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Seven players in Australias 2011 World Cup squad were of Polynesian and Melanesian heritage. For the last Lions tour, there were more players of Pacific Island descent (Manu Tuilagi, Mako Vunipola and Taulupe Faletau) than there were Scots in the touring party. There are an estimated 184 professional players of either Samoan, Fijian or Tongan descent playing in European leagues.

Before pointing the finger elsewhere, it is important to stress that many wounds are self-inflicted. The governance on the islands is at best amateurish, at worst open to accusations of corruption as the Samoan players dispute with their union has demonstrated. The First World War aphorism of Lions led by donkeys has never been more applicable.

Neither are Samoas financial problems unique. Fiji sacked their respected coach, Inoke Male, in January to save money while Tonga needed a last-minute contribution from their government to undertake their current European tour. Yet even if the problems are not created elsewhere, the rest of the world often does little to assist. Institutionally, the International Rugby Board Council is weighted against the three Pacific Islands, who collectively share a single vote while the eight founder members have two votes each. Canada, Italy and Japan also have a single vote each.

Other than expenses, Samoa will receive no money for their match on Saturday against England at Twickenham that will turn over several million pounds. This is standard practice for host nations but it is predicated on England returning the favour with their own tour, which they will not. In the last 10 years only Scotland have visited Samoa, although the All Blacks finally relented to pressure by promising a match in Apia next year.

An even more emotive issue is that of the talent drain from the Islands across the world. Particularly in the northern hemisphere, it is painted in black and white with terms such as poaching frequently thrown at New Zealands door when in truth there are several shades of grey involved. The vast majority of the All Blacks Polynesian and Melanesian contingent are New Zealand born and raised.

It is also hard to begrudge Vunipola or Tuilagi representing England considering they were educated there or dispute Fijian Semesa Rokodugunis right to wear the red rose given he fought for the country in Afghanistan.

Feel-good stories such as his are often outweighed by crass cynicism. Peter Harding, Tongas high performance manager, revealed one of the countrys brightest prospects has been offered a contract by a European club with the implicit promise of being fast-tracked into the national team through the three-year residency rule. Even more brazenly, Brive, the Top 14 team, plan to open an academy in Fiji with an annual intake of 25 players.

Yet it is important to remember that an offer of a professional contract or a scholarship is a way out of poverty for many Islanders who will then be relied on to provide for an extended family. It is also a route too a far higher standard of coaching and facilities. Potential earnings would multiply many times over were they to represent a tier-one international rather than the country of their birth. Closing or extending the residency rule would also shut the door on the careers of many Island players, particularly in Super Rugby where there are severe restrictions on foreign players.

Nathan Hughes, Wasps Fijian back row, is a case in point. He was picked up on a New Zealand scholarship when he was 17 and is now halfway towards qualifying for England through the residency rule. It is really hard in Fiji, Hughes said. The facilities are not as good as in other countries. If you get the opportunity to go overseas, people will take it because thats how it all starts. People are just taking that opportunity.

I would classify myself as Fijian from the bottom of my heart, but all you have to think of is your future. All you have to think of is whats going to happen after rugby. You cant play rugby all your life. You have to plan for what you are going to do after that if a family starts happening.

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England v Samoa: Why the world should repay debt to the Pacific Islands

Three Grungy Fire Rescue Subaru Legacy (Liberty) GT Touring Wagons
I've come across three slightly-crusty 1st-generation Subaru Legacy GT station wagons. Interestingly, they are the former fire and rescue vehicles of the Autopolis Racetrack in ita, Japan….

By: WasabiCars

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Three Grungy Fire & Rescue Subaru Legacy (Liberty) GT Touring Wagons – Video

Freedom Wars Launch Trailer PlayStation Vita
Freedom Wars is a Japanese action role-playing video game developed by SCE Japan Studio exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. Set in the distant future at a time where the majority of humankind…

By: Stealthy Box

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Freedom Wars Launch Trailer PlayStation Vita – Video

TGN Underground – Freedom Wars (Action RPG for PS Vita)
Hengest and Rurikhan take you through Freedom Wars,a Japanese action role-playing video game developed by SCE Japan Studio exclusively for the PlayStation Vita, in this episode of TGN …

By: TGN Army

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TGN Underground – Freedom Wars (Action RPG for PS Vita) – Video

East China Sea disputed islands
The leaders of China and Japan held an ice-breaking summit Monday after two years of dangerous animosity, as world leaders gathered for an Asia-Pacific meeting spotlighting intensifying big-power…

By: AFP news agency

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East China Sea disputed islands – Video

Nov 112014

Bitcoin vs Japanese Yen
Meaning of the recent Bank of Japan announcement.

By: Alex Millar

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Bitcoin vs Japanese Yen – Video

The statement from China said the two countries had agreed “to prevent the situation from aggravating through dialogue and consultation and establish crisis management mechanisms to avoid contingencies”.

Japan has previously called for a “hotline” between Tokyo and Beijing to be used in the event of an “accident” during military exercises, for example.

China’s official Xinhua news agency said the agreement was “an encouraging icebreaker that has been painfully overdue”. “It has brought the relationship between the world’s second and third largest economies back to temperatures above the freezing point. Should it be properly implemented, it will mark a turning point in the trajectory of China-Japan relations.”

In an indication of the complexity of the issue, Mr Abe affirmed that there had been no change in Japan’s stance on the islands, claimed by China as the Diaoyus.

However, a reduction in tensions between the two countries has been broadly welcomed by Japan.

Akira Sato, Japan’s state minister of defence, told The Telegraph: “The Senkaku islands are an inherent part of Japan and China is claiming them. However, China is starting to show signs of softening.”

There is a hope that increased communications between the neighbours could eventually lead to cooperation. “Stable relations would not only bring important benefits to both countries but have a significant impact on the peace and prosperity of the whole region,” said Minoru Kiuchi, Japan’s state minister for foreign affairs.

“Given that Japan and China are neighbours, it is natural that issues should arise but direct dialogue should take place without preconditions and we are seeing that develop in a quiet manner, with several meetings recently.”

Professor Yasuhiro Matsuda from the University of Tokyo described a meeting between Mr Xi and Mr Abe as a “golden opportunity” for the whole region.

“Next year is 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War we should become more positive next year. If relations with China and South Korea continue to be bad it will continue to get worse and will be much more difficult for both sides to ameliorate the relationship.

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Japan and China agree to reduce tensions over Senkaku islands

China and Japan agree to acknowledge differences over a disputed chain of islands in the East China Sea, setting up mechanisms to manage the crisis.

China and Japan smooth islands row

Red coral jewellery and ornaments are popular among wealthy Chinese, with the price per gram having more than quadrupled over the past five years. Photograph: Alamy

A cluster of Japanese islands has become a potential flashpoint in already tense relations between Japan and China after Tokyo urged Beijing to crack down on a rise in illegal coral poaching by Chinese fishermen.

The demand came as Japanese officials warned that Chinese poachers currently in the area would not be allowed to take refuge on the Ogasawara islands, located about 600 miles south of Tokyo, from a powerful typhoon expected to arrive later on Thursday.

Japan has boosted its coastguard and police presence near the islands after observing a dramatic rise in the number of poachers searching for red coral in its exclusive economic zone.

Chinese boats traditionally poached coral in the East China Sea and near the Japanese island of Okinawa, but are thought to have moved to the Ogasawara chain to escape beefed up security and to take advantage of calmer waters.

Jewellery and ornaments made from the coral are popular among wealthy Chinese, with the price per gram having more than quadrupled over the past five years, according to the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun.

More than 200 Chinese fishing boats have been spotted in waters off the Ogasawara and Izu island chains in recent days, prompting calls for Tokyo to put more pressure on Beijing.

Members of the ruling Liberal Democratic party adopted a resolution this week calling on the government to lodge the strongest possible protest, adding that they were outraged by the barbaric act of pulling out coral by the roots.

The standoff will only add to tensions between the two countries as their leaders struggle to set up their first-ever bilateral meeting at next weeks Apec summit in Beijing.

The Kyodo news agency quoted diplomatic sources as saying that the prospects were dimming for an official summit between Japans prime minister, Shinzo Abe, and the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, although the two may hold informal talks lasting 10-15 minutes.

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Japan-China relations strained over illegal coral poaching

Bitcoin Market Manipulation: Recorded in Japan
CRYPTOCURRENCIES MINING ARE LIKELY TO MOVE INTO CORPORATE BANKING. 1. In the 1970s the home computer was used mostly by home hobbyists. 2. In the 1980s the home computer …

By: 711 3388

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Flight above WTF Arrival:Oslo/Norway–Fuerteventura/Canary Islands Oct21st2014
AudioBubbleColdsunMade In Japan AudioBubbleColdsunClone.

By: jotore

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Flight above WTF&Arrival:Oslo/Norway–Fuerteventura/Canary Islands Oct21st2014 – Video

Catch the launch trailer and a message from the producer.

Freedom Wars is out today for PS Vita in North America and this Friday in Europe.

The SCE Japan Studio, Shift, and Dimps-developed action RPG sentences players to one million years of imprisonment, which must be worked off by rescuing civilians.

Patch 1.20 will be available later today, which adds an eight-player PvP mode, eliminates the online pass requirement, tweaks and balances the game difficulty, and more.

From here on, Sony is planning several weeks of downloadable content, including free content until the end of November. This includes everything from weapon packs and hairstyle additions to battle music and sticker packs.

Find the launch trailer and a message from the games producer below.

Hello everyone,

This is Junichi Yoshizawa, producer on Freedom Wars.

Weve finally reached the launch of Freedom Wars for North America and Europe thank you very much for all of your patience! Im so happy that were finally able to get Freedom Wars into your hands!

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Freedom Wars out today in North America, Friday in Europe

South Korean protesters rally against Japan over disputed islands
South Korean protesters rally against Japan to mark the “Day of Dokdo”, named after a group of disputed islands, also claimed by Japan. Rough Cut (no reporter narration). Subscribe: http://smartur…

By: Reuters

South Korean protesters rally against Japan over disputed islands – Video

Japan Warns China Over Disputed Islands
Thousands of people protested in the streets of China and Hong Kong against Japan's claim to a contested island territory. The protesters are rallying agains… Aug. 16 – A spat over a disputed…

By: Jamie Keller

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Japan Warns China Over Disputed Islands – Video

Magnitude 5.8 Quake, RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN
More information is available at: This video from Princeton Global ShakeMovie illustrates the up-and-down velocity of the…

By: theshakemovie

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Magnitude 5.8 Quake, RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN – Video

A mass of marine debris discovered in a giant sinkhole in the Hawaiian islands provides evidence that at least one mammoth tsunami, larger than any in Hawaii’s recorded history, has struck the islands, and that a similar disaster could happen again, new research finds. Scientists are reporting that a wall of water up to nine meters (30 feet) high surged onto Hawaiian shores about 500 years ago. A 9.0-magnitude earthquake off the coast of the Aleutian Islands triggered the mighty wave, which left behind up to nine shipping containers worth of ocean sediment in a sinkhole on the island of Kauai.

The tsunami was at least three times the size of a 1946 tsunami that was the most destructive in Hawaii’s recent history, according to the new study that examined deposits believed to have come from the extreme event and used models to show how it might have occurred. Tsunamis of this magnitude are rare events. An earthquake in the eastern Aleutian Trench big enough to generate a massive tsunami like the one in the study is expected to occur once every thousand years, meaning that there is a 0.1 percent chance of it happening in any given year — the same probability as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake that struck Japan, according to Gerald Fryer, a geophysicist at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

Nevertheless, the new research has prompted Honolulu officials to revise their tsunami evacuation maps to account for the possibility of an extreme tsunami hitting the county of nearly 1 million people. The new maps would more than double the area of evacuation in some locations, according to Fryer.

“You’re going to have great earthquakes on planet Earth, and you’re going to have great tsunamis,” said Rhett Butler, a geophysicist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and lead author of the new study published online in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union. “People have to at least appreciate that the possibility is there.”

Hawaiians have told stories about colossal tsunamis hitting the islands for generations, but possible evidence of these massive waves was only first detected in the late 1990s when David Burney, a paleoecologist at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Kalaheo, was excavating the Makauwahi sinkhole, a collapsed limestone cave on the south shore of Kauai.

Two meters (six and a half feet) below the surface he encountered a layer of sediment marked by coral fragments, mollusk shells and coarse beach sand that could only have come from the sea. But the mouth of the sinkhole was separated from the shore by 100 meters (328 feet) of land and seven-meter (23-foot) high walls. Burney speculated that the deposit could have been left by a massive tsunami, but he was unable to verify the claim.

The deposits remained a mystery until the Tohoku earthquake hit Japan in 2011. It caused water to surge inland like a rapidly rising tide, reaching heights up to 39 meters (128 feet) above the normal sea level. After that tsunami deluged the island nation, scientists began to question Hawaii’s current tsunami evacuation maps. The maps are based largely upon the 1946 tsunami, which followed a magnitude 8.6 earthquake in the Aleutian Islands and caused water to rise only two and a half meters (8 feet) up the side of the Makauwahi sinkhole.

“[The Japan earthquake] was bigger than almost any seismologist thought possible,” said Butler. “Seeing [on live TV] the devastation it caused, I began to wonder, did we get it right in Hawaii? Are our evacuation zones the correct size?”

To find out, the study’s authors used a wave model to predict how a tsunami would flood the Kauai coastline. They simulated earthquakes with magnitudes between 9.0 and 9.6 originating at different locations along the Aleutian-Alaska subduction zone, a 3,400-kilometer (2,113-mile) long ocean trench stretching along the southern coast of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands where the Pacific tectonic plate is slipping under the North American plate.

The researchers found that the unique geometry of the eastern Aleutians would direct the largest post-earthquake tsunami energy directly toward the Hawaiian Islands. Inundation models showed that an earthquake with a magnitude greater than 9.0 in just the right spot could produce water levels on the shore that reached eight to nine meters (26 to 30 feet) high, easily overtopping the Makauwahi sinkhole wall where the ocean deposits were found.

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Massive debris pile reveals risk of huge tsunamis in Hawaii

Humacyte, a pioneer in regenerative medicine, today announced it will join U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker on a Development Mission to Japan and South Korea later this mo

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Humacyte Selected to Join U.S. Secretary of Commerce On Trade Mission to Asia

B A P 1ST JAPAN TOUR CONCERT – Fight For Freedom and COMA


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Japan's main islands brace for powerful typhoon
Powerful Typhoon Vongfong is churning towards Japan's main islands after strong winds and heavy rain left 23 injured in the south. Duration: 00:35.

By: AFP news agency

Japan’s main islands brace for powerful typhoon – Video

Tokyo (AFP) – Powerful Typhoon Vongfong was churning towards Japan's main islands Sunday after strong winds and heavy rain left 23 injured in the south.

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Japan's main islands brace for powerful Typhoon Vongfong

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