November photo from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The UT system is adopting new rules for people who wish to speak on its campuses.


Should would-be university campus speakers have to have a sponsor?

Free speech, for some at least, soon will require sponsorship on University of Tennessee system campuses.

Though no one ended up in handcuffs like a University of Tennessee at Chattanooga student did in November, a group of controversial street preachers returned to the UTC campus recently and reignited the discussion about whether taxpayer-backed universities should be a forum for public demonstration.

The issue is divisive. But the UT board of trustees already has weighed in.

A policy passed by trustees at their February meeting will require parties unaffiliated with UT to obtain the endorsement of a campus organization, faculty member or university faction before coming to any campus in the UT system to spread their message, regardless of what that message is.

Currently, unaffiliated people wishing to exercise free speech on campus simply notify the university of their desired location on campus, and the two sides arrange a time for their visit.

If the policy is approved by the state’s attorney general and secretary of state, it will replace the existing UT campus speaker policies that a federal court ruled contradictory and vague.

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Permission to speak?: UT policy would restrict street preachers, others who want to speak on campus

Around Liberty in 90 Seconds – 4/2/2014

By: Liberty University

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Around Liberty in 90 Seconds – 4/2/2014 – Video

LYNCHBURG, Va. New concerns have arisen over Liberty Universitys use of a choreographer who has advocated for homosexual causesas its Department of Theater Arts opens its production of Mary Poppins this weekend.

Information provided to Christian News Network reveals that the choreographer is also a photographer whose homosexual advocacy extends into his photo shoots, which include that of a drag superstar. Students at Liberty took part in free photography sessions during his recent visit to the campus.

As previously reported, the university recently published an article regarding the production, which it celebrates as being the schools largest to date, presented by Alluvion Stage Company, an arm of the universitys Department of Theater Arts. It outlined that Alluvion has hired a guest music director, a flight director, and a Broadway choreographer to assist with the presentation.

The article then focused on selectedselected choreographer Geoffrey Goldberg, a New York City-based artist who has been involved with professional theater for over a decade, and traveled the country for five years assisting with the production of Mary Poppins, among others. It included a brief interview with Goldberg, as well as quotes from Alluvions artistic director Linda Nell Cooper. The article also featured a video from Liberty News Service, which likewise contained a brief interview with Goldberg and provided video footage of him working with students.

Goldbergs bio on his website outlines that herecently directed and choreographed the new musical Bradley Cole. An online review of the musical explains that Bradley Cole is enriched with contemporary issues such as shame and confusion over same-sex attraction. It outlines the plot, where Ian is secretly, repressively, in love with Ben, although one of his female friends expresses interest in him.

Goldbergs social media pages also indicate his support and advocacy for the homosexual agenda, posting Happy pride, everyone on Twitter last June in recognition of Homosexual Pride Month. Goldberg is also a member of the Facebook group Marriage Equality New York, and hisPinterest page likewise features a board that includes homosexual wedding ideas.

However, it has now come to light that Goldberg also runs Geoffrey Goldberg Photography, which similarly showcases his advocacy for the homosexual lifestyle. His website features two homosexual men under his weddings and couples section, with one photo capturing the couple embracing.Goldbergs website and Facebook page also highlight a photo shoot with self-proclaimed drag superstar, Schwa de Vivre,a male drag star donned in makeup and feminine apparel.

This winter has been a DRAG!!! But sometimes DRAG can be a blast! he wrote as his status for the album.

Goldberg additionally shares photographs on his Facebook page of Liberty University students that participated in free photo shoots during his visit to Lynchburg, just days after posting photographs of his drag superstar photo shoot.

As previously reported, director Linda Nell Cooper told Christian News Network that Alluvian/Liberty University was not aware of Goldbergs homosexual advocacy, but stated that ones personal life is not a factor in the hiring process for stage productions.

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New Concerns Arise Over Liberty Universitys Gay Choreographer as Play Opens on Campus

The censorship of an atheist bookstall at freshers' week is just another example of heavy-handed repression in our universities On the morning of 3 October, Chris Moos and Abhishek Phadnis put on joke T-shirts, of the kind students wear the world over, and went to man the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society stall at the London School of Economics freshers' fair. The bullying the university …

Original post:
Universities should be the last place to ban free speech | Nick Cohen

Ben Gutierrez (4/2) – Liberty University Campus Church

By: Liberty University

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Ben Gutierrez (4/2) – Liberty University Campus Church – Video

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