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NATO intercepted at least 19 Russian aircraft flying far outside Russia’s airspace today, worrying the organization’s officials.

“These sizable Russian flights represent an unusual level of air activity over European airspace,” NATO said in a statement released this afternoon.

The Russian fighter jets and bombers were seen flying in three different regions. The intercepts came a week after widespread reports that a Russian submarine may have been spotted off the coast of Sweden.

The North Sea and Atlantic Ocean had the largest fleet of Russian aircraft activity, with eight planes detected by NATO radar flying in formation from Russian airspace toward the Norwegian Sea and into international airspace this afternoon.

NATO allies, which continually watch over partner airspace, saw six of the planes turn back towards northern Russia after Norwegian Air Force F-16s intercepted the planes. The remaining two Russian planes, both Tu-95 Bear H bombers, continued to fly above the Norwegian coastline, prompting NATO planes stationed in the United Kingdom to track them.

The NATO statement reported that those two Russian bombers were en route back to their homeland.

“Scrambles and intercepts are standard procedure when an unknown aircraft approaches NATO airspace,” the NATO release said. “However, such flights pose a potential risk to civil aviation given that the Russian military often do not file flight plans, or use their on-board transponders.”

Four other Russian aircraft — two fighter jets and two bombers — were spotted flying over the Black Sea, prompting Turkish Air Force jets to scramble to track them.

There were at least seven other Russian planes intercepted over the Baltic Sea today, as well, though NATO would not indicate exactly how many. Baltic Air Policing Mission planes were sent into the air and the Russian aircraft headed back to their own airspace.

Russian officials have not yet reacted to the NATO report.

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NATO Intercepts at Least 19 Russian Military Planes in 1 Day

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The promotional Bitcoin Car stops in Santa Cruz on Friday. (Thomas Mendoza — Santa Cruz Sentinel)

By Jennifer Pittman

SANTA CRUZ >> The Bitcoin Car, a Canadian-based, four-wheeled promotional tour for the nascent digital currency, drove into downtown Santa Cruz on Friday afternoon and parked in front of Lulu’s at the Octagon caf, the latest local merchant to invite bitcoin transactions.

“Just four years ago, it was considered magic money and people were scoffing at it, but now you can find people in just about every community who are using bitcoin,” said tour driver Robalo Davidson, the founding CEO of Kryptoz, a Canadian marketing company behind the tour.

Bitcoin is a software-based online payment system first introduced in 2009, according to Wikipedia.

Davidson together with his father, Bryan, has traveled about 20,000 miles on a zigzagging tour of North America. They are two-thirds of the way through a planned six-month tour that began in Edmondton, Alberta, Canada.

The tour will end with a raffle winner who can choose between the car, a 2014 Kia Soul decked out with Bitcoin decals, or bitcoin currency valued at CA$10,000 Canadian dollars. People can sign up for the raffle at the

Advocates of the new currency are still grappling with significant issues related to the security, technology and volatility of the currency, he said, but “it’s gaining traction,” Davidson said.

That the relatively small community of Santa Cruz County would have picked up more than a handful of Bitcoin merchants this early in the evolution of the new kind of money is impressive, he said. Only a couple of communities have fledgling Bitcoin communities such as Cleveland and New York.

Bitcoin Car tour makes Santa Cruz visit

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By: daron leavitt

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The North Face Freedom Ski Pants TNF Black – Video

Oct 262014


Keeping an eye out: Isla, 5, and Alicia, 6, at Maroubra Beach, where a shark was caught earlier this year. Photo: Fiona Morris

Three times more sharks were caught in beaches to the south of Sydney compared with the north, according to new figures revealing the number and location of sharks caught in NSW.

There were six great white sharks entangled in beach nets compared with three the previous year.

The total number of targeted sharks caught, which included eight different species, was 46. In the previous year, 32 targeted sharks, which included 11 different species, were caught in the 51 nets at beaches from Stockton in the Hunter down to South Wollongong in the Illawarra.

The number, however, remains extremely low, experts at the NSW Department of Primary Industries say, adding that the data shows no significant trends or shark hot spots.


Eighteen targeted sharks, which included one great white, two tiger sharks, seven dusky whalers and four common blacktip sharks, were found in the south during the meshing season between September 1 last year and April 30 this year. The area includes beaches from Bondi to south of Cronulla.

In comparison, only five sharks were caught in the north zone, from Palm Beach to Warriewood,which included two shortfin makos, one bull shark and one each of three other target species.

Only three sharks were netted in Sydney’s central region, from North Narabeen to Manly.

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Where sharks are being caught

Liberty Football Feature: A Family Connection
Today's feature takes a look at Flames' tight end Garrett Long and his family's unique dilemma that occurred on Aug. 30 when Liberty opened its 2014 football season at North Carolina. Long's…

By: Liberty University Flames

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Liberty Football Feature: A Family Connection – Video

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Seo Expert North Lauderdale – CALL 786-565-4022 – Video

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 23, 2014

Theres sales-lead gold in website search-engine optimization, but most real estate agents have no effective way to mine it.

That was the most telling discovery from a recent survey that asked 342 North American real-estate agents and brokers if — and how — they used search engine optimization, also called SEO, to uncover sales prospects.

The survey was conducted in August by WebsiteBox, the technology firm that offers do-it-all real estate websites for a $99 one-time fee.

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Big Three: Keywords, Coding and Content

Survey respondents who were all WebsiteBox customers and real estate professionals indicated they have a basic understanding of what SEO means: encouraging search engines like Google and Bing to direct interested property buyers to their business websites and sales listings. In fact, 83 percent said they believed SEO to be the most important source of online sales-lead generation.

The WebsiteBox survey results suggested that most realtors are making an effort to comply with best SEO practices: relevant keywords, compelling content, and sound website coding. More than half of the respondents said they already use keyword research, and 35 percent said they employ website meta-tags and backlinks. A respectable 45 percent said they are blogging and posting content that buyers would find useful.

For all their effort, few respondents (4.9 percent) said they generated referrals through SEO. The problem may be that the agents are using the wrong tools. Indeed, 69 percent of the WebsiteBox survey respondents said the tools they have dont seem to get the SEO job done.

Agents Lack Time, Money, Expertise for SEO

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SEO: The Powerful Sales-Lead Source Most Realtors Have Yet to Tap


Jets scrambled: an F-16 fighter jet takes off from the military airbase in Europe. Photo: AFP

Brussels: NATO and Swedish fighter jets were scrambled to intercept a Russian intelligence-gathering plane that briefly entered Estonian airspace on Tuesday, the alliance said on Wednesday.

The Estonian Foreign Ministry called the Russian ambassador to the ministry and gave him a protest note over the incursion, the Estonian defence forces said.

Fighters from Denmark as well as Portuguese F-16s from NATO’s air policing mission in the Baltics took off after radar detected an unidentified aircraft flying close to NATO airspace in the Baltic Sea, NATO said.

The plane was identified as a Russian IL-20 intelligence-gathering aircraft that had taken off from Russia’s Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad, heading towards Denmark.


The Russian aircraft was first intercepted by Danish F-16s and later, as it headed further north, by fighters from Sweden, which is not a NATO member.

The Russian aircraft turned south again, entering Estonian airspace for less than one minute, a NATO statement said.

Portuguese F-16s, which had been scrambled from their base in Lithuania, escorted the Russian plane away from NATO airspace.

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NATO, Swedish fighters scrambled to intercept Russian intelligence-gathering plane

NATO scrambled fighter jets including two Canadian F-18s twice in two days to intercept Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea, it said Tuesday amid reports that Russian military activity in the region is increasing.

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Gericke said the Russian aircraft were flying in international airspace and had not violated the territory of alliance members.

Two Canadian F-18 Hornet jets were scrambled from the Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania on Monday to intercept a Russian Ilyushin-20 surveillance aircraft, which they shadowed for some 15 minutes, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said.

Once identification was successful, the intercept mission was completed and the two Hornets returned to their base, a NATO statement said.

Earlier, the Latvian military tweeted that NATO F-16 jets were dispatched on Tuesday to intercept a Russian Ilyushin-20 surveillance aircraft over the Baltic Sea. Gericke confirmed that NATO jets had also intercepted a Russian aircraft that day, but could not immediately provide more details.

NATO, which has 16 fighter jets in the region monitoring Baltic airspace, said it regularly launches jets to identify unknown or potentially hostile aircraft in the proximity of national airspace.

There were two similar incidents in the region on Oct. 7 and Sept. 11, but on neither occasion did the Russian aircraft constitute a threat to NATO forces, the alliance said.

In the past five days, the Swedish Navy has been combing the Stockholm archipelago for signs of a foreign submarine that officials suspect entered its territorial waters illegally. It hasnt officially linked Russia to the suspected intrusion.

The Finnish military says that Russian military aircraft have violated the small Nordic countrys airspace five times this year, and the Environment Institute said Russian military ships had twice intercepted one of its research vessels in international waters.

On Sept. 5 an Estonian security service officer was detained on the Russian border Estonia and Russia disagree on which side of it and is still in custody in Moscow.

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NATO jets intercept Russian fighters twice in two days over Baltic

Hello again Freedom Wars fans! With less than a week to go until Freedom Wars finally hits North America, I wanted to deliver a few more details regarding our awesome cast of characters and Western Panopticons to our English-speaking Sinners out there.

As youve seen through our various trailers, even throughout the multitude of cooperative and competitive modes, the story of Freedom Wars takes center stage. While contributing to society and steadily decreasing that million-year sentence, youll encounter a myriad of interesting, (and might I add stylish) characters, starting with:

And last but not least, your official Panopticon mascot: Percy Propa! Percy is the voice of the Panopticon his job is to relay messages and issue orders to you, although in a very kind, gentle way. Youll often see him appearing on the various screens throughout your home Panopticon, shouting his favorite phrase: For the Greater Good!

Suffice to say, the characters youll encounter in Freedom Wars will help make your experience a very memorable one theyll join you both on and off the battlefield throughout the story as you uncover the truth about the world and discover what freedom truly is.

I also wanted to take a moment and respond to one of the most frequent questions Ive received from fans across the world: Which Panopticons are included in the Western release of the game? Im happy to announce that the Panopticons populating the Western release represent a very international audience we have over 50 locations from around the world that youre free to swear allegiance to at the start of the game:

Pretty great list, huh? I look forward to seeing all of you online next week, battling for the safety and glory of your home Panopticons. For the greater good!

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Freedom Wars Out Tuesday, Characters & Panopticons Detailed

Oct 222014

Below is a timeline of events that occurred after Jeffery Fowle was released from North Korea.

Oct. 21:

Oct. 22

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Freedom: Jeffrey Fowle timeline

New York (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

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Profit By Search Announces Christmas Discount on SEO Services

Farne Islands (free) diving with seals 2014 Freediving in the Farnes with seals, 18th October 2014. ApneistsUK group. Freedivers from North west England, Yorkshire, Wales the midlands and our newest group from…

By: Steve Millard Diver

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Farne Islands (free) diving with seals 2014 – Video

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emergency plumber Sydney Northern Beaches Sydney Plumbers emergency plumber Sydney Northern Beaches – Video

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24 hr plumbing Sydney Northern Beaches Sydney Plumbers 24 hr plumbing Sydney Northern Beaches – Video

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Plumbing Supplies Northern Beaches Northern Beaches Plumbing Supplies Northern Beaches – Video

Liberty North High #9 Richard Richardson 5yd TD run
For full game access go to

By: NFHS Network

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Liberty North High #9 Richard Richardson 5yd TD run – Video

Hurricane Ana was on course to miss Hawaii Saturday, generating strong winds and heavy rains throughout the islands. (AP)

October 18


Hurricane Ana center will miss islands

Hurricane Ana was on course Saturday to miss Hawaii by more than a hundred miles but was generating high waves, strong winds and heavy rains that prompted flash-flood warnings throughout the islands.

The center of the powerful Pacific storm was about 190 miles west of the Big Island and about 150 miles southwest of Honolulu, the National Weather Service said. A tropical storm watch remained in effect on Oahu and Kauai but was lifted for Maui, Lanai and the Big Island.

A downpour on the Big Island prompted officials to close Mamalahoa Highway in a region known for its coffee farms. Its the only road connecting some communities to the eastern side of the island. On Oahu, rain was falling on the islands North Shore and Koolau Mountains, said Bob Burke, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. Waves were expected to crest to 10 to 15 feet on the south shores of the islands and remain high through Sunday.

The heaviest rains were falling along the southeast slopes of Mauna Loa, in the Puna district and the Kau district on the southeast side of the island. However, no one on the Big Island reported storm damage, said Darryl Oliveira, director of Hawaii County civil defense.

Ana became a Category 1 hurricane Friday when it was about 230 miles south of Hilo. The hurricane was expected to gradually weaken and again become a tropical storm by Sunday afternoon, Burke said.

The American Red Cross closed its evacuation shelters on the Big Island and opened shelters on Oahu. Island Air suspended its Maui and Lanai flights Saturday afternoon and all flights Sunday, but airports remained open.

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Hurricane Ana center will miss Hawaiian islands

Jason and David Benham – Liberty University Convocation On October 8, 2014 at Convocation, North America's largest weekly gathering of Christian students, David and Jason Benham, owners and founders of Benham REO Group, …

By: Liberty University

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Jason and David Benham – Liberty University Convocation – Video

Oct 182014

Picture: @tromper99/twitter

The metropolitan area has been lashed by a sudden storm, with lightning, hail and rain sweeping across several suburbs.

Cottesloe and North Cottesloe beaches were closed earlier this afternoon and Scarborough and Trigg followed as the weather loomed just off the coast.

A Surf Life Saving WA spokesman said beaches were closed when lightning was within 10km of the shore.

Large hail fell in several suburbs in a reminder of the 2010 storm that caught the city by surprise.


The storm is associated with the convergence of two weather systems.

The Weather Bureau extended a severe weather warning to the Perth metropolitan area.

Weather Bureau duty forecaster Pete Clegg said pressure systems to the west and east were joining up to create unpredictable weather conditions.

Were expecting heavy rainfall leading to flash flooding with damaging winds and light hail possible for anywhere south of Gingin and north of Mandurah, he said.

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Lighting storm closes beaches

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