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Libertarianism: Why I'm a libertarian.
Government have been encroaching and infringing on our personal rights for hundreds of years. Why aren't most people concerned about this issue?

By: Sami Al-Suwaidi

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Libertarianism: Why I’m a libertarian. – Video

Sep 062014

Nato Feelz – Outlaw
PLEASE READ ME ^.^ ^.^ Ohayou guys, this is CrazyBass and im here today with new amazing Trap song and kawaii picture/ Echi ^.^ (All rights for pictures goes to real Creators) …

By: CrazyBass Promotions // Makes You Crazy Everyday.

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Nato Feelz – Outlaw – Video

The Hugh M. Hefner Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Awards. Christie Hefner established the Awards in 1979, in conjunction with Playboy magazines 25th anniversary, to honor individuals who have made significant contributions in the vital effort to protect and enhance First Amendment rights for all Americans.

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Winners Announced for 2014 Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Awards

Gun control persuasive speech – Tim Newcamp
Persuasive speech about protecting our second amendment rights for speech classFrom:1mperviousViews:3 0ratingsTime:11:47More inComedy

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Gun control persuasive speech – Tim Newcamp – Video

Forty years after fighting for First Amendment rights for students in a Des Moines high school, John and Mary Beth Tinker will visit Miami University March 30 and 31.

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Student speech activists to reflect on seminal court case

Williams has voted repeatedly for incumbent-protection legislation that would assert greater free speech rights for mainstream media outlets like the Louisville Courier Journal and the Lexington Herald Leader than for regular Kentucky …

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Phil Moffett's opponent weak on free speech | Moffett for Governor

Both Justices and scholars have long debated whether the “ freedom …of the press” was historically understood as securing special constitutional rights for the institutional press (newspapers, magazines, and broadcasters). …

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refWrite refBloggers Insert: Press Freedom USA — for Industry, or …

Butters On Free Speech . Senator Graham responds to the outcry over his opposition to First Amendment rights for Koran-burners

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Butters On Free Speech – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily …

JURIST – Paper Chase: Third Circuit rejects Second Amendment rights for felons.

JURIST – Paper Chase: Third Circuit rejects Second Amendment …

At a January 13 ceremony in Richmond, Va., Baptist Joint Committee Executive Director J. Brent Walker was presented an award for his work advancing freedom of conscience and basic human rights for people of all faiths, traditions and …

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BJC's Walker awarded for advancing freedom of conscience …

The court wondered why Helen and her church members attacked some of the respondents and still came to court to enforce their fundamental rights for the mere reason that the victims of the attack dared report the matter to the police.

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Court rules against Helen Ukpabio and the Liberty Gospel Church …

In 2015 we will mark the 700th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

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Freedom and the internet – Big Brother Watch

Nov 102010

9 saw a cold and wet crowd of Clark College students and faculty gather to express their feelings and frustrations over administration activity, or lack thereof, regarding free speech rights for college students.

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The Diversity of Free Speech

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