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Sep 022014… Discover NATO on social media. Join the conversation. Follow NATO on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Flickr.

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NATO – YouTube

Search engine optimisation (SEO) company Web Marketing Experts (WME) has expanded its Melbourne office as it looks to hire 115 new staff by December 2014.

The company was founded in 2008 by Nick Bell and employs 180 staff at its Melbourne head office. It has an additional 170 staff spread across offices in Sydney, Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and California. Its customers include Groupon, Jims Mowing and SingTel.

While WMEs primary business is SEO, it also offers services such as Web design and Facebook/LinkedIn marketing.

“In the past many businesses will have simply put an ad in the Yellow Pages and their marketing would be pretty much done. Today, it is all about online search and you need to be on page one of Google, Bell said in a statement.

“If people can’t find you they won’t buy from you.”

According to Bell, the company is looking to establish an office in South America next year. He would not say which cities it is looking at.

Victorian Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips said the company had seized the opportunities presented by the digital economy in Victoria.

The success of Web Marketing Experts is a great story for all Victorian businesses generally, with its recognition of new market opportunities, investment in skilled people and delivery of innovative services, he said in a statement.

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According to Rich-Phillips, the Victorian Coalition government has helped facilitate 500 new ICT jobs and over $1 billion in technology investments since coming to power in November 2010.

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Web Marketing Experts to create 115 new jobs in Melbourne

The NSA Made Its Own Google to Help Share Your Data with Cops
The NSA Made Its Own Google to Help Share Your Data with Cops.

By: You Pooka12

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The NSA Made Its Own Google to Help Share Your Data with Cops – Video

ICREACH: NSA Built A Google Of Americans' Info
The Intercept published an article Monday profiling what the online publication called NSA's very own Google of personal data. Follow Cliff Judy: http://www….

By: NewsyTech

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ICREACH: NSA Built A Google Of Americans’ Info – Video

NSA Uses Secret Search Engine to Look Up Your Info
Edward Snowden reveals new Google like search engine that Intelligence Agencies use to find Americans Information. DARPA comes out and admits to mass data co…

By: TheAlexJonesChannel

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NSA Uses Secret Search Engine to Look Up Your Info – Video

GTA 5 – Jetpack, illuminati, Schiffswrack EasterEgg Tour #03
Easter Egg Map Download: Facebook: Twitch: Twitter : Google+ :

By: LetsPlayOnkel

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GTA 5 – Jetpack, illuminati, Schiffswrack EasterEgg Tour #03 – Video

The email starts off with This is an extortion email and goes on to say if you do not pay a certain amount of money, the sender will hit your website with tactics they call negative SEO.

Now what?

Yes, negative SEO exists and can impact your sites performance on Google. Scraped content from your website, spammy links, and unnaturalanchor text are all evidence that your site might have been avictim of negative SEO. While it is difficult to avoid an attack, especially for larger sites, it is not impossible to stay protected.

Negative SEO is when someone uses unethical,black hat techniques to harm a websitesrankings in the search results. Basically, they do everything Google says not to do in order to make it look you areviolating Google policies. Although negative SEO can take different forms, here are some common ways your site can be attacked:

Google cant always tell the difference between a site being hit with negative SEO and an actual spammer, which is why you should always keep an eye on your websites links and traffic. Start-ups or new websites are generally not atarget (but they can be); it is usually bigger websites that become the prey.

Google has started to address this issue and is now providing solutions through the Google Webmaster Tools and the Disavow tool. This is another reason why people tend to avoid taking a risk.

Theres either good SEO or bad SEO. Negative SEO is an intentional act of spamming a website or over-optimizing it to lower its rankings in SERPs or get it penalized by Google (in worst-case scenarios).

Unfortunately, negative SEO works incredibly well and has the potential to harm your site in many different ways. Lets dig deeper into the world of negative SEO before you get hit by Googles ban hammer.

Here are the types of negative SEO your business can encounter:

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How to Combat & Recover from Negative SEO Attack: The Survival Guide by @navneetkaushal

As an SEO professional, you understand the value of your work. You also understand that not all of your clients or prospects (or C-level execs if youre working in house) fully appreciate what is required to really make SEO work.

This can be due in part to the fact that proving return on investment for dollars spent on SEO can be challenging. That does not mean, however, that it is impossible.

It is important to track ROI on SEO efforts. You need to do this to justify your worth to your clients and your clients need it to justify continued expenditures to themselves or their management.

Sadly, SEO is one of the first things that many businesses let go in favor of activities that more readily present themselves with hard ROI statistics. How do you combat this?

When proving the value of SEO, utilizing hard data is a must. The following steps can streamline this process:

You can calculate revenue per leads by simply dividing the total amount of revenue by the total number of leads.

Perhaps the first thing that must be said here is that page visits are not necessarily leads. They can be, but they do not have to be. Tracking page visits can provide a snapshot of overall activity, but the data most important to track here when mapping it back to revenue are events or goals.

Events and goals in Google Analytics can be confusing to many companies. Turn this confusion into an opportunity for you by educating clients about them what they are and why they are important to businesses.

Start by clearly explaining what events and goals are, as follows:

See the article here:
Communicating SEOs Value To Clients And C-Level Execs

Superior, Colorado (PRWEB) August 30, 2014

Boulder SEO Marketing, a Colorado-based digital marketing agency offering SEO training and consulting service to companies worldwide, announced today that it has published its fall 2014 training schedule. Additional information and registration for its online marketing classes are available at

Boulder SEO Marketings search engine optimization and online marketing training classes and workshops are designed to help attendees gain an advantage over their competition, allowing them to get more leads from their website, create brand awareness, and ultimately achieve more sales.

Chris Raulf, founder and SEO training expert at Boulder SEO Marketings, notes, Most prospective customers and students I talk to simply struggle with implementing a winning online marketing strategy that will improve keyword rankings and overall organic search traffic from Google and other search engines to their website. He continues: We are very excited to have teamed up with the Boulder Marketing Group, BVSD Lifelong Learning, and Carbon8 to offer a variety of hands-on digital marketing classes and workshops this fall in Boulder and Denver.

The following events have currently been schedule and additional classes and workshops will be added later on this year:

Targeting business owners and marketing professionals in charge of online marketing efforts, web designers eager to deepen their SEO knowledge, marketing consultants, and anyone wanting to refresh their online marketing, SEO, social media and content marketing knowledge. Participants will learn the strategies and tactics needed in order to practice digital marketing like an SEO agency.

About Boulder SEO Marketing ( Boulder SEO Marketing assists businesses around the globe with all of their search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media and content marketing training and consulting needs. Our goal is to empower small and medium sized businesses to be able to plan and execute a scaled, successful, online marketing campaign that will increase a companys visibility in search engine listings, increase organic search traffic to a website and convert site visitors to leads.

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Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Agency Boulder SEO Marketing Announces Fall 2014 Training Schedule

Baidu seo best practices baidu seo wordpress seo baidu vs google
Only a few Chinese use Google as their search engine, instead, most of Chinese use their own search engine Baidu.Baidu takes amlost 91% search engine market share in China. It's not a screct…

By: domainname agedpr

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Baidu seo best practices baidu seo wordpress seo baidu vs google – Video

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2014

The JM Internet Group, the leader in online SEO training, is proud to announce that its SEO Tips blog has begun coverage of SEO trade shows and specific cities for search engine optimization training services. Trade shows are one of the first places people look for information on search engine optimization, explained Jason McDonald, director of the JM Internet Group. The problem, however, is that for many small business owners and marketers its hard to tell whether the return on investment will be better from a trade show or a custom training in a city such as Portland, OR, or Austin, TX. Our new coverage helps marketers identify the best learning opportunities.

To read blog posts tagged for search engine optimization, please visit There, one can find a WordPress sorting that identifies best-in-class tips on search engine optimization, including both trade shows and city coverage.

SEO Tips Online: The Purpose of the SEO Tips Blog

SEO Tips and TricksThe JM Internet Group now produces three independent blogs. First, the companys primary blog at publishes company press releases and ideas about SEO, Social Media Marketing, and AdWords at an industry level. For example, the companys popular tutorials on how to search Facebook, or how to claim a Google+ local listing will be announced there, and cross-indexed. Second, the companys SEO Tips blog at answers student questions on a question-by-question basis, as well as now includes coverage of trade shows and city-based workshops. And third, Jason McDonalds Jason+ blog at is a free-for-all of quick, interesting content including shared content of tips and trends from other websites. The coordination of these three blogs gives marketers a practical perspective on all facets of Internet marketing plus pointers to the best resources on any topic.

About JM Internet Group

The JM Internet Group provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords training and courses for busy marketers and businesspeople. Online search engine optimization training helps explain keywords, page tags, link building strategies and other techniques needed to climb to the top of search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The teaching methodology is hands on, with live examples and discussions, taught from the convenience of each students computer.

Contact: JM Internet Group, Media Relations Web. Email. jm.internetgroup(at)gmail(dot)com Tel. +1-510-713-2150

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SEO Tips Blog Increases Focus on SEO Trade Shows & Cities, Announces JM Internet Group

3TechGuys – Windows Relevancy; Twitter Free Speech; Amazon vs Google adwars
3TechGuys – Fun, Tech and Business with +Brent Leary +GENE MARKS +Ramon Ray.

By: Ramon Ray

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3TechGuys – Windows Relevancy; Twitter Free Speech; Amazon vs Google adwars – Video

How to Set Up Google Places for Business to Boost Local SEO
During this week's marketing training we'll cover how to set up your Google Places account so you show up for local search.

By: Vyral Marketing

Originally posted here:
How to Set Up Google Places for Business to Boost Local SEO – Video

There has been explosive growth in native advertising in 2014. Native advertising is defined by the IAB as advertising that takes the form of the content around the ad.

While native ads have been in existence since the early 2000s (with many considering Google AdWords as the first serious play) it has gained new momentum this year as the SEO landscape has changed so significantly.

Native advertising offers an unparalleled user experience. An overwhelming majority of consumers say that sponsored content doesn’t hinder their experience on a website. Consumers are also more likely to look at native ads and share them over display ads.

Content marketers are paying attention to the trend.

Native ads help circulate strong content, encourage sharing and earn unsolicited backlinks.

SEO in 2014 has been focused heavily on content marketing as Google has pushed the community to stop explicit link building. As small businesses create stronger content, they will also naturally start to think about how to more effectively grow their audiences.

Launching a native ad campaign is easy for a small business that is already engaged with SEO, social, and content marketing. Content marketing efforts have already created great content on the website and native advertising offers excellent click-through rates to bring more readers.

Having a blog with a consistent flow of content can grow a loyal reading audience, reinforce the brand, and gain backlinks the right way. Recommendation widgets, like Internal Discovery from Disqus, show suggested links to content already on websites and are easy to install. They allow users to navigate through more content, stay on the site longer, and encourage engagement.

Promoted social media posts provide the same benefits, and are also easy to execute. Mashable recently reported on a small business that promoted content on Facebook and saw a 19 percent increase in monthly guest volume and gross revenue as a result.

See more here:
Why Small Business Should Care About Native Advertising

Google’s Matt Cutts posted on Twitter a link to Eric Goldman (a guy who knows his legal SEO stuff) story about how a law firm sued their SEO company. Not necessarily for not achieving the rankings they wanted but rather for violating Google’s webmaster guidelines and/or using spammy techniques.

Matt Cutts of Google called the claims “interesting.” Indeed. You often here of people suing SEO firms for not getting what they paid for but not for violation of Google’s guidelines. The court document reads, in part:

Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land asks some interesting what-ifs:

(1) Will SEO firms that go outside the bounds of established white hat SEO practice be automatically vulnerable to liability?

(2) Will the court limit liability in cases where the plaintiff has not done any due diligence on the SEO practitioner? In other words, what burden does a buyer of SEO services have to investigate the SEO firm? (Probably none.)

(3) What damages might be assessed in situations where a ranking penalty has occurred? (e.g., fees paid, lost revenue?)

(4) What might be recoverable when there is no Google ranking penalty?

Lesson for SEO firms working with law firms – be incredibly careful or just don’t do SEO work for lawyers. :)

Also, if the law firm does win in court for violating Google’s guidelines, I assume that will give Google’s guidelines a bit more clout and make them not just guidelines but maybe even “the law” in some sense. Which can be very scary.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Read this article:
Law Firm Sues Their SEO Company For Using Spammy Tactics

Haliburton, Ontario (PRWEB) May 26, 2014

Canadian web marketing firm First Page SEO has just launched a new website The new site is much more organized and easier to navigate than the old site, says Stephen Roome, President First Page SEO. We made the decision to roll our separate reputation management business content into the new main company marketing site… it just made sense, given that there is quite a bit of overlap between brand management protection and search engine marketing, adds Mark Coles, company founder and co-owner.

The site is broken down into five main service areas SEO Packages, Social Marketing, Keyword Bidding, Website Design and Reputation Management, and the service areas generally have four levels that range from basic to aggressive levels of service. We find both customers and prospects can understand categories and numbered-service levels more easily than trying to sort through dozens of individual program offerings by name. There was definitely some confusion happening with new site visitors because we had such a broad array of web marketing services … we had to find a way to present them in an orderly way, states Roome. In addition to the main service areas, First Page SEO still offers many la carte programs for those who want to pick and choose specific unbundled services.

First Page SEO is known for sharing up to date web marketing information, and they didnt forget to continue that useful information exchange by offering an extensive onsite marketing Blog that web entrepreneurs can subscribe to. We have been in the search engine optimization business for 13 years now; we go back to the early days of web marketing … before folks had even heard of the Google brand. We live and breathe web marketing. We work to stay current and run our own test platform sites on a number of themed directories that we own. So in many ways we are our own guinea pig and we can pass those benefits on to our customers in a timely way, says Coles

Last but not least, First Page SEO has a new logo. Its actually a variation of the old logo … with a more modern look. We didnt want to change it up completely because it is part of our brand and heritage, and the old logo is very well known. Its a different look, but folks will still know that its us and not one of the three or four fly by night imitators that have at times used our trademark name or variations of it, adds Coles

Contact Information: Mark Coles, Owner First Page SEO PO Box 525 Minden ON K0M 2K0 (705) 286-3656

About First Page SEO: For thirteen years, First Page SEO has been a leading Canadian SEO consultant for search engine optimization, web site marketing and site promotion. Offering a wide range of web site consulting services at a reasonable price, First Page SEO specializes in placing websites on the first page through intensive web site analysis/optimization, customized keyword bidding campaigns, and link building programs, including e-news media release and social network submissions. First Page SEO also builds attractive web sites that place ahead of the competition, reputation management services and offers rock solid hosting services. For more information about First Page SEO call 705 286-3656 or visit

Website Marketing Firm First Page SEO Launches New Website

Illuminati 3rd Strike 15th Anniversary #1 (BLUE vs Akuma 21)
Not me playing here. I just had to save this replay battle as was awesome to witness with that extra ending! The Sony Playstation 4, Xbox One Google Glass are spying on you in your homes….

By: CplDwayneHicks11

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Illuminati 3rd Strike 15th Anniversary #1 (BLUE vs Akuma 21) – Video

Illuminati 3rd Strike 15th Anniversary #4
Yes 15 years of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike in the Arcades and Dreamcast CPS 3 super systems. The Sony Playstation 4, Xbox One Google Glass are spying on you in your homes. Stick to your…

By: CplDwayneHicks11

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Illuminati 3rd Strike 15th Anniversary #4 – Video

Austin SEO Packages –
Austin SEO Packages – Top Search Engine Rankings – How would you like to lead the top of Google, Yahoo, MSN and YouTube with links to…

By: Seo Austin

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Austin SEO Packages – – Video

Edward Snowden disclosed the massivecollection and storage of US calling data by the NSA last year. Now mostHouse members can now say they voted to end what many critics consider the most troubling practiceSnowdendisclosed.

The House has moved the U.S. closer to ending the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records, the most significant demonstration to date of leakerEdwardSnowden’simpact on the debate over privacy versus security.

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But the final version of the legislation, “watered down” in the words of one supporter, also showed the limits of that impact. The bill was severely weakened to mollify U.S. intelligence agencies, which insisted that the surveillance programs that shocked many Americans are a critical bulwark against terror plots.

The bill was approved 303-121, which means that most House members can now say they voted to end what many critics consider the most troubling practiceSnowdendisclosed the collection and storage of U.S. calling data by the secretive intelligence agency. But almost no other major provision designed to restrict NSA surveillance, including limits on the secret court that grants warrants to search the data, survived the negotiations to get the bill to the House floor.

And even the prohibition on bulk collection of Americans’ communications records has been called into question by some activists who say a last-minute change in wording diminished what was sold as a ban.

“People will say, ‘We did something, and isn’t something enough,’” said Steven Aftergood, who tracks intelligence issues for the Federation of American Scientists. “But this bill doesn’t fundamentally resolve the uncertainties that generated the whole controversy.”

Though some privacy activists continued to back the bill, others withdrew support, as did technology companies such as Google and Facebook.

Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said, “I believe this is a workable compromise that protects the core function of a counterterrorism program we know has saved lives around the world.”

Read more:

Edward Snowden's legacy? House passes curbs on NSA surveillance

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