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A 27-year-old Northeast Ohio man with previous illegal explosives manufacturing, weapons possession and drug trafficking convictions was indicted in federal court on Wednesday on charges he threatened to kill President Barack Obama and for “threats made in interstate commerce” when he used social media to threaten the lives of others.

“Through multiple postings on Facebook, he stated he would kill the president when he had the chance,” the federal indictment said of Christopher Gembicki, 27. The second count says he posted on Facebook that he was going to Kill another person and their family with a chainsaw, and the third count says he posted on Twitter that another person’s “time was up and he was going to drink (the person’s) blood.”

Scene could not find a Facebook account for him it’s possible he deleted the account since the time of the posts but was able to track down the Twitter account the feds attribute to Gembicki (account names are not mentioned in the indictment, but there’s not doubt it’s the one). He changed his twitter handle from @ChrisGembicki11 to @THE4ANTICHRIST in recent months.

On there is all-caps posts about the Illuminati and the New World Order, constant references to himself as the antichrist, and regular use of racial and sexual slurs in death threats to rap and hip hops stars, Vladimir Putin, and a few non-famous people he seemed to have an issue with. One particular target of Gembicki on Twitter was a musician named Honey Cocaine (@QueenHoneyC), a female Cambodia-born, Canada-raised rapper with more than a half million followers on the site. On just Feb. 19 and 20, he sent these tweets regarding the musician:


Gembicki’s Google+ account says he’s been a journalism student at Cleveland State since 2013, but we were unable to confirm that statement. He’s also an aspiring standup comedian, according to his profile, and may have performed at a Jan. 8 show at Jack Perry’s Grille & Pub in Austintown (it’s possible this event was referenced in the Feb. 19 tweet about “A FAKE COMEFY SHOW” mentioned above).

Gembicki had been locked up in the Cuyahoga County jail in Cleveland since February 25 (five days after his last published tweet) when he was arrested by Broadview Heights police on burglary and aggravated theft charges, county court records show. Those records list a Broadview Heights address for the him, but previous court records show addresses in Warren and Niles.

On March 3, federal court records show a US magistrate judge issued an order transferring Gembicki from the county jail over to custody by the United States Secret Service, FBI, or the United States Marshal in Cleveland. He was officially indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday.

Gembicki has been in trouble before, per court records in Trumbull County. In 2005 when he was living in Niles, the Trumbull County sheriff’s office arrested him for illegally manufacturing or processing explosives and carrying a concealed weapon and sentenced to five years of probation.

A few months later, he was arrested for felony trafficking of counterfeit controlled substances. The next year, the Niles Police Department booked him on three felony counts of having weapons while under disability, carrying a concealed weapon, and improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle.

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"KILLINGSPREECOMING": Feds Indict Broadview Heights Man For Social Media Threats Against President Obama, Others

The New York City Police Department has denied a public records request and subsequent appeal for its Freedom of Information handbook.

Muckrock journalist Shawn Musgrave filed a records request under New Yorks Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) for the police departments FOIL handbook, the guide officers use to apply public record law.

SEE ALSO: U.S. Navy mistakenly sends how-to memo on dodging FOIA requests

However, the NYPD told Musgrave its Freedom of Information handbook is not covered by FOIL, arguing it is protected under attorney-client privilege.

The NYPD said the information in the handbook reflects confidential communications between members of the FOIL unit and their attorneys in the context of the providing of legal advice concerning the meaning and requirements of the Freedom of Information Law.

Journalists and transparency advocates who have long complained about the NYPDs culture of secrecy criticized the latest rejection.

Whats ludicrous here is that the NYPD is refusing to be open about its own transparency process itself, Musgrave told the WashingtonFree Beacon. Even if attorney-client privilege applied hereand I dont believe that it does, not for the departments FOIL handbooks and manuals, at leastdepartment lawyers can absolutely choose to release this basic information. Even the FBI and NSA have released similar documents with minimal redactions.

Robert Freeman, the executive director of the New York State Committee on Open Government, said that, while he has not seen the handbook, the NYPDs arguments are tenuous at best.

Legal advice is something that can be accepted, rejected, or modified by the boss, Freeman said. When it is adopted by the decision maker, its no longer legal advice, it becomes the policy of the agency. There are any number of circumstances where similar kinds of documents have been made public via FOIL requests.

Second, assuming that some of the content does not consist solely of legal advice but rather is reflective of police department policy, in my opinionagainthe privileges that were cited would not apply, Freeman continued.

Excerpt from:
NYPD denies Freedom of Information request for public records handbook

Fringe Season 5, Episode 12 – Liberty Part 1
Fringe online Watch Fringe Season 5, Episode on FOX . Fringe follows the exploits of FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham, scientist Wa…


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Fringe Season 5, Episode 12 – Liberty Part 1 – Video

Some say it infringed on the free speech of those who weren’t charged with any crimes

Hacktivist group Anonymous was the target of a cyberattack launched by British spies, according to more document leaks by former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden.

According to NBC News, the British version of the U.S.’ NSA — calledthe Government Communications Headquarters Communications (GCHQ) — launched a cyberattack against the hacktivist group using itsJoint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) division.

The documents detailing the attack were pulled from a 2012 NSA conference called SIGDEV via PowerPoint presentation.

In an operation called “Rolling Thunder,” JTRIGlaunched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the internet relay chat (IRC) rooms, which are used by members of Anonymous.

JTRIG agents also posed as Anonymous members to infiltrate IRC rooms and locate those responsible for attacking government websites and stealing personal data back in 2011.

In 2011, Anonymous attacked PayPal, some major credit card companies and government websites such as those for the FBI, CIA and GCHQ. This was called “Operation Payback” for the prosecution of Chelsea Manning.

It seemed to have worked, as the documents show that 80 percent of those in the IRC rooms vanished within a month after receiving the warnings.

JTRIG was also able to locate those responsible for the 2011 attacks and even convicted a hacker who stole 8 million records on PayPal.

While the operation proved successful, many say JTRIG went too far with Rolling Thunder becausemany of the Anonymous members involved were teenagers, and JTRIG’s focus and attack on communications among hacktivists means the agency infringed the free speech of people who were not charged with any crimes.

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Hacktivist Group Anonymous Targeted by British Gov. Cyberattack

Liberty Ultra Defense 9mm 50 gr JHP Gel Test (Halo Point) HD
Here's a test of the Liberty Ultra Defense USM4 9mm round in the Clear Ballistics “FBI spec” gel block.…

By: Mrgunsngear Channel

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Liberty Ultra Defense 9mm 50 gr JHP Gel Test (Halo Point) HD – Video

They’re all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere, and where can you find the only truth? Certainly not in the game of Illuminati. Fnord.

The object of Illuminati is to take control of the world. The phone company is controlled by creatures from outer space. The Congressional Wives have taken over the Pentagon. And the Boy Sprouts are cashing in their secret Swiss Bank Account to smash the IRS!

Illuminati was an instant hit when it was released in 1982 and won the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction Boardgame. It has been Steve Jackson’s signature title ever since.

Two to six players compete to take control of groups ranging from the FBI and CIA to the Dentists, increasing their wealth and power for further takeovers, until one rules supreme. Every player has different victory conditions! No ploy is too devious, no stratagem too low, as you scheme your way to victory.

When you’re ready to continue on the path to world domination, check out these other Illuminati games and expansions:

And don’t miss INWO, the trading-card version of Illuminati!

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Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy

Guilty plea in government leak case could affect First Amendment rights – December 2013
Former FBI agent Donald Sachtleben will plead guilty to leaking classified information about a foiled bomb threat to the Associated Press. Sachtleben agreed …

By: Mary Hart

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Guilty plea in government leak case could affect First Amendment rights – December 2013 – Video

Man slain in Ariz. linked to Miss. officer’s death Man slain in Ariz. linked to Miss. officer’s death The FBI says that a suspect killed by Phoenix police in a bank robbery attempt is believed to be the same man accused in the shooting death of one Mississippi police officer and the wounding of another.Full Story > A suspect killed by Phoenix police in a bank robbery attempt is believed to be the same man accused in the shooting death of one Mississippi police officer and the wounding of another, the FBI said Sunday.Full Story > Banged-up LeBron sits out 1-point win over Blazers Banged-up LeBron sits out 1-point win over Blazers An ailing LeBron James is sitting out against the Portland Trail Blazers, the first game the Miami Heat star has missed this season.Full Story > An ailing LeBron James sat out Miami’s win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday night, the first game the Heat star has missed this season.Full Story > Facility in New York ‘last hope’ for Jahi McMath Facility in New York ‘last hope’ for Jahi McMath An attorney says a nursing home has agreed to provide long-term care for a 13-year-old girl, who has been declared brain dead but whose family maintains is still alive.Full Story > The family of a 13-year-old girl who has been declared brain dead after complications from a tonsil surgery said Saturday a hospital in New York may be able to accept her and keep her on life support.Full Story > Obama’s presidency beset by fits, starts in year 5 Obama’s presidency beset by fits, starts in year 5 It was a moment for Barack Obama to savor. He’d never heard of Edward Snowden. A government shutdown and second debt crisis seemed improbable.Full Story > It was a moment for Barack Obama to savor.Full Story > Former longtime Ind. Congressman Jacobs dies at 81 Former longtime Ind. Congressman Jacobs dies at 81 Andrew Jacobs Jr., a former longtime Indiana congressman, has died at age 81, according to a family spokesman.Full Story > Andrew Jacobs Jr., a former longtime Indiana congressman, died Saturday afternoon, according to a family spokesman. He was 81.Full Story > CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) –

President of Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)Edith Throwersat down with FOX19′s Jessica Brown to discuss the Cincinnati Freedom Center’s annual Emancipation Proclamation celebration.

The event will be held at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center on50 East Freedom Way on January 1 at 11:00 a.m.

The theme of this year’semancipation proclamation celebration is “remembering and recommitting,” said Thrower.

The celebration will focus on the spiritual origins of “watch night,” the night when slaves waited on a decision from Lincoln to grant their freedom

Dr. Clarence G Newsome will be the speak at the event and the community choir will be delivering a performance. The

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Freedom Center to celebrate Emancipation Day

The Department of Justice has indicted three men who it suspects helped run the Silk Road, an online drug marketplace that was hidden through the Tor anonymous Web-surfing network.

The three menAndrew Michael Jones of Charles City, Virginia; Gary Davis of Wicklow, Ireland; and Peter Phillip Nash of Brisbane, Australiaare alleged to have worked with suspected Silk Road owner and operator Ross Ulbricht, who was arrested in San Francisco, CA earlier this year. Jones and Nash were arrested last week, Davis is believed to be in Ireland, authorities say.

What he wouldn’t give for a holocaust cloak.

Specifically, Jones, who is 24, and Davis, who is 25, were employed as site administrators, which entailed “monitoring user activity on Silk Road for problems, responding to customer service inquiries, and resolving disputes between buyers and vendors, the Department of Justice press release said. Nash, who is 40, was employed as a forum moderator, “monitoring user activity on discussion forums associated with the site, providing guidance to forum users concerning how to conduct business on Silk Road, and reporting any significant problems discussed on the forums to the site administrators and to Ulbricht.

The three men are each charged with one count of narcotics conspiracy, one count of money laundering conspiracy, and one count of conspiracy to commit computer hacking.

Meanwhile, news of the arrests have hit the Silk Road community hard. Wired points out that rumors of the arrests had surfaced on reddit (a sister company to Wired and Ars Technica) earlier last week. A reddit user who went by PrincessBtcButtercup (and who later deleted the name) wrote:

“I’m not sure what his login name was, all i know is that apparently he was an admin and then a mod and that he also ran the book club. He is a wonderful person and has been supporting me (due to my chronic pain), so to say the least my world has been turned inside out and upside down. They told me they were making arrests all around the world at the same time.can anyone give me any info on who he was? i’m hoping he was well liked and respected because even though i didn’t know he was doing this, I can guarantee he was doing it out of his passion for Libertarianism and for the idea of a free marketplace. Just thought i would pass on the message..

The post was accompanied by a copy of a search warrant and a copy of a business card from FBI Agent Christopher Tarbell, Wired wrote.

On r/silkroad, users are left trying to explain what happened to the site and its second incarnation, which sprang up after the Feds shut the first one down in the wake of Ulbricht’s arrest. Libertas, Inigo and Synergy (aka, SSBD) have been arrested, user vytvy wrote in the thread “Stay The Fuck Away From Silk Road.” “They were likely found because they handed over their dox to DPR1, aka Ulbricht. All three of them are irresponsible and jeopardized the safety of EVERYONE here by continuing to promote a black market when their ‘boss’ is incarcerated. It is absolutely shocking that their hubris and greed allowed them to take such a risk. They literally handed over their real life identities to Ulbricht then went on to create/support SR2, despite knowing full well that they were COMPROMISED. That’s right. Libertas, Inigo and Synergy KNEW THEY WERE COMPROMISED the day SR1 was taken down.

The Department of Justice notes that its investigations are ongoing.

See the original post:
Feds indict three alleged Silk Road forum moderators and administrators

At least three alleged moderators of the forums for the Silk Road online drug marketplace have been indicted on federal charges, according to a document unsealed today.

The three suspects Andrew Michael Jones, Gary Davis and Peter Phillip Nash have been indicted in the Southern District of New York on conspiracy charges related to drug trafficking, money laundering, and hacking, according to the document (.pdf).

All three allegedly worked for Dread Pirate Roberts, the owner and operator of Silk Road, who authorities say was 29-year-old Ross Ulbricht. Ulbricht was arrested last October in San Francisco after a years-long investigation that brought down the Silk Road, which facilitated the marketing and sales of illegal drugs.

Jones, who allegedly went by the name Inigo, is accused of being an administrator on the Silk Road site since at least October 2012. Davis, who allegedly used the name Libertas, was also an alleged administrator on the site since at least last June.

Nash, who allegedly used the aliases Samesamebutdifferent and Batman73, among others, allegedly served as the chief moderator of the Silk Road discussion forum since at least last January. The forum was a place where users discussed the sale of drugs and exchanged advice about taking drugs, eluding the feds, and other topics.

Silk Road administrators were responsible for monitoring user activity on the site and handling customer disputes. Forum moderators were responsible for providing guidance on how to use the Silk Road site, monitoring discussions, and reporting problems discussed in the forums to Silk Road administrators and Dread Pirate Roberts, the owner of the site.

Moderators and administrators were paid between $50,000 and $75,000 a year by Dread Pirate Roberts, according to the indictment.

Word of the arrests began swirling online when a user of the Reddit forum (which is owned by WIREDs parent company) posted a message indicating that her boyfriend had been arrested. The user, who posted under the name PrincessBtcButtercup before deleting the name, wrote that the person with whom she was in a relationship was an admin on Silk Road and had been the subject of a search warrant in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Im not sure what his login name was, all i know is that apparently he was an admin and then a mod and that he also ran the book club. He is a wonderful person and has been supporting me (due to my chronic pain), so to say the least my world has been turned inside out and upside down. They told me they were making arrests all around the world at the same time.can anyone give me any info on who he was? im hoping he was well liked and respected because even though i didnt know he was doing this, I can guarantee he was doing it out of his passion for Libertarianism and for the idea of a free marketplace. Just thought i would pass on the message..

She then posted a copy of the search warrant along with a copy of a business card from FBI Agent Christopher Tarbell.

See original here:
Silk Road’s Alleged Top Moderators Indicted


Editor’s note: LZ Granderson writes a weekly column for A senior writer for ESPN and lecturer at Northwestern University, the former Hechinger Institute fellow has had his commentary recognized by the Online News Association, the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. Follow him on Twitter @locs_n_laughs.

(CNN) — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal got involved in the “Duck Dynasty” controversy Thursday by tweeting his response to A&E’s decision to suspend Phil Robertson for his inflammatory remarks in a recent GQ interview.

“I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment,” he wrote, adding, “it is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended.”

The truth is it is a messed up situation when a governor rumored to have his sights on the presidency doesn’t understand the breadth of the First Amendment.

LZ Granderson

The Federal Communications Commission did not send officials into the office of Nancy Dubuc, president of A&E Networks. The FBI did not threaten to put Robertson away, and the Internal Revenue Service didn’t freeze his bank accounts.

This is what the First Amendment protects us from — laws being made that restrict freedom of religion, the press and/or speech. It does not protect us from how society responds to the expression of one’s religion, the press or speech.

Robertson’s boss punished him for his remarks. The government didn’t.

Now for those out of the loop, Robertson — a 67-year-old Louisiana native and a star of “Duck Dynasty” who holds a master’s in education — said, “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person,” and the black people he worked with “were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

See the article here:
‘Duck Dynasty’ suspension doesn’t violate First Amendment

When Gov. Scott Walker announced he would sign the bill that makes it much, much, much harder to require Wisconsin schools to remove potentially offensive American Indian mascot names, he said he was doing it to protect free speech under the First Amendment.

“While I may not like or necessarily approve of others’ speech, where do you draw the line to say, ‘It’s okay to do things that you like but not that you don’t?’” said Walker.

The people of Mukwonago are lucky that the founding fathers decided to write up the First Amendment at the same time they were stealing land from American Indians.

There was a time when Walker wouldn’t have had to fight this battle for white people’s freedom of speech. When communities like Mukwonago were founded, American Indians didn’t have First Amendment rights. Indigenous peoples didn’t have universal citizenship in their indigenous country until 1924. Some states limited American Indian voting rights well into the 1950s.

The First Amendment has protected the Indian mascots of sports fields, but it has long failed actual American Indians themselves. American Indians have made strong First Amendment arguments of their own throughout the nation’s history, only to find both state and federal governments weren’t such sticklers for freedom when the victim was an Indian.

Across each of the five pillars of the First Amendment, from the 19th century to the 21st, the government has failed to recognize the rights of American Indians.

Freedom of speech: Tribal boarding schools from the 1890s up through the 1960s forbid American Indian students from speaking their native language. Apparently, that was not as onerous an offense as asking a high school to change a couple signs.

Freedom of assembly: When Oglala Lakota member Raymond Yellow Thunder was murdered and his killers were given a light sentence, American Indians went to the county courthouse to protest. Upon arriving, they were greeted by cops in riot gear who told them that a group of more than four people protesting in the government building would be considered a riot (hmm, that sounds vaguely familiar). Many were arrested and given prison sentences, including the murder victim’s mother.

Free exercise of religion: In 1890, the U.S. Army cracked down on the Ghost Dance spiritual movement, leading to the Wounded Knee Massacre. Well over a century later, in 2008, a Texas school district forbid an Apache student from wearing his hair in traditional braids. And in 2009, a South Dakota law forbid American Indian inmates from ceremonial tobacco, which is used for myriad spiritual purposes.

Freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances: When American Indians petitioned the government in 1973, it led to the Wounded Knee incident, a 2 1/2-month-long armed standoff with the FBI. Yep, that place again.

Originally posted here:
Signing Indian mascot bill, Gov. Scott Walker defends white people’s freedom of speech

By The Gold Report

The Gold Report: Doug, we are at your conference in Tucson, Arizona, the day after former Congressman and presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul gave the keynote speech to a sold-out crowd. How did you two first meet?

Doug Casey: It was about 30 years ago. Ron used to attend my Eris Societynamed after the Greek goddess of discordmeetings in Aspen, Colorado. Everyone from Sonny Barger of the Hells Angels motorcycle club to Burt Rutan, inventor of SpaceShipOne, would meet to discuss ideas.

TGR: In those 30 years, have Ron Paul’s ideas changed much?

DC: Ron believes he was born a libertarian. He’s right. I believe in Pareto’s lawthe 80-20 rule. I prefer to think that 80% of humans are basically decent, which is to say that they were born libertarian oriented. But it takes a while to crystallize what that means. Ron and I, and many others, have moved beyond gut libertarianism to a structured, intellectual libertarianism.

Some people see the same things we see through a totally different lens, however. Those people tend to be the other 20%, or perhaps 20% of that 20%, or even 20% of that 20% of that 20%. They range from being wishy-washy on ethical subjects to being sociopaths or even outright criminals. These people are at the opposite end of the spectrum from us in every way.

TGR: One of the things Ron Paul mentioned last night is that a true libertarian advocates for the freedom of everyone to do what he or she wants as long as it’s not hurting someone else. This includes people who don’t agree with your views.

DC: Exactly. As opposed to busybodies who want to tell everybody else what to do. They think they know best and are perfectly willing to put a gun to your head to make sure that you do what they think is right.

TGR: We are meeting in the midst of a government shutdown. Ron Paul called it a paid holiday for federal workers. Are we doomed to an endless cycle of these manmade crises?

DC: I would like nothing better than to see the shutdown go on forever, but unfortunately the government is only shutting down things that inconvenience people, like monuments and national parksthings that should not be owned by the government to start with. I wish they would shut down all their praetorian agencies, like the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA. Shut down the IRS. I am much more concerned about Silk Road being shut down than I am the US government being shut down.

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Born Libertarian: Doug Casey on Ron Paul and the Price of Freedom

Aaron Alexis – The Symbolic Name of the Illuminati and NWO Puppet
Washington DC Navy Shipyard Shooting – Aaron Alexis – FBI Question and Answer Part of “Post 14 Event” Series.

By: ps34v18

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Aaron Alexis – The Symbolic Name of the Illuminati and NWO Puppet – Video

FBI WARNING Federal law allows citizens to reproduce, distribute or exhibit portions of copyright motion pictures, video tapes, or video disks under certain …

By: revmichellehopkins

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FBI WARNING Federal law allows citizens to reproduce, distribute or exhibit portions of copyright motion pictures, video tapes, or video disks under certain …

By: revmichellehopkins

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MIDWEST CITY Before being fatally shot, hostage taker Sammie L. Wallace ranted inside a grocery store here that the FBI and the Illuminati were after him.

A police captain shot Wallace in the head June 17 inside the Walmart Market as he held a 2-year-old girl at knife point. Wallace had threatened to harm the girl and was shot after he began counting down.

Police Friday will make public a videotape of events leading up to the shooting, and recordings of 911 calls.

Wallace, 37, made several references to the Illuminati and said he was tired of them pursuing him, police reported. He called himself a person of interest to the FBI.

The Illuminati was the name used by a secret society hundreds of years ago. The name also has appeared in fiction, most notably in novelist Dan Brown’s best-seller Angels & Demons. Wallace also ranted that George Bush was monitoring him and that he was the richest man on Earth, police reported. Wallace told police officers in the store several times to take the shot if they had one, police reported.

Police Friday also will identify the girl’s mother and a store customer who blocked Wallace’s path with his body and a shopping cart until officers arrived.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater last Friday cleared police Capt. David Huff, who fired after Wallace moved the knife from the girl’s abdomen to her throat.

Huff’s actions in this incident were not only justified and necessary, they were heroic, Prater wrote in a letter. has disabled the comments for this article.

View original post here:
Hostage taker shot by Midwest City police ranted FBI and Illuminati were after him

As the debate rages over the interpretation, and even the relevance of the Second Amendment, we must look to history in order to understand why the Founding Fathers wrote this amendment.

The most obvious point of reference is that the men who wrote our Constitution were revolutionists. They had just used arms to overthrow a government they believed unjust, and they wanted to insure the future citizens of this great country the opportunity to do the same, should the need ever arise.

Those who doubt this need only reference the individual writings of the founders. As only one example, Samuel Adams wrote, The Constitution shall never be construed to authorize congress to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms.

There is nothing ambiguous about that statement!

The Founding Fathers did not create the concept of an individuals right to keep and bear arms. This and many other rights outlined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, pre-dated colonial America, and many were rooted in the English Bill of Rights. Our founders, when writing the Second Amendment, voted, as did the English representatives in 1699, to reject a motion that would have added for the common defense after the phrase keep and bear arms.

The right to bear arms, in England and in America, was derived not only from the need to defend against external aggression, but also for the purpose of defending oneself from civil strife, religious and government persecution and for personal self-defense and self-sufficiency.

Not only is the right to bear arms a constitutional right, it is also a fundamental natural right. Throughout history, civilian disarmament has been a precursor of oppression. During the 20th century, approximately 262 million people were murdered by their own governments. From Russia, China, Cambodia and Germany to Turkey, Guatemala and Uganda, the history and statistics are horrific. In every nation where this genocide was perpetrated, the segment of the population to be victimized was disarmed before the killing began.

Today, the argument on gun control, in America, is focused on violent crime prevention. After the Newtown shootings, President Obama, many Democrats in Congress and the mainstream media began an intensive campaign to encourage the American public to demand strong gun-control legislation. It always amazes me that after any well-publicized shooting spree, there are people who exploit the tragedy and suggest that the answer is to take guns away from the people who didnt do it. In fact, there is no evidence that restrictive gun laws protect anyone other than criminals. Preventing law-abiding citizens from carrying guns simply makes them more vulnerable to attack.

Lets look at some statistics. Gun ownership has been steadily climbing for the past two decades, with the FBI statistics showing record permit applications for the last several years. During that same period, according to the Department of Justices Bureau of Justice Statistics 2011 study, U.S. gun-related homicides have plummeted 39 percent, while non-fatal gun related crime fell 69 percent. As gun sales sky-rocketed beginning in 2005, violent crime began dropping at an even more accelerated rate. FBI crime data consistently shows that law-abiding gun owners are not the problem.

A recent study published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy concluded there is a negative correlation between gun ownership and violent crime, internationally. The study showed that, in general, nations with strict gun-control laws have substantially higher murder rates than those who do not. In fact, the nine European nations with the lowest gun ownership rates have a combined murder rate that is three times higher than that of the nine European countries with the highest gun-ownership rates.

Read the original here:
Timeless protection of the Second Amendment

Googles fight for transparency took an interesting turn earlier this month when it submitted a filing arguing that it had a First Amendment right to release more detailed NSA data request numbers as part of its transparency report. Now another tech giant has made the same argument before the FISA court.

CNET reports that Microsoft has filed a 9-page filing with the FISA court challenging the gag order that prevents the company from publishing the number of national security letters and other data requests it receives from the federal government.

In its filing, Microsoft notes that it has already worked to improve transparency, and therefore improve its reputation after the PRISM fallout, by publishing the number of data requests it receives from the FBI. As Google noted in its filing, however, those numbers are representative of federal data requests as it lumps federal and state requests into one giant opaque number that means little to nothing in the debate over NSA spy powers.

Thats why Microsoft is now pushing to publish federal data requests separately:

To promote additional transparency concerning the Governments lawful access to Microsofts customer data, Microsoft seeks to report aggregate information about the FISA orders and FAA directives separately from all other local, state and federal law enforcement demands. Despite further efforts, however, Microsoft has not received permission from the FBI and the Department of Justice to disclose additional aggregate figures relating to any orders/or directives it may have received under FISA or the FAA. Specifically, the Government has denied Microsofts request to disclose the following two aggregate figures: (1) the total number of orders and/or directives (if any) received under FISA and/or FAA; and (2) the total number of accounts affected by any such orders and/or directives (together, the Aggregate Data).

As set forth below in greater detail, Microsoft respectfully submits that there is no statutory basis under FISA or the FAA for precluding Microsoft from disclosing the Aggregate Data. Further, to the extent FSIA or the FAA could be construed to bar such disclosure, such a construction would constitute a content-based restriction on speech that fails to satisfy strict scrutiny, in violation of the First Amendment.

The rest of the filling pretty much repeats the above a few times in different ways to really drive home that Microsoft thinks the government has no legal standing in this particular case. That may very well be true, but a little thing called executive privilege will probably prevent any serious fight to release the data. With it, the Obama administration can claim that publishing something as innocuous as aggregate data would pose a grave threat to the safety and security of the United States and its persons. In other words, the administration will argue that publishing a rough average of data request numbers will somehow let the terrorists win.

Still, its an interesting argument and it could lead to some interesting back and forth between the tech industry and Washington. Google has seemingly not heard back yet on its request, but well let you know when and if either company hears back.

More here:
Microsoft Says It Also Has A First Amendment Right To Release NSA Data Request Numbers

Aliens are real. Ancient. Boston Marathon. Demons. Illuminati. Military. FBI. Infiltration.
Impossible injuries. Miraculous recoveries. One ambulance at scene – dozens parked around the corner. EMT's clueless, head physicians leaving the wounded to …

By: david drew

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Aliens are real. Ancient. Boston Marathon. Demons. Illuminati. Military. FBI. Infiltration. – Video

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