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South Florida Events & Restaurants –

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Jun 192016

The parade and street festival drew tens of thousands of people in honor of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 on Saturday, June 18.

Cena Modern Italian Restaurant recently started a happy hour from Tuesday to Thursday, just in time for summer.

The self-professed seasonal, sustainable and locally sourced restaurant is now in Delray Beach.

Scarfone’s Coal Fired Pizza is now Big Rooster’s Southern Table.

Ben Crandell

Pioneering hip-hop trio announces new concerts with release of single ‘Cuba Isla Bella.’

Ben Crandell

Tribute band Brit Floyd does not shy away from iconic art-rock band’s ambitious excesses.

Ben Crandell

Pop-culture icon brings music from No. 1 album ‘The Life of Pablo’ on his first U.S. tour in three years.

Phillip Valys

The top things to do, see and hear in South Florida June 13-19.

‘Children of Hangzhou’ exhibit presents glimpse of Chinese culture through kids’ eyes.

CityWrights offers workshops, panels and sessions in downtown Miami from June 23 to 26.

Sharon Potts’ Miami-set novel ‘Someone Must Die’ exposes a fractured family.

The fifth annual contest is looking for the city’s best comedian, singer, bartender, dessertmaker and drag queen.

Next season will involve teams representing four South Florida cities.

Guide to gambling at Seminole Hard Rock, The Isle, Gulfstream and more

The arithmetic of comedy is not that difficult. If you produce logically linked laughs every five minutes in a feature film you have created a classic. Deliver random chuckles every 10 minutes and your movie is pretty good. Provide the best fun in a pile of outtakes shown in the end credits and…

Hollywood thrillers promise a few hours of escapist adventure. But that pales in comparison to the long and arduous adventure of growing up. In “Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made,” directors Jeremy Coon and Tim Skousen tell the story of a group of boys who spent eight summers…

Starting Sunday, Facets Cinematheque on West Fullerton begins a monthly film series titled “Silent Sundays,” and the first one’s a dooz. I was late in making my first encounter with the 1924 French silent “L’Inhumaine,” a riot of cubist, surrealist and freshly minted art deco influences. At this…

The weirdly touching documentary “De Palma” is catnip for cinephiles, at least those who haven’t written off its subject, filmmaker and eternal provocateur Brian De Palma, decades ago as a hopeless, unrepentant, voyeuristic, Hitchcock-addicted perv. Now 75, De Palma more or less owns up to that…

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South Florida Events & Restaurants –

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Minerva Reefs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Jun 172016

The Minerva Reefs (Tongan: Ongo Teleki), briefly de facto independent in 1972 as the Republic of Minerva, are a group of two submerged atolls located in the Pacific Ocean south of Fiji and Tonga. The reefs were named after the whaleship Minerva, wrecked on what became known as South Minerva after setting out from Sydney in 1829. Many other ships would follow, for example the Strathcona, which was sailing north soon after completion in Auckland in 1914. In both cases most of the crew saved themselves in whaleboats or rafts and reached the Lau Islands in Fiji. Of some other ships, however, no survivors are known.

Both North and South Minerva Reefs are used as anchorages by yachts traveling between New Zealand and Tonga or Fiji. While waiting for favourable weather for the approximately 800-mile (1,300km) passage to New Zealand, excellent scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and clamming can be enjoyed. North Minerva (Tongan: Teleki Tokelau) offers the more protected anchorage, with a single, easily negotiated, west-facing pass that offers access to the large, calm lagoon with extensive sandy areas. South Minerva (Tongan: Teleki Tonga) is in shape similar to an infinity symbol, with its eastern lobe partially open to the ocean on the northern side. Due to the lower reef and large entrance, the anchorage at South Minerva can be rough at high tide if a swell is running. The lagoon also contains numerous coral heads that must be avoided. While presenting an attractive area to wait out harsh weather occurring farther south, the Minerva reefs are not a good place to be when the weather is bad locally. This does not occur often, but it is important to maintain awareness of the situation and put to sea if necessary.

Scuba diving the outside wall drop-offs at the Minerva Reefs is spectacular due to the superb water clarity and extensive coral, fish and other marine life. There are few suspended particles and the visibility is normally in excess of 100 feet (30m) since there is no dry land at high tide. Of particular note are the numerous fan coral formations near the pass at North Minerva and the shark bowl area located by the narrow dinghy pass on the western lobe of South Minerva. The inside of the lagoon at South Minerva is also home to numerous giant clams. Divers at Minerva must be entirely self-sufficient, with their own compressor, and should also be aware that the nearest assistance is a multiple-day boat ride away in Tonga. Due to the vertical drop off and water clarity, divers must watch their depth carefully.

It is not known when the reefs were first discovered but had been marked on charts as “Nicholson’s Shoal” since the late 1820s. Capt H. M. Denham of the HMS Herald surveyed the reefs in 1854 and renamed them after the Australian whaler Minerva which collided with South Minerva Reef on 9 September 1829.[1]

The Republic of Minerva was a micronation consisting of the Minerva Reefs. It was one of the few modern attempts at creating a sovereign micronation on the reclaimed land of an artificial island in 1972. The architect was Las Vegas real estate millionaire and political activist Michael Oliver, who went on to other similar attempts in the following decade. Lithuanian-born Oliver formed a syndicate, the Ocean Life Research Foundation, which allegedly had some $100,000,000 for the project and had offices in New York and London. They anticipated a libertarian society with “no taxation, welfare, subsidies, or any form of economic interventionism.” In addition to tourism and fishing, the economy of the new nation would include light industry and other commerce. According to Glen Raphael, “The chief reason that the Minerva project failed was that the libertarians who were involved did not want to fight for their territory.”[2] According to Reason, Minerva has been “more or less reclaimed by the sea”.[3]

In 1971, barges loaded with sand arrived from Australia, bringing the reef level above the water and allowing construction of a small tower and flag. The Republic of Minerva issued a declaration of independence on 19 January 1972, in letters to neighboring countries and even created their own currency. In February 1972, Morris C. Davis was elected as Provisional President of the Republic of Minerva.

The declaration of independence, however, was greeted with great suspicion by other countries in the area. A conference of the neighboring states (Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Nauru, Samoa, and territory of Cook Islands) met on 24 February 1972 at which Tonga made a claim over the Minerva Reefs and the rest of the states recognized its claim.

On 15 June 1972, the following proclamation was published in a Tongan government gazette:


A Tongan expedition was sent to enforce the claim the following day. It reached North Minerva on 18 June 1972. The Flag of the Tonga was raised on 19 June 1972 on North Minerva and on South Minerva on 21 June 1972.[4]

Tongas claim was recognized by the South Pacific Forum in September 1972. Meanwhile, Provisional President Davis was fired by founder Michael Oliver and the project collapsed in confusion. Nevertheless, Minerva was referred to in O. T. Nelson’s post-apocalyptic children’s novel The Girl Who Owned a City, published in 1975, as an example of an invented utopia that the book’s protagonists could try to emulate.

In 1982, a group of Americans led again by Morris C. Bud Davis tried to occupy the reefs, but were forced off by Tongan troops after three weeks. In recent years several groups have allegedly sought to re-establish Minerva. No known claimant group since 1982 has made any attempt to take possession of the Minerva Reefs.

In 2005, Fiji made it clear that they did not recognize any maritime water claims by Tonga to the Minerva Reefs under the UNCLOS agreements. In November 2005, Fiji lodged a complaint with the International Seabed Authority concerning Tonga’s maritime waters claims surrounding Minerva. Tonga lodged a counter claim, and the Principality of Minerva micronation claimed to have lodged a counter claim. In 2010 the Fijian Navy destroyed navigation lights at the entrance to the lagoon. In late May 2011, they again destroyed navigational equipment installed by Tongans. In early June 2011, two Royal Tongan Navy ships were sent to the reef to replace the equipment, and to reassert Tonga’s claim to the territory. Fijian Navy ships in the vicinity reportedly withdrew as the Tongans approached.[5][6]

In an effort to settle the dispute, the government of Tonga revealed a proposal in early July 2014 to give the Minerva Reefs to Fiji in exchange for the Lau Group of islands.[7] In a statement to the Tonga Daily News, Lands Minister Lord Maafu Tukuiaulahi announced that he would make the proposal to Fiji’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola. Some Tongans have Lauan ancestors and many Lauans have Tongan ancestors; Tonga’s Lands Minister is named after Enele Ma’afu, the Tongan Prince who originally claimed parts of Lau for Tonga.[8]

Area: North Reef diameter about 5.6 kilometres (3.5mi), South Reef diameter of about 4.8 kilometres (3.0mi). Terrain: two (atolls) on dormant volcanic seamounts.

Both Minerva Reefs are about 435 kilometres (270mi) southwest of the Tongatapu Group. The atolls are on a common submarine platform from 549 to 1,097 metres (1,801 to 3,599ft) below the surface of the sea. North Minerva is circular in shape and has a diameter of about 5.6 kilometres (3.5mi). There is a small sand bar around the atoll, awash at high tide, with a small entrance into the flat lagoon with a somewhat deep harbor. South Minerva is parted into The East Reef and the West Reef, both circular with a diameter of about 4.8 kilometres (3.0mi). Around both reefs are two small sandy cays, vegetated by low scrub and some trees[dubious discuss]. Several iron towers and platforms are reported to have stood on the atolls, along with an unused light tower on South Minerva, erected by the Americans during World War II.[citation needed]. Geologically, Minervan Reef is of a limestone base formed from uplifted coral formations elevated by now-dormant volcanic activity.

The climate is basically subtropical with a distinct warm period (DecemberApril), during which the temperatures rise above 32C (90F), and a cooler period (MayNovember), with temperatures rarely rising above 27C (80F). The temperature increases from 23C to 27C (74F to 80F), and the annual rainfall is from 170 to 297 centimeters (67-117 in.) as one moves from Cardea in the south to the more northerly islands closer to the Equator. The mean daily humidity is 80percent.

The Tuaikaepau (‘Slow But Sure’), a Tongan vessel on its way to New Zealand, became famous when it struck the reefs on 7 July 1962. This 15-metre (49ft) wooden vessel was built in 1902 at the same yard as the Strathcona. The crew and passengers survived by living in the remains of a Japanese freighter. There they remained for three months in miserable circumstances and several of them died. Finally Captain Tvita Fifita decided to get help. Without tools, he built a small boat from the wood left over from his ship. With this raft, named Malolelei (‘Good Day’), he and a few of the stronger crew members sailed to Fiji in one week.

Coordinates: 2338S 17854W / 23.633S 178.900W / -23.633; -178.900

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Minerva Reefs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Ascension – Wikitravel

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Jun 172016


Ascension Island is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, just south of the equator, 700 miles northwest of Saint Helena, the United Kingdom territory by which it is administered.

The main settlement and “capital” is Georgetown where the tourist information office is in the Obsidian Hotel (see “Sleep” section).

This barren and uninhabited island was discovered and named by the Portuguese in 1501. The British garrisoned the island in 1815 to prevent a rescue of Napoleon from Saint Helena and it served as a provisioning station for the Royal Navy’s West Africa Squadron on anti-slavery patrol. The island remained under Admiralty control until 1922, when it became a dependency of Saint Helena. During World War II, the UK permitted the US to construct Wideawake airfield on Ascension in support of trans-Atlantic flights to Africa and anti-submarine operations in the South Atlantic. In the 1960s the island became an important space tracking station for the US. In 1982, Ascension was an essential staging area for British forces during the Falklands War, and it remains a critical refuelling point in the air-bridge from the UK to the South Atlantic.

The climate on Ascension Island is subtropical. It is arid and lacking in vegetation until the elevation increases where lush forest and fertile soil exists.

The tourist information office is in the Obsidian Hotel (see Sleep).

All visitors must apply for an entry permit in advance (minimum 14 days). An Entry Permit issued by the Administrator’s office allows a stay of up to 3 months. Passports must be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Ascension, and visitors must also have full medical insurance which will cover the expense of medical evacuation, if needed.

There is no public transport (including taxis) on Ascension. Obsidian offers car rentals from 25/day.

Sport fishing is the main attraction for visitors to Ascension Island. There are also some beaches and ocean swimming in certain coves, such as Comfortless Cove and English Bay. Long Beach, as inviting as it looks, has a very hazardous undertow and is not suitable for sea bathing. However, it is a sheer delight for wildlife fans as this is where sea turtles go to nest. There are a few paths (such as Rupert’s Path) suitable for hiking into the more lush highlands, as well as mountainside lava tubes to explore. The British pastime of letterboxing – hiking to a destination that contains a “letterbox” containing a log book and a rubber stamp pad – is possible here.

Ascension Island features what was at one time reputed to be the world’s worst golf course. Located between the settlements of Two Boats village and Georgetown, the course has 18 holes and the greens are in fact ‘browns’, a reference to the sand and oil mix used to make them. The rest of the course is made up of volcanic ash and rock, which makes for some interesting rounds.

There is some terrific Scuba Diving in the waters surrounding Ascension Island. At present, however, there are only local enthusiasts and no recognized Diving Operation. Some of locals are often willing to take experienced visitors with them

There are Fumaroles and Lava Tunnels to explore (at Command Hill, near the Catholic Grotto)

The grocery store and almost every other business on the island have really odd hours of operation.(the gas station on Tuesdays is open 2-3 in the afternoon) so make sure you write up the times on the first day. The Obsidian Hotel has a nice gift shop with some good books and beach vacation-style t-shirts.

Because everything is imported prices for food are very high on the island. If you get the chance to go out fishing with the locals, you may walk away with a bag of tuna. Sometimes the community hosts a fish fry that is open to everyone.

There are very few places to eat, with odd opening hours

Visitors are accommodated by the Obsidian Group Accommodation and Tourist Services, +247 6246, which maintains a hotel (the Obsidian), two hostels, and two cottages (7 night minimum). Hotel rates range from 45 for a single to 79 for a VIP double. Hostel and cottage rates range from 25-50 per night.

Saint Helena is obviously the only reasonable destination you can visit from Ascension Island. See Get in/By sea

There is limited mobile service on the island, but service may be spotty at best. [1] (Numbers starting with 0 or 5 have been reserved for future services).

The country code for Ascension is 247 and the population is too small to need area or trunk STD codes. The International Prefix is 00. Subscriber numbers are typically 4 digits long and start with a 2 for the US Base, 3 for Travellers Hill or Airhead, 4 for Two Boats and a 6 or 7 for Georgetown.

There is a Wi-Fi hotspot in Obsidian Hotel’s lobby and patio for 10/day. The Post Office in Georgetown offers a vast array of Philatelic items for sale from the three islands of St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha. Airmail is possible, thanks to the airfield.WikiPedia:Ascension Island

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Ascension – Wikitravel

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Minerva Reef Directions | Island Cruising Association

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Jun 132016

Minerva sailing directions South Pacific voyagers, particularly those bound from Tonga or Fiji for largely cyclone-free New Zealand, should keep North and South Minerva Reef in mind for a possible storm refuge, rest stop, adventure destination, or at the very least as a potential hazard to navigation. These two atolls also represent an opportunity to see tropical Indo-Pacific sea life in a nearly undisturbed condition. Weather windows The best times to visit the Minervas are either northbound during the late Southern Hemisphere fall near the end of May/ early June or southbound during the late spring in October. Arriving too early (northbound) or too late (southbound) invites exposure to severe weather conditions. Depart New Zealand for the voyage north right behind an outgoing low, not in the middle of a high, and embark from the Minervas southward just as the leading edge of a preferably mild high reaches the area.

Information sources British Admiralty Chart 985, Mi nerva Reefs.: accurately depicts both atolls and includes a close-up of the pass into South Minerva useful for orientation. Approximate CPSentrance coordinates, for use in good light in conjunction with the chart and a lookout only, are 230 37.36 S, 178056.11 W (North Minerva) and 23 56.55 S, 179007.60 W (South Minerva). Sailing Directions Planning Guide for the South Pacific Ocean (Publication 122) also contains useful data for a visit to the Minervas. General layout North Minerva Reef is nearly circular, with an approximate diameter of 3.5 nm. Using a proper lookout, one can move around inside the atoll in order to anchor in the greatest protection for the prevailing wind. South Minerva Reef consists of two roughly circular rings of reef joined in the middle, like a number 8 tilted slightly in a northeast-southwest orientation. Only the two-milediameter eastern lagoon is accessible to larger vessels, and anchoring in Herald Bight, outside the pass, is tenable for wind directions lacking a northerly component. Like North Minerva, movement throughout this eastern lagoon for optimal anchoring is possible with a vigilant lookout. We noted a narrow pass on the northern rim of the western lagoon not shown on the chart, potentially navigable for centerboarders and dinghies. Good holding ground is prevalent inside both Minervas, and both feature slightly

bumpy conditions at higher tides in normal weather conditions. Gear A fully stocked medical kit, manuals, and training; good longdistance communication capability, such as single-sideband or ham radio or an Inmarsat transceiver; and survival fishing and watermaking equipment are all critical for a trip to the Minervas. Fishing and diving gear will greatly enhance your pleasure and dinner menu. Specifically, bring medium to heavy trolling gear for offshore fishing, 10- and 20-poundclass spinning rods for lagoon fishing, wetsuits for diving and snorkeling in the cool water, thick dive boots or other protective footwear for reef walking, and a Hawaiian sling and lobster snare. Jurisdiction The Minerva Reefs were ceded to Tonga in 1972 and ratified by the South Pacific Forum the same year. In 2010 Fiji disputed the Tongan ownership and placed gunboats at North Minerva to try and force their claim. The claim is currently under dispute.

Obviously,you will have either cleared customs out of Tonga or not yet checked in when you visit. The Minervas, however, have been long considered a stopover between countries, certainly in severe weather or for vessel repairs. Nevertheless, go easy on the seafood harvest, never taking more than you can consume in a short time, and do not disturb giant clams, sea turtles, or other threatened creatures. A visit from a Tongan patrol boat should not, under these conditions, be cause for concern.

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Minerva Reef Directions | Island Cruising Association

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South Carolina Beaches – South Carolina Lakes – SC Parks

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Jun 052016

Walk the shores of a secluded barrier island; launch your boat in deep, crystal-clear South Carolina lakes; visit the state’s only lighthouse open to the public on South Carolina beaches; canoe down winding blackwater rivers – for family fun, romantic destinations and outdoor adventure, South Carolina beaches,lakes andrivers offer unmatched opportunities for your favorite water activities.

Remote islands rich in Native American history and oceanfront parks with miles of white sand beaches, fishing piers and picnic areas – South Carolina State Parks offer some of the best public access beaches on the coast. Beach parks include freshwater lagoons, saltmarshes, maritime forests, a 3,000 year-old Indian shell mound, a lighthouse, a castle and one of the best birding sites along the East Coast.

South Carolina boating, fishing and scuba diving destinations in our lakes and rivers are world-class. The natural mountain lakes and vast man made reservoirs of the state park system create an amazing collection of 23 scenic lake parks. Boat ramps, campgrounds, cabins, meeting facilities, hiking trails, natural wonders and cultural treasures are just a few of the attractions youll find around these South Carolina lakes.

From fast running mountain rivers to the longest winding blackwater river in the nation, the scenic rivers of South Carolina offer great fishing, kayaking and canoeing adventures. Twelve scenic state parks are located in the best natural beauty South Carolina has to offer along the rivers of the Palmetto State.

If you love the water, you wont find a better day-trip or vacation destination than the beautiful South Carolina beaches, lakes and rivers in our state parks.

Excerpt from:
South Carolina Beaches – South Carolina Lakes – SC Parks

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Southern California Beaches | Best Vacation Spots

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May 292016

Whether you are considering a California Beach Vacation or just an outing, you will find that Southern California Beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In Los Angeles County, from Leo Carrillo Beach in the North to Redondo Beach in the South, you will enjoy surf, sand, and sunny weather.

There are also plenty of opportunities for water activities, sight-seeing, shopping, dining, and people watching. Keep your eyes open and you just might spot some of the many famous celebrities who make California beaches their home, or come to shop, dine, and enjoy the beautiful weather along the coastline.

From Santa Monica to Redondo Beach is about a 17 mile ride on a scenic stretch of smooth concrete beach path with a few bike lanes along the way.

The communities listed below are popular hotspots for locals and tourists alike. Although this is officially part of the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, this is a multi use trail shared by pedestrians, rollerbladers, joggers, runners, skaters, cyclists, dogs, seagulls, and anything else that loves the beach. You might find it handy to have a bell on your bike.

These popular beach hot spots are top choices for event organizers to hold their events.

The Southern California Beaches in the Los Angeles County region begin in North with Leo Carrillo Beach and travel along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway to the South at Redondo Beach. Further South towards the City of Long Beach is San Pedro and Cabrillo Beach.

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Southern California Beaches | Best Vacation Spots

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Augusta Visitor Information | Augusta, GA – Official Website

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May 242016

Where is Augusta?Nestled along the banks of the Savannah River, Augusta is the second largest and oldest city in Georgia. Located in the east central section of the state, Augusta is approximately 150 miles east of Atlanta on Interstate 20. Augusta is also centrally located just two and a half hours from the beach and the mountains.

Experience the Culture and History of the South When planning a visit to Augusta, you’ll want to come early and stay late. Take time to discover the historic charm of the classic South with its tree-lined streets and majestic antebellum mansions. There are dozens of shops and restaurants, cultural, and historic attractions in Augusta.

Augusta Recreation and ParksYear round, Augusta is the place to be for recreation. With an average temperature of 62.7 degrees, we hope you will make the most of our many parks and recreational facilities. Make time for an afternoon of golf, tennis, fishing, boating, or just enjoying the great outdoors. View Recreation and Parks.

Riverwalk AugustaYou’ll also want to take time to visit Riverwalk Augusta, offering pedestrian access to the Savannah River from a public plaza and focusing attention on one of Augusta’s most beautiful and unique assets. View the Riverwalk / Augusta Commons Calendar of Events.

Augusta Area AttractionsCheck out our other resources section for more info on Augusta area attractions.

Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau For help planning your trip to the Augusta, contact the Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Augusta PhotographyMany photos for this website areprovided by the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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Augusta Visitor Information | Augusta, GA – Official Website

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Naples Beaches

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May 182016

LOWDERMILK PARK/BEACH Banyan Blvd. and Gulf Shore Blvd. Phone: 239-213-3029 Facilities Include: Parking, restrooms, showers, pavilion, picnic tables and concessions.

NAPLES BEACHES From Gordon Pass on the south to Seagate Drive on the North. Facilities: Over 10 miles of sandy beach. Naples Fishing Pier is at the west end off 12th Avenue S., extending 1,000 feet into the Gulf – Great for fishing or watching sunsets. Metered parking, bait, snack bar, restrooms, outdoor showers.

VANDERBILT BEACH Starting in North Naples at Vanderbilt Drive on the South, to Delnor Wiggins State Park at the North. Phone: 239-597-6196 Facilities include: Freshwater Showers, lifeguards, grills, picnic tables, boat ramp, observation tower, restrooms, bath house. Additional Public Parking in lot next to the Ritz Carlton.

DELNOR-WIGGINS PASS STATE RECREATION AREA/BEACH 11100 Gulf Shore Drive, N., Naples Phone: 239-597-6196 Hours: 8 am – Sunset Daily Facilities include: Five parking areas, picnic tables, BBQ’s, boardwalks, showers, bathhouses, picnic pavilion, observation tower, boat-launching ramp, swimming, boating and fishing, restrooms

LELY BAREFOOT BEACH South off Bonita Beach Road, North Naples Facilities include: Showers, restrooms, snack bar, fishing ramps, picnic tables, fishing gear rental.

Also See State and National Parks/Reserves/Sanctuaries

Naples Parks

See the article here:
Naples Beaches

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A Guide to Beaches in the Milwaukee Area

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May 082016

A view from Miwaukee’s South Shore Park. Image by Carrie Trousil

By Carrie Trousil

Updated November 25, 2014.

Milwaukee is located on the west side of Lake Michigan, and where water meets land one will often find a beach. Warm weather brings the people of Brew City flocking to the lakefront hubs of Bradford and McKinley beach, but there are other great beaches dotting our shoreline to the north and south as well. But be warned! Taking a dip in Lake Michigan is nothing like sliding into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, or diving into a heated pool. Be prepared for a “refreshing” experience — especially if you decide to take the Polar Bear Plunge in the middle of winter.

It’s always a good idea to check the water quality at any beach before taking a dip. Check out the WDNR’S Beach Advisories for Great Lakes Beaches website for up-to-date beach water quality monitoring data.

Atwater Beach Where: East Capitol and North Lake Drive, Shorewood Atwater Beach is a north shore beach located in Shorewood that can offer a relatively uncrowded visit.

Atwater recently underwent a concentrated clean-up effort.

Bender Park Where: 4503 E. Ryan Rd., Oak Creek Bender Park is a far southside lakefront gem featuring a safe harbor, boat launch and beach.

Big Bay Park Where: 5000 N. Lake Dr., Whitefish Bay Another nice beach tucked away in Whitefish Bay, Big Bay Park is not recommended for swimming, but is great for soaking in some sun on a hot day.

Bradford Beach Where: 2400 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr., Milwaukee When it’s hot in Milwaukee, the masses flock to Bradford Beach. After undergoing a massive clean-up and concerted efforts by local non-profits, businesses and the County Parks to bring entertainment to this lakeside gem, Bradford Beach is experiencing a renaissance.

Doctors Park / Tietjen Beach Where: 1870 E. Fox Ln., Fox Point Nearly 50 acres set on the bluffs north of Milwaukee, Doctors Park is a great place to work off some calories on the hills before you head down to the beach.

Grant Park Beach Where: 100 S. Hawthorne Ave., South Milwaukee Grant Park Beach is located in Grant Park (surprise!) in South Milwaukee. Hike the Seven Bridges Trail of Grant Park then hit the cold water of Lake Michigan.

Klode Park Where: 5900 N. Lake Dr., Whitefish Bay Located north of downtown Milwaukee in Whitefish Bay, Klode Park offer an uncrowded beach on which to lay a towel in hot weather.

McKinley Beach Where: 1750 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr., Milwaukee You’ll find McKinley Beach south of Bradford Beach on the lakefront. Located on the same stretch of Lincoln Memorial Drive, both are popular warm-weather hang-out spots.

South Shore / Bay View Park Beach Where: 2900 S. Superior St., Milwaukee Located in Bay View, south of downtown, South Shore park is a gem of a park with a sandy beach offering beautiful views of South Shore Yacht Club.

Read the rest here:
A Guide to Beaches in the Milwaukee Area

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Top Nude Beaches : Beaches : Travel Channel

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Apr 182016

1. Little Beach


Mr Boz, flickr

Just north of Miami lies one of the few county-run and government-sanctioned clothing-optional beaches in the United States. For years Haulover Beach has been a haven for naturists from South Florida as well as snowbirds from Canada and Europe. Thanks to the efforts of the South Florida Free Beach Association, this beach has certified lifeguards and organized group activities, such as swimming and volleyball.


Andrew Herdy, Wikimedia Creative Commons

Johann Vanbeek, Wikimedia Creative Commons

Raguy, Wikimedia Creative Commons

MsNina, flickr

Named for a hulking, wrecked vessel that once sat on the sand, Wreck Beach was Canada’s first government-sanctioned, clothing-optional beach. The 3-mile-long beach is also a wildlife and nesting area for bald eagles. Still, some sections of the beach assume carnival-like atmosphere thanks to its proximity to the University of British Columbia and its popularity with students. One stretch of sand known as Vendors’ Row is a 1-stop shop for souvenirs, refreshments and ever-important sunscreen.

Tomash Devenishek, flickr

SORTIR, Wikimedia Creative Commons

xitraveler, flickr

Brian Fisk, flickr

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Top Nude Beaches : Beaches : Travel Channel

Texas Beaches and Oceanside Attractions

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Feb 232016

Texas Beach. Rob Stinnett/rstinnett/ Creative Commons License

Updated November 04, 2015.

Texas is known for a lot of things. However, many people overlooked the excellent beaches that are located along the Texas coast. With over 600 miles of shoreline, there is no shortage of sand for beachgoers. Here is a list of some of the top spots to spend day at the beach in Texas.

Corpus Christi/Padre Island National Seashore The mainland portion of Corpus Christi is metropolitan. However, cross the causeway to Padre Island and the urban feel begins to fade.

As you head south on Park Road 22 down Padre Island National Seashore, the modern world disappears.

Galveston Island Galveston Island offers many beach-going options. Inside the city of Galveston, the seawall and adjacent sand strip is popular among visitors, as are Stewart Beach and East Beach. Further down the island, Galveston State Park and West Beach are favorite sandy hangouts.

After a day of surf, sand and sun, head to the Strand to shop or visit one of Galvestons many excellent eateries.

Mustang Island/Port Aransas This quaint, central coast beach is located at the northern-most end of Padre Island. The ferry ride across to Port Aransas is a great way to leave the real world behind and begin your vacation. Things only get better as you visit Port As many shops and restaurants or stake out a secluded stretch of sand on Mustang Island.

Sea Rim State Park A mix of marsh and beach, Sea Rim State Park isnt a typical beach destination. However, this state park, which is located just south of Beaumont/Port Arthur is a nature-lovers delight. Bird-watchers and beach-goers often co-exist on this stretch of sand, which is the northern-most beach in Texas.

South Padre Island The most pristine beach in Texas is also the most difficult to get to. Located scant miles above the Mexican border, the South Padre surf is often a Caribbean-like clear/green as it laps against the grainy white sand. Across the Brazos Santiago Pass is isolated Boca Chica Beach.

During your off-beach hours, try SPIs sizzling nightlife, excellent restaurants and variety of curio shops. Other options include heading across the bridge to historic Port Isabel or across the border to Matamoros, Mexico.

Keep in mind, these are but a few of the beaches available in Texas. They are listed above in alphabetical order, not by any sort of rating, since they each have such diverse characteristics. But rest assured, whatever type of beach you have in mind can be found in Texas. And, again, Texas beaches are open year around, meaning there is no end to beachy fun for dedicated beachgoers.

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Texas Beaches and Oceanside Attractions

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Rhode Island Beaches: 2014 Guide to the Best Beaches in RI

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Jan 252016

Your guide to the RI shoreline

Want to find out more about Rhode Island beaches? This guide is for you. It includes all the details youll need to plan a day at any of the public ocean beaches in Rhode Island.

The guide also includes information about some smaller shoreline beaches that arent on the ocean.

To make it easier for you to navigate this guide, Ive divided the beaches by region: Newport County, South County, Block Island, West Bay and East Bay.

Look at the map below to see where each region is, then scroll down for more details…

Because this guide to Rhode Island beaches has details about nearly 40 beaches, I’ve divided the information by region.

Just click on each region to go to a page about all the beaches in that area.

Newport County: Newport County is home to smaller beaches in Jamestown, Portsmouth, Little Compton and Tiverton, as well as the larger, more popular beaches in Middletown and Newport.

Read more about the 13 Rhode Island beaches in Newport County.

South County: If you want to visit Rhode Islands larger state beaches, head to South County. The region has beaches with boardwalks and family-friendly attractionsbeaches with great surfas well as beaches with calm water if thats your preference.

Read more about 14 South County beaches.

Block Island: If you decide to visit one of Block Islands beaches, getting there on the Block Island Ferry is part of the fun! Its a great idea for a day tripor plan ahead to spend the night at one of the islands hotels or B&Bs (advance reservations highly recommended during the busy summer season).

Read more about the best six beaches on Block Island.

West Bay: Warwick is home to three RI beaches in the West Bay region. These small, saltwater beaches are located in local parks and neighborhoods. Dont expect great swimming, but if youre in the area and want to relax by the water, check out these three West Bay beaches.

East Bay: The East Bay region of Rhode Island is home to the quaint towns of Barrington, Bristol and Warren. If youre spending the day sightseeing nearby, end your day with a stop at one of these town beaches. A great water view and a little sand beneath your feet is the perfect way to end the day!

Read more about the three Rhode Island beaches in the East Bay region.

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Rhode Island Beaches: 2014 Guide to the Best Beaches in RI

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Kentucky Beaches, Barkley, Lake Cumberland, Cave Run, Barren …

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Jan 192016

MAIN Beaches US Kentucky Beaches It’s more than bourbon and bluegrass. In Kentucky, there’s lots more to beat the heat during the summer season — at start parks, lake resorts, and national recreational areas.

At left, the natural beauty of Land Between The Lakes is surrounded by Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, and offers endless opportunities for water sports and activities, or just lazing the summer days away.

Whether you’re interested in fishing, pleasure boating, water skiing, wake boarding, or just going for a swim, Kentucky’s got it covered ….

Have fun!

DID YOU KNOW? Kentucky lake beach fun facts:

Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake combined make up about 4,000 miles of Kentucky shoreline.

Despite its name, Rough River provides a perfect place for swimming at a family-friendly beach where gentle waves wash the shore during the height of the summer season.

In Eastern Kentucky, Carr Creek State Park features the longest beach of any state park in Kentucky..

also see -> Kentucky campgrounds | Kentucky tourist attractions

More about Kentucky beaches and lakes around the Web:

– The USA Today guide with a list of top lake beaches including a description of amenities, nearby attractions, and related resources.

Barren River Lake State Resort – Check out the public beach, marina, campgrounds and more with location and contact info, maps, pictures, and links to nearby attractions.

Lake Cumberland Vacation – The online visitors guide with info on recreational activities and current events calendar, lodging and camping facilities, detailed maps, pictures, e-cards and wallpapers.

Cave Run Lake – With emphasis on their reputation as muskie fishing capital of the South, this guide offers information on swimming, hiking and camping, including a photo gallery, video clips, maps, driving directions and related links to Kentucky recreational activities.

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Kentucky Beaches, Barkley, Lake Cumberland, Cave Run, Barren …

Beaches on Cape Cod

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Jan 182016

Cape Cods beaches are considered among the best in the world, especially those along the Cape Cod National Seashore, a 40-mile stretch of unspoiled sandy beach in Outer Cape Cod. With 559.6 miles of unspoiled coastline, Cape Cod offers many beautiful sandy beaches for you to enjoy.

Cape Cod tests all public bathing beach waters. Monitoring results from previous seasons indicate exceptional water quality on Cape Cod, and the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches are part of the Blue Wave Campaign for quality. FInd additional beach water quality information here.

Listed below are just some of thepristine Cape Cod beaches in our area!

BARNSTABLE Covell Beach, Craigville Beach Road, Centerville Dowses Beach, E. Bay Road, Osterville Kalmus Beach, Ocean St., Hyannis Long Beach, Long Beach Road, Centerville Loop Beach, Ocean View Avenue, Cotuit Sandy Neck Beach, Sandy Neck Road, West Barnstable Sea Street (Keyes), Ocean Ave., Hyannis Veterans Beach, Ocean St., Hyannis Craigville Beach, Craigville Beach Road, Centerville

BOURNE Monument Beach, off Shore Road Scusset Beach, off Sagamore Rotary via Scusset Beach Road Town Beach, Buttermilk Bay off Rte. 28 and Head of the Bay Road Sagamore Beach, Standish Road

BREWSTER Breakwater Beach, Breakwater Beach Road Crosby Landing Beach, Crosby Lane Ellis Landing Beach, Ellis Landing Beach Robbins Hill Beach, Long Road Sheep Pond Beach, Fisherman’s Landing Road Paine’s Creek Beach, Paine’s Creek Road

CHATHAM Cockle Cove Beach, Cockle Cove Road off Rte. 28 Hardings Beach, Barn Hill Rd., from Rte. 28 North Beach, southern end of Nauset Beach on Atlantic Ocean (only accessible by boat) Ridgevale Beach, Ridgevale Road off Rte. 28 Chatham Light Beach or South Beach, Shore Road by Chatham Light

DENNIS Chapin Memorial Beach, Chapin Beach Road Cold Storage Beach, Cold Storage Road Corporation Beach, off Rte. 6A to Corporation Road Howes Beach, Howes Street West Dennis Beach, West Dennis Beach Road Mayflower Beach, off Rte. 6A to Bayview Rd. to Dunes Road

EASTHAM Coast Guard Beach, off Rte. 6, Coast Guard Beach Road First Encounter Beach, Samoset Road Coast Guard Beach, off Rte. 6, Coast Guard Beach Road

FALMOUTH Menauhant Beach, off Rte. 28 and Central Avenue, E. Falmouth Surf Drive Beach, on Surf Drive Road, off Main & Shore Streets Old Silver Beach, off Rte. 28A and Quaker Road, N. Falmouth

HARWICH Red River Beach, off Depot Rd. or Uncle Venies Rd. from Rte 28 Pleasant Road Beach, Pleasant Road

MASHPEE South Cape Beach State Park, Great Oak Road

ORLEANS Nauset Light Beach, located off Rte. 6 and Beach Road Skaket Beach, located off Rte 6A and Skaket Beach Road

PROVINCETOWN Harbor Beach, off Commercial Street; no parking facilities Long Point Beach (can be reached by foot or boat) Race Point Beach, off Rte. 6, Race Point Road Herring Cove Beach, end of Rte. 6

SANDWICH Town Neck Beach, off Town Neck Road and Rte. 6A Sandy Neck Beach, off Rte. 6A on the Barnstable/Sandwich town line

TRURO Ballston Beach, Rte. 6 to North Pamet Road Corn Hill Beach, Corn Hill Road on Cape Cod Bay Head of the Meadow Beach, off Rte. 6, Head of the Meadow Road Corn Hill Beach, Corn Hill Road on Cape Cod Bay

WELLFLEET Cahoon Hollow Beach, off Rte. 6 Marconi Beach, off Rte. 6; boardwalk and dramatic dunes Mayo Beach, Kendrick Street White Crest beach, off Rte. 6

YARMOUTH Bass Hole or Grays Beach, off Center Street from Rte. 6A Sea Gull Beach, off South Sea Ave. from Rte. 28 Sea View Beach, South Shore Drive Bass River/Smugglers Beach, South Shore Drive

Beaches on Cape Cod

Tropical Islands – Best Tropical Islands – List of …

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Oct 182015

Tropical islands are a dream among travelers every winter, as fires are lit and the snow falls. A getaway to the beach has long been a survival tactic for those who endure long winters. The best tropical islands offer not only an escape from the cold, but also great value. Whether you decide to lounge on the beach in the Caribbean, take advantage of an all inclusive package in Hawaii, or splurge on a trip to the South Pacific, spending time on the beach will leave you rejuvenated to face the winter again. The first place to begin your research is with a list of tropical islands.

Tropical islands are known for their sugary white beaches, warm surf, and relaxed atmosphere. These islands extend from the Caribbean to the Atlantic to the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Some travelers dont expect a list of tropical islands to be lengthy, but in reality, you will have a great variety to choose from. You will find turquoise waters from the islands of Hawaii to Seychelles in the Indian Ocean to Fiji in the South Pacific. Other factors can help you narrow down your choices to find the best tropical islands for your desires.

In the Caribbean, some of the most popular tropical islands among vacationers are the Bahamas and Jamaica. These classic vacation destinations are known for their great beaches and resorts, as well as the abundance of all inclusive vacation packages that can be tailored to fit luxury vacations and budget travel, depending on where you choose to stay. Paradise Island and Harbour Island, both in the Bahamas, are known for their high-quality beaches and hotels, while Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril Jamaica have been consistently popular for the same reasons. Whether youre planning a honeymoon, a family adventure, or are trying to stick to a budget, all inclusive packages could help your tropical dream come true.

Hawaii is another classic island destination. The islands have been drawing thousands of visitors annually, whether they come to hike in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island or appreciate the romantic atmosphere and scenery on the island of Maui. Like many island destinations, Hawaii has accommodations options for an array of budgets, and for both families and couples, so its worth doing your research to find out what might be the perfect fit for you.

Some travelers think that the best tropical islands are the farthest away. If youre planning the exotic trip of a lifetime, extend your search beyond the Caribbean. The South Pacific is home to Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa, and more islands that deliver on culture, cuisine, and a serene environment. In Tahiti, for instance, one of the most popular ways to relax on a trip to Bora Bora or Moorea is to stay in one of the overwater bungalows that some resorts offer for rent. These are an amazing option if you want to have a truly unforgettable trip.

To take the path less traveled, look into the resorts on Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. The utter seclusion of beaches such as Anse Lazio and Beau Vallon is what keeps travelers coming back year after year, if luxury travel is in the budget. The villas and resorts here are second to none, so if you can spare the cash for a 5,000-square-foot villa, a trip to Seychelles might be perfect for you.

A list of tropical islands is a good place to start, but savvy travelers know that flexibility is key. Whether you are planning a trip far in advance or are looking for a last minute deal, sometimes price is the best way to determine where youre traveling to. People who follow great deals often discover new locations, resorts, and activities that they wouldnt have considered otherwise. Another great way to experience tropical islands is with a cruise. By choosing a cruise you will have the opportunity to see many tropical islands all during one trip. No matter what your budget is, there is a way to be lounging on a tropical beach this winter.

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Tropical Islands – Best Tropical Islands – List of …

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South Carolina Beaches | Beaches in SC, Best East Coast …

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Oct 022015

Discover why South Carolina beaches are the best family beaches on the East Coast. Whether it’s the iconic Myrtle Beach Grand Strand, the white-sand shores of Hunting Island or the Lowcountry’s Kiawah Island Resort, South Carolina beaches compose a landscape of unmatched beauty. Paradise is closer than you think. Frogmore Stew: The Real Story and the Real Recipe

For a taste of authentic South Carolina on your next beach vacation, stop by any of the local seafood markets along the coastline and make your very own one-pot wonder.Whether you call it Beaufort stew, Frogmore stew or Lowcountry boil, you’ll see why it’s considered a South Carolina classic.

This 3-day Myrtle Beach itinerary includes stops at the Grand Strand’s famous pancake houses, miniature golf courses, water parks and, of course, the beach!

Experience Charleston like you never have before as you hit the waves on Folly Beach, SC. Bring your own surfboard or get some lessons for a wet and wild South Carolina adventure.

Edisto Island’s Botany Bay gives visitors a glimpse into the past. Explore the preserve’s4,600 acres of undevelopedshores to discover what South Carolina would have looked like to the very first settlers here.

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South Carolina Beaches | Beaches in SC, Best East Coast …

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NATO Chief: Too Early to Say If Georgia Joins NATO

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Aug 272015

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on a visit Thursday to Georgia that it is too early to tell whether the former Soviet republic will be invited to take the final step toward NATO membership.

NATO members voted in 2008 to accept Georgia as a member, but since then the South Caucasus nation has denied been entry into the Membership Action Plan, the last condition for membership.

NATO says Georgia must strengthen its institutions, step up justice reforms and fully respect the rule of law before it is accepted into the action plan. Tbilisi, however, claims that NATO is dragging its heels because of the frozen conflict in the breakaway republic of South Ossetia.

Speaking at the opening of a joint NATO-Georgia training center, Stoltenberg said Georgia already has “the necessary tools to continue to move toward membership.”

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said the training facility would “in no way be directed against any of the neighboring countries,” an apparent attempt to assuage Russia’s fears about a NATO presence close to its border. Russia and Georgia fought a five-day war over South Ossetia in 2008.

Moscow reacted angrily to the ceremony in Georgia, saying that the NATO presence would tip the balance in the region.

“We consider this move as a continuation of the provocative policy of the alliance aimed at expanding its geopolitical influence,” Russian Foreign Minister spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters in Moscow. “Placing this NATO military facility in Georgia will become a substantial destabilizing factor for security in the region.”

Nataliya Vasilyeva contributed to this report from Moscow.

NATO Chief: Too Early to Say If Georgia Joins NATO

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Best Jersey Shore Beaches – Beaches –

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May 232015

Plakias Beach, Crete, Greece

On the south coast of Crete, between mountains and the Libyan Sea, lies Plakias, a tiny fishing village whose population swells during the summer months. Popular with backpackers, many of whom come here to stay in the southernmost youth hostel in Europe, Plakias is also a favorite with nudists, who can swim and sunbathe in the buff along the 0.8-mile Plakias Beach. Beyond the nudist strand, Plakias offers several beach options (Ammoudi, Damnoni and Souda), mountain hikes and casual tavernas. Nearby, Mona Preveli, one of the most famous monasteries in Crete, is a worthwhile day trip. 960 1280

On the south coast of Crete, between mountains and the Libyan Sea, lies Plakias, a tiny fishing village whose population swells during the summer months. Popular with backpackers, many of whom come here to stay in the southernmost youth hostel in Europe, Plakias is also a favorite with nudists, who can swim and sunbathe in the buff along the 0.8-mile Plakias Beach. Beyond the nudist strand, Plakias offers several beach options (Ammoudi, Damnoni and Souda), mountain hikes and casual tavernas. Nearby, Mona Preveli, one of the most famous monasteries in Crete, is a worthwhile day trip.

Paul Cowan / iStock / Thinkstock

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Best Jersey Shore Beaches – Beaches –

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Diplomatic row over Falkland Islands heats up – Video

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Apr 132015

Diplomatic row over Falkland Islands heats up
Argentina has threatened legal action against British and US energy companies operating near the Falkland Islands in a growing diplomatic dispute over the territory in the South Atlantic….

By: euronews (in English)

See the article here:
Diplomatic row over Falkland Islands heats up – Video

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Can this coastline be saved? Offshore drilling, what it means for N.C.’s beaches and wetlands – Video

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Apr 122015

Can this coastline be saved? Offshore drilling, what it means for N.C.'s beaches and wetlands
Recently, the U.S. Department of the Interior released a draft five-year plan that would make the Mid- and South Atlantic coasts available to oil and gas leasing starting in 2017. This represents…

By: TheProgressivePulse

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Can this coastline be saved? Offshore drilling, what it means for N.C.’s beaches and wetlands – Video

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Pierre Teilhard De Chardin | Designer Children | Prometheism | Euvolution