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Imprinted in the minds of Indians are Jawaharlal Nehru’s words delivered at the stroke of midnight on that most important day: when the soul of a na tion, long suppressed, finds utterance. Everyone longed for their beloved India to sprout wings and fly . I find myself wondering today , what is the point of it all, if the wings are used to fly in the wrong direction? Towards a direction that is not in tune with our innate culture? We made one such unfortunate turn early in our independent history .

Freedom-loving liberals among us must remember and hang our heads in shame at the regrettable turn we took on May 10, 1951. That was the day Jawaharlal Nehru piloted the First Amendment to the Indian Constitution (which was passed into law within a few weeks). Among other restrictions on our fundamental rights, this also restricted freedom of expression.

Many feel that this was in response to the Supreme Court judgment in 1950 on the `Romesh Thappar vs The State of Madras’ case, through which the ban on Thappar’s magazine (a Marxist journal called Crossroads) was lifted. Many lawyers opine that in effect, the Supreme Court had recognized unfettered freedom of expression as compliant with our original Constitution; just like it was in the US and far better than in Europe at the time. Legal luminaries also hold that since unfettered freedom of expression would have been recognized as a fundamental right, the illiberal IPC Section 295(a), a gift bequeathed by the British Raj, through which many books have been banned, would be overridden.

Why did the Nehru government pass the first amendment? Critics of Nehru will hold this as proof that he was not a classical liberal (defined as one who defends political and economic freedoms for all). Supporters of Nehru will say that he had to ensure unity of purpose in the first few years of independent India to stabilize our country; and some freedoms were a small price to pay for this. I’ll let historians pass judgment on this issue.

I merely offer my take on the events that transpired; an observation that is based on my strong belief in freedom of expression. And this is not just as a liberal, but also as an inheritor of a culture that has a proud, millennia-long tradition of ideational freedom.

Freedom of expression is, frankly , the most Indian of values; one that was staunchly defended by Lord Brahma himself in the Natya Shastra. In ancient India one was free to create and encourage various versions of the holiest of epics like the Ramayan and Mahabharat; and all versions, some even unorthodox, were celebrated.In fact, one could even be an atheist in ancient India, as the Charvaks were (probably from the seventh century BC), and nobody would commit violence against them for being `ungodly’. One could practise out-of-the-ordinary rituals, as the Aghoras did (like ritual sex), and unlike in modern India, nobody would ban their practices as long as they didn’t hurt another. Everyone had a right to find their own truth, in keeping with the spirit of the Rig Vedic maxim: Ekam Sat Vipraha Bahuda Vadanti. Truth is one, but the wise men speak it as many .

I would ask for only two restrictions to be placed on freedom of expression. On someone who exercises freedom of expression to suppress the freedom of expression of another; that is unacceptable. And on anyone who uses freedom of expression to directly call for violence. In every other case, absolute and unfettered freedom of expression should be practised.Every banned book should be unbanned. Every argument, no matter how troubling it may be, should be allowed expression. Sigmund Freud had said that the first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization.

All of us who count ourselves as liberals and are proud Indians must ask for the First Amendment to be repealed.Moreover, we must not practise the kind of hypocritical freedom of expression that the westerners practise, where views not in alignment with the prevailing orthodoxy are suppressed; not through violence, but by ensuring that one is prevented from visiting various public forums or one’s works are not published (for example, the gagging of Ayaan Hirsi Ali). I must state that I disagree with many things Ms Ali says; but we must defend the right to speak even of those whose views are deeply troubling, provided that there is no direct call for violence.

Stopping the free flow of ideas is against India’s innate culture. We are not in any sense being “westernized” if we ask for unfettered freedom of expression. In fact, we are being very Indian. Furthermore, as our ancestors realized thousands of years ago, freedom of expression is the foundation of a liberal and decent society .

As the Rig Veda says: `In speech is enshrined blessed glory , is enshrined Mother Lakshmi herself.’

Time to do away with Jawaharlal Nehru's first amendment to the Indian Constitution

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Are there immediate plans to make Bitcoin more accessible to Forex Traders? – Video

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How to quit your job, get rich and find financial freedom with Real Estate Investing – Video

(PRWEB) November 18, 2014

American 15-year-olds ranked 36th in the world out of 65 participating countries tested in math, 28th in science and 24th in reading. And measures to better student performance and literacy over the last decade and a half, beginning with No Child Left Behind, have only made things worse, writes Freedom reporter Ray Richmond.

Why? Many educators believe that centralized measures like No Child Left Behind and Common Core have given rise to a punitive testing culture and led to an overall compromise of American public school education.

Teachers are largely scapegoated for declining student performance, as in Time magazines November 3 cover story ROTTEN APPLES: Its Nearly Impossible to Fire a Bad Teacher, Some Tech Millionaires May Have Found a Way to Change That. But through interviews with veteran educators, Richmond discovers a very different picturethat teachers are not the problem, but the answer to the crisis in Americas schools.

Also in the November issue of Freedom:

Shock TreatmentElectroconvulsive therapy got a public relations makeover, but is the procedure any less ugly?

Tibets Long Journey to FreedomA nations struggle for freedom, with its strongest advocates of human rights living in exile.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dan Luzzader on cultural biases, built-in and nurtured by the BBC.

Freedom Magazine is committed to accurate and accountable reporting. Freedom is the voice of the Church of Scientology and reflects its stance that responsible journalism and the free flow of information are the lifeblood of all great societies.

Published since 1968 and recently re-launched as a monthly print periodical, Freedom addresses issues, not politics. It seeks out and illuminates solutions to societys problems. Freedom proudly serves as a media watchdog, protecting the exchange of free ideas on which democracy relies. Freedom further spotlights the Church of Scientologys human rights, social betterment and volunteer works, thereby advancing its purpose of safeguarding and promoting the rights of all.

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Freedom Magazine on Failing Education Reform

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Europe and the US continue to drift further apart on Google. Even as European parliamentarians and regulators seek ways to restrain Googles discretion over search results, US courts continue to affirm Googles right to do whatever it wants with search results paid and organic.

A California state court in San Francisco recently granted Googles case-ending motion in lawsuit against the company (per GigaOm). The action, filed in June of this year in San Francisco Superior Court, was called S. Louis Martin vs. Google Inc.

Drafted and filed by the non-attorney publisher of San Francisco Bay Area Tourism website, the complaint alleged unfair and deceptive business practices against Google.

The basic factual allegations included the claim that CoastNews ranked at the top of search results on Bing and Yahoo for San Francisco neighborhood keywords but didnt rank in a comparable position on Google. Plaintiff Martin asserted that Googles unfair and monopolistic business practices cause him lost revenue and future growth and harmed consumers as well.

Martin asked for a jury trial and sought roughly $5 million in compensatory and punitive damages. Google prevailed by framing plaintiffs claim as a SLAPP lawsuit. SLAPP stands for strategic lawsuit against public participation. SLAPP suits are usually filed by corporations or other powerful interests often to intimidate or silence less-powerful critics.

The irony here is that the corporation (Google) was claiming that this individual plaintiff (Martin) was trying to silence its First Amendment-protected speech. The Superior Court agreed.

In its motion, essentially to dismiss the case, Google cited various prior cases and precedents that establish Google has total discretion over the content of its search results as a protected expression of its First Amendment free speech rights.

The 2003 decision Search King, cited above, was the first case (to my knowledge) to hold that Googles editorial control of search results was protected by the free speech clause of the First Amendment. That was reaffirmed earlier this year in a US District Court case called Zhang et (also cited above).

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Another Court Affirms Googles First Amendment Control Of Search Results

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Nov 172014

New Heartbeat is here!
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New Heartbeat is here! – Video

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Bitcoin Mining & Learning How to Start with Crypto Currencies | Bitcoin Trading Webinar 2014 – Video

Another promise of a Freedom of Information Bill was made in the House of Assembly this week. While the promise is an old one the bearer is newly appointed Territorial Governor His Excellency, Governor John Duncan.

The highly anticipated Freedom of Information legislation is constantly being referred to as the much-needed Bill for information related issues of the Territory and it came as no surprise that the promise of such a Bill made yet another appearance in the 2014 Speech from The Throne delivered on November 10.

The promise of such a bill was first made in 2011, repeated in 2012, mentioned in 2013, and promised again in 2014.

In Mondays Speech Governor Duncan announced: Government will seek to introduce the Freedom of Information Bill to provide the public with the right of access to information in the possession of the public authorities, thus making available to the public information about the operations of public authorities and, in particular, ensuring that the authorizations, policies, rules and practices affecting members of the public in their dealings with public authorities are readily available to persons affected by those authorizations, policies, rules and practices.

In his Speech that was delivered on 7 October 2013, previous Governor Boyd McCleary announced that Government still intended to pilot such a bill.

Bill Drafted

It was announced in January 2012 that a Freedom of Information Act had already been drafted and was awaiting attention from legislators to become law. Information about the legislation was disclosed by renowned Attorney Gerard St.C Farara Q.C who was presenting under the topic The 2007 Constitution and Good Governance in the Virgin Islands during the 24th annual Frederick Pickering memorial lecture on 17 January.

Queens Counsel Farara announced that the Law Reform Commission drafted and submitted a Freedom of Information legislation to government, in response to the fact that the Territory does not have any such law. He stated that the drafted legislation was submitted to Government for their consideration and tabling before the House of Assembly.

Mr. Farara explained that a Freedom of Information Act was much needed, as it is key to enabling members of the public to have access to and become more informed about matters relating to decision-making in Government.

Such legislation has certain financial and other implications for the Territory when fully implemented. Accordingly, as elsewhere, it may have to be brought into effect piecemeal over a period of time. That having been said, the importance of such legislation to transparency, accountability and generally keeping the public informed about government activities, cannot be ignored. As we have seen, this is most critical to the free flow of information and hence good governance, Mr. Farara stated.

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Freedom Of Information Bill To Emerge From 4-Year Limbo

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Taking that liberty walk season 1 episode 3: don’t judge me part 2 – Video

(PRWEB) November 15, 2014

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In the latest version of the document, which recently went live on the website, the content team from the agency have added a series of warnings or typical scams employed by other SEO agencies. We added the warnings and list of things to avoid when selecting a service provider as too many clients were coming to us after having had a bad experience with another SEO firm one of the founders of SEO Consultancy Ltd explained. Hopefully by sharing this information we can help others avoid falling victim to the unscrupulous agencies who unfortunately are still offering their services in abundance, even today the continued.

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The SEO Consultancy Ltd Agency Has Published an Updated Guide to Choosing the Right SEO Services



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About the First Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of …

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About the First Amendment | First Amendment Center …

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Exposing Illuminati Secrets
The new world order, Anonymous is all of us, It's your turn to WAKE UP. Do so and maybe, our kids will be FREE. If not we will be slaves forever. As a one voice we can do it. WAKE UP and together…

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Exposing Illuminati Secrets – Video

FOX NEWS: End Times – Illuminati infiltrating Christian Artist, Music, Movies Mass Animal Deaths

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FOX NEWS: End Times – Illuminati infiltrating Christian Artist, Music, Movies & Mass Animal Deaths – Video

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