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This week in Bitcoin is still overshadowed by last weeks Bitcoin sidechains AMA by the authors of a vastly popular whitepaper on this technology that might fundamentally change how the Bitcoin protocol can be used.

Scams can be fairly prevalent in the wild, wild west of BTCeven as it slowly gains mainstream adoption (or perhaps because of that approach to the mainstream) so its important to know how to tell who is good and who is bad so we take a look at

The G+ Bitcoin Community surpassed 100,000 members andSiliconAngle briefly interviewed Avatar X, the community host, as to its future.

The Bitcoin market has been seeing a continued downward trend since the lastBitcoin Weeklyfalling to around $340 from almost $385. Last week around Oct 22 the market value of BTC had reached $385, but then quickly dropped to a band around $355; however today, the value fell even further to around $340.

This and more in this Bitcoin Weekly.

Bitcoin sidechains: What they are and what they arent, with Blockstream

Last week, two Bitcoin core devs and other extremely smart people made a splash in the Bitcoin community with the release of a white paper on Bitcoin sidechains: a concept that allows the construction of blockchains that provide external functionality to Bitcoin but remain entangled with Bitcoin itself.

The whitepaper announcement came along with the revelation of Blockstream, a business co-founded by several of the authors of the whitepaper dedicated to innovating around the idea of sidechains.

The sidechain whitepaper and Blockstream both have a very strong lineup of people involved including Bitcoin core developers Gregory Maxwell and Pieter Wuille. While the authors of the whitepaper and Blockstreams founders are not entirely the same people, there is some overlap.

The whitepaper announcement opened with a Reddit AMA and this led to a sweep of the news media and community with articles from SiliconAngle, CryptoCoinsNews, TechCrunch, and CoinDesk. As well as blogs working to demystify the entire meaning of and concepts behind sidechains such as this excellent article by Gendal.

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Bitcoin Weekly 2014 October 29: Bitcoin sidechains, the Bits debate, identify scams and frauds, G+ Bitcoin community

A ship carrying 52 tons of oil in the Baltic Sea ran aground off Stockholms sprawling archipelago Wednesday morning and began leaking its cargo into the intricate network of islands and inlets, an online news agency reported.

The ships crew was working to transfer the oil from the container damaged by the grounding into an intact reservoir on the vessel, the Local English-language agency reported.

Neither the ships name nor country of registry were immediately reported.

Although 52 tons of oil is a relatively small cargo, equal to about 370 barrels, even a minor spill in the archipelago, which is a popular playground for boaters and campers in the area east of the Swedish capital, could inflict significant damage to the pristine environment.

The 1989 Exxon Valdez tanker spill in Alaskas Prince William Sound gushed more than 250,000 barrels into the sensitive aquatic environment, and the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico four years ago spilled 560,000 barrels.

“It is too early to know how much damage has been done in the area,” Jonny Aaberg from the Swedish Coast Guard told the Local.

Aaberg said high winds and waves were hampering the efforts to contain the spill.

Two environmental protection vessels were dispatched to the spill area after the coast guard received a distress signal around 5 a.m., the Local reported. Aerial surveillance of the accident site was also being conducted, the agency said.

Stockholms archipelago of 30,000 islands and peninsulas was in the news earlier this month when a mysterious vessel thought to be a Russian submarine was spotted in the area, triggering a massive sea and air hunt on a scale unseen since the Cold War ended. The search for an intruder was called off on Friday after authorities concluded the vessel had left Swedish waters.

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Ship runs aground near Stockholm, spilling oil among pristine islands

Bitcoin Sign in Cex Shop, Marijuana use doesnt lower your IQ and the News…
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Bitcoin Sign in Cex Shop, Marijuana use doesnt lower your IQ and the News… – Video

NSA Ajit Doval investigates Burdwan blast himself
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NSA Ajit Doval investigates Burdwan blast himself – Video

BREAKING NEWS – Hubble Telescope Discovers UFO
A short film for Adv. Digital Media class. We had to base the story around two Google “I'm Feeling Lucky” searches, which came up as The Hubble Telescope and…

By: Buck Hinman

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BREAKING NEWS – Hubble Telescope Discovers UFO – Video


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NATO JETS 'intercept RUSSIAN spy PLANE ' over Baltic BREAKING NEWS 2014
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By: BBC World NEWS

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NATO JETS ‘intercept RUSSIAN spy PLANE ‘ over Baltic BREAKING NEWS 2014 – Video

White House Censors Petition To Stop Ebola
Alex Jones covers the news and breaks down the fact that the white house has decided not only do they want Ebola in the country, they want to take your free speech as well.…

By: TheAlexJonesChannel

White House Censors Petition To Stop Ebola – Video

INFOWARS Nightly News: with Jakari Jackson Wednesday October 15 2014: Plus Special Reports
Wednesday: The Infowars Nightly News. A Chilling Assault On The First Amendment In Houston, Texas. Plus, Media Ratings Numbers Shell Game Revealed. –SUBSCRIBE TO PRISONPLANET.

By: Ron Gibson

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INFOWARS Nightly News: with Jakari Jackson Wednesday October 15 2014: Plus Special Reports – Video

Government Continues Eradication Of Free Speech
Alex Jones discusses the news and how the government continues to try and destroy the first amendment at every turn.…

By: TheAlexJonesChannel

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Government Continues Eradication Of Free Speech – Video

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MojoKid writes One of the downsides to the news cycle is that no matter how big or hot a story is, something else inevitably comes along. The advent of ISIS and Ebola, combined with the passing of time, have pushed national security concerns out of the limelight until, that is, someone at the NSA helps out by reminding us that yes, the agency still exists and yes, it still has some insane policies and restrictions. Earlier this year, the Federation of American Scientists filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the NSA. The group was seeking information it thought would be relatively low-key what authorized information had been leaked to the media over the past 12 months? The NSA’s response reads as follows: “The document responsive to your request has been reviewed by this Agency as required by the FOIA and has been found to be currently and properly classified in accordance with Executive Order 13526. The document is classified because its disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.” The NSA is insisting that it has the right to keep its lawful compliance and public disclosures secret not because the NSA is made of evil people but because the NSA has a knee-jerk preference and demand for secrecy. In a spy organization, that’s understandable and admirable but it’s precisely the opposite of what’s needed to rebuild American’s faith in the institution and its judgment.

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NSA To Scientists: We Won't Tell You What We've Told You; That's Classified

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Informucate Fast Facts Videos cover thousands of topics, with more added daily.and if you like our videos, you will love our unique take on the news at


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Informucate Fast Facts Videos cover thousands of topics, with more added daily.and if you like our videos, you will love our unique take on the news at


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Oct 082014

Informucate Fast Facts Videos cover thousands of topics, with more added daily.and if you like our videos, you will love our unique take on the news at


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Krieg gegen Russland wie die NATO nach Osten marschiert COMPACT Spezial #4 2014


Krieg gegen Russland wie die NATO nach Osten marschiert COMPACT Spezial #4 2014 – Video

The Second Amendment, known as the right to bear arms, has been in the news thanks to a handful of shooting spree massacres. The Inquisitr has covered stories that tackle both sides of the argument. On the side that wants to change the amendment, there was an argument which states tanks and rocket launchers are not included, followed by a debate if the government should subsidize guns for everyone. In retaliation, the side supporting the amendment rallied for their rights or to go topless. Even some restaurants are showing their support, including one that welcomed guns and another which gave a discount for patrons bringing their guns in.

One of the benefits of the Second Amendment was shown in a report about a man who was able to fend off a robbery involving four armed suspects with his own firearm. Two of the suspects escaped, while two others were killed.

According to KHOU, four suspects barged into a bar known as EJs Place, located on the 16500 block of Kuykendahl Road in Harris County, just after closing at 2:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Upon entry, the armed suspects demanded money. However, they did not expect another bar patron to pull out his gun and exchange fire with the suspects. During the firefight, two of the suspects were killed and the other two ran from the scene. Shortly after, the patron left too. The Harris County Police Department is trying to identify the man, as confirmed by Sgt. Robert Spurgeon.

Were still trying to determine who he is, and why he left the scene, He has his right to protect himself and his family and his friends. Its just unfortunate something like that happened.

Harris County Sheriffs deputies are investigating if the four suspects are associated with a robbery at a gas station on Cypresswood earlier that night. As for the patron who fended off the robbery, people believe he was in the right.

The Blaze followed up on the report, and were able to attain more insight from others who heard about what happened at EJs Place. Danielle Russell was one of the first to make her opinions known.

Being a mom, yeah. I would feel safe knowing that he has a gun and hes going to protect me in a robbery.

Another person, who is a customer at EJs Place, reportedly stated that the man who stopped the robbery typically stays until the bar closes, and then walks female bartenders to their vehicles. The person added that the customer wouldnt start violence but would protect his friends.

Now that youve read the news about the man who seems to be a hero in his community by stopping a robbery, what are your opinions? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

[Image via KHOU]

The rest is here:
Thanks To The Right To Bear Arms, Man Was Able To Halt Robbery By Four Suspects

California Shreds Second Amendment
Paul Joseph Watson and David Knight go over the news and discuss the new law in California that allows people to have a family members guns taken.…

By: TheAlexJonesChannel

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California Shreds Second Amendment – Video

What has happened to the old Secretary General, why all of a sudden is there an announcement of a new one, was he scheduled to leave or was he fired, is he alive this is a bombshell, i have…

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The SUV hums along slowly, five miles under the speed limit as you pass boarded-up homes, burnt out buildings and windows covered in bars. Your tour guide matter-of-factly points out the spot where someone was gunned down two days earlier. Welcome to the part of Miami tourists are warned to avoid. Liberty City is about six miles from downtown and its crime rate is more than triple the national average for violent offenses.

Your driver on this sweltering Wednesday morning in late July is Rakeem Cato, Marshall’s record-setting senior quarterback. Liberty City is Cato’s home. He weaves in a story about bumping into a childhood football legend from the neighborhood a day earlier. The guy was a five-star running back recruit who was so revered that when Cato was a little kid he’d rush over from his little league games to watch the guy run wild in high school rather than go home and take a bath and risk missing a play. But the five-star stud had all sorts of trouble in high school and didn’t last in college football. Now Cato says the guy is “just trying to provide for his family the best way he can.”

Cato wheels around to the little league field where he played with — and against — a half dozen neighborhood kids who are already in the NFL. Those games would draw more fans than FIU does these days. He drives past another complex in the Pork ‘n Beans section and points out where someone else got killed earlier in the week. Gunned down, Cato says, around two or three in the afternoon. He says when you grow up here you get numb to these sorts of incidents. “You are going to see some rough stuff. You are going to hear some rough stuff. You are going to witness it all,” he says. “You never know what you get yourself into down here. You try to stay away from it as much as possible.”

He points out the area where his old middle school used to be. The school just got closed down. The SUV then pulls up to a small yellow house. Cato’s eyes glance around for a few heartbeats. For the first time on the ride his voice breaks just a bit.

“This little yellow house right here, this is where my mom stayed,” he says. “It’s where we stayed after we moved out of the projects.” Cato points to where his mom’s room was. He slept with her in the same bed till he was 11, which hardly sounds typical for most kids. Then again, it’s hardly typical to have to hit the ground when you’re nine years old and hope a stray bullet doesn’t find you — when a simple afternoon walk to the store is interrupted by a shootout 20 steps away and those five minutes feel like five nerve-wracking hours of terror. Or when you grow up without ever knowing your father because he’s in prison for the first 20 years of your life. This was Rakeem Cato’s childhood.

South Florida music mogul Luther Campbell, of 2LiveCrew fame, is the godfather of the Liberty City, the neighborhood where he, too, grew up. Campbell’s also the godfather of the local grassroots football scene having co-founded the Liberty City Optimist Club, which helps local boys and girls from 4-16 years of age. In addition to sports, the program also provides academic and computer tutoring for the kids.

“Liberty City is no different than Afghanistan,” says Campbell. “The only difference is you do not have roadside bombs. I mean, seven, eight people get killed a day in Liberty City in that hole between the Pork ‘N’ Beans and Scott (projects).”

As rough as things were in Liberty City, Cato’s family was rocked by an even bigger jolt when he was 13. His mom, Juannese Cato, a woman who worked two jobs to take care of her family, died suddenly at 39. It started out as just a cold with a fever and then within a day or so, she was gone, leaving behind seven children. Doctors determined the cause of death to be pneumonia. Eighteen-year-old Shanrikia Cato was granted custody of all of her siblings except her older brother Antwain, who had already been living on his own.

Cato’s grandfather, Eddie, broke the news to Rakeem, who was devastated.

Juannese Cato had always been there for Rakeem. Every day she made sure Rakeem did his homework. As soon as he walked into their home, she made him show her his assignment and made his school work his No. 1 priority. If he didn’t get good grades, the kid would not be allowed to do the thing he loved most — play football. She always kept tabs on him. He was expected to either be at school or playing football. If not, Rakeem knew she’d be coming to get him. Walking late nights around the project or riding around town on buses were not options.

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How Rakeem Cato became pride of Liberty City, Marshall's star QB

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