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Bahamian Officials Demand Answers About NSA Spying! And Accuse Obama Of Great Moral Failin
May 21, 2014 Russia Today News ONE TIME ONLY DONATION $. Despite warnings that doing so could lead to increased violence and potentially deaths, anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks says it plans…


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Bahamian Officials Demand Answers About NSA Spying! And Accuse Obama Of Great Moral Failin – Video

May 24, 2014 – Frontier League (FL) Florence Freedom (Schaumburg, IL) – The Florence Freedom (4-4) rallied from an early 3-0 deficit but fell short as they lost for the second consecutive night by one run to the Schaumburg Boomers (4-4). This time the final score was 3-2 as both teams tallied six hits but it was the Boomers who managed to push across one more run.

Gregory McDaniel (0-1) made his professional debut and looked sharp through three innings. But in the fourth, the Boomers’ bats came alive. With one out, Ben Kline drew a walk and Brian McConkey singled. Denver Chavez singled up the middle to score a run and everyone moved up 90 feet when the throw home sailed to the backstop. With runners on second and third, a wild pitch scored McConkey to make it 2-0 in favor of the Boomers. They added one more run on a Michael Valadez sacrifice fly.

The Freedom bullpen held Schaumburg scoreless from there as Adam Krebs, Edgar Valle and Daniel DeSimone all pitched well.

But Florence’s offense couldn’t get anything going against Schaumburg starter Danny Jimenez (1-0) until the seventh inning. Sam Eberle started the inning with a single to right. Then Joe Staley extended his hitting streak to eight games with a double to deep left-center field. After Nick Stein lined out, Rob Kelly singled to score Eberle and finally chase Jimenez from the game. Kyle Bluestein followed with a sacrifice fly off of new pitcher Heith Hatfield and it was a 3-2 ballgame.

Florence would put a runner at third with only one out in the ninth but were unable to score as they dropped their fourth straight game. The four losses have been by a combined six runs.

A scary moment in the game occurred in the top of the ninth when Jacob Tanis was hit by a throw from the bullpen in the head as he was standing in the dugout. The game was delayed for 20 minutes as Tanis was attended to. He would later get on a stretcher under his own power and get wheeled off the field.

Florence will look to win the finale of the series Sunday night. First pitch is at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time. All the action can be heard on

To keep up with all the latest Florence Freedom news and to learn about exclusive deals and contests, make sure to like the team on Facebook and follow the team on Twitter.

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Freedom Fall in Closely Contested Game to Boomers

A Brief History Of The Second Amendment (AS TOLD BY MSNBC)
May 22, 2014 MSNBC News ONE TIME ONLY DONATION hosted_button_id=MHT8PM5BPSVC8 $1.00 ON…

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A Brief History Of The Second Amendment (AS TOLD BY MSNBC) – Video

Glenn Greenwald “No Place To Hide:Edward Snowden, The NSA And The U.S. Surveillance State”

By: wwwMOXNEWScom

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Glenn Greenwald "No Place To Hide:Edward Snowden, The NSA And The U.S. Surveillance State" – Video

May 262014

Eight great islands, plus a hundred more! Cruising #GoingPlaces, Manila Bulletins monthly travel magazine, releases one of its most ambitious undertakings with itsGr8 Islands of the Philippinesissue this May. From Luzon to Mindanao, the Cruising Team traveled to eight of the countrys must-watch-out-for-isles: Cowrie Island in Palawan; Cagbalate in Quezon; Agutayan in Misamis Oriental; Sumilon in Cebu; Marinduque, Camotes in Cebu; Gigantes in Iloilo; and Bantayan in Cebu.As an added bonus, in time for the magazines 15th anniversary in June, we added a hundred more, and by that we mean the 123 islets or so, off the coast of Alaminos City in Pangasinanthe legendary Hundred Islands!

We have presented quite a varietyfrom the tiny Agutayan Island (a speck on the map) which disappears during high tide to an entire island-province, Marinduque, which comes alive during Moriones, says Cruising editor Johannes L. Chua.

Cruising also features Bluewater Panglao Island Resort that offers well-exceptional accommodations for those who want a memorable vacation. Our biggest discovery, however, is the astonishing falls in Oslob that goes with many names such as Tumalog, Toslob or Mag-ambak, with its unique stone formations and refreshing waters.


Aside from its features, a new layout and design now graces the pages of Cruising. It is a visual treat especially for those who have been reading one of the countrys longest running monthly travel magazines.

To find out more about #Gr8Islands, grab a copy of this months issue ofCruising #GoingPlaces. For more information, email cruisinggoingplaces@yahoo.comand follow us on Facebook: Cruising Going Places and on Twitter: @CruisingGPlaces.

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So many islands, so many smiles

Unique, and original, content drives the Internet (so were constantly told), and weSEOs spend much of of our time producing and honing that content in the hopes of making the all mighty Google happy as a clam.

Unfortunately, there has always been an ongoing problem with spammy websites lifting existing content verbatim, and passing it off as their own creation. These scraper sites not only devalue the original content they have stolen, but they can also impact the page rankings of the original page.

Many of us have been affected by scraper sites over the years, and there is nothing quite as nerve wracking as having your hard work stolen, and then watching it earn a better piece of SERP real estate. So what is Google doing about scraper sites, and what can we do to protect ourselves and our websites?

If youve been lucky enough to avoid scraper sites thus far, a short primer will put you in the picture. A scraper site is a website that lifts original content from another site and passes it off as its own. Were not talking about paraphrasing or quoting here. Scrapers steal whole blocks of original content, copying and pasting it onto their own websites. They do this to generate revenue, to divert traffic from the original site, and to manipulate page rankings. Up until recently, there was little a webmaster could do about scraper sites that had stolen their content. That may be starting to change. Though I stress the phrase may be.

Over the last few years, Google has attempted to address the scraping problem through their various search algorithms. Unfortunately, that has had little effect on either scraper sites or their ability to gain ground in a given SERP. Just a few months back in February, Googles Matt Cutts sent out a tweet announcing a new feature that allows webmasters to report scraper sites (shown above).

Its not too much to say that Cutts tweet was met with consternation, some derision, and a fair bit of ill humor. It even prompted a response tweet that has since gone viral, but the less said about that the better. Whether you are a fan of Cutts and Google or not, it is clear that they have scraper sites in their cross-hairs and are working on a plan to address the situation.

Reporting a scraper site is easy, and only takes a few moments. Simply go to Googles Scraper Report page, enter the URL of original site and the URL of the scraper site. The report page also asks that you enter the search results URL that demonstrates the problem. Finally, before you can submit your report, you must confirm that the original website is following Googles webmaster guidelines, and that it has not received any recent manual penalties.

Google has yet to say what they are going to do with this information, and submitting a report is no guarantee that your site will improve in the page rankings or that the scraper site will be immediately penalized. But clearly, Google is gathering this information to help them form a suitable attack strategy to combat scraper sites.

If your website has fallen pray to a scraper, there is not much you can do at the moment about the thievery itself. If your site is still outranking the scraper site, then you are in good shape as far as the SERPs go. However, if your site is being outranked by a scraper site, there are a few things you can do to help your sites performance.

Despite the critical backlash against Matt Cutts February tweet, it is clear that Google is taking a fresher look at scraper sites. While reporting a scraper site may not result in any immediate action, the fact that Google is gathering this information is at least a step in the right direction. If you are being outranked by your own content, file a report and then take to your own website and look for ways to improve your optimization strategies. At some point, our content efforts and following all the rules has to get rewarded, right?

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SEO 101: Are You Being Outranked by Your Own Content? by @dariozadro

Michael Huemer – Defending Libertarianism: The Common Sense Approach – PorcFest X
Etiquette Panel: Common Sense, NAP Group Dynamics – PorcFest X We volunteered our time to produce this video. If you find it valuable, please donate Bi…

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Michael Huemer – Defending Libertarianism: The Common Sense Approach – PorcFest X – Video

Environmentalism goes too far this time [Liberty Beat Ep. 1]
Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 1 – 2012-05-20 Look out world, here we come. Daniel Benoy, David Shepherd, and Chinaman have joined forces to explore the world's deepest and most important…

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Environmentalism goes too far this time [Liberty Beat Ep. 1] – Video

May 252014

YouTube Videos Tweets Comments

A question I get asked by clients all the time is How do I measure the ROI on my SEO campaign? Most business owners and marketers are happy to invest heavily in SEO when the outcomes can be reliably predicted and measured. The problem is, as you may have already figured out, SEO doesnt quite work this way.

In late 2012, SEO and Internet marketing consultant Sam McRoberts wrote an excellent article titled Investing in SEO the Warren Buffett Way. I encourage you to check it out, but heres the gist of it: SEO works very much like the stock market. You choose your stocks (keywords) based on the knowledge you have at hand, and then you wait. Youll likely experience periods of growth and decline (like ranking fluctuations), but one thing is certain: the stock market and SEO are both long-term endeavors. Theres no quick path to riches in either case.

However, over the long term, you can expect to see growth if youre patient enough to stay the course through the ups and downs of the market (or rankings and algorithm fluctuations). Buffett said, Over the long term, the stock market news will be good. Despite world wars, epidemics and the Great Depression, the long-term growth of stocks in the US grew steadily and significantly over the 20th century.

Image courtesy of Visualizing Economics

This is an uncomfortable prospect for most business owners when it comes to SEO, quite understandably. Were used to analyzing our strategies and investments in terms of how theyll pay off in weeks, months, or at most, a year.

The practice of SEO, however, like the stock market, necessitates a forward-thinking mentality; it means not jumping ship when rankings fluctuate, as theyre sure to do from time to time. It means being prepared for dips and even valleys, but committing to holding the course over the long term, regardless, as long as youre doing the right things.

Sam writes: If you pick a bad set of stocks, you might lose money. If you sell the stocks too late, you might lose money. If you sell too early, you might lose money or even leave money on the table. You have to pick good stocks and hold them for just the right amount of time, just as you have to pick the right keywords and target them for the right amount of time.

Notice were not comparing SEO to the lottery or slot machines. SEO, like the stock market, necessitates a solid understanding of the market and the industry. A successful SEO strategy will mean investigating and researching appropriate keywords based on potential traffic levels, competitiveness, and the potential for conversions.

And we know that a successful SEO campaign has great value; value which is, in fact, completely unparalleled. We know, for instance, that achieving the #1 spot for a given keyword means getting about 33% of the clicks. This means that if there are 5,000 searches for a keyword each month, you could reasonably expect to receive around 1650 visits to your site if you hold the top position. This is an outcome worth investing in and waiting for.

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The ROI That I Can Expect From SEO?

New Document Release Shows NSA Collecting EVERY Phone Call Made Or Received In The Bahama Islands
May 20, 2014 Russia Today News ONE TIME ONLY DONATION hosted_button_id=MHT8PM5BPSVC8 $…

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New Document Release Shows NSA Collecting EVERY Phone Call Made Or Received In The Bahama Islands – Video

May 232014

President Obama’s BlackBerry was more difficult to create than you’d think.


“It just really bothered a lot of people — nobody wanted to put anything out there that wasn’t completely secure,” said retired NSA technical director Richard “Dickie” George in an interview with CNNMoney.

George’s role was to review the BlackBerry’s algorithms and write and engineer diagrams for the phone.

In response to Obama’s request, the NSA set up a lab where dozens of experts performed surgery for several months on a high-profile patient: the soon-to-be presidential BlackBerry. The course of treatment was to manipulate the device’s innards to weed out potential threats to secure communication.

In the end, that meant taking most of the fun out of the phone: the president can’t play Angry Birds, for example.

“You try to get rid of any functionality that’s not really required. Every piece of functionality is an opportunity for the adversary,” George says.

According to George, the president simply wanted a phone that enabled him to communicate with his advisers. Though the president was a well known BlackBerry (BBRY) addict at the time, the choice of smartphone model was the NSA’s, not Obama’s, George explained.

What functionality the president’s phone actually possesses is secret — and the NSA won’t even confirm that he can use it to send a text or write an email (but it’s a pretty safe bet it isn’t used for Oval Office selfies).

Related: Let’s talk about text, baby

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NSA guy who made Obama's BlackBerry

This HashFast board is no longer for sale.

HashFasts already terrible situation just got a lot worse.

The Bitcoin miner manufacturer-turned-chipmaker never fulfilled a $6 million deal with Bitcoinmining firm Liquidbits, whichfiled a slew of new documents in federal bankruptcy court in San Francisco on Wednesday.

HashFast: We are evaluating our options and preparing our response.”

Absent the immediate appointment of a trustee to realize the value of the [Bitcoin mining] chips, there may be nothing left in the estate to liquidate by the time an order for relief is entered, Liquidbits argues in one of its filings.

Liquidbits CEO Gregory Bachrach alleges that HashFast is currently attempting to sell off its remaining inventory of Bitcoin mining chips to a foreign companydespite a binding arbitration order that forbids it from doing so. Neither HashFast nor its attorneys responded to Ars repeated requests for comment.

10 days ago, a different group of five customers filed an involuntary bankruptcy petition against the fledgling San Francisco startup. That was the first step in an attempt to recover more than $330,000 in payments that were apparently never fulfilled. The new filings tack onto that existing involuntary bankruptcy case.

The involuntary bankruptcy filing came days after HashFasts CEO told Ars that his company was as poor as church mice. Prior to that, the company fired half of its staff and declared were not scammers.

In early May 2014, Ars profiled the San Francisco startup and chronicled the numerous arbitration cases and lawsuits that the company has pending against it. Many customers have accused the firm of outright fraud, and some are upset that when the company failed to fulfill its orders, it would not refund the amount in bitcoins as it had previously promised.

In a declaration to the court, Liquidbits CEO Gregory Bachrach writes that his company had placed a $6 million order with HashFast as of October 3, 2013 to acquire Bitcoin hardware constituting a total of three petahashes per second.

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Bitcoin miner startup HashFast could be forced to liquidate

New Silver Pickups: Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coins
Hell and welcome back for some more coin collecting goodness! This time I'm taking a whack at collecting 90% Silver Walking Liberty Halves. There's a wide array of conditions and prices available….

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New Silver Pickups: Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coins – Video

Its clear that Google and YouTube rankings are some of the most sought after rankings, but if youre an e-commerce site or looking to sell a product another search engine comes to mindAmazon. Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer, so its incredibly beneficial for your product to show up first on this websites result pages. Fortunately for you, with a little bit of effort you can optimize your product pages in just a few minutes.

When thinking about optimization, it helps to split up your product page into the different section you can find on Amazon and then see how you can optimize each one. Here is howto get stared:

As with any type of optimization for the web, keywords are going to be important. On your product detail page, you will be able to add in a title as well as a subtitle, which is the perfect opportunity to include keywords. Try to use your keywords at the beginning of the title if possible and make sure everything sounds natural. The more specific you can be, the better.

Make sure you always have a solid description of your product, not only because consumers want to hear more about it, but because this is how Amazon will determine what your product is all about. In other words, using keywords in this description is a must. Other search engines besides Amazon will also look at your product description if they are crawling Amazon (so just about every single search engine), so you kill two birds with one stone if you take the time to write a solid, keyword-rich description.

You actually have two different places where you can add text to your product listing: in the description section, which is lower on the page, or the product description, which is above the fold. Below aretwo different screenshots of the same page, the first showing the description above the fold and the second showing the description below:

Reviews have been a hot topic recently all around the web, and Amazon is no exception. Reviews are more unique content about a product and are usually trusted by consumers, so Amazon likes to see a product page with a good number of reviews. There are a few different things you can do to help promote positive reviews on your Amazon page:

Remember, you are not allowed to post fake reviews or pay someone to leave you a review (whether its through a free gift or otherwise). This is against Amazons policies,andyour listing could be banned so make sure to use some of the approved tactics mentioned above.

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E-Commerce 101: How to Get Started with SEO For Your Products on Amazon by @highervis

Wargame Red Dragon Nato Eurocorps Deck Guides How to play it.
This is a video from Wargame Red Dragon. Since it's being regularly patched and balanced many aspect may be subject to change by the time you watch this video. Non the less a lot of things…

By: AttilaGamingNetwork

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Wargame Red Dragon Nato Eurocorps Deck Guides How to play it. – Video

PBS Documentary On NSA Spying “United States Of Secrets” Part 2 Airs TONIGHT!

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PBS Documentary On NSA Spying "United States Of Secrets" Part 2 Airs TONIGHT! – Video

Bahamian Officials Demand Answers About NSA Spying! And Accuse Obama Of “Great Moral Failing”
May 21, 2014 Russia Today News ONE TIME ONLY DONATION hosted_button_id=MHT8PM5BPSVC8 $1.00 ONE DOLLAR PER MONTH SUBSCRIPT…

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Bahamian Officials Demand Answers About NSA Spying! And Accuse Obama Of "Great Moral Failing" – Video

(PRWEB) May 22, 2014

Heath D. Harte, an attorney-at-law with over twenty-five years of experience, released a statement today commenting on the proper collection of DNA and protecting a persons fourth amendment rights.

According to the case People v. Walker (New York, 104040)*, the Appellate Division, Third Department suppressed a DNA sample linking the suspect to the victim. The court found the police unauthorized to collect DNA from the alleged suspect, Paul Walker Jr., under the no-knock warrant they carried out on April 2010.

This was a matter of the courts upholding a persons fourth amendment rights. A no knock warrant is issued when the police believe a suspect can destroy evidence in between the time of identifying themselves and entering the premises. In this case, a suspects DNA cannot be destroyed and the court found that his fourth amendment rights were violated, stated Heath D. Harte.

According to court documents, Justice John Lahtinen explained that a founding principle of due process guarantees that if no pressing circumstances exist, the suspect has the right to be heard before the suspects constitutional right to be left alone is overlooked.

All parties involved, especially the police, need to respect due process. To ensure a fair trial and a tight case, the investigation needs to be thorough and carried out with dignity. The suppression of DNA from this case will prove to be an interesting in the outcome of the case, continued Harte.

For more information about the Law Offices of Heath D. Harte please visit:

About the Law Offices of Heath D. Harte With over 25 years of experience, the Law Offices of Heath D. Harte is a full service law firm concentrating in criminal law, personal injury law, estate planning, and real estate. While traditional in service and style, with smart use of experience and leveraging state of the art technology to streamline services, the firm cuts out excessive overhead usually associated with law firms. Lower overhead means that the firm can offer the same service one expects from a prestigious law firm, like the Law Offices of Heath D. Harte, at lower, more affordable costs to clients. The firms ultimate goal is to provide aggressive, reliable and effective legal representation at an affordable price. The firm also offers creative fee structures to accommodate clients needs, especially in todays economic climate.

Contact To learn more about The Law Offices of Heath D. Harte locations and services, please contact: The Law Offices of Heath D. Harte 1700 Bedford Street, Suite 102 Stamford, CT 06905 Office: (203) 724-9555 questions(at)hartelawoffice(dot)com

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New York Attorney Heath D. Harte Releases a Statement on Fourth Amendment Rights

Kathy Willens/Associated Press

If you watched the NBA lottery drawing on Tuesday night, you learned two things: Mallory Edens is adorable and the Cleveland Cavaliers are owned by a cult of old-money power brokers who sculpt world events in their favor.

Indeed, Dan Gilbert and the Cavs front office are Illuminatior at least thats what the Internet believes after watching Cleveland secure its second straight No. 1 draft pick.

How else do you explain the Cavaliers winning their third NBA lottery in four years? The team went into the drawing with a 1.7-percent chance of landing the first pick, a phenomenon which clearly points to its involvement in the seedy underworld of uber-billionaire shadow games.

All the signs are there.

Yes, it is crazy and/or insane with no brain. I was quick to dismiss these findings at first, but upon closer inspection, Ive been able to draw some eerie parallels between Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and the sect of ultra-rich fixers responsible for most of the worlds assassinations and volcanic eruptions.

Its only too clear to me now that Cleveland has colluded with a powerful, religious cult to acquire a college student for the franchise. Theres no other way to slice it.

Now, should it choose to hold on to the top spot, Cleveland will have the pick of its choice from the 2014 NBA draft.

Well have to wait and see what the Cavaliers do with their new golden ticket. Much conjecturing has occurred in the time since the drawing that this pick might be able to influence LeBron James into returning to Cleveland.

If James does come back home, consider this question answered. Being able to bring the worlds greatest basketball player back to town after practically spitting on his name would officially confirm Dan Gilberts status as the uber kaiser of the Illuminati.

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Basketball Fans Think Illuminati Rigged NBA Lottery in Cavaliers' Favor

Walter Block: Rand, Rothbard, and Thick Libertarianism
This is Kyle Platt with, and I don't know that I have ever been as excited to bring you a video. In this session, I spoke with Professor Walter Block about the time he spent with…


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Walter Block: Rand, Rothbard, and Thick Libertarianism – Video

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Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

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