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Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd. – Phoenix SEO

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Feb 112016

UpdatedApril 26, 2015

Coronation Internet Marketing is the premier Phoenix SEO company, online advertising service and marketing consultancy in the metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona area.

Would you like to control your market instead of your competitors? Call the best search engine optimizationconsultants in Phoenix, AZ now at(480) 630-0104 to start dominating your competition. Please leave a message if we dont answer outside of office hours.

At the moment, there are huge business opportunities in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, and Tempe, Surprise as well as the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

Studies show that advertisers forked over a massive $40 billion dollars in payment for Google Adwords advertising just to spread the word about their businesses in search results. We can guarantee you similar high quality traffic for which advertisers paid Google a fortune for but it will just be for a considerably small amount of the cost.

Also, we can offer high quality website design, marketing consulting as well as a lot more. Just call our SEO officetoday at (480) 630-0104. (If its outside of regular business hours, please leave us a message.)

In case you happen to own a business or a company in Phoenix, Arizona, you need to know that SEO (search engine optimization) services are very important for the growth and prosperity of your venture. Today, and for the last couple of years, SEO has been an integral part of internet advertising. In fact, many businesses are continuing to incorporate search engine optimization into their marketing policy. Therefore, if you arent doing the same, it is the reason you are unable to compete with the big guys.

Although owners of small businesses may not entirely understand the advantages that online advertising brings, let alone SEO, it is important that they try their search engine optimization options so as to maximize visibility for their products and services. SEO is the great equalizer. It is the only place small business owners can match their more seasoned and well-established competitors.

Search engines help people find solutions to simple queries online. For instance, a person may want to know where a favorite restaurant is located in their neighborhood. Others want a lawyer or even a plumber. When users key in specific keywords into search engines, individuals will be presented with numerous results. The results are usually arranged according to relevance or importance to the entered keywords.

Without search engines, it would not be easy for people to locate information online. Simply put, search engine optimization enables people to find the information they need on the internet. This is by use of keywords or even the business brand. This is why it is important that you rank on the top of the search engine results page so that users can easily find your website.

Do you want to rank on the first page in Google? Just call the top search engine marketingservice in the Greater Phoenix, AZ area at (480) 630-0104. Calling us outside of business hours? Leave a message and well call you back ASAP.

In just a few short months weve been able tohave our business rank on the first page of Google for a number of keyword terms compared to other SEO companies in the Phoenix valley. Imagine what we can do for your company.

Our first page rankings as of August 2014.

Since most web users depend on search engines like Google or Bing to get products and services, making use of search engine optimizationservices as an integral part of any internet marketing strategy makes a whole lot of sense. For a small business in Phoenix, it means that you can make buyers find your products or services a lot more cheaply. This in turn translates to growth of the venture.

However, business owners are sometimes reluctant to trust Phoenix search engine optimizationcompanies to improve marketing. This is because of a few companies out there that are actually out to con unsuspecting business owners. This is because such businesses can be overwhelmed by the complexity of what SEO is and how it is achieved. But if a business owner gets a solid marketing firm that can offer good references (like we can), it can benefit their businesses in a great way.

The following are some of the ways that your businesses would benefit if they sought the services of a top consultant for SEO like Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd.

When people use search engines to look for something on the web, they are normally given some options which they have to individually look at in order to determine if it gives them what they want. Research shows that the majority of people will choose the first few sites that rank at the top of the search results page. You want your site to be clicked? You need to appear on the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

There are many things that come into play when improving the website ranking of your business and this includes the URL structure and the content. However, upon properly utilizing all the elements, your website will get more visibility. Since customers will have an easier time locating your business, they are likely to contact you for your products and services.

With SEO, the ranking of your page will stay ahead of the competition for a long time. This goes a long way to ensure that customers are able to access your website in future. In short, the impacts of an effective search engine optimization campaign lasts long to give you a continued presence on the web.

It is not possible for your products or even services to sell if people in greater Phoenix (or anywhere else, for that matter) do not know of them. This is precisely what SEO does. It ensures that people are aware of your business. Even if the initial response does not lead to significant sales, the publicity that you will get is very good for your business when you look at it in the long term. Brand recognition can almost certainly lead to better sales because more and more people will become familiar with your product or service. The more they know of it, the more they are likely to trust it. If your website generates high traffic, consistent sales are just a matter of time.

For every marketing campaign, expect that it will come with its own costs. In most cases, advertising campaigns are very costly. But with Phoenix SEO services, you can advertise your products and services and get an even higher turnover while not breaking the bank for it. This is especially important for a small business that is just starting out and therefore does not have the financial muscle to launch robust advertising campaigns.

As part of our SEO Phoenix marketing, your website will be restructured and rebuilt so that it is turned into the hub of your content online. Not only does this cater to your market but it also fills the website with fresh and highly relevant information. Molding your web into a traffic magnet makes your products and services sell more. To achieve this, you need to work with experienced Phoenix web designers and internet marketers who have the capability to not only improve visitors experience but also remove unwanted fluff from your site.

If you want your company website to rank on the first page on Googles search engine results page, do not hesitate to call the premier Phoenix SEO consultants at (480) 630-0104. Dont be afraid to call us outside of business hours and leave a message. Well call you back as soon as we can.

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Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd. – Phoenix SEO

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Phoenix SEO | DIAP Media – PPC Management Agency

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Feb 112016

DIAP Media one of the best SEO companies in the United States manages SEO Campaigns andPaid Search /PPC Management Company. We have SEO agency coverage and locations in Philadelphia, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson AZthat has been helping companies from local small businesses to national Inc. 5000 brands nationwide optimize their websites, product urls, and digital assets for the search engines since 2006. Our local Phoenix SEO strategies for our clients here in our home base have been working since 2006 when we first started learning Googles Algorithms.

We can help you with SEO & PPC (Pay per click) ads, Marketplace Optimizationand Google Marketing strategies to grow your website traffic and drive more revenue for your business.

In todays day an age if you dont have a digital presence especially on Google or Amazon customers will not know you exist or give you any credibility. Let us help you build trust with Google and trusted marketplaces (GNC, Amazon, Walmart) by getting your website on other websites that have relevant content and link back to your site as a useful resource.

Also, let us help you develop and execute an SEO contentmarketing strategy that will help increase rankings on Google and Amazon to help you get more attention online. With a blog or content marketing strategy and a few on page SEO tweaks you will start seeing your website rank higher of terms relevant for your business and the phone will start to ring.

Since we dont take on every client for SEO or PPC consulting services we have a dedicated SEO consultant and link builder giving your campaigns online attention to make sure you get the best results. We focus on relevancy, authority, and social backlinks that drive traffic, leads, and sales and move your site higher in the Google and/or Amazon search engines.

We also have local seo experts that can build citations for your local lead generating sites and drive more calls to your business every month. We track all the calls so you know how we helped your local marketing every month.

One benefit of working with our Search Engine Marketingagency is we also are certified with Google Adwords platform and understand social media strategies that will also build your brand equity and trust with Google and the search engines including Amazons search engine.

We can simplify this process and take care of everything for you. We make it easy for you to hire us and start getting you results. We work on an exclusive basis so we wont help any other companies or brands that compete with you in the same industry or same cities that you cover.

We offer custom proposals and treat your business as a unique situation based on the competition and ROI. We dont take a cookie cutter package pricing approach you might see where you just are a number or sales goal.

To us your partnership and investment is appreciated. We will make sure your monthly investment is is producing an ROI and we are an asset to your business otherwise we expect you to cancel our services.

We do have a monthly SEO budget minimums, as an example for Local SEO services at least $1000.00 per month is a starting point and that is for very low competitive industries and or areas. We owna local SEO company dedicated to certain local markets as well. As an example our Beverly Hills SEO market, Philadelphia SEO market, and Tucson SEO service area.

If you are ready to get custom quote for your website please call us at 888-863-7421 so we can learn more about your business and SEO or Internet Marketing needs.

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Phoenix SEO | DIAP Media – PPC Management Agency

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SEO Agency | Phoenix SEO | Stealth Media Agency

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Feb 112016

Stealth Media Agency is a Google Adwords PPC and SEO Marketing Agency based in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZwith SEO and PPC Management consultants and expertisespecializing Local Marketing Services for Small and Medium sized businesses. We get you on the first page of Google, track it, optimize it and make you money every month.

Our Phoenx SEO corporate office isbasedin Scottsdale, Arizona and help companies and brands nationwide on an exclusive basis. We help target people searching on sites like Google and Amazon and help get your website, products, and services and brand in front of those people to turn them into new customers and make your phone ring. We also help amplify brands attention on social media channels to help your SEO and brand equity.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, top selling brand on marketplaces like Amazon or in our backyard in the Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ area our seo expertscan execute an internet marketingplanthat will increase your brand equity and drive more attention, leads and sales.

We focus on driving online marketingattention that re-engages current fans of your brand, targets new customers, and increases revenue for your company. We track as much as we can to help you see the value in search and social mediatraffic, shares, and engagement that build your brand equity online.

We tracking your monthly ad budget spend with call tracking technology and our lifted websites platform.

Depending on whether you are looking for an internet marketing agency for small business or if you are a well recognized brand we customize pricing based on what we are hired to execute for you. We dont cookie cut our search & social marketing strategy that you hire us to execute sowe dont cookie cut our SEO & Social Media pricing.

You arent a customer that selected a package, you are and appreciated client we appreciate the opportunity to work with and will take the take to provide you a custom proposal after an initial call or meeting and after better understanding your key performance metrics and what you want to accomplish with social media & search engine marketingin the first place.

Are you ready to let the stealth media agency team execute your internet marketing, social media, SEO, or Google ppc mission?

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SEO Agency | Phoenix SEO | Stealth Media Agency

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Gainesville, GA Internet Marketing Company | Full Media

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Feb 052016

Headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia, Full Media is an Internet marketing company that focuses on professional website design and search engine optimization (SEO) services. We help companies and organizations of all sizes increase their online exposure through SEO, e-mail marketing, online advertising, responsive web design and custom programming.

As a local Internet marketing company, we are committed to driving real results for our clients through these areas of expertise:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Whether your need an SEO audit or monthly engagement to drive more qualifed traffic to your website, Full Media can help. Our Internet marketing experts work with small and mid-sized businesses to leverage their online presence to increase leads and grow their business.

Responsive Design Gainesville’s small and mid-size businesses deserve affordable, professional website design and custom programing. From an e-Commerce design or aninformation-based website that discusses your services and competitive advantage, our team of graphic designers, project managers and website programmers can help.

Located in the heart of Gainesville at 427 Oak Street NW, we take pride in personally knowing many of our clients and driving by their place of business. Our doors are always open to anyone throughout North Georgia who wants to receive more qualified website leads.

If you are ready for a professional approach to your website and online marketing, contact us today and speak to one of our team members about how Full Media can help.

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Gainesville, GA Internet Marketing Company | Full Media

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N.D.Ill.: Withheld video of CPD shooting revealed during …

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Jan 292016

ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 (2015)

by John Wesley Hall Criminal Defense Lawyer and Search and seizure law consultant Little Rock, Arkansas Contact / The Book

2003-16, online since Feb. 24, 2003 real non-robot URL hits since 2010; approx. 18k posts since 2003


Fourth Amendment cases, citations, and links

Latest Slip Opinions: U.S. Supreme Court (Home) Federal Appellate Courts Opinions First Circuit Second Circuit Third Circuit Fourth Circuit Fifth Circuit Sixth Circuit Seventh Circuit Eighth Circuit Ninth Circuit Tenth Circuit Eleventh Circuit D.C. Circuit Federal Circuit Foreign Intell.Surv.Ct. FDsys, many district courts, other federal courts, other Military Courts: C.A.A.F., Army, AF, N-M, CG State courts (and some USDC opinions)

Google Scholar Advanced Google Scholar Google search tips LexisWeb LII State Appellate Courts LexisONE free caselaw Findlaw Free Opinions To search Search and Seizure on $

Research Links: Supreme Court: SCOTUSBlog S. Ct. Docket Solicitor General’s site SCOTUSreport Briefs online (but no amicus briefs) Curiae (Yale Law) Oyez Project (NWU) “On the Docket”Medill S.Ct. Monitor: S.Ct. Com’t’ry:

General (many free): LexisWeb Google Scholar | Google LexisOne Legal Website Directory Crimelynx $ (criminal law/ 4th Amd) $ (4th Amd) $ F.R.Crim.P. 41 FBI Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (2008) (pdf) DEA Agents Manual (2002) (download) DOJ Computer Search Manual (2009) (pdf) Stringrays (ACLU No. Cal.) (pdf)

Congressional Research Service: –Electronic Communications Privacy Act (2012) –Overview of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (2012) –Outline of Federal Statutes Governing Wiretapping and Electronic Eavesdropping (2012) –Federal Statutes Governing Wiretapping and Electronic Eavesdropping (2012) –Federal Laws Relating to Cybersecurity: Discussion of Proposed Revisions (2012) ACLU on privacy Privacy Foundation Electronic Frontier Foundation NACDLs Domestic Drone Information Center Electronic Privacy Information Center Criminal Appeal (post-conviction) (9th Cir.) Section 1983 Blog

“If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. It isn’t, and they don’t.” Me

I still learn something new every day. Pete Townshend, The Who 50th Anniversary Tour, “The Who Live at Hyde Park” (Showtime 2015)

“I can’t talk about my singing. I’m inside it. How can you describe something you’re inside of?” Janis Joplin

“Love work; hate mastery over others; and avoid intimacy with the government.” Shemaya, in the Thalmud

“A system of law that not only makes certain conduct criminal, but also lays down rules for the conduct of the authorities, often becomes complex in its application to individual cases, and will from time to time produce imperfect results, especially if one’s attention is confined to the particular case at bar. Some criminals do go free because of the necessity of keeping government and its servants in their place. That is one of the costs of having and enforcing a Bill of Rights. This country is built on the assumption that the cost is worth paying, and that in the long run we are all both freer and safer if the Constitution is strictly enforced.” Williams v. Nix, 700 F. 2d 1164, 1173 (8th Cir. 1983) (Richard Sheppard Arnold, J.), rev’d Nix v. Williams, 467 US. 431 (1984).

“The criminal goes free, if he must, but it is the law that sets him free. Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, its disregard of the charter of its own existence.” Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643, 659 (1961).

Any costs the exclusionary rule are costs imposed directly by the Fourth Amendment. Yale Kamisar, 86 Mich.L.Rev. 1, 36 n. 151 (1987).

“There have been powerful hydraulic pressures throughout our history that bear heavily on the Court to water down constitutional guarantees and give the police the upper hand. That hydraulic pressure has probably never been greater than it is today.” Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1, 39 (1968) (Douglas, J., dissenting).

“The great end, for which men entered into society, was to secure their property.” Entick v. Carrington, 19 How.St.Tr. 1029, 1066, 95 Eng. Rep. 807 (C.P. 1765)

“It is a fair summary of history to say that the safeguards of liberty have frequently been forged in controversies involving not very nice people. And so, while we are concerned here with a shabby defrauder, we must deal with his case in the context of what are really the great themes expressed by the Fourth Amendment.” United States v. Rabinowitz, 339 U.S. 56, 69 (1950) (Frankfurter, J., dissenting)

“The course of true law pertaining to searches and seizures, as enunciated here, has notto put it mildlyrun smooth.” Chapman v. United States, 365 U.S. 610, 618 (1961) (Frankfurter, J., concurring).

“A search is a search, even if it happens to disclose nothing but the bottom of a turntable.” Arizona v. Hicks, 480 U.S. 321, 325 (1987)

“For the Fourth Amendment protects people, not places. What a person knowingly exposes to the public, even in his own home or office, is not a subject of Fourth Amendment protection. … But what he seeks to preserve as private, even in an area accessible to the public, may be constitutionally protected.” Katz v. United States, 389 U.S. 347, 351 (1967)

Experience should teach us to be most on guard to protect liberty when the Governments purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. United States v. Olmstead, 277 U.S. 438, 479 (1925) (Brandeis, J., dissenting)

Libertythe freedom from unwarranted intrusion by governmentis as easily lost through insistent nibbles by government officials who seek to do their jobs too well as by those whose purpose it is to oppress; the piranha can be as deadly as the shark. United States v. $124,570, 873 F.2d 1240, 1246 (9th Cir. 1989)

“You can’t always get what you want / But if you try sometimes / You just might find / You get what you need.” Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

“In Germany, they first came for the communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Catholic. Then they came for meand by that time there was nobody left to speak up.” Martin Niemller (1945) [he served seven years in a concentration camp]

You know, most men would get discouraged by now. Fortunately for you, I am not most men! “The point of the Fourth Amendment, which often is not grasped by zealous officers, is not that it denies law enforcement the support of the usual inferences which reasonable men draw from evidence. Its protection consists in requiring that those inferences be drawn by a neutral and detached magistrate instead of being judged by the officer engaged in the often competitive enterprise of ferreting out crime.” Johnson v. United States, 333 U.S. 10, 13-14 (1948)

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N.D.Ill.: Withheld video of CPD shooting revealed during …

Fourth Amendment – Kids |

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Jan 292016

A Guide to the Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment, or Amendment IV of the United States Constitution is the section of the Bill of Rights that protects people from being searched or having their things taken away from them without any good reason. If the government or any law enforcement official wants to do that, he or she must have a very good reason to do that and must get permission to perform the search from a judge. The fourth amendment was introduced into the Constitution of the United States as a part of the Bill of Rights on September 5, 1789 and was ratified or voted four by three fourths of the states on December 15, 1791.

The Text of the Fourth Amendment

The text of the Fourth Amendment which is found in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the following:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

History of the Third Amendment

In Colonial America, laws were written in order to help the English earn money on customs. The justices of the peace would do this by writing general warrants, which allowed general search and seizure to happen. Massachusetts wrote a law in 1756 that banned these warrants, because tax collectors were abusing their powers by searching the colonists homes for illegal goods. These general warrants allowed any messenger or officer to search a suspected place without any evidence. It also allowed them to seize people without even saying what they did wrong or showing evidence of their wrongdoings. Virginia also banned the use of general warrants later due to other fears. These actions later led to the addition of the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

The Fourth Amendment Today

Today, the Fourth Amendment means that in order for a police officer to search and arrest someone, he or she will need to get permission or a warrant to do so from a judge. In order to get a warrant, the police officer must have evidence or probable cause that supports it. The police officer, or whoever has the evidence, must swear that it is true to his or her knowledge.

Facts About the Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment applies to the government, but not any searches done by organizations or people who are not doing it for the government.

Some searches can be done without a warrant without breaking the law, like when there is a good reason to think that a crime is happening.


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Fourth Amendment – Kids |

Florida SEO Search Engine Optimization Expert for your …

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Jan 282016

The SEO Specialists at FloridaSEO will get your phone ringing with buyers. Tell us about your ideal client. Then let us position you in front of them.

Look for a top rated Orlando, Fl. area SEO Expert who is ranking websites such as Florida at the top of Googles first page:

Were not just the Number 1 Florida SEO Expert according to Google (and many other terms), but also the Number 1 Florida SEO Expert and Florida SEO (just a few sample terms) according to Bing and Yahoo search engines too. These type of results can transform your business; Contact us now to find out how this can apply to your business.

Through skilled analysis and ethical best practices, we are able to provide our clients with long lasting results. Results that do not include de-indexing or penalties by Google. In fact, if your site has been hit with a Google penalty (because perhaps you tried to go the cheap route the first time with your SEO, and got spanked), we invite you to contact us for a quick consultation. We can provide you with tips and strategies to get your site back to its natural position, or we could do the heavy lifting and grunt work for you. Either way, engaging with business owners and helping them solve problems is our passion.

Sure, we could charge a small monthly fee to hundreds or thousands of businesses and provide a cookie cutter solution built out of cardboard and matchsticks. But you and I both know how thats going to turn out when a storm like Panda or Penguin (Google updates) come along. Your site, and all of the money you paid into empty promises, will be swept into the sea of page two (or lower) resultsand nobody is going beyond the first page to find what theyre looking anymore.

Here at, we understand the importance of measurable results. If you dont see and feel an ROI, then it wasnt truly an investmentit was a gamble. When it comes to the results you desire, hiring a company with potent resources can make all the difference. We allied with a private group (think of it as a Mastermind group) of the absolute best SEO experts in the world. We collectively monitor thousands of sites, hundreds of thousands of links and keywords in almost every niche imaginable. This gives us an overwhelming advantage of being able to continually monitor search engine results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and get notified as soon as the slightest algorithm change is taking affect. Google made an estimated 500-600 changes to their algorithm in 2013. That number is on the rise.

In order for businesses to thrive, getting leads is absolutely mandatory. When a person responds to a television or radio ad, today they are pulling out their smartphone and doing a quick keyword search to find the nearest location carrying the product that they are interested in. Proper keyword search and optimization, and then ranking your site for the most popular keywords your customers are searching for is a given. Our in-depth keyword analysis often returns keywords that a business wouldnt necessarily think to try and rank for; competitor names, accessories and or adjunct services are just a few areas that we investigate in order to uncover hidden gold mines for our clients.

When you are ready to shift gears, and upgrade your business and your life, shoot us a call at 321-200-0500. And, if you are looking for services beyond SEO like reputation management (getting rid of disgruntled employee or grumpy customer reviews on any of the review based engines), copywriting, product launching, sales letter and video sales letter creation, online marketing, web development, YouTube video creation or hundreds of ancillary services, if we cant provide the solution in-house, our resource list is made up of the cream of the cropwe will steer you in the right direction, or be happy to manage the relationships and processes for you. call, email or send a bat signal into the night sky (and, if we dont respond to thatwell, call us or email us), and we will be quick to respond to your needs in a friendly, professional and even educational manner!

Ask about our valuable in depth Competitor Analysis report. *Free for a Limited Time* Find out what your competition is doing and use that information to beat them. Call us to find out: 321-200-0500

Local business owners are looking to gain customers. There are many large and small companies offering cookie cutter solutions that simply do not work. So what is a business owner to do? Their prospective customers are actively searching for their services or products, using specific buyer intent search phrases.

We help by leveling the playing field thus allowing the business owner to dominate his or her market segment. Contact us to find out how we can help get your phone ringing with targeted customers. Ready to buy your superior products and services.

Business owners number one concern is enabling fresh new customers to find them easily, and have them call in seeking the goods and services you provide. Florida SEO can help.

Everything else comes second, since it is leads that drive any business.

Your prospects are not looking in the Yellow Pages any more.

The way Search Engine Marketing has been done in the past doesnt work anymore. Google are increasingly sophisticated using techniques such as implementing Artificial Intelligence into their search engine algorithms. Many of the traditional SEOs just do a few on page optimizations and call it quits. Its cheap at say $199 a month, but the ROI is terrible.

Your Leads funnel provider needs to be in the know on changes that Google makes, this is extremely coveted information. That is only available to a very select few individuals. We have this inside track. It is provided by our close ties to a private group with 1000s of sites that are monitored continuously for changes in response. Google made an estimated 500-600 algorithm changes last year (2013). That number is on the rise.

Partner with Florida SEO Experts who have the knowledge and expertise to give your business that special advantage you desire.

A significant portion of people responding to TV, Radio and other Printed advertising material by typing the key phrases into Google. These Search Phrases can include your businesses name, address / location, phone number, product / service type + review. All kinds of keyword variations including competitor names can come in to play.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level (up), call us at 321-200-0500, and see if your business and are a good fit. We stay busy, and like it that way, so if you call outside of business hoursor, if nobody grabs your call on the first tryleave a message and well get back to you right away!

*Note: Certain businesses will qualify for traditional type search engine ranking services, dependent on the particular niches customer value and related keywords. Contact us to find out.

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Florida SEO Search Engine Optimization Expert for your …

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Charleston SEO Firm | The Leader in South Carolina SEO

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Jan 262016

Every day thousands of people search for businesses online. 91% of them will click on websites they find on the first page. What does this means for you and your business? It means you have an opportunity to get more website traffic, get more leads and earn more money.

Most websites are filled with on-page errors that contribute to poor search rankings. Duplicate content or meta information, spammy links or a poor site link structure and navigation are often the culprits. In order for your site to rank well, it must be targeted towards your business, products and services. And more importantly, it has to be search-engine friendly. Thats where the Charleston SEO Firm comes in.

Most Internet marketing companies claim they can get you great search engine rankings. Unfortunately, many of those companies cant show any real results theyve attained with real clients. Charleston SEO has achieved numerous results with real SC clients.

An even worse problem in the Internet marketing business is companies that are able to achieve results but that do so with shady link building schemes that Google will ultimately punish them for. The Charleston SEO Firm will never participate in any black hat or gray area of optimization. We believe in writing superior, 100% unique content that gets the attention of the search engines and serves as the foundation of a multifaceted campaign incorporating web development, content marketing and social media.

We care about our clients sites and online reputations, and understand that taking risky shortcuts to achieve higher rankings can harm a business more than it can help in the long run. Our campaigns enable your website to climb the rankings naturally and not as the result of some spammy strategy of which Google and Bing disapprove.

At the Charleston SEO Firm, we dont just guess what keywords your prospective clients are typing into the search engines. We research exactly what is being typed and target those search terms in order to send you more qualified traffic. Targeted web traffic results in higher conversion rate and more business.

Our South Carolina SEO Firm understands that local businesses have a limited budget when it comes to marketing. We provide affordable SEO services customized for your website and industry and that will produces increases in quality traffic, leads and business. Take a look at our great results.

Chances are, you used Google and typed in something like Charleston SEO Company to find us. That proves it works! Let the Charleston SEO Firm design a (SEO) search engine optimization campaign that will produce exceptional results and rankings for your business. Talk to us about improving your Internet marketing today.

While our Internet marketing and SEO system will provide great results, it will not happen overnight. It usually takes 3-6 months for the efforts of an SEO campaign to fully register with the major search engines. However, it is well worth the wait when youre talking about doubling or tripling your web traffic. After the 3-6 months, you will enjoy top results for your targeted keyword, which will drive those extra phone call and Internet contacts forms you need to take your business to the next level.

Whatever your budget is, you can achieve more online with The Charleston SEO Firm. With plans starting at $300/month, any business can benefit from our system. Get a free quote today for all your SEO and Charleston Internet Marketing needs.

The Charleston SEO Firm is a marketing firm as well as an SEO Charleston Firm. We know how to nail down your demographic and then reach them consistently with the right messaging. We specialize in new website design, content marketing, social media and Google AdWords campaigns. We use our own, unique strategies to deliver quality traffic to your website and make sure your site is set up to convert that traffic into leads.

After our one-on-one consultation, Charleston SEO Firm will lay out a strategy and proposal designed specifically for your needs. Our SEO experts are eager to talk with you today about your Internet marketing campaign. We can help you evaluate where you stand online, and well share insights on web design, content and SEO best practices and what you can do to improve. We are here to help with all of your Charleston website marketing and search engine optimization needs!

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Charleston SEO – Search Engine Optimization Company

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Jan 262016

What are the benefits of hiring a Charleston SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimizer. These individuals work for web designer and online marketing companies. A Charleston SEO can help you achieve high or top rankings in major search engines, including Google,Bing and Yahoo. An SEO firm can help you start from scratch, if necessary, helping you establish a domain name or Internet address. They can also recommend a host for your company, which will keep your site up and running throughout the year.

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Michigan SEO –

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Jan 192016

Best MI Search Engine Optimization Experts

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Michigan SEO Company Blog – SEO Link Building, SEO Services …

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Jan 192016

In 2013 search engine optimization continues to be one of the most cost effective ways to get potential customers to your small business website. The methods of taking advantage of SEO services are evolving however and you need to keep up with the best practices in order to build the most trust between your web site and the search engines. This article will act as a guide for small businesses to create the most cost effective and safe campaign. Follow this guide to gain free (also referred to as organic) web site traffic.

Get Friendly with Social Media

You have probably heard it before but you need to be using social media. Social media has many benefits including direct traffic referrals, building a community and brand awareness. As far as search engine optimization goes, social media is a must. Search engines have caught on to the popularity of social media and therefore placed social signals in their ranking algorithms.

A social signal is when someone interacts with your social media posts or page. Every social media site has a different method for interacting with one another. On Twitter you have hash tags and re-tweets, on Facebook there are likes, shares and comments. When you post a link to content on your business page directing them to your website and people interact with it that is a social signal.

Another SEO benefit of social media sites is that there are so many of them. By creating profiles on many of these sites you are connecting your site to them which will increase your authority. One caution however is that all the information on these profiles needs to be exactly the same. The information in input boxes does not need to be identical but should contain the same keywords. All the contact information including your name, address, phone number etc. does need to be identical however. If your competitors are doing this and you are not, that could be enough to put them ahead of you in the search results.

Learn to Link Internally

Internal linking and structure is a big deal that many web site owners have no idea about. You can do everything right but if you do not have proper internal linking on your site, then it could all be for nothing. Linking internally means linking to pages within your own website. The benefit of doing this is that it gives search engines a path to follow in order to find all the pages of your website. If they do not have this path, they may never be able to index the internal pages of your site. This is a method to help a common practice of having a Sitemap.

Also by using keyword anchor text from your home page you can pass along the authority of your home page to your internal pages thus making them easier to rank themselves. The best way to practice this internal link structure is to create a pyramid starting with your homepage. Plan out this pyramid on paper and how you intend to link to the lower pages, then take your plan to your web site and add the links.

Create a Blog and Use it

As a small business owner you are probably not excited to take on another task that needs to be done daily or every other day. However, blogging is one of the most important parts of the cost effectiveness of search engine optimization today.

Most small business seo web sites do not have much content on them because they were not intended to deliver much diverse information. Essentially, they are a larger business card that sits online for most. The idea of a small business web site is to convey the message of the company and contact potential customers. A blog gives you an opportunity to build as much content as you can. The benefit of this is great. First of all you will give search engines more pages to view thus building trust with them. Second you will have an opportunity to update your web site often. Updating your website often will cause search engines to view your website often too. This alone gives you yet another trust factor in the eyes of search engines. A website that is updated often means the owner is interested in the topic and invested in it. Also by updating, you will have a better chance at ranking for topics that are time sensitive.

By following these steps you will be practicing the most cost effective way to get new customers. These tactics are completely safe and will not draw any red flags from search engines. Take the time to practice these SEO tactics and you will be sure to see an increase in free traffic.

About the Author

Jas Saran is the founder of G Web Pro Marketing Inc, a Web Design and Small Business SEO Company in Toronto, specializing in a complete online marketing solutions.

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Continental Rationalism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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Jan 182016

The seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries saw the heyday of metaphysical system-building, but the expression continental rationalism primarily connotes rather a set of epistemological views. By contrast to British empiricism, which traces all knowledge to sensory experience, these views emphasize a reliance on reason (ratio in Latin, hence rationalism), the resources of which are taken to be sufficient in some sense for what we know. Thus, a signature doctrine of rationalism is the doctrine of innate ideas, according to which the mind has built into it not just the structure of knowledge but even its content. Nonetheless, among the philosophers comprising the extension of the expression, metaphysical issues, particularly the ontology of substance, occupy the central place. Certainly, this is true of Leibniz and Spinoza, but also of Malebranche and other Cartesians, and even of Descartes when properly understood.

If there seems to be a gap between the connotation of the term and its denotation, this can be overcome somewhat by thinking of it in terms of Plato’s divided line, which establishes a parallel between objects known and the means by which they are known. In fact, the order of objects, the ordo essendi ranging in importance down from the Good to other forms, to individual things, and to images, and the order of knowing, the ordo cognoscendi, ranging from intuition of various sorts down to sensory experience, is itself to be found in various versions among the later rationalists. The important point, in any case, is that, for the continental rationalists as for Plato, the epistemological distinctions are grounded in ontological distinctions. Or, to put it terms that reflect rationalist thinking on a number of issues, there is only a distinction of reason between the two orders. The orders of being and knowing are not really distinct; they differ only in our ways of thinking about them.

There is a good explanation of the close connection seen by the rationalists between the epistemological and ontological orders, one that also accounts for their notable reliance on reason. It derives from their answer to what Leibniz called the grand metaphysical question: why is there something rather than nothing at all? There is something because there must be something; there cannot be nothing (and this way of putting it shows the ultimate debt of the rationalists to a tradition that goes back to Parmenides). Reality, or at least some part of it has necessary existence, and that necessity is something like logical necessity. With this answer, a whole philosophical outlook falls into place. First of all, any significant role for sensory experience falls away, since what exists can be known a priori by logic alone. Causal connections tend to be viewed as logical connections; a principle of sufficient reason falls out which tends to be read as a matter of logical deduction. One result is that there is an impulse toward monism: if the ultimate cause must exist, then that for which it is the sufficient reason must also exist, and just how the two can be distinguished becomes problematic (again, the Parmenidean antecedent is clear).

This outlook was not articulated as such by any rationalist except, perhaps, Spinozaindeed most were concerned to avoid such consequences of their views. But the outlook does capture the intuitions behind the metaphysical systems they elaborated. And it certainly draws the contrast between them and the empiricists, who tended toward tychism, the view that the world is largely, or even entirely, a product of chance. On the empiricist account, the universe consists of many independent individuals, which, if they are connected, are so only accidentally, reducing causation to nothing more than a matter of constant conjunction. (This physical, metaphysical and logical atomism is in the tradition of Democritus, Epicurus and Lucretius). Under such circumstances, only experience of the world can provide knowledge of it.

While such a juxtaposition of rationalism with empiricism may be useful as an interpretive tool, it should be borne in mind that such schematic outlooks are constructions in retrospect. British philosophers in the relevant historical period were far less disconnected from the continent than they are today. (Recall Passmore’s report in this regard of the newspaper announcement of fog on the English channel: continent isolated.) In the period presently under consideration, philosophical crossings from Britain were frequent and fruitful. In particular, Locke, Berkeley and Hume all crossed the Channel. In contrast, the rationalists stayed on the continent, both literally and figuratively.

The early modern period of philosophy, including continental rationalism, is generally, and correctly, supposed to have been driven by the new science to a radical departure from the Aristotelianism of the late medieval or renaissance period immediately preceding it. The mechanization and mathematization of the world demanded by the inertial physics of a moving Earth led to a revolutionary philosophy better described, at least in its rationalist version, as Platonic, or even Pythagorean. Even so, Aristotelian concepts and terminology persisted. Both were appropriated and deployed to deal with the new problems. The principal Aristotelian concept taken over by the rationalists was the concept of substance.

Aristotle’s term ousia is usually translated as substance. What exactly Aristotle meant by the term is a thorny matter, much debated in the literature. His account of substance in the Categories holds individual things, which he terms proper substances, to be paradigmatic of substance. On this account, substance is best understood by analogy with a grammatical subjectit takes a predicate, and is not predicable of anything further. Thus, while animal is predicable of horse, and horse of Bucephalus, Bucephalus stands by himself, impredicable of, and hence, numerically different from anything else. Much of Aristotle’s account in the Metaphysicswritten years laterseems to accord with this. However, Metaphysics (1017b1026) complicates the story. Aristotle there describes four uses of the term. He concludes by reducing these to two broad senses(1) substance as hypokeimenon, the ultimate substratum, which is not predicated of anything further; and (2) substance as formthat which makes each thing the kind of thing that it is. Indications within the text suggest that, by the time that he was giving the lectures that are collected in the Metaphysics, Aristotle regarded not individual things but the matter of which these individual things are formed, as the ultimate subject of predication. On this conception, there is some sense in which Bucephalus is himself predicable of matter. Thus, while the substance of the Categories serves as a principle of individuation, the substance of the Metaphysics is more complicated, serving both to individuate Bucephalus and Seabiscuit and to capture the connection or sameness that holds between them.

That substance should be called upon to account for both difference and sameness in the world indicates an inherent tension in the concept. Certainly, the two senses of the term substance were in tension during the seventeenth century. The momentum of rationalist argument was to resolve the tension by folding the first sense into the second: there is no real differentiation in the world, only the appearance of difference. Seventeenth century rationalists assigned to substance three roles of connection. Substance was taken (1) to connect attributes as attributes of the same thing at a time (a given shape and a given size as the shape and size of the same thing), (2) to connect them over time (the later shape and size, perhaps different from the earlier, as nonetheless the shape and size of the very same thing), and (3) to connect them as somehow related to the thing as a certain kind of thing (for the Cartesians, shape and size would indicate the thing to be of the kind extended). However, Spinoza alone among the continental rationalists fully embraced the conception of substance as a fundamental connection between things. The other members of the movement struggled to retain a notion of substance as individuator, but did so with varying degrees of success.

The rationalism of the most famous of the rationalists is problematic on two counts. First, Descartes is known as the father of modern philosophy precisely because he initiated the so-called epistemological turn that is with us still. Since Descartes, philosophy has been especially concerned with the theory of knowledge, both in itself and as it affects other areas of philosophy. Ethics, for example, has often been concerned with how the good might be known rather than with what the good might be. With his fundamental objective of achieving certainty for his beliefs, Descartes has thus been principally responsible for the incomplete characterization of rationalism as not just etymologically but essentially connected to the claims of reason. While Descartes certainly sought to justify the claims of reason and relied upon them, even for him there are corresponding ontological views that are no less important to his system.

The second problematic aspect of Descartes’s rationalism is more difficult to resolve. Descartes was a radical voluntarist who thought that all truth, including what we take to be necessary truth, depends on the will of God. Care needs to be taken in how this view is expressed, for Descartes did not hold simply that what we take to be necessary in fact is contingent. He held that actually necessary truth depends on God’s unconstrained will, such that even propositions that are logically contradictory might simultaneously be true. Reason itself thus seems no longer reliable, and experience would seem to be the only way of determining which of the worlds even beyond logic such a powerful and unconstrained God has created. Not many of the rationalists, even among the Cartesians, followed Descartes in this radical voluntarism, and some in recent times have seen the view as ultimately incoherent. Even so, Descartes seems to have taken the view as the basis at least of his physics, and perhaps of his whole system. Indeed, on some accounts, it was this doctrine of created truth that enabled Descartes to frame the most radical doubt hitherto conceived, when in the Meditations he entertained the possibility that he was always deceived by a mendacious deity, even when considering what appeared to him most obviously true, to wit, the existence of the simplest things that are the subjects of arithmetic and geometry. (Against this view, Margaret Wilson, 105114, observes that, in Meditation 1, God need only have the power to deceive me about the eternal truths, not to create them.) While a doubt (and a doctrine) this radical might lead one to despair of ever achieving sure knowledge, for Descartes, it was the catalyst for his discovery of the cogito, and with it, his first indubitable truththe truth of his own existence.

At every stage of Descartes’s argument in the Meditations, there are ontological implications: the mind’s independence of sensory perceptions (perceptions whose reliability is ultimately upset by the possibility that he is dreaming), the literally unimaginable sort of thing that a physical object such as a piece of wax must be, the existence of a veracious God, who provides a guarantee for the reliability of reason, and finally the existence of a physical world consisting of extended things. Arnauld immediately suggested to Descartes that his argument contained a circle: we can rely on reason only if we know that God exists, but we know that God exists only by relying on reason. Thus, Descartes has established the certainty only of his own existence, but nothing beyond that. Descartes thought that he had a response to this criticism, but whether he did, and how cogent it is as a rebuttal, have been perennial questions of debate among Descartes scholars. One way to understand Descartes’s procedure is that while he does not claim to prove even that he exists, he does claim to show that it is unreasonable to think otherwise. That is, he shows that the argument of the skeptic fails because the consistent application of reason leads to the view not that reason is unreliable, but precisely the opposite. The skeptic might be right, but he is unreasonable. Descartes thus emerges at least as a bootstrap rationalist, in a way that mirrors the non-absolute status of his necessary truths. The rationalist connection between the orders of being and knowing is thus preserved.

But what sense can be made of the doctrine of created truth? By what kind of causality did God create the eternal (necessary) truths? In response to this very question Descartes replied that God did so in just the way that He created everything else, that He is the total and efficient cause not only of the existence of created things, but also of their essence. The eternal truths are just this essence of created things. As before, Descartes did not elaborate his answer, but, once again, he provided enough elsewhere for us to do so. It is clear that for Descartes, as for many other theologically orthodox thinkers, the existence of things results from an unconstrained exercise of God’s omnipotent will to create ex nihilo. What Descartes might be saying, then, is that an eternal truth or essence is also something that is created ex nihilo. The eternal truths might thus be instances of what Descartes called substance.

In the Principles, Descartes defined substance as a thing that exists such that its existence does not depend on any other thing. He immediately added that, strictly speaking, the term applies only to God, who, as uncreated, alone depends on nothing else to exist. However, he allowed that in an extended sense it applies to things that depend only on God’s creation and continuing conservation. These created substances are really distinct from other substances insofar as they are conceivable apart from each other. They do not require a subject of inherence, and are thus ontologically, if not causally, independent. These created substances are distinguished from other things, such as qualities, which not only depend on God causally, but also depend ontologically on other things, ultimately on created substances, as subjects of inherence. In this sense, a created substance for Descartes is like the hypokeimenon of Aristotle, playing both its roles, as individuator and bearer of qualities. However, with his definition of the real distinction, he built in an unintended tendency toward monisma tendency that Spinoza exploited. For Descartes, one thing is really distinct from another just in case it can be conceived apart from that other. But, if this test of independence is applied to causal relations, it produces the result that there is but one substance, God.

What types of things counted as created substances for Descartes? Clearly, he takes an individual mind to be a created substance. If a mind did not have this status, then Descartes’s argument for its immortality, that it can be conceived apart from all else except God, and a fortiori from the body, would collapse. Beyond minds, however, an ambiguity appears. Although there are texts in which Descartes speaks of individual things like a piece of wax as substances, there are others that indicate that there is but a single extended substance, of which individual things are the modes. At a minimum, there is an asymmetry in his treatment of minds and material things, perhaps reflecting the tension between a hypokeimenon, accounting for difference, and the other sense of ousia, accounting for sameness. To say that Peter and Paul are substances is to say that their minds are numerically distinct; but to say that a piece of wax and piece of wood are substances might be to say that they are both extended things.

However many instances of each kind there might be, there is a dualism of two kinds of substance, according to Descartes: thinking things, or minds, and extended things, or bodies. This dualism generated two well-known problems, resolved by Descartes with only partial success. His polite critic, Elisabeth of Bohemia, wanted to know how in voluntary action the will, which is a property of the unextended mind, could have an effect on the body, given that, according to Descartes’s mechanistic physics, a material thing can be affected only by what is in contact with it. Descartes replied with a rather mysterious account of how the mind and body formed a unique kind of composite.

Descartes’s effort to resolve a second difficulty is more promising, and also exemplifies the rationalistic character of his thought. The problem is to show how the mind can know something such as a material thing that is different in kind from it, given a long-standing principle that only like can know like. He rejected this essentially Aristotelian principle, but still had to give an account of such knowledge. From scholastic sources, Descartes was able to construct a theory of ideas according to which to know something is to have an idea of it, the idea being the very thing known in so far as it is known. He saw the term idea as ambiguous: taken materially, it has formal reality, as a mode of the mind; taken in another sense, it has objective reality, as the thing represented. But there is no real distinction between these realities, only a rational distinction. They are really the same thing considered differently. A welcome epistemological upshot of this rationalist gambit is that Descartes has no skeptical problems generated by ideas standing as a tertium quid between the knower and what is known.

This result is indicated by Descartes’s use of the term, picked up and emphasized by Malebranche, according to which there are no false ideas; every idea in this sense is materially true in that it has an object, and that is the object it appears to have. This conception of an idea is the basis for Descartes of what has been called the transparency of mind: I cannot be mistaken that I am thinking about what I am thinking about. Malebranche (whose entire philosophy was colored by his struggles with Descartes’s theory of ideas), in fact, later erected such incorrigible intentionality into the fundamental principle of his epistemology. Meanwhile, Descartes’s view that material or formal reality and objective reality are only rationally distinct might be taken to mean that minds are intrinsically intentional. A mind just is the sort of thing whose states are about something else. Arnauld extended this thesis, which adumbrates later thinkers such as Brentano, to include all mental phenomena, even sensations.

The battle between the Cartesians and their opponents in the latter half of the seventeenth century was one of the great struggles in the history of philosophy, but it was one in which the lines were not clearly drawn. For, although those in the Cartesian camp claimed the banner of Descartes, there were as many differences among them as between them and their opponents. Perhaps the most important difference among them hinged on whether or not they accepted Descartes’s doctrine of created truth. Desgabets and his student Rgis were the most important among the few who did accept the doctrine. Along with their acceptance of the doctrine, however, came nascent tendencies toward empiricism. On the other hand, Malebranche, the most notable among the Cartesians who rejected the doctrine of created truth, developed a philosophical system with a purer rationalistic character than Descartes’s own. Descartes had advised his followers to follow not him but their own reason. Malebranche, like other heterodox Cartesians, justified his differences from Descartes as the result of following this injunction. On his view, his rejection of the doctrine of created truth followed from his commitment to other, deeper views in Descartes. He thus represented himself as more Cartesian than Descartes himself.

The philosophy of Malebranche is sometimes portrayed as a synthesis of Descartes and Augustine, but a more precise way to put this relation is that Malebranche used Augustine to rectify shortcomings he perceived in the philosophy of Descartes. Chief among these was Descartes’s theory of ideas, which, according to Malebranche, not only fails to reflect human beings’ proper dependence on God, and, moreover, leads inevitably to skepticism. Initially, Malebranche thought that he agreed with Descartes’s theory, but in the long debate over the nature of ideas he had with Arnauld, who held a close version of Descartes’s theory, Malebranche came to see a need for a different account.

Not implausibly, Arnauld took Descartes’s claim about the ambiguity of the term idea to mean that idea, or perception, refers to one and the same thing, a thing which stands in two different relations. Insofar as it is related to what is known, it is called an idea; insofar as it is related to the mind, it is called a perception. This (act of) perception he took to be related to the mind as a mode of it. It is at this point that Malebranche detected the threat of skepticism. What we know, indeed what we know in the most important instances of knowledge, is universal, necessary, and infinite, as in the case of certain mathematical knowledge. But nothing that is the mode of a particular, contingent and finite mind can be universal, necessary or infinite. If ideas were modes of the mind, then we would not have such knowledge; but since we do have such knowledge, ideas must be something else. Malebranche argued that the only being in which such ideas could exist is God. Following Augustine, he took ideas to be the exemplars in the mind of God after which He creates the world. This construal had the additional advantage for Malebranche of guarding against skepticism because, although idea and object are no longer identical, they are nonetheless necessarily connected as exemplar and exemplum. Even so, it remained true for Malebranche that, when we look at a material thing, what we in fact see is not that thing but its idea. This is the core of his view of vision of all things in God, which he welcomed as an indication of human beings’ dependence on the deity. The immediate vehicle whereby we have such knowledge is a particular, contingent, and finite mode of the mind; but the universal, necessary, and infinite object of that mode can exist only in some other kind of being. How are these ideas known to the mind if they are not in it, at least not as modes of it? Although ideas are not innate to the mind, for that would make them modes of it, they are nonetheless always present to it. In seeking to know, whether we realize it or not, we are consulting Reason, which Malebranche identifies with the second person of the Trinity, the logos of neo-Platonic theology. Our effort to know is a natural prayer that Reason always answers. Malebranche was thus a majuscule rationalist.

As for individual substances, Malebranche clearly thought that every material thing and every mind is a substance in the sense of a hypokeimenon. But when pressed late in his life to show how this status for them comported with the rest of his system, how they could be anything but modes of a single substance, in short how he avoided the drift into Spinozistic monism, he was in fact hard pressed. In the Search After Truth, Malebranche clearly committed himself to the view that everything is either a substance or a mode. In addition, he accepted Descartes’s criterion for a substance that it be conceivable apart from everything else. However, he maintained that any given portion of extension is conceivable apart from the rest of extension and is thus a substance. (Descartes did not think this, otherwise void space would be possible for him.) Since extension is conceptually divisible to infinity, Malebranche is committed to an infinite number of extended substances. Apart from the whole of extension, moreover, every substance contains an infinite number of substances, of (each of) which it is a mode. It is also a part of an infinite number of substances, which are modes of it. The explanatory value of the concept of substance would seem to have been lost with such results as these. Malebranche’s view seems to be a degenerate version of Descartes’s texts to the effect, surprising but coherent, that there is but one material substance, res extensa, whose modes are particular material things. Here the effect is to reverse the Aristotelian logic of substance. To say of x, a particular thing, that it is extended E, is to say not that a substance x has a property E, but that x is a mode of res extensa.

These difficulties in accounting for substance on Malebranche’s part seem to derive from his Platonism. As a Platonist, he was interested less in substance as the hypokeimenon, which accounts for difference, than in its other sense of ousia, which accounts for sameness. Thus, Malebranche’s skid to Spinozism is greased even when he talks about mind, the essence of which is thoughtnot this or that thought, but substantial thought, thought capable of all sorts of modifications or thoughts. Since the same substantial thought is had by all possessed of a mind, Malebranche’s view smacks even of the single intellectual soul for all men of the Latin Averroists. In this sense too, then, his heterodoxy as a Cartesian is part and parcel with his deep commitment to rationalism, and in particular with his rationalistic reduction of phenomenal difference to real sameness.

The final rationalistic aspect of Malebranche’s thought that deserves attention here is his theory of causation. For Malebranche, a cause is that between which and whose effect there is a necessary connection. On his view, the causal connection that is characterized by this kind of necessity is that between God’s will and its effects. Thus, for Malebranche, only God has causal efficacy. What we take to be real causesfor example the motion of a billiard ball that collides with another that then begins to moveare in fact only occasional causes, the occasions for the operation of the only real cause. Given Malebranche’s combined rationalistic and theological commitments, none of this is surprising. The surprise, or at least irony, comes when Malebranche’s arguments that natural causeseven and especially human volitionscannot be real causes cross the channel and are deployed by Hume. The radical empiricist account of causation that Hume gave in terms of constant conjunction is just Malebranche’s rationalist occasionalism without the role assigned to God. For Hume, Malebranche’s occasional causes are the only causes.

The centrality of substance for the continental rationalists is further borne out by the importance of that concept for Spinoza, especially within his Ethics. Spinoza devoted the entire first part of that work to a consideration of substance, or, as he also termed it Deus sive Natura (God, in other words, Nature). The remaining parts trace the consequences of his conception of substance for epistemology, psychology, physics, and ethics. While Spinoza’s account of substance is quite rightly regarded as a development and working-out of Descartes’s metaphysics, there are also (as with Descartes and Malebranche) considerable, and important, differences between the two. What is important for our present purposes, however, is that, (as with Malebranche) Spinoza’s departures from Descartes are almost always the manifestation of a form of rationalism purer than Descartes’s own. Most radically, Spinoza replaced Descartes’s substance pluralism with a monistic account modelled on Cartesian extended substance. Just as, in some places, Descartes treats bodies are mere modes of a single extended substance, so, for Spinoza, all individualsboth bodies and mindsare modes of a single substance.

Spinoza arrived at this position by way of a decidedly un-Cartesian account of attributes. While Descartes held that two substances of the same type can share the same principal attribute, Spinoza rejected this. Any two substances, argued Spinoza, must be distinguished either by their attributes (Spinoza dropped the modifier principal.) or by their modes. But, since modes are themselves both ontologically and causally dependent on the substances of which they are affections, they cannot be the individuating principle for them. Thus, it must be the attributes themselves that individuate substances (and not just types of substances, as Descartes argued). Similarly, while Descartes held that each substance is characterized by one and only one principal attribute, Spinoza invoked the principle of plenitude to show that substance must have infinite attributes. Based on a variation of the ontological argument, he maintained that substance is pure, utterly unlimited being. It must therefore, he argued, possess infinite attributes, in the dual sense of possessing unlimited attributes and of possessing all attributes. Since substance is characterized by infinite attributes, and since no two substances can share a single attribute, there can be only one substance.

Spinoza’s one substance is at the farthest possible remove from Aristotle’s proper substances. Whereas, for Aristotle, individual things such as Bucephalus, are paradigmatic substances, Spinoza denies their substantiality. But does this mean that, unlike Aristotelian proper substances, which are not predicable of anything else, Spinoza’s finite modes are predicable of substance? Scholars are divided on this point. Curley has argued that Spinoza retains the conception of the substance-mode distinction as a distinction between independent and dependent being, but rejects the view that the substance-mode distinction correlates to the distinction between a subject of predication and its predicate. Bennett, however, argues that Spinoza does indeed regard finite modes as predicable of substance, or, as he puts it, as adjectival on the world. Bennett characterizes Spinoza’s account of substance as a field metaphysic in which individual things are simply clusters of qualities within regions of space. Just as a blush is merely a confluence of properties on a region of a face, so the faceindeed, the person whose face it isis a confluence of properties on a region of substance.

Whether or not Spinoza rejected the predicability of finite modes, it is clear that he did not regard them as either causally or conceptually independent in the way that is requisite for substance. For Spinoza, substance is in itself and is conceived through itself, whereas a mode is in something else and is conceived through something else. The in itself/in something else aspect of these two definitions captures Descartes’s conception of causal independence, while the conceived through itself/through something else aspect refers to Descartes’s conceivability-apart criterion for ontological independence. Descartes, it will be recalled, regarded divine substance as both causally and ontologically independent, but created substances as ontologically, but not causally, independent, since they depend on God’s creative (and conservative) power for their existence. It is in this sense that, for Descartes, the term substance is used equivocally for God and created substances. Spinoza, however, denied that substance is an equivocal term. In so doing, he eliminated two asymmetries in Descartes’s metaphysicsthat between divine and created substance, and that between extended and thinking substance. For Spinoza, finite minds are not themselves substances, but rather modes of thinking substance. That is, for Spinoza, at the most fundamental level, all minds reduce to the thinking substance of which they are affections.

Spinoza’s account of the eternal verities marks a similar rationalistic advance over Descartes’s metaphysics. For Spinoza, God is just substance simpliciter. He lacks volition and personality; his only characteristics are pure being, infinity, necessity and activity. While Spinoza agreed with Descartes that God is the cause of all things, he regarded him not as a transeunt cause, creating the universe from the outside through an act of will, but as an immanent cause, from whom the universe unfolds out of his own necessity. For Spinoza, all things therefore follow by logical (and not merely causal) necessity from God’s eternal and infinite nature. In this sense, not only mathematical truths but indeed such apparently contingent facts as Caesar’s having crossed the Rubicon are necessary truths for Spinoza. The difference between them is not the necessity of the truths themselves but rather the route that we take to arrive at them. While mathematical truths, for instance, are deducible by reason alone, Spinoza recognized that the finitude of human understanding prevents, or at least impedes, our similarly deducing empirical facts about the world. In contrast with the empiricists, who regard cause and effect as mere constant conjunction, for Spinoza, the relationship between cause and effect has the force of a logical entailment; empirical facts are themselves necessary truths. The universe is thus, in principle at least, perfectly intelligible to reason.

For Spinoza, as for Descartes, the metaphysical commitment to substance underwrote a rationalist epistemology that strongly privileges reason and intuition over sensation and imagination. The distinctive character of Spinoza’s epistemological rationalism is rooted in his principle that the order and connection of ideas is the order and connection of things. For Descartes, the mind and the body are, though intimately connected, radically heterogeneous. How it is that the mind comes to know things about the physical world therefore remains, despite his best efforts, a somewhat murky business. By rejecting the substantiality of both minds and bodies, and by regarding them both as modes of a single substance, Spinoza obviated this difficulty. For Spinoza, the mind and the body are the very same thing conceived in two different ways. Persistent clusters of qualities in space are bodies. The ideasor, in Descartes’s terminology, the objective realityof these bodies are minds. Just as a single body has a corresponding objective reality, so collections of bodies characterized by various relations also have a corresponding objective reality with isomorphic parts and relations. Since there is no gap between minds and bodies, there is therefore no difficulty in principle in perceiving the physical world. On Spinoza’s account, we perceive the physical world in two ways(1) by perceiving the actions of our own bodies, and (2) by perceiving the effects of other bodies on ours. Thus, when one’s body runs, the correlative ideas are in one’s mind. Likewise, when someone steps on one’s toe, the physical effects on the toe likewise have their counterparts in the mind’s ideas.

Despite the necessary connection the mind has with the body, argued Spinoza, sensation and imagination are inherently limited. The idea of substance qua substance must be a perfect unity. However, the idea which constitutes the human mind is complexnot a unity but a plurality of ideas. That idea is therefore confused, rather than clear and distinct. Clear and distinct understanding, on Spinoza’s account must partake of the unity of the idea of substance, and not of the fragmentary nature of the idea of the human body and its affects. This cognitive unity is achieved in two waysthrough reason (which Spinoza termed knowledge of the second kind) and through intuition (knowledge of the third kind). When we cognize through sensation and imagination (knowledge of the first kind), we try to grasp many ideas at once, and thereby produce confusion. Reason and intuition, by contrast, provide us with access to just one ideathe substantial unity underlying our body and our mind. Reason does this from the fact that we have common notions and adequate ideas of the properties of things, while intuition proceeds from an adequate idea of the formal essence of certain attributes of God. To understand the substantial unity that is the necessary cause of our body and our mind is to grasp them sub specie aeternitatis.

This epistemological ideal forms the core of Spinoza’s rationalistic ethicsand, hence, on one plausible account, the core of his Ethics. Spinoza’s monism entails that the sort of individuals that Aristotle regarded as primary substances are distinguished not by their own substantial unity, but by their conatustheir striving to persist. Thus, self-preservation is not just one possible goal of ethical agents; it is the very thing that makes those agents individuals. Our essence, and our ethical task, is thus to be active, whereas, by contrast, to be passive threatens our persistence. The mind persists through activity and is threatened by passivity. It is therefore in our self-interest to pursue adequate ideas through knowledge of the second and third kinds. The more we join our minds with God through adequate knowledge of things under the form of eternity, the less we are affected by external things and, hence, by our own passions, which are nothing but our passivity in the face of forces external to us. Adequate knowledge of God gives us equanimity and calm, and literally ensures our persistence. Ethical virtue is thus fundamentally epistemological. For Spinoza, the most rationalist of figures discussed here, the good life is the utterly rational life.

As we have seen, rationalist epistemology is grounded in a metaphysical commitment to substance. The concept of substance allowed the rationalists to reduce all complexity and plurality to an underlying simplicity and unity, versus the empiricists, who, in their skepticism about substance, were committed to regarding reality as fundamentally plural and complex. Spinoza’s metaphysics marked the culmination of this rationalist momentum. In Leibniz, the last great continental rationalist, we see its final movement. Leibniz, like other rationalists before him, regarded quotidian things as phenomena that ultimately reduce to perfectly simple substances. However, for Leibniz, there is an infinite number of these simple substances, each of them causally and perceptually isolated from all of the others. Leibniz reasoned that this is the best of all possible worlds because it balances the maximal possible complexity with the maximal possible order. In thus privileging neither unity nor plurality, neither simplicity nor complexity, and in striking the balance that he did on purely rational principles, Leibniz exemplified a more complex, more comprehensive and, ultimately, more mature rationalism than that of his predecessors.

For Leibniz, at the most fundamental level, reality is characterized by simple substances, or monads. Since there are composites, Leibniz argued, there must be simple substances that, together, constitute these composites. Being simple, monads have neither parts, nor extension, nor form, nor divisibility. Leibniz saw them as the true Atoms of nature. While Leibniz thus retained a strong commitment to substance, he resisted rationalism’s synechistic momentum by rehabilitating substance’s Aristotelian role as an individuator. However, while, for Aristotle, Bucephalus is a proper substance, Leibniz regarded Bucephalus not as a substance but as himself comprising a collection of simple substances. Leibniz agreed with Aristotle’s characterization of substance as the grammatical subject of predication and not itself predicable of anything else. However, he complained that this account does not go far enough. For Leibniz, the essence of substance lies not in the fact that it is the subject of predication, but in the fact that every possible predicate may be asserted or denied of it. In this way, every individual substance has a complete concept, a conception so complete (that is, so fully determinate) that every fact about the substance, and about its situation in the universepast, present or futurefollows from it analytically. In fact, Leibniz offered a statement of this very principle as his Principle of Sufficient Reason.

Leibniz’s insistence that every individual substance has a complete concept entailed that, unlike Spinoza, he regarded Cartesian thinking substance and not Cartesian extended substance as paradigmatic of substance. Descartes’ extended substance (like Spinozistic substance) is, on Leibniz’s account, not a substance at all since it does not afford a principle of individuation. Leibniz argued that, whereas a real substance has a complete concept, the Cartesian notion of extended substance is an abstraction arrived at through an incomplete concept. Matter on its own is insufficient to form or to constitute a substance. For Leibniz, a body could never be a candidate for substance since bodies are susceptible to alteration and are infinitely divisible. We can thus never arrive at a body of which it can be said, Here really is an entity. Moreover, whereas Cartesian extended substance is totally inert, Leibniz insisted that activity is the hallmark of substance. Anything that acts is a substance; every substance constantly and uninterruptedly acts. For Leibniz, this position follows from God’s perfection. God’s planning of the universe was so perfect that it only required to be set in motion by him. True substances (that is, entia per se) are active and self-causing. On Leibniz’s account, God would lack all dignity were he the sole cause in the universethat is, if occasionalism or interventionalism were necessary. God’s perfect planning avoids the necessity for (continual or continuous) extraordinary concourse. Thus, God’s perfection entails that all substances are active; passive extension is only matter, not substance.

The activity, or appetition, that Leibniz regards as characterizing the monads is intimately bound up with his Principle of Sufficient Reason. For Leibniz, a monad contains its whole history because each monadic state (except for those statescreation is paradigmatic of thesethat are the result of divine causation) has its sufficient cause in the preceding state. In turn, the present state is the sufficient cause of all succeeding states. Despite this emphasis on the inherent activity of substance, Leibniz, like Spinoza, rejected the possibility of transeunt causation among substances. Monads are windowless and neither admit nor emit causal influence. Moreover, being thus windowless, monads can no more receive perceptions from the world than they can any other external causation. Rather, a monad’s perceptions are built-in at creation. By pre-established harmony, these perceptions perfectly align with the universe’s infinite monadic states. This entails that while there is no genuine transeunt causation at the monadic level, a kind of pseudo-causation results from monads’ harmonized perceptions of each other as their respective appetitions convey them through successive changes. For Leibniz, causal relations thus reduce to logical relations in that every change in a substance follows from its concept.

While Leibniz’s view that every substance has a complete concept reinforces the centrality of reason in his epistemology, in doing so, it seems to undercut human and even divine volition, and thereby to slide toward Spinozism. If every fact about Julius Caesar, and indeed, every other fact about the universe is rationally deducible from the Roman Dictator’s complete concept, then it would seem that only one course for the universe is possible. However, this is not a step that Leibniz was willing to take. Were there no distinction between contingent and necessary truths, argued Leibniz, fatalism would be true, and human liberty of the will would be impossible. Leibniz sought to avert this result by distinguishing between hypothetical and absolute necessity. Absolute necessity, he argued, is governed by the principle of contradiction. Something is absolutely necessary if its negation is logically impossible. Hypothetical necessity, on the other hand, describes a state of affairs that is necessary ex hypothesithat is, just in case a particular antecedent holdsbut not logically necessary. On Leibniz’s account, the fact that Caesar crossed the Rubicon is only hypothetically necessary; it follows necessarily from the existence of the individual substance that is Caesar, but its denial is not logically impossible. According to Leibniz, God at creation conceived of an infinite array of possible worlds. The myriad contingent facts of each of these worlds are only hypothetically necessary. That is, they would only be necessary if God were to instantiate that world. Since the present world is the one that God chose to instantiate, all of the contingent facts of this world are certain. However, they are nonetheless contingent since their negation implies no absurdity. That is, there was no logical impossibility preventing Caesar from deciding not to cross the Rubicon. In this sense, his willand, indeed, human will generallyis free. Leibniz’s argument for hypothetical necessity has an obvious antecedent in Descartes’s doctrine of created truth. However, unlike Descartes, Leibniz limited the doctrine’s scope to contingent truths. He nonetheless hoped to avoid Spinozist necessitarianism. Whether or not he succeeded in doing so is a matter of debate in the literature.

Inasmuch as it characterizes the universe as composed of a plurality of individual existences, none of which has any genuine causal efficacy over any other, Leibniz’s position shows considerable affinities with Hume’s empiricism. However, while Hume inferred from this the importance of empirical experience, Leibniz instead took this ontology to preclude adventitious knowledge. He thus remained committed on metaphysical grounds to the doctrine of innate ideas. In his rejection of transeunt causation among substances, Leibniz rejected the notion that we can learn new things about the world in the sense of gaining new ideas that do not already exist in our souls. On Leibniz’s account, the temporal coincidence of a certain phenomenon with one’s learning of the phenomenon was pre-established at creation in the same way that all monadic states were. Leibniz admitted that it is idiomatically acceptable to speak about acquiring knowledge via the senses. However, he regarded all sensory reports as reducible to, and explicable as, descriptions of logical relations. Leibniz’s theory of knowledge thus relegates the Aristotelian idea of human beings as blank slates who learn through induction to a mere faon de parler. By contrast, he strongly endorsed Plato’s doctrine of recollection to the extent that it locates all knowledge in ideas already residing in the soul. Socrates’s exchange with Meno’s slave boy, argued Leibniz, shows that the soul already possesses the ideas upon which truths about the universe depend, and needs only to be reminded of them.

On Leibniz’s account, substances have built into them perceptions of the whole universe. Every substance, he argued, is a mirror of the whole universe to the extent that everything that has ever happened or existed or will ever happen or exist are included in its complete concept. The perceptions of all substances, he maintained, thus resemble God’s infinite perception in their unlimited scope. It is with respect to clarity and distinctness that the perceptions of created substance fall short of God’s. For Leibniz, the best of all possible worlds is that world that balances the maximal possible complexity with the maximal possible order. The existing world satisfies this through the infinite variety of perspectives taken by the monads. By the principle of order, each monad reflects the very same world as do the other monads. However, by the principle of complexity, the monads reflect the world from an infinite number of unique perspectives. This infinite variety in perspectives entails that each monad reflects all of the others with varying degrees of clarity and distinctness. In this way, the universe is replete with an infinite number of different representations of God’s works. Among these, only God’s perceptions are universally clear and distinct. While the complexity requirement for the best of all possible worlds would seem to preclude in principle the possibility of human beings achieving knowledge of the universe sub specie aeternitatis, Leibniz made a special exception for human souls. On Leibniz’s account, all monads have low-level perceptions, of the kind that we experience when we are in a stupor. However, the souls of living things have, over and above this, feelings and memories. Human souls have, besides this, through divine election, the power of reason. It is reason that allows us to understand the universe as a system, through the use of models and idealizations, and thereby to grasp the eternal truths. In this way, argued Leibniz, human minds are not only mirrors of the universe of created things, but indeed mirror God himself. While the rise of British empiricism, and of Kant’s critical philosophy marked the end of continental rationalism as a movement, Leibniz’s elegant vision was a fitting paean to the movement and, indeed, to the power of human reason.

Excerpt from:

Continental Rationalism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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Im a complete SEO Geek that wakes up thinking about SEO, goes to sleep thinking about SEO, thinks about SEO when my wife is talking to meI need to work on that last one.

Please, please, please, PLEASE read this short list to help protect yourself. Even if you dont end up contacting me or you only use this as a test to see if someone who is quoting you is legit, then thats great. Im happy. Ive saved some precious dollars from going from a business that provides a valuable service to a business that does not provide a valuable service.

This step is absolutely critical and needs to be thoroughly explored for all the opportunities available to your business. However, most people performing SEO look up the top 5-10 most searched terms and check this off as done. WRONG! This results in about 90%+ of businesses going after the same 20% of traffic out there. Its not that that traffic isnt valuable and shouldnt be targeted. No, its that you want to also target that other 80% of traffic that few, to no businesses are targeted. Im very good at ferreting out lots of valuable traffic that has low competition.

What is the point of ranking for something that no one is searching? Well, theres no point from a business standpoint.

I see many people that (at first) are ecstatic to get 1st page rankings for things no one is searching. Then, months down the line they do the math and figure out that no new business came through their doors and they think to themselves, But, but, but Im on the 1st page of Google! Well, your SEO Consultant failed to walk you through the 1st and most basic internet marketing exercise.

Google gives out search data freely. They tell you how many people are searching forwhatever you want. Now, the data they give is far from perfect (they hide the low volume traffic numbers, but thats well over 50% of the total traffic!), but its a great start. There needs to be some sort of evidence that your market is out there searching for your products or services.

Tip: Always ask if theyre giving you Broad Match Searches or Exact Match Searches. Exact match is much more conservative and can help you zero in on precise searches. Broad match search quantity includes searches for anything related to that search phrase. Exact match only gives results for that 1 specific search phrase.

Once youve found what your market is searching, its time to do some math. Wahoo! Math! I know, I know, you LOVE math. Well, at least you love the kind of math that prevents you from losing money and brings in more profit to your business! Any SEO Consultant worth his or her salt should help you make this evaluation.

Take a look at 3 different numbers to see if you should pursue Search Engine Optimization:

At the very least, if you were to rank #1 for all your search phrases, would you make substantially more than the costs of SEO? The answer is not simple, but from the 3 numbers above you can get a decent enough estimate. There are other factors like site conversion rate, lifetime value of a customer, etc, but 1st, do a reality check this way.

If youd only make $100 over the next 12 months by ranking #1 for everything, then SEO is probably not worth it for your business! However, if the numbers show that if you averaged ranking #3, you estimate making 10x the amount of money it would cost to do SEO, well then you have a winner.

If you didnt do step 1 (keyword research), then you cannot make this estimation.

Being able to make this calculation is why I dont like Social Media as much as SEO. Social media is unpredictable. Therefore, it is difficult to make even an estimated calculation.

There are a lot of services like Social Media that provide you with activity, but not measurable progress. This is one of the biggest forms of wasted capital in internet marketing that I see out there. A company sells you on all sorts of extra features that result in no extra business in your pocket.

You can do this calculation much more accurately with Pay Per Click (PPC). However, PPC is far more expensive than SEO and its costs have been increasing for business owners by as much 50%-150% per year! As low quality SEO providers get the boot from Googles algorthims, companies flee to PPC. Furthermore, youre not really building something that has powerful exponential growth built in like SEO.

Dont get me wrong PPC can be great if its profitable for your business. However, would you rather pay less or more for the same traffic?

SEO provides the best balance between predictability of results and cost. Usually. Contact me to find out.

Do they hate you? Do they know you exist? Do they like you?

You figure out what Google (and the other search engines) thinks of you by doing a full On Page and Off Page Analysis.

On Page Analysis consists of 4 major factors:

Thats not ALL there is to it, but it gives you a good 1,000 ft of where you are. The good news is that this is usually the easiest stuff to fix.

Off Page Analysis consists of 4 major factors:

Again, the rabbit hole goes deeper than those 4 factors, but you get the idea. The bad news is that this is very difficult for you to do yourself. Frankly, most SEO experts do a poor to mediocre job of this. And thats good news for me and my clients.

If youve setup visitor and ranking tracking software (there are many ways to skin this cat), then this is easy and invaluable information to capture.

If you havent stop reading right now and call me (469-438-8153) to help set this up ASAP.

At the very least you should have visitor tracking software because it is free and easy and you want a good set of historical data to analyze which you cant start capturing until youve installed the software.

With this information you can see what Google already thinks youre relevant to (if anything). Again, this is wonderful information to have. Start getting it or find an SEO Consultant to help you get it. Now.

Go put your website into Copyscape. Has someone online copied your content? Has the person you hired to create your site content copied it from elsewhere? Have you been naughty?

That site will tell you. Hopefully, you have no results. If you do, I highly recommend you take steps to fix it as quickly as possible.

The easiest way to fix it usually is to reword the content on your own site that is showing up as duplicated.

The Search Engines dont serve up the same content for the same search result. What they will usually do is pick 1 as the authority and ignore the other duplicates. Even if you created yours first, theres no guarantee that you will be picked as the authority.

You must know this before you start with an SEO project or else you may be trying to rank a page that Google thinks is just a copy of someone elses page out there! Dont waste your money by failing to (have your Dallas SEO Consultant) do this easy step.

(Quick note: There are OK ways to have duplicate content on your site that most people arent aware of because Googles duplicate content rules are often misunderstood. Duplicate content isnt automatically bad news for you! Call me to discuss if you get positive hits on Copyscape.)

Are you facing500 lb Gorillas that wont back down easily or cute little bunny rabbits that will scurry away at the first sign of danger. Where your site falls on the Gorilla-Bunny spectrum directly affects how much money youll need to spend and how long you will expect it to take results.

Dont let your SEO Consultant get away with the lazy technique of using competing pages as a competition metric. The competition that matters is on the 1st page. Who cares about the guys on page 100? Youre not competing with them at all.

Who would you rather play a pickup game of basketball against 5 Michael Jordans or 20 Little Ol Grannies? Easy choice. Id pull out my kids baby pictures of my kids and throw them at the Grannies. But, even if I didnt have pictures on hand, its still no contest!

Always, always, ALWAYS take a close look at the competition. If this step is not taken, then you have no idea how much money and/or how long it will take to meet your ranking and traffic goals.

If you dont you may realize 6 months in you are facing an army of angry Gorillas who see you trying to take their bananas while holding just a puny pocket knife!

Also, the competitiveness of the different search phrases for your market will affect your SEO priorities. Maybe search phrase 1 gets searched 2x more than search phrase 2, but is 10x more competitive. You will likely get a better ROI going after the 2nd one as a higher priority 1st.

Has your Consultant provided an action plan overview?

Now, Im not saying they have to give away the farm to you by outlining every little step they will take, but they do need to give you a general plan to work with and understand that there is a plan that is customized to your business situation.

The plan can change also as new information comes in. Thats OK too. The plan doesnt need to be perfect from today to year 2050

The plan aso doesnt have to be the same every month. In fact, it should not start off at full blast you need to slowly ramp up your link building. If your SEO Expert says were going to build 200 links for you every month from here to eternity, then you should consult with someone else! Your link building should not be the exact same thing every month that is not natural and Google notices that!

Do Googles Local SEO Listings show up in the search results for searches youre trying to target? Knowing whether the Local Listings show up is important because the way you rank in those is a little different from Organic SEO. Heres an example Dallas Local SEO search and what the Local Listings, Organic Listings, and Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads look like:

To summarize, you need Online Reviews, Citations, proper SEO for your listing (a lot like On Page Search Engine Optimization), and a good domain authority. If you want more details you can watch this video I made on Dallas Local SEO.

I want to conclude with a story that spells out truly how much money a business can burn to a crisp with marketing, but how it can turn around with the right steps taken.

I have a client who previously paid someone FULL TIME to do Search Engine Optimization for him. Guess what his results were? Nothing. Nada. No rankings anywhere.

$40k/year + benefits for no new business in the doorand hes not the only one who has had the same thing happen to him!

In less than 5 months I had the results for him you see to the right. >

Hes #2 for his top search phrase that were targeting and in the top 5 for 14+ search phrases that are actually getting searched.

He started off with no rankings at all.

AndHe didnt pay anywhere near $40k!

Folks, dont hire someone full time to do your SEO. Just dont do it. The only ones who will accept a position like that will not be very good!

I offer a Free Online Presence Analysis.

Heres what you should do right now to get the full value from your marketing dollars:

Dallas SEO Geek – 75254 – (214) 504-3848 – SEO Consultant

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the processof making a websitereadable to the the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you think of a billboard that you see on the highway they are basically saying who, what, and where they are located. This issimilarto howSEO works with websites

.Do you have a website that looks good but are not getting any quality leads or phone calls? Search Engine Optimization would be very beneficial to helping you get local business of people that are interested in your products or services.

Are you spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per month with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising? Sure you may be getting traffic and paying a pretty penny for it, however in most cases your traffic is not quality and it turns into an expensive numbers game trying to buy quality leads for your business. PPC is typically best for seasonal purposes but not recommended for long term advertising. Even if someone clicks your ad, its going to cost you money.

With SEO, you will be able to get listed in the organic search results with a focus on your niche product or service. Search Engine Optimization is simply focusing on a relevant product or service and telling the search engines who you are, what you do, how they can contact you, and where you’re located.

SEO isactually more simple than it sounds, however if you’re like most business owners you only have time for your business and not optimizing your website or much less any other online marketing efforts to increase your leads and client base.

Send anemail to Dallas SEO if you want help saving moneyand time with internet advertising andsearch engine optimization.

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Dallas SEO Services | Online Marketing | SEO in Dallas, Texas

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Thanks for visiting Texass conversion driven internet marketing company. 87 % of consumers go to the major Search Engines before purchasing a product so, Search Engine Optimization ought to be a priority of every companies major assets, their websites. How did you find us again? Im sure youd like to have your customers find you the same way you found us, correct? Thats why we offer a consultation that is very valuable to your business and the best thing is its FREE! Dont hesitate to set up a complete market overview for your industry. Its a complete website diagnosis that shows you how your communicating with the internet, a competitor analysis and ROI Forecaster for your market. Email above or just simply give us a call at 855-877-0040. The Algorithm Changed Three times this year already and every time it helps our clients improve in rank after each algorithm update. Check the SEO Results Here. Our mission is to help our customers understand exactly what real SEO is. Link building is only a small part of an overall campaign and we are the only SEO company in the great state of Texas, that will offer you market exclusivity. Have a business and need the upper hand over your competition? Would you like to dominate the online market place for your industry? We challenge you to understand exactly what your competition is doing! Do you understand how your website design sends signals to the Internet? How about your competitions and Start with your FREE market overview just call the # or send us and email. Our team is comprised of industry professionals that have several years of experience. Youll be thoroughly impressed with the assessment and if anything at least youll have something you can always refer to for your business.

Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified. The Texas SEO company consists of several years of experience. Every one on staff has a certification. Whether its for Adwords, Analytics or programming just taking our word for it isnt enough. I encourage you to ask for our referrals and conduct the due diligence for yourself. Call today and ask for an active client reference or testimonial, our clients are always happy to share their success stories with our prospects. Unlike most marketing companies in Miami, we take pride in maintaining a sterling reputation with our clients. With billions of web pages online, many within your own industry, how do make sure your customers find you? How do you assure that Google makes your the best result for their end users? Texas Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your sites natural ranking, guaranteeing those that need your services can easily find your business. The Texas SEO Company brings a lethal combination of technical expertise, marketing experience, all with a data driven analysis and an individual commitment to the client to each campaign. Dont forget to get your FREE Market Overview today.

White Hat SEO is a term Im sure you have heard before and is phrase youll have to keep in mind. With all the changes happening in Google over the past couple of years our the tag line BUILD TO LAST has an never been more true. If you want to become an authority in Google you need to put in the work. Of course, there is all the normal coding involved but, if your not appeasing the additional 150 backup checks called Googles algorithm you could very well be giving them information that is not popular to them. For instance, your company has spent mega energy in getting the business off the ground. That same energy is what it takes to become #1 in the search engines and it never ends.

In a Nutshell, your busy attending to your clients and running your business. Do you have the 80, 100 or even 120+ hrs this month to make yourself an authority in the search engines? The obvious answer is NO. Dont hesitate and contact us today for your FREE Market overview. 888-877-0040. Again, It consists of a complete competitor analysis, a website diagnosis(if you have a website and identifies all the available business in your market.

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