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UMS research on islands to help improve security

KOTA KINABALU: A newly set up research centre at Universiti Malaysia is expected to play a role in collecting data, documentation and written or visual information on island populations, in particular the migrants, in the State.

“This will enable the government to come up with solutions to problems besides offering them special identification cards,” said Tourism, Culture and Environment Assistant Minister Datuk Pang Yuk Ming.

He added that it would be the main key for security forces when searching for suspects behind intrusion and kidnapping incidents.

It is envisaged that the Small Islands Research Centre (SIRC) will be capable of assisting in the State’s development especially in terms of security.

“The university through their research in determining the islands’ population census will definitely help to strengthen security across Malaysian waters,” said Pang.

“My suggestion would be that the university can determine the natives and illegal migrants among the people in the islands,” he said.

Pang believed there are communities who had been living in the islands for years and not exposed to any developments therefore, any valid identification documents would not be too important for them.

“All they did was to focus on making ends meet,” he said, adding that most of them do not have any nationality.

According to him, the data collected by the centre will also be used as references to the government in developing the islands and improve the people’s standard of living. “I would like to thank the university for their contribution to the development of our nation and State.

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UMS research on islands to help improve security

Sencond Amendment Rally At State Capitals Across America – in HD
in hd- high definition second amendment rally at state capitals- Guns Across America Pro-Gun Rally – Feb 8th … Help us caption and translate this video on

By: Pak Doobleeh

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Sencond Amendment Rally At State Capitals Across America – in HD – Video

Bitcoin, its state in larger cycle – UPDATE from EW perspective
It is almost 4 months (link to last Hangout recording – Bitcoin – Its State in larger Cycle ) since we discussed the Bitcoin's price action at the time in larger cycle. Many have continue…

By: Susie Curtis

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Bitcoin, its state in larger cycle – UPDATE from EW perspective – Video

Sartaz Aziz, NSA, Pakistan speaks to Headlines Today: Exclusive
Here is the current National Security Advisor to Pakistan, speaking to Rahul Kanwal from New York. He discusses the state of the diplomatic relations between Pakistan and India, in the given…

By: Headlines Today

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Sartaz Aziz, NSA, Pakistan speaks to Headlines Today: Exclusive – Video

Sep 292014

Bitcoin Trade 180
In this episode I introduce Bitcoin, digital crypto currency independent form Government and State backing and control, a new technology that allows easy flo…

By: James Bond

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Bitcoin Trade 180 – Video

Texas has long prided itself on its Open Beaches Act, which guarantees public access to beaches along most of the states 367-mile Gulf Coast.

But public beach advocates say a recent Texas Supreme Court decision which is supported by the front-runner in the race to be the state’s next land commissioner and a growing property rights movement could endanger that guarantee. They fear that as beaches face impacts from coastal erosion, rising sea levels and the threat of powerful storms, private property rights could take precedence over access to public beach access.

We have two rock-solid principles: public access to public beaches, and the right of private owners to exclude others from the property which is theirs, said David Abraham, a law professor at the University of Miami. Theyre always in tension, but if we face issues like sea-level rise and increasingly severe storms, theres going to be less stability in that balance.

For decades, the Open Beaches Act which was voted into the Texas Constitution in 2009 was a signal to coastline property owners that if erosion or a storm wiped out the public beach behind them, their homes could become state property. In the past several years, the General Land Office, the state agency that deals with coastal issues, has taken 18 properties for such reasons, reimbursing owners $50,000 each.

After Hurricane Rita hit Texas in 2005, Carol Severance sued the state after it said her Galveston property was now in the public domain. In 2010, the Texas Supreme Court ruled in her favor, saying the property remained private because the beach had been wiped out through an avulsive event, like a big storm rather than imperceptible coastal erosion.

Public beach advocates say the decision went too far. Rob Nixon, chairman of the Surfrider Foundations South Texas chapter, said it sets up unrestricted development of the coast, which is going to ultimately put the Texas taxpayer and public on the dime for bailing all these people out.

But many private property rights advocates hailed the ruling. Among the supporters is George P. Bush, a Republican widely expected to win the November election to head the General Land Office.

I dont believe that the state should take land in the event of storms, Bush said recently during an event hosted by The Texas Tribune. He added that landowners whose property has been taken were not compensated enough, and that there are many other places along the coast that the public can access without threatening private property interests.

The current land commissioner, Jerry Patterson, who was named in the Severance lawsuit, has excoriated the Severance ruling as weakening public access in a Californication of Texas beaches. As a result of the decision, the General Land Office canceled a $40 million beach nourishment project in Galveston for fear of illegally spending public money on private land.

Patterson said he feared more similar projects would have to be abandoned.

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Debating What's More Sacred: Private Land or Public Beaches

The nationwide advocacy group has a message for the justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Set to air one day before the Supreme Court meets for its first private conference of the new session, a national advocacy group has created an ad that argues that “it’s time” for the high court to establish marriage equality nationwide.

The 30-second spot, produced by advocacy group Freedom to Marry, will first hit airwaves around Washington, D.C., during the Sunday morning talk shows, the group announced. Starting next week, the spot will be broadcast nationally on network television. Focusing on the critical legal protections denied couples in any of the 31 U.S. states without marriage equality, the ad highlights the dissonance between a society that claims to cherish independence and freedom but relegates many of its citizens to second-class status.

“One nation, indivisible except if youre gay,” says a narrator in the ad. “In 19 states, gay couples and their children share in the protections that only the freedom to marry provides. In the others, they are banned from marrying. Theyre taxed unfairly, denied Social Security and parenting rights, and can lose a family home when their loved one dies. Every day of denial means real harms to real families. Its time to end marriage discrimination.”

In a statement released with the video, Evan Wolfson, the founder and executive director of Freedom to Marry, said, “The ad underscores the human costs of prolonging marriage discrimination. Every day of denial is a day of real and needless injury, indignity, and injustice for too many families across the country and time matters. America is ready for the freedom to marry, 40 lower court rulings have affirmed the freedom to marry, even opponents are saying it’s time to bring the country to national resolution and it is, indeed, time.”

Watch the ad here:

When the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court hold their first private conference of this session on Monday, they will have the opportunity to consider reviewing seven marriage equality cases from five states. While the court is under no obligation to take up any of the cases at this conference or any other advocates on both sides of the issue widely expect the court to consider at least one of the cases in the coming year or two.

It is possible that the court could decline to take up any of the cases currently before it, which would have the effect of affirming the so-far-unanimous decisions of lower courts finding statewide bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. If that’s the course taken by the court, marriage equality could be on its way to an estimated 65 million Americans who reside in the states with cases before the court, and those states covered under the jurisdiction of circuit courts of appeal.

While it is impossible to predict the actions that might be taken by the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently made headlines for her assessment that “there is no need for us to rush” to issue a definitive ruling, pointing the nearly unanimous decisions by lower courts finding marriage bans unconstitutional.

However, with more than 80 cases challenging statewide marriage bans in every U.S. state and territory without marriage equality, it’s entirely possible that federal courts will eventually disagree with one another on the issue. In fact, earlier this month, a federal district judge in Louisiana bucked the national trend and upheld the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, claiming it was rationally related to the state’s “legitimate interest” in “linking children to an intact family formed by their two biological parents.

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WATCH: Freedom to Marry Tells Supreme Court 'It's Time'

Sep 272014

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren claims The Old Dunsborough shark net had big holes in it. Photo: Lynn MacLaren

The Premier has announced a new shark net will be installed on a Busselton beach and more West Australian beaches are being considered for shark barriers.

Premier Colin Barnett made the announcement while in Busselton on Friday.

The Premier also announced that aerial patrols would begin eight weeks earlier than usual for the South West region.


Mr Barnett said the State Government would provide Surf Life Saving WA with an additional $650,000 in this year to extend aerial patrols to cover the school holiday period beginning this Saturday, weekends and public holidays, before daily patrols start over the summer period, starting November 24.

The move follows the Environmental Protection Authority’s rejection of the state government’s proposal to use drum lines for the next three summers.

The government had planned to continue the kill zone policy where baited hooks on drum lines were set one kilometre from shore on selected WA beaches.

Any great white, bull or tiger shark longer than three metres wa shot dead as part of the program designed to reduce the risk of shark attacks. It was promptedby seven deaths as a result of shark attacks in WA over three years.

Following the EPA’s rejection of the drum lines plan Mr Barnett ruled out using drum lines this summer, but said he was still considering other methods to keep beach-goers safe.

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Shark nets for WA beaches

Take education: A child spends thirteen to twenty-five years trained to find out what is being asked and then providing the questioner, upon tacit authoritative demand, with what is being asked all the way up to the Ph.D. level, people who then believe they are thinking for themselves instead of being told what to think as much as any cult member, this cult masked by its vast ubiquity. This makes a society much easier to run and, more to the point, much more profitable for a system designed (founded in the exclusion of, as a rule of cult-like social convention, the living basis of native human biology, cognition and psychology, a true Motherland protecting the cosmic dimensions of a mother’s womb, breast and humanity and that of her child from any perverse insinuations, however “beneficial” they claim to be) to profit by from blunted human thought and thus blunted human Life masked by the mere appearance, funded by the Sun God of our own blood, sweat and tears peaking behind countless ideological clouds with whom we self-identify and combat with one another fruitlessly – as per Hegelian dialects or false dichotomies for which we send our children, generation after generation, to fight and die for, or pledge almost their entire annual labour to in the form of seen and unseen levies, taxes, penalties, injections, injunctions and registration fees legislated by their “elected officials” little more than glorified CEOs of companies whose bottom line is profit at all costs (whatever they may say to the public, whether they are conscious of this or not), a goal vastly aided by a society of children educated to believe everything they are told, upon which basis (of “education” or brainwashing) one could as soon understand the World at large as one could understand the opening of the petals of a flower at dawn with absolutely no knowledge of the Sun.

We are taught to find out what is being asked and provide it for decades of education. And, yet, what do we ask of ourselves? What does our native genius and feeling ask of us? What our land, our God and our unborn children?

A child, thus, is born as a sacrifice according to the mythology of birth the merging of occult history (sorcery, science and religious mind control) with “history” or the historicity of human biology and psychology under extreme chemical and radiological duress compounded, from birth, by an generational Tsunami of human brutality and trauma of truly Biblical proportions normalized by social convention in medicine, education and entertainment. A child is rendered, thus, dead upon birth by Roman Law (military Law of any State hospital) or destined to be totally disoriented to space, time and cosmos and “resurrected” or reanimated as a ward of the State appoints a mother and father “legal guardian” or wards upon State marriage and birth registration alike. This is very much a motif in mass colonial Empire (or oligarchy) and the military (as indeed our societies today are military societies reflected by our entertainment thinly-clad sex/hero motifs), that of dehumanization and re-humanization (sold as a “new Man” with “new DNA” for a “new age”, for instance) or a disorientation (death) to Life followed by a re-orientation to a “new Life” as though “born again”. The child’s thought (and any remaining tradition of maintaining the land-based means of proper coordination of native genius and feeling, the proper proportions of brain function with the whole of cosmic Life is sacrificed and, therefore, that of all Mankind as a “living sacrifice”. This what is done to the birth of Man and Man’s native genius and feeling, that maintained with global subconscious tension in a World whose most every scientific and religious “truth” utterly contradictions with the truth of the Soul (thus always needing “new ages” of deception and “ma-stars” degrees in its truly stellar sociological astrology of mass mind control), providing Man the consumer with endless “choices” as to self-medication through food little better than drugs, drugs, medicines and pleasures of travel, entertainment and intellectual “mastery” of scientific and religious dogma as free thinking as any cult, though these masked, as I said, by their sheer popular ubiquity – Newton was an “alchemist” first and Einstein’s equations were called by arguably the smartest Man of the twentieth century, Nicola Tesla, as little better than thirteenth century alchemy, Tesla maintaining the last vestige of the aetheric substance itself crosses the boundary (and still does) of celestial mechanics and human psychology, both of which are soundly divorced (divided and conquered as any Bi-bull trained brain) by every University (and kindergarten) on Earth.

All human psychology is deeply imbedded with truly cosmic codes of Life and Knowledge. Systematically blunted human thought and brain function (much less native coordination with feelings from the womb) is much more apt to adopt sufficiently sophisticated codes, images, and motifs perverted from ancient wisdom (we consume food with just as synthetic ingredients fool the brain but not longterm biological or psychological well being) into an ostensibly religious concept one acts or lives out the understanding of regardless of actual congruence with native genius or feeling, much less with living systems (or our children’s actual God-given needs and feelings), and, what’s more, protected with religious passion from any negative effects might serve to illuminate their less than singular positions as dominant modes of psychology or economics – such as making money as an ethic in itself in light of which every other ethic takes its lead effectively if not overtly in ways that betray themselves via the very language (or images) most often employed, most of which play more to either needs no salesman is truly qualified to meet (their qualification vouchsafed simply by their success a getting anyone to give them money / belief) or to needs served by the endless novelty conferred upon any value system with but the most passing congruence with anything like Man’s deepest needs and feelings in a society values psychological dominance as the sign of competence and vice versa as per Imperial “logic” and indoctrination by birth for countless generations.

Janus God Psychology (also called the Hegelian Dialectic – “divide and conquer”, or a false dichotomy****) is about a very sophisticated cult of base human psychology runs through the Bible, one of the foremost cults of which made a deal, the only cult would make a deal with the genocidal Constantine to forge “official Christianity” and its State religion, that of a series of absurd tales the greatest source of atheism and every other religious and scientific absurdity since through a science of pathologically-responsive images and stories we could call modern marketing and info-tainment technology, “aliens” just standing for the Greco-Roman gods of human fate portrayed upon the stage of not so much the World as the human brain, these of the forces of an unseen unelected occult bureaucracy of both “good and evil” and “in the air” like “angels” always just about to “save” us as though parents their infants in direct contravention of the perfection of Man by God. (

Frolic wilt an absent butterfly or tinder mote Of pollen in the dusky air of summer lay the foot Eroded planks an little bridge across a stream a note Resounding every single sound of Heaven was or would An child occupying no great place on Earth could he Or she ascend their native throne no less alone as well Attired by the habits and the pageants of the Earth and of eternity Emerge with every dawn of day the breast an uncreated Self – Emergent God the genius of an Mother Universe In terms ourselves and everybody else on Earth a wick And thicket every briar crag illuminated or Cast in the shadows of the Moon the trails all whom live Coordinated with the bliss of all their being born This Fullness Life beyond compare moves everywhere we roam An spore upon the breadths of Heaven just as perfect and at home.

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Cosmic Heaven: Penny for your Thought

President Recep Tayyip Erdoan Attends NATO Summit of Heads of State and Government 04/05-09-2014
Recep Tayyip Erdoan English Erdogan meets Hollande at the NATO Summit in Wales 04-09-2014 Attending the NATO Summit of Heads of State…

By: Recep Tayyip Erdoan English

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoan Attends NATO Summit of Heads of State and Government 04/05-09-2014 – Video

Jackson State Sonic Boom of the South | Liberty Bowl Stadium Entrance
“Jackson State Sonic Boom of the South | Liberty Bowl Stadium Entrance 2014″ Southern Heritage Classic 2014.

By: TL Media

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Jackson State Sonic Boom of the South | Liberty Bowl Stadium Entrance – Video

The State of Freedom in Canada 2014
Health care, government growth, political correctness and more: Mises Canada's Redmond Weissenberger talks to Tom Woods. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show:…

By: TomWoodsTV

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The State of Freedom in Canada 2014 – Video

Harf. On NATO Rasmussen Comments Russia. 15 Sept 2014 (Ukraine)
Marie Harf, State Department Deputy Spokesperson. U.S. Department of State – Daily Briefing: September.15.2014 NATO DESCRIBES RUSSIA AND ISLAMIC…

By: Swift

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Harf. On NATO Rasmussen Comments Russia. 15 Sept 2014 (Ukraine) – Video

The United States is not doing enough to promote and protect international religious freedom, a panel of advocates warned Congress on Thursday.

Strengthening its religious freedom policies and taking more seriously the position of the ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom are just two issues the Obama administration needs to address, and a good place to start is the State Department, the panel told the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on national security.

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The work of the State Department, though noble, is ad hoc, said Tom Farr, director of the Religious Freedom Project at Georgetown Universitys Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs.

As a consequence, the United States has had no impact on the global rise of religious persecution, Mr. Farr said. I cannot identify a single country under this administration that has advanced religious freedom or reduced religious persecution.

Katrina Lantos Swett, chairwoman of the U.S Commission on International Religious Freedom, said the State Departments bureaucratic culture needs to be addressed, especially considering the impending confirmation of ambassador-at-large nominee Rabbi David Saperstein.

I do think that Rabbi Saperstein will face a challenge of sorts, of confronting the culture at the State Department that has tended to sideline these concerns, Ms. Swett said. I think it is critically important the next ambassador-at-large finds a way to have direct access to the secretary [of state] and to the president.

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Along with giving more voice to the ambassador-at-large, she recommended the administration direct high-ranking officials to speak out on the importance of religious freedom, expand training on international religious freedom for State Department workers, and take more interest and care in designating nations as countries of particular concern, or CPC.

When you have societies that repress, oppress, you create a seabed for extremism, for violence ultimately for the export of terrorism, Ms. Swett said. We need it to become a priority at the State Department, at the administration, at Congress.

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U.S. pushed to protect global religious freedom

Sep 192014

South West beach the worst

Plastic is endangering marine and birdlife along South West beaches, according to a report from the CSIRO released this week.

The research into the amount of litter on beaches around Australia pinpointed a South West beach as the worst in the State for the amount of rubbish collected on it.

Researchers from the CSIRO visited 170 sites and did 575 surveys around the country to measure the amount and type of litter.

CSIRO scientist Denise Hardesty said the litter problem typically became worse, when compared to population density, on stretches that had few people living nearby.

Beaches, like Bunburys Back Beach, were often cared for by members of the community who used it regularly, Dr Hardesty said.

The worst beach in the State for litter was Ellensbrook Beach near Margaret River and the best was 80 Mile Beach in Broome.

Dr Hardesty said people liked to think the litter was washing onto shores from other countries, but the reality was most of it originated in Australia.

She said the biggest issue they saw was from plastics and fishing gear.

Soft plastics like bags were often eaten by animals such as turtles, whales and dolphins and the same animals also became entangled in fishing lines and nets.

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South West beach the worst

Penn State YAF Tables In A 'Free Speech Zone'
Penn State YAF Chapter took to a designated “free speech zone” on campus to hand out constitutions on Constitution Day. They also were informing students of the ridiculous speech code policies…


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Penn State YAF Tables In A ‘Free Speech Zone’ – Video

NEARLY everyone lives by their smartphone these days, including U.S. Supreme Court justices. In Riley v. California, the nations highest court recently acknowledged this, finding all citizens have a Fourth Amendment right of privacy in their cellphones. The often-divided court was unanimous.

Before the Riley decision, lower courts were split on whether it was necessary to obtain a warrant before searching a suspects cellphone. Justice John Roberts definitively settled the dispute: Get a warrant.

The federal and Washington state constitutions are often tested in the context of criminal activity, but the ramifications of this ruling are weighty and will send ripples well beyond criminal suspects. The Riley decision speaks to the privacy rights of all in the digital age, including public employees.

Washington states Constitution provides citizens broader privacy rights than the Fourth Amendment, and the state Supreme Court has been ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court on this issue.

The Riley ruling will help decrease harassment of public employees by prison inmates and others who attempt to use Washington states Public Records Act to violate the privacy rights of teachers, firefighters, police officers, prosecutors and other public servants.

Pierce County and other government entities have been sued by requesters who wrongly claim the Public Records Act is a license to search the personal phones of public servants to determine if there have been work-related conversations or if personal phones were used during work hours. This far-fetched and shortsighted theory violates the privacy of public servants, their families, friends, and everyone who contacts them.

Such lawsuits against Pierce County have been twice dismissed by Superior Court judges, though the issues are continuing to wind through the courts. The Superior Court agreed that personal phone records and text messages are not public records and are protected by both the Washington and U.S. constitutions.

Public servants and other law-abiding citizens do not have fewer rights than criminals.

Some argue public servants could hide behind the state or federal constitution and somehow create shadow governments, and therefore they should give up their constitutional rights. Imagine, teachers could be forced to turn over their personal phones to be searched for public records because they might have talked or texted with a students parent. This is a good premise for a dystopian movie, but a bad law for a free society, and fortunately this is not the law in the United States or in Washington state.

Our federal Supreme Court has specifically held that public employees do not give up their constitutional rights by working for the public. Public employees make sacrifices to serve our communities, but they do not sacrifice their constitutional rights. Like private-sector employees, public-sector employees have a free-speech right to talk about their work and a constitutional right to privacy as well. Private landlines, which do not create public records, did not result in shadow governments and neither will personal cellphones.

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Guest: Why the privacy of a public employees cellphone matters

Bitcoin Brands Inc today announced that it expects to offer bitcoin sales via ATMs in the State of New Hampshire.

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Bitcoin Brands to Expand ATM Roll Out to New Hampshire

Panaji, Sep 16 (PTI): Goa Government today launched a campaign to make the State’s beaches, which attract millions of tourists from all over India and abroad, free of garbage within a year.

Private contractors given the job to clean-up the seasides dotting Goa have started the work on a daily basis.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar launched ‘clean Goa beautiful Goa’ campaign, which will see several hundred personnel working to restore the natural charm of the shorelines.

“All the beaches would be garbage-free within a year.

By December 19 this year, almost 90-95 per cent of the garbage will disappear from the beaches,” said Parrikar.

The Government has given the task to two private agencies, who will lift garbage manually for a few months before shifting to mechanised cleaning.

Parrikar said the contract is for five years and would be renewed annually. Monitoring committees have been formed to certify the cleanliness on the beaches.

“The bills of the contractors will be cleared only after the committee is satisfied with their work.”

State Director of Tourism Ameya Abhyankar said the cleanliness drive would be stepped up during the festive season.

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Goa's beaches to be garbage-free within a year, says CM

Meetings of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs
Press conference given by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry after the meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

By: otv102

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Meetings of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs – Video

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