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September 7, 2014

Tokyo, Japan

by Terence Gomez

When Azmi Sharom, Associate Professor of Law at the Universiti Malaya, was charged under Malaysias Sedition Act for providing a legal opinion on a constitutional matter, it shocked the academic community.

It was particularly alarming to academics as it is now well acknowledged that the Sedition Act is an obsolete relic of British colonial rule, introduced to curb dissent. Even Prime Minister Najib Razak had expressed the view, about two years ago, that this Act had to be repealed.

Najibs government is now preparing a National Harmony Bill to replace this Act. Azmi was, however, one of a number of people, many of them politicians in opposition parties, to be charged under this Act in the recent past.

The issue that Azmi had commented on was in response to the question as to how the next Selangor menteri besar should be selected. Azmis views were published in the online portal of The Malay Mail. He is quoted as saying two things in this article: You dont want a repeat of that, where a secret meeting took place and I think what happened in Perak was legally wrong. The best thing to do (in Selangor) is do it as legally and transparently as possible.

It was baffling that these opinions were viewed as being seditious. In fact, the Bar Council, in its statement on Azmis case, is quoted as saying that his comments cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, constitute sedition. Azmi, in response to this charge, has argued that his statements were based on established case laws and democratic principles and that he views this charge against him as a blow to academic freedom and the freedom of expression.

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Comment on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression Denied by Dr Majid

The Oki Islands in the Sea of Japan are turning history on its head. Through steps including expanding seafood exports, debt reduction and a revamp of the high school to provide a platform for entry to top colleges, the town found a recipe for countering the plight of demographic decline. "Ama got serious because it was in real difficulty," said Hideaki Tanaka, who teaches governance at Meiji …

Japans Medieval Islands of Exile Lure Young Workers

A Week In Japan – Day 7: Japanese Beaches
Life in Japan over 7 days! This is Day 7 where I finish my week of with a much-needed trip to the beach! For more about life in Japan find me on… Facebook:…

By: Japan with Regan

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Putin Says Russia Ready For Talks With Japan Over Disputed Islands
President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Russia is ready for talks with Japan over disputed Pacific Islands, but Japan may not be ready for negotiations. Japan has imposed a set of measures…

By: Nirvana News

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Putin Says Russia Ready For Talks With Japan Over Disputed Islands – Video

Today's Earthquake Report: Russia, Alaska, Solomon Islands, Japan, FiJi, Oklahoma “Copyright…

By: Mary Greeley

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Today’s Earthquake Report: Russia, Alaska, Solomon Islands, Japan, FiJi, Oklahoma – Video

May 252014

IT WAS 20 years ago when the Philippines and Indonesia first decided to talk about their claims of islands in the Mindanao Sea and Celebes Sea.

Within this month, the two countries have set new maritime boundary lines in the areas with unclear sovereignty. This includes rich fishing grounds, trading routes and sources of oil or natural gas. And the agreement, set for signing, is called Agreement between the Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of Indonesia Concerning the Delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone Boundary.

That’s what the Philippines has asked for in its claim of the Spratly Islands over which China claims authority. China is also claiming the South China Sea islands that Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, also Brunei, believe are theirs.

The agreement between the Philippines and Indonesia over some islands show the intent of both countries to stay as friends and keep the regional community firm according to Aseans international laws. It could serve as example of steps towards real world peace.

In the early years of the world, there werent people quarreling over islands since there were few people in a big world, each prehistoric clan could own one and more of an archipelago, except that the travel from one island to another would lead to the people’s preference of vast land in its natural flourish.

But through the years and today, man has found the importance of small islands, as rich fishing grounds, also as sources of oil and natural gas reserves in reefs, atolls, and coral islands. Most of the world’s plants and animals are endemic and indigenous species, mostly found only in some islands.

The islands in total the world over—of land and the water—is sixth of the world’s total area and home to a big portion of the world’s animals and plants.

Over these islands are the disputes of territorial ownership, like the South China Sea. In the Philippines, the islands in dispute are found in the west, in Vietnam found in the east. The area is called the South China Sea which the Philippines calls the West Philippine Sea and Vietnam calls the East Sea. Japan and China are in dispute over seven islands in East China Sea which Japan calls the Senkaku and China, Diaoyu.

And the quarrel over these islands are referred to as a sea row among Asian countries, or territorial issues, or disputes, with tensions running high.

There is the 2002 Declaration among Asean countries on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea. But is China looking? Its looking towards a claim of about a 90-percent of the sea and islands in the area.

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Cuizon: Islands, islands

Japan And Solomon Islands Signs Multi-Million Dollar Seaport Project

The Governments of Japan and Solomon Islands today signed a multi-million dollar project to expand facilities at the Honiara International Seaport.

The new project will include the construction of a second international wharf, which will enable the Honiara Port to become one of the largest sea-port hubs in the region.

Japanese Ambassador and Charge dAffaires to Solomon Islands Kenichi Kimiya and Foreign Affairs Minister Clay Forau signed the documents which have now significantly paved the way for the start of the project.

The documents constitutes legally binding International Agreements between Japan and Solomon Islands, which secures a grant of two billion six hundred and eighty-one million Japanese Yen (approx. SBD190 million) for construction works by the Government of Japan.

Todays signing was done following the successful completion of the design phase which was signed and implemented on 17th January 2014. The Japanese Cabinet has approved the detailed design in April this year which totalled to SB$190 million.

The Project marks a new partnership between the two countries. It provides direct and strategic impacts on connectivity for Solomon Islands with regional and global economies to effectively benefit the populations of Solomon Islands, said Ambassador Kimiya today.

The Project aims to expand the port facilities including the construction of the second international wharf, which enables the Honiara Port to become one of the largest hub ports in the region.

Working closely with development partners who have been paying efforts to improve performance, governance and accountability of the State-Owned Enterprises, including the Solomon Islands Port Authority (SIPA), the overall capacity of the Honiara Port will be strengthened by these efforts both on hard and soft aspects.

Minister Forau also signed a Grant Agreement with JICA representative Taiji Usui during the ceremony today.

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Japan And Solomon Islands Sign Seaport Project

This post is sponsored by DIA.

Regenerative medicines and the latest regulatory issues surrounding them will be a hot topic for discussion at the DIA 2014 50th Annual Meeting. This years Annual Meeting will be in San Diego from June 15 to 19 and will feature a session titled Pioneering Regenerative Medicine: Trends in Regulations for New Therapy, under the Nonclinical and Translational Development/Early Phase Clinical Development track.

The session, to be held on June 16 from 8:30-10:00 AM, will introduce the first clinical research of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell products in Japan and review the current regulatory status and governmental efforts surrounding regenerative medicine. Speakers will also identify issues in the application of the new technology and discuss possible solutions.

iPS cells hold great promise in the field of regenerative medicine because they can propagate indefinitely, as well as give rise to every other cell type in the body such as neurons, heart, pancreatic, and liver cells, and therefore represent a single source of cells that could be used to replace those lost to damage or disease. iPS cell technology was pioneered by Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto, Japan, who was awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize for the discovery alongside Sir John Gurdon.

The session will be chaired by Shinji Miyake, PhD, Professor of the Center for Clinical Research at Keio University School of Medicine in Japan.

The DIA 2014 50th Annual Meeting: Celebrate the Past Invent the Future is the largest multidisciplinary event that brings together a community of life sciences professionals at all levels and across all disciplines involved in the discovery, development, and life cycle management of medical products all with a common goal to foster innovation that will lead to the development of safe and effective medical products and therapies to patients.

This years event celebrates DIAs 50th Anniversary and will feature 260+ educational offerings over 21 tracks, 450+ exhibiting companies, over 125 representatives from global regulatory agencies, and much more. The meeting provides participants with a valuable opportunity to network with professionals from around the world, share knowledge, and build new relationships.

Find out more about DIA 2014 50th Annual Meeting at

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Introducing pioneering regenerative medicine

5/14/14 – China Undermines Bitcoin's Future, Japan Monitors Bitcoin Crime DogeVault Hacked The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission released a report on Monday entitled “Bitcoin's Uncertain Future in China”" which indicates…

By: Money Tech

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5/14/14 – China Undermines Bitcoin’s Future, Japan Monitors Bitcoin Crime & DogeVault Hacked – Video

China ships sail in waters near disputed islands
China ships sail in waters near disputed islands 2014 More info at link: The on-going, territorial dispute between China and Japan, over the ownership of a series of islands. Has seen China…

By: orhan haberal

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China ships sail in waters near disputed islands – Video

Japan's government will redesignate bitcoin as a form of \"value-added electronic record\" similar to credit card transactions, as part of a series of measures to monitor illegal deals made using the digital currency. Kyodo News International, citing government and ruling party officials, reported that Japan is planning to crack down on illicit bitcoin trades amid fears that crime organisations …

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Bitcoin to Be Treated As 'Value-Added Electronic Record' in Japan

Activists announce trip to islands claimed both by China and Japan 2013 News
A group of Hong Kong activists who last year sailed to the disputed islands claimed by both China and Japan announced on Thursday that they are planning another trip before the year s end….

By: Camon Cana

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Activists announce trip to islands claimed both by China and Japan 2013 News – Video

Japan, worried about China, strengthens ties with NATO
The accord, signed by Abe and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen during Abe's visit to NATO's Brussels headquarters, will deepen Japan's cooperation with the Western military alliance…

By: moviechannel


Japan, worried about China, strengthens ties with NATO – Video

NATO Secretary General and Prime Minister of Japan – Joint Press Point
Joint Press Point with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


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NATO Secretary General and Prime Minister of Japan – Joint Press Point – Video

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is leery of bitcoin.

The agency issued a lengthy warning to investors on Wednesday about risks it sees in bitcoin and virtual currencies, much of which has been already iterated by bitcoin advocates or other regulators.

But the SEC, which is the top regulator for U.S. securities markets, also took a dig at bitcoins short existence as another negative.

As a recent invention, Bitcoin does not have an established track record of credibility and trust, the agency wrote in its advisory.

The statement perhaps conflates the pure technology of the bitcoin protocol that transfers the virtual currency, which has been vetted by cryptography experts as solid, with the nearly innumerable thefts, scams and failures of bitcoin-related businesses.

Bitcoin, which launched in 2009, has seen a fair share of challenges, including vacillating exchange rates and regulatory restrictions in countries such as China.

To back up its claim of bitcoins track record, the SEC cited the February collapse of Mt. Gox, the Japan-based exchange that said it lost some 650,000 bitcoins and US$28 million in cash, confirming suspicions the exchange that once dominated bitcoin trading was in trouble.

Law enforcement and the SEC may also have trouble investigating bitcoin-related cases, the warning said, since banks are not involved with bitcoin transactions and there is no central authority to obtain information on users.

The SEC must rely on other sources for information in such cases, such as bitcoin exchanges or users. Seizing and freezing proceeds that are in bitcoin can also be difficult, the SEC said.

Of course, many of those supposed weaknesses are also what makes bitcoin attractive to certain kinds of users.

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Bitcoin lacks 'credibility and trust,' U.S. says SEC

War of Words on Disputed islands Chinas air defence zone move angers Japan
Disputed islands Chinas air defence zone move angers Japan A war of words has broken out between China and Japan over disputed islands, known as the Senkaku islands in Japan and the Diaoyu…

By: Malki Garden

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War of Words on Disputed islands Chinas air defence zone move angers Japan – Video

May 062014

BRUSSELS (AP) The U.S.-led NATO alliance and Japan, facing mounting security challenges in their respective neighborhoods, agreed Tuesday to cooperate more.

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NATO, Japan agree to cooperate more

More information is available at: This video from Princeton Global ShakeMovie illustrates the up-and-down velocity of the…

By: theshakemovie

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Magnitude 5.7 Quake, VOLCANO ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION – Video

China Provokes Japan and Phillipines over islands After Obama's Promise
What will cause the first strike between China or Japan? China publically states that islands within its Zone of Control off its coast miles, hundreds of miles into the Pacific become part…

By: Videos of the Underground

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China Provokes Japan and Phillipines over islands After Obama’s Promise – Video

April 25 2014 Breaking News Obama confirmed USA security treaty Japan islands dispute China
April 25 2014 Breaking News Associated Press President Barack Obama confirmed America's mutual security treaty with Japan applies to the islands territorial dispute between China and Japan…

By: ExantirikHaber

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April 25 2014 Breaking News Obama confirmed USA security treaty Japan islands dispute China – Video

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