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Sep 172014

Young Guns
In honor of Christopher Bizilj, Charlie Vacca, Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery, the Idaho and Missouri legislatures, and the Second Amendment.

By: LooseMeatz

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Young Guns – Video

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In a joint statement recognizing today's observance of Constitution Day, the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are calling on all Americans to protect their Second Amendment rights."Elitist billionaires including Michael Bloomberg are currently waging a war to erode our right to keep …

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SAF, CCRKBA Urge Americans To Protect 2A Rights On Constitution Day

EULESS, Texas — U.S. Concrete, Inc. ("U.S. Concrete" or the "Company") announced today that the Company and certain of its subsidiaries, as guarantors, entered into a second amendment …

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U.S. Concrete Amends Credit Facility

Dan B of NYR group – raised to be a patriot
This is my interview with Dan Burch from the NYR group at the protest at the Albion Gun Shop. He traveled 11 hours round trip to support the second amendment. Thanks for watching. Like Share…

By: Van Prepper

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Dan B of NYR group – raised to be a patriot – Video

Facebook banned a gun rights activist due to entitled, Connecticuts Gun Ban Is Worse Than Hitlers Gun Ban. A recent video of a kitten in a burning bucket was deemed to be in line with the social networks community standards but the pro-Second Amendment article was not.

Gerry Emery received an alert that his gun rights article and accompanying image did not meet the Facebook Community Standards and therefore would be removed and his account suspended.

Facebook sent a message to the gun rights activist about the violation.

Youre temporarily blocked from posting. This temporary block will last 30 days and you wont be able to post on Facebook until its finished. Youre repeatedly posted things that arent allowed on Facebook. Read the Facebook Community Standards to learn what kinds of posts arent allowed.

Emerys Facebook ban did not stem from any type of threatening post, or one that involved illegal activity. The post noted that the man stood with Connecticut Second Amendment advocates and cited his views as to why the Holocaust and senseless slaughter of millions of Jewish people occurred.

Excerpt from Gerry Emerys banned Facebook post.

Connecticuts Gun Ban Is Worse Than Hitlers Gun Ban: Recently, 100,000 state residents who went to bed as law-abiding citizens and woke up a felon facing prison time. Connecticut Governor Malloy continues to pressure the 100,000 Connecticut residents who have refused to register their guns, to do so, or face forced gun confiscation at their homes. Why is Malloy still Governor? Why arent these people recalling this sorry excuse for a governor who obviously holds the Second Amendment in such disdain? How quickly we forget the lessons of history. If we ever allow government to subvert the second amendment, we very well could be witnessing a prelude to an American genocide. There is nothing as dangerous to a totalitarian regime as an educated and well-armed populace. Emery goes on to note that Connecticut resident David Schmecker, a retired Navy veteran, had his guns confiscated and his permit to carry revoked because he refused to submit to a psychological examination as ordered by an interim doctor, before the Navy vet could be prescribed pain medication.

The post banned by Facebook also addressed the Nazi Weapons Act of 1938.

Frighteningly, American gun control legislation is imitating Hitlers Nazi Germany gun control legislation. Consider the key provisions of the Nazi Weapons Act of 1938 and compare it with the Connecticut gun ban. The parallels of both the provisions and the legal language are eerily similar and in some cases the Connecticut ban is worse that anything Hitler implemented. The lesson of the 20th Century genocides can no longer be dismissed as something that could never happen in America. The logic of personal self-defense should be hitting home as our country plunges deeper into the depths of fascist totalitarian control; e.g., Patriot Acts 1&2, the NDAA, Executive Order 13603, the multitude of spying bills which allow for the spying on American citizens who are engaged in ordinary activities.

The German gun ban also assumed the power to decide what types of guns could or could not be owned by citizens and mandated that every type of ammunition was subject to the control of government officials.

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Facebook Bans Gun Rights Activist Over Holocaust Post

Ep 1 : DayZ – The Second Amendment
Today I will be discussing the right to bear arms in Dayz.

By: GeorgeAgainstTheMachine

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Ep 1 : DayZ – The Second Amendment – Video

Sheriff Mike Lewis If Feds Take Our Guns, There Will Be 'All Out Civil War'
Sheriff to Feds: Take Away Our Guns and There'll Be Civil War Click Show More to Read More: When conservatives think about states that honor the Second Amendment right of all Americans…

By: JmanPrepper WontBeSilenced

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Sheriff Mike Lewis If Feds Take Our Guns, There Will Be ‘All Out Civil War’ – Video

Scott Brown is Against the Second Amendment

By: Jacob Leonard

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Scott Brown is Against the Second Amendment – Video

Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend in Mississippi
Outdoors enthusiasts can see a sales tax break on hunting items this weekend, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said while visiting Van's Sporting Goods today. The state'…

By: Tate Reeves

Originally posted here:
Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend in Mississippi – Video

September 04, 2014 C-SPAN John Lott, Larry Pratt, and others spoke about second amendment rights, including stand-your-ground and concealed weapons laws. They spoke at…

By: wwwMOXNEWScom

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Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment FireResistant Handgun Safe 30x20x20Inch
For more revws please chck Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment FireResistant Handgun Safe 30x20x20Inch The Second Amendment GS3…

By: cyril lawton

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Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment FireResistant Handgun Safe 30x20x20Inch – Video

Geraldo Rivera Goes Off on Second Amendment and Gun Nuts in Facebook Post
Geraldo Rivera Goes Off on Second Amendment and Gun Nuts in Facebook Post.

By: hartyhj8

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Geraldo Rivera Goes Off on Second Amendment and Gun Nuts in Facebook Post – Video

Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment FireResistant Gun Safe 72x40x27Inch
For more revws please chck Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment FireResistant Gun Safe 72x40x27Inch The Second Amendment Gun Saf…

By: porter fischer

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Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment FireResistant Gun Safe 72x40x27Inch – Video

For The Second Amendment
Government. -All audio/images used are not owned by me, and belong to their rightful owners.

By: Kaveh Chong

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For The Second Amendment – Video

Assemblyman Brian Jones Speaks on the Second Amendment – Senate Bill 53 Floor Speech
Your Second Amendment Rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

By: Brian Jones

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Assemblyman Brian Jones Speaks on the Second Amendment – Senate Bill 53 Floor Speech – Video

Fear of interference with Second Amendment rights and suspicion of elected officials have provoked a rise in self-described patriot militias

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Fearing for the Second Amendment, militia groups grow in number

A girl killed a gun instructor as he was teaching her to shoot an Uzi at this Arizona outdoor shooting range.


Editor’s note: Jay Parini, a poet and novelist, teaches at Middlebury College in Vermont. He has just published “Jesus: The Human Face of God,” a biography of Jesus. Follow him on Twitter@JayParini. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

(CNN) — The gun outrages continue, the latest the shooting of a gun instructor in Arizona by a 9-year-old girl who was taken to the range by her parents so she could shoot an Uzi, an Israeli-made submachine gun.

The question that the whole world asks is this: Why was a 9-year-old girl allowed even to try to shoot a submachine gun?

Jay Parini

I have a further question: Why does anybody not on the front lines of the military in a war zone need to have access to a submachine gun?

It’s not as though we haven’t had plenty of evidence that this gun thing in America isn’t working. Since the ghastly massacre of elementary school children at Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012, by a deranged teenager, as of June there were at least 74 school shootings, on school grounds or in schools themselves. It’s commonplace in this country now: A deranged shooter appears, armed to the teeth, out of his mind. Everyone ducks or runs for cover. The shooter proceeds calmly through the building, taking out innocents.

What kind of country have we become? Was this what the Founding Fathers had in mind?

The NRA will scream: The Second Amendment! The Second Amendment! Please be aware that most of what you think you know about the history of this amendment is nonsense. Many good books and articles exist on the subject, all neatly summarized by Saul Cornell a couple of years ago. He wrote: “If the nation truly embraced the Second Amendment as it was originally written, it would be the NRA’s worst nightmare.”

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2nd amendment and 'gun rights' fraud

In March 2008 I chatted with a silver-haired law school professor under the marble pillars of the U.S. Supreme Court building. He was very excited. The court was to about hear Heller v. D.C. The case would decide whether the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects an individual right to own and carry guns. He had 20 law students with him. He said anxiously, When I put in the paperwork to get seats months ago I didnt know wed get to see one of the last unresolved constitutional questions debated. He said this while looking at a line of people hoping to get seats that went down the block, around a corner and out of sight.

Hours later a mainstream reporter next to me in the press section gasped, Oh no, when Justice Anthony Kennedy hinted that he believed the Second Amendment to be an individual right while asking the governments attorney a question.Months later, when the high court ruled 5-4 that the Second Amendment protects an individual right from government infringement, the media was paying attention. Many, however, are missing whats happening now. The Second Amendment is having its defining moment in history. The decisions now percolating up to the Supreme Court are deciding what guns the Second Amendment covers, when requirements become infringements and more.

Gun-rights and gun-control groups understand that these court decisions illustrate how much elections matter, as the federal judges making these decisions are nominated by the president and voted on by the senate. However, two recent federal court decisions from judges appointed by former president Bill Clinton show how difficult these decisions can be to handicap.

In one just-decided case, California Senior U.S. District Court Judge Anthony W. Ishii found that 10-day waiting periods of Penal Code violate the Second Amendment as applied to people who fall into certain classifications. He found this arbitrary wait time burdens the Second Amendment rights of the plaintiffs. (The decision can be read here.) This court decision orders the California Department of Justice to allow the unobstructed release of guns to those who pass a background check and possess a California license to carry a handgun, or who hold a Department of Justice-issued Certificate of Eligibility and already possess at least one firearm known to the state. Basically, it says if someone already legally has a gun in California the state cant make that person wait 10 days for a second gun just because it wants to. If that sounds like common sense to you, youre right, but common sense isnt a given in the courts.

Brandon Combs, a plaintiff in the case who is also director of the executive director of the Calguns Foundation, said the decision clears the way for them to challenge other irrational and unconstitutional gun-control laws. We look forward to doing just that.

United States Supreme Court building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A flurry of such challenges began right after Heller, led to McDonald v. Chicago (2010) and are still ongoing. In an important example, in February 2014 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to carry firearms for self-defense in public. The decision came in Peruta v. San Diego County. The majority opinion in Peruta said, We are called upon to decide whether a responsible, law-abiding citizen has a right under the Second Amendment to carry a firearm in public for self-defense.

The California Rifle and Pistol Association Foundation brought the case on behalf of five individuals who were denied the right to carry a handgun by the San Diego sheriff. According to California law, a person applying for their Second Amendment right to carry a concealed handgun must: (1) be a resident of their respective city or county; (2) be of good moral character; (3) have good cause for such a license; and (4) pass a firearms training course. Many rural California counties accept self-defense as good cause for a person to get a license to carry a handgun, but some urban sheriffs and chiefs of police disagreed. In those jurisdictions the few who attain permits had to beg, plead, and show imminent danger to their lives before they could exercise their right to bear arms.

The Ninth Circuit decided 2 to 1 that the restrictive good cause policy of the San Diego County Sheriffs Department was unconstitutional. The majority opinion accepted that the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose. Rather, it is a right subject to traditional restrictions, which themselvesand this is a critical pointtend to show the scope of the right.

The majority decision in Peruta said, Our reading of the Second Amendment is akin to the Seventh Circuits interpretation [in Shepard v. Madigan] and at odds with the approach of the Second, Third, and Fourth Circuits. We are unpersuaded by the decisions of the Second, Third, and Fourth Circuits for several reasons. First, contrary to the approach in Heller, all three courts declined to undertake a complete historical analysis of the scope and nature of the Second Amendment right outside the home. As a result, they misapprehend both the nature of the Second Amendment right and the implications of state laws that prevent the vast majority of responsible, law-abiding citizens from carrying in public for lawful self-defense purposes.

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The Second Amendment's Defining Moment

Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBCs Morning Joe more >

Former Florida Rep. Joe Scarborough said Wednesday that the Founding Fathers did not write the Second Amendment to allow children to fire semi-automatic machine guns.

Mr. Scarborough, the Republican co-host of MSNBCs Morning Joe, was responding to the news that a 9-year-old girl lost control of an Uzi at an Arizona shooting range this week and accidentally killed her instructor.

SEE ALSO: Girl, 9, kills firing instructor with Uzi in Arizona range accident

Why are you putting an Uzi in the hands of a 9-year-old girl? It is sick, Mr. Scarborough said. What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with this culture?

NBC reported that shooting range allowed children as young as 8 years old to fire weapons.

I find it hard to believe that our Founding Fathers put together a Second Amendment to give 8-year children the right to fire semi-automatic weapons, and if you think that is what the Constitution of the United States, says you should really go back and read the Second Amendment, Mr. Scarborough said.

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Joe Scarborough: Second Amendment shouldn't open door for kids to wield Uzis

A Brief History Of The Second Amendment (AS TOLD BY MSNBC)
May 22, 2014 MSNBC News ONE TIME ONLY DONATION hosted_button_id=MHT8PM5BPSVC8 $1.00 ON…

By: wwwMOXNEWScom

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A Brief History Of The Second Amendment (AS TOLD BY MSNBC) – Video

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