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CBS's Bill Plante: Obama Administration Undercutting First Amendment – It's State-Run Media
It's amazing the Lame Stream Media actually admits Conservative radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin have been right all along.

By: LastGreatStand

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CBS’s Bill Plante: Obama Administration Undercutting First Amendment – It’s State-Run Media – Video

Hannity Foresees States Leaving Union if Federal Government Continues Radicalized Abusive Pattern
1/11/13 – On his Friday radio show, conservative talker and Fox News host Sean Hannity warned that the United States may fall apart if tax rates remain high. “The states are now fighting and battling against their own federal government,” Hannity said. “Same thing with individuals. If you live in a state like New York, New Jersey, California [or] one of these high-tax states [where] 60-plus cents of every dollar goes to taxes, you'll say, 'What the hell am I doing this for?'” “A lot of people have told me that,” Hannity continued. “A lot of people are moving. … I noticed that Bobby Jindal moved to remove his state income tax. He's not stupid. You know what's going to happen in Louisiana? The same thing that is happening in Texas and Florida mdash; their populations are soaring. They're doing a lot better. State governments are fine. They're surviving. They don't have the property taxes they do in New York, which is obscene. In New York, you just pay and pay and pay and pay.” States with lower taxes may soon decide they want to stop shouldering the burden of states with higher taxes, Hannity warned. “People that are fed up with a power hungry, radicalized, abusive federal government intruding into every aspect of our lives,” Hannity continued. “People are going to say they're fed up, and states are going to want more liberty and more freedom. They're not going to want to tax their citizens to death anymore. If this pattern continues and gets worse and worse and worse, I can …

By: MyNewsWatch

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Hannity Foresees States Leaving Union if Federal Government Continues Radicalized Abusive Pattern – Video


Penn Jillette visited Hannity today to expand on comments he made earlier this week on his podcast about President Obama comments that got Sean Hannitys attention as Jillette made the point that, had President Obama been prosecuted under his own drug policies, he never could have been President.

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Hannity began the interview asking out of curiosity why Jillette paints one of his fingernails red (an homage to his mother), but quickly turned to the Presidential election, in which Jillette has admitted to be leaning towards voting for Gary Johnson. I think Gary Johnson is pretty good, he confirmed, adding that their personal beliefs dont matter if they have a really strong theory of government, meaning that they know their opinions cant be imposed on others through the power of the state. He refused to vote for someone he disliked less than President Obama, however, based only on that: I think voting for the lesser of two evils in game theory always leads to more evil, he told Hannity. He added that he thought that those who supported Romney on his own merits should vote for him, but that he was on in that party. To me, they are much more similar than they are to you, he said of the two major candidates to Hannity.

Hannity noted he supported Romney but that he would be disappointed if he governed as a moderate: its not a time for half-measures. The conversation, as always, returned to libertarianism in theory, which Jillette described as as far right as you can go on money, as far left as you can go on sex, and which he attributed in part for him to the believe that the vast majority of people are good. Hannity disagreed on that latter point.

The segment via Fox News below:

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Penn Jillette Revisits Obama Drugs Rant On Hannity

18-02-2012 02:01 – Sean Hannity ignored the shockingly bigoted statement Pat Buchanan had just made in a previous segment and argued that his free speech was at risk.

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Hannity Paints Buchanan As A Free Speech Victim – Video

Jan 012012

08-12-2011 20:47 Rep.

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Darrell Issa on Fast

Ron Paul will appear on The View, Hannity, and The Colbert Report tomorrow under the guise of promoting his new excellent treatise on liberty called,

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Ron Paul 2012 begins… warm up the blimp! :: Liberty Maven


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Bachmann talks about the road to 2012. Will she run or won't she …

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was on Hannity’s show last night to talk about the upcoming 2012 race and when she’ll make her decision. Just today,

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Free Speech and Diversity can’t long coexist, no matter what Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck tell you.

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You can kiss Free Speech goodbye, America | JAMES EDWARDS

Palin can’t manager her own Sarah PAC finances without running into trouble with each filing, she drove Alaska into debt and she left Wasilla in 20 million dollars of long term debt here she is on FNC’s Hannity tonight, telling us about …

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Lady Liberty Weeps as Sarah Palin Labels Obama a Threat to Democracy

Conservative columnist and author David Limbaugh was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss his latest book Crimes Against Liberty which was released on Monday and is already #2 #1 on Amazon. David says that Obama is running the nation …

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Author David Limbaugh Talks "Crimes Against Liberty" With Sean …

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