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Visit Lofoten Islands, Norway, Northern Lights
Explore the magic Lofoten Islands, Norway. Northern Lights, Fishing, Skiing, Mountains, Sea, Surfing, Kayaking. Svinya Rorbuer is total supplier of adventures. Rorbu accommodation, restaurant,…

By: Svinya Rorbuer – Visit Lofoten Islands, Norway

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Visit Lofoten Islands, Norway, Northern Lights – Video

Freedom Fishing Supplies Fishing Competition 2014
Stay tuned and enjoy the action!

By: Reel Fishing Addicts

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Freedom Fishing Supplies Fishing Competition 2014 – Video

Fishing the Eastern Shore Islands
Light tackle fishing with soft plastics and poppers on the Easter Shore of Maryland. Fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish and Speckled Trout along shoreline structure.

By: Wolfpack Fishing

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Fishing the Eastern Shore Islands – Video

HONOLULU, Sept. 20 (UPI) — On June 17th, President Obama announced he would expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument from 83,000 square miles to almost 755,000. That translates to a large portion of the ocean with islands controlled by the United States that cannot be fished. Many tuna fisherman are upset, because they believe this expansion will ruin their business, according to National Geographic.

Jack Kittinger, the director of Conservation International’s Hawaii office, claims there is very little tuna fished in the area the president has proposed protecting. Conservationists and scientists want to see that area protected, because the islands and reefs in the area have a large range of unique species and untouched life. The White House has received over 135,000 letters from U.S. citizens commending the efforts to protect the environment. The executive director of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, Kitty Simonds, claims 16 percent of the fishing her associates do is located in the proposed area, and American Samoa has over 5,000 jobs in the tuna industry. The islands in the region are almost 1,000 miles from Hawaii.

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Tuna fishermen are not happy about proposed marine sanctuary

Night Fishing the Whitsunday Islands

By: cika anastasya

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Night Fishing the Whitsunday Islands – Video

Apr 302014

SIFF13: Islands
SIFF13:Islands is the fifth edition in a series of independent projects to capture a year spent fly fishing surf and inshore waters . “SIFF” is simply short for Surf Inshore Fly Fishing….

By: Peter Laurelli

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SIFF13: Islands – Video

India: Fishing For Freedom (Chinese)
For most of their lives, every one of the 1200 fishermen in Tamil Nadu in the south of India described themselves as slaves. They were in debt to money-lende…

By: unitednations

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India: Fishing For Freedom (Chinese) – Video

Pat the Cope Gallagher. File photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Irish MEP Pat the Cope Gallagher has called on the European Commission to implement sanction measures against Iceland, saying that Iceland and the Faroe Islands have been fishing mackerel in the North East Atlantic in an indiscriminate and reckless manner.

Speaking at the European Parliament, Mr Gallagher announced that a 5-year agreement had been signed on Wednesday evening between the European Union, Norway and the Faroe Islands concerning the sharing of mackerel in the North East Atlantic. Iceland refused to co-operate and withdrew from the talks.

The mackerel row has been ongoing since 2009 when Iceland claimed there had been a mackerel migration shift in its favour.

Mr Gallagher welcomed the agreement on behalf of the Irish fishing industry which will see an increase in mackerel quota from 57,000 tonnes in 2013 to in excess of 105,000 tonnes for 2014, representing a 60 per cent increase on the provisional quota issued at the start of this year. The Irish fishing industry is currently worth 125 million.

However, Mr Gallagher criticised Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki for handling the issue in a disappointing manner.

I have no doubt, if she (Ms Damanaki) had imposed sanctions against Iceland last year then we wouldnt be in the situation we face today, whereby Iceland once again refuses to co-operate with the other Coastal States.

Iceland has increased its share of mackerel catches from 1 per cent in 2006 to 23 per cent in 2013, while the Faroe Islands share has grown from 4.6 per cent to 29.3 per cent in the same time period. Mr Gallagher, who presented his report to the parliament on the issue in 2012, called for a long-term solution to ensure the sustainability of mackerel stock and the protection and socio economic interest of the fishing and processing sectors.

Both Iceland and the Faroe Islands were previously responsible for the overfishing of blue whiting in the North East Atlantic, resulting in a collapse in this stock, said Mr Gallagher. The case of blue whiting clearly shows what can happen, if no action is taken.

EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski agreed that Icelands refusal to sign the deal was disappointing, saying he would take into account calls from MEPs for sanctions.

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Irish MEP calls for sanctions on Iceland

Snorkel Girl whitsunday Islands HD Fishing video
Fly Fishing (Sport), Christmas Island (Country), Fishing (TV Genre), GTS, GT, Giant Trevally, saltwater fly fishing, peter collingsworth, sportquest holiday….

By: Fishermen-Official

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Snorkel Girl whitsunday Islands HD Fishing video – Video

new Snorkel Girl Islands HD Fishing video
Hunting and fishing in Alaska are common both for recreation and subsistence. Hunting[edit] Alaska is a popular hunting destination. Hunters come from all ov…

By: Fish Hunting AMTR

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new Snorkel Girl Islands HD Fishing video – Video

Narrandera – Fishing, Beaches, Koalas, Birdlife
2-84 Oakbank St, Narrandera Ray White Temora Craig Pellow Ray White Temora A place of natural beauty Oakbank Narrandera This is a water lovers oasis right on…

By: Ray White

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Narrandera – Fishing, Beaches, Koalas, Birdlife – Video

Best Pivate Beaches – Relax, Best Beaches in Eleuthera, Where are the Bahama, Find Eleuthera
Private Beach + Great Beaches + Relax + Eleuthera + Bahamas | Best + Fishing + Bahamas | Best Rental + Eleuthera + Bahama | Where is Bahama + Bahama | Where …

By: Craig Karst

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Best Pivate Beaches – Relax, Best Beaches in Eleuthera, Where are the Bahama, Find Eleuthera – Video

Lombok, Indonesia – As the boat approaches Indonesia’s Gili Sunut island, the captain shuts down the engines, letting it drift the final few metres towards the shore. A strange quiet hangs in the air, punctuated by the water slopping against the hull.

Once home to 109 families, this tiny island now lies deserted. Skeletal concrete structures dot the landscape, their door frames and windows removed. Only the roof of the mosque has been left out of respect for Allah, but that too will be razed when a “six-star resort” is constructed here over the coming years.

“The government came to Sunut, to the mosque, and held a meeting with the local people to talk about the development,” says Mustiadi, a fisherman, who like many Indonesians goes by one name.”We refused the idea of relocation, but after more consultations they told us that we didn’t have any choice.”

The People’s Coalition for Fisheries Justice Indonesia (KIARA), a sea and land rights advocacy group, says the fate of Mustiadi and his community will become more common under a new government programme to promote investment in islands and coastal areas. KIARA says many more islands will effectively be sold to foreign buyers, trampling the rights of fishermen and threatening traditional livelihoods.

After their eviction in June, the former residents of Gili Sunut were relocated to a new settlement on the other side of the bay. The Singaporean developer, Ocean Blue Resorts, has provided each family with a new bungalow and between 3m and 5m rupiah ($246 to $411) in compensation. But Mustiadi says it’s not enough.

“They gave us a bungalow, but the roof leaked and it was very poor quality. I decided to rebuild mine, but not everyone could afford to do that. They still haven’t paid us for our ruined houses on Gili Sunut,” he said.”Now life is harder because we live further from our fishing waters. In our new village there is no school, and still we have no road and no running water.It feels like the government hasn’t taken care of us.”

Booming tourism

Tourism is booming on the island of Lombok. In September, the land division of Indonesian media conglomerate MNC reportedly set aside 700bn ($57.4m) rupiah to invest in an “integrated tourist resort” in Kuta on the island’s south coast. The completion of a sealed coast road and the opening of an international airport in 2011 are rapidly boosting the number of visitors.

The locals take what they’re given and they don’t know how to fight the government. Often the police and the army are used to push people out.

– Selamet Daroyni, KIARA coordinator for education

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Indonesia relocates families to build resorts

Tuna Fish Hunting Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo Galapagos Islands
Tuna Fishing.

By: kalia agya

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Tuna Fish Hunting Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo Galapagos Islands – Video

India: Fishing For Freedom
For most of their lives, every one of the 1200 fishermen in this village in the south of India described themselves as slaves. They were in debt to money-len…


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India: Fishing For Freedom – Video

Gosfest 2013 – Fishing in the Tiwi Islands
An epic tale of a man and his fish.

By: Gosford High School

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Gosfest 2013 – Fishing in the Tiwi Islands – Video

Monster Hunter Freedom: Village quest walkthrough Ep 4
Hello everyone, welcome to my new channel and my new Monster Hunter series Today's Quests Basics: Fishing Mushroom Picking.

By: raymondsmind

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Monster Hunter Freedom: Village quest walkthrough Ep 4 – Video

Sep 242013

Autumn clean-up on the beaches

1:00pm Tuesday 24th September 2013 in News By Emma Walker

VOLUNTEERS took to the beaches over the weekend to give them an autumn clean.

After a busy summer on the Dorset coast, when sun-seekers flocked to the area, teams headed to the seashore armed with bin bags and litter pickers for the Great Dorset Beach Clean.

Lyn Cooch of the Dorset Countryside coastal ranger team helped out on Chesil Beach.

She said: We have been conducting a survey of a 100-metre area on the beach to record what litter is being picked up.

The litter from these areas will then be weighed before the data is sent off.

It is a great initiative to keep our beaches clean after a busy summer.

Fishing nets, barbecues and plastic items made up a lot of the waste, with details of rubbish picked up sent to the Marine Conservation Society to add to its annual report on beach litter.

The clean-ups are organised by Dorset County Councils Country-side Ranger Service.

Autumn clean-up on the beaches

Gone Fishing / Save Freedom Island! Save Manila Bay! Join us in cleaning up our coasts on September 21! 'Wag gawing tambakan ang karagatan. Stop reclamation! Save Freedom Island! Save Mani…

By: savedolphins100

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Gone Fishing / Save Freedom Island! Save Manila Bay! – Video

TOKYO (AFP) – A lawmaker from Japan’s ruling party was aboard one of four fishing boats that sailed on Monday towards islands at the centre of a bitter dispute with China, the organiser said, as Chinese vessels loomed nearby.

Japan’s national broadcaster said one of the Chinese maritime surveillance ships had been within a kilometre (1,000 yards) of the fishing boats, in an incident that could inflame a debilitating international row.

There was no attempt by anyone on board to land on any of the islands, which Japan controls as the Senkakus, but which China claims as the Diaoyus.

“The purpose of dispatching the fishing boats is to fish in the waters,” an official from the nationalist Channel Sakura satellite broadcaster told AFP, adding the company’s president was aboard one of the boats.

“Most of the people on this mission are fishermen,” he said, but noted that Kenji Yamada, a parliamentarian and member of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party had also taken part in the mission.

The Japanese boats had left the area by the afternoon, he said.

The incident passed off without confrontation but marked a change from recent months, which have seen regular forays by official Chinese ships into the 12-nautical-mile zone regarded as territorial waters.

It has become customary for Japan’s coastguard and the Chinese ships to exchange demands that the other side leave the waters, as part of a tussle between Tokyo and Beijing over ownership of the resource-rich islands.

A Japanese foreign ministry official telephoned the Chinese embassy in Tokyo to protest at the presence of the Chinese vessels, the ministry said.

The four ships made a circuit of the largest island in the chain before heading away, Japan’s coastguard said.

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Japan lawmaker on boat near China dispute islands

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