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NATO: What Role Now for the Alliance? | Journal Interview
In the interview is NATO General Hans-Lothar Domrse. The commander of NATO's Joint Force Command in Brunssum speaks about the lessons learned from the ISAF …

By: DW (English)

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NATO: What Role Now for the Alliance? | Journal Interview – Video

An original Freedom Rider from the 1960s says the lessons of non-violence from Dr. Martin Luther King still work today.

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Freedom Rider says she'd ride again

A year and a bit after the ill-fated interception of the Mavi Marmara that headed last year’s flotilla to Gaza, Israel is bracing for another one. This time around, say authorities, they are more prepared, having learned the lessons from…

Excerpt from:
ISRAEL: Freedom Flotilla 2 determined to reach Gaza; Israel determined to stop it [Video]

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