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Jupiter’s “Cyclops” eye.Nasa/ESA/A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center)

Jupiter has been spotted “looking back” at us through a huge Cyclops eye by Nasa’s Hubble Telescope.

The 10,000 mile-diameter “eye” was spotted while Hubble was monitoring changes to the planet’s Great Red Spot storm that took place in April.

At this time, Jupiter’s Ganymede moon moved across the storm, casting a shadow across the area, which made the Great Red Spot look like a giant eye looking back at Earth.

The eye was the result of a shadow passing over the storm(Nasa/ESA/A. Simon Goddard Space Flight Center)

“This gave the giant planet the uncanny appearance of having a pupil in the centre of a 10,000 mile-diameter ‘eye’,” Nasa said. “For a moment, Jupiter ‘stared’ back at Hubble like a one-eyed giant Cyclops.”

The Great Red Spot is a persistent anticyclonic storm first discovered in 1665 by Gian Domenico Cassini.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has been shrinking since the 1930s(Nasa/ESA)

Earlier this year, Nasa announced it has shrunk to its smallest size ever measured,with the spot measuring just 10,250 miles across.

Astronomers said the spot has been getting smaller since the 1930s. Amy Simon of Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Centre, said: “It is apparent very small eddies are feeding into the storm.We hypothesised these may be responsible for the accelerated change by altering the internal dynamics and energy of the Great Red Spot.”

The rest is here:
Nasa's Hubble Spots Jupiter Staring Back at us Through 'Cyclops Eye'

Imagine having to say goodbye to everything you have ever known and loved, including your family, friends and your country.

At this very moment, someone is wrestling with that gut-wrenching decision somewhere in the world.

It’s a choice between life and death.

When they decide to flee, the journey for some begins to Detroit, to a place appropriately called Freedom House.

“If you can imagine having to flee your country and the last touch you had was one of electrocution, one of brutality, the least I can do is greet somebody with a hug,” said Deb Drennan, the executive director at Freedom House.

Freedom House is a temporary shelter for people who are seeking asylum in the United States and Canada. Asylum-seekers live at Freedom House free of charge and receive assistance with the legal process.

Freedom House is located in an unassuming brick building in the 2600 block of W. Lafayette Boulevard in Detroit.

Dozens of people from countries all over the world live together as a family inside Freedom House.

Many of the residents have been persecuted because of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, politics or sexual orientation.Their physical scars only tell half of the horror of what they have endured in their native country. I was introduced to Freedom House last November and quickly became a volunteer. It began as a three to four hour a week commitment, but over the last several months it has turned into much more than that.

I spend most of my time at Freedom House with my language partner. He’s from a French-speaking country in West Africa.I can’t reveal my language partner’s name, show you a picture of him or go into detail about his story.It’s not because he did anything wrong; it’s to protect hisfamily who could be targeted in West Africa if his location is revealed on the internet.

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Will Jones: 'Freedom House' changed my life

Sweden’s recent obsessive search for a Russian submarine is an amusing story indeed. The Swedes could not see where the signal was coming from: it could be a Russian, a Dutch submarine or even divers. The performance has its director, though – NATO. Pravda.Ru interviewed the head of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Konstantin Sivkov about the situation in the Stockholm Archipelago.

“As long as they have been looking for a strange object so persistently, it appears that there are serious reasons for that. Could it be our submarine indeed?”

“Technically, it could be anything. Technically, a Russian submarine may find itself both in the fjords of Sweden, and elsewhere in the world ocean. But practically, this is impossible. It goes about “Triton” submarine. This is a midget submarine designed for solving tasks in the vicinity of bases. To be used in remote areas, it should be transported on board a surface ship, as a rule, because its range and the time of autonomous work is not large.

“The duration of a typical anti-submarine search operation that NATO forces conduct makes up from three to five days. If they have not found anything there during this time, they are not likely to find anything then. The area of the possible location of the alleged submarine was small. Some reports said that it was discovered visually, other sources said that it was detected by radio-electronic equipment. The primary location of the submarine was indicated with high accuracy. If the sub was there indeed, it would be found within hours after the detection of an electronic signal.

Sweden has anti-submarine aircraft equipped with powerful sonar equipment and radio-acoustic buoys that can detect such a submarine. Therefore, if it was not found then it means that it was not there. Compare it with the recent detection of a state-of-the-art American submarine, Virginia tyoe, that was found in Russian territorial waters near Novaya Zemlya. Everything was very quickly established, proven and appropriate measures were taken.

All the talk about the Russian submarine in Swedish waters is based on NATO’s intention to feverishly sculpt an enemy from Russia, to justify its existence. The attempt to create an enemy in the form of international terrorism has led to nothing.

No one believes that. Therefore, one should model a more real and more visible image of an enemy. The myth of existence of a Russian submarine in the area was intended to create an idea of Russia’s highly aggressive behavior. This will allow the military to require additional funding, whereas political hawks will seek Sweden’s entry into NATO.”

“Are reconnaissance missions of submarines to territorial waters of other countries a common occurrence?”

“Of course, they are. The Americans do that regularly. Soviet and Russian submarines do that too, certainly. Yet, why would Russian submarines get into the territorial waters of neutral Sweden? There are more dangerous opponents.”

“The Voice of Sweden said one could install special sensors in those fjords to record information and then use the fjords to shelter Russian submarines in an event of emergency. Could it be possible?”

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NATO troops to march into Russia as peacekeepers?

Volatility is often the name of the game on the equity markets in October, and this year has proven no different. So too for bitcoin, although its violent price swings are not confined to a single month.

Interestingly, when assets from shares to oil were all on the slide in the mid-October ‘panic’, bitcoin was fairly stable, if a sub-$300 (186) plunge at the beginning of the month is discounted. Bitcoin at the time of writing is trading at $357 on the Coindesk bitcoin price index.

UK retailer CeX is now accepting payment in bitcoin. The high street technology chain’s customers can now buy, sell and exchange goods at any of its large national bricks and mortar network of stores as well as online using bitcoin.

The launch follows a trial in Glasgow, which was a mostly positive experience, according to CeX commercial director David Butler. ‘Customers love having the choice to use bitcoin. We want to pay customers selling their technology to CeX as fast as possible and bitcoin is a great solution,’ he says.

In a departure from normal practice among bitcoin-accepting retailers, CeX intends to hold on to the bitcoins it receives instead of exchanging them for fiat currency as quickly as possible, as most retailers do.

China’s place at the top of the global bitcoin-trading nations’ tree was left in no doubt judged by the dominant position of China-based exchanges Huobi, OKCoin and former top dog BTC China, when measured by volume.

But trade flows in China are coming under more scrutiny, in particular the practice of ‘wash trading’. Wash trading, long-banned on stock markets, is in effect a way of trading with yourself where one party takes both sides of a deal.

Fee-free trading structures common on China’s exchanges and incentive schemes to incentivise clients to trade more frequently are also believed to be behind this year’s volumes rise.

OKCoin, the largest exchange, has attracted particular criticism because of its ‘reward points’ scheme that encourages wash trading by awarding points that the trader can then use to borrow more yuan to trade on margin.

Economist Raffael Danielli, who studies the behaviour of digital currencies (and blogs at, is not surprised by the rise of China because ‘there is not much else you can invest in. This combined with the increase in buying power – people naturally look to bitcoins’, he says.

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Bitcoin roundup: UK tech retailer CeX accepts bitcoin

Oct 272014

Ever since Web addresses started appearing in print, its been tempting to lop the “www” off to make the URL easier to remember and to use.

Does it matter if you do that? Is a www address better for SEO? If a viewer uses www, will the page show up differently than if they dont?

Though the “does www matter” question can spark holy wars, in general nothing bad will happen whether visitors type in www or leave it off. But there are things you should handle with care, lest your SEO campaign suffer.

When you register a domain name, you register, not Thats because the www part of the URL is actually considered a subdomain, much like,, etc. The www largely is a carryover from the days of the Internet when you had to specify that you were using a World Wide Web site and not something like gopher or ftp.

While most of the time typing and will take users to the same place, they are technically different URLs that could be set up to display different content.

Now for the bad news. When it comes to domains, Google practices whats called canonicalization, the process of selecting a “preferred domain” URL that best represents the site. If the site owner doesnt choose one, Google will decide which URL to index.

If Google picks but all your links point to, then the fruits of your efforts are being diluted, causing a disadvantage to your SEO campaign.

Thankfully, you can choose a preferred domain rather than leaving it to chance. Log in to Google Webmaster Toolsand follow these steps:

If you built your site without selecting a preferred domain, any links to your non-preferred domain wont benefit your preferred one from an SEO perspective, unless your non-preferred one redirects to the corresponding preferred version using a 301 redirect.

A 301 redirect is the HTTP status code for when a page has been moved permanently to a new location or URL.

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Your Guide to 301 Redirects for SEO

Editor’s note: Salon has posted numerous critiques of libertarianism. This response was one of several we received offering a different view. (For more of our coverage on the topic, please see here.)

The Koch brothers have marvelous taste in art. That was the first thought that raced across my mind as I strode down the bustling hallway of one of the most secretive and influential buildings in American politics. Slipped against a wall of churning rural winds and rolling wheat fields, Koch Industries the media-christened Death Star of contemporary libertarian insurrection was the last place I ever intended to visit. Six years earlier I was serving time in a West Coast county jail, not defending public choice theory. But trial and error will do strange things to a politically inclined and introspective desperado.

I dont just break the libertarian mold, I napalm it. Im Hispanic. I live below the poverty line. I joined a gang by 15, dropped out of high school by 17, and spent the first half of my 20s playing guitar in a raucous punk band. Yet despite how unconventional my background might seem, it unmistakably epitomizes just how diverse the broader libertarian movement has become over a relatively short burst of time, even as archaic perceptions in the media and public continue to stubbornly linger.

Following my release from jail I enrolled in community college and worked hard to account for misplaced time. Eventually I earned a speech communication scholarship and admittance into a number of highly regarded universities, including my dream school the University of California-Berkeley. It was the moment I had been waiting for. But by the time I procured housing in Oakland, old inclinations began to take hold. I knew that if I remained in California I would either gravitate back toward the violent gang world, or the drug-laden music world, I knew so well.

So I made a drastic decision. At the last minute I instead took up an offer from the most conservative school in the most conservative state in the country Brigham Young University in Utah. The education was superb, but the social setting was difficult. I stood out on campus with all my tattoos. I was irritable because I had agreed to abstain from alcohol and sex. And though students and faculty always treated me with dignity and respect, I sometimes had trouble relating to people.

Eventually I stumbled across a libertarian student group at a separate university across town. From there I attended a number of events, made a few new friends and began perusing literature from prominent free-market philosophers such as Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman and Ludwig von Mises all of whom contested everything I thought I knew about Republicans, Democrats and government.

The limited government message appealed to me. I recalled playing in a band and struggling to comply with overbearing tax laws. I remembered serving time with low-level drug offenders convicted under mandatory minimum sentencing laws. I thought back to the Mexican communities I had grown up in and the undocumented immigrants I knew who had been forced into a life of obscurity because of convoluted immigration policies. The assortment of unique experiences I had taken in over time suddenly swiveled full circle.

Within a year I was organizing full time and attending dinners with governors, prominent activists and presidential candidates such as Ron Paul. Eventually I returned to the West Coast to finish school. From there I was introduced to a number of Koch-funded organizations. The opportunities these organizations presented would prove invaluable. As a student, I interned through various summer programs. As a writer, I wrote for various websites and journals. And as a speaker, I spoke to various groups.

The libertarian movement never judged me because of my background. Though I was still rough around the edges, I was embraced and provided with more tools and opportunities to improve myself than I knew what to do with. These organizations not only helped hone my innate abilities, but taught me the value of tolerance and restraint (Im still working on the latter).

Ultimately, libertarianism didnt radicalize me, it moderated me. As a wayward teen I once adored revolutionaries like Che Guevara and took part in violent and destructive protests. I smashed windows of private businesses and helped overturn police cars in my misplaced animosity toward legal constructs and trade. Later I abandoned my progressive leanings and explored conservatism. I supported the war in Iraq and brandished an American flag in a clich spectacle of nationalism and machismo. Like most libertarians, I paddled both ends of the whirling political waters in search of something, anything, that put the puzzle pieces together.

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My unusual libertarian journey: How a former outlaw broke the political mold

Social and SEO teams can sometimes play juxtaposing roles on paper. But to be truly successful, both social and SEO should engage in a two-way conversation between businesses and their target audiences.

Whether youre an agency or your social and SEO teams are in-house, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship for these teams by simply facilitating a few conversations across teams. If you take the time to follow these specific tips and keep each other informed about relevant trends among your key audiences trends that you see in social conversations or analytics data you can brainstorm better ideas together without feeling as if there isnt any time to get your regular to-do listcompleted.

From a SEO perspective, your keyword strategy is a great place to start. Let your social team know the phrases that convert the right type of visitors for your business and be sure they understand the benefit of domain-level brand metrics. Your social team may be able to naturally work some of these terms into their own strategy so your audience starts to associate and use those phrases to describe your business, products, or services and amplify your brand.

As a social team, you must constantly listen to your audience and provide helpful information by joining the conversation, answering questions, or addressing real-time issues. You are the perfect set of eyes to help your SEO team discover pain points or creative ideas that your audience is discussing. Those observations can be repurposed into valuable content ideas for your SEO team to create. These pain points and ideas can also help your SEO team hone in on new long-tail keywords they can use to generate more genuinely helpful content pieces that will appeal to your audience.

For SEOs, while we want to deliver the most valuable content possible, sometimes its difficult to determine what kind of content our audience wants at any given time. Social listeningis a great solution for removing this roadblock. If you dont have the resources to monitor social channels yourself, listen to our social team and gather their feedback about the story you should be telling through your content based on what your audience needs or likes to talk about.

Social teams can get involved by delivering focused content to their audience via paid media. Segment your social audiencesby keywords, job title, company, followers, or geo-targeting using sponsored content campaigns on networks with sophisticated targeting capabilities like Twitter and LinkedIn. With strategic targeting you can help fuel the conversations you know your audiences are interested in having.

SEO may have come from a more technical genesis, while social media was more traditionally a community-building platform, but both SEO and social are meant to build relationships with your audience and provide meaningful solutions and interactions for those groups. While sharing the details of your data reporting across these teams will be a more time-consuming task, doing so will help to reveal the areas in need of the most collaboration.

Use this formula to establish your goals and evaluate your efforts. Knowing whether or not these metrics are met will help you determine what content and conversations yield the best interactions from your audiences.

Ultimately, a better connection between your social and SEO teams will allow you to provide a more positive experience for your target audiences. And if you can provide a great experience, or even answer questions before your audience thinks of the question themselves, you will turn site visitors into customers and customers into brand advocates.

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3 Ways to Form More Integrated Social and SEO Teams

TIME World russia Russian Aircraft Intercepted by NATO Forces After Entering Airspace The Russian intelligence jet reportedly entered NATO airspace on Tuesday

Swedish jets have intercepted a Russian aircraft that briefly entered North Atlantic Treaty Organization airspace Tuesday.

NATO and Swedish forces reportedly noticed the plane, identified as a Russian intelligence jet, traveling near NATO airspace in the Baltic Sea, Reuters reports. The plane later crossed into Estonian airspace for about a minute, and was escorted away.

This interception follows NATO guidelines for halting planes that enter airspace without permission, according to the Wall Street Journal. However, NATO has been keeping a closer eye over the Baltics given high tensions between Russia and Ukraine.


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Russian Aircraft Intercepted by NATO Forces After Entering Airspace

WWII sites to visit in the Solomons

When it comes to war history, the Solomon Islands offer one of the most hands-on experiences in the world.

From 1942, this calm archipelago nation was disrupted by World War II’s longest and bloodiest campaign.

Many of the sites and wrecks from this time remain untouched. Relics are being uncovered, and locals still find human remains.

The depths of Iron Bottom Sound host dozens of lost warships and planes that were sunk off the coast of Guadalcanal, and many wrecks around the country are popular dive spots.

But if staying on dry land is your preference, there are many sites above water that offer a fascinating insight into the country’s military history.


Outside Honiara, atop a hill with a spectacular view, the US memorial features large plaques that give a good overview of key events and battles from the Guadalcanal campaign.

VILU WAR MUSEUM, Guadalcanal

About 20km west of Honiara, this open-air museum houses an impressive collection of wrecks. Walled by coconut palms are the near-complete skeletons of Japanese and US vehicles, including an F4U Corsair, SBD Dauntless dive bomber, P-38 Lightning and an F4F Wildcat (owner Anderson Dua will happily fold its creaking wings for you).

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WWII sites to visit in the Solomons

A federal judge filed a ruling Monday that eviscerated the lawsuit filed by 126 Seattle cops decrying their employer’s new use-of-force policies.

The cops filed a suit in May claiming that federally mandated use-of-force policies intended to correct a 2011 Department of Justice finding of “pattern of excessive force” in the department violated officers’ constitutional rights to self-defense and legal searches and seizures.

The suit was filed against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the City of Seattle, Mayor Ed Murray, former Mayor Mike McGinn, the Seattle police chief, City Attorney Pete Holmes and Merrick Bobb, the Department of Justice’s monitor of the Seattle Police Department, among several others.

The lawsuit argued that the new force guidelines, which took effect Jan. 1, violated officers’ Second Amendment right to bear arms for the purpose of self-defense, as well as a Fourth Amendment right to be protected from illegal seizures. The complaint also alleged a violation of the Equal Protection Clause, saying the new force policies burdened their fundamental rights.

Read more background on the lawsuit here.

At the time, the Seattle Police Department distanced itself from the claims of its officers and U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan derided the lawsuit as “without merit.”

Judge Marsha Pechman seemed to agree in her Monday dismissal of the lawsuit.

First, she granted Bobb’s motion to dismiss the suit against him because he is legally immune from lawsuits as an actor of the federal court at the behest of a judge.

As for the Second Amendment complaint, Pechman wrote, “(W)hile the Second Amendment protects and individual’s right to bear arms, the Second Amendment does not provide that individuals have a right to use a firearm in any particular way.”

She goes on:

Follow this link:
Federal court dismisses SPD cops' lawsuit decrying use-of-force reforms

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 20, 2014

Edwin J. Goitia of Aurora has joined the popular pro bono speakers bureau, Free Speech. He will be donating his time to the more than 1,000 Chicagoland clubs, business groups and organizations that use Free Speech.

My mission is to help folks represent their favorite brands, get out of debt, enjoy life, travel and meet amazing people all over the globe, Goitia said.

His Free Speech topics are:

Experiential Marketing What do you do when your marketing tactics are not getting straight to the consumer? Edwin tells how you can bring your ideas, services or business straight to consumers and create something unforgettable. Hell also discuss how experiential marketing has played a role in todays economy and how anyone can utilize it today.

Travel Hacking – Often travel is seen as a luxury and an expensive hobby, but there is a way to access the world with less money or resources – travel hacking. Edwin dives into this incredibly hot and trending hobby that has picked up the pace globally with people of all ages and backgrounds.

I found my passion for travel hacking through the work of experiential marketing, he said. I realized that many folks did not have the knowledge or the resources necessary to thrive in travel. I want to change this for everyone. I find cheap or free ways to fly around the world, stay in hotels, and take on adventure and excursions.

A former restaurant manager, Goitia is self employed and has a successful six-figure business in event and experiential marketing. In 2010, he started a second online community that has grown to more than 10,000 event professionals worldwide. The community provides free resources, training and other valuable resources to assist event marketers everywhere, from the novice to advanced level folks.

Many have benefited and succeeded using the free knowledge I have shared, he said. This is my way of giving back. Public speaking will amplify my voice and contribute further to the mission of educating others on this amazing industry.

More than 200 speakers comprise Free Speech which is a Chicago area speakers bureau that matches dynamic speakers from the world of business, healthcare, or the arts with local groups program needs for the upcoming year, all for free. All speakers present at no cost as community service. Requesting a speaker from Free Speech is free also.

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Edwin J. Goitia Joins Free Speech and Donates Talents to the Chicagoland Community

Jeff Deist: This week were joined by Mises Institute Senior Fellow Dr. David Gordon, the man who Rothbard claimed knows everything about everything. Our topic is the life and times of the late Dr. Murray Rothbard. David Gordon was both his friend and associate and if you are a Rothbard fan, youll really enjoy this weeks show. We discuss Rothbards life from an insiders perspective, touching on his experience founding the Cato Institute, his relationship with Mises and the areas where they disagreed, his time with Ayn Rand and her objectivist followers and much, much more. Stay tuned.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to Mises Weekends. Im Jeff Deist and Im very pleased to be joined this weekend by none other than our own David Gordon who is visiting us from Los Angeles, so hes in the studio here. Im face-to-face with him and David, thank you very much, its great to see you.

David Gordon: Great to see you too, Jeff. Thanks for inviting me.

JD: David, last weekend we spent some time with Guido Hlsmann, going inside the mind of Ludwig von Mises. This week, wed like to talk to you in a similar vein about Murray Rothbard. So tell us first and foremost about your relationship with Murray.

DG: I met Murray in 1979. Id actually read Man, Economy and State when it came out in 62 when I was in junior high and I didnt get to meet any of the major libertarians till 79. I met him in 79 when I attended a conference at the Cato Institute in Eugene, Oregon in June and he and I hit it off right away and I met also his great friends, Ronald Hamowy and Ralph Raico and right after that conference, thanks to Murrays influence, I was offered a job at the Cato Institute and I was there briefly. As you probably knew, Murray split with the Cato Institute and I went with him, but I always got along very well with Murray.

What impressed me the most about him was he had an endlessly curious mind. He was always absorbing new information and he would keep up with the latest books and of course, hes best known for his libertarianism and his work as an economist. He kept up with all sorts of subjects. He knew philosophy, history, trends in art and music, anything you wanted to talk to him about, he would have new ideas and know all the new books on it and he would be very fast in the way he talked and want you to have to keep up with him and sometimes hard to do it. Id always be on the phone with him, sometimes several times a week and I knew him for 17 years.

JD: So, did you ever spend any time in his New York apartment and did you know Joey Rothbard as well?

DG: Oh yes, well I knew Joey very well. She was very protective of Murray. They had met when they were both at Columbia. She was very, very smart, very well read. She knew American history very well.

JD: And of course, she was protective of him and then he ultimately found himself in hot water with the Ayn Rand circle over the fact that Joey was not rational enough for them in the sense that she was religious.

DG: Oh yes, yes. I remember she told me that one of the things they wanted her to do, they didnt want him to divorce her right away because she was religious, but they wanted her to listen to their stuff and they thought if she did, then she would convert to their views. Nathaniel Branden apparently had done a series of tapes on the existence of God and proofs of God and they wanted her to listen to them and she didnt do it. She said something like, why do I need to listen to these tapes? She was a quite devout Presbyterian. She kept up with that all of her life. There was a minister, I think Dr. Reed in the church in New York she thought very highly of.

View post:
David Gordon: The Life and Times of Murray Rothbard

Oct 182014

Before hackers, there were code breakers.

During World War II and continuing into the Cold War, government agents and private-sector technologists worked together to crack enemy ciphers, often building new machines to aid the effort.

Today many Americans associate the National Security Agency with efforts to hide the government’s top-secret work from the general population. But that’s not the case at the NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum, located in Annapolis Junction, Maryland. It houses many examples of the country’s top-secret code-breaking history, from spy plane wreckage to computers that were truly ahead of their time.

Here’s a sampling of the spy secrets now on display from the government’s most secretive agency.

By Landon Dowdy and David Spiegel,

Posted 18 Oct. 2014

7 spy secrets the NSA will show you

Before hackers, there were code breakers.

During World War II and continuing into the Cold War, government agents and private-sector technologists worked together to crack enemy ciphers, often building new machines to aid the effort.

Today many Americans associate the National Security Agency with efforts to hide the government’s top-secret work from the general population. But that’s not the case at the NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum, located in Annapolis Junction, Maryland. It houses many examples of the country’s top-secret code-breaking history, from spy plane wreckage to computers that were truly ahead of their time.

Here’s a sampling of the spy secrets now on display from the government’s most secretive agency.

By Landon Dowdy and David Spiegel,

Posted 18 Oct. 2014

Excerpt from:
7 top-secret spy things the NSA will reveal to you

The arrival of outside demonstrators at Tech last week, sparked a discussion on campus about free speech as several student groups organized counter-protests and alternate programming. Among the most controversial parts of the Southeast Preachers Associations (SOPA) comments were those made against gays and lesbians, which many students called anti-gay and hateful.

So these people, due to their first amendment free speech laws are allowed to come out here and preach hate and we figured it would not be right if some Tech students did not come out and preach love as well, said Schuyler Cottrell, a first year ME student and counter-protestor.

One particular issue was the attempted scheduling of a drum circle near the small amphitheater, often called the free speech area. According to Lisa Ray Grovenstein, Media Relations Director, Capital Planning and Space Management denied a request for students to play drums during SOPAs event.

Since playing the drums would have been either disruptive or would have interfered with the lawful use of the free speech space, the request was not approved, Grovenstein said.

Despite this, several students exercised their speech rights in a counterprotest. Around a hundred students sat in the bleachers of the amphitheater, holding signs saying things such as Jesus had two dads and you had me at meat tornado, and engaging with the demonstrators.

According to Techs Free Expression policy, Georgia Tech holds the first amendment guarantees of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the right to assemble peaceably as an essential cornerstone to the advancement of knowledge and the right of a free people.

What you need to remember is the policy is that we are for free speech and we dont try to control the content of anybodys speech, said Gary Wolovick, an attorney for the Office of Legal Affairs.

Although outside groups must be allowed to demonstrate on campus, outside groups must reserve space in advance, and the spaces they can reserve are usually limited to the Free Speech Areas, usually the small amphitheater where SOPA was demonstrating.

The procedure really has to do with time place and manner, Wolovick said. It really has to do with making sure that the space isnt being used by somebody else or that space is adequate.

Tech students and staff are less limited in the time and places they can protest, demonstrate or otherwise exercise their free speech rights.

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Examining the free speech area on campus

Evie existor is back, and problably more terrifying than ever! This time, we discover who the leader of illuminati is! COMMENT HERE: Get awesome games:

By: Felix Kjellberg

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Ebola checklist Now is the time to prepare Illuminati Ebola Out Break 2014
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By: Marianne Smith

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Ebola checklist Now is the time to prepare Illuminati Ebola Out Break 2014 – Video

The Streisand Effect of Expert SEO
Expert SEO can't be talked about all the time so we've been throwing in topics like The Streisand Effect and epic tails of Barbra. It seems, however, some random guy has missed the point! Find…

By: Mad Scientist Digital

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The Streisand Effect of Expert SEO – Video

It’s former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani versus former Panama dictatorManuel Noriega in the latter’s lawsuit alleging that video game developerActivision Blizzard violates his name and likeness in its best-sellinggame Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Giuliani, now a named partner atBracewell & Giuliani, is defending the game publisher, and to hear himtell it, the former dictator’s claims are an “outrageous offense to the First Amendment.”

In a press conference Thursday following a Los Angeles Superior Courthearing on the case, Giuliani went after Noriega personally for suingover his likeness in the game. “I am morally outraged that a man likeNoriega is seeking to inhibit our creative rights in the United States.If creative rights have to be sacrificed, they shouldn’t be sacrificedfor someone like Noriega, nor should anyone have to send millions ofdollars down to a Panamanian jail because this madman is making absurdclaims,” he told reporters.

Also readManuelNoriegaon ‘Call of Duty’: My Grandchildren Asked Why I Was the Target

“I think a man that engaged in selling $200 million of cocaine in theUnited States, who knows how many children he killed, a man who was adictator of his country in which he tortured people for nine years, a manwho laundered money in France, a man who chopped the head off of one of his allies and then was convicted in three countries, who is sitting injail in Panama, trying to recover because he is a minor, minor figure ina very excellent game, Call of Duty by Activision, is an outrage,”Giuliani continued.

Noriega was convicted in the United States for money laundering and drugtrafficking in 1992. Then extraditions led to prison sentences in Parisand Panama, where he has been since 2011. In July, he nevertheless filedsuit against Activision Blizzard, claiming that he is given a defamatorydepiction in two Black Ops II levels set in 1980s Panama. His character is the villain, and he’s “portrayed as the victim of numerous fictionalheinous crimes,” his complaint alleges.

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The lawyers for the video game publisher, who include Kelly Klaus atMunger, Tolles & Olse alongside Giuliani, have filed a special motion tostrike on the grounds that the game’s use of the Noriega character isprotected by first amendment legislation. If Noriega wins, it will openthe gates for historical figures of all stripes to censor their inclusionin creative works or even historical documentation, they argue.

“The reason I’m involved in this case is I see the significance of the First Amendment,” Giuliani told reporters. “Should Noriega be allowed tosucceed, it would virtually destroy the historical novel, the historical movies like [Lee Daniels'] The Butler and Zero Dark Thirty, inwhich historical figures are portrayed.”

He added, “If Noriega were to succeed in this case, as I told the judge,Bin Laden’s heirs would be able to sue for Zero Dark Thirty.”

In a response to the game developer’s motion to strike the lawsuit, filed weeks ago, Noriega’s attorneys argued that regardless of the time for which the character is present, the mission that includes him is “a major if not the most key level of the game.” They included numerous snapshots of the gameplay to establish the Noriega character’s prominence, including “Noriega with a shotgun in hand,” “Noriega getting choked” and “Noriega in the first-person shooter’s crosshairs.”

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