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LXC Coin will work with a network of P2P lenders across the world, and could evolve into its own P2P vehicle over the coming years.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, the LXC Coin is real, according to Ellefsen. If crypocurrencies were banned tomorrow – and Russia is looking to do that right now – our coin would keep its value. You could reclaim your investment from us.

Cryptocurrencies havent been real money until now, he claims.

Bitcoin, which currently trades for around $500 per coin, is seen as a volatile currency by investors. It can lose up to 30pc of its value in a single day. LXC Coin will control supply and demand, much like a central bank, ensuring a consistent price for the coin.

Some 1.1bn of these new coins will be issued over the next four to five years.

The LXC Coin is based on the code from the worlds most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, mixed with BlackCoin technology. Unlike Bitcoin, BlackCoin does not have to be mined. It is based on a proof of stake concept, which means that it has become a dominant digital currency through the sheer proliferation of coins held in wallets by users.

By using the BlackCoin model, LXC Coin does not require vast amounts of computing power and electricity to exist.

Customers must pay hard cash or exchange it for other digital currencies.

The company was founded in Denmark in 2012 and became a UK holding company in 2014.

Ellefsen chose to raise money on Crowd For Angels, the UKs FCA-regulated debt and equity platform, to generate awareness for the start-up and prove that its model was FCA compliant.

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LXC Coin crowdfunds in challenge to Bitcoin

By Paul McBeth

Sept. 5 (BusinessDesk) – ASX-listed Freedom Foods Group bought almost one million shares of A2 Milk Co this week for about $589,000 after its stake was diluted in the past year due to the issue of partly-paid shares.

The Sydney-based food company bought 942,500 shares in four transactions in A2 this week at an average price of about 62.5 cents, according to a substantial shareholder notice filed to the NZX. Freedom Foods holds about 117.9 million shares, or 17.9 percent of A2, leaving it as the biggest shareholder in the milk marketing company.

Because A2 issued partly-paid shares to executives earlier this year, Freedom Foods’ stake was diluted down from 18.1 percent when it made its last disclosure in December 2012.

Shares of A2 rose 1.6 percent to 63 cents today, and have dropped 23 percent this year. The stock is rated an average ‘buy’ based on four analyst recommendations compiled by Reuters, with a median target price of 80 cents.

Last month A2 reported a slump in annual profit to $10,000, even as sales rose 17 percent to $111 million, as a strong kiwi dollar eroded the value of revenue and earnings.

In its Aug. 29 results announcement, Freedom Foods said it intends to keep a strategic stake in A2 in the medium-term, while keeping the option to “realise capital from the investment to support growth opportunities.”

Freedom Foods said A2 offers “potentially significant value creation” through the milk marketing firm’s growth in Australia and international markets.

Shares of Freedom Foods rose 3.7 percent to A$3.12 on the ASX yesterday, and have climbed 13 percent this year.


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A2 shareholder Freedom Foods buys $589k of shares

Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited Bitcoin Investment Vehicle – GABI
Jersey aspires to be the leader in the digital currency revolution by playing a crucial role in the bitcoin ecosystem regulation. With this foundation, the director of Global Advisors (Jersey)…

By: Alexandre Yanke

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Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited Bitcoin Investment Vehicle – GABI – Video

I’ll be spending this holiday weekend with family, enjoying the last days of summer outdoors and preparing a meal or two on the grill. What do Labor Day grilling festivities and investing have in common? Plenty. Preparing the perfect meal requires an optimal balance of nutrients, just like building a portfolio requires the right savory combination of investments. Here’s how I would prepare a fixed income mixed grill.

Chicken as Treasuries

The most basic protein, chicken, is a fixture of any barbecue menu. The same can be said for Treasuries in a bond portfolio. Treasury securities, in a variety of maturities, provide more safety than any other investments as they are backed by the full faith and trust of the U.S. government, do not have a call provision, and provide a dependable income stream. They are also the ultimate diversifier for equities and other tasty higher-risk dessert items.

Investment Grade Steak

Just like a prime, choice, or select cut of beef, there are investment grade bonds that are rated according to credit quality. Investment grade describes bonds that are “AAA” or “AA” (high credit quality) and “A” to “BBB” (medium credit quality). As with those who love a good steak, investment grade bonds suit those who seek high quality in exchange for less risk. It may not be as lean as chicken, but it may provide a little more flavor in the form of extra yield.

High Yield Ribs

The decadent offering of barbecued ribs at a weekend party is similar to that of high yield fixed income investments. By taking on greater risk of spilling sauce on your shirt you have the experience of a true summertime staple, and with high yield fixed income investments you are positioned for potentially higher income. Just like the ribs, you don’t want to overdo it too much on high yield; put a sensible amount on your plate to get a taste of the flavor and little extra yield potential, but not so much that it leaves you feeling queasy from too much volatility.

Emerging Market Spicy Kebabs

For those who want a little more adventure on their menu, there’s always the option of adding some unique flavors like spicy kebabs. This is the equivalent of adding some emerging markets fixed income to your bond portfolio. You may run the risk of a little heartburn, with occasional volatility and currency risk, but no cookout is truly complete without a little spice thrown into the mix. It helps you balance out the blandness of some of the healthier options, and gives the overall meal a nice flavor kick. And here, flavor means yield potential.

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Barbecues, Beaches and Bonds: A Labor Day Story

May 252014

Beaches Holiday Resort
Resources: = Find your reputation. – Return on Investment Calculator. – Get the full story…

By: yubuyreviews

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Beaches Holiday Resort – Video

Northern Beaches Holiday Accommodation
Resources: = Find your reputation. – Return on Investment Calculator. – Get the full story…

By: yubuyreviews

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Northern Beaches Holiday Accommodation – Video

A weekly column that puts the fun into learning

Lets admit it. Most of us get a little thrill out of finding new ways to save taxes. This is exactly what corporate biggies such as Google, IBM and Amazon have been doing too. Theyve been cleverly routing their global profits through subsidiaries set up in destinations called tax havens. This has been going on for long. But, having been denied their fair share of taxes, governments are now cracking the whip.

What is it?

Tax havens are countries that have low or near-zero tax rates, especially for some kinds of transactions. Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mauritius are the popular ones. But the list includes others such as Luxembourg, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, the Netherlands and Bermuda too.

Multinationals set up their holding companies in these locations which then invest in operations located at other high-tax locations. So, even as the company carries out its real business in a high-tax regime such as the US or India, its able to dodge the taxman by showing a large share of profits as emanating from a tax haven.

But its not just companies; tax havens have something on offer for rich individuals too, promising complete confidentiality. Now youre wondering if everything about tax havens is so clandestine, why havent they been banned at the outset? Well, this is not how things were meant to be. When tax havens first sprang up, they came up in small countries endowed with limited natural resources or other competitive advantages. Such nations saw near-zero tax rates as a good way to attract reluctant foreign capital. But with corporations and affluent individuals taking advantage of the secrecy to save taxes, the whole thing went awry.

Why is it important?

Irked by tax revenue losses, governments have now begun to come down heavily on the menace of tax havens, threatening to revoke tax treaties and demanding more disclosures from them. In India, the phenomenon of routing black money to tax havens has given birth to what is called round-tripping. Foreign direct inflows from Mauritius, Indias second biggest source, totalled $4.5 billion during April-Feb of the last fiscal. But is the tiny island nation really such as industrial powerhouse? Not really. Cynics suspect a large part of the investment flowing in from Mauritius is actually Indian money sent abroad and routed back to avoid taxes. If its Mauritius for us, its British Virgin Islands for UK and Luxembourg for Russia.

The worry is that the anonymity that tax havens offer allows other kinds of illegal activity to flourish too. The world over billions made through illegal routes such as drug trafficking and arms smuggling are said to be laundered through tax havens.

Why should I care?

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All you wanted to know about tax havens

Bitcoin Investment Advice – Bullet Proof Advice for Investing in Bitcoins
Don't take my advice, don't take anybodies advice, do your own research and make decisions on that basis ONLY. A lot of people offering bitcoin investment ad. Don't take my advice, don't take…

By: Peter Jackson

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Bitcoin Investment Advice – Bullet Proof Advice for Investing in Bitcoins – Video

Hedge fund manager Philippe Laffont recommended Liberty Global Plc at an investment conference on Monday, saying that fresh demand in broadband services will help boost growth at the company. Laffont, speaking at the Sohn Investment Conference in New York, said Liberty's shares, now trading around $40 a share, could "easily" rise above $100 per share. Laffont described Liberty Global's business …

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Ira Sohn: Coatue's Laffont sees Liberty Global's stock price climbing

illuminati top pastors exposed TD Jakes,Pastor Chris,Joyce Meyer,Joel Osteen etc

By: thebestofprophecy

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illuminati top pastors exposed TD Jakes,Pastor Chris,Joyce Meyer,Joel Osteen etc – Video

Apr 282014

For majority of us, our primary source of income is from our personal efforts (job, business or profession). More often than not, our entire lives and consequently those of our families, revolve around our careers – long hours of work, ruthless competition, insecurity about the future, lack of personal time, and so on.

To keep up with our own demands, as well as so as not to be left behind in society, we immerse deeper into our work, resulting in even more stress, failures in personal relationships and lower self esteem. Ironically, all this is done with the desired objective of providing our families with a better quality of life. Wouldnt it be great if one doesnt have to entirely depend upon personal efforts to take care of ones needs? This would entail creating additional streams of regular income, to supplement or even replace the primary source. If this was possible, most of us would no longer be working without choice, but would work for joy and self fulfillment.

We would have the flexibility to work at our own pace and devote our time to other pursuits we are interested in. Our objective of a better quality of life would be fulfilled. This is what is known as financial freedom when one is no longer dependent upon personal efforts to maintain a desired level of living standard. Financial freedom is directly linked to wealth creation, and cannot be achieved without elaborate planning, first to reach the goal of being financially independent, and second to maintain that level. The goal is to achieve an amount of capital which not only provides enough regular returns to meet ongoing lifestyle expenses, but also that the composition of capital is such that it is likely to increase in value over time, so that future returns are generated on the increased capital base and are able to take care of the future increase in expenses due to inflation. While for the majority of families it would seem very difficult to reach such a level, it is certainly not impossible, and can be achieved with some discipline and sacrifices. Below are some of the rules which from my experience are paramount in wealth creation and consequently, in achieving financial freedom: Decide upon your level of wealth required for financial freedom This will be directly proportional to the lifestyle you wish to follow after becoming financially independent. If one is used to living and dining in Five Star comfort regularly and expects it to continue after becoming financially independent, obviously a much higher level of wealth has to be targeted than for someone who is happy eating out once or twice a month. Hence scaling down ones lifestyle can lower the threshold required for financial freedom. Know where you are before you start It is essential to make a complete list of ones Assets and Liabilities, Incomes and expenses (both current and expected in future) and cash flows before one starts. One cannot reach a destination without knowing where he or she is starting at. Give priority to protection of what you have Insure all your assets as well as payment of liabilities against unforeseen circumstances which have the potential to destroy your wealth. Know your attitude to risk – This depends upon ones personality, age, commitments, current level of assets/liabilities/income, etc. Attitude to risk is not fixed, and may change over time or due to changing personal or external circumstances. Generally, higher the capacity and willingness to bear risk, higher is the return, but this is not always true. Get your finances under control This implies stopping money leakages, however small or insignificant they may seem. Most money leakages are through unnecessary tax and interest expenses, wrong spending and wrong investments. Money leakages are the most common reason for inability to create wealth. Pay off debts on priority – Unless the debt is incurred for creating an asset which is expected to increase in value or for business purposes, it is not advisable to incur debt. Any other debt, if incurred, should be paid off on priority. Keep the taxman at bay Apart from interest, tax expense is the highest expense item which prevents long term wealth creation. Be prepared to pay for expert tax and financial advice. It may seem expensive at first, but the benefits will far outweigh the costs in the long run. Understand that there is no such thing as free advice Advice given by many financial product sellers may seem to be free (as they do not charge you fees but earn from product commissions), but in the long run it must align with your financial goals. If not, it can be very costly indeed. There are only two mantras that ultimately work spend less than you earn, and buy low and sell high. Understand that gaining wealth is a slow process Earning it too quickly (say a lottery or inheritance) may make you rich, but it does not give you experience in acquiring wealth, which is vital for keeping and growing that wealth. Understand and implement the power of compound interest – Albert Einstein called it the Eighth wonder of the world. Interest compounded over a long period of time has a tremendous capacity to create unimaginable amounts of wealth. Lastly, understand and accept that money is not the solution to all problem – It makes life easier, but does not solve all problems. It is the oil that smoothens the engine. It is not the engine. So take it easy and do not be consumed by the exclusive desire to earn more and more, as it will destroy peace of mind and defeat the objective of being financially independent.

Source: InvestmentYogi is one of the leading personal finance portals in India

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10 tips for financial freedom

Optimism over business prospects has encouraged a few offshore companies in Singapore to boost yard capacity in the land-scarce island state.

Yard expansion appears to be high on the business agenda for a few offshore companies in Singapore, including Sembcorp Marine Ltd., one of the countrys biggest two players in the sector, as they equipped themselves to tap a larger slice of business opportunities in Asia and beyond.

The expansion seems timely as the global oil and gas industry is expected to boost capital expenditure on exploration and production (E&P) this year to $723 billion, 6.1 percent higher than last years $682 billion, Barclay Banks said in a Dec. 9, 2013 equity research report.

Oil and gas E&P expenditure in Asia is likely to track the global spending, albeit at a slower rate of 2.47 percent in 2014, the Barclays report indicated. Countries in the region are projected to spend around $124 billion, compared to $121 billion in 2013. The E&P estimates were derived from Barclays data as well as its research on firms like PetroChina Company Ltd., China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec), China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC), Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas), Oil and Natural gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) and others.

In Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia two major petroleum producers in the region are expected to invest more in the E&P sector. They are likely to have the greatest forecasted investment in oil and gas, due to increasing urgency of stemming production declines. Both countries are developing shallow water plays, while also moving to deepwaters, OCBC Investment Research said in a report highlighted in Singapores Business Times.


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Cheang has covered the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry for over a decade. Email Cheang at

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Singapore Offshore Firms Expand Yards to Grow Business

Mar 242014

Former South African president Thabo Mbeki has criticised those in government who abuse their power to enrich themselves. Speaking at a Women's Investment Portfolio Holdings at Sun City over the weekend, Business Day reports that Mbeki claimed many have forgotten about the cost of the struggle and were using the gift of liberation for personal aggrandisement.

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Freedom being abused – Mbeki

Freedom Financial | Investment Services in Derry
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and few things in life are achievable without a plan. At Freedom Financial we recognize that financia…

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Freedom Financial | Investment Services in Derry – Video

BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Oct 17, 2013) – Below is the September 2013 Monthly Update for the Liberty All-Star Equity Fund. (NYSE: USA)

Returns for the Fund are total returns, which include dividends, after deducting Fund expenses.

Performance will fluctuate with changes in market conditions. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data shown. Performance information shown does not reflect the deduction of taxes that shareholders would pay on Fund distributions or the sale of Fund shares. Shareholders must be willing to tolerate significant fluctuations in the value of their investment. An investment in the Fund involves risk, including loss of principal.

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Liberty All-Star(R) Equity Fund September 2013 Monthly Update

NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Three leading anti-slavery activists and donors, Humanity United, the Legatum Foundation and Walk Free Foundation, today announced plans to launch the Freedom Fund, an ambitious seven-year effort to raise and deploy $100 million or more to combat modern-day slavery. The announcement was made at the annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York City.

The Freedom Fund is based on the investment approach of its founders and aims to leverage donor funds to significantly increase the impact of existing and new anti-slavery initiatives and enable the scaling up of successful programs globally.

The Fund will target specific areas of high prevalence using a ‘Hotspot’ funding model. It will also fund innovation through thematic program interventions which deliver impact across multiple regions. By coordinating the efforts and resources of actors throughout the sector, the Fund aims to measurably reduce modern-day slavery by 2020.

“Efforts to combat modern-day slavery have traditionally been driven by individual actors and organizations with limited funding, relative to the scale of this significant problem,” said Randy Newcomb, president and CEO of Humanity United, a human rights foundation. “Our goal with the Freedom Fund is to unite those working in isolation in order to create scalable, lasting change for the estimated 21 million people living under the oppression of modern slavery.”

The Freedom Fund will support a variety of actors in the non-profit sector, including international NGOs. There will be an emphasis on providing resources to grassroots organizations working on the front lines to free and rehabilitate survivors of trafficking. The official launch of funding is anticipated in 2014.

“People are surprised to learn that slavery still exists today. The Freedom Fund is a new abolitionist initiative that will work to finally eradicate this modern-day scourge. It will serve existing efforts, identify best practices and mobilize new resources,” said Alan McCormick, a managing director from Legatum. “The structure of this fund has the potential to break the cycle of slavery for millions of men, women and children globally.”

Humanity United, the Legatum Foundation and Walk Free Foundation have each committed $10 million to seed the Fund and will seek to extend the partnership to others who share the same passion and commitment to the cause. The partners’ initial funding will be used to establish the organization and quickly begin directing resources to areas of need.

“What has been missing in the fight against modern slavery is a collaboration of effective resources and targeted efforts focused on outcomes,” said Andrew Forrest, founder of Walk Free Foundation. “We invite those who share our vision to unite and become part of that solution.”

Prior to the official launch in early 2014, the Freedom Fund founding partners will hire a CEO and develop a set of guiding principles, as well as funding and governance structures.

Join us! To find out more about partnering with us or other ways to get involved in the Freedom Fund, please contact

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$100 Million Freedom Fund to Combat Modern-Day Slavery

UK-linked tax havens are at the centre of a global financial system that encourages crime, corruption and aggressive tax avoidance in developing countries, reveals a new report by Christian Aid as part of the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign.

The report highlights for the first time the huge scale of foreign investment routed through the UKs tax havens to poor countries and the potential for abuse this causes.

The findings in Invested Interests: The UKs Overseas Territories Hidden Role in Developing Countries underline the urgent need for the G8 to agree a tax deal that benefits poor countries.

Report author Joseph Stead, Christian Aids senior economic justice adviser, said: ‘The UK as G8 chair has never been in a stronger position to end the grave injustices caused by tax havens if the UK succeeds in putting its own house in order first.

‘The Prime Minister must do everything he can to get UK havens agreed on a tax deal before he arrives in Northern Ireland, so he can push the G8 to end the tax scandal.

‘The G8 can start to put an end to tax haven secrecy by agreeing to public registers of the beneficial ownership of all companies and trusts, and making sure developing countries benefit from any tax information deal.’

The report reveals that the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Gibraltar, Anguilla and Turks and Caicos – all British Overseas Territories – together with the Crown Dependencies of the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey are now the largest source of Foreign Direct Investment in developing countries.

The amount totalled US$556bn by 2011, the most recent year for which we have figures, and accounted for one in every ten US dollars of foreign direct investment made there.

This figure is concerning because investment is often structured through such jurisdictions specifically to enable tax dodging in poor countries. Other abuses they facilitate include the laundering of crime money, and round tripping, in which money originating in the developing country where it is to be invested is sent offshore and then returned disguised as foreign funds to qualify for major tax breaks.

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Clamp down on UK-linked tax havens key to success of G8

An important element in any SEO campaign is the ability to adjust strategy based on actualresults. Tracking the right data is essential not only to show the value of the investment andeffort in a campaign but also to help refine the campaign for even better results.

In order to implement results-based actions within an SEO or marketing campaign its importantthat the right metrics are recorded and analyzed. All campaigns are unique and have varyinggoals. Its vital, therefore, to identify the performance indicators that lead to those goals. Believeit or not, there are still SEO experts that gauge performance solely on organic traffic and/or(even worse) rankings. Unless the one and only purpose of a website is to generate traffic inorder to sell advertising space, a much deeper analysis into the SEO performance is needed.

Of course, rankings and traffic are still important metrics to track, but to truly be successful,measurement must go much deeper.

Segment Brand vs. Non-Brand Search Queries

In order to truly isolate organic search as a driver of business its important to look specificallyat the performance metrics generated from non-branded search. Overall organic metrics can beinflated due to other marketing efforts, such as offline, which can substantially increase trafficgenerated from branded organic queries. A spike in organic search traffic may be incorrectlyattributed to SEO if those tracking organic search are unaware of a recent TV spot, for example,that is causing consumers to search a brand name. Segmenting out non-branded searchqueries will provide better insight into performance specific to SEO efforts. This is easy to do byusing advanced filters with organic keyword reports in most analytics platforms.

Of course, SEO does affect branded search, especially for returning visitors who first interactedwith a brand via a non-branded search query. Therefore, branded organic traffic should not beignored from an SEO measurement perspective. An increase in branded organic search trafficfrom returning visitors can be a result of improved non-branded search performance and shouldbe analyzed.

Its also important to have good communication among other marketing channels in orderto identify other efforts that can be negatively impacting organic search numbers. Theseefforts should be recorded and taken into account when analyzing SEO performance. SEOdepartments should make themselves aware of any other marketing initiatives, as well as thetimelines of such. Entering annotations in organic search traffic graphs in Google Analyticsis a good way to track any other marketing efforts or events that could impact the data.

Engagement Matters

Best Practices for Measuring SEO Success by @MarcPurtell


Liberty Global plc (Liberty Global) (NASDAQ: LBTYA, LBTYB and LBTYK) today announced that, following shareholder approvals, regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions, it has completed the previously announced acquisition of Virgin Media Inc. (Virgin Media) (NASDAQ: VMED; LSE: VMED) in a stock and cash merger valued at approximately $24 billion.

Mike Fries, President and CEO of Liberty Global, said, This is a great day for customers, employees and shareholders of both Liberty Global and Virgin Media. Together we now provide over 47 million video, voice and broadband services to 25 million customers located principally in 12 European countries. With superior network capacity, the fastest broadband speeds and innovative digital TV platforms, we’ve never been more excited about the growth potential and strategic direction of our business. Virgin Media will continue to thrive under the leadership of Tom Mockridge who starts as CEO today, with the support of a fantastic management team which includes both Liberty Global and Virgin Media executives.

Tom Mockridge, CEO of Virgin Media, said, Virgin Media has become one of the UKs most powerful media brands thanks to both the loyalty of its customers and the energy of its employees. I am fortunate to be joining the company at this important inflection point in its development, and look forward to working closely with Mike and the broader Liberty Global team to deliver cutting-edge products and services that excite and inspire our customers.

As a result of the closing, Liberty Global, a public limited company organized under the laws of England, has become the new public parent company of Liberty Global, Inc. and Virgin Media. Liberty Globals Class A, Class B and Class C ordinary shares will begin trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market on June 10, 2013 under the same symbols: LBTYA, LBTYB and LBTYK. The shares of both Liberty Global, Inc. and Virgin Media will cease trading at market close on June 7, 2013 and will be deregistered under securities laws. The listing of Virgin Medias common stock on the Official List and the admission of those shares to trading on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange will be cancelled with effect from 8:00 A.M. London time on June 10, 2013.

About Liberty Global

Liberty Global is the largest international cable company with operations in 14 countries. We connect people to the digital world and enable them to discover and experience its endless possibilities. Our market-leading triple-play services are provided through next-generation networks and innovative technology platforms that connect approximately 25 million customers subscribing to over 47 million television, broadband internet and telephony services.

Liberty Globals consumer brands include Virgin Media, UPC, Unitymedia, Kabel BW, Telenet and VTR. Our operations also include Chellomedia, our content division, Liberty Global Business Services, a commercial division and Liberty Global Ventures, our investment fund.

For more information, please visit

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Liberty Global Completes Acquisition of Virgin Media


Six attorneys invited to partnership alongside senior counsel appointments

Walkers, the leading International Financial Centre law firm, is pleased to announce a number of lawyers across its global network have been invited to join the partnership, as the firm expands further in key markets to support the continued growth and requirements of its clients.

Six highly experienced individuals have been promoted to partner across five of Walkers’ international offices. With promotions in all of the firm’s main practice areas, this represents a significant expansion for Walkers, taking the firm’s total number of partners to 59.

Walkers’ new partners collectively represent some 75 years of legal experience and the promotions take place in the following jurisdictions and practice groups:

British Virgin Islands:

Julie Engwirda Partner, Dispute Resolution

Cayman Islands:

Matthew Goucke Partner, Dispute Resolution

Melissa Lim Partner, Investment Funds

Walkers Expands With New Partners Across Global Network

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