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Myths in SEO run almost as deep as they do in Lock Ness and Area 51. Lets have some fun and look at 10 of them today. By no means a definitely list, these still pop up.

Yes, its nice to rank on top, but you know that actual rankings fluctuate on a daily basis. Does the #1 spot actually get you more clicks and conversions and the # 2 or #3 spot. Depends on the phrase sometimes. And for those trying to get off page 2 of the SERP and onto page 1, be careful. Often the click through rate (CTR) of the top spots on page 2 are far better than the CTRs on the lower positions on page one. If you rank well on page 2, be careful when planning your assault on page one. Unless you can get above the fold, it might be better to stay put and own the top of the second page. All of this will, naturally, vary a great deal form site to site, page to page and even across individual phrases. Sometimes people research on one phrase and buy on another version, for example.

Its important, but even the most well-crafted title tag cant elevate a site skipping everything else. This is a somewhat common refrain from bloggers as some of the most popular platforms dont include things like meta descriptions in their base code. Plugins exist to easily add them, and allow access to a bunch of other common areas SEOs like to fiddle with. You should spend time getting the title right, but this alone wont save a sinking ship.

Social takes time, I cant be bothered with SEO, so Ill just do social. There was a time when ranking a website was like making consomm. You wanted one thing clear broth. At that time, you could focus on a single tactic and it would boost rankings. Today its more like trying to make the worlds best seafood chowder. Success depends on a complex mix of ingredients, freshness and timing. One ingredient alone wont bring success, and yet without that one ingredient, you dont have a chowder.

People like to consume content in videos. Videos are easy to produce and easy to consume. Its pretty easy to make high quality videos today, and even if you dont the expectations of people online have aligned with more modest efforts. But lets face it, embedding videos can negatively affect page load times, frustrating visitors. And a video alone wont help rankings. Youve got to give the engines something to understand, as theyre not going to watch that 4 minute rant you posted. Transcripts are a great way around this little issue. Videos are a great part of growing your content, but arent a silver bullet, despite what some ads on Facebook would have you believe.

Nope. No amount of ad buying will get you organically ranked higher. If you still believe this today, click here. The instant and engine starts determining ranking based on ads bought is the instant it loses credibility. Game over, Player One.

Maybe you do, but its not your call to make. Great content is content thats deemed great by searchers and visitors to your site. All the standards in the world wont help you if no one likes your writing style, voice or message. Grammar affects how people (readers) perceive you, so that can have a direct impact on engagement and rankings. But never delude yourself into thinking what you produced is excellent just because you put time into it. Watch what visitors engage with and seek to follow that same pattern.

While important as a vote of confidence for the content they point to, there is simply so much link spam these days that its tough to know where to turn. Obviously buying links is a dead end, and it doesnt matter how you split this hair: sharing, encouraging, incentivizing, buying its all the same. You want links to surprise you. You should never know in advance a link is coming, or where its coming from. If you do, thats the wrong path. Links are part of the bigger picture. You want them, but you want them to be natural. If an engine sees you growing tem naturally, youre rewarded with rankings. If they see you growing them unnaturally, youre rewarded with penalties.

No. It will help the engine gain a better understanding of your content, and allow us to use that content in unique ways in the SERPs (should we choose to), but installing the code doesnt boost rankings.

While technically a different discipline, its time more folks starting seeing them as similar. Both focus on improving a website for users. Investing in SEO and not investing in usability is like tying one sneaker and going for a run. Yeah, youll be OK, but wouldnt it be a better experience with both shoes tied?

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10 SEO Myths Reviewed by @DuaneForrester

Free Speech VS Influencing of Terrorism and What Government Need to do; Lecture 101
I understand about indecision But I don't care if I get behind People li vin' in competition All I want is to have my peace of mind. New word? Governmentism? lol!! Hey I.M.F, want to know…

By: BAD illuminati!:

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Free Speech VS Influencing of Terrorism and What Government Need to do; Lecture 101 – Video

In a result consistent with previous polling, a new poll has respondents claiming they’re more concerned about Google seeing all their private data than the government.

People claim to trust Google less than they trust the NSA. Are they telling the truth? TED 2014/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

People don’t always say what they think. Especially in business and love.

Please, therefore, consider this question: whom would you trust more with your private data: the NSA, a company like Google, or your mom?

I ask because I’m looking at the results of a survey, conducted between October 9 and12, that asked just that. It asked simple questions, to which its sponsors hoped to get simple answers.

The results went like this. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being “I am shivering uncontrollably with fear”) the idea of Google or a similar concern having access to all your private data got a concerned score of 7.39.

The idea of the NSA having its eyes and hands all over you? 7.06. What about your boss snooping? That merited a mere 6.85. While the notion of your parents knowing it all got a 5.93.

Of the options open to the respondents, they were most relaxed about their spouse or significant other seeing their everyday warts. This idea scored a mere 4.55.

The survey was created by Survata, a company whose purpose is to interrupt content by asking people to complete a survey before they get the whole content. Survata claims in its methodological explanation that it carefully vets those it thinks might offer insincerity.

I wonder, however. If these results are to be believed, then humanity is rife with those who speak out of several sides of their mouth. On the one hand, we claim to fear Google most, yet we allow it, Facebook and the like to crawl over our daily routines and information like summer flies enjoying a rancid grapefruit.

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People trust NSA more than Google, survey says

Events mark 150 years of freedom from slavery in Md.

Freedom came to Maryland 150 years ago this week and in the coming days, the state will celebrate Jubilee 1864.

Mobile users tap here to watch video

People can explore the living history marking Marylanders’ release from slavery.

“Man ignorant of history runs the risk of repeating it again,” a Frederick Douglass reenactor said.

Words of the real Frederick Douglass echo through the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture. Its a poignant message as Maryland prepares to celebrate freedom through Jubilee 1864.

“As a border state, Maryland was not affected by the Emancipation Proclamation like many other border states,” said Lisa Crawley, with the Reginald F. Lewis Museum.

On Nov. 1, 1864, slavery in Maryland would become history. Enticed by Washington, D.C.’s emancipation, men joining the Union Army, and the Old Line State turned to change.

“Slowly but surely, the institution of slavery began losing its power,” Crawley said.

It’s a living celebration 150 years later, as Douglass comes alive at the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Meyers Maritime Park. Will Henry “Box” Brown will also come alive at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum.

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Living history events celebrate Jubilee 1864


What a week Ive had! I was asked to sit on the panel of BBC3s live debate show, Free Speech, alongside Alistair Campbell (Former Director of Communications for Tony Blair), Dr Sarah Wollaston (Chair of the Health Select Committee) and Jon Ronson (the Author of Psychopath Test). The show is a wonderfully inspiring platform for young people to share their stories and challenge the opinions of those on the panel and in the audience.

Our topics of discussion were Mental Health, the Ched Evans rape case and Tuition Fees in the UKas you can imagine we had one of the most interesting, thought provoking and passionate debates of the series. I suffered quite badly from anorexia in my early 20s but have since recovered and Im now an ambassador from BEAT, the biggest UK based eating disorders charity. One of the things that struck me so strongly was how many young people in this country are suffering from mental illness and how they feel they are being failed by our health care system. One young guy in the audience told how hes been waiting for six months to see someone after he attempted suicide. Its shocking and quite frankly disgraceful that anyone should have such a lack of support. Im determined to try and get mental health taught in schools alongside physical education. One in four people will suffer from some sort of mental health problem as an adult and maybe that astonishing number would come down if we started teaching our young people to talk openly about their illness. It really was a career highlight for me and I was totally inspired by the bravery of the teenagers in the audience. And who says young people arent engaged?!

Ive also been covering for Essex dancing queen, Mark Wright, on his Club Classics show on Heart for the last month. Hes currently in Strictly Come Dancing so Im keeping his seat warm on Saturday nights from 7-9pm, playing all the biggest dance floor fillers to get you up and dancing on that kitchen table! I really love being part of the Heart family and its a joy to record every week. Plus it means I get to bump into two of the nicest women in showbiz, Emma Bunton and Jenni Falconer, they give the best hugs.

On Thursday I took to the decks to play some tunes at my beautiful and clever friend, Ashley Jamess, luxury bracelet launch, Whistle & Bango. Theyre basically bangles that you can personalise with your favourite London postcode.

The rest is here:
Matt and Zoe blog: Free Speech and Sherlock Holmes

26th Kid in Stereo – Freedom Peace [AUDIO]
Try to reflect the title of the song “Freedom Peace” and the song you have heard, which is also this. This track is dedicated to the people who have passed away after the war between Israel…

By: 26th Kid in Stereo

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26th Kid in Stereo – Freedom & Peace [AUDIO] – Video

The NATO Balkan Bombings Targeting Families Of Its Own People
NATO Bombed My Family: How one family of Balkan refugees in Canada are reconnected with their kin over the war in their homeland Subscribe to Journeyman for more: …

By: Journeyman Pictures

The NATO Balkan Bombings Targeting Families Of Its Own People – Video

Honoring the bravery of a girl who refused to be denied an education – and nearly paid for it with her life – 1,400 guests gathered Tuesday night under a white tent and tight security at the National Constitution Center to bestow the 2014 Liberty Medal on Malala Yousafzai, 17, the youngest recipient of the quarter-century-old prize.

Draped in a traditional Pashtun shawl of her native Pakistan, Yousafzai took the stage to wild applause.

“I thank the people, and especially the children of Philadelphia, for their warm welcome and their love and support,” she said, draping the red, white, and blue ribbon of the gold medal around her neck.

Touching a hand to her heart, she smiled appreciatively on a stage that included Susan Corbett, wife of the governor; Mayor Nutter and his daughter, Olivia; Amy Gutmann, president of the University of Pennsylvania; and Jeffrey Rosen, Constitution Center chief executive.

Yousafzai called for spending money on books, not guns, and said she was speaking up for children caught in crises in such places as India, Syria, Nigeria, and Gaza. “We cannot become a generation lost,” she said.

“I ask all countries all around the world: Let us say no to wars. Let us say no to conflicts.”

She said she would donate the award’s $100,000 prize to improving education and support for Pakistani children.

“Together we are stronger than fear, oppression, and terrorism,” she said. “History does not descend from the sky; it is we who make history. One book, one pen, one child can change the world.”

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Malala Yousafzai awarded Liberty Medal


It’s been 50 years since President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law. One of the people who played a role in making that happen spoke at ETSU on Monday.

When Hank Thomas stood up to speak, he started singing songs of freedom.

“Things are wonderful in this country now that I can truly say ‘My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee’ and ‘God Bless America’,” he said.

In May of 1961, however, there was a much different tone.

“I may be in this university but I certainly would not be welcomed,” said Thomas. “The law of the land as far as the South was concerned, every time I got aboard a bus, whether a municipal bus or an interstate bus, I was supposed to go to the back of the bus.”

Thomas decided to board a bus in Washington D.C. that was headed to Louisiana to fight for desegregation. He was only 19-years-old and a sophomore at Howard University.

Thomas became one of seven “Freedom Riders” on board that bus.

When the bus got to the Alabama border, a mob was waiting. Thomas told us the crowd disabled the bus by slashing the tires.

“The bus driver could not drive the bus any further and all the windows of the bus were broken out,” said Thomas. “The bus driver got off the bus and really ran for his life but we were able to lock the door so they could not get in.”

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Freedom Rider remembers civil rights movement

October 20, 2014

The tax exemption would benefit the islands and residents and would not have a negative impact to their economy.

LABUAN:Duty-free islands of Langkawi, Tioman and Labuan will be exempted from the Goods and Services (GST), said Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan.

He said the tax exemption would benefit the islands and residents and would not have a negative impact to their economy.

Addressing a GST briefing here on Sunday, he said the government would take measures to ensure that the transition from the Sales and Services Tax to the GST from April next year would not be drastic to ease the burden of the people.

He said the government would strengthen the GST Enforcement Unit with an addition of 2,270 members, 1,300 Price-Watch Team members and 202,800 Consumer Squad members as well as the inclusion of 579 penghulu and penggawa.

The Price watch team, made up of consumer associations, have been allocated funds to monitor profiteering by traders, he said.


The views expressed in the contents are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of FMT.

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Duty-free islands exempted from GST

LABUAN, Oct 19 (Bernama) — Duty-free islands of Langkawi, Tioman and Labuan will be exempted from the Goods and Services (GST), said Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan.

He said the tax exemption would benefit the islands and residents and would not have a negative to their economy.

Addressing a GST briefing here today, he said the government would take measures to ensure that the transition from the Sales and Services to the GST from April next year would not be drastic to ease the burden of the people.

He said the government would strengthen the GST Enforcement Unit with an addition of 2,270 members, 1,300 Price-Watch Team members and 202,800 Consumer Squad members as well as the inclusion of 579 penghulu and penggawa.

“The Price watch team, made up of consumer associations, have been allocated funds to monitor profiteering by traders,” he said.

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Duty-free islands exempted from GST – Ahmad Maslan

Oct 202014

The owner of the Boscawen pizza parlor looked uncomfortably at the 45 mm handgun strapped to Robert Forsythes hip.

The gun was legal, Forsythe told him reassuringly. A Republican candidate for a House seat in Merrimack County District 8, Forsythe who pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed weapon without a permit earlier this year has campaigned almost entirely on Second Amendment issues.

Sometimes, he said, when asked whether people get nervous around the gun or question him about it. They never say anything, really. If they do, its usually a chance for him to educate them about existing gun laws.

The gun is legal because New Hampshire has long been an open carry state, where residents can carry a handgun without a permit as long as its visible. After his arrest, Forsythe got his concealed weapon permit, which allows him to carry the gun hidden from view or with him in a car something that isnt legal under the open carry law.

The focus of Forsythes campaign is something candidates expect will create controversy during the next legislative session: the prospect of constitutional carry. Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona and Vermont are among the states that have constitutional carry, in which a government-issued license to carry isnt mandated.

I would co-sponsor constitutional carry, and if I cant push that through, Ill at least try to sponsor legislation to allow loaded rifles in cars. Nobody ever uses a rifle in road rage, said Forsythe, a 32-year-old former U.S. Army medic.

Issues such as the economy, Medicaid expansion and Northern Pass are secondary to Second Amendment issues for Forsythe, and he isnt shy about it.

Its been proven many times . . . the more armed citizens you have, the safer you are, Forsythe said.

The gun-regulation divide surfaced again recently after the state Department of Safetys changes to the concealed carry license application prompted pushback from gun-rights activists. Constitutional carry discussions will be taken up this next session, said Pat Sullivan, executive director of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police.

This keeps rearing its head in many different forms, Sullivan said. What we have currently works, and if its not broken, dont try to fix it.

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A campaign to carry

Jeff Clements of Free Speech For People at the 28th Amendment Nation Roadshow
On October 3, Jeff Clements, co-founder of Free Speech For People and author of “Corporations Are Not People” joined the 28th Amendment National Roadshow in …

By: freespeechpeople

Excerpt from:
Jeff Clements of Free Speech For People at the 28th Amendment Nation Roadshow – Video

Meet The People Of Freedom Powersports With Tera Hardee
Sunday October 19th 2015 we will be hosting the first annual 2 Wheels For Tots Charity motorcycle ride event. Come dressed as your favorite super hero or princess. Registration will be from…

By: Freedom Vision

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Meet The People Of Freedom Powersports With Tera Hardee – Video

Mua Voyage – from the Pacific Islands to Sydney – for oceans and climate change
We are sailing from the Pacific Islands to Sydney for the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014, conveying a message to the world about 'Our People, Our Islands, Our Ocean, Our Future', calling for…

By: Mua Voyage

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Mua Voyage – from the Pacific Islands to Sydney – for oceans and climate change – Video

Organizers of a private Mars colonization effort may have to rethink their ambitious plans, a new study reports.

An analysis led by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has identified a few purported problems with the blueprint laid out by the Netherlands-based nonprofit Mars One, which aims to land four people on the Red Planet in 2025 as the vanguard of a permanent settlement.

“We’re not saying, black and white, Mars One is infeasible,” study co-author Olivier de Weck, a professor of aeronautics and astronautics and engineering systems at MIT, said in a statement. “But we do think it’s not really feasible under the assumptions they’ve made. We’re pointing to technologies that could be helpful to invest in with high priority, to move them along the feasibility path.” [Mars One's Red Planet Colony Project (Gallery)]

The Dutch nonprofit Mars One aims to land four colonists on the Red Planet in 2023. Do you want to be one of them?

The study team looked at many different aspects of the proposed Mars One mission, from the rockets needed to get gear to the Red Planet to the details of how settlers would grow their food. The results are sobering for would-be colonists, more than 200,000 of whom have applied to be a one-way Mars One astronaut. (There are no plans at the moment to bring the settlers back to Earth.)

For example, Mars One aims to source the colony’s drinking water on-site by baking Red Planet soil, which is known to harbor water ice, at least in some locations. But the technology needed to do this is not yet ready to fly on a space mission, study authors said.

Furthermore, the new analysis suggests that growing crops within settlers’ habitats, as Mars One envisions, would generate enough oxygen to make the living spaces a fire hazard.

Piping in nitrogen could lower the oxygen to safe levels, researchers said, but this fix would likely deprive the colony of a vital gas needed to compensate for leakage into the surrounding Martian atmosphere. The possible end result? A space that would quickly become unlivable, suffocating colonists after about 10 weeks, the study found.

There are ways to prevent this scenario growing food in isolated greenhouses, for example, or implementing an oxygen-extraction system. But the best alternative is to nix the idea of Mars farms and bring all the colony’s food from Earth, the study determined.

“We found [that] carrying food is always cheaper than growing it locally,” said study lead author Sydney Do, an MIT grad student. “On Mars, you need lighting and watering systems, and for lighting, we found it requires 875 LED [light-emitting diode] systems, which fail over time. So you need to provide spare parts for that, making the initial system heavier.”

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Private Mars Colony Project May Not Be Feasible, Study Suggests

Nobody likes giving up their privacy. But as much as we complain about it, relatively few of us are willing to put time,money, or effort into consistently protecting our privacy online. And its not like its that hard, relatively speaking: the Tor Project offers excellent, free software that lets you browse the Internet in complete anonymity, if you use it properly. With Tor, data you send over the Internet are encrypted and stripped of any identifying information (namely, your IP address) before reaching their destination. Its one of the most reliable methods that you can use to protect your identity online. However, it does take some amount of experience to use, along with a conscious decision to choose security over convenience. If that sounds like too much work (and itsure sounds like a lot of work, doesnt it?), the Anonabox could be exactly what you need.

The Anonabox, now on Kickstarter, is a tiny little networking tool that will sit there and invisibly do all of the Tor-related stuff that youd want it to do, without you ever having to think about it.

The appeal of Anonabox (relative to other, similar products) is threefold. First, its about as easy to use as you could possibly hope for: plug one end into a free port on your modem or router, add power (USB), and thats it. The Anonabox will set up its own wireless access point (in tandem with any existing network) that you can connect to when you want to, and all the data that are sent through it will be anonymized through Tor. No wireless? No problem, its got an ethernet port, too.

Second, its completely open source, which means that people way smarter than you can make sure that there arent any security holes in the software.

And third, its cheap: the people behind this thing have spentyears refining it for their own use, which has driven the price down to something equivalent to a cheap router. Add all of these things together, and your total investment (time, money, space, effort, frustration, embarrassment, emotional anguish, etc.) drops to the point where even those with a vague interest in the option for online privacy would have a hard time justifying not getting an Anonabox.

So, since Anonabox is entirely based on Tor, why not just use the Tor browser, which is free? The simple answer is that Anonabox anonymizes everything that your computer is sending out over the Internet, not just the websites that you visit through your browser. Email, instant messaging, filesharing, all of it.In that respect,using a piece of hardware that runs everything through Tor like this certainly makes things safer, but it cant keep you perfectly safe.

Most of the time, when a Tor user is compromised, its because thatuser (or the users computer)did something that shouldnt have been done: security and privacy areas much about youusing good browsing practices andexercising caution as they are about anonymizing hardware and software. For example, if you browse the Internet through Anonabox with the same Web browser that youve been using, its possible to identify you through the unique characteristics of the cookies that your browser has probably picked up. Instead, you should be using a different browser, or ideally the Tor browser itself, which is specifically designed to prevent things like that from happening. The point is this: no combination of hardware or software is capable enough to protect your privacy if you use it wrong.

Anonabox was looking for $7,500 for an initial production run on Kickstarter, and theyve surpassed that by just a bit, clocking in at well over $150,000 in funding with 28 days to go. Youve missed the early bird version of the Anonabox ($45), so instead youll have to pay $51, with delivery expected early next year.

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Anonabox Promises Total Online Anonymity That's Easy, Open Source, and Cheap

Humans love to have their minds blown. We are changed by that feeling of seeing or learning something perfectly new — that feeling we call awe. And, according to Jason Silva, thats the secret to really spectacular online content.

Great content trades in the currency of inspiration, said Silva, host of the popular National Geographic TV show Brain Games and futurist with YouTube series Shots of Awe, at Advertising Week in New York City earlier this month. If we are going to tell a story, if we are working with advertisers — why not make that story inspirational? Why not make that story mindblowing? Why not give people that experience of cognitive ecstasy? Because I promise you they are going to be more compelled to share if they are moved by what you have created.

At a time when the volume of material for people to read and watch is exponentially growing, being able to grab consumers attention online is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you can invoke wonder and amazement in the content you create and share, you stand a better chance at making those consumers your customers.

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Silva spends his life seeking that feeling — that exhilarating neurostorm of intense intellectual pleasure. He specifically curates what he reads, sees and does to maximize his potential for experiencing awe.

I think it was Aristotle who used to say that human beings dont care about spectacle, what they care about is ecstatic understanding, he says. We want to feel like we learned something new. We want to upgrade our maps. We want that cognitive ecstasy.

How does he define awe? Its that sensation you experience when youre presented with something you have no existing framework to process. Consider the first time you went to the Grand Canyon or the first time you saw an IMAX 3-D film about space. Literally you have no reference points for what you are seeing, no anchoring for what you are seeing, so your mental maps of the world are being upgraded in real time and that is an experience of awe.

Its next to impossible to listen to Silva and not believe what he preaches. Hes animated, energetic and eager. Its as though he wants to give his audience a taste of the cognitive ecstasy he preaches about. But alongside his charismatic presentation is some pretty impressive science. A 2012 study published in Psychological Science determined that experiencing awe slows down peoples perception of time, and that the more a person experiences awe, the more satisfied they are with life.

Related:Dig Inn Founder: ‘I Wouldn’t Let People Tell You That You Can’t Do Things’

Advances in technology open up more opportunity for awe — and thats a good thing. The changes we are experiencing now, such as the constantly shrinking size of a computer chip or the miniaturization of the video camera, will provide new experiences we cannot even imagine. Silva says thats not something to be feared, but something to look forward to.

Read the original here:
Your Online Content Should Deliver 'Cognitive Ecstasy'

A solid landmark to freedom was unveiled late Sunday afternoon at the south end of the LeClaire levee.

The Scott County Freedom Rock shone brightly in an unveiling ceremony that was held after the 25th annual LeClaire Lions Club Apple Fest.

A chilly, misty rain that began earlier in the day cut short the event for some vendors and visitors. Most of the people in the crowd of about 100 held umbrellas as speakers talked about the meaning of the rock before it was unveiled.

Freedom Rock committee members Kari and Loren Long of LeClaire said the weather didnt hurt Sundays apple pie contest.

We had six judges that judged on appearance, taste and texture, Kari Long said. We sold the pies, piece by piece, for $1 a piece. The $400 raised, Army veteran Loren Long said, will embellish the Freedom Rock, which will have additional lighting, landscaping and a story board. Our works not done, he added.

In regard to the rain, People this really meant something to still came out, Loren Long said. This is for all of Scott County this isnt just for LeClaire. Its been an honor to serve on the committee.

During the unveiling ceremony, Joey Dwyer sang The Star-Spangled Banner. Among the speakers was LeClaire Mayor Bob Scannell, as well as Sgt. Maj. Brian Marone, sergeant major of the U. S. Army Sustainment Command, Distribution Management Center. He called the unveiling a very special moment for LeClaire, Scott County and the Quad-Cities.

Marone said the paint on the rock contains the ashes of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Nathan Cox, who was 32 when he died in 2008 in Afghanistan. May it stand here forever, he said.

It is such a great honor in memory not only of Nathan, but all those who have served their country and made the ultimate sacrifice, said Annie Cox of Davenport, Coxs widow.

You guys have such a rich history here, said artist Ray Bubba Sorensen II, who painted the rock. Sorensen said he likes to paint eagles and Old Glory. He explained that, on the Scott County rock, he depicted an eagle with a ribbon in its mouth, with the ribbon going across the county. The rock also includes an image of Buffalo Bill, LeClaire’s favorite son.

The rest is here:
Rain doesn't dampen Freedom Rock's day

Gmod | TTT | And We go boom! | w/ freedom spotlights at the end
Today we play TTT on garry's mod. Me and some other people expload… =======Spotlights======== These spotlights are for Freedom partners only. If you would like to join the freedom! partner,…

By: TheCrazyGamer89

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Gmod | TTT | And We go boom! | w/ freedom spotlights at the end – Video

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