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Free Speech VS Influencing of Terrorism and What Government Need to do; Lecture 101
I understand about indecision But I don't care if I get behind People li vin' in competition All I want is to have my peace of mind. New word? Governmentism? lol!! Hey I.M.F, want to know…

By: BAD illuminati!:

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Free Speech VS Influencing of Terrorism and What Government Need to do; Lecture 101 – Video

The Five Defends Maher from Intolerant Berkeley Students: Anti-Free Speech
In this video the YouTube Video Editor ( is) I create. Bill Maher's invitation to speak at Berkeley invited outcry from students over his supposedly bigoted…

By: Maher Anna news

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The Five Defends Maher from Intolerant Berkeley Students: Anti-Free Speech – Video

Oct 292014

Feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian apparently feels that her First Amendment rights were infringed upon after she pulled out of a speaking engagement due to threats. Her rights weren’t infringed upon; she chose to waive them by refusing to speak.

Furthermore, the Bill of Rights limits government infringement on individual liberties, not infringement by other individuals (in case you were wondering, the more legally interesting case would have occurred if USU had cancelled her speech because of the death threats).

Despite all this, why on earth would Ms. Sarkeesian think that the answer to a perceived threat to her First Amendment right is to violate the Second Amendment rights of others?

Jacob Brown

South Jordan

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Letter: Waiving rights

Ahead of a special Newseum Institute event with Spiked magazines Free Speech NOW!, Nick Gillespie of Reason argues for the importance of press freedom in an interview with the magazine.

Gillespie, who will speak at Press Freedom in the 21st century Nov. 5 at the Newseum (RSVP here), defends press freedom on the grounds that all speech should be free. People have a right to free expression, and they have a right to free speech and free assembly. And that is what undergirds our press freedom. The press should have no rights that the average citizen does not have.

Gillespie has no time for those who blame the media for brainwashing people. Liberals will say Fox News, or Faux News as they call it, is programming people and inflaming passions among Tea Party wingnuts who bring their guns to church and shoot people on the way home from church before they watch the football. On the flipside, right-wingers will say that places like CNN stand for the Clinton News Network, or they used to in the 1990s. Or theyll say that NPR is a state-funded bastion of liberal and left-wing ideology.

So there is a common widespread transpartisan complaint, Gillespie continues, that the other side did not win whatever position they have fairly, but that they did it through mass brainwashing. And I guess, for me, the big takeaway is that the whole idea that the culture industry and the media brainwashes people is not only offensive its also deeply, deeply wrong and dismissive of the way that people actually make decisions about their politics and their ideology and about their everyday life.

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Press Freedom in the 21st Century

Papantonio: Republican Budget Cuts Are Breeding Corruption
This segment originally aired on the October 19th, 2014 episode of Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV. Republicans have tried to bring about the Age of Austerity they want to cut the…

By: Ring of Fire Radio

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Papantonio: Republican Budget Cuts Are Breeding Corruption – Video

“Disabled Comments” Freedom of Speech Narcissist
Bad volume , but you get the Idea Toshiba Cam for sale.

By: Rick Wonder NatureDude

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"Disabled Comments" Freedom of Speech Narcissist – Video


Universiti Malaya Academic Staff Association (PKAUM) views with great concern the recent developments surrounding Persatuan Mahasiswa Universiti Malayas (PMUM) event of October 27, 40 tahun dari UM ke penjara, featuring UM alumnus Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

PKAUM affirms that Universiti Malaya, our place of work, learning, research and intellectual exchange, and a public university of a country aspiring for democratic maturity, must safeguard academic freedom and freedom of speech.

We urge Universiti Malaya to provide a safe environment for tonights 40 tahun dari UM ke penjara, as UM has done for recent peaceful public assemblies by students as well as staff.

Universities must be safe havens for our youth to explore ideas and ideals, and to express their thoughts and sentiments. The only prohibitions should be on hate speech, defamation, violence, and other legal infringements, for which general laws are adequate.

Anwar is, of course, the leader of the federal opposition and his speech will assuredly touch on social and political matters. But how is this so bad for the university?

UMs administration claims before the event that it will tarnish the image of the university. As thinking members of UMs academic body, we do not see any basis for this fear.

PKAUM rejects the unwarranted labelling of this event as illegal and disapproves the threat of expulsion and penalties against PMUM president Fahmi Zainol.

Let us be mature, and let us nurture the maturity of our students, by encouraging diversity of ideas and opinions, instead of constricting exposure.

If anything critical is said of the university or the Malaysian government, the response should be to safeguard the same space to other parties. In fact, we are glad that two Umno political figures, Pulai MP Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed and Global Movement of Moderates CEO Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, participated in a student event on UM campus a few weeks ago.

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UM must guarantee academic freedom and freedom of speech

Theresa May Seeks NWO Powers Against “Hate Speech” (Redsilverj) Free speech is under attack… The new measures will be targeted at people and groups who “stay just within the law but spread poisonous hatred”, she…

By: TeamWakeEmUP

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Theresa May Seeks NWO Powers Against "Hate Speech" (Redsilverj) – Video

Celebrating 15 Years of Protecting Free Speech on Campus
In 2014, FIRE is celebrating its 15th anniversary. This video reflects on FIRE's vital impact during that time: the students it has defended from overzealous administrators, the professors…

By: TheFIREorg

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Celebrating 15 Years of Protecting Free Speech on Campus – Video

Opinion-Ville: Free Speech Pwned
1. Jason is in the slammer and Fundie looks weird 2. Intimate Questions 3. Oswald's Shout Outs 4. More things you could have done ***************************************** Support my felt…

By: dgeypscun .

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Opinion-Ville: Free Speech Pwned – Video

(Show #1803) Freedom Friday
Privacy, Free Speech, Liberty and Justice!

By: AmericasThirdParty

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(Show #1803) Freedom Friday – Video

Japans Hate Debate: To Crush Free Speech or Protect Racism?
Osaka Mayor, Tru Hashimoto, got in a shouting match with Makoto Sakurai, the head of a group called Zaitokukai, over the topic of HATE SPEECH! Koichi asks the question: is it better to stifle…

By: Tofugu

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Japans Hate Debate: To Crush Free Speech or Protect Racism? – Video

Can you ever like your mental illness? – Free Speech – BBC Three
Programme website: Recorded live in Springfield University Hospital in south London: Tony Blair's former Director of…

By: BBC Three

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Can you ever like your mental illness? – Free Speech – BBC Three – Video

The University of California, Berkeley, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movementthis fall, but some students arent happy having an outspoken free-speech advocate on campus. Following news Tuesday that Bill Maher has been tapped to deliver the keynote address at UC Berkeleys graduation in December, critics of the liberal, antireligious rabble-rouser launched a petition this week demanding that the school reconsider.

Bill Maher is a blatant bigot and racist who has no respect for the values UC Berkeley students and administration stand for, wrote the petitioner, identified on as Khwaja Ahmed of Irvine. In a time where climate is a priority for all on campus, we cannot invite an individual who himself perpetuates a dangerous learning environment.

The petition follows a much-debated segment on HBOs Real Time With Bill Maher, in which the host sparred with Gone Girl actor Ben Affleck over radical Islam, arguing that fundamentalist views are commonly held in Muslim communities, not the exception as Affleck asserted.

Maher, an avowed atheist, made the 2008 movie “Religulous” and often criticizes organized religion on the late-night program, but this segment went particularly viral, attracting more than 1.2 million views on YouTube, and dominating cable news panels earlier this month. In the clip, Maher said liberals should stand up for principles like free speech, but not everyone bought his argument.

As of Friday morning, the petition on has attracted more than 700 signatures, with many commenters identifying themselves as current and former students of Berkeley and other UC schools. As an alumni I cant let the future generation of Cal Bears be tainted by false information, ignorance, and racist views, one person wrote.

A press rep for Berkeley did not immediately respond to a request to comment. The schools official newspaper, the Daily Californian, announced Tuesday that Maher will speak at the schools graduation ceremony on Dec. 20.

The campus is the site of the Free Speech Movement, a historic student protest that began in 1964. On the 50th anniversary of that event, some free-speech advocates have been calling on the school to further loosen policies that regulate campus speech.

Read the full petition here.

Got a news tip? Email Christopher Zara here. Follow him on Twitter @christopherzara.

Bill Maher At UC Berkeley? No Way Say Some Students Following Radical Islam Debate

On October 1, Free Speech day in California, former National Security Agency subcontractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden sent the following message to veterans of Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement. It was read aloud on the Savio Steps by FSM vet Jack Radey during a rally marking the 50th anniversary of the day students surrounded a police car to prevent the arrest of a political activist who had been tabling for the Congress of Racial Equality.

Thank you for inviting me to speak to you today, as we recognize the 50th Anniversary of the Free Speech Movement.

Berkeley’s unparalleled traditions of student activism and community engagement have been both a challenge and in inspiration to human rights movements worldwide. They compel us to imagine the world that we want to live in and to stand up for itand they show us that with vision and persistence, we can change the world. I am honored to join with you today to celebrate that tradition.

The threats to free expression in the United States and around the world today are vast and complex. In order to better understand and combat these new threats, we must look back on the great victories of the Free Speech Movement and its part in the people’s movements that created checks on government power at that time.

Many of these checks, unfortunately, have now been almost completely eroded. The extraordinary mass surveillance and censorship capabilities and unprecedented government secrecy require us, once again, to take urgent action to preserve our free societies.

This is the challenge of our generation.

While new technologies have introduced extraordinary opportunities for free expression and communication around the globe, governments have, in secret, worked against these forces to reengineer these new capabilities as tools of mass surveillance and oppression.

Surveillance, without regard to the rule of law or our basic human dignity, creates societies that fear free expression and dissent, the very values that have made America strong. When we know we’re being watched, we impose restraints on our behavioreven clearly innocent activitiesjust as surely as if we were ordered to do so.

On this campus in 1964, Mario Savio said, “There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part.” Over the past fifteen months, people around the world have spoken out and continue to stand up against the forces of censorship and surveillance. Together, we will restore the public’s seat at the table of government.

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Exclusive to The Planet: Edward Snowden's Message to Berkeley On the 50th Anniversary of the Free Speech Movement

LOGAN, Utah Should Utah College campuses be gun free zones? Thats what some educators are demanding after a high-profile feminist canceled her speech at Utah State University because of violent threats made against her.

Hundreds of USU faculty members co-signed a letter asking the President of Utah State University to keep guns off campus. President Stan Albrecht said the university has to follow state law, and state law is that anyone with a permit can carry a concealed weapon on college campuses.

I got an email, a university email, and it is from one of my colleagues, and it is a request to sign the letter, and in that email it was explained why campus needs to be gun free, says Taira Koybaeva, a Professor of Global Communication at USU about the letter sent to USU President Albrecht.

It says in part, The cancellation of her talk [referring to Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist who is vocal about women's sexualization in the gaming industry] provides a clear example of how free speech is threatened because we dont have a gun free campus.

It goes on to say, We urge you to take this opportunity to make our campus gun free, assuring our words remain free.

About 200 faculty members co-signed the letter. Koybaeva did not.

I chose not to sign, she said. A lot of my colleagues did. I opposed.

President Albrecht wrote back to the faculty letter, saying in part, Whatever our personal feelings and preferences, as a campus we are obligated to follow state statute.

Tim Vitale, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at USU, said a meeting followed the exchange of letters.

After sending the response to faculty members, they contacted each other and decided to sit down for a face to face meeting, the president met with faculty members, Vitale said.

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Utah State University faculty members sign letter supporting a gun-free campus

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” Speech- APUSH
Marissa Millard, Hayley Russo, Kendall Holbrook and Thalia Luna.

By: Noah McCormick

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" Speech- APUSH – Video

Matt Lewis on Religious Liberty and Free Speech
Discussion about the Houston pastor's.

By: Matt Lewis

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Matt Lewis on Religious Liberty and Free Speech – Video

Free Speech Free Mind (Mixla / Dj Munja Instrumental)
OSS Presents #newmusicmondays Free Spech Free Mind by Shankz0.

By: Original Signature Sounds

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Free Speech Free Mind (Mixla / Dj Munja Instrumental) – Video

Oct 222014

Ring of Fire 10/19/14
This week on Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV: Michael Burg explains how austerity measures are leading to an increase in the amount of government waste and corporate fraud. Howard Nations…

By: freespeechtv

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Ring of Fire 10/19/14 – Video

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