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10 best budget vacations for spring

2014 NSA / Louisville Slugger Girl’s Fast Pitch World Series

CLASS A EASTERNJuly 21 27, 2014

10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U

Tyger River

Spartanburg, South Carolina

For more information please contact:

David Butler, Eastern Zone Vice President


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National Softball Association – Official Site

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Early in the year, West Liberty coach Jim Crutchfield remembers overhearing a reporter ask senior guard Cedric Harris if the Hilltoppers were good enough to win an NCAA Division II national championship.

That was in November.

But as far as Crutchfield was concerned, it was too early to talk about titles, even if West Liberty had established itself as a powerhouse, appearing in the Elite Eight the previous three seasons, including two trips to the final four.

“[Harris] was asked after our first conference game, and I turned around and said, ‘Timeout, don’t answer that question,’” Crutchfield said. “Maybe the reporter knew more than I did, but at the time it wasn’t in our thoughts. We have focused only on the day in front of us all season.”

Today, the only day in front of the Hilltoppers is today, when they’ll face No. 20 Central Missouri for the Division II national championship at the Ford Center. Tipoff is at 2 p.m., and the game will be aired nationally on CBS.

Maybe the seventh-ranked Hilltoppers (31-3) didn’t talk about winning a championship each day, but it was in the back of their minds.

Harris, the senior All-America guard who is averaging nearly 18 points for the Hilltoppers, said he and his teammates always believed it was possible to contend for a title.

It was a different story to the outsiders, although it was easy to doubt West Liberty, considering it lost three seniors to graduation, including All-American Alex Falk.

“No one really believed in us,” Harris said. “We have played with a chip on our shoulder, and that has helped us. We believe in each other, and we are all in it for one goal, and that is to win a national championship.”

West Liberty defeated South Carolina-Aiken 86-83 Thursday night to advance to the championship game for the first time in program history. Central Missouri is making its first trip to the title game since 1984 after stunning top-ranked Metro State 71-69 in Thursday’s other semifinal.

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West Liberty plays for national title today

315 Islands Ave Beaufort, South Carolina 29902 MLS# 138193
For more information visit 315 Islands Ave Beaufort South Carolina 29902 MLS# 138193 Beautiful William Pool des…

By: erarealestate8

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315 Islands Ave Beaufort, South Carolina 29902 MLS# 138193 – Video

The contents of the following column are based on real circumstances. Certain elements have been changed to respect the privacy of each site.

Imagine there are two websites. Here are their basic profiles:

Site One is an e-commerce company and website launched in 2013 that sells nutritional supplements, based in Atlanta, Georgia. They sell to anyone in the US and are heavily dependent on PPC and organic search traffic for their revenue. Due to their insanely high monthly PPC spend, they have also been link building since the day the sitelaunched.

They hired a local SEO firm to do their link building which then (secretly) out-sourced the link building work to a third-party company. At first, things were working great. Their site started ranking well in Google for a number of money terms, only to drop and then vanish completely from the top 100.The site received notification of amanual penalty from Google.

A review of the backlink profile of this site shows it does not have a single link from any site in the Atlanta area. It does not have links from any reputable health, fitness or training blogs. It has paid product reviews and hundreds of anchor text forum links, is part of a link network, and is listed in several hundred directories that most of us have never heard of.

Site Two is for a Summer Camp for special-needs kids, also located in Georgia. The camp itself was founded in the 1980s and launched a website in the early 2000s. They, too, hired an SEO firm to help them (a different SEO firm than the one Site One hired), and that SEO firm did the work themselves.

This work included conducting outreach to many kids organizations and businesses in the Atlanta metro area as well as in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, and Alabama, which is where most of their campers come from. Their SEO firm ended up merging with a larger SEO firm, and the camp stopped working with them due to increased cost. The camp then hired the same SEO firm as Site One above. Within six months, Site Two received notification of a manual penalty from Google.

A review of Site Twos backline profile showed paid reviews and hundreds of anchor text forum links. The site was part of a blog link network and was listed in several hundred directories that most of us have never heard of.

However, Site Two had something else. From the work done by the first SEO firm, they had links from sites such as the Down SyndromeAssociationofAtlanta, Atlanta Parent,Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta,Autism Speaks, Chattanooga Parent Magazines special needs camps directory, and at least 50-75 more links similar in theme and credibility to the ones I just mentioned.

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When The Best SEO Move Is To Kill The Site

Jake: Guns and bars or restaurants just don’t mix

Guns are a tricky thing to me. On one hand, I am someone who certainly believes in the Second Amendment. On the other hand, I dont think the Second Amendment as it is written is built for the age of guns and violence we live in.

Lately, guns have made the news more than they should. Over the past month alone, there have been more than five different shooting incidents on college campuses, city malls and plain, ol everyday neighborhoods. Five. Thats a huge number and one that needs to be addressed by us as citizens where we continue to allow such things to happen with a frequency that rivals the number of football games played by one team in a month.

When something terrible happens once, we should look at it closely. If it happens a second time, we should re-evaluate the way we monitor and disavow what has happened. But when something awful involving guns happens five times in a month, there is a much bigger issue than the Second Amendment. At that point, its our responsibility to put aside personal feelings and come up with a solution to a problem that grows bigger by the day.

The stuff that has been happening is scary and I feel like it can only get worse with a new piece of legislation that is on Gov. Nikki Haleys desk. The governor has, in her possession, a law that would make it OK for people to carry a concealed weapon into bars and restaurants in South Carolina.

Now, those same businesses can put a sign up on their door that reads no weapons allowed, but it doesnt change the fact that such a decision shouldnt be placed on a business owner but with the government that has been elected and appointed to protect the citizens of the city, the state and the country that we live in.

Ive worked in the bar industry, and Ive seen some pretty unsavory characters walk through the door. Some have been the nicest people youd ever meet and others have been royal jerks from the kingdom of Jerklandia, but never at any time did I worry that the possible jerk could pull out a gun and do myself and the customers bodily harm. Not once. That was my peace of mind. It came from the fact that no one ever pulled a gun on me in any bar, no one ever threatened me with a gun and I never saw a gun in anyones possession while at said bar or restaurant.

Now, its possible that will happen. Now, I know of four people alone who said they will carry a gun into the first restaurant or bar they visit after this bill passes (and its expected to). I dont understand it. I dont understand why someone thinks they will be able to stop someone with a gun with a gun of their own. Could it happen? I guess. But the odds are so wildly low that there is no reason to tempt fate by upping those odds of a shooting because you want to act like Billy Bada$$ whose gun will be pried from his cold, dead hands.

I hope the bars and restaurants will realize how silly this is, put up the sign and never speak of it again. But what topic involving guns ever has been decided that way. Id wager not too many.

Michael: As usual, caution must be exercised

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Water Cooler Wars: Guns in South Carolina bars and restaurants

Drawing from his comprehensive, star-studded course at The Citadel, Mallory Factor, the New York Times bestselling author of Shadowbosses, brings together a fascinating and diverse range of essays from leading figures and activists which explore and illuminate the conservative intellectual tradition in American politics. The Big Tent offers a panoramic portrait of the intellectual history of the conservative movement. Some of the leading lights of the Right offer an unparalleled introduction to conservative figures and ideas, from the Revolution to William F. Buckley; Barry Goldwater to the Reagan Revolution; Libertarianism to the War on Terror.

Mallory Factor is the John C. West Professor of International Politics and American Government at The Citadel and is a FOX News contributor. He is the co-founder and co-chair of The New York Meeting, a nationally-recognized gathering of elected officials, journalists, business leaders and conservative authors in New York City. He is also the co-founder and chair of a similar meeting in Charleston, South Carolina. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, he served as Vice-Chair of the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force on Terrorism Financing. He previously served as chairman of the Free Enterprise Fund, a free market “do” tank advocating economic growth, lower taxes and limited government, and brought the Constitutional challenge to the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board to the Supreme Court.

Mallory FactorEditor

Director, Lectures & Seminars Read More

Big Tent: The Story of the Conservative Revolution As Told by the Thinkers and Doers Who Made It Happen

Feb 032014

south carolina beaches
edisto beach south carolina beaches near georgia charleston south carolina beaches south carolina beaches in december south carolina beaches real estate.

By: levent onur

south carolina beaches – Video

300FPS] Seo Hee Kyung slow motion Driver S
Rare valuble golf? balls? Self-finding golf? ball? Who invented golf? teeth? Golf? partners in south carolina? Do you ever hit golf? balls? Best mobile golf?…

By: Golf Plus

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300FPS] Seo Hee Kyung slow motion Driver S – Video

Gun advocates, backed by the National Rifle Association and many Republicans, demand a strict adherence to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by allowing them free access to any weapon of their choice, while gun control proponents often motivated by recurring deadly massacres, fret that too many guns are already in circulation and limitations must be imposed on the availability of such deadly firearms.

Caught in the middle are gun manufacturers (mostly small companies that sell a legal product) and millions of gun owners (the overwhelming majority of whom do not commit violent crimes).The debate over guns indeed represents a facet of the so-called culture war that shows no sign of resolution.

Now, changes in the country’s political environment have pushed some gun manufacturers to pack up and move, especially from the northeastern U.S.Over the past year, in the wake of stricter gun control legislation passed by state governments in New York and Connecticut (in response to the horrific mass murder of 26 people, including 20 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in December 2012), several firearms makers have either threatened to relocate to the South or have actually done so.

In October 2013, reported that American Tactical Imports, or ATI, a Rochester, N.Y.-based importer and distributor of domestic firearms became the third New York gun manufacturer to leave the state partially due to Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomos SAFE Act — a piece of gun control legislation enacted in January in response to the Sandy Hook massacre.The SAFE legislation severely limits the sale of assault weapons and this year will track sales of ammunition across the state.In November, ATI packed up and moved 700 miles away to sunnier climes (and a more gun-friendly environment) in Summerville, S.C., just outside Charleston. reported that ATI will bring 117 jobs to South Carolina as well as a new $2.7 million investment in Dorchester County, S.C.Moving to the Palmetto State will also enable ATI to enjoy proximity to key shipping routes (i.e., the busy port of Charleston), facilitating product deliveries, particularly from Germany, from where ATI imports many of its products.

This move to South Carolina will help ensure a solid foundation for our company, said Tony DiChario, president of ATI. The people of South Carolina have welcomed ATI with open arms and we are excited about making our new corporate home there.

Of course, South Carolina also provides strong support for the Second Amendment and welcomes new businesses.

South Carolina is a destination for job-creating investments, gushed Republican Governor Nikki Haley while Bobby Hitt, secretary of South Carolina’s commerce department, said: Our states business-friendly resources and excellent workforce further underscore what makes South Carolina just right for business,”according to

Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, the state affiliate of the NRA, told the Buffalo News that most of ATI’s product line would be banned for sale in New York under terms of the SAFE Act.

ATI believes it is imperative that a firearms importer and manufacturer do business within a state that is friendly to the Second Amendment rights of the people, the company said in a statement.

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Southern Exposure: As Gun Sales Surge, Northeast Manufacturers Fleeing For Dixie

For years, Hilton Head Island has received accolades from travel websites and environmental groups for its expansive and peaceful beaches.

Last year, the island beat out the Sunshine State and others, including Hawaii, in an online contest to determine which has the best beach.

Keeping that beach looking pretty, though, isn’t easy — it requires planning, perseverance and lots of money. The town has spent about $46 million since 1990 to combat and stay ahead of sand erosion, for example.

It also requires community involvement, according to Dan Burger, S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Services director of coastal services.

“Hilton Head Island has a long history and strong reputation for environmental stewardship, and the beaches here are some of the finest in the country,” Burger said. “But even the best beaches need a little extra care.”

More than 40 community leaders, school groups, businesses and representatives from the hospitality industry will gather Tuesday at Marriott’s Barony Beach Club on Hilton Head to push for DHEC’s Adopt-a-Beach program and conduct a beach sweep. They will be joined by officials from the town, the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce and DHEC.

Since 1992, more than 40 organizations have collected between 2,000 and 6,000 pounds of trash annually on South Carolina beaches — and DHEC estimates about 12 tons of debris have been collected from state beaches over the past 20 years.

In all, 10 island organizations have collected nearly 800 pounds of debris from Hilton Head beaches over the past five years, Burger said.

“Marine debris is a chronic problem that is often caused unintentionally, and these partners are our front line of defense,” Burger said.

Simply bringing a picnic lunch to the beach can introduce plastic, paper and metal to the environment, he said.

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Hilton Head Island community leaders pitching in for beach sweep

It is not surprising that The University of Kansas faculty supported the right of their fellow professor, David Guth, to say he hopes the children of NRA members will be murdered. Its free speech, after all. Does anyone else notice how liberals come out of the woodwork to support the speech of one of their own, while striving to silence voices of conservatives?

Just this summer, a rodeo clown in Missouri was threatened with federal prosecution for his temerity to don an Obama mask. In typical fashion, the NAACP wanted him charged with a hate crime. He was banned from Missouri rodeos for life, and other rodeo clowns were forced to attend sensitivity classes reminiscent of communist Chinas re-education camps. No one cared when past clowns lampooned Reagan or the Bushes.

If professors truly esteem free speech, then why do the majority of universities have speech codes, specifically aimed to silence conservatives and Christians? There is no academic freedom when students at some universities have been expelled for their refusal to endorse homosexuality. Why have some universities, like the University of South Carolina, allowed meeting space to every group and club, except to Christian groups? Why are terrorists like Kathy Boudin, Howard Machtinger and President Barack Obamas friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn given professorships and allowed to enjoy their freedom of speech and academic freedom yet conservative and Christian students have no such freedoms on campuses throughout America?

We need to see universities for what they are liberal breeding grounds, full of 1960s elitists who generally despise conservatives and seek to weed out those who profess Christ. As liberals, they are the only ones truly deserving of free speech. Wake up, America this is who is educating and indoctrinating our children.


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Letter: Universities should value free speech, not just for liberals

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WPMI) The Natural Resources Defense Council’s annual analysis of water quality and public notification data at coastal beaches once again places two Alabama beaches on the council’s “Superstar Beach” list.

The NRDC has issued start ratings to each of the 200 popular beaches around the country. There were 13 beaches that received the 5 star rating.

“The state of Alabama does the water quality testing. It’s done twice a week and those tests go up to the EPA. From there they dictate the levels of any type of contamination or material in the water,” said City Spokesperson Grant Brown.

Strong testing and safety practices are what get you on the list of “Superstar Beaches.” It’s the second year in a row the Gulf Shores public beach and the Gulf State Park beaches get five stars.

“You feel much more safe when you are here especially if you know what the water quality is. So we know it’s safe and we want to get into the water and swim and have fun with our kids,” said Louise Johnson of Centresville, Alabama.

Reassurance is key. Gulf Shores not only posts water testing on site but online as well, prompting the Natural Resource Defense Council, an independent environmental group to give our local beaches the high water quality rating.

“The kids like the water because it’s fun and it’s just something great to do on a summers day,” said Morgan Edwards of South Carolina.

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Alabama Beaches Receive 5-Star Rating

Roy Costner IV Rips up Speech, Recites Lord's Prayer at Liberty High School
Megyn Kelly Reports – 6/6/13 – (Washingtontimes) A South Carolina valedictorian garnered wild applause after he ripped up his pre-approved speech and deliver…

By: MichaelSavage4Prez

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Roy Costner IV Rips up Speech, Recites Lord’s Prayer at Liberty High School – Video

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — First-year South Carolina coach Chad Holbrook felt an increased energy in the Gamecocks dugout at the NCAA tournament’s Columbia Regional that he hadn’t seen all year.

”I got kind of mad, to be honest with you,” Holbrook said. ”We played a lot of important games before this. Why now?”

Because it’s the NCAA tournament. And few teams are better at home in the postseason the past decade than the Gamecocks, who won their 27th straight on their home field Monday in defeating Liberty 6-4 and reaching the best-of-3 super regional round for the fourth straight season.

The streak began in 2002 at defunct Sarge Frye Field with a five-run rally in the ninth to oust baseball power Miami. After 10 additional victories at ”The Sarge,” the success moved over to $36.5 million Carolina Stadium the past four seasons with 16 more victories.

”They’re near impossible to beat here,” Liberty second baseman Bryan Aanderud said.

The Gamecocks (42-18) hope they get a chance to keep that going in the supers. The Columbia Regional champion was matched with the Chapel Hill Regional winner hosted by the tournament’s No. 1 overall seed in North Carolina.

The Tar Heels, though, have a deciding game Monday evening against Florida Atlantic. A win by the Owls would mean more baseball where the Gamecocks like it best – at home. Holbrook saw that up close in 2003 as a North Carolina assistant when the Gamecocks beat the Tar Heels two straight to advance to the College World Series. He got an even better look since leaving his alma mater to join Ray Tanner’s staff in 2009. As the Gamecocks head coach, Holbrook’s glad he’s on the right side of whatever mojo the program has going here.

”That’s ridiculous,” he said. ”We’ve put ourselves in the position to play at home and sometimes it seems like our fans won’t let us lose.”

Designated hitter LB Dantzler drove in two runs Sunday as South Carolina built a 4-2 lead before the suspension.

Liberty (36-29) did what it could to end the streak when the game, which had been suspended because of rain Sunday night, resumed in the middle of the fifth. After the Gamecocks moved in front 6-2 on RBI hits by Graham Saiko and Tanner English, the Flames rallied with runs in the eighth and ninth. They had two on and two out when reliever Tyler Webb struck out Justin Sizemore to end things.

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South Carolina beats Liberty 6-4 to win regional

Quick links to other pages on this site | Still can’t find it? see Site Index Mary Ann Chastain/AP South Carolina’s Tanner English slides safely into home as Liberty’s catcher Trey Wimmer waits on the throw in the third inning of an NCAA regional game against Liberty on Sunday in Columbia. The game was postponed until today with USC ahead, 4-2, in the fifth inning.

COLUMBIA Jim Toman called his former employer this juggernaut that is South Carolina baseball.

The jovial Liberty head coach also said his team was awfully lucky Sunday to eliminate a very good Clemson team.

The pesky Flames with their unexpected success in the Columbia Regional have sent the host Gamecocks and No. 2 seed Tigers on their separate paths with major question marks.

Is South Carolina adequately tested without having to play Clemson?

Will scoring only four runs in 18 innings against No. 3 seed Liberty haunt Clemson deep into next May? Or inspire the young Tigers starting this week?

There were enough shaky Gamecocks moments against Saint Louis on Friday night and Liberty on Sunday night a 4-2 South Carolina lead before the game was suspended in the fifth inning to make fans squirm.

Clemson fans have been shaking their heads for four postseasons.

Perhaps its light-hearted if the garnet consistency machine rolls into the College World Series for the fourth year in a row.

Toman said Ray Tanner, his old boss at South Carolina, owes him a bonus for defeating Clemson twice.

Sapakoff: Liberty baseball run messes with South Carolina, Clemson

From Liberty athletics:

COLUMBIA, S.C. Catcher Trey Wimmer knocked in a career-high six runs and right-hander Josh Richardson pitched his third complete game of the year, leading the Big South Champion Liberty Flames past the Clemson Tigers, 8-3, in Game 1 of the NCAA Columbia, S.C. Regional at Carolina Stadium.

Wimmer drove in a career-high six runs with two hits, a two-run double and three-run home run to go along with a run-scoring sacrifice fly. Playing in his home state, the Greenwood, S.C., native connected for his fifth round tripper of the year in the sixth inning to give Liberty a five-run cushion at the time.

After the third inning, Liberty starter Josh Richardson proceeded to handcuff the Tiger batters, holding Clemson scoreless during the following five innings, allowing the Flames to build an advantage. Starting with the second out of the third inning, Richard retired the next 17 Clemson hitters until right fielder Steven Duggar doubled to open the bottom of the ninth.

Richardson went the distance for the third time this season. The right-hander moves his record to 4-4. He gave up three runs on six hits over the full nine innings. He struck out one and did not walk a batter.

Third baseman Jake Kimble also collected three hits to tie his career-high and scored two runs for the Flames.

Playing in its first regional since 2000, Liberty runs it record to 35-27 on the year and advances to play the winner of this evening’s contest between Saint Louis and regional host South Carolina at 8 p.m. tomorrow, which will be televised on either ESPN3 or ESPNU.

Clemson drops to 39-21 and will play the loser of Saint Louis and South Carolina in an elimination game at 2 p.m.

With the win, Liberty records its first NCAA Regional victory since May, 27 2000, when the Flames defeated Seton Hall, 10-2, at the Columbia, S.C. Regional.

Big South Champion Liberty, the visiting team on the scoreboard due to its lower seed, jumped out to an early advantage by plating a run its first at bat. Right fielder Ashton Perritt led off the game by lining a ground rule double into the left-center field gap. After moving to third base on a ground out by center fielder Ryan Cordell, Perritt scored on a sacrifice fly by Wimmer for 1-0 edge.

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Liberty Upsets Clemson On Day One of NCAA Regional

UpdatedApr 16, 2013 6:29 AM ET

Liberty coach Bill Laimbeer went into the WNBA draft looking to bolster New York’s frontcourt and improve the team’s athleticism.

He accomplished both, getting the players he wanted with the Liberty’s two first-round picks Monday night with the selections of Texas A&M’s Kelsey Bone fifth overall and Oklahoma State’s Toni Young at No. 7.

”They’re the two picks we targeted for a long time,” Laimbeer said in a telephone interview from Bristol, Conn., where the draft took place. ”Especially Toni Young, for three months we’ve been drooling over her being on the New York Liberty team. And when Kelsey Bone made noise that she was coming out, we also targeted her as a good player for us.”

Bone, who played one season at South Carolina before transferring to Texas A&M, averaged 14.2 points and 8.1 rebounds in two years with the Aggies. The 6-foot-4 center had one season of eligibility remaining, but is set to graduate next month and decided she was ready to turn pro.

Young, a 6-2 forward, averaged 12.5 points, 8.1 rebounds and 1.3 blocks in four years with the Cowgirls.

”Toni Young is a very, very athletic forward, can run the floor,” Laimbeer said, ”and can play above the rim at times, which for the ladies’ league is very good.”

Bone and Young join a Liberty team that has struggled with rebounding in recent years. New York has also not had a player average more than 6.9 boards since Elena Baranova in 2005.

Laimbeer, the former Detroit Shock coach entering his first season in New York after nearly four years out of the league, started addressing that weakness by signing veteran forward Cheryl Ford last month. The former Shock star, who has averaged 9.7 rebounds in 196 career WNBA games, is returning to the league after sitting out the last three seasons.

Continue reading here:
Liberty bolster frontcourt with Bone, Young

Raging Wildfire in South Carolina
A sudden and fast-moving wildfire burns dozens of homes to the ground.

By: ABCNews

Read more here:
Raging Wildfire in South Carolina – Video

RALEIGH Motorcyclists who love the wind in their hair are pushing again for the freedom to ride without safety helmets in North Carolina, and they found support Tuesday from members of a state House committee.

North Carolina is one of 19 states where safety helmets are mandatory for all motorcyclists. Studies credit helmets with reducing deaths and serious brain injury in crashes, and a recent survey by the Governors Highway Safety Program found that 78 percent of motorcycle riders support the state law.

But opponents have tried to weaken or repeal the helmet rule in nearly every legislative session since the mid-1990s. This year their cause is led by a motorcycle-riding Republican from Gaston County.

Rep. John Torbett of Stanley enjoys the chance to ride across the state line into South Carolina, where helmets are required only for bikers 20 and younger. He parks his motorcycle and pulls off his full-face helmet.

Thats my choice, Torbett said Tuesday at a House Transportation Committee meeting. Thats what I choose to do. South Carolina provides that opportunity.

Torbetts bill would require helmets only for the youngest riders. He proposed to let motorcyclists ride bareheaded when they turned 18, but he accepted a committee amendment that would match the South Carolina standard: helmets mandatory until age 21.

Personal freedom is the chief argument for opponents of the helmet law.

Torbett warned legislators that they would hear arguments about lives saved and insurance costs reduced by helmets, but the only safety statistics considered by the committee Tuesday came from Torbett himself.

Using data he attributed to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Torbett distributed a chart that depicted slightly higher death rates for motorcyclists in states with mandatory helmet laws, when compared with those in other states. That was welcome news for a couple of committee members who wanted to support his proposal for relaxed regulation.

I agree with the bill sponsor on the freedom aspects, said Rep. Frank Iler, a Republican from Oak Island, the committee co-chairman. I had some safety concerns, but, apparently statistically, that may not be a problem.

Read this article:
Freedom -loving motorcyclists renew fight against NC helmet law

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