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Remember Karpal by standing up for JUSTICE, INTEGRITY & FREEDOM – Guan Eng

We mourn the untimely and unexpected passing of DAP National Chairman and Member of Parliament for Bukit Gelugor, Sdr Karpal Singh. Sdr Karpal is a 8-term Member of Parliament of Bukit Gelugor and Jelutong, as well as a 3 term state assemblyman in Penang, first elected in 1978.

For 40-years, Sdr Karpal dedicated his life to the legal profession, fighting for justice, upholding our constitutional rights of freedom and human rights. His landmark cases are textbook references for lawyers.

A devoted father and husband to his wife Gurmit, both of them brought up 5 children who are all successful practicing lawyers except for the youngest who is an accountant. The eldest Jagdeep is presently a Penang State EXCO member whilst the second eldest Gobind is a Member of Parliament for Puchong.

With his life suddenly cut short at 74 years following a tragic accident on 17 April 2014, Penang has lost an upstanding and outstanding leader and lawyer. The rakyat lost a fearless “tiger” with an indomitable spirit who stood up for the poor, weak, defenceless and dispossesed.

But it his fighting spirit that stands out. You can detain Karpal physically but you can never detain his spirit. I saw this myself whilst we were both detained without trial under the now repealed Internal Security Act (ISA) in 1988 in Kamunting Detention Camp. He suffered from severe spinal back pains but refused to yield.

This refusal to yield was evident after Karpal suffered an unfortunate accident in 2005 which paralysed him waist-down. Not only did he overcome this paralysis but he continued his brilliant legal and political career. Sdr Karpal became the first disabled person in Malaysia to be elected twice to Parliament, both times with huge majorities.

In seeking both rule of law and a better Malaysia, Sdr Karpal practiced what he preached refusing to charge for cases of gross injustices whether the famous VIPs like Parliamentary Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Sdr Lim Kit Siang or the poor Malay, Indian or Chinese.

His departure will leave an immense void not only in his family’s lives, but also in those of all Malaysians whose lives have been inspired by his principled cause.

To Sdr Karpals family, we share your grief in this time of bereavement with deepest sympathies and condolences. Thomas Jefferson said that when the government fears the people, there is liberty; when the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Throughout his life, Karpal showed us how not to fear the government.

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Remember Karpal by standing up for JUSTICE, INTEGRITY & FREEDOM – Guan Eng

It’s no secret that YouTube is a traffic source with almost limitless potential.

There’s only one problem:

It’s a very crowded place. In fact, according to YouTube, there are more than 100 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute.

Considering the deluge of content you have to compete with on YouTube, the obvious question is: “How do you get people to watch YOUR video instead of the millions of others?”

The answer? Video SEO.

I bet that most of your competition lazily uploads their videos and hopes that one of them “goes viral.” Needless to say, this rarely (if ever) works out.

But if you take the time to optimize your videos for SEO, you’ll get significantly more traffic than your competitors.

Let’s jump right in.

Before we dive into how you can use to optimize your videos for YouTube, let’s go over some of the most important ranking factors that YouTube uses.

It’s not nearly as complex as Google’s famous 200 ranking signals, but YouTube’s algorithm is no joke. It takes dozens of signals into account for ranking videos in YouTube search and for suggested videos, like this:

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5 Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Videos & Website

SCOTUS HEARING: Anti War Protesters Say Secret Service Violated Their First Amendment Rights
April 16, 2014 C-SPAN ONE TIME ONLY DONATION hosted_button_id=MHT8PM5BPSVC8 $1.00 ONE …

By: wwwMOXNEWScom

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SCOTUS HEARING: Anti War Protesters Say Secret Service Violated Their First Amendment Rights – Video

Ive definitely become obsessed with working out!” Kloe said in Cosmopolitans February issue.”Its funny, because my weight has always fluctuated, but recently so many people have been saying, You look so good, youve lost all this weight. Its actually been about a year and a half that Ive been making a lifestyle change. Theres no quick fix, I would say.

While Khloe, 29, may have lost weight, to many observers, it seems like she gained weight in her backside. During adinner date this week with rumored boyfriend French Montana, her curves looked more voluptuous than ever. However, a source close to her says the rumor is not true, and that she does not have implants, Rumor Fix reported.

Recently, Kim received the same criticism, and in 2011, she defended her famous derrire by getting a butt X-Ray on her reality TV show to prove that it wasn’t enhanced with injections. In November, she went on a Twitter rant denying that she had surgery to lose her baby weight.

“I worked so hard to train myself to eat right & healthy, I worked out so hard & this was such a challenge for me but I did it!!!,” Kim tweeted at the time. “I’m so proud of my accomplishment & NO ONE will take this away from me with fake reports!”

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Khloe Kardashian Butt Implants? Reality Star's Derrire Looks Like Kim's During Date With French Montana

7.6 Solomon Islands TOLD YOU!^


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7.6 Solomon Islands TOLD YOU!^ – Video

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By: Rich Dat Wso

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Apr 152014

Got 10 seconds? Probably. But I bet you wont spend it waiting for a web page to spin, sputter and load. I hate that. You hate that. And search engines hate that, too. But if your site is lightning fast, everyone will love you.

Not too worried about your slow site? Maybe you should be. Sweet Brown(video autoplay) said it best: Aint nobody got time for that! And research findings agree.

As SEL news reporter Amy Gesenhues noted in her post last March, average page-load speed for top retail sites was over seven seconds well above the ideal load time of three seconds or less. And, according to KissMetrics, that four- to five-second differential is costing retailers billions. In fact, according to their findings, a one-second delay in page response can lead to a seven percent reduction in sales.

But, page speed has implications beyond a poor user experience and loss of revenue it also affects search engine rankings. SEOs have known this for years, but I wanted to find out if that factor was growing in importance. So naturally, I turned to the government to investigate.

No, I dont have a friend in the NSA; rather, I explored the issue by examining Googles page speed patents. Eventually, I dug into one entitled, Using Resource Load Times in Ranking Search Results.

Published in February 2014 (and filed seven months after Matt Cutts 2010 announcementthat Google was now incorporating site speed into its ranking algorithm), the patent details how web pages that load faster receive a ranking score bonus that can move them up in the organic search results:

But what I found interesting was how Google is actually tracking page speed. They are using Chrome not their web crawler.

Thats because when Google developed their Chrome browser, they included tools that enable developers and Google engineers to measure page load speed. This time tracker sends device and page speed information to Google every time you visit a page within your Chrome browser.

But, Google also factors in page speed beyond Chrome.

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5 SEO Tips To Boost Page Speed


By: Edgar Fyffe

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World Earthquake

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami warning for the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papa New Guinea after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake shook the Pacific.

The earthquake occurred 69 miles south of Kirakira on the Solomon Islands Sunday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was initially categorized a magnitude 7.7 before being revised down to a 7.5.

The tremors could lead to a violent tsunami, warned the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Authorities in the region were advised to take action.

An earthquake of this size has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami that can strike coastlines in the region near the epicenter within minutes to hours, warned the PTWC.

An 8.0 magnitude earthquake in February 2013 set off a tsunami that killed at least five people in a remote part of the Solomon Islands, Al Jazeera reported at the time.

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Tsunami Warning Issued After Solomon Islands Quake

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By: Rich Dat Wso

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By Donna Jones @DonnaJonesSCS on Twitter

Freedom School kindergarten teacher Lola Martin-Atilano leads the school’s students in a rally commemorating Cesar Chavez on Friday, as she has done for the past 15 years. Ines Marines and Jose Martin were also honored as ‘living legends’ of the early United Farm Workers movement. (Dan Coyro — Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Watsonville >> For the past 15 years, Freedom Elementary School has honored Cesar Chavez by recognizing one of its own teachers for performing an community service.

Friday, for the first time, the school reached into the community to honor Ines Marines and Jose Martin, field workers who were active in an historic lettuce strike led by the United Farm Workers in the Salinas and Pajaro valleys.

Also honored at the assembly was kindergarten teacher Lola Martin-Atilano, the daughter of Martin.

“At Freedom School, we know about Cesar Chavez and all the work he did for us,” said Principal Gloria Pulga, standing on a stage bedecked with handmade red and black UFW flags. “(Martin-Atilano) actually knew Cesar Chavez. She walked with Cesar Chavez. She is one of our role models here at Freedom Elementary School.”

Honored as one of the ‘living legends’ of the early United Farm Workers movement, Ines Marines tells Freedom School students Friday about his early days in the fields, working for a foreman he called ‘El Diablo.’ (Dan Coyro — Santa Cruz Sentinel)

Nearly all Freedom’s students come from low-income, Latino families. Many parents work in the fields.

Martin-Atilano said she was a child when she marched alongside family members and Chavez, and at the time didn’t fully comprehend the significance of the actions.

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Freedom Elementary School honors UFW activists

TEL AVIV, Israel – An endangered sea turtle called Freedom has been saved thanks to a student project inspired by the advanced U.S. F-22 Raptor fighter jet.

The young green sea turtle was found on a beach in northern Israel with his two left flippers almost completely severed by fishing nets.

Veterinarians had no choice but to amputate them, leaving him unable to swim properly.

When he gets stressed, panicking for some reason, he gets into a spin as he can only use one side to paddle, his head tilts down to one side and he starts taking in water, said Yaniv Levy, director of the Israel Turtle Rescue Center, north of Tel Aviv.

He stopped breathing once and we were lucky to resuscitate him.

Freedom whose name in Hebrew is Hofesh was forced to spend his time in a tank with barely any water in it so that he could breathe.

It has come to our attention that the browser you are using is either not running javascript or out of date. Please enable javascript and/or update your browser if possible.

A solution had to be sought in some kind of prosthetic design, but attaching false limbs proved problematic. Staff tried to fix a diving flipper to him, but it made little difference.

Levy asked: When you think about it, if an animal has to fight all the time just to breathe, is it not fairer just to euthanize it?

But help came in the form of Shlomi Gez, an industrial design student from Jerusalem who was seeking ideas for a final year project.

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How U.S. Fighter Jet Design Helped A Turtle Find Life – And Love

FSX Aerosoft Balearic Islands X | Landing @ Mallorca [LEPA] | Boeing 737-800
Directed by Xavier Piquemal – Need a holiday break? Now is the time to fly to the Mediterranean! And just in time SimWings have release their absolutely new …

By: Too Big Neew Buildings

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FSX Aerosoft Balearic Islands X | Landing @ Mallorca [LEPA] | Boeing 737-800 – Video

By Edward Alden and Rebecca Strauss

The corporate cash pile

FORTUNE — The U.S. system for taxing corporate profits is outdated, ineffective at raising revenue, and creates perverse incentives for companies to shelter profits overseas. It is also, for most U.S. companies most of the time, a pretty good deal, which is one of the big reasons why any serious overhaul will be so difficult to achieve.

The quick opposition that greeted the ambitious reform plan released a month ago by Republican Ways & Means Committee chairman Dave Camp, who last week announced he would retire from Congress, was chalked up to the usual array of special interests. But the broader problem is that U.S. companies, particularly those that compete in international markets, have adapted remarkably well to the current tax system. Indeed, the tax burden on U.S. corporations has fallen over the three decades since the last major tax overhaul, in 1986, even as corporate profits have been rising to record levels.

This is contrary to most of what we hear in the tax debate. Much of the attention is on the U.S. statutory tax rate, which at 39% combined federal and state average, is now the highest in the advanced industrial world. Most other countries have been aggressively lowering their statutory rates in an effort to attract investments.

MORE: How Warren Buffett and Don Graham are saving $675 million in taxes

But 39% is a highly misleading number. The average U.S. corporation actually pays roughly 27%, on par with what other corporations pay in similarly sized advanced economies, and this effective rate has been steadily declining since the 1980s. Part of the reason is that Congress has sweetened corporate tax breaks for specific industries, including deductions or credits for domestic production, capital investments, and research and development.

The biggest reason most U.S. companies are not disadvantaged is the way in which the U.S. taxes — or mostly does not tax — the overseas earnings of its corporations. Foreign profits now account for more than 20% of total U.S. corporate profits — double the figure of two decades ago, and that percentage is much higher for big multinationals that drive the debate over corporate tax. In practice, U.S. corporations rarely pay much in U.S. taxes on foreign profits because they receive credit for taxes paid to foreign governments, and are allowed to avoid any U.S. tax payments as long as those profits are retained abroad. Companies are also increasingly adept at sheltering profits in tax havens that collect little or no tax on corporate profits.

The best available estimate suggests U.S. corporations face an effective tax rate (including all foreign and U.S. taxes) of just 15.7% on foreign profits. Of that, the U.S. Treasury actually collects only 3.3%, since most profits are never repatriated. U.S. companies are currently holding about $2 trillion offshore, in large part to avoid tax liabilities.

Original post:
Why taxing corporate America is hard to do

Joaquin Phoenix in a scene from ”Her” by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures/Associated Press

By John Havens2014-04-11 12:05:50 UTC

Our robot overlords are already here.

Were just anthropomorphizing our technology in more subtle ways than wed imagined in the past. We stigmatize Theodore Twombly, Joaquin Phoenixs character in the movie, Her, as morally questionable when falling in love with his operating system, yet dont find it adulterous when the last face we look at before falling asleep belongs to our smartphone versus our soulmate.

Its time to come to grips with what it means to be human in a digital environment. That is, a fully digital or virtual environment. We can talk about unplugging from technology, but that behavior is more akin to minimizing an activity window while our relationship continues running in the background of our lives. Sensors in our phones and the innards of our globe monitor ubiquitously, broadcasting our unencrypted consciousness to the world.

Its hard not to get philosophical. Or judgmental Im genuinely struggling with the idea that well soon fully merge with machines.

As technology gains human level sentience, I need to evolve my mindset. What if my daughter wants to marry an algorithm? Can I have dinner with its parents? Can we expect to see anti robot-bullying campaigns soon? Or a reworked cover of Macklemores, SIM love?

I joke because Im conflicted. Im genuinely a bit freaked at the idea that humans and machines are already so inexorably linked. And I firmly believe that things like the wearables industry are simply intermediary technologies to mentally prepare us for our inevitable union with machines. They help reveal the personal data thats currently invisible in our lives while providing a thin, albeit fashionable, buffer between the time devices will be on our skin versus within.

My goal here is to confront my unease with this union while my identity is largely located in my cortex rather that the cloud. Im not anti-robot, as I thought I might be in the past. But the reality of transcendence with technology shouldnt be taken lightly, even if it is inevitable.

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Coming to Terms With Humanity's Inevitable Union With Machines

Beach Mirror

Theres no place for politics of any kind in the local Easter parade.

This year, the 48th annual parades organizer, the Toronto Beaches Lions Club, has decided politicians elected or running for office will not be welcome to take part in the popular Easter Sunday (April 20) event, which is set to begin at 2 p.m. sharp and run westward along Queen Street East from Munro Park to Woodbine avenues.

Were just taking politics out of our parade, said Parade Director Keith Begley Tuesday afternoon.

Were not accepting any applications (from politicians).

Begley, a past-president of the Toronto Beaches Lions Club, said hes never been a big advocate of politicians being in the parade and said he feels it takes away from what the event is all about: children and families celebrating Easter.

Further, Begley said the decision to not include politicians in this years festivities is not directed at any specific official or candidate.

Theres not any particular politician behind this decision, none in particular, he said, noting whether or not to include politicians in the parade is a hot topic the organizing committee discusses and debates every year.

In the past, elected officials have been given courtesy invitations to take part, however, those running for public office have never been welcome to participate.

Weve never allowed any of the candidates in our parade, said Begley, adding the Toronto Beaches Lions Easter Parade is made possible thanks to the hard work of a small team of volunteers who just dont have the time or manpower to supervise politicians participating in the parade, which this year is expected to draw 50,000 people.

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Toronto Beaches Lions Club eggs-cluding politicians from Easter Parade

RetailMeNot is having remarkable SEO success. According to an analysis by Priceonomics, RetailMeNot is first for numerous coupon-related and promo code searches an amazing 71 percent of the time.

This is what the company said based on an analysis of nearly 300 coupon-related keywords:

RetailMeNot is now public and has a market cap of $1.7 billion. The company was started by two Australians and acquired by WhaleShark Media in 2010.WhaleShark then rebranded itself (wisely) as RetailMeNot and went public in 2013.

RetailMeNot claims more than 450 million consumer visits to its sites. It made more than $200 million in affiliate revenue in 2013, driving visits to retailer sites. Basically it does a much better job of optimization and ranking for retailer name + promo code than the retailers themselves do.

The reason that RetailMeNot, originally a crowd-sourced coupon aggregator, climbed to the top of the online coupon mountain and was acquired is SEO. The following chart from Priceonomics visually illustrates how dominant the site is on Google for coupon-related keywords (RetailMeNot is in red).

Source: Priceonomics

While RetailMeNot has some name recognition it doesnt really qualify as a brand. Most visitors to the site are searching on Google rather than visiting it directly. Its most engaged and loyal users are those of its mobile app.

As the Priceonomics analysis points out a company this dependent on SEO is potentially highly vulnerable to Google algorithm changes. If future updates bump RetailMeNot from its top slot across coupon keywords it would immediately hit the companys bottom line.

How long can RetailMeNot stay on top?

Read more from the original source:
How Long Can RetailMeNots SEO Empire Survive?

Last week the Supreme Court overturned existing limits on the total amount of money an individual can donate to political campaigns. (Limits on donations to individual candidates remain in place.) Liberal commentators claim this decision undermines democracy; Conservatives declare it a victory for free speech.

Free speech has not always been seen as an unalloyed good in America. In the early days after the Constitution was ratified, those in office were so offended by what was being said by their opponents that they passed the Alien and Sedition Acts, making it illegal to criticize certain governmental actions.

Fortunately, those laws disappeared after Jefferson became President, but uneasiness with the idea that anyone can say whatever he wants in the political arena remained. During World War I the Wilson Administration prosecuted pacifists, pro-German activists and others seen as either radical or un-patriotic for expressing their views. Few seemed to object at the time.

In 1927, the Supreme Court began to change this. In a concurring opinion that one legal scholar has called extraordinarly influential, Justice Brandeis said that freedom of speech was essential to rational political debate. In the 1950s, the Warren Court went further and included expressions of opinion by cultural radicals. Freedom of speech became a cause that liberal jurists embraced.

After the Watergate scandal, Congress passed laws limiting the amounts of money people could give to political campaigns, as well as the amounts candidates could spend, in order prevent corruption or the appearance of corruption. (Im troubled by that latter phrase. Should we really prohibit things that arent wrong just because, to some, they appear to be?)

James Buckley, a candidate for the Senate who was wealthy enough to finance his own campaign, challenged the Watergate limits on personal expenditures. He argued, Under the First Amendment, I have an unlimited right to free speech. How am I corrupted when I exercise that right by using my own money?

The Supreme Court sided with Buckley in the landmark case of Buckley v. Valeo in 1976, ruling that his constitutional right of free speech trumped the Watergate laws. He could not donate to other candidates in amounts that would give the appearance of corruption, but he could spend his own money to express his own views in whatever amounts he wanted. The author of that opinion was Justice William Brennan, the courts most liberal member. At the time, the ACLU thought it was too weak. Freedom of speech had become a dominant liberal value.

No more. In their attacks against the recent decision, which cites Buckley v. Valeo as precedent, liberals are now insisting that ones free speech rights should decrease as ones net worth increases. Too much free speech, if it is made possible by money, is, for them, a bad thing.

Justice Breyers dissent from the recent decision, about which he felt so passionately that he read it from the bench, makes that clear. He says that corruption by which he means campaign donations derails the essential speech-to-government -action tie. Where enough money calls the tune, the general public will not be heard.

He is saying that the voice of the general public is being drowned out by the voices of people who believe the First Amendment gives them the right to say whatever they think, in spite of the fact that they can afford to do it. His quarrel is really not with his current colleagues but with William Brennan, a liberal of the old school who ruled that more, rather than less, political speech is a good thing.

See the article here:
Robert Bennett: More, rather than less, political speech is a good thing

Apr 072014

Too many debates about important issues degenerate into manufactured and misplaced outrageand it’s chilling free speech.

Albert Gea/Reuter

There once was a remote village deep in the rainforest that had no contact with the outside world. And in this small village there were only three village elders who had the ability to speak. So they were in charge. And theyd have arguments. One would say, I support a womans right to choose. Another would say, I oppose a womans right to choose. And then the third would say, A real debate here on a womans right to choose. When we come back, Justin Bieber arrested!

Now if you were one of the many villagers who didnt have a way to speak, you just hoped that one of the three elders who could speak would make the argument you wanted to make. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didnt. And it was okay, but it bothered you that these three voices didnt really speak for everybody. They were, after all, pretty rich and all one color. (Green. These were green people.) And they didnt really understand what it was like to be aqua or purple or gay or poor like you were. Youre a gay poor purple person. They tried to cover the whole world, but generally they focused on what was on the minds of green people from the big cities who watched Mad Men and went to Middlebury.

And even as the elders spoke with confidence and seriousness, it felt like they kept getting it wrong. They invaded neighboring villages, occasionally the wrong village altogether. They trusted the CEOs of the village banks even after they plunged the village into a Great Village Recession and then went right back to village business as usual as if it never happened. They built a massive village prison system that punished non-violent village offenders at higher rates than anywhere else in the rainforest. They rigged the village economy against the interests of ordinary villagers in favor of those with close ties to the three elders, those who had donated money to their village campaigns, lobbied their village offices.

Then one day you found this rock and you realized that you could use the rock to write on a leaf. And so you developed a written language and taught it to everyone. And at the big village meetings, when the three elders at the front would have their arguments, villagers could participate. People would write things like, I agree with you and appreciate your position. Or I hope you get cancer and die. Or Heres a picture of what I ate for lunch. Or Please stop drawing pictures of food, no one cares what you ate for lunch. Or Check out this cat in a shoebox because adorable.

But it turned out by the time we finally had this great way to communicate in our hands, we were already so angry and suspicious that the rock and leaf became a way to vent our frustrations not just as the elders but at each other.

Bill says, I support single-payer village healthcare.

And then Mary writes, Bill is a faggot communist.

And then Ted says, I wont shop at Marys boutique until Mary apologizes to Bill.

Excerpt from:
The Culture of Shut Up

April 6, 2014 – Professional Indoor Football League (PIFL) Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Bethlehem, PA: After a hard fought see-saw match up between the Trenton Freedom, the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks came out on top in an exhilarating home opener. The win puts the Steelhawks at 1-0 and atop the National Conference standings as the only undefeated team in their division early on in the 2014 season.

An exciting first quarter from Stabler Arena with two touchdowns within 2 minutes of the start of the game. The Trenton Freedom jumped out to an early 6-0 lead after scoring on the very first play of the game with a 35-yard touchdown pass from QB Warren Smith to Antoine Rivera. The Steelhawks answered back quickly with an 8-yard touchdown run by Brandon Renford (6 rec, 83 yards, 3 td) on their second play. After a successful PAT and uno by Steelhawks kicker Michael Barnard, Lehigh Valley took an 8-6 lead. The Freedom’s offense drove down the field, leading to a touchdown pass from Jaquan Bryant to Roger Jackson. Following a successful two-point conversion, Trenton held a 14-8 lead half way through the opening quarter. The Steelhawks were quick to answer once again with a strong drive ending in a touchdown pass from QB Adam Bednarik (16-27, 182 yds) to Brandon Renford. An even match after one quarter with the game being tied 14-14.

The Freedom started the second quarter deep inside Steelhawk territory, scoring immediately with a 7-yard touchdown pass from Smith to Bryant to take a 20-14 lead. After an out of bounds scrimmage kick from Trenton, the Steelhawks were awarded the ball in good position on the Freedom 20-yard line. Bednarik quickly found WR Scott Pillar in the end zone for a touchdown, and after a successful PAT, Lehigh Valley led 21-20. On the Freedom’s next possession, Steelhawks DB Dwayne Hollis (10 tackles, 2 int) intercepted Warren Smith’s pass giving the Steelhawks their first interception of the season and solid field position. This led to Bednarik throwing his third touchdown pass of the game, connecting once again with Renford, giving him his third touchdown as well (one rushing, two receiving). The Steelhawks held a 28-20 lead until Freedom QB Warren Smith scurried into the end zone for an 8-yard touchdown run, shortening the deficit to only two points. The Freedom quickly regained possession after a missed field goal attempt by the Steelhawks, but were stopped deep in Steelhawk territory to end the half. Steelhawks lead 28-26 at the midway point of the game.

Lehigh Valley started the second half off with a long possession, resulting in a second consecutive missed field goal by kicker Michael Barnard. On the ensuing possession, the Freedom pushed the ball down field resulting in a powerful touchdown run by FB Melik Brown. Following the PAT, the Freedom held a 33-28 lead. Lehigh Valley quickly answered back as Bednarik found Pillar for the second time in the back corner of the end zone to regain the lead late into the third quarter. After three quarters of play, the Steelhawks held a 35-33 lead.

Trenton once again started the quarter in great field position, resulting in a touchdown pass from Smith to Jackson on the first play to take a 40-35 lead. The Freedom defense held the Steelhawks to minimum yardage on their next possession, resulting in a third missed field goal by Barnard. With momentum on their side, the Freedom worked their way down field for another touchdown pass from Smith to Rivera. This touchdown and PAT gave them the largest lead of the game at 47-35, halfway through the final quarter. On the following drive the Steelhawks moved the ball down field as Bednarik connected with OL Darryl Kurtz for his fifth touchdown pass cutting the Freedom lead to six with 2:43 remaining in the game. A Steelhawks defensive stand gave the offense one last chance at the time of the one-minute warning. One chance was all they needed as Bednarik found Renford once again for his fourth touchdown of the game, followed by a made PAT giving the Steelhawks a 48-47 lead with 33 seconds remaining. After a strong defensive effort and a game ending end zone interception the Steelhawks found themselves victorious after the intense season opening match up.

Tonight’s Offensive player of the game is awarded to Brandon Renford having a total of three touchdowns, including the go ahead score with 33 seconds left, and 113 total all-purpose yards. The Special Teams and Defensive award goes to Dwayne Hollis for his consistent efforts on the return team as well as a dominant defensive effort recording 10 tackles and two interceptions.

Steelhawks next contest is on the road, taking on the Harrisburg Stampede (April 11th, 7:30pm). The team returns to Stabler Arena for their next home game on April 26th, 7:00pm kickoff; that game is deemed “Friends and Family Night” presented by ESSA Bank & Trust. A special drawstring backpack will be given away to the first 1,000 fans through the door.

Keep checking for the latest news and events from the Steelhawks! For further information please call Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Executive Vice President and General Manager Mike Clark at (610) 282-3100, or visit our website at for the latest Steelhawks news!

Flex season ticket packages will be on sale after the home opener. It’s not too late to get discounted tickets to every 2014 Lehigh Valley Steelhawks game. You can reserve your seats by calling the Steelhawks front office at 610-282-3100. Individual game tickets for each home game are now available as well!

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See the original post:
Steelhawks Win Exciting Home Opener over Freedom

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