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For personal injury lawyers, chiropractors, dentists, and other practitioners in locally serving businesses, SEO plays a major part in attracting clients and achieving success. Unfortunately, you can mess up in a heartbeat if you arent careful. Lets look at how to appropriately deal with SEO in ways that are pleasing to both search engines and your audience.

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While those numbers are specifically geared towards lawyers, the statistics for other local industries is similar. Whether youre a chiropractor, dentist, or some other practitioner, you can expect a large percentage of your new client traffic to come from online sources specifically search engines.

The Difficulty of Understanding SEO

Sounds pretty easy, right? Invest heavily in SEO, and youll begin to see your business grow and expand. If only it were that simple. Like anything else in the business world, it takes hard work to be successful.

The trouble with tapping into SEO is that Google and other search engines are continually changing their algorithms and rules. Whats true today may not be true tomorrow. They are free to update as they please and they do quite frequently. As a result, its almost impossible for practitioners with fulltime jobs to learn the best SEO practices in their free time. As soon as you learn how to do something, the rules will change. This is where SEO professionals come into play.

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Conduct a search for SEO help and youll find millions of results. SEO is a booming industry, and people with knowledge of how it works are eager to find a place in the market. Unfortunately for entrepreneurs, lawyers, and others with little experience in the industry, its challenging to determine which SEOs are experts and which are salesmen.

As a credible law firm or business, you cant afford to associate yourself with an SEO professional that doesnt know the rules. You could (A) end up wasting lots of money, or (B) damage your online credibility. Often, its both.

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A Guide To SEO For Entrepreneurs In Locally Serving Industries

BERKELEY — Fifty years ago this week, UC Berkeley students barred from promoting civil rights and other causes on campus staged a peaceful and relentless protest, demanding — and months later, gaining — their constitutional rights to free expression and assembly.

The free speech movement made an unmistakable stamp on a campus that prides itself on its legacy of social activism, and its spirit of protest quickly spread to colleges across the nation.

The victory showed people what free speech movement leader Bettina Aptheker now teaches her students at UC Santa Cruz: “When large numbers of people can be mobilized and organized in a mass movement, you can make significant change.”

Discussions take place at tables set up in Sproul Plaza on the University of California Berkeley, Calif., campus on Friday, Sept. 19, 2014. The Free Speech Movement that began in late September 1964 paved the way for broader freedom of expression on college campuses across the country. At Cal, the movement began after the administration tried to ban students’ political activity — including tabling for social or political causes. (Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group) ( Laura A. Oda )

Students at Cal and other colleges would go on to fight for women’s rights, gay rights, disability rights, and — much later — against apartheid in South Africa before settling into a broader activism today that engages thousands of students in many groups, causes and campaigns.

They also would campaign, successfully, for ethnic studies programs on their campuses in the late 1960s and ’70s, demanding scholarly programs on the history and experiences of African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latinos and Native Americans.

Massive student-led demonstrations have greatly diminished since the 1960s, when Cal history professor David Hollinger was a graduate student who rallied to support the free speech movement.

Today’s political problems and injustices, he said, can be more difficult to pinpoint than the Vietnam War, Jim Crow racial-segregation laws and campus regulations denying students constitutional rights.

“It’s a little bit harder to know where to get a grip on it,” Hollinger said.

But many students, he said, have embraced other kinds of activism.

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UC Berkeley celebrates free speech movement's 50th anniversary


Onewayto honor the Free Speech Movements 50th anniversaryistocorrect misconceptions about it.Visiting lecturer and New York University professor Robert Cohen a UC Berkeley alumnus who received his Ph.D. in history here in 1987 sets the record straight about severalFSM myths. Cohen is the author of several books on Mario Savio, including Freedoms Orator, this falls On the Same Page common text for incoming students.

Cohen: The FSMs core organizers had no such intention. Veterans of the Bay Area and Southern civil rights movements, these students in fall 1964 planned to continue their campaign to end discriminatory hiring practices among Bay Area employers and secure voting rights for African Americans in Mississippi.

NYU professor Robert Cohen speaks at Berkeleyabout Free Speech Movement history. (UC Berkeley photo byHulda Nelson)

When banned from doing this work on campus, they initially responded by meeting several times with Dean of Students Katherine Towle. Tactics escalated only when she made it clear the university wouldnt budge. But even then, there was no planned takeover of any campus building.

The two sit-ins that followed, in Sproul Hall on Sept. 30 and on Sproul Plaza Oct. 1 and 2, erupted spontaneously and were non-violent. The first was a response by hundreds of students to not being cited for their proud defiance of the ban only five students received citations.The second was after Jack Weinberg, one of the protesters staffing a political table on Sproul Plaza, was arrested. As he was put into a police car on the plaza, a crowd of students emerged and chanted Take us all and Sit down, sparking a 32-hour sit-in.

That sit-in ended peacefully again contradicting the stereotype of UC Berkeley radicals as extremists because Mario Savio and other protesters negotiated a pact with UC President Kerr that set up campus committees to examine free-speech rules and the disciplining of the protesters.

Savio supported the pact and, in his speech atop the police car, urged protesters alsoto accept the pact and disperse, which they did. During the month after the pact was negotiated, FSM leaders placed a moratorium on defiance of the ban. Only after negotiations broke down later that fall, over the administrations insistence on retaining the power to discipline students for illegal advocacy, did the FSM activists again begin defying the rules.

As for Savio being the leader of the FSM: From the start, the leadership was collective; it was governed by democratically elected representatives. It had neither a maximum leader nor a president.

Savio became a media star because his oratory was so eloquent.He is remembered as a firebrand, but his speeches were more explanatory that incendiary. Savio didnt hate the university, but was an idealist who wanted it governed more democratically. He loved learning and was a brilliant student, especially in science, and spent his last years, after getting bachelors and masters degrees in physics, teaching at the university level.

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Busted: Three Free Speech Movement myths

David Cameron Announces the END OF FREE SPEECH!
By freeradiorevolution David “SCUMBAG” Cameron announces the END OF FREE SPEECH!

By: Time To Unite

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David Cameron Announces the END OF FREE SPEECH! – Video

Fifty years ago, Jack Weinberg was the first to be arrested in an unprecedented student protest over free speech restrictions on the UC Berkeley campus. Thousands of demonstrators surrounded the police car in which Weinberg was detained for 32 hours. Subsequent protests went on for months.

While UC authorities had hoped for a quick return to order, a seminal youth rebellion the Free Speech Movement was born on Sproul Plaza instead. Historians say its national influence persists through decades of political activism, on and off college campuses.

This week, the university that once sought to censor Weinberg and other leaders of that movement is welcoming them back as heroes and historical figures.

Berkeley is commemorating the half-century anniversary of that tumultuous fall 1964 semester with lectures, classes, concerts, exhibits and other activities that will culminate with a rally Wednesday at Sproul Plaza.

“Fifty years have passed, and it’s pretty safe to be a supporter of the Free Speech Movement now,” said Weinberg, 74, who is a consultant to groups seeking to clean up environmental pollution. As in many disputes, the losing side now embraces the cause it had fought, he said.

Free Speech activists many now with adult grandchildren have held previous reunions and been lionized and sometimes vilified in films and books. But UC itself had been at best lukewarm to them until this week’s Golden Bear-hug.

“The university is taking ownership of its own history, and that’s really healthy,” said historian Robert Cohen, a professor from New York University who is teaching this term at Berkeley. As part of an annual common book reading, all incoming Berkeley freshmen and transfer students were assigned “Freedom’s Orator,” Cohen’s biography of the late Mario Savio. The philosophy student, despite an earlier stutter, became the most eloquent spokesman for the Free Speech Movement.

For students to hear Weinberg and other activists explain the Free Speech Movement “would be like Thomas Jefferson coming back and explaining the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution,” Cohen said. “It’s really a unique opportunity to get the perspective of the people who made this history.”

Because of their ages, participants say that this may be the last major reunion and chance to have Free Speech leaders interact with students. (Savio died of a heart attack in 1996 at the age of 53, when he was a Sonoma State professor leading a protest against tuition increases.)

Veterans of the movement, who are organizing some events separate from UC-sponsored ones, say they hope to inspire today’s quieter and more career-focused generation of students to activism on a range of issues.

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Graying activists return to Berkeley to mark '64 free speech protests

OXFORD, Miss. (PRWEB) September 26, 2014

Charles Overby, a champion of the First Amendment and the free press, has been selected to receive the 2015 Legacy Award from the Ole Miss Women’s Council for Philanthropy.

The Legacy Award, presented by C Spire, recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions as philanthropists, leaders and mentors and brought about definitive, positive changes in the University of Mississippi, state and nation. A ceremony to present the award will be April 18, 2015 at Carrier House, Chancellor Dan and Lydia Jones’ home on the UM campus, where Overby was educated as a journalist.

“Charles Overby has traveled the globe in efforts to promote First Amendment freedoms and to discuss media relations,” said Karen Moore of Nashville, OMWC chair. “In Washington, D.C., Mr. Overby led the development of the Newseum, a major specialty museum that explores how news surrounding historic moments affects our experiences.

“At Ole Miss, he continues to have a significant impact on both students and the general public through the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics. The Overby Center gives individuals an opportunity to come together and discuss major issues of our region, nation and world, while creating a better understanding of media, politics and the First Amendment. The Women’s Council believes that discussing issues helps solve them.”

Overby is the former chairman of the Freedom Forum, Newseum and Diversity Institute. For 22 years, he was chief executive officer of the Freedom Forum, a nonpartisan foundation that educates people about the press and the First Amendment. His service as CEO of the Newseum spanned 1997 to 2011, during which time he supervised the building of the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. This interactive museum has been called the “best experience Washington has to offer.” He also was CEO of the Diversity Institute, a school created in 2001 to teach journalists and aspiring journalists while increasing diversity in newsrooms.

The Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics was established at Ole Miss with a $5.4 million gift from the Freedom Forum to honor Overby’s extensive professional contributions. He continues his involvement with Ole Miss students by helping them identify beneficial opportunities and internships.

Before joining the Freedom Forum, Overby was an effective public watchdog a newspaper reporter and editor for 17 years with a goal of protecting citizens by keeping them well informed. He covered Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, the White House and presidential campaigns for Gannett Co., the nation’s largest newspaper company. He also served as the top editor at Florida Today in Melbourne, Fla., and the executive editor of The Clarion-Ledger and Jackson Daily News in Jackson. Overby supervised the news and editorial coverage that led to The Clarion-Ledger winning the Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal for Distinguished Public Service in 1983 for coverage of the need for education reform in Mississippi.

His exemplary career which began as an 11-year-old delivering newspapers at 5 a.m. for The Clarion-Ledger also includes serving as vice president of news and communications for Gannett and as a member of the management committees of Gannett and USA Today. He experienced two stints in government, as press assistant to U.S. Sen. John Stennis, a Democrat from Mississippi; and special assistant for administration to Tennessee Gov. Lamar Alexander, a Republican.

When asked about his successful career, Overby credited his mother, his wife and longtime colleague, the late Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today, the Freedom Forum and the Newseum, for mentoring and supporting him throughout his extensive career.

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Overby to Receive Coveted Legacy Award

RED ALERT! David Cameron Announces the END OF FREE SPEECH! MUST SEE!
By Free Radio Revolution

By: Wake up Canada!

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RED ALERT! David Cameron Announces the END OF FREE SPEECH! MUST SEE! – Video

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) —

On Oct. 1, 1964, students sat down at Sproul Plaza demanding the university lift its ban on political activism.

Students attending UC Berkeley today know they are being raised in the cradle of the free speech movement. For most though, the details are sketchy.

It was October 1, 1964, when Jack Weinberg, a student activist was trying to push for racial equality. He did so on the steps of Sproul Hall, knowing he could be arrested.

“I had the good fortune of being the one they selected and when I wouldn’t cooperate, they called in a police care to haul me away,” said Weinberg.

Students who had gathered at the plaza, quickly surrounded the police car.

“When the police car was brought on campus and people sat down on it somebody yelled ‘sit down’ and everybody sat down because we were used to sitting in. We had action at the Sheraton Plaza and other places,” said Lynn Hollander former student activist.

The car became the speaker’s podium and no one delivered the message more effectively than Mario Savio.

Weinberg was held in the police car for 32 hours. During that time he gave an interview to a reporter from the San Francisco Examiner.

“He was trying really, I felt, to get out of me that some older somebody or other was pulling our strings and I got mad and said, you know, here we have a saying in the movement we don’t trust anybody over 30. It was mainly a putdown,” said Weinberg.

Here is the original post:
Berkeley's Free Speech Movement marks 50 years

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Government Censors The WashingtonPost News, Comments Pertaining To Legislative Bill CISPA
CENSORSHIP, DO YOU HAVE FREE SPEECH I BET YOU DON'T IT IS FAKE Steven Sotloff Allegedly Beheaded by Islamic State NO BLOOD Government is censoring the public comments at WashingtonPostNews…

By: Zeynel Mutlu

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Government Censors The WashingtonPost News, Comments Pertaining To Legislative Bill CISPA – Video

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Liberty Camp 2014 (Italy) – You can’t miss it! – Video

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TB JOSHUA Synagogue Church Building Was Thrown Down by Illuminati Freemasons ? Oh

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TB JOSHUA Synagogue Church Building Was Thrown Down by Illuminati & Freemasons ? Oh – Video

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Sep 192014

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Changing dates may have been a blessing in disguise for Hampdenfest, as organizers announced Thursday that Future Islands, an up-and-coming band that is gaining national notice, will headline the free festival.

It didn’t look good for Hampdenfest in July, when organizers canceled the annual neighborhood festival after the Baltimore City government said it couldn’t provide support services for both Hampdenfest on Sept. 13 and the city’s week-long Sailabration extravaganza at the same time.

Organizers agreed to change the date to Sept. 20 at the urging of community leaders and city officials, but worried that the festival would lose many of its vendors and rock bands that were already booked elsewhere on the new date.

“I probably lost a half dozen bands,” said co-organizer Benn Ray, who books the bands for Hampdenfest each year.

But now, Hampdenfest is back in business with most of its original vendors and a full lineup of local bands for its three separate stages, including the hottest Baltimore band of all.

Synthpop band Future Islands, which climbed to No. 40 on the Billboard Top 200 album charts with its fourth album, Singles, is booked for Hampdenfest. The band will play on The Avenue Stage, starting at 6 p.m..

“Future Islands had always wanted to play Hampdenfest,” said Ray, who knows several of the band members. He said Future Islands was already booked to play a festival in Washington on the original Hampdenfest date.

“Once we changed the date, I reached out to them,” Ray said. “They were super happy to help. They had heard about (the conflict with) Sailabration.”

The band could not be reached for comment for this story.

Ray, who is president of the Hampden Village Merchants Association, owner of Atomic Books and a Hampden neighborhood columnist for the Baltimore Messenger, said he expects the “skyrocketing” band’s appearance to boost attendance at the fall festival, which takes over West 36th Street, The Avenue, as well as Chestnut Avenue for the popular Toilet Races. This year’s festival will also debutthe Hampden Fashion Show,a runway of clothes and looks by local Hampden boutiques and salons.

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The 'Future' looks bright for Hampdenfest

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