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Let's Talk About: The Illuminati Pt. 1 – Reupload
Keith talks to his sister about her belief in the Illuminati. Part 2 coming this weekend.

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Let’s Talk About: The Illuminati Pt. 1 – Reupload – Video

USS Freedom and USS Independence New Warship`s(full documentary)HD
HDMS Absalon (L16) and her sister ship HDMS Esbern Snare (L17) are the biggest ships ever to serve in the Royal Danish Navy (RDN), and are the two members of…

By: All Documentaries Channel

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USS Freedom and USS Independence New Warship`s(full documentary)HD – Video

If youre a little hazy about what regenerative medicine is, youre not alone.

The best definition weve found was on the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburghs website. It said regenerative medicine is the process of creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, damage or congenital defects. Many of these processes involve the use of stem cells.

Two exhibitions opening Thursday at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in West Palm Beach shed light on this cutting-edge, sometimes controversial science.

Keys to the Cure features more than 50 photographic and sculptural interpretations of regenerative medicine by Kelly Milukas. The Art of Science: Under the Surface showcases 23 research photographs shot through a microscope by international scientists working in the field of regenerative medicine.

The show came to the photographic center through a family connection. Fatima NeJame, the centers president and chief executive officer, is the sister of Dr. Anthony Atala.

Atalas achievements include being the first to generate a human organ using cell tissue, and working with other scientists to create the first cloned organ. He heads a team of more than 300 physicians and researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C.

He will give a talk about his work at 4 p.m. Thursday during the opening. The main point is that we can create tissues and organs using the patients own cells, he said.

Atala also is chairman of the board of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, which supports the advancement of the field. The foundation commissioned Milukas to create a group of photographs that it could use to educate the public about regenerative medicine and to raise money.

When Atala showed NeJame the photographs and told her about a planned juried show featuring regenerative-medicine research photographs, she proposed exhibiting the work at the center. Just about everyone here is concerned about growing older, and longevity, she said.

Milukas, who lives in Rhode Island, was intimated by the assignment at first. I can take a mean photograph. But Id never been asked to create a body of work before that represents something as vast as the possibility of curing disease, she said.

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Art meets science: Photographic Centre exhibits to focus on regenerative medicine

o early in the morning to Honeymoon Island State Park and to her sister park on Caladesi Island. Thats when youll see fishermen launching colorful kayaks and great blue herons working the beaches off the Dunedin Causeway.

Youll see bikers and walkers heading out for morning adventures on an extension of the Pinellas Trail that runs along the causeway, and paddleboarders gracefully gliding across St. Joseph Sound, the sparkling blue waters connecting the parks.

One morning, we saw a couple in church clothes baptizing a woman out in the water. They dunked her backward, then hugged her when she rose soaking wet and smiling. It was like a scene from the movie, O Brother, Where Art Thou? but with rapt spectators in swimsuits.

In the morning, if youre lucky, you might see a pair of American bald eagles and a great horned owl while walking along the Osprey Trail in Honeymoon Island State Park, at the west end of the Dunedin Causeway. Youre sure to see dozens of osprey soaring overhead, nesting in tall pines and swooping into the Gulf waters for breakfast.

The slash pine stand that surrounds the trail is one of the few left in this part of Florida.

On the ferry ride to Caladesi Island via Hurricane Pass, youll likely see dolphins and pelicans, herons and egrets, as the captain tells about the hurricane of 1921 that split Hog Island in two, forming Caladesi and Honeymoon islands. When he sees dolphins, which he often does, the captain slowly glides the ferry their way, so passengers can snap photos with their smartphones.

The ride takes about 20 minutes and is well worth the $14 fee, especially if you spot dolphins. You also can walk to Caladesi from North Clearwater Beach. The stretch along the Gulf on baby powder-like sand takes about an hour. We like to park between Palm Pavilion Beachside Grill & Bar and Frenchys Rockaway Grill, walk to Caladesi, then head back for lunch in one of those restaurants. Along the way, look for a dead tree whimsically hung with dozens of seashells.

Beaches in both parks rank among the best in the country, and thats no surprise to those who visit year-round. Look around the parking lots at Honeymoon, and youll see cars from Kentucky, Ontario, Michigan and Maine, Massachusetts and North Carolina, where they have remarkable beaches of their own.

You can rent chairs and umbrellas on the beach at both parks, if you dont have your own. And you can stroll for hours, searching for seashells and sand dollars make sure they arent still alive or just enjoying the sea breezes. If you head to Caladesi on an early ferry on a weekday in the off-season, you may at times feel as though you practically have the beach to yourself.

When youre hungry, both beaches boast snack bars that sell everything from hot dogs, hamburgers and fish sandwiches to ice cream and beer. When Stephen Leatherman, better known as Dr. Beach, ranked Caladesi as the nations best beach in 2008, he joked that he picked it in part because the snack bar sold Haagen-Dazs ice cream, his favorite.

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Quiet beaches, trails make Honeymoon, Caladesi island perfect getaway

Freedom – Sister Natascha Hudson Vanover
Sister Natascha doing a praise dance on Freedom for black history program.

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Freedom – Sister Natascha Hudson Vanover – Video

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an important ruling in a case that centers upon the rights of bloggers sued for defamatory blog posts. With salacious gossip about celebrities and other public officials increasingly being traded on the Internet, the appellate court focused on whether bloggers can hold the First Amendment up as a defense to the same extent as trained journalists.

In a defamation case against Crystal Cox, a district court judge said they couldn’t. On Friday, the appeals court rejected that assessment.

In a blog post, Cox accused Obsidian Finance Group and its co-founder Kevin Padrick of committing tax fraud while administering the assets of a company in a Chapter 11 reorganization. At trial, a jury awarded the plaintiffs a total of $2.5 million over false assertions.

STORY: Fox News Reporter Won’t Have to Testify in Aurora Theater Shooting Case

Before the case got to trial, however, Cox pointed to landmark judicial opinions, including New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, to make the argument that because the blog post involved a matter of public concern, the plaintiffs had the burden of proving her negligence in order to recover for defamation. Alternatively, she asserted that Padrick and Obsidian were public figures, and as such, they needed to show she acted with “actual malice.”

The trial judge responded that she had failed to submit “evidence suggestive of her status as a journalist.”

The decision set off a firestorm of concern through Internet quarters and finally reached the 9th Circuit for opinion Friday.

In the ruling (read here), 9th Circuit Judge Andrew Hurwitz writes that while there is a paucity of rulings in his appellate circuit examining the First Amendment and defamation in the age of blogging, there are a host of big rulings, including Citizens United v. FECas well as rulings from other circuits, that reject the notion that the institutional press has First Amendment advantages that individual speakers don’t.

“We agree with our sister circuits,” writes the judge. “The protections of the First Amendment do not turn on whether the defendant was a trained journalist, formally affiliated with traditional news entities, engaged in conflict-of-interest disclosure, went beyond just assembling others’ writings or tried to get both sides of a story. In defamation cases, the public-figure status of a plaintiff and the public importance of the statement at issue — not the identity of the speaker — provide the First Amendment touchstones.”

The judge goes on to say that the blog post was a matter of public concern, though the plaintiffs were not public officials. As such, the case is remanded for a new trial that will focus on whether Cox was negligent in what she wrote.

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Bloggers Get First Amendment Protections in Defamation Lawsuits

More than one year after husband Rupert Sanders was caught cheating with Kristen Stewart, Liberty Ross is still trying to cope with life after scandal. The 35-year-old British model speaks out on her now estranged husband’s public affair and their subsequent divorce filing in the December issue of Vanity Fair.

“It was horrible,” Ross tells the magazine. “It was really the worst, really the worst.”

“I have no words to describe what we went through,” she says. “But I think, for me, something always has to completely die for there to be a rebirth. And, for me, I feel like I’m going through a rebirth.”

PHOTOS: Ruper Sanders cheats on Liberty Ross — all the shocking photos

Director Sanders, 42, was caught cheating with his Snow White and the Huntsman star Stewart, 23, on July 17, 2012. Us Weekly broke news of the affair with exclusive photos, released on July 24.

Though the scandal may have left Ross speechless, her Academy Award-winning composer brother, Atticus, had plenty to share with Vanity Fair about what his sister went through. “It was f—ing crazy,” he says. “To some extent at that moment, Rupert was in denial, and Liberty didn’t know what was going to happen . . . I’m texting people because I know this is going to be huge. I knew this had all the makings of what our world has become. This is going to be f—ing big, and Liberty needs to be protected.”

Rupert Sanders was caught cheating with Kristen Stewart on July 17, 2012. Credit: FameFlynet

The day after photos of his fling were released, Sanders issued a public apology to his wife of 11 years and their two children. “I love them with all my heart,” he said in the statement. “I am praying that we can get through this together.” But Ross tells Vanity Fair that she already made her decision to divorce. “I’m not a quitter. I’ve done everything I could to be the perfect wife and mother and really support my husband,” she says. “But I just didn’t have any more to give, you know?”

PHOTOS: Stars caught cheating

Reflecting on their marriage, Ross also admits to the magazine that they weren’t perfect even before the affair. “I knew that I wasn’t feeling 100 percent right,” she explains. “I found myself on a roller coaster, like, I’m going to keep things moving, keep things going. I’m going to keep up this amazing [facade], everyone looking at me and Rupert, thinking, Oh, wow, you guys have it all . . . Really, I had times when I felt very lonely, very disconnected from Rupert. We’d lost our real connection.”

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Liberty Ross: Kristen Stewart, Rupert Sanders Affair Was "Horrible"

Liberty Ross is opening up in the latest issue of Vanity Fair about her husband Rupert Sanders’ affair with Kristen Stewart.

In the extremely candid interview, the British model turned actress described the turmoil she felt when pictures of Rupert kissing Snow White and the Huntsman star surfaced in Us Weekly in the summer of 2012.

“It was horrible. It was really the worst,” she told the magazine. “I have no words to describe what we went through. But I think, for me, something always has to completely die for there to be a rebirth. And I feel like I’m going through a rebirth.”

The stunning brunette explained that her director husband had told her about the affair with Stewart 20 hours prior to the scandalous paparazzi shots making their way onto the internet.

NEWS: Liberty Ross says she felt “vulnerable” after affair news

Liberty’s brother Atticus Ross, an Academy Award-winning composer and close pal of Rupert’s, also spoke with the magazine at length about the highly publicized affair and subsequent split.

“It was f–cking crazy. Liberty didn’t know what was going to happenI’m texting people because I know this is going to be huge. I knew this had all the makings of what our world has become. This is going to be f–cking big, and Liberty needs to be protectedI don’t think people understand what being in the eye of the storm is like.”

Atticus quickly went to his friend Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Interscope Records, who helped Liberty find a publicist who could help her navigate through the heightened media frenzy.

But Atticus’ quest to help his sister through the trying ordeal didn’t end there. He also called upon a friend to provide Liberty and her two children a place to stay in California as an escape from the photographers.

NEWS: Liberty Ross steps out after filing for divorce from Rupert Sanders

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Liberty Ross Opens Up About Husband's Affair With Kristen Stewart: "It Was Really the Worst"

Credit: Steven Puetzer/Getty Images

Last month we managed to track down “Dave,” a member of the elusive Illuminati organization, who answered “Guy Code” fans’ burning questions. After explaining how he orchestrated the Bulls’ first round win and messing around with Beibs, “Dave” agreed to answer more Illuminati inquiries. Once again, through a series of complicated sources and connections, we’ve made this happen.

We love when people ask this! The plan is very simple: First, we lead you to believe that you are your own person, a unique snowflake with a brain full of fluffy dreams, puppy dogs, rainbows and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Meanwhile, we kick back with drinks and “Fresh Prince” reruns after a long day of combining animal species and conversations with aliens from space.

I can only assume by “it,” you mean “us,” and the answer is no. We have plenty of other reasons and tools for your death than you merely questioning us. If it were that simple, then it wouldn’t be as fun watching the demise of a human through cigarette smoking, too much diet soda and “Deadliest Catch.”

What does this even mean, you fool? We do not have LeBron “raw.” He’s doing exactly what’s expected. When he was in high school, there was huge rift between the organization about LeBron playing basketball or football.

Some members died defending the decision to get him into the NBA. The opposition insisted he become a wide receiver for the Raiders. LeBron as a football player? Those cushy bones wouldn’t have lasted more than three seasons. If the other side had its way, the world would’ve been stuck watching Kobe winning his ninth ring this year.

Is your government corrupt? We don’t believe it is. We believe the government is functioning as efficiently as we allow it to. Perhaps you’d prefer we go back to the days of chopping off hands and feeding people to lions? Or maybe you’d like it if we let maniacs march into countries whenever they feel like it because total world domination is within reach? No matter. We’re proud of the men and women we have in government and they, in turn, are happy to do our bidding…I mean, governing.

Very simple. We keep track of the most ridiculous things that will preoccupy a good part of the population (The Kardashians, a car chase in L.A., Miley Cyrus’s silly haircuts, etc.) and go out of our way to make sure they stay relevant enough to trend on Twitter. What’s amusing is how you think this is a decision. Trending topics on Twitter are nothing more than a hasty errand for us. In fact, we usually let our children do it. They think it’s “goofy” to get people talking about crime and reality TV and all sorts of things that waste our time, while the adults try to figure out a better way to live under the oceans.

In your sister’s bedroom.

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'Dave' From The Illuminati Answers More Twitter Questions

Almost Telling People Jokes
Week 51: First video at UCLA. I was in L.A. this weekend visiting my sister. She helped me do this real quick on a Friday. For some reason these new mic's st…


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Almost Telling People Jokes – Video

Feb 152013

illuminati lmao
my sister Nikki and her freak friends xD

By: corey walker

illuminati lmao – Video

Game pick ups and fun game related items
Shout Outs!!!! Thanks Scott JHMDF for getting my subscriber prize to me so fast. I finished coloring in the instruction booklet Thanks to Retro Liberty for showing off a Mario Doll their sister-in-law made so I contacted her Brianna Stapish made those awesome dolls send her a email at Her Etsy store is being set up. If anyone wants to be my friend on the Nintendo 3Ds here is my friend code 2234-8521-3527 Also if you would like to place a bid on the N64 system click here Or even if you would like me to paint yours hit me up

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Game pick ups and fun game related items – Video

Spain 'doping doctor' Fuentes treated non-cyclists
MADRID — A Spanish doctor accused of masterminding one of the world's biggest sports doping rings took the stand Tuesday at his trial here, telling the court that the blood transfusions he administered to athletes were safe and legal at the time. Eufemiano Fuentes was arrested in 2006 after Spanish police raided his office, laboratory and home and seized more than 200 bags of frozen blood, labeled with what are believed to be code names for famous athletes. Investigators are working to decipher the code, amid speculation that they could bring down some of the biggest names in sports. Fuentes told the court Tuesday that he gave “cyclists, soccer players, tennis players and boxers” transfusions of their own blood for “health reasons,” but never treated them during competition. He said code names were used on blood labels and during telephone conversations for his clients' own “comfort,” because they feared that media outlets might tap their phone lines. Among those expected to testify at Fuentes' trial, which opened Monday, are dozens of Spanish cyclists who trained with Lance Armstrong and also competed against him. The trial focuses only on cyclists, but the World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, has called on prosecutors to release the names of all of the doctor's alleged clients. Fuentes, his sister and three former cycling coaches are charged with endangering public health rather than doping, because Spain had no anti-doping law at the time of their arrests in 2006. Such …

By: Pavan kumar

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Spain ‘doping doctor’ Fuentes treated non-cyclists – Video

Webcam video from January 15, 2013 8:35 AM
god(good) is my fhather,mother earth is my mother,the moon is my sister,the sun is my brother,all the children u rape torture abuse 4 sex n kill,including my litle son only 7 year old,they r all my family my litle brother n litle sister,d is billions in the cimitary on mother earth nd wait 4 me 2 take them out 4 the last war the third one,4 now its punishman season 4 every one on mother earth,im getting better n better avery day,u dont believe in punishman i do,i when true it with god ni when true it with man n women ,with there jalousie even from the mother of my litle son,today i discover a power i did not know was possible 4 a man,each year i spend here n bc is like 100 year of rage from children angry on mother earth,almost 20 year now,like jesus almost 2000 year,believe in god is a gift i love god n with that love im going 2 destroyd all government on mother earth,2 all bad man n women on mother earth b ready 4 the pain of the cross,avery body have the good n the bad inside,u choose 2 b bad u get the bad back,god dont forgive no more u remember jesus was the best one he came 2 forgive nu put him on the cross,if i see a man walk on the water turn water 2 wine i dont need more then that 2 follow him,it s not 2000 year yet when the clock touch 2000 year the power is mine,today u over power me with your money your laws your tv your internet n all your litle shit like cop soldier,i saw lots people get punish on my demand 2 god n each time i ask him 2 take a bad man or …

By: mariodhandyman

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Webcam video from January 15, 2013 8:35 AM – Video

Zuckerbergs Sister Shines Light on Privacy Woes YouTube…
Zuckerbergs Sister Shines Light on Privacy Woes YouTube – YouTube ► 1:48► 1:48 2 hours ago – Uploaded by MrTrendingNews Zuckerbergs Sister Shines Light on Privacy Woes YouTube. MrTrendingNews·335 videos. Subscribe … Zuckerbergs Sister Shines Light on Privacy Woes – YouTube ► 1:48► 1:48 13 hours ago – Uploaded by FoxBusinessNetwork FBNs Adam Shapiro on Mark Zuckerbergs sister being outraged over a violation of her privacy via Facebook … Zuckerberg's Sister Shines Light on Privacy Woes | Fox Business … ► 1:47► 1:47…/zuckerbergs-sister-shi… Dec 27, 2012 FBN's Adam Shapiro on Mark Zuckerberg's sister being outraged over a violation of her privacy via … More videos for Zuckerberg's Sister Shines Light on … » USA Business News (USABusinessNews) on Twitter Business: Zuckerbergs Sister Shines Light on Privacy Woes · Expand Collapse. Reply; RetweetedRetweet; Delete; FavoritedFavorite … SEO: Yet another Microsoft partner says Windows 8 demand is weak ……/yet-another-microsoft-partner-says.h…28 Dec 2012 — (Hint: It's not privacy, Wall Street, or terms of service) [PANDO DAILY]. ….. as CEO, PSY's Gangnam Style sensation on YouTube and Twitter's biggest moments. more ….. Zuckerberg's Sister Shines Light on Privacy Woes. What does Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's sister Randi plan ……/What …

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Zuckerbergs Sister Shines Light on Privacy Woes YouTube… – Video

Thanks to all the people who've been following 'Little Girl Big Dreams' since day 1 and thank you to all the new supporters! Your love truly means the world to me. Mahalo for supporting 'IDGAF' for those out there fighting for their dreams as well: We all “Wanna Be Rich” for different reasons. Not only to be to be wealthy in money, but in life, and friendship. This is for the kids who don't have parents, parents who put their kids up for adoption, people who can't afford an education, people who lost their homes from reasons they can't control, people who want to support their families and take away the bills, people who just want to live on their own and not have to rely on anyone else to survive, people who are stuck at the same 9-5's making minimum wage. There are a lot crazy things going on in the world and it seems like all we really want is to live a better life. Walking around the streets even in paradise, such as Hawaii, there are homeless teens and elders everywhere fighting the system to get by. Hawaii is too busy highlighting the beaches and tourist spots when just around the corner of Waikiki and every shopping strip is another soul yearning for attention from someone or something to save them. People spend so much money on things they don't need, trying to look good, be cool, hold a status and image they can't maintain, yet they themselves wonder why they are unhappy. Maybe it is because their uncle, their brother, their sister, is living in the parking lot …From:JazimusichawaiiViews:0 0ratingsTime:06:06More inMusic

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Jazi – Wanna Be Rich (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) – Video

KID FLIPS OUT OVER FUNNY TROLL ( Brother and sister hack )
Me and drummer troll this kid I say I can ban people if they made fun of my sister AKA ( epic girl voice) drummer. And sorry for inactivity lately. enjoy this kid rage :} FOLLOW ME Epic, troling, mom, mad, rage, funny, yeling, getting, mad, on, xbox, live,Epic, troling, mom, mad, rage, funny, yeling, getting, mad, on, xbox, live, owned, montage, troling, pranking, mother, noob, mad, trolling, awesome, epic, subscribe, mw2, mw3, epic, trolling, montage, youtube, angry people, MinnesotaBurns, fail, lol, ownage, pranks, trolarch. black ops 2 trailer revealed black box overwatch Modern warfare 3 map pack downloadable content DLC January 24 2012 piazza MOAB double one game fastest world record triple ipwnstar4hire machinima gameplay amazingfilms24/7 giveaway free double xp codes Doritos mountain dew mw3 jeep limited edition console controller turtle beaches x41 battlefied 3 bf3 glitch hacked prestige unlimited ammo double xp countdown nuke perks guns legit rezurrection hacked leaked info 360 ps3From:NBNFilmsViews:5 2ratingsTime:08:01More inComedy

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KID FLIPS OUT OVER FUNNY TROLL ( Brother and sister hack ) – Video

Janis Upchurch, like most, remembers exactly where she was on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

I was teaching first grade, Upchurch said. We heard about it, turned on the TV, and thats when the towers started to fall. My son was in elementary school at the time, but that event made up his mind about joining the Marines.

Upchurch, the president of Blue Star Mothers Chapter 12, was one of 50 to 75 people who participated in the 2012 Freedom Walk on Saturday morning. The event was started five years ago to commemorate the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, as well as honor all retired and active duty military, police and fire personnel.

Gary Young, an Air Force veteran, brought his sister and son with him for the walk. Young said he has been involved in the event for all five years, and he wouldnt miss it for the world.

I like the purpose behind it, Young said. Id like to see more people participate though. I dont think anyone has forgotten about what happened, but it would be nice if they came out and joined with us in remembrance.

There were snacks and drinks preceding the walk, as well as a short ceremony consisting of a prayer, the singing of the national anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the playing of taps by Muskogee High School Band Director Steve Wiles.

Oscar Ray also gave a short speech where he addressed the importance of remembering the tragedy, but also the higher importance of celebrating the heroes and their accomplishments.

Im pretty sure when the families who lost someone that day remember their loved ones, they smile, Ray said. This should be more of a celebration of life than a somber remembrance.

Thea Devers, who also is an Air Force veteran, said she spent the morning of Sept. 11 at work and couldnt believe it when American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.

I was a courier for the White House and the state department, Devers said. The Pentagon was one of my many stops. It could have been me in there when it happened. I thank God I missed it.

See the article here:
Participants: Freedom Walk a time of remembrance

C.T. “Rusty” Hight, known for his wide-ranging talents in roles ranging from a Liberty County jurist to a master gardener, died Wednesday. He was 65.

Hight learned he had a “small speck of cancer” five weeks before it took over his body, said his sister, Nelda Zbranek.

But she and others who knew him will never forget how he prayed for “God to help him do the right thing” each time he put on his black robe to serve as the 75th state district judge from 2002 to 2010.

And he didn’t mind trading that robe for an apron. He loved to cook up a pot of his award-winning jelly made with the tart juice from marble-sized mayhaws, a native fruit found in East Texas swamps.

He would spend hours collecting just the right mayhaws to simmer over the stove in a rustic cabin in his backyard in Dayton.

Over the last two decades, his jelly was often pronounced the blue ribbon winner at the annual Mayhaw Festival in Daisetta.

His gardening skills were also apparent in the bountiful supply of vegetables he grew in his backyard, some so large that they looked like they could set a world record.

He also served many years as a Dayton school trustee.

One of his proudest moments came when he was able to hand a diploma to his daughter, Laura, who was still recovering after emerging from a 4-month coma.

She had been badly injured in a car accident that claimed the life of a school friend two years earlier. Medical personnel had not expected her to live.

Liberty County civic leader, champion jelly cook dies


Illuminati Comments Off
Jun 272012

Dangerous livesa lot of rappers like to brag about leading them. But Billy Bloodshot faces more danger than most.

Any day, you could find me dead on the side of the road, says the 29-year-old aspiring MC, who, by day, drives a truck hauling petroleum, which he describes as riding around with an 80,000-pound bomb on my back.

Any situation where you know life could be over changes things, but I face it every day, he says. When youre going down a mountain at 90 mph with that 80,000 pounds behind you, it changes your perspective. I been in some street situations, but this is a whole different level.

Bloodshot spent a number of years on the street. I aint gonna lie and say I was some kind of kingpin. I was doing what everybody else in the white Ts is doing, he says of his past. The money was pretty good, and I was good. Then I had a son. I know people with five kids and theyre still jumping fences to hide from the police. I didnt want my son to come up like that. When I first got this job and got insurance and went to the doctor and it was coveredI liked that.

With this job and his family, Bloodshot says that he is in the best place Ive ever been in my life. Thats why he wants to give up the rap gamesort of.

Bloodshot is hanging out, as he often does on his days off, drinking Boh with his sister Akaia Gamble in the house she shares with her longtime boyfriend Will B. Smilardo. The house smells invitingly of Old Bay from the crab house next-door and is decorated with eclectic and antique furniture. Portraits of MLK and JFK hang side by side on the wall. A rabbit hops around, chewing up whatever it can get its teeth on.

Bloodshot and his sister are black, and Smilardo, also a truck driver, is white, and hes Bloodshots biggest supporter. He is a talker, and he wont shut up when it comes to Billy Bloodshots music.

Theres nobody out there doing anything as good as Billy, Smilardo says to anyone who will listen. He contacted City Paper about Bloodshot and maintains the SoundCloud account called da CRABCAKE . . . (BMores Best Jumbo THUMP, NO FILLERS!).

Hes obsessed with Billys music, Akaia says of her boyfriend with a good-natured eye-roll.

Bloodshot himself is a different storyhaunted by rap, he says, he can neither quit it nor entirely embrace it. He was reluctant to talk to CP, and he doesnt do live shows. He is interested in the art, but he sees little need for the business and promotional ends of the game and seems happy to take a trip to the studio every couple months.

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