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Oct 302014

Is Illuminati Real – Are you seeking the most recent illuminati news and where you can receive regular updates on the most recent developments of the New World order ? Well look…

By: Andrew McClean

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Is Illuminati Real – Video

Myths in SEO run almost as deep as they do in Lock Ness and Area 51. Lets have some fun and look at 10 of them today. By no means a definitely list, these still pop up.

Yes, its nice to rank on top, but you know that actual rankings fluctuate on a daily basis. Does the #1 spot actually get you more clicks and conversions and the # 2 or #3 spot. Depends on the phrase sometimes. And for those trying to get off page 2 of the SERP and onto page 1, be careful. Often the click through rate (CTR) of the top spots on page 2 are far better than the CTRs on the lower positions on page one. If you rank well on page 2, be careful when planning your assault on page one. Unless you can get above the fold, it might be better to stay put and own the top of the second page. All of this will, naturally, vary a great deal form site to site, page to page and even across individual phrases. Sometimes people research on one phrase and buy on another version, for example.

Its important, but even the most well-crafted title tag cant elevate a site skipping everything else. This is a somewhat common refrain from bloggers as some of the most popular platforms dont include things like meta descriptions in their base code. Plugins exist to easily add them, and allow access to a bunch of other common areas SEOs like to fiddle with. You should spend time getting the title right, but this alone wont save a sinking ship.

Social takes time, I cant be bothered with SEO, so Ill just do social. There was a time when ranking a website was like making consomm. You wanted one thing clear broth. At that time, you could focus on a single tactic and it would boost rankings. Today its more like trying to make the worlds best seafood chowder. Success depends on a complex mix of ingredients, freshness and timing. One ingredient alone wont bring success, and yet without that one ingredient, you dont have a chowder.

People like to consume content in videos. Videos are easy to produce and easy to consume. Its pretty easy to make high quality videos today, and even if you dont the expectations of people online have aligned with more modest efforts. But lets face it, embedding videos can negatively affect page load times, frustrating visitors. And a video alone wont help rankings. Youve got to give the engines something to understand, as theyre not going to watch that 4 minute rant you posted. Transcripts are a great way around this little issue. Videos are a great part of growing your content, but arent a silver bullet, despite what some ads on Facebook would have you believe.

Nope. No amount of ad buying will get you organically ranked higher. If you still believe this today, click here. The instant and engine starts determining ranking based on ads bought is the instant it loses credibility. Game over, Player One.

Maybe you do, but its not your call to make. Great content is content thats deemed great by searchers and visitors to your site. All the standards in the world wont help you if no one likes your writing style, voice or message. Grammar affects how people (readers) perceive you, so that can have a direct impact on engagement and rankings. But never delude yourself into thinking what you produced is excellent just because you put time into it. Watch what visitors engage with and seek to follow that same pattern.

While important as a vote of confidence for the content they point to, there is simply so much link spam these days that its tough to know where to turn. Obviously buying links is a dead end, and it doesnt matter how you split this hair: sharing, encouraging, incentivizing, buying its all the same. You want links to surprise you. You should never know in advance a link is coming, or where its coming from. If you do, thats the wrong path. Links are part of the bigger picture. You want them, but you want them to be natural. If an engine sees you growing tem naturally, youre rewarded with rankings. If they see you growing them unnaturally, youre rewarded with penalties.

No. It will help the engine gain a better understanding of your content, and allow us to use that content in unique ways in the SERPs (should we choose to), but installing the code doesnt boost rankings.

While technically a different discipline, its time more folks starting seeing them as similar. Both focus on improving a website for users. Investing in SEO and not investing in usability is like tying one sneaker and going for a run. Yeah, youll be OK, but wouldnt it be a better experience with both shoes tied?

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10 SEO Myths Reviewed by @DuaneForrester

Illuminati Conspiracy Theory – Are you in search of the most recent illuminati news and where you can obtain regular updates on the most recent developments of the New World order ? Well…

By: Andrew McClean

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Illuminati Conspiracy Theory – Video

Oct 272014

The aggregate of processes, instruments and instrumental effects (of which all visible and historical war is but one substrate) of blunting human brain function by steadily or specially adapted (usually under childhood duress from generational Biblical Tsunamis of same) social conventions of education, marriage, life and love (and religious and political rites of iconic devotion), these of the most contradictory and as often most lionized values and icons (as often betray developmental aberrations in the brain by social convention), is called the occult, as in occulting human brain function on the order of, not coincidentally, occulting the Sun and all the natural and extensive brightness and warmth thereof.

A primary way this works and a process ever easier to accomplish after centuries of the occult is to present an incomplete or distorted version of something among that knowledge supposedly unavailable to most people (alternate analogs would be drugs, religion, money, love, fame or fortune, increased personal power, healing, status, sexual attractiveness, the acceptance of an authoritarian and usually unpredictably incompetent and/or malicious god like figure or image or all of the above), a carrot or prize to which one works or moves only at the expense or in direct proportion to a further loss of native cognitive health or one’s born coordination of native genius and feeling with the easiest access to the corresponding benefits to body and soul of the Heaven and Earth of the whole of cosmic Life.

Drugs are one example of this and but one example of this next to the most influential dimension of all human existence over the course of the last couple dozen centuries.

Another example are college and high school degrees as of expertise through total immersion in the occult rites and values of planets and stars (as in the Masters degree) of a “new heaven and new Earth” preys upon a child’s native coordination with the real living Heaven and Earth. Astrology is a corrupted dehumanized occult version of ancient cultural wisdom. And it is often called the occult in one of many perverse puns on the process and instrumentality, strewn through the language of drug, sex and death based naturalism with which the Holy Bible was written and mixed with actual human wisdom much like poison is mixed by some of the Biblical occult drug cartels into our fruits and vegetables, of “occulting” the brain of a human child as the primary strategic military goal and operational theatre of the darkest occult albeit natural forces ever allowed by our own choices to prey upon the human body and soul, a violence that absolutely no one benefits from.

A priest is someone who has distinguished themselves as influential or qualified to be influential in spreading the occult under various often harmless seeming guises.

This world has many priests. And few if any of the will ever be qualified, by definition, to help the Earth in any but the most superficial or impotent and handicapped fashion. The are people, among others, with degrees from various universities, another perverse pun since the primary purpose of school if not civilization as a whole is to divorce Man from contact with or any true concept of the living Universe to which one’s born genius and feeling is heir by birth. This is not to say that schooling does not give one a discipline of mind in various specialty subjects but that just the fact that these subjects are so specialized indicates how good they must be at blunting truly whole brain function to be subjects that one can get a degree in. All cults have degrees that recommend one to more influential positions in the new or corrupted Heaven and Earth generated on the very first page of the Bible, a book within which scriptures one would be very hard pressed, without the requisite blunting of brain function by social convention, to find anything truly very Christian at all.

The only practical and efficient purpose of nuclear power is to further damage human brain faculties, faculties whose truly cosmic proportions are either kept out of all schools of neurology or placed in corrupted form as the occult prize we are encouraged to lose brain function in order to grasp.

A Masters or doctoral graduate will have the precision of a telescope on one area of the cosmos of human life but have lost more than most (the qualification for greater status and influence in an occult age) a sense of a wider field of view. A telescope is far from a soul, or a whole human brain gains the full value of Nature’s entire cosmic purpose the perfect nourishment and medical treatment of Man’s native coordination of feeling and genius, Body, Thought and Soul with and by the whole of cosmic Life.

This is why so much pain is created and excused by experts with degrees in science, nutrition and medicine. Every plague of the last two hundred years could never have happened without doctors and other middling priests.

We can add more perverse puns to the list that of the nuclear explosion of the so called nuclear family and the life and cell membrane disrupting influence of cell phones.

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Cosmic Heaven – Google

Governor Corbett and Pennsylvania Have Destroyed the First Amendment
Governor Tom Corbett, in one of the most flagrant examples of political pandering, threw a Hail Mary and signed into law the Revictimization Relief Act, whic…

By: LionelY2K

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Governor Corbett and Pennsylvania Have Destroyed the First Amendment – Video

Social and SEO teams can sometimes play juxtaposing roles on paper. But to be truly successful, both social and SEO should engage in a two-way conversation between businesses and their target audiences.

Whether youre an agency or your social and SEO teams are in-house, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship for these teams by simply facilitating a few conversations across teams. If you take the time to follow these specific tips and keep each other informed about relevant trends among your key audiences trends that you see in social conversations or analytics data you can brainstorm better ideas together without feeling as if there isnt any time to get your regular to-do listcompleted.

From a SEO perspective, your keyword strategy is a great place to start. Let your social team know the phrases that convert the right type of visitors for your business and be sure they understand the benefit of domain-level brand metrics. Your social team may be able to naturally work some of these terms into their own strategy so your audience starts to associate and use those phrases to describe your business, products, or services and amplify your brand.

As a social team, you must constantly listen to your audience and provide helpful information by joining the conversation, answering questions, or addressing real-time issues. You are the perfect set of eyes to help your SEO team discover pain points or creative ideas that your audience is discussing. Those observations can be repurposed into valuable content ideas for your SEO team to create. These pain points and ideas can also help your SEO team hone in on new long-tail keywords they can use to generate more genuinely helpful content pieces that will appeal to your audience.

For SEOs, while we want to deliver the most valuable content possible, sometimes its difficult to determine what kind of content our audience wants at any given time. Social listeningis a great solution for removing this roadblock. If you dont have the resources to monitor social channels yourself, listen to our social team and gather their feedback about the story you should be telling through your content based on what your audience needs or likes to talk about.

Social teams can get involved by delivering focused content to their audience via paid media. Segment your social audiencesby keywords, job title, company, followers, or geo-targeting using sponsored content campaigns on networks with sophisticated targeting capabilities like Twitter and LinkedIn. With strategic targeting you can help fuel the conversations you know your audiences are interested in having.

SEO may have come from a more technical genesis, while social media was more traditionally a community-building platform, but both SEO and social are meant to build relationships with your audience and provide meaningful solutions and interactions for those groups. While sharing the details of your data reporting across these teams will be a more time-consuming task, doing so will help to reveal the areas in need of the most collaboration.

Use this formula to establish your goals and evaluate your efforts. Knowing whether or not these metrics are met will help you determine what content and conversations yield the best interactions from your audiences.

Ultimately, a better connection between your social and SEO teams will allow you to provide a more positive experience for your target audiences. And if you can provide a great experience, or even answer questions before your audience thinks of the question themselves, you will turn site visitors into customers and customers into brand advocates.

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3 Ways to Form More Integrated Social and SEO Teams

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 23, 2014

Theres sales-lead gold in website search-engine optimization, but most real estate agents have no effective way to mine it.

That was the most telling discovery from a recent survey that asked 342 North American real-estate agents and brokers if — and how — they used search engine optimization, also called SEO, to uncover sales prospects.

The survey was conducted in August by WebsiteBox, the technology firm that offers do-it-all real estate websites for a $99 one-time fee.

We already know that search is the number-one traffic driver to real-estate websites and that search is way more important than social media, said Peyman Aleagha, WebsiteBox CEO. So, if 90 percent of prospective home buyers search online, and three-quarters of those buyers never click past the first page of search results, then its crucial to make sure your website shows up at the top of those results.

Big Three: Keywords, Coding and Content

Survey respondents who were all WebsiteBox customers and real estate professionals indicated they have a basic understanding of what SEO means: encouraging search engines like Google and Bing to direct interested property buyers to their business websites and sales listings. In fact, 83 percent said they believed SEO to be the most important source of online sales-lead generation.

The WebsiteBox survey results suggested that most realtors are making an effort to comply with best SEO practices: relevant keywords, compelling content, and sound website coding. More than half of the respondents said they already use keyword research, and 35 percent said they employ website meta-tags and backlinks. A respectable 45 percent said they are blogging and posting content that buyers would find useful.

For all their effort, few respondents (4.9 percent) said they generated referrals through SEO. The problem may be that the agents are using the wrong tools. Indeed, 69 percent of the WebsiteBox survey respondents said the tools they have dont seem to get the SEO job done.

Agents Lack Time, Money, Expertise for SEO

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SEO: The Powerful Sales-Lead Source Most Realtors Have Yet to Tap

Oct 232014

Seo Tai-ji comeback
Last week we talked about the return of some of the most popular 90s legends,… and today we are going to focus on perhaps the biggest artist from the decade. Our Yim Yoonhee joins me for…


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Seo Tai-ji comeback – Video

The Secret Book Illuminati – Are you in search of the most recent illuminati news and where you can obtain regular updates on the most recent developments of the New World order ? Well…

By: Andrew McClean

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The Secret Book Illuminati – Video

Oct 222014

Article On Illuminati – Are you in search of the most up-to-date illuminati news and where you can receive regular updates on the most up-to-date developments of the New World order…

By: Andrew McClean

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Article On Illuminati – Video

Frank Furedi: free speech is the ultimate freedom
Author and philosopher Frank Furedi explains why freedom of speech is our most fundamental freedom. Frank was addressing IPA members in Melbourne on Monday 6…

By: Institute of Public Affairs

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Frank Furedi: free speech is the ultimate freedom – Video

Papantonio: How Florida Elected A Criminal Governor
This segment originally aired on the October 19th, 2014 episode of Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV. Florida is one of the most important swing states in the country, and conservative money…

By: Ring of Fire Radio

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Latest News About Illuminati – Are you seeking the most up-to-date illuminati news and where you can receive regular updates on the most up-to-date developments of the New World order ?…

By: Andrew McClean

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Latest News About Illuminati – Video

This agency is more secretive than NSA, CIA, FBI altogether.
One of the most prominent US spy agencies is probably one you've never heard of…The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. “In the Now” with RT's Senior Political correspondent Anissa…


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This agency is more secretive than NSA, CIA, FBI altogether. – Video

Oct 162014

Illuminati Now – Are you in search of the most recent illuminati news and where you can receive regular updates on the most recent developments of the New World order ? Well…

By: Andrew McClean

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Illuminati Now – Video

What Bitcoin Slump? Blockchain Raises $30 Million
The price of bitcoin may be on the decline, but that hasn't stopped bitcoin startups from attracting significant funding. Blockchain, the most popular Bitcoi…

By: WochitTech

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What Bitcoin Slump? Blockchain Raises $30 Million – Video

Marietas Islands Snorkeling Tour | Amstar Vallarta Visit Marietas Islands just off the coast from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We take you on an unforgettable journey to some of the most beautiful spots on the Mexican Pacific…

By: Amstar dmc

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Bitcoin Gambling Dice with Faucet 2000 satoshi
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Bitcoin Gambling Dice with Faucet 2000 satoshi – Video

(PRWEB) October 09, 2014

Web SEO Master is bringing their website software integration and solutions company nationwide. Web SEO Master performs Website Design, Development, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to enhance a company’s sales. They incorporate state of the art design and development tools, proprietary software and marketing techniques to market a website to customers and clients online across the nation.

Differences in Web Design

In general, the website design programs generate the code that are often very long and filled with elements that are unnecessary and nearly “illegible.” The search engine spider bots have difficulties finding the relevant HTML tags in such code and these pages don’t get indexed properly. At Web SEO Master web design co. (, the code is always custom and hand written for better SEO. The pages they create are easy to read from the front and back and they get indexed by search engine in record time.

Web SEO Master has put together an experienced web design co. ( team with over 30 years of professional website design and development experience. They can perform one, or all of the following tasks, some of which, no other website developer can do. Web SEO Master takes an artistic approach to the design of a website by employing artists to design it, and uses customer friendly processes, and state of the art development tools to design and develop the website in a timely and cost effective manner. Their coders and designers are knowledgeable in all of the most popular applications and platforms:

One of the most important elements of this phase of the project is to ensure code validity. Web SEO Master uses the validators to verify the code accuracy before completing any project.

About Web SEO Master

Web SEO Master is a nationwide website software integration and Web Design Co. ( that performs Website Design, Development, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to enhance your sales. We incorporate state of the art design and development tools, and proprietary software and marketing techniques to market your website to your customers and clients on the World Wide Web. Web SEO Master has combined its unique features to make your website development and marketing experience Faster, Cheaper and Better than what you might encounter with other website development companies (

Web SEO Master, a division of SH Web Design & SH Web Commerce, Inc., Expands Their Web Design Co. Services Nationwide

Best Book On Illuminati – Are you looking for the most recent illuminati news and where you can obtain regular updates on the most recent developments of the New World order ? Well…

By: Andrew McClean

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Best Book On Illuminati – Video

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