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Top Local Omaha SEO Search Engine Optimization Services 402-982-4040 402-982-4040 We Are Local SEO In Omaha NE And It Is Our Business At Best Local Omaha SEO Search Engine…

By: topOmahaSEOcompany

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Top Local Omaha SEO Search Engine Optimization Services 402-982-4040 – Video

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Freedom Wars: its survival of the fittest for Japanese speakers this June 26

Best SEO Software 2014 – FREE Search Engine Submission to Rank Your site Click Here to Download the SEO Power Suite 4.15 Free: Search engine optimization Recommendations for Sites Search engine optimization means Seo….

By: Steven Abney

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Best SEO Software 2014 – FREE Search Engine Submission to Rank Your site – Video

Haliburton, Ontario (PRWEB) May 26, 2014

Canadian web marketing firm First Page SEO has just launched a new website The new site is much more organized and easier to navigate than the old site, says Stephen Roome, President First Page SEO. We made the decision to roll our separate reputation management business content into the new main company marketing site… it just made sense, given that there is quite a bit of overlap between brand management protection and search engine marketing, adds Mark Coles, company founder and co-owner.

The site is broken down into five main service areas SEO Packages, Social Marketing, Keyword Bidding, Website Design and Reputation Management, and the service areas generally have four levels that range from basic to aggressive levels of service. We find both customers and prospects can understand categories and numbered-service levels more easily than trying to sort through dozens of individual program offerings by name. There was definitely some confusion happening with new site visitors because we had such a broad array of web marketing services … we had to find a way to present them in an orderly way, states Roome. In addition to the main service areas, First Page SEO still offers many la carte programs for those who want to pick and choose specific unbundled services.

First Page SEO is known for sharing up to date web marketing information, and they didnt forget to continue that useful information exchange by offering an extensive onsite marketing Blog that web entrepreneurs can subscribe to. We have been in the search engine optimization business for 13 years now; we go back to the early days of web marketing … before folks had even heard of the Google brand. We live and breathe web marketing. We work to stay current and run our own test platform sites on a number of themed directories that we own. So in many ways we are our own guinea pig and we can pass those benefits on to our customers in a timely way, says Coles

Last but not least, First Page SEO has a new logo. Its actually a variation of the old logo … with a more modern look. We didnt want to change it up completely because it is part of our brand and heritage, and the old logo is very well known. Its a different look, but folks will still know that its us and not one of the three or four fly by night imitators that have at times used our trademark name or variations of it, adds Coles

Contact Information: Mark Coles, Owner First Page SEO PO Box 525 Minden ON K0M 2K0 (705) 286-3656

About First Page SEO: For thirteen years, First Page SEO has been a leading Canadian SEO consultant for search engine optimization, web site marketing and site promotion. Offering a wide range of web site consulting services at a reasonable price, First Page SEO specializes in placing websites on the first page through intensive web site analysis/optimization, customized keyword bidding campaigns, and link building programs, including e-news media release and social network submissions. First Page SEO also builds attractive web sites that place ahead of the competition, reputation management services and offers rock solid hosting services. For more information about First Page SEO call 705 286-3656 or visit

Website Marketing Firm First Page SEO Launches New Website

Austin SEO Packages –
Austin SEO Packages – Top Search Engine Rankings – How would you like to lead the top of Google, Yahoo, MSN and YouTube with links to…

By: Seo Austin

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Austin SEO Packages – – Video

May 252014

Detroit SEO Services
Detroit SEO Services in 85 Google+ circles Boost a website's spot in search with a MIchigan Search Engine Optimization team with a history of top Google rankings….

By: Get Found Stay Found

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Detroit SEO Services – Video

Its clear that Google and YouTube rankings are some of the most sought after rankings, but if youre an e-commerce site or looking to sell a product another search engine comes to mindAmazon. Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer, so its incredibly beneficial for your product to show up first on this websites result pages. Fortunately for you, with a little bit of effort you can optimize your product pages in just a few minutes.

When thinking about optimization, it helps to split up your product page into the different section you can find on Amazon and then see how you can optimize each one. Here is howto get stared:

As with any type of optimization for the web, keywords are going to be important. On your product detail page, you will be able to add in a title as well as a subtitle, which is the perfect opportunity to include keywords. Try to use your keywords at the beginning of the title if possible and make sure everything sounds natural. The more specific you can be, the better.

Make sure you always have a solid description of your product, not only because consumers want to hear more about it, but because this is how Amazon will determine what your product is all about. In other words, using keywords in this description is a must. Other search engines besides Amazon will also look at your product description if they are crawling Amazon (so just about every single search engine), so you kill two birds with one stone if you take the time to write a solid, keyword-rich description.

You actually have two different places where you can add text to your product listing: in the description section, which is lower on the page, or the product description, which is above the fold. Below aretwo different screenshots of the same page, the first showing the description above the fold and the second showing the description below:

Reviews have been a hot topic recently all around the web, and Amazon is no exception. Reviews are more unique content about a product and are usually trusted by consumers, so Amazon likes to see a product page with a good number of reviews. There are a few different things you can do to help promote positive reviews on your Amazon page:

Remember, you are not allowed to post fake reviews or pay someone to leave you a review (whether its through a free gift or otherwise). This is against Amazons policies,andyour listing could be banned so make sure to use some of the approved tactics mentioned above.

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E-Commerce 101: How to Get Started with SEO For Your Products on Amazon by @highervis

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University of Saskatchewan still under fire for academic freedom after resignation of provost

SEO Cornwall - Video

SEO Comments Off
May 212014

SEO Cornwall
SEO Cornwall by, the #1 place for Search Engine Optimization in Cornwall.

By: David Fripp

Excerpt from:
SEO Cornwall – Video

All the quality content in the world won’t help your search rankings if your site has structural or other technical issues.

In the age of “Penguin,” “Panda,” “Hummingbird” and other big Google algorithm updates, winning the search engine optimization (SEO) game means publishing high-quality content that earns links. But all the quality content in the world won’t help your search rankings if your site has structural or other technical issues.

We asked the SEO community to weigh in on the most common technical issues that can adversely impact your site’s search rankings today. Many of these technical challenges, such as duplicate content, have been around for years. But as the SEO game matures and evolves it’s even more important to clean up site messiness. After all, successful SEO is one third on-page optimization, one third off-page optimization (such as backlinks), and a third clean website structure that’s free of technical issues, according to Bill Sebald, owner of Greenlane Search Marketing.

Here are the top 10 SEO technical issues in 2014, according to nearly 30 experts, along with tips on how to address them.

1) Duplicate Content

Almost all of the SEO professionals we queried cited duplicate content as a top technical concern. Simply put, duplicate content is any content that is “appreciably similar” or exactly the same as content that resides on your site, according to Google Webmaster Tools.

“Google’s crawlers must cover a lot of ground,” says Michael Stricker, U.S. marketing director for SEMrush. “Google can’t consume all of the data, especially when one considers that Google must revisit each page again and again to find changes or new material. Anything that slows Google’s discovery or crawling of the Web is unwelcome. Dynamically created websites that create Web pages on the fly from databases are frequently misconfigured from an SEO point of view. These sites may create lots of pages, or URLs, that contain basically the same content, over and over.”

Other sources of duplicate content include the use of both “plain” and secure protocol URLs (HTTP and HTTPS); no expressed preference for a versus (without the www); blog tags; and syndicated RSS feeds.

Duplicate content can also result from common content management system (CMS) functionalities, including sorting parameters, according to Johnny Ewton, Web analyst for

The remedy is to crawl your site looking for duplications and apply “crawl directives” to inform Google of the relative value of multiple URLs, Stricker says. You can use “robots.txt” (a file that allows you to control how Google’s bots crawl and index your public Web pages) to tell Google the specific folders and directories that are not worth crawling.

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Top 10 Technical SEO Issues (and How to Fix Them)

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Esscom: 361 isles are hideout haven

Leading SEO Online Marketing Company Auckland, India, USA, Uk
Kleverk Design is Creative Digital Agency Specialized Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Pay Per Click, Web Design.

By: Kleverk Designs Pvt. Ltd

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Leading SEO & Online Marketing Company Auckland, India, USA, Uk – Video

Ifyour website falls prey to a Google Penalty, could you resurrect your website in search engine rankings within a very short period of time (such as 3 to 5 days) as some companies claim? Google penalties and link disavowing have probably generated more buzz and notoriety in the SEO world than any other subject. Throughout this article we will outline the main steps of the whole disavow process and figure out whether a small number of days toward recovery is possible by analyzing Googles position and listing all the necessary steps and timings in a disavow process.

First, lets see how much time is Google telling us it might last. Below, you can see a screenshot taken form the Google Webmaster Support that outlines the fact that the process might take a number of weeks as recrawling the web takes a while.

Screenshot taken 16/05/2014 of

Yet, as the world-wide web got bigger and bigger so did the search engine, and as Matt Cutts says, the engineers from Google refresh a large fraction of the index every few days. This could mean the disavow process might be, indeed, shorter than a few weeks but a 3-5 day recovery is still a long shot.

However, the index is not the only part we are interested in. The recovery process also includes the time necessary for a website to be back on the track . So, beside the time that it takes to recrawl, we arealso be interested in the overall time that it takes to be on Googles golden list. In an interview he gave to Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts mentioned the whole process might take some months so a 3-5 day recovery sounds more and more like a fairy tale and less like a grounded theory.

Screenshot taken 16/05/2014 of

Weve searched the internet, but we didnt find any reliable case study of a 3 day recovery. There may be processes through which you could speed up the Google bot to recrawl a list of links fasterbut, as we mentioned before, the recovery procedure takes way longer and it does not just involve the recrawl time. Why does it take longer?

Lets review the steps that need to be followed in this complex process, so we can have a clear image of why this whole process needsto be treated with the maximum seriousness and with a great investment of time and energy.

The old concept of SEO, which isblamed for the Google penalties, is very much like a blade, in that there are both intended and unintended ways of using it.

In the most basic sense, if you use a blade to spread peanut butter on bread its good, whereas if you use it to stab people its wrong.

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SEO 101: Is a Fast Google Penalty Recovery Possible Using the Google Disavow Tool? by @cognitiveSEO

(PRWEB) May 19, 2014

The independent authority on search marketing vendors,, has named SEO Novus the 9th best SEO reseller agency in Costa Rica for the month of May 2014. SEO Novus was chosen based on their impressive performance in an in-depth analysis of the solutions they offer. While there are thousands of agencies offering a variety of solutions, the rankings consist of the best highlighted based on the results of the rigorous evaluation process.

These companies in Costa Rica are put to the test through a thorough evaluation process to uncover which companies to highlight in the recommendations. While there are thousands of SEO reseller companies, the recommendations are comprised of the absolute best the internet marketing industry has to offer. The independent research team investigates the competing companies across five areas of evaluation in order to uncover their overall level of competency in areas including on-page optimization, keyword analysis, communication, needs analysis, and off-page optimization. is also active within various search marketing events and conferences. The independent research team often performs industry research to discover the latest relevant news and information important to customers and professionals. Often times firms provide with an inside look to new developments.

Customers of online marketing solutions often turn to when looking for dependable SEO reseller agencies in Costa Rica. The independent research team has named SEO Novus as the 9th best firm based on the results of the examination process. strongly believes in SEO Novus’s continued dedication towards excellence.

About SEO Novus

SEO Novus is an India based online marketing company with a history of ethical and responsive strategies which focus on achieving top positions in organic rankings in major Search engines. In addition to their award-winning SEO services SEO Novus also offers pay per click management, link building, web design, and web development services.

About is an organizer of internet marketing ratings in Costa Rica. The primary objective of is to determine and announce those individuals or companies supplying top internet marketing solutions available. SEO reseller companies are put through a meticulous evaluation to ensure the recommendations contain the absolute best companies the internet marketing industry has to offer.

To find out more about SEO Novus, visit

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SEO Novus Named Ninth Best SEO Reseller Service in Costa Rica by for May 2014

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NSA row sparks rush for encrypted email

This Strategy Is Critical for Great SEO
If you're disregarding this particular element of SEO then your site's ranking might be suffering in the search results. Read more at…

By: Entrepreneur

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This Strategy Is Critical for Great SEO – Video

The Best Free Edu Backlinks For Seo
Why should you use EDU backlinks for SEO? This video will give you the short answer you neeed! Read and create 7 Free Dofollow High Quality PR EDU backlinks that will improve your Search Engine…

By: Bas se

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The Best Free Edu Backlinks For Seo – Video

Get more sales with SEO – Tel: 02033183249 SEO Search Engine Optimisation for more leads, sales and customers — call 0203 318 3249 today. If you own a business website and you have not optimized…

By: Dan Burroughs

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Get more sales with SEO – Tel: 02033183249 – Video

Negative SEO The Dark Side of Search Engine Ranking
Negative SEO The Dark Side of Search Engine Ranking.

By: lorelie gonzaga

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Negative SEO The Dark Side of Search Engine Ranking – Video

Blackpool SEO | Search Engine Optimization
Visit – – For more info on Blackpool SEO. Also check out:

By: Tony Newton

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Blackpool SEO | Search Engine Optimization – Video

FireFox! Start Your Own Web Hosting Company
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