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Lawmakers Probing NSA Face German Secrecy Hurdles
German lawmakers probing the NSA following Edward Snowden's revelations have hit a hurdle: their own government. Officials have refused to hand over dozens of German intelligence documents…

By: Francine News

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Lawmakers Probing NSA Face German Secrecy Hurdles – Video

BERLIN (AP) German lawmakers probing the NSA following Edward Snowden's revelations have hit a hurdle: their own government.

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Lawmakers probing NSA face German secrecy hurdles

Three weeks is a long time to not have access to a neighborhood library, but Wilmington Island-area residents get their library back today while Garden City residents finally get a library of their own.

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Garden City, Islands unveil new libraries

Minecraft Sky Islands Survival Ep2. Exploring
In this episode we explore 3 new islands that are all unique in their own very way.

By: Our Arcade

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Minecraft Sky Islands Survival Ep2. Exploring – Video

By Adrian Croft and Guy Faulconbridge NEWPORT Wales (Reuters) – NATO demanded on Thursday that Moscow withdraw its troops from Ukraine as U.S. President Barack Obama and his Western allies vowed to support Kiev and buttress their own defenses against Russia in the biggest strategic shift since the Cold War. NATO leaders made clear at a summit in Wales that their military alliance would not use …

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NATO, wary of ceasefire talk, blasts Russia over Ukraine

Vet in Calgary Discusses Stem cell treatments in Pets
Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine uses the pet's very own stem cells harvested by their own fat to treat diseases such as inflammatory arthritis, tendon injuri…

By: Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital

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Vet in Calgary Discusses Stem cell treatments in Pets – Video

By Sarah Young LERWICK, Shetland Islands (Reuters) – Twelve hours by ferry from the Scottish mainland, hundreds of miles from Edinburgh and closer to Oslo than London, the windswept Shetland islands have their own aspirations about Scottish independence. Many Shetlanders see the September 18 vote on whether Scotland should end the 307-year-old union with England as an opportunity to gain control …

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Remote, oil-rich Shetland elbows way into Scotland's independence vote

Libertarianism 101

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Mar 202014

This article appeared in Naples Daily News on March 19, 2014. Libertarianism is a political philosophy grounded on these propositions: Adult individuals have the right and responsibility to decide important matters about their own lives, but they may not infringe on the equal rights of others.

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Libertarianism 101

Bill O'Reilly: The Far Left vs Free Speech
the fringe left detests any points of view that differ from their own. this is the communistic mentality that is prevalent on that side. the Marxist totalita…

By: USAhistorywriter

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Bill O’Reilly: The Far Left vs Free Speech – Video

Rachel Maddow illuminati Sheeple Conspiracy
A new one is making the rounds, and it's so forehead-slappingly silly that at first I ignored it. Sometimes these things die on their own, and I need not was…

By: Lord Rothschild

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Rachel Maddow illuminati Sheeple Conspiracy – Video

Duck Dynasty defenders care little of free speech.
People can say anything they want, at their own benefit or peril. Ya gotta sleep in the bed ya made. Also, hiding behind the constitution to promote bigotry …

By: Jonathanedward2010

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Duck Dynasty defenders care little of free speech. – Video

The “O” The Right to Free Speech
DCN's show “The O” is all about opinions! That means everything is on the table as a visiting panel of local pundits and personalities serve up their own can…


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The "O" The Right to Free Speech – Video

Quebec Government Uses Taxpayers Money To Fund TV Ad Promoting Homosexuality
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,but i don't think using taxpayers money to this end is the duty of the state. Canada:…

By: MrCensorMe1

Excerpt from:
Quebec Government Uses Taxpayers Money To Fund TV Ad Promoting Homosexuality – Video

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL–(Marketwire -06/28/12)- Millions of workers around the world are seeking additional income, freedom and fun by embracing alternative career paths and starting their own businesses, according to new research. In the spirit of Independence Day, Fiverr, the leading global marketplace for micro services, today announced the results of its international “Road to Job Independence” survey. More than 1,100 Fiverr sellers revealed their motivations to start a business on the world’s largest marketplace for the freelance service industry, providing new insights into the flourishing economy of micro-entrepreneurs.

The freedom of the Internet now allows people to work where they want, when they want, how they want. Around the world new types of entrepreneurs are channeling their talents, passions, interests and skills to replace or supplement traditional 9-to-5 jobs. Fiverr makes it easier for anyone to make money doing what he or she loves.

According to the Road to Job Independence survey, most Fiverr sellers are successfully able to increase their income by offering unique services (Gigs) not available anywhere else:

Fiverr’s survey discovered 6 out of 10 (57%) of all sellers have joined in the last 6 months as they seek the site’s freedom to work at their own time, pace and place. These new sellers are already making money, with 40% reporting they’ve earned over $100 through Fiverr. And they’re making money through a large variety of gigs, including graphic design, writing, personalized greetings, voice-overs, video production, expert advice, software and web development, advertising and marketing, music and much more.

Fiverr opens a world of possibilities for global commerce, removing the need for office space, set commerce hours and a business payment structure. Fiverr provides liquidity to the global network of service providers, connecting sellers directly with interested buyers. It gives burgeoning entrepreneurs all the tools they need to get started and be successful.

A vast majority (86%) of Fiverr sellers seek job independence, and 1 in 5 report their goal with Fiverr is to quit and work for themselves. Frustration with traditional 9-to-5 jobs is high, at more than 80%. The top 6 frustrations respondents have with their current job situation include:

“Creativity and freedom are the core drivers of today’s new entrepreneurial economy. Anyone, anywhere can use Fiverr to quickly and easily start their own businesses — we give people the platform and the tools to harness their skills, resources and creativity to make money on their own terms,” said Micha Kaufman, co-founder and CEO of Fiverr. “Our goal is to offer people an alternative from the traditional work structure and become their own boss. As sellers gain experience and a positive business reputation, they can charge more for their services. Now 1 in 3 gigs sell for more than the base price, and 34% of sellers report they’re getting an average of 5 or more gigs per week.”

So why do people turn to Fiverr?

Since launching in early 2010, Fiverr has grown rapidly and now lists close to 1,000,000 gigs priced between $5 and $150. Sales on the site have increased 600% since January 2011, and continue to rise rapidly.

An infographic of the results can be found here:

Let (Work) Freedom Ring; 86% of Micro Service Entrepreneurs Want to Declare Job Independence, Global Fiverr Survey …

May 302012

Author Jeremy Waldron — and those like him who reject libertarianism — would be unlikely to take notice of Rothbardian criticism of hate-speech laws. But another line of inquiry might be of more interest to them. We can ask how good Waldron's arguments are if we judge them on their own merits.

Originally posted here:
The Harm in Hate-Speech Laws

It has long appeared to be a basic legal principle that, while public school officials are the masters of their own domain, they generally do not have authority elsewhere — unless they can show that off-campus activity directly implicates the operation of the schools.

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Students, MySpace, and the First Amendment

According to SEO Book (via Tech Crunch), Google and its marketing firm Unruly paid bloggers to write posts “sponsored by Google” as part of a marketing campaign for Google Chrome for small businesses. This wouldn’t have been a problem if the posters had followed their own policy by including a “nofollow” tag in the link, which helps ensure that search results are not manipulated in favor of paid …

Original post:
Did Google Violate Its Own Policy While Paying Bloggers for Favorable Posts?

The Liberty Academy basketball squads earned a split Friday night during the second day of play in their own Liberty Classic. The Eagles defeated Life Christian 60-44 while the Lady Eagles dropped a 52-43 decision.

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Liberty Academy Eagles defeat Life Christian

Nov 172011

With more than 1000 islands to explore, Croatia’s indented coastline has become a hotbed for small sailing ships all in search of their own little slice of paradise

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Coasting the islands of Croatia

Hurricane Irene has prompted mandatory evacuations along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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How barrier islands survive fury of storms

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