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NSA Spying On Computers Not Connected To Internet 1-17-14
January 16, 2014 Judge Napolitano……FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized…

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NSA Spying On Computers Not Connected To Internet 1-17-14 – Video

Just a few weeks ago, oil painters in eastern Beijings Songzhuang art district had welcomed foreign reporters into their studios to show off their works tackling such touchy subjects as Chinas prisons and Communist Party politics.

Over lunch, they candidly lamented the state of free speech in China while chewing on chicken and downing glasses of beer.

In a tightly controlled society where dissent is quickly quashed, the artists of Songzhuang appeared to be enjoying a rarely seen degree of creative and political freedom. But then, on Oct. 1, that illusion was shattered.

Police first detained poet Wang Zang after he posted a picture and message on Twitter supporting democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong. The next day, police rounded up another seven people who were heading to a poetry reading advertised on social media as supporting Hong Kong protesters. A total of 13 people living or working in the art colony were ultimately detained on charges of creating trouble, according to Wang Zangs wife, Wang Li.

This past weekend, the police buildup was everywhere, with uniformed officers patrolling the aisles of Songzhuangs art shops and riding in golf carts through its sleepy winding streets. Artists who weeks earlier had opened their studio doors wide were apologetically warning away visitors, fearful that speaking too freely could get them into trouble.

Since Songzhuang was founded two decades ago, its artists have largely avoided official harassment by following a few tacit rules: If they produced provocative work, they showed it only to each other, and if they sold it, they did so privately. Most importantly, they kept a low profile.

Painter Tang Jianying, known as one of Songzhuangs most outspoken artists, said his neighbors had crossed that line by taking their dissent to the Internet.

Among friends, we can speak freely, Tang said by phone hours after police had called to check in on him. But if youre in public, you have to watch what you do. If youre on the web and you speak too freely, theyll get you.

Although Chinas Constitution promises free speech rights, in reality, figuring out what you can say or write has always been a guessing game.

Authorities have in recent months tolerated grass-roots protests on environmental issues but at the same time, violently cracked down on Muslim Uighurs in the countrys far west Xinjiang region who have denounced the central governments policies on minorities.

Free-speech illusion at Beijing artists colony shattered by detentions

Orcon – Fighting For Internet Freedom

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Orcon – Fighting For Internet Freedom – Video

How to run all your Internet's programs thru Tor Browser

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How to run all your Internet’s programs thru Tor Browser – Video

CONFIRMED illuminati Footage! — [IRL Skits Galore].org #LEGIT
[PieNinja] In the age we live in today, this video was bound to happen. I am sorry i found this footage and uploaded it to the Internet. Someone had to know. Subscribe and Like to keep the…

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CONFIRMED illuminati Footage! — [IRL Skits Galore].org #LEGIT – Video

Staying anonymous online could get a lot simpler with Anonabox, a pocket-sized networking device due to launch early next year.

The $51 device plugs into any standard Internet router and pipes all traffic through the Tor network. The traffic then moves through multiple computers on Tors network, erasing its tracks along the way, before finally hitting the open Internet. The result is an anonymous and encrypted connection straight out of the box.

While Tor already offers a Web browser for this purpose, extending Tors capabilities to other programs requires a complicated setup process. Even opening an attachment from Tor can create risk, as the outside program could connect to the Internet without keeping the user anonymous. By plugging directly into the router, Anonabox promises to anonymize all Internet activity regardless of what program youre using.

Why this matters: Between overreaching government data collection in the United States, censorship in other countries and the rise of the darknet, theres a huge demand for products that hide their users online activities. Anonabox is hitting all the right notes at just the right time, with a low-cost product thats supposedly easy to use and to conceal. That may explain why the Kickstarter campaign is nearing $300,000 as of this writingfar beyond Anonaboxs $7,500 goal.

As Wired points out, Anonabox is not the first device of its kind. Devices like Torouter and Portal require technical know-how to replace a routers stock software, while OnionPi arrives as a kit that must be assembled by the user. Anonaboxs closest competitor is SafePlug, a $49 device that plugs into any router, but its larger and potentially less secure. By comparison, Anonabox is small enough to conceal in a pants pocket, and the creators promise to test and configure each unit by hand to make sure theyre working properly.

For now, the Tor community isnt giving a full endorsement, though Tors executive director Andrew Lewman told Wired that the device looks promising. Micah Lee, lead technologist for The Intercept, suggested that users still fire up the Tor browser in conjunction with the box, as it avoids fingerprinting techniques that other browsers use to track individuals around the Web.

Given that this is a Kickstarter project, potential buyers need to reserve some skepticism as well. However, the creators note that the product is already fully functional and ready for large-scale production, with backup vendors in place. At a glance, it seems like a well-organized campaign, and a potentially valuable tool for protestors, privacy paranoids and Internet miscreants alike.

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Anonabox promises a portable, streamlined way to use Tor to hide your online tracks

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San Diego Web design company|619-831-8589|Best SEO| Agency|Company|San Diego Web design company – Video

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The Clix Group Testimonial 1 | St. Louis Internet Marketing Company | SEO – Video

NSA Spying Damages US Economy May End Up Breaking the Internet
Technology giants claim the National Security Agency's bulk surveillance programs are hurting the American economy, and one Senator is hoping to use that warning to push stalled reform through…

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NSA Spying Damages US Economy May End Up Breaking the Internet – Video

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New York City seo tools Call 8882676183 New York City seo tools – Video

Google's NSA fears

NSA Comments Off
Oct 102014

By Trevor Mogg

(REUTERS/Francois Lenoir)

Representatives from some of the biggest names in tech had some harsh words to say about the US government surveillance scandal on Wednesday during a meeting examining the potential ramifications of the spying activities.

The special event in Palo Alto involved the likes of Google chairman Eric Schmidt, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith, and Dropbox representative Ramsey Homsany, Cnet reported.

The panelists put their views to Democratic senator for Oregon Ron Wyden , with Schmidt warning that the impact of the surveillance is not only severe and getting worse, but could even end up breaking the Internet.

Former NSA contractorEdward Snowden last year blew the lid off the governments surveillance activities, releasing official documents that showed surveillance of Web usersto be far more extensive than most people had imagined.

Global effects

During the meeting, the speakers focused on the global knock-on effects of the Snowden revelations, highlighting how some governments are seeking to make tech firms build data centers within their borders in a bid to improve security. If every country ends up following this path, the tech companies said, the costs would be astronomical and could ultimately damage the US economy.

Related:Googles Schmidt blasts NSA activities

Fallout from the NSA scandal has already hit American firms, including Verizon, which recently lost its contract with the German government over concerns linked to network security. Snowdens documents suggested that more than 120 world leaders were targeted for surveillanceby the NSA, with German leader Angela Merkel among them.

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Google's NSA fears

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has said that the fallout from the NSA surveillance revelations could be so severe that it will eventually "break the internet".

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Google Boss Eric Schmidt on NSA Spying Revelations: 'We're Going to Break the Internet'

Greg Maffei, chief executive officer of billionaire John Malones Liberty Media Corp. (LMCA), said the company has discussed exiting its stake in Expedia Inc. (EXPE), the online travel service.

Maffei, speaking today at an FBR & Co. conference in New York, also said Liberty Broadband, a Malone-controlled company thats filed to go public, could be merged with Charter Communications Inc., the cable, phone and Internet company.

Liberty has considered a number of ways to exit Expedia, including a distribution to shareholders or an asset swap, he said. In 2007, the company exchanged Time Warner Inc. shares for the Atlanta Braves baseball team, he noted. While Liberty has also considered buying all of Expedia, the companys chairman, Barry Diller, indicated thats not what he wanted, Maffei said.

Liberty Interactive, which offers TV and online shopping services, holds a 56 percent voting stake and 18 percent economic interest in Expedia, according to filings. Diller generally has the right to vote the shares, according to company filings.

The stake in Expedia had a market value of $1.82 billion in Libertys last quarterly report and was carried on its books at $476 million.

Liberty Broadband, which filed for a public offering in July, holds interests in Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications. Malone created the stock to help fund further investments by Charter in the cable industry.

Expedia, based in Bellevue, Washington, fell 1.8 percent to $83.83 at the close in New York. Liberty Interactive retreated 1.9 percent to $28.87, while Charter declined 1.9 percent to $151.35.

To contact the reporter on this story: Christopher Palmeri in Los Angeles at

To contact the editors responsible for this story: Anthony Palazzo at Rob Golum, Ben Livesey

Press spacebar to pause and continue. Press esc to stop.

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Malones Liberty Interactive Discussed Exiting Expedia

Dominic Frisby: Bitcoin Is One of the Most Important Developments Since the Internet
Oct 6 Dominic Frisby discusses his new book, Bitcoin: The Future of Money? and the revolutionary technology that drives bitcoin, blockchain technology. Thi…

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Dominic Frisby: Bitcoin Is One of the Most Important Developments Since the Internet – Video

GOOGLE PRESIDENT Eric Schmidt has told a meeting of the tech illuminati that over-zealous government surveillance could be the downfall of the internet.

The Silicon Valley panel discussion was organised by US Senator Ron Wyden to discuss the impact of National Security Agency (NSA) activity, and included senior industry figures from Facebook, Microsoft and Dropbox.

Wyden opened by explaining: “When the actions of a foreign government threaten red-white-and-blue jobs, Washington gets up at arms,” reports Wired.

“But, even today, almost no one in Washington is talking about how overly broad surveillance is hurting the US economy.”

The panel discussed the trend which has seen a number of countries demand that citizen and government data be stored locally.

Schimdt warned that “the simplest outcome is were going to end up breaking the internet”.

He went on to explain that eventually countries will conclude: “‘We want our own internet and we dont want other people in it.’”

Economically, he said, it could be disastrous, with a patchwork internet proving unviable as smaller companies find themselves unable to fund a data centre for every territory.

“Were screwing around with those kinds of concepts without understanding that it is a national industry,” Schmidt said.

The panel went on to warn that localised data was also more vulnerable to the whims of inscrutable regimes, removing the concept of a free internet in stricter territories.

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Google's Schmidt: Government surveillance could kill the internet

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3/ On-page optimization work that is completed by the vendor. Does the vendor have a clear understanding of how search engines rank sites and assess a vendor’s understanding of how search engines rank sites.

4/ The vendor’s knowledge of off-page optimization is another important factor in our evaluation process. We review the vendor’s off-site work to rank the page higher in results through things such as link building.

Excerpt from:
First Page SEO Ranked 5th in Canada by

Consumer interest paramount in protecting Open Internet
Nebraska College of Law Prof Gus Hurwitz discusses consumer interest and First Amendment in FCC's Open Internet Roundtable, 10.7.14.

By: Mike Wendy

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Consumer interest paramount in protecting Open Internet – Video

SAN FRANCISCO – Twitter Inc sued the US Department of Justice on Tuesday, intensifying its battle with federal agencies as the Internet industry's self-described champion of free speech seeks the right to reveal the extent of US government surveillance. The lawsuit, which Twitter said follows months of fruitless negotiations with the government, marks an escalation in the Internet industry's …

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Twitter sues US Justice Department for right to reveal surveillance requests

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