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Nihilist | Define Nihilist at

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Feb 122016

Historical Examples

A nihilist on a war footing would be considered Quaker-like in his symptoms.

I have already mentioned it as often given by a nihilist to one whom he believes may be one with him.

All the wildest phases of nihilist opinion in the sixties were already raging in Russia in the forties.

Concerning the woman for whose sake he became a nihilist, he never spoke.

And by this I do not mean to compare the nihilist writers with licentious ones, nor to convey any stigma by my words.

This nihilist leader is a woman, and her name is Zara de Echeveria.

Mr. Smith has been arrested as a nihilist, and the morning papers will announce that he has started on his journey to Siberia.

“Saberevski knew me to be a nihilist, and warned me against it that day,” she said to me.

She knew how the nihilist societies all over the world were connected with each other.

British Dictionary definitions for nihilist Expand

a complete denial of all established authority and institutions

(philosophy) an extreme form of scepticism that systematically rejects all values, belief in existence, the possibility of communication, etc

a revolutionary doctrine of destruction for its own sake

the practice or promulgation of terrorism

Derived Forms

nihilist, noun, adjectivenihilistic, adjective

Word Origin

C19: from Latin nihil nothing + -ism, on the model of German Nihilismus

(in tsarist Russia) any of several revolutionary doctrines that upheld terrorism

Word Origin and History for nihilist Expand

1836 in the religious or philosophical sense, from French nihiliste, from Latin nihil (see nihilism). In the Russian political sense, it is recorded from 1871. Related: Nihilistic.

1817, “the doctrine of negation” (in reference to religion or morals), from German Nihilismus, from Latin nihil “nothing at all” (see nil), coined by German philosopher Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi (1743-1819). In philosophy, an extreme form of skepticism (1836). The political sense was first used by German journalist Joseph von Grres (1776-1848). Turgenev used the Russian form of the word (nigilizm) in “Fathers and Children” (1862) and claimed to have invented it. With a capital N-, it refers to the Russian revolutionary anarchism of the period 1860-1917, supposedly so called because “nothing” that then existed found favor in their eyes.

nihilist in Medicine Expand

nihilism nihilism (n’-lz’m, n’-) n.

The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement.

A delusion, experienced in some mental disorders, that the world or one’s mind, body, or self does not exist.

nihilist in Culture Expand

An approach to philosophy that holds that human life is meaningless and that all religions, laws, moral codes, and political systems are thoroughly empty and false. The term is from the Latin nihil, meaning nothing.

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Nihilist | Define Nihilist at

Nihilism | Article about nihilism by The Free Dictionary

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Feb 122016

nihilism (n`lzm), theory of revolution popular among Russian extremists until the fall of the czarist government (1917); the theory was given its name by Ivan Turgenev in his novel Fathers and Sons (1861). Nihilism stressed the need to destroy existing economic and social institutions, whatever the projected nature of the better order for which the destruction was to prepare. Nihilists were not without constructive programs, but agreement on these was not essential to the immediate objective, destruction. Direct action, such as assassination and arson, was characteristic. Such acts were not necessarily directed by any central authority. Small groups and even individuals were encouraged to plan and execute terroristic acts independently. The assassination of Czar Alexander II was one result of such terrorist activities. The constructive programs published by nihilists include the establishing of a parliamentary government; the programs were on the whole moderate in comparison with the revolutionary measures of 1917. Nihilism was too diffuse and negative to persist as a movement and gradually gave way to other philosophies of revolt; it remained, however, an element in later Russian thought. Bibliography

See S. Rosen, Nihilism (1969); M. Novak, The Experience of Nothingness (1970); C. Glicksberg, The Literature of Nihilism (1975); D. A. Crosby, The Specter of the Absurd: Sources and Criticisms of Modern Nihilism (1988); D. M. Levin, The Opening of Vision: Nihilism and the Postmodern Situation (1988).

1.Philosophy an extreme form of scepticism that systematically rejects all values, belief in existence, the possibility of communication, etc.

2.a revolutionary doctrine of destruction for its own sake

3.the practice or promulgation of terrorism

Pessimism in regard to the efficacy of treatment, particularly the use of drugs.

The content of delusions encountered in depressed or melancholic states; the patient insists that his inner organs no longer exist, and that his relatives have passed away.

university students who have developed a nihilistic philosophy. [Russ. Lit.: Turgenev Fathers and Sons]

depicts political nihilism and genuine spiritual nihilism of Stavrogin. [Russ. Lit.: Bent, 809]

in Russia, a term describing the frame of mind and social attitudes of the progressive raznochintsy (intellectuals of no definite class) of the 1860s, expressed by a resolute rejection of existing ideology, morality, and behavioral norms.

Nihilism emerged during the revolutionary atmosphere of 185961. A progressive phenomenon, it reflected the crisis in the system of serfdom and represented an important stage in the development of revolutionary-democratic ideology.

Nihilism rejected religious prejudices, idealist philosophy, dictatorial attitudes in social and family life, the liberal denunciation of society, art for arts sake, and knowledge for the sake of knowledge and demanded freedom for the individual and equality for women. It propagandized a rational egoism and utilitarianism and advocated the study of natural science. Owing to the vagueness of their positive program, however, the nihilists tended toward oversimplification, bluntness, and excessive polemics. Nihilism had no coherent world view; the factor that united its adherents was the rejection of existing reality. As a result, both revolutionary-democratic activists and moderate liberals abandoned nihilism by the end of the 1860s.

The ideas of nihilism were reflected in the journal Russkoe slovo (The Russian Word), in which D. I. Pisarev played a leading role. In the broad sense, the term nihilist is applied to the entire revolutionary-democratic camp of the 1860s headed by N. G. Chernyshevskii and N. A. Dobroliubovs journal Sovremennik (The Contemporary).

The term nihilism became popular after the publication of I. S. Turgenevs novel Fathers and Sons (1862), in which the protagonist, Bazarov, is called a nihilist. Before this, nihilistic ideas were referred to in polemical journalism as the negative tendency, and their exponents as svistuny (from Svistok, a satirical journal affiliated with Sovremennik). Reactionary publicistic writers seized upon the term during a lull in the revolutionary situation and used it as a derisive epithet. As such, it was extensively employed in publicistic articles, official government documents, and antinihilistic novels, notably A. F. Pisemskiis Troubled Seas, N. S. Leskovs Nowhere to Go, and V. P. Kliushnikovs The Mirage, in order to discredit revolutionary ideology and the democratic movement. Its opponents ascribed to nihilism the negation of all spiritual values, amoralism, and a desire to destroy the foundations of civilization.

Although the term nihilism had nearly disappeared from polemical literature by the end of the 1860s, it reappeared later in reactionary social and political writing at a time when the class struggle had become more intense; it was applied to all revolutionaries. Some contemporary foreign bourgeois authors have falsely extended the term to include those groups in the Russian liberation movement that were inherited by the Bolsheviks.

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Nihilism | Article about nihilism by The Free Dictionary

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nihilism Facts, information, pictures | …

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Feb 122016

Entries New Dictionary of the History of Ideas The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed.The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World ReligionsThe Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English Further reading For students and teachers provides students and teachers facts, information, and biographies from verified, citable sources, including: provides students and teachers facts, information, and biographies from verified, citable sources, including:

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nihilism Facts, information, pictures | …

Nihilism – The Huffington Post

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Feb 122016

Any film that begins with a philosophy professor, played by Joaquin Phoenix, cruising in the bright sunlight musing to himself about Kant’s “unanswerable” questions is going to charm me immediately. Indeed, Woody Allen’s Irrational Man, which just premiered at Cannes, is a sunny joy to watch, despite its sinister subject:

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Nihilism – The Huffington Post

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Feb 122016

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Beaches in Virginia | USA Today

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Feb 122016

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If you live in Virginia or in nearby states and don’t want to go far for a beach experience, you’re in luck. While Virginia is a bit too far north to really be a beach hotspot, there is still plenty of waterside fun to be had, whether it is lounging on the sand at a resort in Virginia Beach (Virginia’s largest city) or birdwatching in a wildlife preserve.

Virginia Beach is the best known of Virginia’s beaches. In the southeast corner of the state, this beach town is located to the east of Portsmouth and Norfolk. Virginia Beach boasts 28 miles of public beach and a 3-mile boardwalk. The atmosphere is family-friendly, and it’s a great place to take the kids during summer vacation (the water may be a bit cold for spring break, though). If you’re tired of the beach, Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens are about an hour’s drive away.

Nature lovers enjoy the beaches at Assateague and Chincoteague Islands on Virginia’s Northern Neck. Assateague Island has a national seashore and Chincoteague Island contains a wildlife refuge. Visitors hike, bike, swim and bird watch–Chincoteague is a stop for several species of migratory birds. The islands are also famous for their wild ponies, stars of the children’s book “Misty of Chincoteague.” Both islands are near Maryland’s Ocean City, which offers more traditional beach fun.

Not every beach in Virginia is on the ocean. Rivers such as the James and Potomac also have beaches, which are great for fishing, crabbing, sailing and nature watching. Some of the beaches provide swimming facilities as well. River beaches on the Potomac include VirMar Beach, Westmoreland State Park and Colonial Beach (which is close to homes owned by George Washington and Robert E. Lee). Chippokes Plantation State Park is on the James River.

J.D. Wollf has been a writer since 1999 and has been published in a variety of newspapers and newsletters. She has covered everything from local sports to computer accessory reviews and specializes in articles about health issues, particularly in the elderly.

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Beaches in Virginia | USA Today

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Ethical egoism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Feb 112016

Ethical egoism is the normative ethical position that moral agents ought to do what is in their own self-interest. It differs from psychological egoism, which claims that people can only act in their self-interest. Ethical egoism also differs from rational egoism, which holds that it is rational to act in one’s self-interest.[1] Ethical egoism holds that actions whose consequences will benefit the doer can be considered ethical.

Ethical egoism contrasts with ethical altruism, which holds that moral agents have an obligation to help others. Egoism and altruism both contrast with ethical utilitarianism, which holds that a moral agent should treat one’s self (also known as the subject) with no higher regard than one has for others (as egoism does, by elevating self-interests and “the self” to a status not granted to others). But it also holds that one should not (as altruism does) sacrifice one’s own interests to help others’ interests, so long as one’s own interests (i.e. one’s own desires or well-being) are substantially equivalent to the others’ interests and well-being. Egoism, utilitarianism, and altruism are all forms of consequentialism, but egoism and altruism contrast with utilitarianism, in that egoism and altruism are both agent-focused forms of consequentialism (i.e. subject-focused or subjective). However, utilitarianism is held to be agent-neutral (i.e. objective and impartial): it does not treat the subject’s (i.e. the self’s, i.e. the moral “agent’s”) own interests as being more or less important than the interests, desires, or well-being of others.

Ethical egoism does not, however, require moral agents to harm the interests and well-being of others when making moral deliberation; e.g. what is in an agent’s self-interest may be incidentally detrimental, beneficial, or neutral in its effect on others. Individualism allows for others’ interest and well-being to be disregarded or not, as long as what is chosen is efficacious in satisfying the self-interest of the agent. Nor does ethical egoism necessarily entail that, in pursuing self-interest, one ought always to do what one wants to do; e.g. in the long term, the fulfillment of short-term desires may prove detrimental to the self. Fleeting pleasure, then, takes a back seat to protracted eudaimonia. In the words of James Rachels, “Ethical egoism […] endorses selfishness, but it doesn’t endorse foolishness.”[2]

Ethical egoism is often used as the philosophical basis for support of right-libertarianism and individualist anarchism.[3] These are political positions based partly on a belief that individuals should not coercively prevent others from exercising freedom of action.

Ethical egoism can be broadly divided into three categories: individual, personal, and universal. An individual ethical egoist would hold that all people should do whatever benefits “my” (the individual) self-interest; a personal ethical egoist would hold that he or she should act in his or her self-interest, but would make no claims about what anyone else ought to do; a universal ethical egoist would argue that everyone should act in ways that are in their self-interest.[4][5]

Ethical egoism was introduced by the philosopher Henry Sidgwick in his book The Methods of Ethics, written in 1874. Sidgwick compared egoism to the philosophy of utilitarianism, writing that whereas utilitarianism sought to maximize overall pleasure, egoism focused only on maximizing individual pleasure.[6]

Philosophers before Sidgwick have also retroactively been identified as ethical egoists. One ancient example is the philosophy of Yang Zhu (4th century B.C.), Yangism, who views wei wo, or “everything for myself”, as the only virtue necessary for self-cultivation.[7] Ancient Greek philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and the Stoics were exponents of virtue ethics, and “did not accept the formal principle that whatever the good is, we should seek only our own good, or prefer it to the good of others.”[6] However, the beliefs of the Cyrenaics have been referred to as a “form of egoistic hedonism”,[8] and while some refer to Epicurus’ hedonism as a form of virtue ethics, others argue his ethics are more properly described as ethical egoism.[9]

Philosopher James Rachels, in an essay that takes as its title the theory’s name, outlines the three arguments most commonly touted in its favor:[10]

The term ethical egoism has been applied retroactively to philosophers such as Bernard de Mandeville and to many other materialists of his generation, although none of them declared themselves to be egoists. Note that materialism does not necessarily imply egoism, as indicated by Karl Marx, and the many other materialists who espoused forms of collectivism. It has been argued that ethical egoism can lend itself to individualist anarchism such as that of Benjamin Tucker, or the combined anarcho-communism and egoism of Emma Goldman, both of whom were proponents of many egoist ideas put forward by Max Stirner. In this context, egoism is another way of describing the sense that the common good should be enjoyed by all. However, most notable anarchists in history have been less radical, retaining altruism and a sense of the importance of the individual that is appreciable but does not go as far as egoism. Recent trends to greater appreciation of egoism within anarchism tend to come from less classical directions such as post-left anarchy or Situationism (e.g. Raoul Vaneigem). Egoism has also been referenced by anarcho-capitalists, such as Murray Rothbard.

Philosopher Max Stirner, in his book The Ego and Its Own, was the first philosopher to call himself an egoist, though his writing makes clear that he desired not a new idea of morality (ethical egoism), but rather a rejection of morality (amoralism), as a nonexistent and limiting spook; for this, Stirner has been described as the first individualist anarchist. Other philosophers, such as Thomas Hobbes and David Gauthier, have argued that the conflicts which arise when people each pursue their own ends can be resolved for the best of each individual only if they all voluntarily forgo some of their aims that is, one’s self-interest is often best pursued by allowing others to pursue their self-interest as well so that liberty is equal among individuals. Sacrificing one’s short-term self-interest to maximize one’s long-term self-interest is one form of “rational self-interest” which is the idea behind most philosophers’ advocacy of ethical egoism. Egoists have also argued that one’s actual interests are not immediately obvious, and that the pursuit of self-interest involves more than merely the acquisition of some good, but the maximizing of one’s chances of survival and/or happiness.

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche suggested that egoistic or “life-affirming” behavior stimulates jealousy or “ressentiment” in others, and that this is the psychological motive for the altruism in Christianity. Sociologist Helmut Schoeck similarly considered envy the motive of collective efforts by society to reduce the disproportionate gains of successful individuals through moral or legal constraints, with altruism being primary among these.[16] In addition, Nietzsche (in Beyond Good and Evil) and Alasdair MacIntyre (in After Virtue) have pointed out that the ancient Greeks did not associate morality with altruism in the way that post-Christian Western civilization has done. Aristotle’s view is that we have duties to ourselves as well as to other people (e.g. friends) and to the polis as a whole. The same is true for Thomas Aquinas, Christian Wolff and Immanuel Kant, who claim that there are duties to ourselves as Aristotle did, although it has been argued that, for Aristotle, the duty to one’s self is primary.[17]

Ayn Rand argued that there is a positive harmony of interests among free, rational humans, such that no moral agent can rationally coerce another person consistently with his own long-term self-interest. Rand argued that other people are an enormous value to an individual’s well-being (through education, trade and affection), but also that this value could be fully realized only under conditions of political and economic freedom. According to Rand, voluntary trade alone can assure that human interaction is mutually beneficial.[18] Rand’s student, Leonard Peikoff has argued that the identification of one’s interests itself is impossible absent the use of principles, and that self-interest cannot be consistently pursued absent a consistent adherence to certain ethical principles.[19] Recently, Rand’s position has also been defended by such writers as Tara Smith, Tibor Machan, Allan Gotthelf, David Kelley, Douglas Rasmussen, Nathaniel Branden, Harry Binswanger, Andrew Bernstein, and Craig Biddle.

Philosopher David L. Norton identified himself an “ethical individualist,” and, like Rand, saw a harmony between an individual’s fidelity to his own self-actualization, or “personal destiny,” and the achievement of society’s well being.[20]

According to amoralism, there is nothing wrong with egoism, but there is also nothing ethical about it; one can adopt rational egoism and drop morality as a superfluous attribute of the egoism.

Ethical egoism has been alleged as the basis for immorality. Egoism has also been alleged as being outside the scope of moral philosophy. Thomas Jefferson writes in an 1814 letter to Thomas Law:

Self-interest, or rather self-love, or egoism, has been more plausibly substituted as the basis of morality. But I consider our relations with others as constituting the boundaries of morality. With ourselves, we stand on the ground of identity, not of relation, which last, requiring two subjects, excludes self-love confined to a single one. To ourselves, in strict language, we can owe no duties, obligation requiring also two parties. Self-love, therefore, is no part of morality. Indeed, it is exactly its counterpart.[21]

In contrast, Rand saw ethics as a necessity for human survival and well-being, and argued that the “social” implications of morality, including natural rights, were simply a subset of the wider field of ethics. Thus, for Rand, “virtue” included productiveness, honesty with oneself, and scrupulousness of thought. Although she greatly admired Jefferson, she also wrote:

[To those who say] that morality is social and that man would need no morality on a desert islandit is on a desert island that he would need it most. Let him try to claim, when there are no victims to pay for it, that a rock is a house, that sand is clothing, that food will drop into his mouth without cause or effort, that he will collect a harvest tomorrow by devouring his stock seed todayand reality will wipe him out, as he deserves; reality will show him that life is a value to be bought and that thinking is the only coin noble enough to buy it.[22]

In The Moral Point of View, Kurt Baier objects that ethical egoism provides no moral basis for the resolution of conflicts of interest, which, in his opinion, form the only vindication for a moral code. Were this an ideal world, one in which interests and purposes never jarred, its inhabitants would have no need of a specified set of ethics, according to Baier. This, however, is not an “ideal world.” Baier believes that ethical egoism fails to provide the moral guidance and arbitration that it necessitates. Far from resolving conflicts of interest, claimed Baier, ethical egoism all too often spawns them. To this, as Rachels has shown, the ethical egoist may object that he cannot admit a construct of morality whose aim is merely to forestall conflicts of interest. “On his view,” he writes, “the moralist is not like a courtroom judge, who resolves disputes. Instead, he is like the Commissioner of Boxing, who urges each fighter to do his best.”[23]

Baiers is also part of a team of philosophers who hold that ethical egoism is paradoxical, implying that to do what is in one’s best interests can be both wrong and right in ethical terms. Although a successful pursuit of self-interest may be viewed as a moral victory, it could also be dubbed immoral if it prevents another person from executing what is in his best interests. Again, however, the ethical egoists have responded by assuming the guise of the Commissioner of Boxing. His philosophy precludes empathy for the interests of others, so forestalling them is perfectly acceptable. “Regardless of whether we think this is a correct view,” adds Rachels, “it is, at the very least, a consistent view, and so this attempt to convict the egoist of self-contradiction fails.”[24]

Finally, it has been averred that ethical egoism is no better than bigotry in that, like racism, it divides people into two types themselves and others and discriminates against one type on the basis of some arbitrary disparity. This, to Rachels’s mind, is probably the best objection to ethical egoism, for it provides the soundest reason why the interests of others ought to concern the interests of the self. “What,” he asks, “is the difference between myself and others that justifies placing myself in this special category? Am I more intelligent? Do I enjoy my life more? Are my accomplishments greater? Do I have needs or abilities that are so different from the needs and abilities of others? What is it that makes me so special? Failing an answer, it turns out that Ethical Egoism is an arbitrary doctrine, in the same way that racism is arbitrary. […] We should care about the interests of other people for the very same reason we care about our own interests; for their needs and desires are comparable to our own.”[25]

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Ethical egoism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Ethical Egoism – Drury University

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Feb 112016

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Ethical Egoism – Drury University

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Modern Satanism | Satanism based on atheism, skepticism …

 Modern Satanism  Comments Off on Modern Satanism | Satanism based on atheism, skepticism …
Feb 112016

On this podcast Reap talks with Doug Mesner about the current activism involving TST including the problem Arizona has with Satanists giving theinvocation at the Phoenix city council meetings.

Visit to learn more about The Satanic Temple and Satanism.

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Modern Satanism returns.

After a brief break the podcast returns to its regular schedule. Topics included are-

and more. enjoy

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During this episode of Modern Satanism Reap talks about-

You can tweet Jonh Hagee here-

Thanks to Ben Radford for his contribution. You can find more from Ben here

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Reap talks with The Satanic Temple Saint Louis Chapter HeadDamienBaal

Remember the lady who attacked the Satanic display last X-mas? Update on her punishment.

Sunlight Atheist group denied status as a religion

TST fights for removal of in god we trust or inclusion of E Pluribus Unum


The Satanic Temple St. LouisChapter

The Satanic Temple Website

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Sara and Beth hang out with Reap totalk about the satanic panic and some of the people who have kept it going . This latest campaign headed by TST is called Grey Faction and will be an ongoing effort to dispel the falsehoods of the satanic panic claims which to this day continue to do harm and give Satanism a bad name.

The San Jose Chapter of The Satanic Temple is about to hold its first meetup on March 21st

Related links-

Where the Witch-hunters are: pseudoscience and Mental Health

Dissociation and Trauma: Join ISSTD!

Judy Byington, author of 22 Faces

Dr.Randy Noblitt, SRA-pushing professor at Alliant University

Mike Warnke

Doreen Irvine

Visit The Satanic Temple website to learn more

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On Modern Satanism #16 you will hear from Doug Mesner about Grey Faction and get an update on TST. Along with-

Dont forget to visit The Satanic Temples website and share the podcast. Just say the devil made you do it, it works for everyone else.

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Daemeon Gravesjoins Reap to talk about the need for Satanism in Chicago. Pat Robertson says more crazy shit. And a little fly named Tom Raspotnik is still buzzing even as a flyswatter swings towards his head.

The Satanic Temple carries on with its work despite attempts to thwart its efforts. Check out the website to learn more.

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On this episode of Modern Satanism

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Shea Bile from Deferred Gnosis is the guest on this podcast. The topics covered are varied. To hear more from Shea, his co-host Matt, and to hear Reap as thier guest go here

Dont foget to support the podcast, share it Also visit The Satanic Temple to learn more about Satanism and support the work moving us to a better world. Hail Satan

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Reap talks with Jed and atheists re-write the 10 commandments. Tom Raspotnik says some stupid things but no one on the planet is surprised. Merry X-mas

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Modern Satanism | Satanism based on atheism, skepticism …

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Phoenix SEO Company | Get on the First Page!

 SEO  Comments Off on Phoenix SEO Company | Get on the First Page!
Feb 112016

Want to be on the first page of Google? Wecan get you there.

If you are looking to be on the first page of the search results, search engine optimization is how to make that possible. Google, as well as the other search engines, want you to optimize your website in such a way that they know what each page is about. This in turn helps the search engines return results that are relevant to what the searcher is looking for. The websites that are best optimized have a higher chance of getting to #1 position. As anSEO Company we provide seo services to help you get as close to the #1 position as possible. We do this by staying up to date with the algorithm changes of the search engines and implementing white hat SEO strategies that are Google friendly.

Southwest Sod is a sod farm located in Arizona and they have been around since 1985. However, there were several companies outranking them in the search engines. By using proper SEO techniques we were able to get them to #1 for their desired keyword Sod in Arizona (see our case studiespage for more examples).

If you are a business or an entrepreneur that wants to learn SEO, we also offer SEO Coachingby one of our SEO experts to help you and your staff learn how to implement a SEO strategy in-house. You can also check out our blog to find out more about search engine optimization and what white-hat techniques we use to get to the top of the search engines.


Deacon is a great partner to have that you can trust to do what he says hes going to do in a timely and effective way. The top-line growth that Southwest Sod has achieved since weve been doing business with him can, in large measure, be directly related to the SEO and website development he has performed for us. Our Q1 retail sales alone have jumped by 200% from 2013. Josh P. at Southwest Sod

Wow, Phoenix SEO Company exceeded my expectations. When Deacon and I started working together at the beginning of October, my site was not even ranking (showing up in Google searches). However, by the end of October, I was showing up in the top two spots for my search of mobile website design in Phoenix. I will definitely continue to work with Deacon moving forward as I expand my services and grow my company. Jesse Clark at uShine technologies

Deacon Hayes, President

Thank you for taking the time to check us out. As a business owner, I know first-hand the importance of search engine optimization since it drivesbusiness through our doors. If you would like a free consultation or more information about our SEO services, please feel free call us at 480-567-2637 or visit our contact us page. Although we are located in Arizona, we do servenational clients as well. We look forward to helping you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Deacon Hayes

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Phoenix SEO Company | Get on the First Page!

Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd. – Phoenix SEO

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Feb 112016

UpdatedApril 26, 2015

Coronation Internet Marketing is the premier Phoenix SEO company, online advertising service and marketing consultancy in the metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona area.

Would you like to control your market instead of your competitors? Call the best search engine optimizationconsultants in Phoenix, AZ now at(480) 630-0104 to start dominating your competition. Please leave a message if we dont answer outside of office hours.

At the moment, there are huge business opportunities in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, and Tempe, Surprise as well as the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

Studies show that advertisers forked over a massive $40 billion dollars in payment for Google Adwords advertising just to spread the word about their businesses in search results. We can guarantee you similar high quality traffic for which advertisers paid Google a fortune for but it will just be for a considerably small amount of the cost.

Also, we can offer high quality website design, marketing consulting as well as a lot more. Just call our SEO officetoday at (480) 630-0104. (If its outside of regular business hours, please leave us a message.)

In case you happen to own a business or a company in Phoenix, Arizona, you need to know that SEO (search engine optimization) services are very important for the growth and prosperity of your venture. Today, and for the last couple of years, SEO has been an integral part of internet advertising. In fact, many businesses are continuing to incorporate search engine optimization into their marketing policy. Therefore, if you arent doing the same, it is the reason you are unable to compete with the big guys.

Although owners of small businesses may not entirely understand the advantages that online advertising brings, let alone SEO, it is important that they try their search engine optimization options so as to maximize visibility for their products and services. SEO is the great equalizer. It is the only place small business owners can match their more seasoned and well-established competitors.

Search engines help people find solutions to simple queries online. For instance, a person may want to know where a favorite restaurant is located in their neighborhood. Others want a lawyer or even a plumber. When users key in specific keywords into search engines, individuals will be presented with numerous results. The results are usually arranged according to relevance or importance to the entered keywords.

Without search engines, it would not be easy for people to locate information online. Simply put, search engine optimization enables people to find the information they need on the internet. This is by use of keywords or even the business brand. This is why it is important that you rank on the top of the search engine results page so that users can easily find your website.

Do you want to rank on the first page in Google? Just call the top search engine marketingservice in the Greater Phoenix, AZ area at (480) 630-0104. Calling us outside of business hours? Leave a message and well call you back ASAP.

In just a few short months weve been able tohave our business rank on the first page of Google for a number of keyword terms compared to other SEO companies in the Phoenix valley. Imagine what we can do for your company.

Our first page rankings as of August 2014.

Since most web users depend on search engines like Google or Bing to get products and services, making use of search engine optimizationservices as an integral part of any internet marketing strategy makes a whole lot of sense. For a small business in Phoenix, it means that you can make buyers find your products or services a lot more cheaply. This in turn translates to growth of the venture.

However, business owners are sometimes reluctant to trust Phoenix search engine optimizationcompanies to improve marketing. This is because of a few companies out there that are actually out to con unsuspecting business owners. This is because such businesses can be overwhelmed by the complexity of what SEO is and how it is achieved. But if a business owner gets a solid marketing firm that can offer good references (like we can), it can benefit their businesses in a great way.

The following are some of the ways that your businesses would benefit if they sought the services of a top consultant for SEO like Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd.

When people use search engines to look for something on the web, they are normally given some options which they have to individually look at in order to determine if it gives them what they want. Research shows that the majority of people will choose the first few sites that rank at the top of the search results page. You want your site to be clicked? You need to appear on the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

There are many things that come into play when improving the website ranking of your business and this includes the URL structure and the content. However, upon properly utilizing all the elements, your website will get more visibility. Since customers will have an easier time locating your business, they are likely to contact you for your products and services.

With SEO, the ranking of your page will stay ahead of the competition for a long time. This goes a long way to ensure that customers are able to access your website in future. In short, the impacts of an effective search engine optimization campaign lasts long to give you a continued presence on the web.

It is not possible for your products or even services to sell if people in greater Phoenix (or anywhere else, for that matter) do not know of them. This is precisely what SEO does. It ensures that people are aware of your business. Even if the initial response does not lead to significant sales, the publicity that you will get is very good for your business when you look at it in the long term. Brand recognition can almost certainly lead to better sales because more and more people will become familiar with your product or service. The more they know of it, the more they are likely to trust it. If your website generates high traffic, consistent sales are just a matter of time.

For every marketing campaign, expect that it will come with its own costs. In most cases, advertising campaigns are very costly. But with Phoenix SEO services, you can advertise your products and services and get an even higher turnover while not breaking the bank for it. This is especially important for a small business that is just starting out and therefore does not have the financial muscle to launch robust advertising campaigns.

As part of our SEO Phoenix marketing, your website will be restructured and rebuilt so that it is turned into the hub of your content online. Not only does this cater to your market but it also fills the website with fresh and highly relevant information. Molding your web into a traffic magnet makes your products and services sell more. To achieve this, you need to work with experienced Phoenix web designers and internet marketers who have the capability to not only improve visitors experience but also remove unwanted fluff from your site.

If you want your company website to rank on the first page on Googles search engine results page, do not hesitate to call the premier Phoenix SEO consultants at (480) 630-0104. Dont be afraid to call us outside of business hours and leave a message. Well call you back as soon as we can.

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Phoenix SEO | DIAP Media – PPC Management Agency

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Feb 112016

DIAP Media one of the best SEO companies in the United States manages SEO Campaigns andPaid Search /PPC Management Company. We have SEO agency coverage and locations in Philadelphia, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson AZthat has been helping companies from local small businesses to national Inc. 5000 brands nationwide optimize their websites, product urls, and digital assets for the search engines since 2006. Our local Phoenix SEO strategies for our clients here in our home base have been working since 2006 when we first started learning Googles Algorithms.

We can help you with SEO & PPC (Pay per click) ads, Marketplace Optimizationand Google Marketing strategies to grow your website traffic and drive more revenue for your business.

In todays day an age if you dont have a digital presence especially on Google or Amazon customers will not know you exist or give you any credibility. Let us help you build trust with Google and trusted marketplaces (GNC, Amazon, Walmart) by getting your website on other websites that have relevant content and link back to your site as a useful resource.

Also, let us help you develop and execute an SEO contentmarketing strategy that will help increase rankings on Google and Amazon to help you get more attention online. With a blog or content marketing strategy and a few on page SEO tweaks you will start seeing your website rank higher of terms relevant for your business and the phone will start to ring.

Since we dont take on every client for SEO or PPC consulting services we have a dedicated SEO consultant and link builder giving your campaigns online attention to make sure you get the best results. We focus on relevancy, authority, and social backlinks that drive traffic, leads, and sales and move your site higher in the Google and/or Amazon search engines.

We also have local seo experts that can build citations for your local lead generating sites and drive more calls to your business every month. We track all the calls so you know how we helped your local marketing every month.

One benefit of working with our Search Engine Marketingagency is we also are certified with Google Adwords platform and understand social media strategies that will also build your brand equity and trust with Google and the search engines including Amazons search engine.

We can simplify this process and take care of everything for you. We make it easy for you to hire us and start getting you results. We work on an exclusive basis so we wont help any other companies or brands that compete with you in the same industry or same cities that you cover.

We offer custom proposals and treat your business as a unique situation based on the competition and ROI. We dont take a cookie cutter package pricing approach you might see where you just are a number or sales goal.

To us your partnership and investment is appreciated. We will make sure your monthly investment is is producing an ROI and we are an asset to your business otherwise we expect you to cancel our services.

We do have a monthly SEO budget minimums, as an example for Local SEO services at least $1000.00 per month is a starting point and that is for very low competitive industries and or areas. We owna local SEO company dedicated to certain local markets as well. As an example our Beverly Hills SEO market, Philadelphia SEO market, and Tucson SEO service area.

If you are ready to get custom quote for your website please call us at 888-863-7421 so we can learn more about your business and SEO or Internet Marketing needs.

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Phoenix SEO | DIAP Media – PPC Management Agency

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Phoenix SEO | Phoenix SEO Company | Phoenix SEO Expert

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Feb 112016

For more details, feel free to contact: Call 855-771-4817 Our Official Website :

Hello guys. We all know that internet has made this a world a better place as well as easier also. Phoenix SEO is a company that gives SEO services including traffic to your website. This may happen that besides having an awesome website and some nice content and images no one is visiting your website and the main reason for this is that, internet has billions of webpages and millions of websites and the services or products you are providing in your website is also being provided by other websites as well.

So the overall traffic is going to another website, which is not a good sign for sure. Now we come into picture in this kind of scenario and what we does is nothing but SEO!!! Here we always use the latest methodologies as well as techniques so that a website must rank quickly and it will last long in the topmost search engines. The main issues is that due to millions of similar webpages the customer cant find you because when they search a particular keyword, your webpages may come in the last SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and as we all know that any user never browse to the last page, they usually browse for the first 2 pages, sometimes top 3 pages and thats all, because no one has the time to look for all pages.

Better search engine rankings mean that more and more traffic will drive to your website and more traffic means more revenue and more money, which is all we want because thats why we have opened a website. We help our clients by giving them a targeted or focused audience so that more and more number of people will see your website and will come to know more and more about your services.

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Phoenix SEO | Phoenix SEO Company | Phoenix SEO Expert

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SEO Agency | Phoenix SEO | Stealth Media Agency

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Feb 112016

Stealth Media Agency is a Google Adwords PPC and SEO Marketing Agency based in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZwith SEO and PPC Management consultants and expertisespecializing Local Marketing Services for Small and Medium sized businesses. We get you on the first page of Google, track it, optimize it and make you money every month.

Our Phoenx SEO corporate office isbasedin Scottsdale, Arizona and help companies and brands nationwide on an exclusive basis. We help target people searching on sites like Google and Amazon and help get your website, products, and services and brand in front of those people to turn them into new customers and make your phone ring. We also help amplify brands attention on social media channels to help your SEO and brand equity.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, top selling brand on marketplaces like Amazon or in our backyard in the Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ area our seo expertscan execute an internet marketingplanthat will increase your brand equity and drive more attention, leads and sales.

We focus on driving online marketingattention that re-engages current fans of your brand, targets new customers, and increases revenue for your company. We track as much as we can to help you see the value in search and social mediatraffic, shares, and engagement that build your brand equity online.

We tracking your monthly ad budget spend with call tracking technology and our lifted websites platform.

Depending on whether you are looking for an internet marketing agency for small business or if you are a well recognized brand we customize pricing based on what we are hired to execute for you. We dont cookie cut our search & social marketing strategy that you hire us to execute sowe dont cookie cut our SEO & Social Media pricing.

You arent a customer that selected a package, you are and appreciated client we appreciate the opportunity to work with and will take the take to provide you a custom proposal after an initial call or meeting and after better understanding your key performance metrics and what you want to accomplish with social media & search engine marketingin the first place.

Are you ready to let the stealth media agency team execute your internet marketing, social media, SEO, or Google ppc mission?

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SEO Agency | Phoenix SEO | Stealth Media Agency

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Singularity – definition of singularity by The Free Dictionary

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Feb 102016

Nor was she entitled to complain of any remarkable singularity in her fate; for, in the town of her nativity, we might point to several little shops of a similar description, some of them in houses as ancient as that of the Seven Gables; and one or two, it may be, where a decayed gentlewoman stands behind the counter, as grim an image of family pride as Miss Hepzibah Pyncheon herself. The singularity lay in the hostile feelings with which the child regarded all these offsprings of her own heart and mind. I know not how significant it is, or how far it is an evidence of singularity, that an individual should thus consent in his pettiest walk with the general movement of the race; but I know that something akin to the migratory instinct in birds and quadrupeds–which, in some instances, is known to have affected the squirrel tribe, impelling them to a general and mysterious movement, in which they were seen, say some, crossing the broadest rivers, each on its particular chip, with its tail raised for a sail, and bridging narrower streams with their dead–that something like the furor which affects the domestic cattle in the spring, and which is referred to a worm in their tails,–affects both nations and individuals, either perennially or from time to time. But the last singularity explains the first, as I intimated once before: you, with your gravity, considerateness, and caution were made to be the recipient of secrets. My attention was so attracted by the singularity of his fixed look at me, that the words died away on my tongue. Some were wrapped in the countess’s shawls, others wore the trappings of horses and muddy saddlecloths, or masses of rags from which the hoar-frost hung; some had a boot on one leg and a shoe on the other; in fact, there were none whose costume did not present some laughable singularity. We could not complain, and, indeed, the singularity of our fate reserved such wonderful compensation for us that we had no right to accuse it as yet. Even had it been under commonplace circumstances, it would have made me a trifle thoughtful; but in the first place was the singularity of an educated man living on this unknown little island, and coupled with that the extraordinary nature of his luggage. Do you know, my dear Villefort,” cried the Comte de Salvieux, “that is exactly what I myself said the other day at the Tuileries, when questioned by his majesty’s principal chamberlain touching the singularity of an alliance between the son of a Girondin and the daughter of an officer of the Duc de Conde; and I assure you he seemed fully to comprehend that this mode of reconciling political differences was based upon sound and excellent principles. The bride and most of her company had been too much occupied with the bustle of entrance to hear the first boding stroke of the bell, or at least to reflect on the singularity of such a welcome to the altar. What the disguise of her lover would be, Julia could not imagine–probably, that of a wandering harper: but then she remembered that there were no harpers in America, and the very singularity might betray his secret. The singularity of his conduct, however, only roused my desire to discover who this remarkable personage might be, who now engrossed the attention of every one.

Read the rest here:
Singularity – definition of singularity by The Free Dictionary

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Urban Dictionary: Nihilism

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Feb 092016

It’s useless to define it.

It’s useless to give an example…

those who see it as a self-defeating argument are people who still have something to believe in.

despite the universe being so mind-numbingly complex and consciousness itself being so much of a mystery, many people actually believe that nihilism is invalid because the ‘logic’ possessed by what we think of as our consciousness doesn’t allow it to make sense.

a christian might argue that god must exist because there must be some infinite force in the universe. they would then argue that god is the creator of all life, and that things like logic come from god, and in fact are a part of god (as he is infinite). unfortunately, this is also self-defeating, because by using logic to prove the existance of god (and thus logic) is just as absurd as nihilism. this, in turn, leads to the logic that nothing can be known. this then continues and endless loop of logic and anti-logic, making existance seem pointless, insane, and absurd. and THAT is what nihilism really is.

Nietzsche is commonly associated with nihilism, although from what i’ve been able to figure out without actually studying it in school (while researching it in my spare time), he was not a nihilist himself. rather, he seems to be more of someone who defined it and contemplated the intricacies associated with it.

trent reznor, creator of nine inch nails is generally considered to be a true nihilist, which is represented by the lyrics, feeling, and sound of his music. even nothing records, a record company started by reznor, embraces this concept in its name.

person A) god must exist. finite things have to come from somewhere, and only something infinite can make something finite.

person B) that is based on so many assumptions that my brain wants to explode just thinking that someone can actually believe that the universe is that simple. just become a nihilist. it’s a lot easier, and still allows you to function in society without being racist, homophobic, or sexist.

person A) okay.

person B) ph34|2.

Example 2:

person A) i sure am pissed that nine inch nails tour sold out in under 5 minutes.

person B) shrug.

A philosophy based on extreme skepticism. In it’s most basic form (Before it was clouded by ideas involving politics, social rhetoric, sex, drugs, rock and roll etc.), which we can refer to as “epistemological nihilism”, simply denies the possibility of knowledge of truth. Previous epistemological philosophies failed in obtaining truth because all possible vessels for obtaining truth cannot be proven truthful themselves. Empiricism fails because one must assume that their senses depict an accurate portrayal of their secular existence (or that a secular world even exists, for that matter), which fuels their observations; sensations also depend on senses to provide the observer with the source of the sensation. Rationalism fails because without a secular experience, real or imaginary, one’s lack of experience prevents them from being able to reason. ie, they cannot reason without the use of empirical devices. Therefore, rationalism cannot gain one knowledge without empirical methods, which are already based on assumptions (faith) of senses; assumptions cannot lead to the knowledge of truth. Intuitionalism fails because it also has the potential to utilize empirical (and rational) devices; It allows one to alter their truth based on new experiences. This leaves room for “error” and keeps “truth” from being absolute or even certain.

Rationalist: I think, therefore I am. Person: You used speech to make that proclamation; One must use sight or hearing to interpret.

Nihilist: Nothing can be certain. Person: You can’t prove that. Nihilist: You’re catching on.

Nihilism is the only epistemological philosophy worth following.

–A Brief Introduction To Nihilism

“Every belief, every considering something-true,” Nietzsche writes, “is necessarily false because there is simply no true world” (Will to Power notes from 1883-1888). Nihilism is the philosophy of total negation. In short, it states that all values are baseless and meaningless. Nothing in the universe can truly by known or communicated. The nihilist believes in nothing, has no loyalties and has no purpose in life. Some are left with only an impulse to destroy. Though, Friedrich Nietzsche is the philosopher most associated with nihilist, he is not a nihilist. Nietzsche was an existentialist who made nihilism infamous by helping shape and define it. He believed that the corrosive effects of nihilism would end up destroying all moral constructs, religions, and metaphysical convictions. Nietzsche believed that nihilism would be the most destructive force in history. Nihilism will attack reality itself and cause the greatest crisis humanity has ever seen. A study of several failed of civilizations by Oswald Spengler in The Decline of the West (1926) confirmed Nietzsches fears. Spengler has observed that nihilism has acted in history to undermine political, religious, and artistic traditions leading to that civilizations collapse. After Nietzsches compelling critique, nihilism has preoccupied artists, social sceptics and philosophers. The type of art usually produced from the inspiration/horror of nihilism often deals with coping with nihilism emotionally. Trent Reznor comes to mind when I think of existentialist/nihilistic music. Some of his songs like Terrible Lie or Happiness In Slavery definitely carry nihilistic overtones. Dada was a cultural/art movement which endorsed nihilistic themes. It described itself as the anti-art.

There are many types of nihilism, and I do no justice to this philosophy by attempting to summarize it in one paragraph. Existential nihilism deals with extreme pessimism and scepticism. In short, it states that life is meaningless or without purpose. For an existentialist, abandoning all illusions of meaning or worth in life is the source of ultimate freedom at the price of existential horror and despair. Jean-Paul Sartre stated: existence precedes essence. He believes that we are thrown into an absurd world with no way to know why, yet were forced to create meaning. We exist, and we attempt to figure out why afterwards. Moral nihilism states that there is no true moral code. It states that there is no such thing a right or wrong and abandons the moral constructs of any society. Once one starts the process of asking Why? – What are morals based upon? What is the meaning of it all? they come but to one end: the collapse into despair when they realize there is no real answer. From cosmic purposeless to pathological destruction nihilism is truly a terrifying un-belief.

I can really hear the nihilism in T. Reznor’s music.

The belief that existence is useless and pointless, life has no meaning.

I’ve read so much Nietzsche, that I’ve adopted a nihlistic worldview!

Contrary to popular definitions, Nihilism is not synonymous with cynicism or despair. Instead, Nihilism is a worldview in which one believes only in what one’s observations and experiences seem to prove true, and that which can be otherwise proven true. That said, Nihilism varies according to the nature of the individual nihilist, but there are a few key ideas which are kept by nearly all of them: 1. The beginning of the universe was, within certain parameters, a basically random event, and the same holds for all events occuring since. It follows, then, that final purpose in things is false. Life, then, is an end-in-itself. 2. There exists no absolute truth regarding the value of any deed over another, such as right vs. wrong. Value systems, ethical codes, etc. are thus of no use to the Nihilist, except if they serve his best interests, increase their quality of life, or if they simply fall in line with what behavior would come naturally. 3. From the above it follows that responsibility, obligation, and the like are also falsehoods. Nihilists are thus inclined to ignore or sneer at societal norms and conditioned mentalities. 4. The first priority of every nihilist is his own well-being, satisfaction, and survival, and every action is ultimately done in the name of these things. However, he does not consciously pursue these ends; instead, he acts upon what feels natural and makes sense to him, and these naturally result. However, the above assumes that the Nihilist is in unity with himself, and possesses an undamaged psyche. In reality, some people are self-destructive by nature, and, if they took up a Nihilistic worldview, would seem to have a death-wish as the motive behind their actions. Since self-destructive individuals are common in modern society, this is probably how Nihilism has come to be seen as another word for despair.

2. Some Nihilists may even follow traditional dogmas, if they are proven to work for the best.

A philosophy based on extreme skepticism. In it’s most basic form (Before it was clouded by ideas involving politics, social rhetoric, sex, drugs, rock and roll etc.), which we can refer to as “epistemological nihilism”, simply denies the possibility of knowledge of truth. Previous epistemological philosophies failed in obtaining truth because all possible vessels for obtaining truth cannot be proven truthful themselves. Empiricism fails because one must assume that their senses depict an accurate portrayal of their secular existence (or that a secular world even exists, for that matter), which fuels their observations; sensations also depend on senses to provide the observer with the source of the sensation. Rationalism fails because without a secular experience, real or imaginary, one’s lack of experience prevents them from being able to reason. ie, they cannot reason without the use of empirical devices. Therefore, rationalism cannot gain one knowledge without empirical methods, which are already based on assumptions (faith) of senses; assumptions cannot lead to the knowledge of truth. Intuitionalism fails because it also has the potential to utilize empirical (and rational) devices; It allows one to alter their truth based on new experiences. This leaves room for “error” and keeps “truth” from being absolute or even certain.

Rationalist: I think, therefore I am. Person: You used speech to make that proclamation; One must use sight or hearing to interpret.

Nihilist: Nothing can be certain. Person: You can’t prove that. Nihilist: You’re catching on.

Nihilism is the only epistemological philosophy worth following.


Urban Dictionary: Nihilism

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11921 Freedom Dr, Reston, VA, 20190 – Office Building …

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Feb 092016

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APN No: 017-1-16-0009-A 1992 Urban Design Award of Excellence by the American Institute of Architects. 1993 National Association of Industrial and Office Parks Energy Efficiency Award. Two Fountain Square is the second office building of Phase One of Reston Town Center, a mixed-use regional urban core. Phase One includes twin office towers totalling 500,000 sq ft; 240,000 s.f. of retail; 11-screen multiplex theater; and a 515-room luxury Hyatt Regency Hotel.


Property Record Data – Historical Listings, current tax, mortgage, owners & tenant info for this property

Reston Market Trends – Asking price index trends, sale price trends, asking rent trends

The LoopNet service and information provided therein, while believed to be accurate, are provided “as is”. LoopNet disclaims any and all representations, warranties, or guarantees of any kind.

I am a place holder, please don’t judge me!!! (no, I judge you!)

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2016 CoStar Group, Inc.

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11921 Freedom Dr, Reston, VA, 20190 – Office Building …

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Nihilism – Philosophy –

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Feb 082016

Nihilism Abandoning Values and Knowledge Nihilism derives its name from the Latin root nihil, meaning nothing, that which does not exist. This same root is found in the verb annihilate — to bring to nothing, to destroy completely. Nihilism is the belief which:

Nihilism A Meaningless World Shakespeares Macbeth eloquently summarizes existential nihilism’s perspective, disdaining life:

Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more; it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

Nihilism Beyond Nothingness Nihilism–choosing to believe in Nothingness–involves a high price. An individual may choose to feel rather than think, exert their will to power than pray, give thanks, or obey God. After an impressive career of literary and philosophical creativity, Friedrich Nietzsche lost all control of his mental faculties. Upon seeing a horse mistreated, he began sobbing uncontrollably and collapsed into a catatonic state. Nietzsche died August 25, 1900, diagnosed as utterly insane. While saying Yes to life but No to God, the Prophet of Nihilism missed both.

Beyond the nothingness of nihilism, there is One who is greater than unbelief; One who touched humanity (1 John 5:20) and assures us that our lives are not meaningless (Acts 17:24-28).

Read more:

Nihilism – Philosophy –

Common Sense Atheism Atheism is just the beginning. Now …

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Feb 082016

by Luke Muehlhauser on June 2, 2014 in News

Im blogging again,

Its RSS feed liveshere.

The most substantial post there so far is The Riddle of Being or Nothingness.

by Luke Muehlhauser on July 12, 2012 in News

This is probably the last post on, which is now merely an archive of posts.

In July 2012 I launched Its a small, simple site an ideal place to send your friends when you want to introduce them to naturalism.

You can track my writings around the web via my personal websites news page (RSS). I mostly write on Less Wrong and the MIRI blog.

Common Sense Atheismhas closed its doors. Comments are turned off and there will be no new posts.

I will keep the debates page updated, so feel free to notify me of new debates.

The site will remain online as an archive. See the Contents page for a quick view of the sites main attractions.

You can keep up with my work on a variety of websites at, which has an RSS feed that will alert you to my new works when they are published. If nothing else, youll want to subscribe to that feed so you are notified when goes live. You can also follow my Twitter page.

by Luke Muehlhauser on January 28, 2012 in News

Common Sense Atheismis closing its doors.

Its been a great ride, and my interests have now turned elsewhere.

Ill keep comments open for about a week, and then comments on the site will be closed, but this site will remain online as an archive. I also plan to keep the debates page updated.

by Luke Muehlhauser on January 23, 2012 in News

Allow me to indulge in some anticipation

What are you most eagerly anticipating?

See original here:

Common Sense Atheism Atheism is just the beginning. Now …

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Sol 0: Mars Colonization – Episode 2 – YouTube

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Feb 082016

Sol 0: Mars Colonization is a fun little, well, Mars Colonization game. You need to explore the surface of Mars, send your explorers and supplies, and learn to build a colony on the inhospitable atmosphere of the Red Planet. Personally? I like Mars. And I like colonization type games. And it was only $5.99!! The is the best game for that price that I’ve played in a very long time. Well done! This is a MUST BUY for that price!

From the developers:

“Sol 0 is a real time strategy game where you establish the first Martian colony. From the first human footprints on Martian soil to a thriving and self-sustaining colony, Sol 0 imagines a near future using technology that could be available within the next few decades. Make use of minerals and resources across the Martian surface to expand from the first exploratory rover to an independent frontier.

From Chondrite Games, Sol 0 gives players the ultimate chance to take on the challenges inherent in pushing the boundaries of space exploration and habitation. Grow food, extract water, build habitats, generate electricity, evade unpredictable Martian weather, mine natural resources, and construct increasingly complex and sophisticated colony bases. Challenging simulation Youll be faced with balancing food and water needs, oxygen and energy supplies, natural resource collection, and preparing for weather disasters including meteorite impacts and dust storms. Prioritize the supplies you bring to ensure your colonys survival. Become independent from Earth The technology featured in Sol 0 is inspired by concepts currently being developed and deployed for Martian exploration. From water and mineral extractors, rovers with fine-tuned instruments, and biology labs that cross-breed bacterial strains from Earths extreme environments to increase food production on Mars, the available tools reflect an ever closer reality. Explore Mars and worlds beyond Ice caps, lava plains, and arid equatorial regions each offer distinct challenges to success, and randomly generated maps provide extended playability. Build custom maps using the Sol 0 Map Editor, and share your creations with other players.”

Buy your copy on Steam today:


Facebook: Twitter: Twitch TV: Google Plus:

New 2015 PC Specs (Since so many of you asked):

CPU: Intel i7-5960X Motherboard: Asus X99 Deluxe RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2800mhz CPU Cooler: Corsair H105 water cooler Graphic card: Asus NVidia GeForce GTX 980 Poseidon w/4GB DDR5 Video Memory (Also optional water cooling on board) Power Supply: Corsair HX1000i (1000Watt) Primary Hard Drive: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB Secondary HDD: Western Digital 2TB Black HDD Case: Cooler Master Cosmos Monitor: Asus 27″ Republic of Gamers SWIFT – 1ms response time @ 144Hz Mouse: Logitech G502 Keyboard: Logitech G910

Read more here:
Sol 0: Mars Colonization – Episode 2 – YouTube

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Pierre Teilhard De Chardin | Designer Children | Prometheism | Euvolution | Transhumanism