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protest song Freedom UKRAINE
Freedom for Ukraine my protest song.

By: Tobiasz Krl

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protest song Freedom UKRAINE – Video

Nude TSA Protest = Free Speech Says Circuit Court Judge2062
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By: Roberta Cummingham

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Nude TSA Protest = Free Speech Says Circuit Court Judge2062 – Video

Shark Cull Protest At Australian Beaches
Sir Richard Branson has joined the rally against Western Australia's official shark cull – saying it will harm tourism for the country. Sky's Jonathan Samuel…


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Shark Cull Protest At Australian Beaches – Video

Nude TSA Protest = Free Speech Says Circuit Court Judge89

By: Marvel Lenker

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Nude TSA Protest = Free Speech Says Circuit Court Judge89 – Video

By Adam Ondo Published on November 07, 2013 8:25 AM Op-Eds, Opinions

Last week, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly went to Brown University to give a lecture on Proactive Policing in Americas Biggest City. He was met by more than 100 students and community activists who disrupted the meeting to the point that it had to be canceled. This type of behavior is in direct contradiction to the idea of free speech that is supposed to be found on college campuses. More importantly, this behavior is also illegal. Upset by the surveillance of Muslims and of the use of stop-and-frisk practices by the NYPD, the protestors conspired to prevent Commissioner Kelly from exercising his right to free speech and also prevented open-minded audience members from hearing what he had to say. Im not going to debate whether or not the protestors grievances were justified, as I would rather elucidate the multiple legal implications of their actions. When Brown officials asked protesters to allow Kelly to speak and reserve their comments until a question-and-answer session, the protestors refused. Brown student and protest organizer Jenny Li called this disobedience a powerful demonstration of free speech. This couldnt be further from the truth, as shouting down someone else is not a legitimate use of free speech. Ms. Li seemed to acknowledge this, apparently without realizing she was contradicting herself, when she said about the administrations decision to continue the lecture, We decided to cancel [the lecture] for them. Brown University President Christina Paxson was right in saying, The conduct of disruptive members of the audience is indefensible and an affront both to civil democratic society and to the universitys core values. Brown isnt the first university to be faced with this problem, though. A similar incident occurred at UC-Irvine in 2010, resulting in 10 students being convicted of conspiring to disturb and disrupt a meeting and speech, which is a misdemeanor in California under Penal Code 403. Rhode Island has a similar law that could be applied in the Brown case, as well as a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. At one point in the protest, a relatively large protestor acted aggressively and in a threatening manner toward a female administrator when asked to please stop shouting. This threatening and tumultuous behavior could warrant charging him with disorderly conduct pursuant to Rhode Island Penal Code 11-45-1. However, the sentence for this crime is not to exceed six months imprisonment, so it may send a better message to hit him, and every other disruptive protestor, with the charge of disrupting the meeting. Technically, the charge would be disturbance of public assemblies generally ( 11-11-1). This charge carries with it a maximum sentence of one year imprisonment. The egregious nature of the protestors actions warrant a harsher penalty in my opinion, so this is the path I would pursue. Furthermore, if one watches the video of the ordeal, it is obvious that the disruptions were planned as a group and well in advance, with numerous protestors reading scripted material in a predetermined order. The routine was choreographed by the protest organizers, one of whom is known to be the aforementioned Ms. Li. Since every person who shall conspire with another to commit an offense punishable under the laws of this state shall be subject to the same fine and imprisonment, many of the protestors not directly guilty of the crimes listed above could be charged with conspiring to disturb a public assembly, thus earning them the same sentence of one year imprisonment ( 11-1-6). As I have shown, there are ways to deal with criminal dissident elements in both the student body and the community, so why hasnt the District Attorney in Providence charged anyone yet? Radicals cannot be allowed to shutdown meetings, discussions and other forums promoting dialogue merely because they are opposed to a certain policy, person, or country. Free speech is not allowed to flourish in this type of environment, where anarchists terrorize authority figures trying to ensure respectful dialogue. It would be a shame if these criminals went unpunished for their actions. Ondo is a member of the class of 2014.

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Overzealous protesters threaten the right of free speech

URGENT! OBAMA Signs Anti-Protest Bill – FREE SPEECH amp; Protest will get you JAIL TIME!
URGENT! OBAMA Signs Anti-Protest Bill – FREE SPEECH Protest will get you JAIL TIME! URGENT! OBAMA Signs Anti-Protest Bill – FREE SPEECH Protest will get you JAIL TIME! The First…

By: TheVideoKeyfim

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URGENT! OBAMA Signs Anti-Protest Bill – FREE SPEECH & Protest will get you JAIL TIME! – Video

Canadians United vs Terror:Crushing Free Speech-Toronto Police Shut Down Anti-Islamist Protest
ERIC BRAZAU is working with CANADIANS UNITED against TERROR and is the man speaking here. A small group of people raised their voices against a militant Islamist sign painted on the wall of a mosq.

By: Latest News

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Canadians United vs Terror:Crushing Free Speech-Toronto Police Shut Down Anti-Islamist Protest – Video

Street Protest for Liberty
Street Protest to defend Constitution, Rights, and Freedom in America.

By: islandrootsVI

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Street Protest for Liberty – Video

Free Speech and the Right to Protest
We have no constitutional right to free speech in Australia but we all deserve the right to voice our concerns in the public sphere.

By: Jacqui O

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Free Speech and the Right to Protest – Video

IRS Protest – Unite for Free Speech
Interview at IRS Protest at Downers Grove.

By: ChampionNews.Net's channel

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IRS Protest – Unite for Free Speech – Video

On Friday the march for peace and justice that happens every week at 5 pm decided to march to City Hall and to exercise their free speech rights. Due to a wedding in progress, in the building, the peace group respected the request to move further away and headed back to Pioneer Square. This was filmed in Portland Oregon on January 4 2008. One man in his car honks his horn for 30 seconds as the protest goes by then gets out to tell me he did it to “drown them out”??..yet he said he “Wants Peace”??? Zebra 3 Productions filmed by: Joe AnybodyFrom:Joe AnybodyViews:0 0ratingsTime:39:12More inEntertainment

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PPR_5_oclock_Peace_March_To_City_Hall – Video

The unprecedented wave of “blackouts” and other forms of protest that swept the web on Wednesday was designed to call attention to legislation that critics contend will stifle free speech. But the dramatic move sparked debate over whether the protest itself was appropriate for websites that are often themselves arbiters of free speech online.

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SOPA Blackouts: Free Speech or 'Abuse of Power'?

27-11-2011 22:07 So, basically, if you happen upon a group of people with signs, and you decide that you like what they are saying and wish to join in the protest, you don’t technically get your full 3 hours of free speech per unspecified amount of time. I wasn’t messing around when I said I had never met some of the people who joined us. One of them saw that we were evicted from the Capitol yesterday, and showed up at the very end of our allotted 3 hours of free speech time, and was told she was part of our “event” and that she would be ticketed and could risk arrest if she didn’t leave

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Your allotted amount of free speech has expired! – Video

The group of protesters who have been camped out in Freedom Plaza since Oct. 6 have been granted a new permit by the National Park Service to continue their protest on the federal park land just blocks from the White House, a spokeswoman for the National Mall said Wednesday

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Freedom Plaza protesters receive new permit, allowing them to stay into February

Members say the protest was held in response to some of their members being arrested a few weeks back in Marion Square.

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Occupy Charleston symbolically buries First Amendment

The “24/7″ nature of Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots distinguish this protest movement from others that relied more on rallies.

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Occupy Wall Street Now Occupying Courtrooms With First Amendment Lawsuits

Free Speech in Full Effect.

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middletowneye: Free Speech in Full Effect

SCOTUS Defends the First Amendment – Westboro Church Allowed To Protest. The SCOTUS decision on the Westboro Church’s protests of military funerals was released today.

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SCOTUS Defends the First Amendment – Westboro Church Allowed To …

Pennsylvania lawmakers registered their protest, and Lincoln University itself called Siddique’s views “offensive.” In an interview with Siddique was questioned about his statements. He fell back on academic freedom , …

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Holocaust Denial From US Professors: Academic Freedom? – Pajamas Media

The Consequences Of Free Speech .

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43-Ideas-Per-Minute: The Consequences Of Free Speech

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