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May 262014

State regulators in Massachusetts and others around the country are taking a close look at virtual currencies as bitcoin continues to grow in popularity.

We will be trying to come up with a model law or regulations states can use, said David Cotney, commissioner of the Massachusetts Division of Banks and chairman of the Emerging Payments Task Force. This has gotten a lot of attention, and we want to make sure when we act, we get it right.

The task force is made up of nine state regulators from around the country, and will look at everything from bitcoin to mobile payments.

Last week though, the task force held a hearing on bitcoin and other virtual currencies, hearing testimony from bitcoin companies and regulators, include Barbara Anthony, undersecretary of the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation.

Anthony said one of the key issues is that average consumers may be interested in bitcoin, but are not aware of some of the risks.

Consumers and average consumers need to know that there are certain drawbacks to trading in a virtual currency, Anthony said. The kinds of consumer protections that were used to, people have to understand they are not available to virtual currencies.

Things consumers should be aware of about bitcoin, Anthony said, include volatile worth and the fact there is no central authority that guarantees bitcoins worth.

You could buy $100 worth of bitcoin right now and over a period of time that value is not going to be $100, Anthony said.

Cotney said he is not planning on implementing any regulations on bitcoin immediately, but could down the road.

We will certainly be looking at the efforts of this task force to help guide us, Cotney said.

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Regulations mulled for bitcoin

Developing A Successful CryptoCurrency Part 1
Part 1 of a series that will cover everything from what makes a successful digital currency to in depth topics of what actually is worth.

By: Bitcoin Scrypt

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Jason Derulo on Hip Hop Illuminati Rumors | What's Trending LIVE
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The Satanic Temple and the First Amendment
Lucien Greaves of the Satanic Temple gives a speech covering everything from gay Baptist to Satanic endorsements of Republican Governor Rick Scott. Hear abou…

By: elydane

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The Satanic Temple and the First Amendment – Video

Aruba uncovered: so much more than just beaches
With its endless beaches and blue sea, Aruba is a popular Caribbean destination buzzing with everything from festivals to diving and Jeep safaris. Subscribe …

By: Zoominuk

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Aruba uncovered: so much more than just beaches – Video

May 152013

In 2008 Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch hailed a libertarian moment, encompassing everything from the Internet to the collapse of legacy industries and legacy entitlement programs. Ive used the same term here, when NPR talked about Ron Pauland when polls showed rising support for smaller government, gay marriage, and drug legalization.

But suddenly, today, everyone seems to see a libertarian moment. Driving in to work, I got so tired of the smug self-satisfaction on public radios pledge drive, I switched to the vigorously right-wing Chris Plante Show just in time to hear Plante say, This is a great day for libertarianism in regard to the abuse-of-power stories dominating the mainstream media.

And then, mirabile dictu, I got to the office, opened the Washington Post, and found todays column by Michael Gerson. Now, as he says in todays column, Gerson is conspicuously not a libertarian. Indeed, he is the most vociferously anti-libertarian columnist in contemporary punditry. And yet his column today is titled (in the print paper):

Making libertarians of us all

Man, youve got to abuse power something awful to make Michael Gerson start thinking libertarian. So thanks, IRS and Justice Department!

And now that the Obama administrations abuse of power has got our attention,can we broaden our focus to take in health care mandates, recess appointments, campus speech regulations, the anti-constitutional Independent Payment Advisory Board, similar extra-legislative bodies in Dodd-Frank, the expropriation of Chrysler creditors, and illegal wars?

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Is This the Libertarian Moment?

The Illuminati: Part I – CLASSIC – STDWYTK
The Illuminati have been blamed for everything from the revolutions to climate change, but why? Watch this Stuff They Don't Want You To Know segment of a con…

By: ConspiracyStuff

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A new system is now in place in Liberty County that will help residents stay safe and informed.

Liberty County Emergency Management Agency has launched Liberty County Citizen Alert. It’s a new automated system that sends out everything from tornado warnings to water and power outages.

It’s something the people at Liberty EMA have been training on and testing for a couple of weeks. Now, they want to put it into action.

“We are extremely excited about it. This system will dial out as many as 10,000 calls at one time,” said Mike Hodges,Liberty County EMA Director.

Hodges says thanks to a $25,000 grant from GEMA, he and his staff can get out urgent information in the blink of an eye.

“If we have a tornado that moves through downtown Hinesville, this thing decides on where based on National Weather Service information and we can call the people in that danger zone, and get them the rapid information and not call the people in the eastern end of the county that’s not even affected,”Hodges explained.

And the alert system will get a hold of folks in as many or as little ways as they tell it to. Residents can put in as many emails and phone numbers as you want but not necessarily be bombarded when an alert goes out.

“If an alert goes out and I answer my work phone, then it won’t call my cell phone, because the system recognizes that it told me,”Hodges said.

In with the new and out with the old. The new alert system will pick up more subscribers and the one warning siren for the county in Hinesville will be phased out.

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Liberty County launches citizen alert system

In the age of instant information, globe-spanning viral videos and the World Wide Web, can a thoroughly wired country become a porn-free zone? Authorities in Iceland want to find out.

The government of the tiny North Atlantic nation is drafting plans to ban pornography, in print and online, in an attempt to protect children from a tide of violent sexual imagery.

The proposal by Interior Minister Ogmundur Jonasson has caused an uproar. Opponents say the move will censor the Web, encourage authoritarian regimes and undermine Icelands reputation as a Scandinavian bastion of free speech.

Advocates say it is a sensible measure that will shelter children from serious harm.

When a 12-year-old types porn into Google, he or she is not going to find photos of naked women out on a country field, but very hard-core and brutal violence, said Halla Gunnarsdottir, political adviser to the Interior Minister. There are laws in our society. Why should they not apply to the Internet? Ms. Gunnarsdottir says the proposals currently being drawn up by a committee of experts will not introduce new restrictions, but simply uphold an existing, if vaguely worded, law.

Pornography is already banned in Iceland and has been for decades but the term is not defined, so the law is not enforced. Magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse are on sale in bookstores, and more hard-core material can be bought from a handful of sex shops. Adult channels form part of digital-TV packages.

Icelands left-of-centre government insists it is not setting out to sweep away racy magazines or censor sex. The ban would define pornography as material with violent or degrading content.

Ms. Gunnarsdottir said the committee is still exploring the details of how a porn ban could be enforced. One possibility would be to make it illegal to pay for porn with Icelandic credit cards. Another, more controversial, route would be a national Internet filter or a list of website addresses to be blocked.

That idea has Internet-freedom advocates alarmed. This kind of thing does not work. It is technically impossible to do in a way that has the intended effect, said Smari McCarthy of free-speech group the International Modern Media Institute. And it has negative side effects everything from slowing down the Internet to blocking content that is not meant to be blocked to just generally opening up a whole can of worms regarding human-rights issues, access to information and freedom of expression.

Critics say such filters are flawed and often scoop up innocent sites in their net as when Denmarks child-pornography filter briefly blocked access to Google and Facebook last year because of a glitch.

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Porn ban plan sparks free speech uproar in Iceland

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Intrepidity Theme Training Welcome Video – Video

BOIS D’ARC, Mo – While most spent the last couple of days celebrating America’s freedoms; nearly 100 4-H kids recently exercised their Second Amendment rights in an annual shooting competition.

But this wasn’t just about learning how to handle a firearm, the kids learn all kinds of life lessons in 4-H. “They’re doing things that we have done throughout our history, throughout our lives; the ones down here are shooting archery, we have kids shooting air rifles, small bore rifles, shotguns, and they’re learning life skills, they’re learning responsibilities, things like that and it’s things they’ll carry on for the rest of their lives,” says event coordinator Parish Witt.

16 year old Austin Witt has been in 4-H for eight years. “In eight years I’ve participated in everything from shooting sports to horse showing to cow showing; I’ve participated in mechanics, woodworking, photography,” says Austin Witt.

He’s been shooting guns even longer. “Since I was tall enough to hold one,” says Austin.

To him, it’s more than a hobby, “It’s a skill that’s evolved, to take you to the level you need to be in this competition,” says Austin, and a skill he enjoys sharing with others. “I get to see all the youth that are getting involved in the organization,” says Austin.

Youth like Clayton Winslow. “I like the shotgun quite a bit; the archery is pretty fun too; it’s just a lot of fun, shooting clay pigeons, see who’s the better shot,” says Winslow.

Clayton may see whose aim is the truest, but Austin sees something more. “I get to see that the program isn’t dying, the program is growing more and more every year,” says Austin.

Wednesday’s competition was a district qualifier; from there shooters go on to state competition, which for shotguns, is in August. The rest of the shooting sports state competition is in September.

To learn more about local 4-H programs contact your county’s University of Missouri Extension office or click here to visit the University of Missouri Extension website.

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Youth exercise 2nd Amendment rights at 4-H shooting competition

WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. — West Liberty University is trying to reach out to adult learners with a variety of new classes on everything from wine tasting to World War II movies.

Its “Community University” targets people 50 and older and is still accepting new students.

The State Journal said one $25 fee pays for as many classes as a student wants to take. They start March 28.

Vice President of Community Engagement Jeff Knierim said other subjects include social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, the Civil War, American history and politics, improving communication skills and motorcycling.

WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. — West Liberty University is trying to reach out to adult learners with a variety of new classes on everything from wine tasting to World War II movies.

Its “Community University” targets people 50 and older and is still accepting new students.

The State Journal said one $25 fee pays for as many classes as a student wants to take. They start March 28.

Vice President of Community Engagement Jeff Knierim said other subjects include social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, the Civil War, American history and politics, improving communication skills and motorcycling.

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West Liberty classes target learners over 50

Some of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in the world are found here. You can find everything from rocky shores to palm lined white sand beaches . There are also areas with brown sand, black or gray sand and pink ..

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Offshore companies can be used for everything from tax saving to asset protection and anyone can potentially benefit from the incorporation of such an entity. This article is the third and final part of a series designed to help you …

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Now Miron has produced Libertarianism From A to Z, an encyclopedic look at everything from abortion to zoos from an angle consistent with classical liberal thought and insights. Miron’s book, which covers tough issues such as civil …

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More On Libertarianism and Migration |

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I’m starting to get aggravated with this whole Illuminati thing! Everybody is “allegedly” a part of this organized society and everything from throwing up peace signs to the decorations on our shirts means we are ” Illuminati ” or …

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Discuss everything from Sixers expectations to how LeBron looks in black. Right here!

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