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Obama's IRS launches fascistic attack on free speech
2014 Actual News, Please Subscribe Our Channel! Don't let Obama limit free speech for political gain. Sign the petition now: The Obama Administration recentl…

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Obama’s IRS launches fascistic attack on free speech – Video

Unless stronger forces prevail, the U.S. is set to relinquish authority of Internet domain naming and maintenance to an international multistakeholder group next year. The move will endanger First Amendment rights, national security and economic growth.

U.S. control of this space has been critical to protecting the freedom of expression throughout the globe.

But the new governing group includes the governments of Russia, China and other authoritarian regimes with abysmal track records on free speech.

Since the Internets inception, the U.S. has overseen the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which assigns and maintains domain names, ensuring individuals and organizations can act online without political interruption or harassment.

But the Obama administration recently agreed to hand ICANN over to a global community of businesses, public interest groups, academics, businesses and governments. Russia and China have postured for this for years.

ICANN head Fadi Chehade said all governments are welcome to be involved in the organizations new rules, and its diverse stakeholders deserve a voice in its governance.

But only countries with constitutional protections for free speech should be in charge of ensuring access to the Internet.

Authoritarian regimes and dictators will suppress human rights and breach international diplomacy with new power, just as they do in other areas of rule. In the past, Saudi Arabia tried to outlaw such domain names as .gay, .bible, .islam and .wine.

Under U.S. control these actions were stopped. But one can only imagine Vladimir Putins response to a website encouraging Ukrainians to protest his actions.

The new groups March meeting in Singapore was less than transparent. Few reports are public, and it is clear theres no plan to keep despots from engaging in censorship.

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Editorial: Global web governance threatens free speech

OBAMA SCANDALS “some” of them
Obama by far America's biggest failure. Help support our second amendment by simply joining your local gun clubs and shooting ranges also Gun Owners of Ameri…

By: Lisa Ann

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OBAMA SCANDALS "some" of them – Video

COURONNEMENT 2 MAI 2013 OBAMA a voir. New World Trade Center Alien, Alien Abduction, Exorcism, Alien, Exorcism, UFO, Extra Terrestrial, Outerspace, Close Enc…

By: Pleiades alcyon

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Obama -NWO-ISON-freemason-ILLUMINATI- A VOIR – Video

Last week the Supreme Court overturned federal limits on the total amounts that one person may contribute to candidates and political committees during a single election cycle. The government may no more restrict how many candidates or causes a donor may support than it may tell a newspaper how many candidates it may endorse, the court declared in an opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts.

But according to Justice Stephen Breyer, who wrote a dissenting opinion that was joined by three of his colleagues, the restrictions challenged in McCutcheon v. FEC are perfectly compatible with the First Amendment, which advances not only the individuals right to engage in political speech, but also the publics interest in preserving a democratic order in which collective speech matters.

The idea that individual rights must be sacrificed for the sake of a vaguely defined collective interest reflects the dangerously broad agenda of campaign-finance reformers, who seek to shape the political debate so that it comports with their own notion of the public good.

Preventing corruption is the traditional justification for limits on campaign donations. As you might expect given his nebulous aim of preserving a democratic order in which collective speech matters, Breyer favors a broad definition of corruption, including not just quid pro quo bribery (such as agreeing to vote for a bill in exchange for a donation) but also undue influence. While everyone understands what bribery entails, undue influence is in the eye of the beholder. On the day McCutcheon was argued, for instance, President Obama worried that it would exacerbate a problem created by the Supreme Courts 2010 decision in Citizens United v. FEC, which lifted restrictions on political speech by unions and corporations. The problem, according to Obama: too much speech of the wrong sort.

You have some ideological extremist who has a big bankroll, and they can entirely skew our politics, Obama complained. There are a whole bunch of members of Congress right now who privately will tell you, I know our positions are unreasonable, but were scared that if we dont go along with the Tea Party agenda or some particularly extremist agenda that well be challenged from the right. And the threats are very explicit, and so they toe the line. And thats part of why weve seen a breakdown of just normal, routine business done here in Washington on behalf of the American people.

In short, Obama thinks Citizens United was devastating (as he called it a few days after the case was decided) because it freed his opponents to criticize him and interfered with business as usual in Washington. Many Americans would see those as advantages.

In any case, its clear that Obama views campaign-finance regulation as a way of managing the political debate and keeping it from becoming too extremist, a rationale the court has never endorsed and one that is totally at odds with the First Amendments command that Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.

Similarly, the editorial board of The New York Times, which decries the distorting power of money on American elections, cites the broad ideological change sought by the Koch brothers as a reason to keep the aggregate caps on campaign contributions. To equate the ability of billionaires to buy elections with freedom of speech is totally absurd, Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) opines, while Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) bemoans the undue influence of special interests and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) complains that the Supreme Court has chosen to pour even more money into our process and our politics.

As self-financed candidates periodically discover, you cant really buy elections. Even if a candidate is interested only in gaining and retaining power, he has to convince voters he is worthy of their trust.

The undue influence that worries Breyer, Obama, Sanders, McCain and Pelosi is ultimately based on the power of speech to persuade a power Congress is forbidden to regulate.

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Free speech vs. protecting rights of collective speech

Arresting Obama Restoring Liberty in 2014 Harley Schlanger
Arresting Obama Restoring Liberty in 2014 Harley Schlanger videos.. Please click here to subscribe to my channel.. Our longtime friend Harley Schlanger, hi…

By: Economic Collapse

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Arresting Obama & Restoring Liberty in 2014 Harley Schlanger – Video

Senkaku Islands Tension Leading to War? Syrian Civil War Rages On, Obama Care Update and M
Senkaku Islands Tension Leading to War? Syrian Civil War Rages On, Obama Care Update and More videos.. Please click here to subscribe to my channel.. Economi…

By: Joffrey Klemenson

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Senkaku Islands Tension Leading to War? Syrian Civil War Rages On, Obama Care Update and M – Video

Apr 042014

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts. This celebrated line of the late, great Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan has become a political football, hurled first by Senate Majority Leader at the Koch Brothers in a speech on the Senate floor and then hurled back at Reid by the Charles Koch in an op-ed in yesterdays Wall Street Journal. Alas, poor epistemology. No one studies it anymore.

The Koch op-ed was remarkable in every way but most obviously because it was so juvenile. How dare anyone question their motives? Did they think no one would respond when they are spending millions of dollars in attack ads against politicians? I confess I was surprised to find out Charles Koch was, apparently, so thin-skinned.

But, it was the repetition of the epithet collectivist that best exhibited the sophomoric thinking of this scourge on our body politic. Stalin was a collectivist. Mao was a collectivist. Obama? Cmon. To note only one example, despite the fact that the entire culture now refers to the Affordable Care Act as Obamacare, what happened the past few months is the seven million people signed up for private insurance. They did not sign up for Obamacare, they signed up with Aetna or Blue Cross or Kaiser. How is that evidence of collectivism?

I also think it is at least histrionic to say that freedom must be restored in our society. There are many things that ail American society to my mind, but a lack of freedom is not one of them. I cant think of something I have intended to do in recent months but for the fact that the government was impeding me. Oh, I stop at red traffic signals, but not because the government tells me to do so, but because I dont want to be in a traffic accident. If you want a glimpse of the libertarian vision the Koch Brothers champion, I suggest you go to a major intersection one day when the traffic signals are not working. That is freedom, to be sure, but is it what we want?

Libertarianism is one of the leading heresies of our day. The definition of heresy as truth run amok fits perfectly. Libertarianism is a heresy of liberalism, not the modern, Obama kind but the classic, Lockean and Madisonian kind. Any thoughtful Catholic has sufficient difficulties with liberalism, all of which tend to wish it were less individualistic, less focused on human autonomy, less redolent of rights apart from correlative responsibilities. Libertarianism wants to pull liberalism in the opposite direction, removing even the few checks on unfettered license that liberalism supplies.

But, when it comes to epistemology, there should be no such thing as a libertarian position. Facts are facts, right? Well, not exactly. Look at the coverage of the Affordable Care Act. My friend E.J. Dionne wrote a splendid column yesterday asking if there was any penalty for untruthfulness in politics anymore when politicians and faux journalists routinely claim on thing, their claims are subsequently disproven, and they just look for different facts the sustain the same claim.

The fight over the ACA is only part of the problem. If you watched only MSNBC the past few weeks, you would be convinced that the most important story in the country was the investigation of Governor Chris Christie regarding the closure of lanes onto the George Washington Bridge. If you watched nothing but Fox News, you would be sure that the most important national story was either the utter failure of the ACA or Benghazi or, maybe, the so-called IRS scandal. If you watched CNN the past few weeks, it has been all Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 all the time, whether or not any new set of facts warranted such attention and the Breaking News banner. It is pitiful. Our news agencies are either propaganda arms of the political parties or they are ambulance chasers. Thank God for March Madness and Law & Order re-runs.

Facticity has its limits. I have cited before the observation of Leon Wieseltier that there is not a chart in the world that can explain the significance of charts in the world. We humans will always need philosophy, not mere scientism, and philosophy permits disagreement, especially on this tricky issue of epistemology. But, most political discussions are not subverted because of a faulty epistemology. They are subverted because the desire to win trumps the desire to be correct. When that desire to win is aligned with mountains of cash, you get the Koch Brothers. They look at our unruly, chaotic, highly individualized culture and they perceive a need to restore freedom? They see collectivism? Either they are blind, or they know nothing of history and what a real collectivism looks like, or they have drunk too much of their own Kool-Aid and are now incapable of sight and truth. Heresies are like that.

See the original post:
Facts, Propaganda and Libertarianism

Republican Senator Rand Paul has been making a big play for millennials lately, most notably by taking his civil liberties pitch to colleges around the country. Paul has got the right idea when he says his party must evolve, adapt or die (although I think the first two are virtually the same thing).Katie Glueckof Politico wrote that The Kentucky senator drew a largely friendly reception at the University of California-Berkeley as he skewered the intelligence community.

Sen. Paul spoke of dystopian nightmares and added that your rights, especially your right to privacy, are under assault. Paulalso saidhe perceives fear of an intelligence community thats drunk with power, unrepentant and uninclined to relinquish power.

Virtually all of the other politicians taking that stand come from the left side of the political spectrum. They include figures like independent socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall. Rand Paul is not like these other defenders of civil liberties.

Rand Paul, like his father, prefers to package his fairly old-school brand of economic conservatism under the trendier name of libertarianism. Thats not just a labeling change. It also means Paul has paired his retrograde economic ideas with a very outspoken stance against militarism and the espionage state. Its a mixture that Paul hopes can make inroads with groups that are not traditionally Republican voters.

Pauls play for millennials was almost inevitable. As a recent Pew studyreported, that generations disaffection with the two-party system appears to be at record levels. Fifty percent of millennials polled said that they do not associate themselves with either party, which is the highest percentage recorded thus far. Its also a 10 point jump from their equivalent age groups level of political affiliation only seven years ago.

But Rand Paul gravely misunderstands the nature of that political disaffection. Yes, millennials feel alienated toward political and other institutions. They have a right to feel that way. AsJoshua Hollandsays, millennials didnt abandon these institutions. The institutions abandoned them.

But Rand Paul and libertarianism are not the answer. His economic strategy can be summed up in a quota used for one of his bills: remove the shackles of big government byreducing taxes, regulations, and burdensome union work requirements.

In other words, more of the same conservative philosophy that got us in this mess in the first place. Here are 10 reasons why millennials should be extremely wary of the senator from Kentucky.

1. His philosophy of deregulation created your jobs problem.

Rand Paul loved to preach the gospel of deregulation. He went so far as to proclaim that Obama was putting his boot heel on the neck ofget thisBritish Petroleum. Why? Because BP was being asked to bear part of the cost for the oil spill it created.

Go here to read the rest:
10 reasons Americans should be wary of Rand Pauls libertarianism especially millennials

Banner saying “the Falkland Islands are and will always be Argentinian” (ALAMY)

Sir Nigel Sheinwald, Britain’s ambassador to Washington until 2012, admitted to the committee that US position on the Falklands had been “uncomfortable…[and] not what we wanted”.

Critics of the Obama administration argue that the current US stance does not even amount to “neutrality” since it calls for talks between Britain and Argentina in defiance of the clearly-expressed will of the Falkland islanders.

Luke Coffey, a former adviser to Liam Fox when he was Defence Secretary and now the Margaret Thatcher Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a Conservative think-tank in Washington, said the US had clearly “abandoned its long held position of neutrality” in the dispute.

“Negotiations over the status of the Falkland Islands is the official Argentine position. Instead of keeping quiet (neutral), under Obama’s leadership, the US has started backing Argentina’s calls for talks. This is a change from previous administrations and a departure from neutrality,” he said.

In other key areas, the report was positive, praising the Coalition government for taking a less supine position towards the US that during the Blair years and supporting William Hague’s formulation of the relationship as “solid not slavish”.

It also found that the Commons vote against military intervention in Syria last year had not damaged the Special Relationship instead demonstrating the underlying depth and resilience of US-UK ties – a position not universally agreed upon in the Washington foreign policy community.

“I think that’s a very optimistic assessment,” said Fran Burwell, Director of the Transatlantic Relations Program at the Atlantic Council. “Big events like this feed into the growing perception in Washington that EU nations are no longer ready and willing to do what is necessary.”

The committee also fretted about the impact in the US of the promised 2017 referendum on British membership of the European Union if the Conservatives win the next election, warning that the America might start to “hedge” against an exit by deepening ties with other European capitals, to Britain’s detriment.

Meanwhile, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner claimed on Wednesday that the Falkland Islands serve as a nuclear base for the Nato alliance in the South Atlantic.

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Britain is 'disappointed' with America over Falkland Islands, finds Commons report

Martin Lawrence Illuminati Obama Worship at Satan Temple with Pope Freemason

By: MasonIlluminatiNWO

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Martin Lawrence & Illuminati & Obama Worship at Satan Temple with Pope Freemason – Video

A 27-year-old Northeast Ohio man with previous illegal explosives manufacturing, weapons possession and drug trafficking convictions was indicted in federal court on Wednesday on charges he threatened to kill President Barack Obama and for “threats made in interstate commerce” when he used social media to threaten the lives of others.

“Through multiple postings on Facebook, he stated he would kill the president when he had the chance,” the federal indictment said of Christopher Gembicki, 27. The second count says he posted on Facebook that he was going to Kill another person and their family with a chainsaw, and the third count says he posted on Twitter that another person’s “time was up and he was going to drink (the person’s) blood.”

Scene could not find a Facebook account for him it’s possible he deleted the account since the time of the posts but was able to track down the Twitter account the feds attribute to Gembicki (account names are not mentioned in the indictment, but there’s not doubt it’s the one). He changed his twitter handle from @ChrisGembicki11 to @THE4ANTICHRIST in recent months.

On there is all-caps posts about the Illuminati and the New World Order, constant references to himself as the antichrist, and regular use of racial and sexual slurs in death threats to rap and hip hops stars, Vladimir Putin, and a few non-famous people he seemed to have an issue with. One particular target of Gembicki on Twitter was a musician named Honey Cocaine (@QueenHoneyC), a female Cambodia-born, Canada-raised rapper with more than a half million followers on the site. On just Feb. 19 and 20, he sent these tweets regarding the musician:


Gembicki’s Google+ account says he’s been a journalism student at Cleveland State since 2013, but we were unable to confirm that statement. He’s also an aspiring standup comedian, according to his profile, and may have performed at a Jan. 8 show at Jack Perry’s Grille & Pub in Austintown (it’s possible this event was referenced in the Feb. 19 tweet about “A FAKE COMEFY SHOW” mentioned above).

Gembicki had been locked up in the Cuyahoga County jail in Cleveland since February 25 (five days after his last published tweet) when he was arrested by Broadview Heights police on burglary and aggravated theft charges, county court records show. Those records list a Broadview Heights address for the him, but previous court records show addresses in Warren and Niles.

On March 3, federal court records show a US magistrate judge issued an order transferring Gembicki from the county jail over to custody by the United States Secret Service, FBI, or the United States Marshal in Cleveland. He was officially indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday.

Gembicki has been in trouble before, per court records in Trumbull County. In 2005 when he was living in Niles, the Trumbull County sheriff’s office arrested him for illegally manufacturing or processing explosives and carrying a concealed weapon and sentenced to five years of probation.

A few months later, he was arrested for felony trafficking of counterfeit controlled substances. The next year, the Niles Police Department booked him on three felony counts of having weapons while under disability, carrying a concealed weapon, and improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle.

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"KILLINGSPREECOMING": Feds Indict Broadview Heights Man For Social Media Threats Against President Obama, Others

Michelle Obama Promotes Free Speech in China
BEIJING U.S. first lady Michelle Obama visited Peking University Saturday on her whirlwind tour through China. On her second day in China, first lady Miche…

By: greatonlinenews

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Michelle Obama Promotes Free Speech in China – Video

Putin's Invasion of Crimea: Obama says values of freedom and dignity will triumph in Ukraine
US President Barack Obama has appealed to Europeans to retrench behind the war-won ideals of freedom and human dignity, declaring that people voicing those v…

By: JewishNewsOne

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Putin’s Invasion of Crimea: Obama says values of freedom and dignity will triumph in Ukraine – Video

Senator Franken Supports Obama's Attacks on Free Speech
Americans haven't always agreed with what's said, but until now we've always agreed on each other's right to say it. Sign the petition and tell Senator Frank…

By: American Encore

Originally posted here:
Senator Franken Supports Obama’s Attacks on Free Speech – Video

In China, Michelle Obama Praises Free Speech
Michelle Obama's trip to China was supposed to be nonpolitical, but today she delivered a message that had unmistakable political implications. She extolled …

By: UpTakeVideo

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In China, Michelle Obama Praises Free Speech – Video

(Photo: Reuters/Larry Downing)

Protester Julia Mitchell holds a sign at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court as arguments began to challenge the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that employers pay for contraception and abortion-inducing drugs as part of an employee’s healthcare, in Washington, March 25, 2014.

March 26, 2014|10:45 am

What if the federal government ordered you to act against your conscience – to take part in something you believed to be objectively wrong – or else be punished with huge fines?

This is no idle question. It describes exactly what is happening in America today: The Obama administration is ordering businesses and other organizations with 50 or more employees to have their insurance plans cover drugs and devices which can cause early abortions. To many business owners, that means either cooperating in grave evil, dropping insurance they have always provided their workers, or being forced out of business.

Just ask David and Barbara Green, owners of the giant chain of Hobby Lobby stores. Just ask the Hahn family, Mennonites who own Conestoga Wood Specialties. These courageous Americans are defending not only their own rights but also those of all Americans who wish to live their lives and run their businesses in accord with their free consciences and their deepest beliefs.

That is why the public policy groups and the women’s coalition that we represent signed an amici curiae (“friends of the court”) that was filed with the Supreme Court of the United States in two lawsuits against Obama Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. While we do not take a position on contraception, we do assert fiercely our freedom of conscience and religious liberty.

The cases center on ObamaCare’s Health and Human Services mandate, which uses the threat of ruinous fines to coerce private individuals and organizations into becoming complicit in abortions – to, as our brief says, “violate religious beliefs by covering in health insurance plans devices and drugs that can prevent an embryo from implanting in the womb.” In doing so, the Mandate directly attacks the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom. It also contradicts several federal laws that protect the people’s conscience rights concerning abortion, such as the Church Amendment of 1973.

The mandate’s departure from respect for conscience rights is deepening our nation’s social and political divisions. It plainly creates a national conflict over religious freedom by trampling upon the conscience rights of the many Americans who oppose abortion. Those Americans, it should not even be necessary to point out, include millions of women such as ourselves who cherish and champion the right to life and who prize and defend Americans’ rights of conscience and religious liberty.

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Freedom of Conscience and Religious Liberty

Michelle Obama Pushes for Free Speech on China Tour YouTube
First Lady Michelle Obama underscored the importance of free speech and access to information during an address she gave to students at the Stanford Center a…

By: ecrn4

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Michelle Obama Pushes for Free Speech on China Tour YouTube – Video

Michelle Obama's Peking University Speech: Portion Regarding Freedom Blocked By Chinese Authorities
Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: On March 22 Michelle Obama, wife of …

By: ChinaForbiddenNews

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Michelle Obama’s Peking University Speech: Portion Regarding Freedom Blocked By Chinese Authorities – Video

Michelle Obama Pushes for Free Speech on China Tour
First Lady Michelle Obama underscored the importance of free speech and access to information during an address she gave to students at the Stanford Center a…

By: WSJDigitalNetwork

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Michelle Obama Pushes for Free Speech on China Tour – Video

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