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Aug 212015

Welcome to the thirtieth issue in 2015 of Tor Weekly News, the weekly newsletter that covers whats happening in the Tor community.

Nick Mathewson announced the second alpha release in the Tor 0.2.7.x series. This version includes improvements to the handling of Tors identity keys, which now use the Ed25519 elliptic curve signature format. It also allows onion service operators to specify a higher number of introduction points with a special configuration option, if the service is coming under heavy load, at the cost of making it more visible that the hidden service is facing extra load.

For full details of the many other developments in this release, please see Nicks announcement. The source code is available as usual from Tors distribution directory.

The Tor Browser team put out their fourth alpha release in the 5.0 series of the privacy-preserving anonymous browser. Most notably, this release contains an experimental defense against font fingerprinting by using an identical set of shipped fonts on all supported platforms, wrote Georg Koppen. This version also fixes some of the issues created by the update to Firefox 38ESR, which brings us very close to a stable Tor Browser 5.0, which we aim to release next week.

Get your copy of the new alpha from the project page, or via the incremental updater if you are already using the alpha Tor Browser series.

One of the weaknesses of the current onion service design is that parts of it (such as the relays chosen by a service to upload its descriptor) rely on a list of Tor relays which is generated in a predictable way. This makes it possible for people with malicious intentions to insert their bad relays into the list at points of their choosing, in order to carry out attacks such as denials-of-service (as some researchers proved earlier this year). A good way of preventing this is to make Tors directory authorities jointly come up with a random number as part of their regular voting procedure, which is then used by onion services to choose the directories to which they will upload their descriptor information, and by clients to find those same directories. It could also be used by other systems as a shared source of randomness.

George Kadianakis published a draft proposal describing how this procedure could work. For a period of twelve hours, the directory authorities send each other a commitment, consisting of the hash of a 256-bit value. Once all authorities are aware of the others commitments, they then reveal to one another the values they committed to, for another twelve-hour period. At the end of that time, the revealed values are checked to see if they correspond to the commitments, and then they are all used to compute that days random value. This works because although you can use the commitment hash to verify that the value revealed is the same as the one decided upon twelve hours ago, you cannot derive the value itself from the commitment.

Please see the draft proposal in full for discussion of the finer points of the proposed system, or if you are a fan of ingenious solutions.

The Guardian Project put out a full release of CameraV (or InformaCam), a nifty smartphone application that lets you capture and share verifiable photos and video proof on a smartphone or tablet, all the while keeping it entirely secure and private. It allows you to prove the authenticity of your photos by using the built-in sensors in modern smartphones for tracking movement, light and other environmental inputs, along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular network information to capture a snapshot of the environment around you and bundling this information into the picture file.

As you would expect, InformaCam is fully compatible with the Guardian Projects Tor software offerings for Android, so whether youre a citizen journalist or a keen phone photographer who values privacy, take a look at the CameraV page and try it out for yourself!

The wave of regular monthly reports from Tor project members for the month of July has begun. Pearl Crescent released their report first (for work on Tor Browser development), followed by reports from David Goulet (on onion service research and development), Georg Koppen (working on Tor Browser), Isabela Bagueros (for overall project management), Karsten Loesing (working on Tor network tools and organizational tasks), Damian Johnson (on Nyx and stem development), and Juha Nurmi (on development).

The students in this years Tor Summer of Privacy also sent updates about their progress. Donncha OCearbhaill gave news of the OnionBalance load-balancing project, while Jesse Victors did the same for the OnioNS DNS-like system, Cristobal Leiva for the relay web status dashboard, and Israel Leiva for continuing development of the GetTor alternative software distributor.

Finally, the Tails team published their June report, bringing updates about outreach, infrastructure, funding, and ongoing discussions relating to the anonymous live operating system.

The participants in the recent onion service hackfest in Washington, DC published a summary of the exciting progress they made during the meeting.

Arturo Filast announced that an OONI-related hackathon entitled ADINA15: A Dive Into Network Anomalies will be held on October 1-2 in the Chamber of Deputies at the Italian Parliament in Rome. This means that you are all invitedto put your design and data analysis skills to the test!

David Fifield published the regular summary of costs incurred by the infrastructure for meek.

Nathan Freitas explored possible routes to an Android-compatible version of Ricochet, the exciting new privacy-preserving instant messaging application based on Tor onion services.

Want to continue reading TWN? Please help us create this newsletter. We still need more volunteers to watch the Tor community and report important news. Please see the project page, write down your name and subscribe to the team mailing list if you want to get involved!

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Blogs | The Tor Blog

Washington Beaches –

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Aug 202015

MAIN Beaches US Washington State Beaches

Although the changeable climate of the Northwest doesn’t give coastal areas the reputation it deserves, the summer can be like a day at the beach in the state of Washington.

When the weather’s fine, sandy beaches on Puget Sound and swimming lakes in the Cascades and the Pacific coast offer visitors a chance to enjoy the beach and water sports of all kinds.

And there’s so much to do along the Northern Pacific coast besides swimming. Try beachcombing, clamming, prime Washington State whale watching, and more. It’s all right here — including the top Seattle summer extravaganza at Seafair in July.

Oh, and did we mention the wilderness beaches of Olympic National Park?

Have fun!

DID YOU KNOW? Washington State beach fun facts:

Stretching 28-miles long, Long Beach, WA is the largest and longest sandy beach in the Northwest.

After missing the entrance to what was later named the Columbia River, English explorer John Meares dubbed the headland jutting out into the Pacific Ocean “Cape Disappointment.” Today, Cape Disappointment State Park happily features 27 miles of ocean beach, two lighthouses, camping and spectacularly scenic hiking trails.

Deception Pass State Park (Whidbey Island) was named by early explorers who mistakenly assumed Whidbey Island was a peninsula. Today, the island encompasses one of the most popular state parks in Washington, and its miles of sandy beaches is considered some of the most beautiful in the Puget Sound area.

The area around Alki Beach was named by the Chinook tribe meaning “eventually” or “by and by.” Today, Alki Beach is considered one of Seattle’s hippest, laid-back beach scenes.

More about Washington State beaches around the Web:

– This is the official city Parks and Recreation site with locations, beach hours and amenities, maps and directions for Green Lake Park, Matthews Beach, Seward Beach, Pritchard Island and more.

Welcome to Ocean Shores Washington – Find places for surfing, clamming, swimming, boating and sailing, and other diversions for landlubbers, as well.

The Best Washington State Beaches to Collect Beach Glass – Want to add to your beachcombing collection? You’ll find plenty to explore in this review of top locations for beach treasure at Alki Beach, Port Townsend, Deception Pass, and more.

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Washington Beaches –

Maumee Bay State Park, an Ohio park located near Maumee …

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Aug 182015


Tesla Anne making dad proud

View of pond from Parking Lot 6 in Maumee Bay SP

Tesla and her 30 in 6 lb blue cat named King Kong 10-16-2010

View looking south from bridge at Maumee Bay SP

Canada Goose preens at the inland lake in Maumee Bay State Park, Sept 28, 2014

View looking west from the beach at Maumee Bay State Park, Oct. 15, 2014

Wind surfer takes advantage of strong winds in Maumee Bay. Oct. 18, 2014

Fall colors at Maumee Bay State Park. View of the bay looking west. Oct. 15, 2014

Fall colors at Maumee Bay State Park. View looking south from the beach area. Oct.18, 2014

Rainbow over the beach at Maumee Bay State Park after a storm blew in from Lake Erie. Taken Sept. 21

Maumee Bay State Park offers not only the finest of recreational facilities in the Midwest, but also a unique natural environment created by the convergence of the land and Lake Erie. The lodge, cottages and golf course are nestled among the scenic meadows, wet woods and lush marshes teeming with wildlife. The balance of recreational facilities with the natural world gives visitors a diverse experience in a coastal environment.

The history of Lake Erie began with the glacial period known as the Pleistocene. Massive sheets of ice gouged and scoured the bedrock of Ohio. Testimony of the ice’s force is found throughout the lake area. Small scratches in the rock surface known as glacial striations are common, while major grooves are rare but awesome.

The wetlands of the Maumee Bay area offer a vivid array of natural wonders. Wetlands contain more species of wildlife than any other habitat type, including: fox snake, northern water snake, painted turtle, chorus frog, green frog, spotted salamander, raccoon, muskrat, dragonfly, caddis fly, and water striders. Over 300 species of birds have been recorded with shorebirds such as snipe, great blue heron, common gallinule and ring-billed gulls residing with waterfowl including Canada geese, pintails, redheads, and ruddy ducks. Songbirds include the red-winged blackbird, yellow warbler, killdeer and swamp sparrow. Spring migration brings many others including the colorful warblers. The plant life is diverse as well. Cattails, buttonbush, phragmites, bur-reed, cottonwood and black willow are just a few examples of the marsh plants at the park.

Several prairies exist in the park that offer interpretive experiences for those visitors interested in the various species and ecosystems found there. Ring-necked pheasants densely populate the meadow areas of the park.

The Lake Erie shoreline sets the stage for the comeback of the bald eagle in Ohio. Nesting pairs have been reported recently in Ohio with the majority being in the western basin of Lake Erie.

For many years, the swamp was a tremendous barrier to western settlement. Most settlers traveled by boat on Lake Erie to reach southern Michigan. Major cities of the area circled the perimeter of the swamp; none lay within it except Bowling Green. In 1859, a law was passed providing for a system of public ditches to drain the land. By 1870, the swamp was still only half cleared. Eventually, after a period of intense lumbering and draining, the swamp had nearly vanished and the area became a major agricultural region.

Acquisition of park lands began in 1974 with matching funds from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Maumee Bay officially became a state park in 1975.


GeneralLand, acres1336

Water, acresGreat Lake



Hiking Trail, miles10


Swimming Beachyes

Beach Concessionyes

Nature Centeryes

Nature Programsyes

BoatingBoat Rentalyes

Boating Limits-1

CampingElectric Sites, #252

Pets Permittedyes

Flush Toiletsyes



Rent-A-Camp Sites, #3

Rent-A-Yurt, #1


Cross-Country Skiingyes

Ice Skatingyes

AccommodationsLodge Rooms, #120

Family Cottages, #24

Game Roomyes

Indoor Swimming Poolyes


Outdoor Swimming Poolyes

Golf Courseyes


The deluxe cottages at the park are nestled among scenic wetlands and a picturesque golf course. The cottages are equipped with a gas fireplace, heating and air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, living area, two bedrooms with a loft, or four bedrooms. Cottage guests may use all lodge facilities.

Ohio’s newest state park lodge opened in May of 1991. Quilter Lodge overlooking the Maumee Bay of Lake Erie offers 120 guest rooms each with balcony. Lodge features include racquetball courts, game room, saunas, whirlpools, indoor and outdoor pools, conference and meeting rooms, dining room and lounge, and a snack bar.

The park boasts a modern family campground with 256 sites. The campground is equipped with showerhouses, flush toilets, electricity and playground equipment. The campsites are open and spacious and border natural meadows and ponds which are open to fishing for campers only. Pet camping is also permitted. Rent-A-Camp units consisting of a tent, dining fly, cooler, cook stove and other equipment can be rented during the summer months. Five miles of asphalt “bicycle/pedestrian” trails provide access to most of the day-use areas.

Maumee Bay’s unique 18-hole “Scottish Links” style golf course has low, rolling mounds, bent grass fairways, greens and tees, numerous sand bunkers and ponds. A golf pro-shop is in operation with a PGA certified professional on staff. Lessons and golf outings can be arranged.

August 14 – August 16

Hawaiian Weekend – Maumee Bay

Join us for Hawaiian Weekend at Maumee Bay. Pig Roast, limbo, dance and more…. book your campsite early!

September 6

Monarch Butterfly Festival – Maumee Bay

Monarch Butterfly Festival at Maumee Bay Nature Center. Monarch presentation, butterfly tagging and releasing, crafts, games and more. for more info, please call 419-836-9117.

September 19

Coastweeks Cleanup and Adopt-a-Beach – Maumee Bay

For more info, please call 419-836-9117.

October 16 – October 18

Halloween Weekend – Maumee Bay

Decorate your campsite, costume judging, game and activities, luncheon, dances and more…. Book your campsite early!

In addition to the lodge’s pools (for lodge and cottage guests), the park boasts two sand beaches. One beach is located on the Lake Erie shore while the other lines the park’s inland lake. A concession area and changing booths are provided. A large lakeside amphitheater lies between the two beaches.

Lake Erie offers unlimited opportunities for boaters. A 57-acre inland lake in the park is suitable for sailing, canoeing and other non-motorized boat use. Canoes, paddle boats and row boats are available for rent. Waverunners can be rented on the Lake Erie beach.

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Maumee Bay State Park, an Ohio park located near Maumee …

Best Jersey Shore Beaches – Beaches –

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May 232015

Plakias Beach, Crete, Greece

On the south coast of Crete, between mountains and the Libyan Sea, lies Plakias, a tiny fishing village whose population swells during the summer months. Popular with backpackers, many of whom come here to stay in the southernmost youth hostel in Europe, Plakias is also a favorite with nudists, who can swim and sunbathe in the buff along the 0.8-mile Plakias Beach. Beyond the nudist strand, Plakias offers several beach options (Ammoudi, Damnoni and Souda), mountain hikes and casual tavernas. Nearby, Mona Preveli, one of the most famous monasteries in Crete, is a worthwhile day trip. 960 1280

On the south coast of Crete, between mountains and the Libyan Sea, lies Plakias, a tiny fishing village whose population swells during the summer months. Popular with backpackers, many of whom come here to stay in the southernmost youth hostel in Europe, Plakias is also a favorite with nudists, who can swim and sunbathe in the buff along the 0.8-mile Plakias Beach. Beyond the nudist strand, Plakias offers several beach options (Ammoudi, Damnoni and Souda), mountain hikes and casual tavernas. Nearby, Mona Preveli, one of the most famous monasteries in Crete, is a worthwhile day trip.

Paul Cowan / iStock / Thinkstock

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Best Jersey Shore Beaches – Beaches –

Coast Guard creates First Amendment zone in Puget Sound for anti-Shell protests

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Apr 142015

The U.S. Coast Guard, with help from activist groups, has identified an informal First Amendment Zone, just north of Terminal 5, where protesters can take to the water against Shell Oils Arctic drilling fleet when it arrives at the Port of Seattle.

The Shell Arctic drilling rig Polar Pioneer. It was occupied by Greenpeace protesters last week, demonstrating against Shells plans to drill in Arctic waters this summer. It is due soon in Washington waters.

I didnt choose this area: I gave them a chart and asked them where they wanted to be, Capt. Joe Raymond, captain of the port, said Tuesday.

Raymond initiated a meeting on Monday with organizers of a sea of kayaks protest. He described the zone as an excellent place for protesters wishing a high-visibility presence while not interfering with ferries, tugs and other marine traffic in the harbor.

Still, a key player in the anti-Shell protests Greenpeace says no accord was reached at the meeting on where sea-borne protests can take place.

We did not walk away with an agreement on where people can be or how they will conduct themselves, said John Deans, Arctic campaign specialist with Greenpeace.

For us, the questions will be: What do people want to do? Where do people want to be? This is a movement that we are talking about.

If its drilling plan passes final muster with two U.S. Interior Department agencies, Shell intends to operate two drilling rigs and drill two exploratory wells this summer in Alaskas remote Chukchi Sea.

The Shell drilling ship Noble Discoverer drifts near shore near Dutch Harbor on Unalaska Island in the summer of 2012 after losing its moorings. Its due back this summer. Photo: Capt. Kristjan B. Laxfoss / AP

The Polar Pioneer occupied at sea last week by six Greenpeace activists is due soon in Washington waters, but will stop in Port Angeles, as first reported Monday by The Stranger.

Go here to read the rest:
Coast Guard creates First Amendment zone in Puget Sound for anti-Shell protests

Liberty give Laimbeer another shot

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Apr 032015

The New York Liberty are such a franchise. But the re-hiring of Bill Laimbeer as coach less than three months after he was fired by the organization is head-scratching even by Liberty standards.

Oh, wait a minute. Not really. This is the Liberty we’re talking about.

Let me make haste to say, though, I actually don’t think this is a bad decision at all. It’s correcting a bad decision, which was firing Laimbeer back in October without a really strong idea of whom the franchise could get to replace him.

From what I gather from sources around the league, Madison Square Garden Company chair James Dolan had some candidates in mind. But they didn’t work out. Now with the Knicks being the primo disaster of this NBA season, Dolan probably just wanted to get the Liberty job filled. And ultimately decided to go back to Laimbeer.

Who, apparently, wasn’t exactly stunned to get the call to return. Laimbeer was spending the winter fishing and playing golf. And while he wasn’t expecting to coach again in the WNBA this summer, he’s glad to be doing it.

“My passion is still there for the New York team,” Laimbeer said Thursday. “I’d like to accomplish more for this franchise.”

The Liberty were 11-23 and then 15-19 in Laimbeer’s two seasons, missing the playoffs both years. But Thursday, he repeated something he had also told me back in October when he was let go: That while he didn’t always enjoy his first season with the Liberty, this past season he really did like the job and working with the team. (Having a world-class center such as Tina Charles, whom the Liberty got in a trade before the 2014 season, undoubtedly helps in that regard.)

Laimbeer also said something else in October that seems pertinent to the Liberty’s reversal in course this week. He talked about the difference in working for the Detroit Shock, where he answered primarily to one person, then-owner Tom Wilson. As compared to working for a public corporation like MSG.

“They’ve got a lot of moving pieces,” Laimbeer said in October about MSG.

Indeed, they do. But from the Liberty’s inception in 1997 to 2010, Carol Blazejowski was the team’s general manager and front-office point person for the franchise. And while she took her share of barbs (including from me), at least you always knew whose hands were on the Liberty’s steering wheel.

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Liberty give Laimbeer another shot

NATO military drill in Latvia targets Russia? – Video

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Apr 022015

NATO military drill in Latvia targets Russia?
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), on Monday, continued its large-scale military drill “Operation Summer Shield-XII” in Latvia.The drill is supposed to strengthen the presence of…

By: New China TV

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NATO military drill in Latvia targets Russia? – Video

RAW: NATO artillery sends warning to adversaries – Video

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Apr 012015

RAW: NATO artillery sends warning to adversaries
NATO troops wrapped up the final day of their Summer Shield drills in Latvia with a round of artillery fire. Multinational teams of soldiers fired a barrage of 155 mm projectiles using…

By: RT America

RAW: NATO artillery sends warning to adversaries – Video

Photos: Nation's 10 Best Family Beaches Revealed

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Apr 012015

Family Vacation Critic, TripAdvisor’s family travel site, has announced the winners of its annual Best Beaches for Families list, naming the top family-friendly beaches of the year, along with fun, insider tips for each destination. Pictured here, Cape May, New Jersey.

Craig Terry/Cape May County Tourism

Lincoln City Beach, Lincoln City, Oregon. Insider Tip: “Search the sand for glass floats – they’re part of a program called Finders Keepers, in which ‘Float Fairies’ disperse beautiful ornaments on the beach for vacationers to find and take home.”

Lincoln City Visitor & Convention Bureau

Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, Virginia . Insider Tip: “Don’t leave Virginia Beach without a photo in front of King Neptune, a 34-foot-tall statue of the mythological sea god. Families can also enjoy free concerts and live entertainment across the boardwalk in the summer. ”

Virginia Beach CVB

Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit, Maine. Insider Tip: “Use the Ogunquit Trolley to get to the beach and around town – fare is just $2.00 per adult and $1.50 per child (ages 10 and under).”

Audrey Gottlieb

Manatee County Beach , Holmes Beach, Florida. Insider Tip: “Reserve a Nesting Beach Tour at the Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch to join federally permitted volunteers as they analyze nests and hatched (and unhatched) shells during turtle nesting season.”

Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Photos: Nation's 10 Best Family Beaches Revealed

Top 7 Uncrowded Beaches Near Metro Manila to Beat the Summer Heat

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Mar 282015

Top 7 BeautifulBeaches Near Metro Manila to Beat the Summer Heat

People in Metro Manila feel the summer heat coming. And, it is a perfect time of the year to go to the beach. Yes, you want to enjoy the white sand, plunge yourself into the crystal clear water and witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset but do you know where to go to beat the heat?

Cagbalete Island (photo by 10nisboy via Flickr)

Well, let me give you these top 7 unspoiled beaches near the metro. Read on:

Cagbalete Island photo by Pansacola Beach Resort FB

Boasts of white sand, Cagbalete Island is a perfect place to go to if you dont want to go to overrated beaches. Exciting activities you can do in this not-so-commercialized island include swimming, kayaking, snorkeling as well as trekking. To get there: You can ride a bus at Jac Liner Buendia Terminal going to the city of Lucena. Upon getting off, take a mini-bus ride to Mauban then walk towards Pantalan port to take a public boat going to Cagbalete Island. Estimated expenses is around P1000 pesos, including entrance fee, food and miscellaneous.

Nagsasa Cove photo by Nagsasa Cove FB

Seated in San Antonio, Zambales, Nagsasa Cove is a new-found paradise. You can reach the place from Manila in approximately five hours. This perfect summer getaway destination can be reached via a boat or you may choose to do mountain trekking going to the Nagsasa Cove. Unlike other beaches, this place has a grayish sand. But of course, it boasts of crystal blue water. Apart from it being serene and picturesque, Nagsasa Cove also houses waterfalls. This place is also near to other scenic destinations: Capones Island and Anawangin Cove.

Malagawa Island photo courtesy of

Magalawa, located in Palauig, Zambales, is a place to unwind your tired limbs and soul. Here, you and your family can enjoy exciting activities, such as bamboo rafting as well as snorkeling. Its charm: its white sand, picturesque landscape as well as blue clear waters. To avoid the scorching heat of the sun, you can rent your own tent in the place. One can avail tour packages from the Magalawa Island Resort, Ruiz or Armada, which include transportation, meal, and fun activities.

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Top 7 Uncrowded Beaches Near Metro Manila to Beat the Summer Heat

Freedom Rider tells of 60s push for civil rights in South – Sat, 21 Mar 2015 PST

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Mar 212015

Max Pavesic wasnt sure what awaited him as the train rolled into the station in Jackson,Mississippi.

During the summer of 1961, Pavesic was a 21-year-old college student and one of 436 Freedom Riders activists committed to ending segregation on public transit in theSouth.

He was part of a group of 15 blacks and whites who had boarded the train together in New Orleans, in defiance of local segregation laws. They knew theyd be arrested in Jackson and possibly beaten. They expected an angry mob and police withdogs.

We were considered outside agitators, Pavesic recalled. I

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Max Pavesic, a retired Boise State University professor who shares his 1961 experience as a Freedom Rider, speaks Friday at the Human Rights Education Institute inCoeurdAlene. (Full-size photo)(All photos)

Max Pavesic will speak at 2 p.m. today at the Sandpoint Community Center, 204 S. FirstAve.

Max Pavesic wasnt sure what awaited him as the train rolled into the station in Jackson,Mississippi.

During the summer of 1961, Pavesic was a 21-year-old college student and one of 436 Freedom Riders activists committed to ending segregation on public transit in theSouth.

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Freedom Rider tells of 60s push for civil rights in South – Sat, 21 Mar 2015 PST

Mild winter spares San Diego beaches

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Mar 182015

San Diego beaches are 33-50 feet wider than normal due to a lack of strong winter storms, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography says in a report released Tuesday.

The region usually gets large waves out of the north-northwest that cut into the coastline and carry sand offshore, producing bars that are pushed back to the beach in the summer months. But that was mostly missing this winter, which ends on Friday.

“Wave heights at the Scripps Torrey Pines offshore buoy never exceeded 10 feet and only two seven feet for about 40 hours, compared with 190 hours an average winter,” Scripps graduate student Sean Crosby said in a statement. “The few high waves that did occur coincided with lower-range neap tides, minimizing shoreline erosion.”

Adam Wright, founder and chief forecaster at, noticed the same thing.

“We’ve been missing that steady north-northwest wind we get in the winter,” Wright said. “We’ve had a lot of Santa Anas, which has sent the winds offshore. And the storms we got in December produced a lot of rain but not a lot of winds that would have moved sand off the beaches.”

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Mild winter spares San Diego beaches

Liberty High linebacker commits to UCLA football

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Mar 152015

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – A Liberty High School junior student is making Kern County proud after committing to play football for the University of California, Los Angeles.

Krys Barnes, a linebacker for the Liberty Patriots, announced today via Twitter and Instagramthat he had committed to the UCLA Bruins after considering 16 previous offers from others schools including Boise State, USC, UC Berkeley, The University of Oregon, and others.

Liberty High Football Coach Bryan Nixon andnational recruiting analyst for Bleacher ReportDamon Sayles, were able to confirm his commitmentwith 23ABC.

S/O to LB @KrysBarnes. Newest #Bruins commit. Will compete at #TheOpening this summer. #4sUp #8clap MT “@KrysBarnes”

23ABC reached out to Barnes for comment, but the high school player has not responded to any of our tweets.

Download our23ABCmobile and tablet app to stay up-to-date with this story and community news.

Like 23ABCs Facebook page here:

iPhone – Android – iPad – Kindle –

Read the rest here:
Liberty High linebacker commits to UCLA football

Freedom camps in the red zone

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Mar 102015

Joseph Johnson

FREEDOM CAMPING: The Christchurch City Council is investigating whether parks and reserves, including those in the red zone, could be made available to freedom campers in a bid to reduce the problems caused by makeshift camps.

Parks and reserves in Christchurch’s red zone may be opened up to freedom campers to get them out of the way of residents.

Freedom camping numbers in the city have grown since the quakes and are causing unease among residents forced to put up with unwelcome neighbours.

In a bid to reduce the problems caused by makeshift camps, Christchurch City Council staff are investigating whether parks and reserves, including those in the red zone, could be made available to them and whether some toilet facilities could be left open at night.

“The problem is not going to go away and we need to find some solutions,” Councillor Glenn Livingstone said. “The threshold of going down the path of looking at a bylaw has been reached.”

A report on freedom camping will be considered by the council on Thursday but it recommends holding off on introducing a bylaw that would limit where freedom campers could go until other options have been exhausted because it could be problematic to enforce.

Earlier this summer a group of freedom campers who had taken up residence in the Beresford St car park in New Brighton upset neighbours by defecating outside and partying late at night.

The campers were all foreign tourists on working holidays and most have since taken up residence in the Waimairi Surf Club car park. Complaints there include campers blocking an emergency entrance to the beach, slamming doors in the middle of the night and using the sand dunes as a toilet.

Chris Smith, who manages the surf club, said the council needed to act. The group using the club car park was “quite confrontational and intimidating” and although there had been no physical altercations so far, tensions were escalating.

The rest is here:
Freedom camps in the red zone

Postgrad profile: Cormac Murphy (MSc in regenerative medicine)

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Mar 102015

Cormac Murphy went straight from an undergraduate degree in zoology at Trinity College Dublin to a taught masters degree (MSc) in regenerative medicine at NUI Galway.

Originally from Drumcondra in Dublin, the 23 year-old moved to Galway for the one-year full-time course.

After doing his undergraduate thesis in developmental biology, he decided to move to a health-related science. His supervisor told him about the Regenerative Medicine Institute and NUI Galway and thought he might enjoy it.

It had a really good reputation, and she thought it would be a good springboard to further things, Murphy said. In undergrad I really enjoyed science and lab time and stuff like that, but I wasnt quite sure whether I wanted to go on to do a full PhD.

Its the only regenerative medicine masters degree in Ireland and one of the few in Europe. The course is a combination of lectures, lab time and continuous assessment.

Its about getting research from the lab to the clinic, which is what Im interested in and focused on: making clinical products that will actually help people.

Murphy says hes learning a lot about stem cell biology, and the course includes things like immunology and pharmacology. He has taken an elective business course. Thats something we scientists dont tend to know a lot about, but its important.

Over the summer, students will do independent research projects in the labs. Murphys project involves taking skin cells and attempting to turn them into the photoreceptors at the back of the retina: rods and cones.

It sounds kind of like magic. Thats why I was interested in it, he said.

Murphy hopes to move onto a PhD in the regenerative area after the masters, but he might take a year out first to work in industry. His long-terms plan is research and possibly lecturing.

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Postgrad profile: Cormac Murphy (MSc in regenerative medicine)

Dogs on islands in lake cause concern

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Feb 192015

Boaties are being reminded to leave their dogs at home if they intend visiting Lake Wanaka’s islands.

Department of Conservation ranger Flo Gaud said dogs were believed to be responsible for the death of one of a breeding pair of buff weka on Te Peka Karara Island, or Stevensons Island, late last month.

”A witness reported that a black Labrador was sighted on the island at the time,” Ms Gaud said recently.

Once plentiful in the South Island, the light-coloured buff weka is now found only on Chatham and Pitt Islands – except for populations introduced to Te Peka Karara and Mou Waho Islands in Lake Wanaka, and Pigeon and Pig Islands in Lake Wakatipu.

Te Peka Karara has five or six breeding pairs.

Ms Gaud said there had also been two reports from the public of dogs being illegally on Mou Waho this summer.

Signs warning dog owners it is an offence to take dogs to the islands are in place at several points on the islands and at lakeside boat launching areas.

Ms Gaud said the disturbance of wildlife on the islands was disappointing and frustrating.

”It is very sad to see this abuse of the rules on the island.

”Ignorance is not an excuse.

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Dogs on islands in lake cause concern

A WEDDING VIDEO LIKE NO OTHER- Summer Wedding at Tunnels Beaches Ilfracombe (8MFH EP23) – Video

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Feb 042015

A WEDDING VIDEO LIKE NO OTHER- Summer Wedding at Tunnels Beaches Ilfracombe (8MFH EP23)
Watch '8 Miles From Home' Our Cinematic Video Diary Series: Watch our 'A Day In The Life' Bi Weekly VLOG series here: http://bit.l…

By: Eight Miles from Home

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A WEDDING VIDEO LIKE NO OTHER- Summer Wedding at Tunnels Beaches Ilfracombe (8MFH EP23) – Video

10 Best Beaches in Pangasinan

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Feb 012015

Pangasinan is a province located on the shorelines of Luzon. Being located here has made Pangasinan one of the leading suppliers of rice, root crops, and fish within the Philippines, especially the countrys national fish, the Milkfish. But aside from agriculture and fishing, Pangasinan also has its other perks, and, since its on the shorelines, its pretty obvious what those perks arethats right, beaches!

Hundred Islands in Alaminos Pangasinan by Joseph Dayo via Flickr

Beaches here attract both local and foreign tourists all year-round, and since their naturally (and not man-made) there, theres no entrance fee or whatsoever needed. Just bring your stuff, find a good spot, and youre solved.

Whether its Christmas, Summer, or just Labor Day, you may spend your time in the following best beaches in the province:

Patar White Beach by Jaya via Flickr

Travel southwest from Bolinaos town proper and come see the famous white-sanded Patar Beach, or the so-called Boracay of the North. Spending time here is not a problem, for you may choose to rent the cottages/nipa huts that are quite far from the coasts, or you may simply find a nice spot and lay out a large cloth, sit directly on the sand, and have your own perfect view of the sea. Sea urchins and puffer fishes, which are expensive delicacies in Japan, are cheap here, since theres an abundant amount of those in here. Scattered amongst the sands are rock formations and coves, and just nearby is the famous Bolinao Lighthouse.

Hundred Islands

Alaminos City of Pangasinan boasts its Hundred Islands, that is a tourist attraction and at the same time a preserved sanctuary. The tourist destination got its name from the number of islands, totaling to 124 during low tide. To get here, you have to travel to the ports and ride a boat for up to 45 minutes at most. You may also talk to the boat driver so you could also go island hopping while on the way to one of the islets. There are very few islands which have been developed for tourism, and the rest, such as the islet with a rock formation resembling the Virgin Mary, are being protected by the local government.

Cabongaoan Beach by April Delarosa024 Own work. via Wikimedia Commons

If you prefer a more calm vacation on the beach, then Cabongaoan Beach should be on the top of your list. Its relatively less developed compared to most beaches in Pangasinan, and the ride from the town proper to here isnt short. Still, once you get here, it will be all worth it. Its white sand and long shores make it the perfect beach for snorkeling, jogging, or just, unwinding.

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10 Best Beaches in Pangasinan

Keep our beaches beautiful – Video

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Jan 292015

Keep our beaches beautiful
Council works hard to keep its beaches and public spaces clean and clear of rubbish and litter. This is particularly important over the summer months, when u…

By: Waverley Council

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Keep our beaches beautiful – Video

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