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Savings products that offer clear and consistent rates of interest have helped AIB International Savings secure another offshore banking award win

The Nexus Expat Network awards, now in their eighth year, use a combination of best-buy charts and expert opinion to examine the interest rates paid by offshoots of banks and building societies based in the “sterling offshore” area, which includes the Isle of Man (Other OTC: MAGOF.PK – news) and the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey.

Best Offshore Bank for Expats Overall Award 2012 was awarded to AIB International Savings , with Lloyds TSB International coming in as highly commended. The judges based their decision on which banks offered consistently good offshore rates throughout 2011.The overall award goes to the bank whose savings accounts have most often featured as best buys in different categories, with underlying interest rate comparisons provided by Moneyfacts.

“With interest rates so low, it is all the more important for savers to look out for those savings account providers which consistently offer better rates than the norm,” said judge Iain Yule.

AIB International Savings was also the winner in the three sub-categories categories: sterling instant access accounts; US dollar accounts; and euro accounts.

Product diversification is imperative in todays market place,” said AIB managing director David MacGregor. “We pride ourselves in being able to deliver both fixed and variable savings products within all three major currencies to both new and existing customers.”

Expats shopping around for a new offshore savings account are advised to look for multi-currency availability, transparency and accessibility.

“Savings products should be available in GBP, EUR and USD to enable expats to hold and save in new or current base currency and currency of origin,” said Gary Quaggan, head of retail service and operations at AIB International Savings Limited. “Savings products should be easy to understand, have clear terms and conditions, and full details are readily available via hard print or online.”

Mr Quaggan also recommends accessibility via telephone banking, as well as internet, face-to-face and postal contact. “Searching independent best buy or comparison websites is always a good idea as a useful starting point,” he said.

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