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ORGANIX – Soweto Slaughter – Video

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Jan 252012

28-12-2011 14:55 [ORGANIX was a protest band i was part of, based in guernsey during the late 80s/early 90s, when the island was at its most pivotal period during its extremely rapid change from a mostly fishing/agricultural, virtually crime-free inter-dependent community to one of almost exclusive sub-servience to international offshore banking. Apart from the (then) new zero-tolerance policing, clear corruption between local politicians and local business (which actually was, and still is in many cases, the same thing), the utter disregard and violation of our delicate and living local culture and environment (which, only 15-20 years later is virtually extinct -i could go on how obscenely people in the poorer bracket, particularly the elderly, who only knew fishing and growing, then ending up on benifits, being sent on humiliating and degrading work schemes were/are treated), apart from all of that, it, to us, was a ‘frontline’ due to it becomming a crucial hub of offshore international banking/money laundering etc (and to some of us it still is.)]

The rest is here:
ORGANIX – Soweto Slaughter – Video

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