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You can now buy Bitcoin virtual currencyand trade it for cold, hard cashat Pioneer Place mall. Local company BitcoinNW has installed a Bitcoin ATM in the Pioneer Place food courtas of November 15.

Bitcoin is an electronic currency that is not tied to any state governmentmaking it popular among web libertarians. But until recently, Bitcoins could be traded only on the Internet, and are accepted as currency only at a small number of businesses such as Whiffie’s Fried Pies food cart, burlesque-centric strip club Kit Kat Cluband the website It is the most prominent such alternative currency, though a Beaverton programmer designed another popular currency called Dogecoin that briefly had more trading volume than Bitcoin.

Users of the Pioneer Place ATM can now trade the virtual currency for U.S. dollarsin $20 and $100 bills. The world’s first Bitcoin ATM was installed in Vancouver, B.C., in October 2013; Furs bought his first Bitcoin there. Seattle installed its first Bitcoin ATM in May. Two other Portlanders designed a Bitcoin ATM this year, but the Skyhook machine does not dispense cash. Other ATMs are located at PDX Hackerspace and Float On, but this is by far the most prominent location for a Bitcoin ATM.

Oregonian and former banker Mike Fors, founder of BitcoinNW, writes that he spent seven months working with the state of Oregon to comply with regulations in order to install the ATM. Though it works like an ATM from the user’s perspective, it is essentially an automated currency exchange: The value of Bitcoins versus the dollar has fluctuated wildly, from a peak of over $1,000 in December of last year to its current value of $400; the currency started at an equal exchange of one dollar per Bitcoin.

Fors also helps local businesses accept Bitcoin, which the company says avoids bank processing fees. One hurdle, however, is that due to the user verification system Bitcoin transactions can take minutes to process. The ATM removes this hurdle for point-of-sale transactions. The machine charges a 5 percent currency-exchange fee on transactions, which can be conducted for amounts up to $2,500 per day.

Here are Fors’ videos about how to use the ATM.

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Bitcoin ATM Now Dispensing Cash in Pioneer Place Food Court

Illuminati News December 2013 – Are you looking for the most recent illuminati news and where you can receive regular updates on the most recent developments of the New World order ? Well…

By: Andrew McClean

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Illuminati News Expansions – Are you in search of the most recent illuminati news and where you can receive regular updates on the most recent developments of the New World order ? Well…

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NSA Shri Ajit Doval Shocking revelation on why British left India -Every Indian must watch
Shri Ajit Kumar Doval Sir, our NSA reveals truth about why British left India. Its one of the most secrets hidden till date by Nehru co but Truth can never be hidden. Lets realize, read …

By: Ajit Doval

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NSA Shri Ajit Doval Shocking revelation on why British left India -Every Indian must watch – Video

Illuminati News Facebook – Are you looking for the most up-to-date illuminati news and where you can receive regular updates on the most up-to-date developments of the New World order…

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P1 Video Magnet Software Suite SEO secret that gives 610 first page rankings – Video

The State of SEO and Internet Marketing 2015 – Bruce Clay, Inc., – Google+ Business Spotlight
How can website owners, SEO's, and online marketers stay competitive in Google for 2015 and beyond? Learn from one of the most prominent names in this industry, Bruce Clay. This week we are…


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The State of SEO and Internet Marketing 2015 – Bruce Clay, Inc., – Google+ Business Spotlight – Video


November 19, 2014 03:00 ET

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Illuminati Breaking News – Are you seeking the most up-to-date illuminati news and where you can obtain regular updates on the most up-to-date developments of the New World order ? …

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Illuminati News October 2014 – Are you in search of the most up-to-date illuminati news and where you can obtain regular updates on the most up-to-date developments of the New World order…

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Astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory have uncovered young, massive and compact galaxies that are dying earlier than expected.

The researchers said that the firestorm of star birth has blasted out most of the remaining gaseous fuel needed to make future generations of stars and are on track to possibly becoming so-called “red and dead galaxies,” composed only of aging stars.

Scientists had earlier believed that powerful monster black holes lurking at the centers of the galaxies triggered the gaseous outflows and shut down star birth by blowing out any remaining fuel, but the recent study shows that the stars themselves are turning out the lights on their own star-making party, which happened when the universe was half its current age of 13.7 billion years.

Paul Sell of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, lead author of a science paper, said that the common belief was that stars cannot drive high-velocity outflows in galaxies; only more powerful supermassive black holes can do that, however, it was found that the stars can actually produce the velocities of the outflows alone without needing to invoke the black hole.

Team member Christy Tremonti of the University of Wisconsin-Madison first identified the galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey as post-starburst objects spouting high-speed gaseous fountains. The sharp visible-light views from Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 show that the outflows are arising from the most compact galaxies yet found. These galaxies contain as much mass as our Milky Way galaxy, but packed into a much smaller area. The smallest galaxies are about 650 light-years across.

One reason for the stellar shutdown is that the gas rapidly heats up, becoming too hot to contract under gravity to form new stars. Another possibility is that the star-birthing frenzy blasts out most of the star-making gas via powerful stellar winds.

The researchers said that the biggest surprise from Hubble was the realisation that the newly formed stars were born so close together and the extreme physical conditions at the centers of these galaxies explain how they can expel gas at millions of miles per hour.

They found that it was the powerful stellar winds from the most massive and short-lived stars at the end of their lives, combined with their explosive deaths as supernovae. Based on their analysis of the Hubble and Chandra data, team members suggest that the “party begins” when two gas-rich galaxies collide, funneling a torrent of cold gas into the merging galaxies’ compact center. The large amount of gas compressed into the small space ignites the birth of numerous stars. The energy from the stellar firestorm then blows out the leftover gas, quenching further star formation.

The study was published in the Royal Astronomical Society.

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NASA's Hubble telescope finds young galaxies on track to becoming 'red and dead'

(PRWEB) November 15, 2014

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The SEO Consultancy Ltd Agency Has Published an Updated Guide to Choosing the Right SEO Services

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Top Notch Services Seo Marketing Consultants Northern Beaches Sydney – Video

2015 Freedom Camping Mansion canvas tent
Jason takes us for a walk around the Freedom Mansion, the new flagship canvas tent in the most popular traditional layout. Made from the best materials and packed full of usable features that…

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Cytus Gameplay – FREEDOM DiVE(Easy) – 917248
Cytus, the most touching music game on mobile devices.


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Cytus Gameplay – FREEDOM DiVE(Easy) – 917248 – Video

(Purposely false political and economic dichotomies – apochryphal educational resources – China is not at war with the rest of the World; it is the social and economic template for it.)

Tier 1: Satanism – rites of mass human sacrifice able to magically confer superior intelligence, enlightenment, freedom and moral reasoning (excusing all moral agency) upon the tribal (or colonial) perpetrators. Or the set of means and instruments used to render a child and society either or both of “competitive” predator and prey, as well as subject to a death or disorientation to self and life of a kind more prevalent than the cessation of physical life itself.

Do you really think that if we had or had kept conditions for a proper conscious awareness of the correct measures of Life that the World could be scientifically and religiously kept, as it is, on the perpetual brink of near collapse veritably at war with every natural instinct with which a child is born and to which we force our most vulnerable citizenry to conform under only the most herculean duress?

Most acts and causes of violence are, in fact, not normally thought of as violent by ostensibly well educated and ostensibly uneducated peoples.

Tier 3: Tax farming via both taxing or burdening the human organism and mind by social convention from birth and extracting (though from a person who works harder if they think they are free and has access to the “suggestion box” or “voting booth” for one of two wings of the bird of prey that is their world by consent, one supported by their own blood, sweat and tears and that of their children) as much of that remaining intellectual and physical labour and property as possible while diverting a pittance of the actual gross national product to maintain the illusion of perpetual near collapse and the heroic mythologies of human “freedom” and cult-like allegiance to the corporate fictions of State religions or sciences, flags, icons and anthems from “by a Coke” to the “war on terror” etc., most of which are produced through top-down blind integration of compartmentalized brains by trauma-based education in fields as diverse as music and technology, psychology and cosmology, all rendered authoritative by virtue of being rendered by the higher order demands of cybernetic systems analysis (and education) and beyond that the Satanic “conventional” or “cultural” conglomeration of the desire and instrumentality for rendering a human brain predator and prey dwelling in a living death far more pervasive than the physical cessation of life, one instilled at birth from which a child is resurrected or reanimated as a corporate legal fiction (people are corporations and corporations are people under Black’s Law), proponent of and apologist for (for their own safety) the very conditions from which all children die (through sacrifice or enforced self-erasure at least, leading to a mass corruption of Man’s as vital place in Nature as a computer chip monitoring a nuclear power plant) and the very conditions that all children rightly fear as much as any mass murderer, all of whom are coerced by threats of death and/or social ruin or ridicule (or the withdrawal of love and respect) not to question as well they should the same kinds of proponents and apologists of the corporate fictions of State religions (of death) under whose “adult supervision” they are entrusted. Most acts and causes of violence are, in fact, not normally thought of as violent by ostensibly well educated and ostensibly uneducated peoples.

Condensed as follows:

Tier 2: Cybernetics – the cumulative formal and informal methods, conventions, education systems, and corporate fictions of State religions and cults used to get us to participate in, champion, manage and protect, though for our own safety and survival and that of our children, both Satanism and Tax Farming under the trauma-acquired biological need to justify them by any and all means necessary with what is left of our born brain capacity, heir as it is or was to the immeasurable stores of the Earth’s physical energy and living terrestrial and celestial intelligence (and eternal Life and destiny fulfilled and unfolding forever terms of as though inspired by every Human Happiness and comparable and reciprocal speed, range and power of feeling and thought, body and soul).

Tier 3: Tax Farming – Any and all means used to run the brain, traditions and body of Man as much into the ground as violently as possible and then extract or tax as much as possible as violently as possible from both with our own consent and protection (even so far as sending our own men, women and children to kill and die for the conventions thereof we are wholly self-identify with as our only means of self-soothing).

Society or the body politic and its every cell suffers from a metastasized spectrum disorder of narcissistic psychosis and psychopathy via the formal religion of global Satanism (cybernetics or tax farming) and the informal cumulative social instruments, injunctions, injections and conventions used to get us (through predictable distributions of intellectual and sexual social hierarchies worthy of any herd of chimpanzees) to participate in, champion and protect all of the above for our own safety, survival and convenience and that of children rendered functionally psychotic by the age of four and deprived of ninety percent of their native brain function (and imaginative capacity for self-directed abstract thought) by seven by conventions of education and lifestyle thought the most progressive in all of human existence, no small indication of the success of modern social cybernetics and tax farming as defined as follows:

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Cosmic Heaven: Cybernetics – A Living School

SEO Tactical Tip #7 – Heading Tags –
Heading tags can be missed by even the most advanced web developers. However, in order to be the best in your niche, make sure to set up a logical flow to your pages. Utilizing heading tags…

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SEO Tactical Tip #6 – Top Keywords –
Keywords are extremely important when ranking for topics and delivering results important to search users. At their most simplistic form they are relevant words that are often searched for…

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James Foley needed to show people what war looked like.

It was his calling to travel to some of the most dangerous places in the world, camera in tow, so people back home could see the danger, the conflict, the hatred that boiled over daily. … Subscribe or log in to read more

James Foley needed to show people what war looked like.

It was his calling to travel to some of the most dangerous places in the world, camera in tow, so people back home could see the danger, the conflict, the hatred that boiled over daily.

More than any adrenaline rush, he was drawn to these regions out of his compassion for the poor, the disadvantaged and the innocent in war-torn regions, his parents said.

The more Jim saw, the more he was drawn to it, his mother, Diane Foley, said.

Last night, James Foley was honored with the Nackey S. Loeb First Amendment Award, one of the highest honors for New Hampshire journalists.

Were very honored. I think Jim would have been, his mother said. Jim believed very passionately for freedom of the press. We are very proud of the work he was doing. It is vital to a democracy.

Foley was kidnapped Nov. 22, 2012, in Syria and killed 21 months later, Aug. 19, by Islamic State forces.

His murder was broadcast for the world to see and began to galvanize U.S. efforts to stop terrorists known as ISIS.

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James Foley posthumously receives First Amendment Award

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