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Roderick Long: Eudaimonism, Libertarianism, and Science Fiction
Kyle Platt catches up with Prof. Roderick Long before his talk at the University of Oklahoma. They discuss why Eudaimonism is compatible with a libertarian p…


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Roderick Long: Eudaimonism, Libertarianism, and Science Fiction – Video

Political Science: Const Law: Civil Liberties
Investigation of the Supreme Court's interpretation of the First Amendment, rights of the accused, and the right to privacy. Prerequisite: POLS 021.

By: UVM Continuing Ed

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Political Science: Const Law: Civil Liberties – Video

Sarasota, Florida (PRWEB) April 12, 2014

Jonathan Greco, MD will speak on the subject of regenerative medicine on Monday, April 14th at the Savannah Grand Senior Community in Sarasota, Florida. Dr. Greco is a leading physician in Regenerative Medicine, a rapidly growing field that offers alternatives to invasive surgeries. Titled “Keeping Your Own Hardware – Alternatives to Joint Replacement” the presentation will begin at 11:30 a.m. and include a question and answer session, and there is no charge.

Every day there are breakthroughs in the science of regenerative medicine, which is really exciting and promising for patients who are in pain, said Dr. Greco. Surgery is always an option, but we are trying to restore health through these new technologies, which involve far less stress and strain on the body.

Advances in PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and CRP (C-Reactive Protein) therapies are offering realistic and effective treatments that can actually repair damage to joints from normal aging and injuries.

Dr. Greco graduated from the Pennsylvania State University and Drexel University School of Medicine with advanced work at the Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital and the Philadelphia Veteran’s Administration Hospital. Certifications include American Board of Clinical Lipidology, American Board of Internal Medicine, and the National Board of Medical Examiners. Licensed in Florida and Pennsylvania, Dr. Greco has numerous published cases and research papers and is nationally renowned in regenerative medicine.

The Savannah Grand of Sarasota is located at 7130 Beneva Road | Sarasota, FL 34238 | Phone: 941-404-1473.

Dr. Grecos office is located at 1990 Main Street, | Suite 700 | Sarasota, FL 34236 | Phone 941-952-3300 |

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Regenerative Medicine Specialist to Speak on Alternatives to Joint Replacement

Science Minute 5 Transhuman Soldiers And Synthetic Genes
In this Science Minute the pentagon wants transhuman soldiers and synthetic genetic codes. This webcast is uncensored. The Fortean Slip Facebook Group Page h…

By: Fortean Slip

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Science Minute 5 Transhuman Soldiers And Synthetic Genes – Video

Fibrocell Science

By: Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

Fibrocell Science – Video

If youre a little hazy about what regenerative medicine is, youre not alone.

The best definition weve found was on the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburghs website. It said regenerative medicine is the process of creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, damage or congenital defects. Many of these processes involve the use of stem cells.

Two exhibitions opening Thursday at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in West Palm Beach shed light on this cutting-edge, sometimes controversial science.

Keys to the Cure features more than 50 photographic and sculptural interpretations of regenerative medicine by Kelly Milukas. The Art of Science: Under the Surface showcases 23 research photographs shot through a microscope by international scientists working in the field of regenerative medicine.

The show came to the photographic center through a family connection. Fatima NeJame, the centers president and chief executive officer, is the sister of Dr. Anthony Atala.

Atalas achievements include being the first to generate a human organ using cell tissue, and working with other scientists to create the first cloned organ. He heads a team of more than 300 physicians and researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C.

He will give a talk about his work at 4 p.m. Thursday during the opening. The main point is that we can create tissues and organs using the patients own cells, he said.

Atala also is chairman of the board of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, which supports the advancement of the field. The foundation commissioned Milukas to create a group of photographs that it could use to educate the public about regenerative medicine and to raise money.

When Atala showed NeJame the photographs and told her about a planned juried show featuring regenerative-medicine research photographs, she proposed exhibiting the work at the center. Just about everyone here is concerned about growing older, and longevity, she said.

Milukas, who lives in Rhode Island, was intimated by the assignment at first. I can take a mean photograph. But Id never been asked to create a body of work before that represents something as vast as the possibility of curing disease, she said.

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Art meets science: Photographic Centre exhibits to focus on regenerative medicine

Monday, March 17, 2014

Defending STEM Fair high school champion Yun Ha Seo, a senior at Tinian High School, dominated the science fair competition after being crowned the overall champion and official representative of the Commonwealth to the upcoming Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Seo will compete with 1,600 other bright and young scientists in Los Angeles, California this May. The national contest is considered the worlds largest international pre-college science competition and hosts over 70 countries, regions, and territories annually.

Seo entered the Mathematics category with a project about the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman, or RSA, algorithm. The high school student implemented the algorithm into a computer software as an encryption. Her project bested dozens of other entries from both private and public high schools during Saturdays competition at the Marianas High School Gymnasium.

Seo said it took her over four months to finalize her entry with her teacher-coach Mikkel Castro. She vowed to work harder this year as she once again represents the CNMI as state champion.

I worked a lot harder this year so I feel like I will do better, she told Saipan Tribune. Seo plans to improve her project by developing a double encryption.

Her teacher coach was just as excited. We werent sure if she was going to win. We are happy with the project she did. I feel awesome that she will be representing the CNMI using math and technology. That is totally amazing to me, Castro said.

Four other students who also bagged gold medals in their divisions will compete at the Guam science fair this April. They include Tinians Mefi Norech, overall kindergarten to first grade finisher; Mount Carmel Schools Kyla Monique Cabrera, overall second to third grade finisher; San Antonio Schools Raina Avelino, overall fourth to 5th grade finalist; and Tinians Nicole Diaz, the overall representative for the sixth to eight grade division.

Over 20 schools, 195 entries

According to STEM fair coordinator Jeaniffer Cubangbang, PSS received a total of 195 entries from private and public schools on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. This is an increase from last years 177 entries.

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Tinian High Schools Yun Ha Seo tops STEM Fair again

Mar 072014

(Photo: The Christian Post/Scott Liu)

Bestselling author Eric Metaxas address industry leaders at the National Religious Broadcasters dinner in Nashville, Tenn., on Sunday, March 3, 2013.

March 7, 2014|12:27 pm

An FDA panel is currently reviewing a procedure that would allow a child to inherit genetic material from three different people.

If that sounds like one too many to you, congratulations! Your moral intuition is more highly developed than that of many scientific researchers.

The procedure, pioneered at Oregon Health and Science University, involves replacing defective mitochondria in a woman’s egg with healthy mitochondria from another woman.

To understand the controversy, you have to understand that every human carries two kinds of DNA: chromosomal DNA, the iconic “double helix,” to which both your father and mother contribute equally, and mitochondrial DNA, which serves as the power source in cells and is only passed on by your mother.

If this proposed procedure is approved, the result would be children with DNA from three different people.

Not surprisingly, this procedure is being justified as a therapeutic measure. As the Washington Post put it, “scientists think [the procedure] could help women who carry DNA mutations for conditions such as blindness and epilepsy.”

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Tinkering With Frankenkinder

1. Singapore, 5 March 2014 Building on the fruitful past decade of UK-Singapore cooperation in scientific research and development, A*STARs Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) and the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI) officially launched a joint laboratory in Maritime and Offshore Engineering R&D today, to develop innovative technological solutions through modelling and simulation using high performance computing technology, aimed at solving technical issues faced by the maritime, energy and offshore sectors.

2. The opening of the joint laboratory symbolises both countries continued commitment to the fostering of greater synergy and cooperation in moving the frontiers of science. The Joint Lab opening was witnessed by UK Minister of State for Universities and Science, The Rt Hon David Willetts MP.

3. As a globally leading maritime hub that is home to many companies in the offshore sector, Singapore provides an excellent base for the development of innovative technological solutions. The long legacy of the UK as a global maritime powerhouse further ensures the synergy of complementary expertise from both organisations that will greatly enhance the maritime, energy and offshore sectors and bring about economic benefits to both countries.

4. The strategic aim of the IHPC-SMMI Joint Lab is to deepen the understanding of the science and technology deployed in the design, construction and operation of future ships used, and new offshore structures that are utilised for the exploration and extraction of oil, gas and renewable energy sources from deep oceans under extreme harsh environments and translate these insights into impactful industrial applications.

5. The research areas are aimed at addressing two major challenges faced by the maritime and offshore sector:

6. Prof. Alfred Huan, Executive Director of IHPC, said: This joint lab is another key component toward building a hub to catalyse further R&D activities in marine and offshore companies in Singapore. IHPC is keen to promote the development of high performance computing techniques that can be applied to pertinent issues, that will lead to improved design of offshore structures and better understanding of their performance and reliability in harsher environment and more severe conditions. We intend to draw upon participation from industry players so that the benefits of the research can propagate through the economic sector.

7. Prof. Don Nutbeam, Vice-Chancellor, University of Southampton, said: The Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute is a world-leading hub for international collaboration which really has no parallel in terms of its scale and ambition. With Singapore being home to the worlds leading maritime economy and supporting major strengths in marine and maritime engineering we are very pleased and excited for the SMMI to be working in collaboration with A*STAR here to deliver a number of projects to develop safer, improved and more efficient offshore and marine structures and ships to deliver real and tangible economic and environmental benefits for the future.

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Using Data Science to Drive SEO
Eric Enge and Cyrus Shepard discuss keyword research and anchor text strategies in 2014 and beyond. With all the changes of the past year, what is the best …

By: Eric Enge

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Using Data Science to Drive SEO – Video

VentriNova, a regenerative medicine company with a novel gene therapy product, announced today that the journal Science Translational Medicine has published the results of a preclinical study demonstrating …

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VentriNova's Gene Therapy Strategy Regenerates Heart Muscle Cells – Preclinical Data Published in Science …

Manchester UK (PRWEB UK) 10 February 2014

RegenX Content The content posted on RegenX is generated through Dr. Stephen Richardson and a number of other stem cell experts in a collaborative effort between Brickhouse Publications and the University of Manchester. Dr. Richardson’s 10 years of experience working with adult stem cells, coupled with the expertise of top-notch scientists, provides website visitors with the most current research information. The website is designed for people of all ages to read and comprehend, making it truly accessible to all.

In order to break down the complex concepts about stem cells and regenerative medicine, the website was designed with many visuals to aid in understanding. For those who learn best through reading text, there are many articles and informational bits. In addition, there are also many short animations, including a spoof news video, to help the general public understand the science behind research.

As far as the different topics are concerned, RegenX presents visitors with a wide range of information, building up from the simple to the complex. Some information simply shares the basics around stem cell and regenerative medicine research, while other pieces delve into more technical details. There are even informational pieces available that discuss the ethics around stem cell research, specifically. There is even a stem cell quiz on the website so readers can take to see where they stand on their understanding of the research and use.

Out in the general public, there is not very much accurate information shared about stem cell and regenerative medicine research. The media does not help as it often mis-portrays the benefits. Most often, the mis-portrayals lie in the legality and morality of the issue. Unfortunately, the misunderstood issues surrounding stem cell research can be huge roadblocks for those trying to advance the science around it.

Educational Outreach In order to address some of the misunderstandings about stem cell research, RegenX provides teacher packs that complement the site. These packets can be used in schools, colleges, and universities, to help educate the public. The classroom activities presented are usually animated or in video format, making it more engaging and easy to understand. In addition to helping students learn, the videos also help classroom teachers who are lacking the information to build some background knowledge. The teacher packets also include debate and discussion topics for students to process the information.

Included in the teacher packets from RegenX are interviews with stem cell research experts. Their information is research-based as they all work at the University of Manchester. In addition to discussing stem cell and regenerative medicine, the experts also share information about the jobs and the research currently conducted at the University. They even talk about their careers and what they needed to do in order to earn the privilege of conducting such research.

Funding The RegenX website is funded with monies from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the University of Manchester. Their reason for funding the project was to offer unbiased, scientifically accurate information for people from a variety of backgrounds. Their intended audience is not purely scientists, but also children and adults of all ages from all walks of life.

Staying Updated In order to keep people updated in a fast-changing field, the website has Facebook and Twitter pages to complement it. These social media networks allow RegenX to relay a great deal of updated information in a quick way. They are also able to reach a larger population of readers at any time of the day to keep them posted as well.

Making sure that people are getting the most updated information as quickly as possible is one way to build a community, which was the initial goal of Dr. Stephen Richardson. He wanted to make sure that there was a community of individuals who have slight or intense interest in stem cell and regenerative medicine research. It is also healthy to generate debate around the latest information in the field.

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Ground Breaking New Website REGENX, provides credible and up to date information on Stem Cell research straight from …

Internet-savvy Tea Party activists have shoved the once small-government fringes of the Republican party into the spotlight, with Libertarian-leaning Sen. Rand Paul a leading figure.

At the State of the Net Conference, I spoke with this new leader in the Republican party, asking about what life wouldbe like for innovators if he and his small-government brethren continue their rise to power.

I kept it deliberately philosophical to understand how Paul will view issues in the future. Here are a few take-aways.

Science Funding, If You Can Find It

The real explosion of the Internet was the lack of control, argues Paul, in response to my question about if the Internets origins in military labs proves that government is essential to American innovation.

Paul maintains that we shouldnt overestimate the need for government to support Silicon Valley. But, hes a fan of federal-funded science and technology, just so long as it doesnt add to the countrys trillion-dollar-sized debt. Id rather spend the money on R&D if theres not a marketplace for that, he says.

Paul is admirably consistent here; scientistsfreaked out over one of his early budget proposals to slash R&D funding, but calmed down after he brokered a deal with Democrats that would slightly increasefundsfor higher education and research (by finding other programs to cut, of course).

Civil Liberties Galore And No Killing Of Hackers

Paul infamously said that whistleblower Edward Snowden and intelligence director James Clappershould share the same jail cell(Clapper for lying to Congress). I pressed Paul on how he would treat information activists.

There do have to be some rules and there are some problems with disclosing secrets and people could die, he warns. But, security hawks are calling for the death penalty for Edward Snowden, and I think thats inappropriate.

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One Silicon Valley, Under Libertarian Hero Senator Rand Paul

Dagny Roark

Dagny Roark has been writing professionally for over five years. Her work has been published in “Carolina Parent” magazine, “Hybrid Vigor” and a number of newspapers and websites. Her main interests are science, nature and wildlife. Dagny received her Bachelor of Science in environmental science from Emory University in 2005.

The offshore oil industry has a large presence in Louisiana. The state is one of only six that allow coastal drilling. Only one state, Texas, plays host to more oil rigs than Louisiana does. A number of companies take advantage of the state’s plentiful resources, creating a $70 billion industry.

List of Offshore Drilling Companies in Louisiana. The offshore oil industry has a large presence in Louisiana. The state is one of…

Offshore companies are businesses incorporated outside the country in which the company is located. Companies that form offshore do so for several…

Noble Drilling is one of the largest offshore drilling companies in the world, and has been leading the industry in deep-water projects…

List of Offshore Drilling Companies in Louisiana. The offshore oil industry has a large presence in Louisiana. The state is one of…

List of Offshore Drilling Companies in Louisiana. The offshore oil industry has a large presence in Louisiana. The state is one of…

List of Offshore Drilling Companies in Louisiana. The offshore oil industry has a large presence in Louisiana. The state is one of…

As the world’s supply of crude oil continues to decline, various petroleum companies continue to extract oil and gas from offshore sources…

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List of Offshore Drilling Companies in Louisiana | eHow

400 dead dolphins found on Pacific Ocean beaches
More than 400 dead dolphins were found last month on the Pacific Ocean beaches of northern Peru. Authorities never established the cause of the deaths and ar…

By: Zoomin.TV Science

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400 dead dolphins found on Pacific Ocean beaches – Video

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 15, 2014

After suffering a leg injury during a fall on Dancing With the Stars, Bill Nye the Science Guy received an innovative treatment known as platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) in the hope of returning to the stage in the subsequent week. Return he did, and he brought with him a laymans explanation of PRP, the kind of science-made-simple description his legions of fans know him for.

According to Nye, he received platelet-rich plasma, which is where they take platelets from your blood in your arm, and poke them into the tendon and to-be-repaired area. It excites the cells in the right way to bring em around faster than they would otherwise.

Say James Hays, President and CEO of PlasmaGenix, Inc. in Los Angeles, Mr. Nyes description is nearly spot on in terms of how regenerative medicine speeds healing though Id suggest that the next time he needs a treatment, he pays a visit to our offices. We dont poke our patients anywhere during PRP therapy!

Dr. John Simmonds, an orthopedic surgeon and Chief Medical Officer, further explains the technicalities of how PRP works. The procedure starts by drawing blood from a patient. This blood is spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets and growth factors. When injected into the site of an injury, the PRP has the potential to supercharge the healing process and reduce pain.

About PlasmaGenix

PlasmaGenix is a biologics company located in Inglewood, California. Our three lead products, PlasmaNeu, PlasmaGen and PlasmaPro, have been used for over a decade to treat chronic non-healing wounds and preventing amputations in high risk populations, and peripheral neuropathy associated with HIV and Diabetes. Science has recently shown that the body has enormous potential to heal itself. Regenerative medicine is an exciting area in medicine that is evolving very rapidly and PlasmaGenix is proud to be at the forefront of developing new therapeutics to treat a wide variety of chronic conditions. We can now deliver products to accelerate the bodys own natural healing mechanisms and enrich the bodys inherent ability to repair and regenerate.

The culmination of over 3 decades of clinical experience and research gave birth to PlasmaGenix which is poised to be a leader in the field of regenerative medicine. To date, PlasmaGenix has successfully treated over 10,000 patients for various neurologic conditions, chronic non-healing wounds, sports related injures as well as muscular sclerosis and Charcot-Marie Tooth disease.

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Regenerative Medicine | Bill Nye the Science Guy Got PRP Therapy for “Dancing With The Stars” Injury

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Inside the gymnasium at Freedom Park Community Center, the basketball goals are gone.

A brand new floor has been installed. There are new bleachers–the kind that roll away when you’re done with them, or roll out for big events like boxing tournaments, set to happen here in the near future.

“When we look at Freedom Park and turn that into a boxing/conditioning facility, we expect people not just from the Freedom area to go to that facility, we expect them from all of the middle Georgia area,” says Dale “Doc” Dougherty, director of Macon-Bibb Parks and Recreation. “(People) throughout Bibb County and maybe beyond will come into the Freedom Park location.”

Over the next few months, workers will install several boxing rings inside the gym–two for competition, Dougherty says, and two for training.

The room next to it will serve as an exclusive training room, complete with plenty of punching bags hanging by chains from the ceiling.

And what’s a good boxer without a little conditioning?

One of the things that made Freedom Park ideal for this center is the sidewalk around Freedom Park Lake. Dougherty says its easy access to the building will allow for pre-workout runs and jogs. The center will also serve as a fitness facility for kids of all ages.

“…where literally parents three days a week can drop their kids off for an hour or an hour and a half and know when they pick them up, they’re going to be good and tired but they’re also going to be getting in shape,” he says.

The new look Freedom Park is just the first step in the parks and recreation department’s vision for the future.

“We’re also looking at the education side with robotics at one of our centers,” Dougherty says. “Creating a full STEM program for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for one of our centers. We’re also looking at cultural arts–turning one of our centers into a theater as well as dance and just general drama classes.”

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Freedom Park Boxing Center Getting Closer to Opening Day

Transhuman is the fifth full-length album by the American technical thrash metal band Believer, released on April 11, 2011 on Metal Blade Records.

A concept album, the band stated that the lyrics deal with transhumanism, “The study of the ramifications, promises, and potential dangers of technologies that will enable us to overcome fundamental human limitations, and the related study of the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies.” The band stated that the source of inspiration was Dr. Ginger Campbells Brain Science Podcast, which explores recent discoveries in neuroscience, as well as Dr. Thomas Metzingers scientific research and philosophical study of consciousness and the self.[1]

Musically, the band stated that they “focused more on the overall musicality which included more instrumental layers than we used before.”[4] Sputnik Music noted that the band dropped most of the aggressive thrash metal elements in favor of more melodic, modern, mid-tempo and mechanical style.[1] reviewer wrote that the album’s genre is difficult to pigeon hole, featuring elements of industrial, psychedelic and soundtrack music among technical metal.[5]

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Transhuman (album) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2013 Rubik's Cube Open at Liberty Science Center
LSC hosted its winter 2013 open this past Saturday (12/14). Check out some of the competitors and visit our Facebook page for photos!…

By: Liberty Science Center

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2013 Rubik’s Cube Open at Liberty Science Center – Video

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Dec 202013

Science of Magic: David Blaine at LSC

The mystery and magic behind David Blaine. Read More

Beyond Rubik’s Cube

LSC is developing a major international exhibition about the Rubik’s Cube, the world’s best-selling puzzle. Read more

Museum Planning & Exhibit Development

Learn more about our exhibit and museum design services.

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FireFox! Start Your Own Web Hosting Company
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Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

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