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N.J. Gov. Chris Christie will face a difficult decision in the coming days over an ammunition restriction bill thats nearly found its way to his desk and the pressure from the Second Amendment activists and the gun-control crackdown crowd could very well hang the fate of his White House aspirations.

The legislation seeks to reduce the allowable capacity for ammunition magazines to 10 rounds, down from 15. Its passed through the Senate and heads to the lower house for a second vote, where support is strong. Mr. Christie could see it within days, reported. And pressure is mounting for him to take a side.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Second Amendment and Gun Control

Christie will either veto the magazine restriction bill, or kiss his presidential aspirations goodbye, a headline of the gun rights website read.

But from the other side is pressure from parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims. Twice, this groups taken their lobby mantra for more gun control and for passage of the ammo limits directly to the steps of the state Capitol.

Theyre likely to make a public appearance during the final Assembly vote, due within days, said Bryan Miller, the executive director of the group, Heeding Gods Call, in

So far, Mr. Christies office has refused to take a stand.

If and when a final version of legislation reaches his desk, it will be carefully reviewed in the 45-day period he has prior to taking any action, one spokesman for Mr. Christie said, in

But any dream he might have for the White House or any GOP-fueled hope that hes the partys 2016 candidate may hinge on which way he goes on the bill.

Any candidate that doesnt do well in these early primaries can kiss their presidential aspirations goodbye and one of the fastest ways to sink a Republican nomination in the current political environment is to be seen as a champion of gun control, said Bob Owens, the author of the piece.

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N.J. Gov. Chris Christie under the gun over ammo bill, as White House beckons

May 062014

Glenn Beck talks Bitcoin
This clip is from the second hour of his May 5, 2014, radio broadcast. For information purposes only.

By: scottks5

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Glenn Beck talks Bitcoin – Video

Sep 202013

An island of Hindu offerings, incense wafts through the air from the second you step off the plane, and colourful, eccentric-looking gods poke their head out of every taxi mirror, shop door and hotel lobby.

Most visitors focus their stay on the southern shores Seminyak for couples seeking luxury, and Kuta for raucous merriment and markets. These well-trodden, southern beaches are vast, yawning swathes of surf-crashed sand, alive with neon-hued aprs-surf nightclubs.

The party crowd is easy to avoid, however. Escapists make for the hidden coves of Bingin, where fierce waves have carved out a parade of cliff-skirted, white sand coves, with frothy shallows created by peeling barrels of surf on the horizon.

Things get wild on the tempestuous northern shore as inky black volcanic sands line the coast at beaches such as Lovina. For sunset, surf and swinging in hammocks, the tiny island of Nusa Lembongan, just off the east coast, is the beachy postcard many come to Bali expecting.

Others leave the coast all together to explore the verdant waves of rice paddies that undulate between the islands inland volcanoes and the slow beating heart of the island, sleepy Ubud. Here, craft-selling villages, Hindu temples and monkey-filled rainforests surround the spiritual soul of Bali.

Where to stay

Bali Uma Ubud (00 62 361 972448; This boutique hotel lies on the outskirts of Ubud, surrounded by gardens of banyan trees and coconut palms. It is furnished with huge pieces of Balinese furniture: antique carvings and giant sized, intricately carved teak sofas. Colonial-style, straw-thatched rooms look out onto the volcanic valley of Mount Batur. A popular activity involves a dawn hike up to the crater. Doubles from 243.

Nusa Bay Resort (00 62 361 484085). Roomy bamboo-thatched and pastel-brushed concrete villas overlook the silky white sarong of sand that is Mushroom Bay on Balis cheery offshoot isle, Nusa Lembongan. In keeping with the friendly vibe of the island, Nusa Bay is a place for mingling with fellow holidaymakers. Diners all squidge in together on the grand communal tables under the Indonesian village-style long house where Bintang and Arak (local beer and firewater respectively) flow into the early hours. Doubles from 78.

Whisper it quietly; Lombok has far prettier, quieter and whiter beaches than neighbouring Bali. While its profile may be lower, the island looms over Bali with its 13,200ft-high pinnacle, Rinjani. This is Indonesias second highest volcano no mean feat in such a ripped archipelago.

In the smoky shadows of this behemoth, the southern coast is licked with coconut-white coves and waves that draw discerning beach lovers and surfers respectively. For a Robinson Crusoe adventure, take your pick from any of the Gili Islands that dot along Lomboks north-eastern fringe a trio of tiny jungle-and-sand islands, haloed by kaleidoscopic coral reef all without cars, crowds or complexity.

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Indonesia's islands: a guide

A few Inspirational words from the Second Amendment Guns Across America Rally In Columbia SC
A few Inspirational words from the Second Amendment Guns Across America Rally In Columbia SC

By: willwood487

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A few Inspirational words from the Second Amendment Guns Across America Rally In Columbia SC – Video

Jesus Pro Am 2009 – Coffs Harbour.mp4
In 2009, the Jesus Pro Am traveled to 3 beaches. Here is the highlights from the second event in Coffs Harbour.

By: jesusproam

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Jesus Pro Am 2009 – Coffs Harbour.mp4 – Video

Merry Christmas from George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and more!
We wish you a Merry Christmas! George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and the rest of the delegates from the Second Virginia Convention of 1775 wish you the best! A short video by the St. John's Church Foundation, a non-profit organiation, dedicated to preserving historic St. John's Church. St. John's Church was built c. 1741 and is a National Historic Landmark. It was the site of Patrick Henry's “Liberty or Death” speech at the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775. The foundation works to preserve the church and provide educational programming about the legacy of liberty. http://www.historicstjohnschurch.orgFrom:Historic St. John's ChurchViews:0 0ratingsTime:01:14More inNonprofits Activism

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Merry Christmas from George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and more! – Video

Merry Christmas from the Second Amendment brings to you Tiger Valley's Christmas greeting. Superb example of bad guy getting what he deserved. Merry Christmas all you GJWHG fans! Stay safe during your holiday season.From:Regis GilesViews:2 3ratingsTime:00:53More inEntertainment

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Merry Christmas from the Second Amendment – Video

PORT ARTHUR — Ted Nugent tells it like he sees it. Whether you agree with his full on intense stance on issues ranging from the Second Amendment to deer hunting you cannot ignore him.

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Ted Nugent talks hogs, feeding the hungry

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