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Integrity Marketing – SEO Services Explained We at Integrity Marketing have put together a short video that explains Search Engine Optimization in two minutes. Head …

By: Thomas Johnston

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Tampa SEO Experts | Call Us (813) 579-5979
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By: Kotton Grammer

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7 SEO Myths of Today

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Apr 162014

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One of the challenges that the world of SEO presents us with is its lack of clarity. The search engines obscure their algorithms, and as a result, SEO is really a best practices game. You can learn more about what works best by constantly testing ideas on your site, but ultimately your overall SEO strategy will be part art and part science.

Layer on top of that the fact that the search engines continuously tune their algorithms, and the result is an unstable landscape. Worse still, there is tons of misinformation published, often as the result of the ignorance of the author. Some SEO myths have been with us forever, but today I plan to focus on the newer myths that have been emerged only in the past few years.

1. All Guest Posting is Bad: This myth is the newest of them all, and it was spawned by Matt Cutts blog post of January 20th, 2014 called: The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO. In this post Cutts details the many ways that people have abused the concept of pursuing guest posts to obtain links to your site. In fact, he goes so far as to say: stick a fork in it.

However, it is foolish to translate this into the notion that all guest posting is inherently evil or bad. The article you are reading right now is effectively a guest post. However, I dont publish articles here to obtain links for SEO, I do it because I value the Forbes audience, and because of the reputation and visibility benefits it brings.

If you are pursuing guest posting make reputation and visibility your primary goals, and you should be just fine. Might there be some SEO benefit? Possibly, but you will make poor choices if SEO is your main goal. Let any SEO impact be a side effect rather than the primary goal and you will be far better off.

2. Social Media Signals Drive SEO: This one has been popular for the past few years, and you will see articles that argue that social media is the new SEO. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many reasons for engaging in social media, and your business almost certainly should have a social media strategy, but dont do it because you think it will drive your rankings in the search engines. For some backup of this, you can reference these two articles:

Pursue social media as a way to build your own visibility online. Find out what social media sites have your target audience on them and develop presences on them as a way of connecting with them. Google has repeatedly denied any use of social signals as a ranking factor (other than personalized search using Google Plus) and Bing has abandoned even the personalization aspects of social signals and has instead decided to show social media information in their right sidebar.

3. Link Signals Are On Their Way Out: There are many who believe that link based signals are no longer a good ranking signal, and that Google must find an alternative. The Russian search engine Yandex recently abandoned links as a signals, and that only adds fuel to that fire.

The fact is that inbound links to a web site remains a very strong ranking signal, and it will remain that way for some time to come. The search engines wont move away from using links as a ranking signal until the have a better signal source, and they dont have that yet. In fact, Googles Matt Cutts recently confirmed that they have tested a version of Google that does not use links as a ranking factor, and they abandoned it.

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7 SEO Myths of Today

Apr 152014

Got 10 seconds? Probably. But I bet you wont spend it waiting for a web page to spin, sputter and load. I hate that. You hate that. And search engines hate that, too. But if your site is lightning fast, everyone will love you.

Not too worried about your slow site? Maybe you should be. Sweet Brown(video autoplay) said it best: Aint nobody got time for that! And research findings agree.

As SEL news reporter Amy Gesenhues noted in her post last March, average page-load speed for top retail sites was over seven seconds well above the ideal load time of three seconds or less. And, according to KissMetrics, that four- to five-second differential is costing retailers billions. In fact, according to their findings, a one-second delay in page response can lead to a seven percent reduction in sales.

But, page speed has implications beyond a poor user experience and loss of revenue it also affects search engine rankings. SEOs have known this for years, but I wanted to find out if that factor was growing in importance. So naturally, I turned to the government to investigate.

No, I dont have a friend in the NSA; rather, I explored the issue by examining Googles page speed patents. Eventually, I dug into one entitled, Using Resource Load Times in Ranking Search Results.

Published in February 2014 (and filed seven months after Matt Cutts 2010 announcementthat Google was now incorporating site speed into its ranking algorithm), the patent details how web pages that load faster receive a ranking score bonus that can move them up in the organic search results:

But what I found interesting was how Google is actually tracking page speed. They are using Chrome not their web crawler.

Thats because when Google developed their Chrome browser, they included tools that enable developers and Google engineers to measure page load speed. This time tracker sends device and page speed information to Google every time you visit a page within your Chrome browser.

But, Google also factors in page speed beyond Chrome.

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Online Marketing in Denver (720) 432-1736 |Search Engine Optimization Denver |Denver SEO In this video Brad explains the differences in Online Marketing in Denver, and what Online Marketing Media offers that's dif…

By: Online Marketing Media, LLC

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Leicester Search Engine Optimisation Company (Leicester SEO company)
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By: Doodle Vids

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Best Vermont SEO Company – VT Search Engine Optimization Firm
Call 802-245-3113 and we'll get you started! Vermont SEO Expert is the #1 source for Search Engine Optimization Search Engine …

By: Vermont SEO Expert

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SEO Somerset|SEO Somerset Video|Who is the Best SEO expert in Somerset?
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By: AJ Williams

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Best practices rapidly change within SEO as technologies (and Google’s guidelines) evolve. But one thing hasn’t changed: the importance of links.

Obviously there are other fundamental concerns (e.g., indexation, crawlability, duplicate content, site architecture), but link acquisition needs to be an active consideration.

Links are still the strongest signal we can give to Google about the importance of our content and site. So, if you’re working to increase search visibility, links need to be a primary consideration.

The water is muddy right now though with Google’s war on spam links, and from what I’ve observed attending recent conferences I think a few messages need to be addressed within SEO:

Links are still immensely powerful.

This is confirmed by:

1. Moz’s 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors.

2. Matt Cutts, Google’s distinguished engineer, in two different webmaster videos:

3. Amit Singhal, Google’s head of search.

But we’re all aware of Google’s recent crackdown on link building activities. We’re aware that MyBlogGuest didn’t really deserve the penalty, and that more realistically it was a PR move.

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JH Internet Marketing SEO|Search Engine Optimisation Specialist in UK
Search Engine Optimization SEO Specialist JH Internet Marketing providing expert Digital Marketing skills in Bristol, Somerset and North Devon. JHMKTG employ…

By: AJ Williams

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The Math Of SEO – Revised with FREE Search Engine Optimization Spreadsheet
SEO – Search Engine Optimization Math Class with FREE keyword valuation spreadsheet. The blog post will be written at:…

By: Ryan Twedt

The Math Of SEO – Revised with FREE Search Engine Optimization Spreadsheet – Video

Apr 062014

Easy WP SEO Torrent
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By: Louis Priest

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How To Search Engine Optimization | SEO TIPS
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By: Michail Eckles

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Local SEO Agency in Kansas city, Springfield and Joplin Missouri
We are Leading Local Search Engine Optimization Agency In Kansas city. We help local businesses market themselves online, across a network of publishers, soc…

By: hopbots

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Introduction to SEO with downloadable handout
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By: Jennie Wong

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GSA Search Engine Ranker – FIverr SEO LinkBuilding Campaign
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By: Waldo Claassen

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SEO UK | How I rank sites on page 1
SEO UK | I'm a UK based Search Engine Optimization expert. I've ranked literally 100's of sites on the first page and can do the same for your business too. …

By: Rahat Bashar

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Last month, I attended the Long-Term SEO: How To Win For Years, Not Days session at SMX West. I have worked in the search industry since 1995. I have seen search engine optimization (SEO) trends and tactics come and go and Ive also seen fundamental, universal concepts get stronger and stronger over time.

So what I wanted to learn was: what are flavor-of-the-month strategies, and what strategies are going to stand the test of time? Would I hear anything about information scent and the aboutness of digital documents? Should you invest in link development, a sustainable SEO strategy, or has it been relegated to SEO history?

And, as search engine guru Danny Sullivan so aptly put it, Am I constantly trying to make the algorithm happy?

What follows are the panelists perspective on sustainable SEO.

Sustainable SEO consists of search engine optimization concepts, strategies, tactics, and implementation that stand the test of time.

Rhea Drysdale, CEO of Outspoken Media, opened with, It is up to you to manage the site from beginning to end. The strategies that you choose and tactics all of that ultimately falls onto you.

Drysdale said that website owners should focus on the big picture rather than short-term vanity goals (I like that phrase) or choosing shortcuts without weighing the risks. Do no harm to the brand and let people know the risks, she said.

She also pointed out that human behavior forces algorithm updates. The example she gave to support her statement was The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO in Matt Cutts blog.

I could not help but be reminded of my warning about PageRank sculpting years ago. Many overzealous SEO professionals and website owners will go to great lengths to achieve search engine visibility. In the long run? These short-term tactics can actually do more harm than good.

Mark Munroe, Director of SEO at Trulia, takes a more holistic approach to long-term SEO: focus embedded SEO intelligence throughout your organization and build your brands reputation. Links might go away, he said, but your reputation never will.

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SEO- How to Index blog to google search engine
Wondering how to index your BLOG to Google search engine? Me and my assistant Brittney will tell you how… Sharing is not the best technique for SEO, in the…

By: Kunal D.

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New Delhi, India (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

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One of the company executives said, As a part of the plan we offer keyword analysis, complete website analysis, updating title and meta data, optimising blogs, articles and other write-ups, search engine code optimisation including image, header tags and anchor text optimisation and creating and updating site maps and feeds on a regular basis. We also help our customers in creating accounts in Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as Google Analytics.

Apart from the starter package, there are budget and standard packages at $399 and $649 on monthly respectively. Total cost of the starter pack for a 6-months engagement goes up to $1644. The company charges $399 for the first month and $249 from the second month onwards. For additional work the customer has to pay $20 per hour. The budget plan and the standard plan are also available for a 6 months period at $2594 and $4144 respectively. The company allows the customers to fill up a custom quotes form for different packages.

You can depend on us for search engine optimisation, pay per click campaign and building link popularity for your website. Our clients can also hire a dedicated search engine optimization consultant with us. We offer managed SEO services as well. We ensure that by outsourcing to us you can cut your costs to a great extent. We are known for our dedication and the careful handling of your projects, added the executive.

The team of SEO professionals at the company is segmented into different departments that include SEO page optimization, link building, content writing, graphic design, high level programming and HTML programming. SEO Consultancy in India by Outsource SEO has gained popularity over the past years for the quality service and competitive prices. Contact for link building services in India, for more information.

About the Company:

Outsource SEO is a professionally managed digital marketing company based in India. Head quartered in New Delhi, the company excels in search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay per click services India. Click here for more information on other related services. The company is known for offering some of the best SEO packages in India.

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Outsource SEO Offering Starter SEO Package at $249 Per Month

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