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Caught On Video: NSA Lies About Surveillance
“The NSA sent someone bearing the nametag Neal Z. to the University of New Mexico's Engineering and Science Career Fair today, in the hopes of recruiting young computer geniuses to…

By: The Young Turks

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Caught On Video: NSA Lies About Surveillance – Video

NSA Attacks Student at University of New Mexico (Angle Two)
More information and additional video here:

By: Andy Beale

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NSA Attacks Student at University of New Mexico (Angle Two) – Video

Islands of Loreto, Baja, Mexico (PRWEB) September 20, 2014

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto today announced the resort did not experience any damage in relation to Hurricane Odile and is fully operational, with all amenities and activities available.

Hurricane Odile struck Cabo San Lucas the night of September 14, 2014, bringing intense wind, rain and powerful surf conditions. Located on the east side of the Baja Peninsula, Villa del Palmar Islands of Loreto experienced some heavy rain, but no damage whatsoever to the resort, with guests kept safe and comfortable.

All roads to and from Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto remain open with no washed-out areas. The Islands of Loreto as a whole was largely unaffected by the storm and remain secure.

Guests with current or upcoming reservations can confidently expect the same high level of service and amenities they are accustomed to when visiting Villa Group properties. All restaurants, activities and services are running as normally scheduled.

The Loreto International Airport (LTO) is open, and flights on Alaska Airlines are expected to resume normal scheduling on Friday, September 26, according to Alaska Airlines. For questions regarding airline service, please contact Alaska Airlines at 1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522).

Guests with questions regarding their stay are encouraged to stay informed by visiting Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loretos Facebook page for updates, or calling toll-free to 800-790-4187.

For those affected by the hurricane seeking more information, visit:

About Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto: Bajas First Million Star Resort Villa del Palmar at The Islands of Loreto is a luxury destination resort on the Sea of Cortez, off the eastern coast of the Baja peninsula overlooking Danzante Island (one of five in the region). It features 181 new, spacious, beautifully appointed Deluxe Ocean View, one, two and three bedroom Suites with balcony or terrace, stunning ocean views, mountain views, three restaurants offering gourmet dining, an attentive English-speaking staff, five swimming pools, a 39,000 square-foot Sabila Spa and Wellness Center, two tennis courts, beautiful beaches, a private beachfront Danzante Bungalow villa for glamping and a mild and warm climate year-round. The upcoming 7,400-yard Rees Jones-designed Danzante Bay golf course will offer a challenging, yet friendly course that works with the natural beauty and serenity of the surrounding environment.

Guests can enjoy PADI-certified SCUBA diving lessons and snorkeling tours in the protected indigo waters that explorer Jacques Cousteau once dubbed the Aquarium of the World. Outdoor adventurers can also experience tours of the nearby Coronado, Danzante and Del Carmen Islands atop an inflatable APEX boat, as well as swimming, world-class fishing aboard the Mad Dash tournament boat, paddle boarding, kayaking, whale watching and mountain biking. With complimentary shuttle service, guests can explore the historic town at the Islands of Loreto and visit the 1697 mission that made the town famous. The area is also known for its wildlife, including the 900 species of fish off the coast and in an area that has been declared a World Heritage Site. Hotel perks include a spa and fitness center, massages, salsa dance lessons and movie nights for children. The New York Times lists Loreto in its Top Ten Places to go in 2011. The travel article featuring The Islands of Loreto, Baja California South, Mexico ranked first among readers. Travelers can take a short flight from LAX on Alaska Airlines to the Islands of Loreto. With a new service beginning on February 14, 2015, travelers can also fly to the Islands of Loreto from Calgary, Canada aboard WestJet, Canadas most-preferred airline.

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Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Fully Functioning After Hurricane

BITNEWS: United Way Accepts Bitcoin Donations, Russia To Ban BTC, IBM, Samsung, Kraken, Circle
MONDAY'S BITNEWS: – The World's Largest Privately Funded Non Profit Organization, United Way Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations! – Correction: 711 In Mexico Accep…

By: Follow The Coin

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BITNEWS: United Way Accepts Bitcoin Donations, Russia To Ban BTC, IBM, Samsung, Kraken, Circle – Video

NWO NSA Attacks Student at University of New Mexico – Police No Response
Uploaded by channel Andy Beale Andy Beale Please Subscribe…

By: DArtagnan2013

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NWO NSA Attacks Student at University of New Mexico – Police No Response – Video

An NSA employee wearing name tag Neal Z. recently attended the the University of New Mexicos Engineering and Science Career Fair.

The NSA rep was trying to recruit college students to work at the controversial agency, which collects tons of metadata, emails, phone calls and various other information on American citizens.

University of New Mexico grad Andy Beale and student Sean Potter asked Neal Z. about the massive collection of information by the NSA, reports The Intercept.

Beale and Potter filmed the incident from two angles (videos below).

Amazingly, Neal Z. claimed, “NSA is not permitted to track or collect intelligence on U.S. persons.

However, after NSA leaker Edward Snowden revealed the mass surveillance of Americans by the NSA, the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, admitted to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) in an April letter that the NSA does collect information on Americans, noted The Guardian.

In June, the NSA admitted it was spying on American phone calls, reported CNET, and even the phone habits of the U.S. Congress, according to The New American.

Later, Neal Z. admitted the NSA does collect data under the guidance of the (secret) FISA court, which is not open or accountable to the public.

After Beale and Potter politely debunked several of Neal Z’s claims, Neal Z. angrily threatened to call authorities to silence the two Americans: You do not know what youre talking about. If you dont leave soon, Im going to call university security to get you out of my face.

Neal Z. tried to grab Potter’s iPhone, but it was Potter and Beale who were removed from the fair by campus police for causing a disturbance.

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Angry NSA Employee Denies NSA Collects Information on Americans (Video)

BITNEWS ON THE GO! Bitcoin is trending on Reddit! Why? The Daily Show Tweet, 711 in Mexico PayPal
BITNEWS ON THE GO! Bitcoin is trending on Reddit! Why? The Daily Show's John Stewart Tweeted About Bitcoin, All 7 Elevens in Mexico Announced They Accept Bitcoin Today PayPal's People Economy…

By: Follow The Coin

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BITNEWS ON THE GO! Bitcoin is trending on Reddit! Why? The Daily Show Tweet, 711 in Mexico & PayPal – Video

TDV – Jeff Berwick on Freedom Feens Talking Galts Gulch, EMPs, Molyneux and Investing
Jeff is interviewed by Michael Dean and Ben Stone on the Freedom Feens Talk Radio Show, topics include: The Anarchapulco eventin Acapulco, relative freedom in US vs Mexico, Galts Gulch contreversy,…

By: TheDollarVigilante

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TDV – Jeff Berwick on Freedom Feens Talking Galts Gulch, EMPs, Molyneux and Investing – Video

By Chris Kitching for MailOnline

Published: 06:41 EST, 9 September 2014 | Updated: 10:43 EST, 9 September 2014



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If you’re looking for a departure from your usual beach getaway, you may want to book a trip to one of these stunning spots.

These are some of the world’s most unusual beaches, offering visitors an experience they’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Some of them are very public, while others are incredibly difficult to reach.

Hidden Beach on the Marieta Islands in Mexico earned its name for a reason. The secluded beach, concealed within a cavernous hole in the ground, can only be accessed through a small tunnel by swimmers or scuba divers.

The idyllic paradise has an incredibly unique history. It is believed to have formed when it was used as a bomb testing site in the early 1900s.

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World's most unusual beaches revealed

tepic, Getty Images/iStockphoto

It’s not always happily ever after for Christian business owners in the wedding industry, as recent religious freedom cases illustrate.

Cynthia and Robert Gifford, owners of Liberty Ridge Farm in New York, have decided to stop hosting wedding ceremonies after being fined for refusing to rent their space to a lesbian couple, The Blaze reported.

“The family will continue hosting wedding receptions, but ceremonies which have traditionally been hosted inside the Giffords’ home on the property or at another nearby location will immediately cease.”

When Administrative Law Judge Migdalia Pares ruled in mid-August, Religion News Service reported that the farm is both a business and a private residence, which complicated the case.

Quoting Adam Winkler, a law professor at the University of California, RNS reported that, although “public accommodation laws usually don’t apply to private residences,” the decision to start a home-based business removed the couple’s right to refuse service based on their religious beliefs.

“If you want to open yourself up to the public, there’s a cost, which is that you can’t discriminate,” said Winkler.

The Liberty Ridge Farm case was the latest in an ongoing conflict between religious freedom and same-sex marriage. Among the Christian business owners penalized for refusing to accommodate a gay wedding on religious grounds are a photographer in New Mexico, a florist in Washington and a wedding cake baker in Colorado.

In April, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal from New Mexico’s Elane Photography, ensuring that related debates will remain at the state level for the time being, the Associated Press reported.

AP noted that leaders from “Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia had asked the high court to hear the case so lawmakers would have guidance in considering such measures.”

See the article here:
Unresolved legal relationship between religious freedom and gay rights

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has been recording and storing nearly all domestic and international phone calls from Afghanistan, according to Wikileaks front man Julian Assange.

Wikileaks revealed the name of the country after The Intercept reported Monday that the NSA was actively recording and archiving virtually every cellphone call in the Bahamas and one other country under a program called SOMALGET. The Intercept said it did not name the second country because of concerns that doing so could lead to increased violence.

The voice interception program is part of a broader program called MYSTIC revealed in March when the Washington Post published documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

MYSTIC is used to collect phonecall metadata and is used in Mexico, Kenya and the Philippines, according to The Intercept. SOMALGET enables the NSA to gather and store the contents of every conversation in an entire country, it said.

The program gives the NSA the capability to record and store the phone calls of an entire nation for up to 30 days, according to the Washington Post. The paper decided not to identify the countries affected on request of the U.S. government.

While The Intercept revealed the identity of five of the Mystic target countries, Assange said the decision not to name Afghanistan was censorship.

Such censorship strips a nation of its right to self-determination on a matter which affects its whole population, =””>he said on Wikileaks site. By denying an entire population the knowledge of its own victimization, this act of censorship denies each individual in that country the opportunity to seek an effective remedy, whether in international courts, or elsewhere, he said.

To protect his source, Assange did not disclose how Wikileaks confirmed the identity of the second country. However, he said, it can also be independently verified through forensic scrutiny of imperfectly applied censorship on related documents released to date, and through correlations with other NSA programs.

The censorship of a victim states identity directly assists the killing of innocent people, Assange said. The U.S. has been using mass interception programs as a key component in its drone targeting program that has killed thousands of people and hundreds of women and children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia in violation of international law, he added.

We do not believe it is the place of media to aid and abet a state in escaping detection and prosecution for a serious crime against a population. Consequently Wikileaks cannot be complicit in the censorship of victim state X. The country in question is Afghanistan, he said.

Excerpt from:

Assange names country targeted by NSA's MYSTIC mass phone tapping program

The U.S. National Security Agency has been recording and archiving virtually every cellphone call in the Bahamas without knowledge and permission from the island nations government, according to a report from The Intercept.

The surveillance is part of an NSA secret system called SOMALGET that tapped into access legally granted to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and opened a backdoor into the countrys cell telephone network, the article states.

The NSA is able to intercept and record cellphone calls made to, from and within the Bahamas, and access the recordings for 30 days, according to the article, whose revelations are based on documents provided by NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

The article, authored by Ryan Devereaux, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, describes SOMALGET as a cutting edge tool that gives the NSA access to the content of the calls, not just to their metadata.

SOMALGET is part of a broader program called MYSTIC in which the NSA secretly monitors the telecom systems not only of the Bahamas but of several other countries as well, including Mexico, the Philippines and Kenya, according to the report.

All told, the NSA is using MYSTIC to gather personal data on mobile calls placed in countries with a combined population of more than 250 million people. And according to classified documents, the agency is seeking funding to export the sweeping surveillance capability elsewhere, reads the article.

The Bahamas surveillance is focused on locating international narcotics traffickers and special-interest alien smugglers, according to the story.

The Intercept is published by Pierre Omidyars First Look Media and was co-created by Greenwald, whose groundbreaking coverage last year in The Guardian about NSA surveillance programs helped that newspaper win a Pulitzer Prize this year. The Intercept was founded primarily to report on documents provided by Snowden.

Mondays article states that the Bahamas SOMALGET surveillance raises profound questions about the nature and extent of American surveillance abroad because it isnt driven by anti-terrorism motivations and because the Bahamas is considered a stable democracy that presents no terrorism threat to the U.S.

By targeting the Bahamas entire mobile network, the NSA is intentionally collecting and retaining intelligence on millions of people who have not been accused of any crime or terrorist activity, reads the article, noting that almost 5 million Americans visit the Bahamas every year, and that many prominent U.S. citizens have homes there.


Report: The NSA records all cellphone calls in the Bahamas

Mexico vs. US Virgin Islands – 2014 FIVB World Championships Qualifiers
This is an indoor volleyball qualification match between Mexico and US Virgin Islands for the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship Qualifiers 2014 in Italy. This qualification tournament…

By: Cameron Kerr

The rest is here:
Mexico vs. US Virgin Islands – 2014 FIVB World Championships Qualifiers – Video

NM Watchdog photo THE PARTY’S NOT OVER: Matt Kibbe, the CEO of the political action group Freedom Works, says the Tea Party’s influence is not waning, but on the rise.

ALBUQUERQUE >> They’ve been attacked by Democrats such as Harry Reid as “anarchists,” vilified by the main character on the cable show “The Newsroom” as “the American Taliban” and criticized by some Republicans who point to defeats in Delaware, Indiana and Nevada as possibly costing the party control of the U.S. Senate.

But one of the people responsible for creating the Tea Party says the movement is as strong as ever.

“A lot more of these activists are (focusing) more on local precinct captain divisions, local school boards, state legislators,” said Matt Kibbe, the president and CEO of Freedom Works, a political nonprofit based in Washington D.C., that proclaims “lower taxes, less government, more freedom” as its motto.

“So they’ve gone local,” Kibbe told New Mexico Watchdog. “They still think nationally but they’ve focused on the mechanics on a local level. That to me is a sign of a stronger social movement, not a weaker one.”

Kibbe’s group was instrumental in organizing what became the founding event for the Tea Party movement a Taxpayer March on Washington back on Sept, 12, 2009 that drew hundreds of thousands.

“We had zero advertising,” Kibbe told a crowd of about 75 Monday at a luncheon sponsored by the Rio Grande Foundation. “It was all due to social media That’s the power of decentralization.”

A little more than a year later, Tea Party favorites such as Rand Paul and Justin Amash were elected to Congress and Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.

But in 2012, Barack Obama won re-election and since then, there’s been plenty of speculation that the Tea Party is losing steam.

While Kibbe emphasizes that Freedom Works and the Tea Party movement are independent “They don’t work for us and we don’t work for them” Kibbe thinks the Tea Party’s principles are alive and well.

See original here:
Freedom Works boss: Tea Party 'stronger, not weaker'

INFOWARS Nightly News: with David Knight Monday May 12 2014: Plus Special Reports
Monday: The Infowars Nightly News. 1776 Worldwide: The Second Amendment Comes to Mexico. Plus, DHS Emails Reveal U.S. May Have Terrorist Hands Off List. — –Date:…

By: Ron Gibson

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INFOWARS Nightly News: with David Knight Monday May 12 2014: Plus Special Reports – Video

DHS Says “Hands Off” VIP Terrorist
1776 Worldwide: The Second Amendment Comes to Mexico Mexico to legalize vigilantes fighting drug cartel DHS Emails Reveal U.S. May Have Terrorist “Hands Off” List As vigilantes in Mexico…


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DHS Says "Hands Off" VIP Terrorist – Video

Where The People Are Armed There is Liberty
Alex breaks down the essence of the debate of the right to keep and bear arms and what the proposal of the passing of a second amendment in Mexico could mean for the people of mexico in the…

By: TheAlexJonesChannel

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Where The People Are Armed There is Liberty – Video

Leaving the Night Clubs of NYC for the Beaches of Tulum | EX-PATS Ep. 9 Full | Reserve
Night club designer David Graziano left New York City for the beaches of Tulum, Mexico. Join Savannah as she discovers the luxurious Ahau Hotel that he is bu. Pam and John Solomon left New…

By: Paige Sykes

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Leaving the Night Clubs of NYC for the Beaches of Tulum | EX-PATS Ep. 9 Full | Reserve – Video

Sayulita-San Francisco Beaches (Riviera Nayarit, Mexico) Resorts Surfing Meccas Video Sayulita and San Francisco Beaches on Mexico's Riviera Nayarit, surfing meccas with some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Mexi. A song for San Pancho (San…

By: Paige Sykes

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Sayulita-San Francisco Beaches (Riviera Nayarit, Mexico) Resorts & Surfing Meccas Video – Video

Usually when we use the term beach book, were talking about a novel or other interesting book intended for reading at leisure while looking out at the beach or lounging by the pool.

Beaches of the Gulf Coast by Richard A. Davis Jr. (Texas A&M University Press, $35 flexbound) is not that kind of book. Rather, its a book about beaches in general, and Gulf of Mexico beaches in particular.

The first part of the book deals with general characteristics and dynamics of beaches, then segues into the specific beaches along the Gulf Coast, from Florida to Texas, as well as Mexico and Cuba. Texas beaches get 30 pages and more than 50 color photos.

Certainly an informative and interesting book, but one to read before going to the beach.

Local History: The Shackelford County Historical Commissioned has produced a pictorial history, Shackelford County (Arcadia Publishing, $21.99 paperback).

Arcadia specializes in local pictorials and has published books about Abilene, Sweetwater, Haskell, Stamford, Ranger and many other Texas towns through its Images of America Series.

Shackelford County is a little different from most of the other Arcadia books that Ive seen in that, in addition to dozens of archival photographs, it includes short introductory essays to the various sections by Sunday Tidwell, Jane Lenoir, John A. Matthews, A.V. Jones, Jon Rex Jones, Wilma Jo Tucker Mitchell, Duston Brooks, Melinda Lucas, and the late Lawrence Clayton.

Bottom line is: Readers in Albany and Moran will find plenty of good reading as well as wonderful old photographs in this 128-page collection.

Two new Texas books from The History Press:

Painting the Town Orange by Pete Gershon ($21.99 paperback) tells the stories behind Houstons eclectic visionary art environments, such as the Orange Show and the Beer Can House.

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Texas Reads: A beach book about beaches

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