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Eugenics | Define Eugenics at

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Mar 172016

Historical Examples

eugenics is based to a very large extent upon the principles underlying sex hygiene.

I try so hard not to be afraid of men, for I know they are necessary to eugenics.

eugenics is the science of reproducing better humans by applying the established laws of genetics or heredity.

It is a sin of our race that the eugenics Office should have bred out–but they have failed.

eugenics deals with the even more vital subject of improving the inherent type and capacities of the individuals of the future.

It has been said that eugenics is futile because it cannot define its end.

British Dictionary definitions for eugenics Expand

(functioning as sing) the study of methods of improving the quality of the human race, esp by selective breeding

Derived Forms

eugenic, adjectiveeugenically, adverbeugenicist, nouneugenist (judnst) noun, adjective

Word Origin

C19: from Greek eugens well-born, from eu- + -gens born; see -gen

Word Origin and History for eugenics Expand

1883, coined (along with adjective eugenic) by English scientist Francis Galton (1822-1911) on analogy of ethics, physics, etc. from Greek eugenes “well-born, of good stock, of noble race,” from eu- “good” (see eu-) + genos “birth” (see genus).

eugenics in Medicine Expand

eugenics eugenics (y-jn’ks) n. The study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding.

eugenics in Culture Expand

The idea that one can improve the human race by careful selection of those who mate and produce offspring.

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Eugenics | Define Eugenics at

Nihilism – definition of nihilism by The Free Dictionary

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Jan 202016

nihilism (n-lzm, n-) n.

1. Philosophy The doctrine that nothing actually exists or that existence or values are meaningless.

2. Relentless negativity or cynicism suggesting an absence of values or beliefs: nihilism in postwar art.

a. Political belief or action that advocates or commits violence or terrorism without discernible constructive goals.

b. also Nihilism A diffuse, revolutionary movement of mid-19th-century Russia that scorned authority and tradition and believed in reason, materialism, and radical change in society and government through terrorism and assassination.

4. Psychiatry A delusion, experienced in some mental disorders, that the world or one’s mind, body, or self does not exist.

nihilist n.

nihilistic adj.

nihilistically adv.

1. a complete denial of all established authority and institutions

2. (Philosophy) philosophy an extreme form of scepticism that systematically rejects all values, belief in existence, the possibility of communication, etc

3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a revolutionary doctrine of destruction for its own sake

4. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the practice or promulgation of terrorism

[C19: from Latin nihil nothing + -ism, on the model of German Nihilismus]

nihilist n, adj

nihilistic adj

(Historical Terms) (in tsarist Russia) any of several revolutionary doctrines that upheld terrorism


1. total rejection of established laws and institutions.

2. anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity.

a. the belief that all existence is senseless and that there is no possibility of an objective basis for truth.

b. nothingness or nonexistence.

4. (cap.) a 19th-century Russian political philosophy advocating the violent destruction of social and political institutions to make way for a new society.

nihilist, n., adj.

ni`hilistic, adj.

the belief that existence is not real and that there can be no objective basis of truth, a form of extreme skepticism. Cf. ethical nihilism. nihilist, n., adj.

the principles of a Russian revolutionary movement in the late 19th century, advocating the destruction of government as a means to anarchy and of ten employing terrorism and assassination to assist its program. nihilist, n., adj. nihilistic, adj.

total rejection of established attitudes, practices, and institutions. nihilist, n. nihilistic, adj.


Nihilism – definition of nihilism by The Free Dictionary

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Rand Paul selling 'NSA spy cam blocker'

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Apr 082015

NSA Spy Cam Blocker. Credit:

“That little front facing camera on your laptop or tablet can be a window for the world to see you – whether you know it or not! Stop hackers and the NSA with this simple camera blocker. Safe and practical,” the online store says of the product.

Several of the Paul products include visuals of the Constitutionincluding a T-shirt and an iPhone casewhich is a political theme for the son of libertarian icon and former Texas congressman Ron Paul.

“I am running for president to return our country to the principles of liberty and limited government,” a quote attributed to Paul says on his sitewhich broke the news the senator would run ahead of his scheduled midday in-person announcement.

The store even offers a $1,000 Paul-autographed Constitution. “It’s hard to find a greater defender of the U.S. Constitution in the Halls of Congress than Rand Paul,” the item’s description says.

But the merchandise goes beyond accessories: Paul’s branded clothing is “fashion for a cause,” his website says.

Read MoreWhy Rand Paul probably can’t win GOP nom

“It’s easy to be a fashion plate for the world’s biggest brands. When you wear the Rand Brand, you look good and stand for something bigger than all of us … liberty,” the site boasts, adding “Thomas Jefferson would be proud.”

Such fashion includes a T-shirt proclaiming “Don’t Drone Me, Bro!”

Even the payment options take a decidedly contemporary twist for the Kentucky senator’s campaign. In addition to credit card and PayPal choices, Paul’s website allows supporters to donate in bitcoin (the cryptocurrency boasts a strong following among a subset of libertarians).

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Rand Paul selling 'NSA spy cam blocker'

Rand Paul: 'I am running for president'

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Apr 082015

Updated: Tuesday, April 7 2015, 12:40 PM EDT

Louisville, Kentucky (CNN)- For Rand Paul, it’s all led to this moment.

Since riding the tea party wave into the Senate in 2010, Paul has carefully built a brand of mainstream libertarianism — dogged advocacy of civil liberties combined with an anti-interventionist foreign policy and general support for family values — that he bets will create a coalition of younger voters and traditional Republicans to usher him into the White House.

The test of that theory begins Tuesday when the Kentucky senator is expected to make official what has been clear for years: He’s running for president.

“I am running for president to return our country to the principles of liberty and limited government,” Paul said on his new website.

A formal announcement will come at a rally in Louisville and he’ll immediately hit the campaign trail, swinging through New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada — the states that traditionally vote first in the primaries and caucuses.

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Rand Paul: 'I am running for president'

Regulating Sex Businesses, Part 1: Principles and Foundations – First Amendment – Video

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Apr 032015

Regulating Sex Businesses, Part 1: Principles and Foundations – First Amendment
This course shows how to lay the foundation for ordinances that mitigate the negative effects of sex businesses while conforming with constitutional requirements under the First Amendment….

By: Planetizen

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Regulating Sex Businesses, Part 1: Principles and Foundations – First Amendment – Video

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Download Principles of Regenerative Medicine, Second Edition Hardcover PDF – Video

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Mar 282015

Download Principles of Regenerative Medicine, Second Edition Hardcover PDF
Download the PDF Here :

By: Julia Eva

Originally posted here:
Download Principles of Regenerative Medicine, Second Edition Hardcover PDF – Video

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SEO Techniques blogger 2015 – Video

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Jan 222015

SEO Techniques blogger 2015
Beginners learn the principles of seo blog tips tricks and help to promote your website within Google and the other Internet search engines. | seo blogger Training Tutorials ABOUT SEO -…

By: Web SEO Services

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SEO Techniques blogger 2015 – Video

Clothed in controversy: Statue sparks First Amendment debate

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Dec 112014

A piece of art displayed for less than four hours on the University of Iowa campus has sparked national attention. A seven-foot-tall, sculpted set of Klu Klux Klan robes composed of articles depicting the history of racial tensions in America was on display at the university’s free speech zone, the Pentacrest on Dec. 5, inciting outrage across the campus.

Serhat Tanyolacar, a visiting assistant professor at the University of Iowa and artist of the work, said the meaning of the piece was misunderstood.

“The intent was to raise awareness on contemporary issues on racism and create open discussion on those issues,” Tanyolacar said.

University of Iowa officials were able to remove the display because Tanyolacar did not acquire the correct permits to display the piece. The university went on to say in a memo that it “considers all forms of racism abhorrent and is deeply committed to the principles of inclusion and acceptance.”

“It’s hard to start dialogue about something upsetting without showing something upsetting,” said Frank LoMonte, executive director of University of Iowa’s Student Press Law Center.

LoMonte said the University of Iowa was not in the wrong by removing the artwork due to Tanyolacar’s inability to obtain a permit for the work.

“The government does have the ability to enforce reasonable permit conditions, so long as they are not selectively enforcing,” LoMonte said.

LoMonte also said it is hard to start a conversation on something considered disturbing without showing something that is itself disturbing. The university was within its rights in removing the statue so long as the permit qualifications were the only reason they removed the piece.

“Picking and choosing who is okay to hate is a violation of First Amendment rights,” LoMonte said.

The First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech, does not address hate speech, nor protect citizens against encountering it.

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Clothed in controversy: Statue sparks First Amendment debate

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Prezi Presentation: Principles of Management (MGT20200) Group Project by Paul Seo – Video

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Dec 042014

Prezi Presentation: Principles of Management (MGT20200) Group Project by Paul Seo
This video is a Prezi, converted by PreziTube Create your own video from your Prezi at PreziTube click: Title: Principles of Management (MGT20200) Group Project…

By: Prezi Tube

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Prezi Presentation: Principles of Management (MGT20200) Group Project by Paul Seo – Video

NSA privacy director defends agency's surveillance

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Nov 252014

The U.S. National Security Agencys surveillance programs are legal and under close scrutiny by other parts of the government, the agencys internal privacy watchdog said Monday in an online Q&A.

NSA surveillance and data collection programs conform to the U.S. Constitution, Rebecca Richards, the agencys first civil liberties and privacy director, wrote during an hour-plus Q&A on Tumblr.

The NSA operates under rules that ensure that its activities fall within the parameters of the Constitution, Richards wrote when asked why she believes the surveillance programs are constitutional.

The oversight regime governing NSA is extensive, spanning all three branches of government, she added. The fact that NSA created my job highlights the value and importance NSA leadership places on privacy and civil liberties protections.

Critics have said some NSA surveillance programs violate the Constitutions Fourth Amendment, prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures by the government.

One Q&A participant asked if U.S. residents fears of being discreetly spied on are merited.

The fears are not merited, Richards wrote. NSA is a foreign intelligence agency, she wrote. Our mission is to collect critical intelligence on foreign powers or their agents necessary to defend the country.

U.S. law requires that the NSA, when targeting a U.S. citizen for foreign intelligence purposes, to obtain a court order based on a finding of probable cause to believe the intended target is a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power, she added.

One participant paraphrased Benjamin Franklin to Richards: He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither. The questioner then asked whether the NSAs erosion of the Fourth Amendment is fair and righteous, in regard to the principles on which the United States were founded?

Richards again defended the NSA: Intelligence agencies, just like other government agencies, have a responsibility to protect privacy and civil liberties, she wrote. In the course of our operations, we take great care to protect and safeguard personal privacy.

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NSA privacy director defends agency's surveillance

Liberty Institute: Congress Urges Air Force To Support Religious Freedom

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Apr 172014

Thu, Apr 17, 2014

Members of the House of Representatives from both parties have submitted a letter to U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James, urging a revision to Air Force regulations to allow greater religious freedom in the Air Force.

The joint letter states: “We are concerned that the Air Force has not updated its regulations on religious freedom and appears to have the most restrictive policy of any military service.” In addition, it expresses concern that “Air Force religious freedom regulations and practices are inconsistent with the Constitution and with current law.” The letter also demands that the Air Force “correct this immediately” by revising Air Force regulations to ensure that the Air Force protects the religious freedom of all Airmen.

Mike Berry, Liberty Institute Senior Counsel and Director of Military Affairs, praised the policymakers’ initiative. “We are grateful that our elected officials responded so quickly and decisively to this issue,” he said. “They are rightfully concerned that the Air Force is not acting in accordance with Department of Defense policy. History demonstrates that religious freedom is vital to a strong military. With this letter, Congress is asking the Air Force to protect religious freedom in accordance with the Constitution and Department of Defense policy, which will ensure that we continue to have a strong military.”

Recently, the Air Force has been at the center of numerous controversies related to religious hostility within the military. Liberty Institute compiled many of those instances of religious hostility and, in January, provided them to the House Armed Services Committee as part of its written testimony.

Liberty Institute describes itself as “a national law firm dedicated to defending and restoring religious liberty across America in our schools, for our churches, in our military and throughout the public arena. Liberty’s vision is to reestablish religious liberty in accordance with the principles of our Founding Fathers.”

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Liberty Institute: Congress Urges Air Force To Support Religious Freedom

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Angola: Freedom of Information Must Be Based On Constitution – Minister

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May 052013

Luanda The approach on the press freedom should follow the Constitution, which gives the judiciary power, the control of abuses that may arise from it, said Friday the minister of Justice and Human Rights, Rui Mangueira.

The minister said so when delivering a lecture entitled “Press Freedom and the national interest”, under the World Press Freedom day, marked on May 3.

According to Rui Mangueira, when there is a conflict of interest involving the press with its journalist information freedom, on the one hand, and citizens with their civil and constitutional rights, on the other hand, it is up to the judiciary to tackle the conflict.

“The conflict between freedom of information and protection of privacy, the privacy to the honour and image of persons is very frequent among us,” he stressed.

The minister also underlined that the principle of freedom of speech, as well as other principles that make up the system of fundamental rights, does not have absolute immunity, rather, it limits in other rights, which may lead to a collision of the principles.

He emphasized that the collision of the right to freedom of speech and the press with the right to the reputation occurs when information is disclosed to the public indiscriminately.

“In any situation requiring the intervention of justice, is not a responsible act to anticipate the conclusion of a process, it is important not to hurt the honour and image of citizens alleging that have simply been denounced or filed a complaint.

The event was attended by Media minister, Jos Lus de Matos and secretary of State for Media, Manuel da Conceio.

Members of board of directors of the State-owned Media organs, press attach and journalists from public and private media outlets also attended the lecture.

The world marks this year 20th anniversary of institution by UN of the press freedom.

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Angola: Freedom of Information Must Be Based On Constitution – Minister

SEO Audits Vital in Online Marketing Efforts, Offers Insight

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Apr 022013

PHOENIX, AZ–(Marketwire – Apr 1, 2013) – Although many businesses have yet to discover the value of online marketing, notes that optimizing online presence will determine the vitality of any company in a few short years. As many companies have enlisted the help of advertising and marketing firms to maximize online presence, continues to offer digital training services that allow small business owners to not only learn the basics of online marketing, but also understand how to apply strategies to become a leader in e-commerce. As such, this company notes that many small businesses must learn the principles of search engine optimization — also known as SEO.

According to, SEO strategies continue to evolve, which is why it is essential for business owners to “jump on the bandwagon” and revisit online content. In a recent press statement, explains, “Search engine optimization requires businesses to look at content and create web-based material so that certain keywords draw the attention of leading search engine. This means, that with a little ingenuity and dedication, business owners can optimize their online presence when consumers are searching for key terms through popular search engines.”

While many companies may already have online content, a recent article from Entrepreneur suggests that many businesses may want to conduct an “SEO audit.” The article explains, “If a business website isn’t properly optimized for search, it’s most likely missing out on a significant amount of traffic from the search engines, including from potential customers.” Sharing a similar sentiment, notes that the fixes may be simple, but those in charge of online marketing efforts must be current on standard SEO practices to know what to look for when auditing a business’ online content.

For example, Entrepreneur suggests checking for broken links, a home page’s speed and howother competitors fare in relevant searches. While it may be easy to review existing content and alter it for SEO purposes, believes that it may also require businesses to become more invested in the online space.

“It is essential for business owners to not only understand the importance of online marketing efforts, such as search engine optimization, but to also know how to create fresh and compelling content that will make an impact on SEO performance. Our digital training service can help business owners learn the principles of online marketing at their own pace, allowing them to revisit e-commerce with a fresh perspective,” concludes in its press statement.


Geared toward small business owners, is a digital training service that provides continuing education for those looking to improve their company. The website features web-based training videos, tips and other tutorials that are available at a user’s convenience. focuses on coursework that is mainly involved with online practices such as the basics of web design, e-commerce and social network marketing strategies.

To learn more about the company’s offered curriculum, visit

The rest is here:
SEO Audits Vital in Online Marketing Efforts, Offers Insight

Ron Paul On The 2nd Amendment In 1989 – Video

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Mar 062013

Ron Paul On The 2nd Amendment In 1989
A very young former Congressman Ron Paul discusses guns in this rare video from 1989, recently released by the Free to Choose Network. On Tuesday, the Free to Choose Network, a non-profit political organization dedicated to promoting the principles of personal and economic freedom, released a video on their YouTube channel of a young former Congressman Ron Paul talking about guns in 1989. In the video, Paul says that “no one should tell you you can't own a gun because it might be misused.” He goes on to make the argument that any misuse of an object, including a gun, should be dealt with in the courts. Paul is also shown holding a gun in the video while he references Thomas Jefferson and his quotes on inalienable rights. He closes out the video talking about Libertarianism and says “we have a right to own anything we want, including guns, as long as we harm no other person.” He also says “if we sacrifice our liberty in the pursuit of safety, we'll lose our safety and our liberty.” Although this particular video is rare, Ron Paul has never been shy to speak his views on guns. In another video, Paul discusses the 2nd amendment being put into place to protect against abusive government and his views that had a pilot been carrying a pistol on 9/11, the hijackers would have been discouraged or stopped from the hijacking and attacks. He also dedicated an entire chapter to the issue in his book Liberty Defined.

By: Johannes Fiftyeight

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Ron Paul On The 2nd Amendment In 1989 – Video

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Alex Jones and His Neocon Friends (LibertarianAnalysis upload) – Video

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Feb 152013

Alex Jones and His Neocon Friends (LibertarianAnalysis upload)
If you thought alex jones had any kind of principle, think again. He frequently talks to Joseph Ferah, a man who hates the US constitution and the principles of libertarianism. Originally a LibertarianAnalysis upload.

By: TheLibertarian4life

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Alex Jones and His Neocon Friends (LibertarianAnalysis upload) – Video

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