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Pursuing Freedom and Democracy: Lessons from the Fall of the Berlin Wall
On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Two years later, the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War came to an end. At stake during this war, which encompassed almost every nation, was…

By: The Heritage Foundation

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Pursuing Freedom and Democracy: Lessons from the Fall of the Berlin Wall – Video

An-72 (NATO reporting name Coaler) after a landing goes to the hangar as the big car.
The Antonov An-72 (NATO reporting name Coaler) is a Soviet transport aircraft, developed by Antonov. It was designed as a STOL transport and intended as a replacement for the Antonov An-26,…

By: RayUfo

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An-72 (NATO reporting name Coaler) after a landing goes to the hangar as the big car. – Video

Oct 182014

By Pyotr Romanov

Published: October 15, 2014 (Issue # 1833)

It became clear just how much thesubject ofNATO is asore spot forRussian society when new NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg was quoted ina recent interview onPolish television as saying that NATO would base its forces wherever we want.

Moscow immediately responded byreminding theWest that such apolicy would violate agreements between NATO andRussia prompting Brussels tohurriedly issue acorrection, claiming that thePolish translator had misquoted Stoltenberg.

Ofcourse, mistakes happen, but considering that Russian-Polish relations have been far fromideal forcenturies, it is entirely possible that thetranslator heard exactly what Warsaw wanted tohear.

Nor does Moscows frustrated andangry response come as any surprise: Russia is convinced that theWest broke its promise that NATO would refrain fromexpanding intoEastern Europe inexchange forthe reunification ofGermany. True, that pledge was never set down ina legally binding document, but thefeeling remains that Russia was betrayed.

TheRussian mentality also plays arole here because legal documents do not hold thesame sway inthis country as they do inthe West. Even with all thecorruption that exists, asolemn promise carries more weight formany Russians than does anotarized document.

Andfinally, it is clear why Brussels rushed toissue thecorrection: Relations have already deteriorated intoa new Cold War without adding this problem as well.

Andyet, thesituation is adouble edged sword: It helps NATO find anew purpose following thecollapse ofthe Soviet Union, andit provides justification fora Russian military buildup. But other than themilitary-industrial complexes ofboth sides, who really stands togain froma new arms race?

Obviously, Russian politicians, generals andadmirals take whatever stance toward NATO their jobs demand.

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What Russians Think About NATO

KGB, torture and Soviet terror: why Latvia worries about todays Russia (NATO Review)
In this moving video, NATO Review looks inside the KGB prison where Latvians were locked up, tortured or killed. We hear how today's leading Latvians were affected by Soviet occupation. And…


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KGB, torture and Soviet terror: why Latvia worries about todays Russia (NATO Review) – Video

History of SECRET SOCIETIES! Knights Templar, Illuminati, Assassins, Freemasons…
Were the Illuminati behind the former Soviet Union and their secret service KGB? This documentary has put forward some very interesting proof to suggest that that was the case. Was the Vatican…


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History of SECRET SOCIETIES! Knights Templar, Illuminati, Assassins, Freemasons… – Video

File Photo: Jens Stoltenberg (AFP Photo)

The former Norwegian prime minister — the first NATO secretary general from a country bordering Russia — is known for his good relations with President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

During his decade in power, the two countries signed milestone agreements on the delineation of their frontier in the Barents Sea and on visa exemptions for their border populations.

An economist by training, the former Labour Party head has never shown any particular fondness for defence or security matters.

But his experience has left him with a strong international network and honed his skills as a cross-border negotiator, both of which could prove essential.

The 55-year-old will take office on Wednesday, at a moment in history when NATO’s face-off with Russia over Ukraine has sparked tensions not seen since the collapse of the Soviet bloc.

“It’s very hard to anticipate how he will behave in this position regarding his rather positive past with Moscow,” said Vivien Pertusot at the French Institute of International Relations in Brussels.

“He’s been extremely silent these last months, since his appointment became public. Will he follow the firm steps of (his Danish predecessor Anders Fogh) Rasmussen or will he try to become a soothing mediator?”

Despite unrest in several countries of interest to NATO, including Ukraine, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan, Stoltenberg has remained tight-lipped.

The only hint he has given as to his stance was when he told Norwegian news agency NTB on September 23 that “continuing as before (with Russia) is not an option”.

New NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg Brings Russia Ties to Job

BRUSSELS (AP) When Anders Fogh Rasmussen took over at NATO, the alliance was struggling to contain a growing insurgency in Afghanistan, and some predicted it would soon follow its Cold War foe, the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact, into the dustbin of history.

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NATO's outgoing chief: 'We cut fat, built muscle"

Japan plans to lodge an official protest with Russia over the visit by a senior official to an island claimed by both nations, adding to tensions that have prevented a summit between the leaders of the two countries.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters today in Tokyo that the visit to the island, called Iturup in Russian and Etorofu in Japanese, by Sergei Ivanov, head of the Russian presidential administration, was extremely regrettable.

While Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed on a phone call last week to continue talks at events such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Beijing in November, Putins planned visit to Japan this autumn has yet to materialize. Japans backing of Group of Seven sanctions on Russia over its Ukraine policy has hurt Abes push for closer ties.

Ivanovs visit comes six weeks after Russia held military exercises in the Kuril islands, known as the Northern Territories in Japan. The drills were absolutely unacceptable, Japans Foreign Ministry said at the time.

Russia opened a new airport on the island visited by Ivanov on Sept. 22, according to the ITAR-Tass news agency. The island is one of four near Japans northernmost main island of Hokkaido at the center of a disagreement with Russia since the Soviet Union took them over at the end of World War II.

Abe had been working to resolve the Cold War-era territorial differences and expand the supply of Russian energy to Japan. He is the first Japanese leader in a decade to make an official visit to Russia, and has met Putin five times, including a trip to the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony that was shunned by U.S. President Barack Obama.

Differences over the islands proved the stumbling block to Japan and the Soviet Union signing a permanent peace treaty after negotiations in 1956. At the time, the two sides signed a joint declaration reestablishing diplomatic relations and agreed to continue talks on the islands.

To contact the reporter on this story: Maiko Takahashi in Tokyo at

To contact the editors responsible for this story: Andrew Davis at Andy Sharp

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Japan to Protest Russian Officials Visit to Disputed Islands

'NATO expansion to Georgia was a real mistake' – ex German Amb to NATO
Watch the full episode here: The reunification of Germany and the collapse of the Soviet Union ushered in a new paradigm in Europe, one which ultimately sowed the…

By: RT

‘NATO expansion to Georgia was a real mistake’ – ex German Amb to NATO – Video

Liberty City Instructional VHS
It really teaches nothing. The Black Keys – Nova Baby Beethoven – Ave Maria Michael Hunter – Soviet Connection

By: MrMafro

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Liberty City Instructional VHS – Video

Hagel reaffirms U.S. support for Georgia in NATO pursuit
U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel makes a rare visit to the former Soviet republic Georgia to pledge his support for the country's bid to join NATO — a mo…

By: Reuters

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Hagel reaffirms U.S. support for Georgia in NATO pursuit – Video

NATO leaders agreed on Friday to boost the readiness of the alliance to meet fresh security threats highlighted by the Ukraine crisis and reaffirmed their commitment to collective defence. A new rapid reaction force is aimed at helping the military alliance, which was set up in 1949 to protect Western Europe from the Soviet Union, meet new threats and maintain a "continuous" presence in Eastern …

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NATO boosts readiness to meet new security threats

20140402 Lithuania NATO begins two days air force drill with US, Germany and Sweden
BACKGROUND In 2012, Putin announced the world that he's working on the establishment of a union of federations as response on former Soviet states who filed a membership to the EU. Many…

By: Russian Ukraine Security Threat Monitoring

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20140402 Lithuania NATO begins two days air force drill with US, Germany and Sweden – Video

The Soviet Spy Exposed by the NSA, Part Two
Former CIA officer Mark A. Bradley discusses Soviet spy Duncan Lee in his book, “A Very Principled Boy.” Lee, a Soviet spy in the Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner of the CIA), has…

By: USA Survival

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The Soviet Spy Exposed by the NSA, Part Two – Video

RUSSIA VS NATO: Crazy Russian Rockets wins!
Videos from Russia Today Music: Soviet March command conquer Red Alert 3.

By: Rasputin kalaschnikov

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RUSSIA VS NATO: Crazy Russian Rockets wins! – Video

In Soviet Russia, Drug Consumes YOU! – Freedom Feens Podcast 104
FREEDOM FEENS Podcast — Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi's fun 'n' feisty weekly chat about Constitutional, libertarian, volunt. FREEDOM FEENS Podcast — Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi's…

By: Michael Bear

In Soviet Russia, Drug Consumes YOU! – Freedom Feens Podcast 104 – Video

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin attends a televised meeting with regional media in St. Petersburg, Russia, April 24, 2014. Reuters/Michael Klimentyev/RIA Novosti/Kremlin

WASHINGTON — After two decades of trying to build a partnership with Russia, the NATO alliance now feels compelled to start treating Moscow as an adversary, the second-ranking official of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said Thursday.

“Clearly the Russians have declared NATO as an adversary, so we have to begin to view Russia no longer as a partner but as more of an adversary than a partner,” said Alexander Vershbow, the deputy secretary-general of NATO.

Play Video

The president of Ukraine said his country’s armed forces are on full alert for a possible Russian attack. Norah O’Donnell reports on how pro-Russ…

“In central Europe, clearly we have two different visions of what European security should be like,” Vershbow, a former U.S. diplomat and former Pentagon official, said. “We still would defend the sovereignty and freedom of choice of Russia’s neighbors, and Russia clearly is trying to re-impose hegemony and limit their sovereignty under the guise of a defense of the Russian world.”

In April, NATO suspended all “practical civilian and military cooperation” with Russia, although Russia has maintained its diplomatic mission to NATO, which was established in 1998.

Vershbow said NATO, created 65 years ago as a bulwark against the former Soviet Union, is considering new defensive measures aimed at deterring Russia from any aggression against NATO members along its border, such as the Baltic states that were once part of the Soviet Union, Vershbow said.

“We want to be sure that we can come to the aid of these countries if there were any, even indirect, threat very quickly before any facts on the ground can be established,” he said.

To do that, NATO members will have to shorten the response time of its forces, he said.

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Russia now an adversary, NATO official says

Harry Cooper – Hitler Eva Braun Lived Out Their Days In Argentina Radio Liberty 2.24.14
We are all taught that the Red Army surrounded Berlin and that, faced with capture by the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun (Hitler) comm…

By: Morph314

Harry Cooper – Hitler & Eva Braun Lived Out Their Days In Argentina Radio Liberty 2.24.14 – Video

(Read More: UK’s ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher Dies of Stroke)

Margaret Thatcher, who governed the U.K. from 1979 to 1990, fought socialism in England and unyieldingly promoted the free-market views of Nobelists Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek. She stopped the destructive British labor unions dead in their tracks. With every bone in her body she attempted to limit government by lowering spending and taxation. She opted for big-bang financial deregulation. And she put London back on the map as a world banking center.

“Freedom” was always her watchword.

She also adored former President Ronald Reagan. And the two of them formed an extraordinary partnership for freedom and free markets. Working together, they helped bring down the Soviet communist system. And it was a peaceful bring-down at that.

(Read More: Margaret Thatcher’s Greatest Moments)

Thatcher saw Gorbachev first, and she reported to Reagan, “We can do business with him.” Reagan did, although he refused to back down on SDI. And as the American economy roared in response to Reagan’s own free-market supply-side policies, the Soviets were out-produced and eventually folded.

Thatcher famously said, “The trouble with socialists is that they always run out of other people’s money.” That dictum really stands the test of time, doesn’t it? Running out of other people’s money? Today?

The age of big government has once again, at least temporarily, reared its ugly head. It’s a great battle for all the economies around the world. That’s one of many reasons why we will miss Margaret Thatcher. She did not go wobbly.

By CNBC’s Larry Kudlow; Follow him on Twitter @larry_kudlow

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Kudlow: Margaret Thatcher, Freedom and Free Markets

By Anthony Bond

PUBLISHED: 17:42 EST, 19 February 2013 | UPDATED: 07:43 EST, 20 February 2013

With sandy beaches, clear blue water and palm trees, this looks like a spectacular and luxurious sun-kissed resort.

Holidaymakers can be seen relaxing in swimming shorts and bikinis. Even the occasional flamingo can be spotted.

But not everything is as it seems at Tropical Islands.

Scroll down for video

Luxury: With sandy beaches, clear blue water and palm trees, this looks like a spectacular sun-kissed resort

Fun: Despite appearances, not everything is as it seems at Tropical Islands

Odd: The ‘resort’ is actually located on the site of a former Soviet military air base in Krausnick, Germany

The ‘resort’ is actually located on the site of a former Soviet military air base in Krausnick, Germany.

See original here:
Incredible pictures show luxury Tropical Islands resort inside enormous German hanger surrounded by SNOW

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