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NEW HAMPTON, Mo. A Christian homeschooling organization has filed a legal challenge against a Missouri sheriff and his deputy after they pepper sprayed and tasered a couple in front of their children when they refused to let them in the house without a warrant.

The situation occurred in September 2011 after a Missouri Child Protective Services (CPS) agent had visited the home of Jason and Laura Hagan of New Hampton following a complaint of a messy home. When the caseworker sought to return a second time for a follow-up, the couple refused. CPS then called the police.

According to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA),Sheriff Darren White andChief Sheriffs Deputy David Glidden then arrived at the home, seeking to enter. Mr. Hagan told the men that they needed to obtain a warrant from a court.

When Glidden stated that he would enter anyway, Hagan turned to go back in the house, and was consequently pepper sprayed in the back of his head, and then in his face. Mrs. Hagan was then sprayed as well.

As Mr. Hagan was still standing after the ordeal, he was then tasered, which caused him to fall to the floor just inside of the door. Mrs. Hagan then closed the door on the deputy.

But at this point, White joined Glidden on the porch, and together they busted open the Hagans door, forcing their way inside. They found both Mr. and Mrs. Hagan lying on the floor and began pepper spraying them again. They also sprayed a chemical agent on the dog and threatened that they would shoot if he did not stop barking at them.

The Hagans were then handcuffed and charged with child endangerment and resisting arrest, and the children were taken to the hospital for exposure to the pepper spray used by the sheriff and his deputy on their parents. The children at the time were ages 13, 10 and 8.

As the Hagans were then forced to appear in court to answer for the charges, a judge instead found that Glidden and White had violated the couples Fourth Amendment rights by forcing entry into their home without a warrant.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized, the constitutional amendment reads.

Original post:
Homeschool Parents Pepper Sprayed, Tasered By Missouri Sheriff, Deputy in Front of Children

SAN DIEGO Tijuana River sewage overflows caused by the recent rain are contaminating South County beaches, county health officials said Friday.

As a result, the county has posted warning signs at beaches near Border Field State Park and at the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge.

People are advised to stay out of the water in those areas.

The signs will be removed when tests show its safe to enter the ocean.

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Contamination signs posted at South County beaches

Nov 212014

Ahead of a weekend trip to Iowa, potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson sought to assure supporters Wednesday evening that he’s a strong Second Amendment supporter.

As he inches closer to the prospect of a presidential campaign, Carson used a conference call to try to address questions about his loyalty to gun rights.Skepticsoften point to a statement the neurosurgeon-turned-conservative-activist made in 2013 to conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck, whoasked whether people have the right to own semi-automatic weapons.

It depends on where you live, Carson told Beck. If you live in the midst of a lot of people, and Im afraid that that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it.

Sometimes people just hear one little thing and they don’t hear anything else.

Ben Carson

That statement has led some to unfairly label him as tepid on the Second Amendment, Carson said on the call.

There seemed to be group of peopleI don’t know exactly who they arewho seize upon one part of something that I said, Carson said on the call, which Bloomberg Politics was allowed to dial into. Sometimes people just hear one little thing and they don’t hear anything else.

Carson said that he could have been more precise in his answer to Beck.

Perhaps I didnt convey it appropriately, he said. I wanted to convey that, you know, I’ve lived in urban areas. I’ve worked in urban areas. I’ve seen a lot of carnage, and I’d prefer a situation where the kinds of weapons that create that kind of carnage don’t fall to the hands of criminal elements or insane people. But that is secondary to the desire to always defend the Second Amendment.

Carson said that under no circumstances would he allow a bureaucrat to remove any law-abiding citizen’s rights for any kind of weapon that they want to protect themselves.

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Monday-Thursday, 5 PM ET

While the debate rages over net neutrality and how heavily Internet service providers should be regulated, the bottom line is that as Web usage explodes, somebody will have to pay for the capacity it takes for that connectivity, Liberty Media Chairman John Malone told CNBC on Wednesday.

“It’s either going to be the people who have a relationship with the consumer indirectly through the transport of the Internet or it’s going to be the Internet companies themselves … charging for volume usage at the consumer end,” he said in an interview aired on “Squawk on the Street.”

“The economics have to work because this capacity is not cheap.”

Last week, President Barack Obama asked the Federal Communications Commission to set strong rules to protect net neutrality, which would keep the Internet open and free.

Read MoreConfused by net neutrality? Read this

Malone said it would be “unfortunate” if the government intervened too heavily.

“Letting this capital marketplace play out will see multiple terrestrial providersat least two, since the telephone industry has pretty much committed to build out and upgrade their network.”

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Liberty's Malone on net neutrality

Missouri officials have repeatedly warned that events after the grand jury decides whether to charge a white Ferguson police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man will be a balancing act between the need for security and the desire to protect free speech. On Tuesday, officials tried to have it both ways.

Even as this region awoke to a state of emergency and the eventual deployment of local police and the National Guard, some African Americans activists were insisting the city was not going to be destroyed after the long-awaited decision. The grand jury is considering whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson, who shot Michael Brown, 18, on Aug. 9.

They got the wrong ones if they are worried about the protesters, said Rasheen Aldridge, 20, a demonstrator from St. Louis who was named as one of the members of the governors Ferguson Commission, charged with examining issues of inequality and community divisions raised after the shooting. The 16-member commission was sworn in Tuesday by Gov. Jay Nixon, who declared a state of emergency Monday.

If Wilson is not indicted by the grand jury, I don’t think the city’s going to burn down, said Aldridge, who wore a black T-shirt emblazoned with the words, De-militarize the Police.

The summer shooting led to weeks of protests, hundreds of arrests and violence mainly against property. After the grand jury acts, which could happen any day, officials fear a return to those chaotic weeks that included tear gas, taunting and the tossing of rocks and makeshift gasoline bombs.

It’s like a fear campaign, said Johnetta Elzie, 25, an activist who runs a daily newsletter that aggregates Ferguson news stories. She said she worried that government announcements of security and media coverage were creating an atmosphere of panic.

Some of these people in mass hysteria have no relationship with black people, she said. Why are you stock-loading food? What is going to happen? They’re moving out of fear and uncertainty…. I would be more worried and concerned about the police than the people [who are] protesting.

John Gaskin III, the local NAACP representative, agreed on Twitter that the fears were being over-hyped. Absolutely, he said.

Nixon turned to the other side of the equation Tuesday by signing an executive order creating the commission and giving it a wide-ranging mandate to examine issues of inequality, generally considered to be the root cause of the disorder set off by the shooting.

Maintaining the status quo is simply unacceptable, the governor said.

See the rest here:
Is security trumping free speech as Ferguson awaits grand jury?

Bitcoin Millionaires – How People Are Making Millions With Digital Currency
Bitcoin Millionaires – How People Are Making Millions With Digital Currency Crypto-currency / digital currency is one of the hottest trends in the market. People have made millions of dollars…


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Bitcoin Millionaires – How People Are Making Millions With Digital Currency – Video

Fans of bitcoin tout the digital currency as secure, anonymous and efficient. But wildly fluctuating exchange rates and charges recently in an alleged bitcoin Ponzi scheme in North Texas have put a spotlight on bitcoins risks.

Tyler Moore is an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at Southern Methodist University and he joins KERA’s Justin Martin for a conversation on bitcoin.

Interview Highlights: Tyler Moore …

… On bitcoinand cryptocurrency:

“Bitcoin is a currency just like dollars or euros or pounds, but its completely digital so theres no paper equivalent. To do that, you need to have some rules in place so that people cant willy-nilly copy the bits and steal each others bitcoins so thats where the crypto comes in you have some cryptography to protect against double spending and sort of enforce the rules of the system.”

… On how to acquire bitcoin:

“So theres two main ways – the more esoteric way is to mine bitcoins, but if youre new to bitcoin the most common way is to go to a currency exchange, just like you would when you enter a new country, go the airport, go to the exchange, and provide your dollars and get whatever currency youd like. You can get to an online currency exchange and pay your dollars and whatever the current market rate is theyll give you the equivalent in bitcoin.”

… On bitcoin’s value:

“Its like any other digital commodity in that it finds its value in the people who use it. Which is one reason we see these huge fluctuations in that there can be wildly differing demands for the currency at a given time.”

… On the McKinney Ponzi scheme:

Visit link:
Bitcoin: Behind The Cryptocurrency Curtain

Fourth Amendment Rights being Violated
“The 4th Amendment States The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, sh…

By: Jodi Stevens

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Fourth Amendment Rights being Violated – Video

KARACHI: Its not just stopping the people from going to the beaches, its putting on hold various livelihoods, said Abdul Azizi, a shopkeeper at the Sandspit beach on Thursday.

See, most of the residents of this area are fishermen. And during the monsoon months when they cant go out to sea to catch fish, they do odd jobs like work as food vendors, as hut guards, as lifeguards, etc.

Then when the beaches are full of picnickers and the huts are rented out, the people who come here bring lots of food with them, too, which they also offer to the hut guards. To care for them private companies hire more lifeguards. The bottles and stuff left behind by the picnickers are collected and sold by the children. So many ways of earning get affected if you just shut the beaches altogether, the shopkeeper added.

Blog: The sea is not for the poor

A full cold drink delivery truck passed by just then, not caring to slow down or stop to pick up the empty bottle crates or make fresh deliveries. We dont need to replenish our stocks as often as we used to. I have lost around Rs120,000 of business since Eidul Fitr when picnickers drowned of the Seaview and Clifton beaches. Now when the stuff at my shop doesnt sell, which is often the case, my family and I just eat it ourselves. The other choice would be letting it spoil or go to waste, he said.

Baba Kabir, a resident of Kakapir village, said that the entire problem of closing the beaches started after the mass drownings at Seaview and Clifton last Eid. I dont think that the problem can be solved by closing the beaches. But more lifeguards can be a solution, he said.

All these huts pay taxes. Then more money can be collected at the chungi or entrance points. Take money per head and people will have no objection to that but use that money to hire more lifeguards and give them more facilities, he added.

In fact, there is no dedicated government lifeguards department here. There are the Aman Pal lifeguards, of course, but they are private lifeguards. And the KMC lifeguards are actually fire department employees doing lifeguards duty at the beach. They are not enough anyway and lack facilities. They dont even have ambulances here! he said.

Right now the more determined picnickers who want to go to the beach get there anyway by bribing their way through, so only more lifeguards can help save lives, not closing the beaches.

Shuja Khan, a guard at one of the huts at Hawkesbay, said that the three days of Eidul Azha were terrible for the owner of huts. They just couldnt come here. My sahib and his family wanted to come here and invite some friends over for a barbecue, but the police blocked the entrance points up ahead and they just couldnt reach here, he said.

Originally posted here:
Closure of beaches ruins small businesses, livelihoods – Pakistan – DAWN.COM

The National Rifle Association and its fellow gun enthusiasts continue to misconstrue the founders original intent in creating the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. A recently published NRA comment stated that, Guns save lives, stop crime and protect you. This is why we arm police, why people arm themselves and why the founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution.

The Second Amendment reads as follows: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. A total of 27 words.

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See original here:
Reader View: Lets revisit the Second Amendment

Fourth Amendment Rights in action
“The 4th Amendment States The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants…

By: Jodi Stevens

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Fourth Amendment Rights in action – Video

Funnyman Jim Carrey stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote his new movie Dumb and DumberTo. However, it seemed Carrey had other plans as he greeted the audience with the infamous Illuminati triangle (you know, the one that Jay Z throws up?) but with his tongue sticking out the center.

Carrey revealed that he was sick and tired of the lies and stated that it was the all-mocking tongue of the Illuminati.

Somewhat satirical, Carrey explained to the audience People on TV have been hired by the government to throw you off track, to distract you, to make you laugh and make you happy and docile so you dont know whats really going on.

Midst his rant, Carrey answered his phone (which was apparently a call from the Illuminati), and when he returned to speaking to Kimmel, his voice was robotic and droll.

The now controlled Carrey no longer wanted to expose the Illuminati, but to inform Kimmel and the audience about his new iPhone 6plus and the release of Dumb and Dumber To this weekend.

From Dumb And Dumber To The Illuminati?

Nov 142014

Freedom – L'Union
Inspirational video to uplift my people in Haiti's journey towards brighter days.

By: Freedom Recordz Inc.

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Freedom – L’Union – Video

It appears the newly elected Thief River Falls City Council will shoot down a proposal to limit free speech that ridicules them. Councilman Don Sollum introduced a proposal to take their meetings off local cable TV. It’s an effort to stop youtube videos that makes fun of those meetings. An anonymous person going by the name of the TRF Compiler is recording and then posting clips of the most inflammatory moments of Thief River Falls City Council meetings on youtube. He also adds video effects and comments.

TRF City Council Meeting: Bring it to us and tell us! Good job.

Sheep: Screaming…

Councilman Don Sollum has proposed pulling their meetings off local cable TV to make it stop.

Don Sollum, TRF City Council: The Mayor made a statement and then after he made that statement, well then they had a sheep bellowing. That is kind of a slap in the face on democracy. People are out there doing the best they can.

But, not everyone agrees pulling Council meetings off cable is the answer.

Rachel Prudhomme, TRF City Council: Anytime you’re in government you put yourself out there to represent the people. You have to expect that they are going to pay attention to that. And you have to learn how to be respectful and communicate.

It appears Councilman Sollum may simply be getting a free lesson in free speech and television. You have to watch what you say, when the camera is on.

Reporter: Do you think if you wanted to be a public official you’ll have to take your licks?

Brian Holmer / TRF Mayor-Elect: That’s about it, yep, yep. Even watching national news the President gets beat up on SNL every weekend. So, get used to it I guess.

See the original post here:
Effort To Kill Free Speech That Ridicules TRF Council

Pt1 Our People Loves getting the Liberty from the Wicked to Do Evil

By: Gms 34th And Broadway

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Pt1 Our People Loves getting the Liberty from the Wicked to Do Evil – Video

And some of the theories out there at the moment really take some believing. Here are five:

1. The Ebola virus is an escaped bioweapon

Some believe the Ebola outbreak started with sinister armed men poisoning wells, a successful attempt at mass murder that led to arrests in Liberia. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, reckons the virus has been designed to affect only black people. If you are black or brown, you are being selected for destruction.

Others believe its an escaped military bioweapon. This theorys chief proponent is Prof Francis Boyle, a noted scholar of biowarfare and international law at the University of Illinois. In the US Prof Boyle literally wrote the rules of biowarfare. He was a member of the governments Committee of Military Use of Biotechnology and principal author of the Biological Weapons Anti Terrorism Act of 1989 which was signed into law by George Bush Snr. This isnt normal Ebola at all, he says. I believe its been genetically modified.

Boyle points to the existence of US government laboratories in Africa that are creating bioweapons under the guise of innocently working on cures. What they tell you is, We can imagine some exotic disease out there that could be used as a biological weapon, so therefore we have to look into it. The first step is to weaponise the disease so we can develop a vaccine for it. What diseases are they working on? Every type of biowarfare agent you can possibly imagine, including dengue fever and Ebola.

One of these laboratories, says Boyle, is in Kenema, Sierra Leone. Kenema is the absolute epicentre of the outbreak. Something happened there. It could have been an accident in the lab or they might have been testing an experimental vaccine [on the population] using live genetically modified Ebola and calling it something else. The proof, for Boyle, that this is a modified form of Ebola is in both the speed of its spread and the number it is killing. In the other outbreaks its a 50 per cent fatality rate and it was contained. Right here, were dealing with a 70 per cent and its not contained. All the evidence Ive been able to locate leads me to believe it came out of the Kenema lab. How high does the cover-up go? I think the people at the top know. Probably Obama too.

Critics of the theory observe that if this was an altered version of the disease, the changes to its structure would be observable to scientists. However, DNA analysis of samples sourced from 78 individuals affected by the current outbreak was recently published in the journal Science. It found this subtly different variant likely diverged from central African lineages around 10 years ago before spreading into west Africa in May. It is, in other words, perfectly natural.

2. Aeroplanes are killing us

We are being sprayed by sinister aeroplanes. We are being poisoned, en masse, from the heavens. You can tell by looking up. Why is it that some condensation trails, or contrails, left by commercial craft dissipate after a short amount of time, whereas others remain for hours and expand? And why is it that these suspected chemical trails, or chemtrails, tend to be laid out in rows of the same direction, as if theyre part of a meticulously planned pattern?

The Chemtrails Project UK is one of hundreds of websites devoted to the popular chemtrails theory. It confidently asserts the streaks are highly toxic trails left by jet planes that contain high levels of heavy metals. Their purpose? Its a geo-engineering project, perhaps an attempt to control global warming. Others say theyre brain-numbing chemical agents used to control the population.

'Ebola is man-made', and other crazy conspiracy theories


Manila, Philippines Churches and beaches are on the wish list of must-see places in the Philippines for some candidates in the 2014 Miss Earth beauty pageant.

Some of them have arrived early for the environment-driven beauty contest such as Austria, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Fiji, Myanmar, Samoa, South Africa, Switzerland, Tonga, United States, and Zambia.

But some of the candidates were shocked at the traffic in Metro Manila.

Traffic is so heavy. But the people are so nice and smiling, said Miss USA Andrea Neu, 23, of Colorado.

Miss Zambia Cartier Zagorski of Lusaka also noticed the citys heavy traffic.

The people here are simply amazing! Oh my God! The traffic! said Zagorsk during a welcome dinner tendered by Yoshinoya Restaurant in Glorietta, Makati City Friday night.

Pageant organizers said the welcome dinner is the first public appearance for the candidates of Miss Earth contest.

It was also the third time that the Japanese fastfood chain gave a welcome treat to early arrivals of the beauty contest, said Yoshinoya Century Pacific Inc. President Timothy Yang.

At the mall, heads turned as customers and shoppers with tablets and cellphones with cameras stopped and posed for souvenir photos with the girls.

Visit link:
Miss Earth bets shocked at PH traffic

DLC Quest Finale – Ogre Grylls Is Illuminati!
We finished DLC Quest the best $2 platformer available on steam. This game has given me a lot of enjoyment and I would request it to many other people. This game provides comedy, a good concept…

By: Supernova_121_

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DLC Quest Finale – Ogre Grylls Is Illuminati! – Video

We the People Chat #36: Pork Privileges/Smoking A Freedom Phatty/Pork Barbeque/Killing Americans Is
Topic 1 (compliments of +Dr Gno ) Separate and Unequal: Legal Issues of the Eric Frein Manhunt Topic 2 (compliments of +theadjustedamerican )…

By: theadjustedamerican

Go here to see the original:
We the People Chat #36: Pork Privileges/Smoking A Freedom Phatty/Pork Barbeque/Killing Americans Is – Video

People define negative SEO in a variety of ways. Some consider it the malicious efforts of your competitors to either build unsavory links to your website or steal the best links from your website. Others would add website hacking, content theft, brand impersonation, and similar strategies to the list. I consider negative SEO anything that could harm your reputation, visibility, or traffic in search. With that in mind, here are some tools and services you can use to monitor negative SEO activity and the harm it does to your website and brand.

Google Webmaster Tools(GWT) is a must for any website owner. Once you have set up and verified your website(s), you can sign up for email alerts under Webmaster Tools Preferences.

GWT will alert you to evidence of malware on your website. When someone hacks your website, Google will mark it as infected in search results. You need to be alerted to any suspicious activity immediately so you can take care of the problem and have the warning removed from search results.

GWT will also alert you to manual link penalties. If someone has launched a negative SEO campaign against your company using low-quality links, this will be the result. The sooner you know Google has penalized your website, the sooner you can start disavowing the links (also done in GWT).

Whether you suspect someone has launched a negative SEO campaign against your website through low-quality link building or you want to keep tabs on a link building agency you hired, Monitor Backlinkscan help. This tool will email you a daily report of new backlinks for your website.

In addition, you will also get an email noting changes in status for backlinks.

A change in status can alert you to a link being stolen by your competitors, or the loss of a strong link that you will want to follow up about.

Continued here:
10 Tools to Help Discover and Monitor Negative SEO Activity

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