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Daily SEO Blog – 44 Must Have Content Marketing Tools For …

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Sep 232015

The new age marketer is one of a kind. In many roles he plays, he’s an SEO, a blogger, a designer, a data scientist among many other things that makes him successful. With content marketing taking the center stage of today’s marketing efforts, here are 44 amazing power tools, every inbound marketer must have in hi/her arsenal. 1. Percolate :An integrated suite for content marketing. Everything from managing inspirations to planning, planning, curation and publishing, Percolate is a integrated Read full article […] These days, everyone is looking to find out the ultimate Secret of ruling the rankings. For this reason, people are attempting every approach to be on the #1 spot and are adopting every method that may influence their SEO campaigns in any positive way. It can be associated to aspects related to HTTPs, going mobile, page load speed or yielding natural niche targeted links etc. Moz recently published the 2015 ranking survey report in which 150 top marketing experts weighed Read full article […] Starting a blog requires a lot more than meets the eye, especially the novices eye. All the interesting stuff you read on the web isnt something bloggers just dream up and start going tapity-tap on the keyboard. Good blogging requires a great deal of trial and error, as well as patience and the ability to really get in touch with your inner-intellect and the audiences needs. Its also a great learning experience for budding writers who have a thing or two to share with everybody Read full article […] It doesnt seem like it would be all that difficult, to rank for your name in Google or any of the other search engines, but it can be a lot harder than you think. You and your business could pop upbut it might not. Ranking highly in Google is difficult, even when its your own name. You might think your name is pretty special, but with over 7 billion people in the world — it’s verylikely a few other people share your name as well. For this reason and many others, you will want Read full article […] Your site may no longer be at the top of Googles search results thanks to Googles latest algorithm update, which now favors responsive, mobile-ready sites in mobile web searches. This means anyone who is searching for a website on a mobile device could potentially get different results than when searching on a desktop computer. Websites will now be ranked higher in mobile search results if theyre responsive. This means that non-responsive sites could fall to the bottom of the list. Read full article […] There is a sea full of different brands in the market but the content marketing research tells that still majority of these brands does not have a documented marketing strategy. Developing a content marketing strategy for your brand is as essential as keeping the quality of your content top-notch. A quality content is worth only when it reaches the targeted audience and can turn your readers into your brands prospects. And this is possible only when you have a string content marketing strategy Read full article […] The Internet has dramatically altered the ways information is shared, having had a substantial impact on online marketing. There has been more of a shift towards inbound marketing over the past few years, which has made outbound marketing become rather antiqued. Many companies nowadays are implementing inbound marketing strategies that include using social media to reach more of their targeted audience and also to increase brand awareness. But online marketing trends are changing in 2015, and marketers Read full article […] Nowadays a good website means not only a great web design, effective marketing strategies and a good conversion rate, but also profitable keywords that increase your chances to get high rankings in search engines. While some websites are stuffed with keywords, other sites get too little. Keyword stuffing and too little keywords can both harm a website that can be one of the main obstacles not to be highly ranked in search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo. As you know, websites with low Read full article […] Change is constant and especially so on the Web. Flash animations were all the ragein websites five years ago but have quickly gone out of favor as Flash didn’t supporttouch interfaces, lower power devices, and open protocols in the mobile era. The pace ofchange can create frustrations as websites need to be updated frequently to staycontemporary and competitive. While you can’t stop change, there are things you can do to keep your website aheadof the curve, gain more traffic, and even Read full article […] So, it’s 2015 and it’s time for another SEO Expert poll. This time, we’re asking about your favorite SEO tools. All of us use different SEO tools and some of us, even multiple ones. So, let’s share the knowledge and help each other. We’re all set to find out the best software in five categories. Category 1 – Best Enterprise SEO Software Category 2 – Best SEO Backlinks Software Category 3 – Best SEO Software for Site Audit Category 4 – Best SEO Software for Keyword Research Category Read full article […] In this digital world, where we are bombarded with a wealth of information constantly, infographics can cut through unnecessary detail to deliver your businesss message clearly and succinctly. What Is an Infographic? An infographic is a visually appealing method of conveying a wealth of information in easy to understand, accessible chunks. They are usually made up mostly of images although there can also be text, which draws attention to the most important points. Text based infographics work Read full article […]

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Daily SEO Blog – 44 Must Have Content Marketing Tools For …

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Cryptocurrency-Stealing Malware Landscape – Dell SecureWorks

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Sep 072015


Bitcoin, a digital currency and payment system introduced in 2009, has been subject to an increasing amount of attention from thieves. Although the system itself is protected by strong cryptography, thieves have stolen millions of dollars of bitcoin[i] from victims by exploiting weaknesses in Bitcoin private key storage systems.

Since Bitcoin’s introduction, an increasing number of alternative digital currencies (altcoins) have been created, based on the original Bitcoin client’s source code. Even though none of these altcoins have approached the per-coin value of Bitcoin, some have achieved total market caps measuring in the millions of dollars. As a result, these altcoins have also been targeted for theft.

Mass theft of cryptocurrency is usually accomplished through the hacking of exchanges or marketplaces. These thefts are typically well-publicized, and the total number of stolen coins is known. However, another category of Bitcoin theft targets individual users’ wallets or exchange accounts via malware such as general-purpose remote access trojans (RATs) or specialized cryptocurrency-stealing malware (CCSM). Due to the skyrocketing value of cryptocurrencies since the beginning of 2013 and the relative simplicity of coding malware and tools to steal cryptocurrency, the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit(TM) (CTU) research team predicts that CCSM will become one of the fastest-growing categories of malware.

CCSM classification project

To understand the scope of this new threat, CTU researchers embarked on a project to obtain and classify as many CCSM samples as possible. Researchers scanned incoming malware streams with YARA rules, searching for samples that refer to known cryptocurrency software wallet filenames and locations. These samples were classified into families based on similarity. As of this publication, there are more than 100 unique families of malware on the Internet with functionality to steal wallet files or to steal cryptocurrency using other means.

Overall trends

Figure 1 shows the increase in the Windows-compatible CCSM over time. This chart tracks only Windows malware because the Windows portable executable format includes a timestamp in the file headers showing exactly when the malware was compiled. Most malware authors do not bother to alter this timestamp post-release, so it a reasonable and reliable indicator of when a particular sample was created. This chart shows the relationships between average monthly Bitcoin price, new family emergence, and overall total number of families. These variables show a correlation between malware emergence and the price (acceptance) of the currency.

Figure 1. The correlation between Bitcoin price, new malware emergence, and total threat of cryptocurrency-stealing malware. (Source: Dell SecureWorks)

The trend shown in Figure 1 closely follows the overall price trend of Bitcoin. As Bitcoin has become more valuable, more malware authors are targeting it. The record-breaking highs in Bitcoin value from the end of 2013 into 2014 have been accompanied by record-breaking numbers of new CCSM families.

Popularity of coins in CCSM

All CCSM analyzed by CTU researchers targeted Bitcoin. Figure 2 shows the distribution of CCSM-targeted altcoins between January 2009 and the middle of February, 2014.

Figure 2. The distribution of altcoins targeted by CCSM between January 2009 and mid-February, 2014. (Source: Dell SecureWorks)

Figure 3 shows the overall ratio of samples belonging to each malware family. A few malware families seem to be in widespread distribution, while others may have only one or two variants. The “Unclassified” group represents cryptocurrency malware that CTU researchers have not classified as of this publication. The “Miscellaneous” group includes the cryptocurrency malware families the CTU research team has discovered that would not fit into the chart.

Figure 3. The overall ratio of discovered samples belonging to each malware family. (Source: Dell SecureWorks)

CCSM categories

Wallet stealer

The most common type of CCSM is the wallet stealer, a category that includes nearly every family of CTU-analyzed CCSM. This type of malware searches for “wallet.dat” or other well-known wallet software key storage locations, either by checking known file locations or by searching all hard drives for matching filenames. Typically, the file is uploaded to a remote FTP, HTTP, or SMTP server where the thief can extract the keys and steal the coins by signing a transaction, transferring the coins to the thief’s Bitcoin/altcoin address.

Most cryptocurrency security guides recommend protecting the wallet with a strong passphrase, preventing the thief from decrypting and using the private keys if the file is stolen. To counter this protection, many of the analyzed wallet-stealer malware families use a keylogger or clipboard monitor to obtain the wallet file’s passphrase and send it to the thief.

Credential stealer

Many wallet-stealer families also steal credentials for various web-based wallets, such as Bitcoin exchanges. Some individuals keep a significant amount of bitcoin or other currency in exchanges to trade on price movements. Malware authors are aware of this activity, and many victims have reported that their exchange wallets were emptied without their authorization. In most cases, it is impossible to know exactly what malware was used in the theft, because a full forensic analysis of the victim’s hard drive is rarely performed.

Many exchanges have implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) using one-time PINs (OTP) to combat unauthorized account logins. However, advanced malware can easily bypass OTP-based 2FA by intercepting the OTP as it is used and creating a second hidden browser window to log the thief into the account from the victim’s computer. Simultaneously, the malware displays a fake “authentication failed” message and blocks the victim’s access to the website while the thief empties the account. CTU researchers have not observed a verified example of this type of attack against cryptocurrency exchanges. However, this technique has been successfully used against online banking sites for several years, and it is only a matter of time before CCSM uses this approach.

Man in the middle

CTU researchers have observed at least one family of CCSM that does not exfiltrate wallet files or private keys. Instead, it acts as a “man in the middle,” altering the recipient address of a transaction before it is signed. The observed sample runs in the background, monitoring the contents of the clipboard. The malware checks new data in the clipboard for a valid Bitcoin address. If the data is a valid address, the malware replaces it with the thief’s Bitcoin address. Victims who do not notice the replacement send the bitcoins to the thief.

RPC automation

Bitcoin and altcoin “reference client” software includes remote procedure call (RPC) functionality, which allows another program to interact with the wallet software. In many cases, a thief with access to this functionality could connect to a running client on a local TCP port and steal the balance of an unencrypted wallet using only two commands (three if the wallet is encrypted and the malware has obtained the passphrase). CTU researchers have not witnessed any CCSM malware taking advantage of this technique as of this publication. It would be difficult to detect this type of theft from a network standpoint, as the transaction would look like any authorized transaction. Another advantage to this technique is that it requires no external command and control (C2) or exfiltration server that can be shut down or blocked.

Detection rates

Across the CCSM samples analyzed by CTU researchers, the average unweighted detection rate across all major antivirus (AV) vendors was 48.9%. Figure 4 lists the major CCSM families classified by the CTU research team and their respective detection rates averaged across all major AV vendors.

Figure 4. Top CCSM families and their detection rate across AV vendors as of February 20, 2014. (Source: Dell SecureWorks)

Wallet protection

Client software choices

When the private keys for a cryptocurrency are stored on a computer connected to the Internet, the potential for theft exists. For Bitcoin there are alternative wallets, such as Armory and Electrum, which can protect against theft-by-malware by using a split arrangement for key storage. One computer, disconnected from any network, runs a copy of the software and holds the private key that can sign transactions. A second computer connected to the Internet holds only a master public key of which addresses belong to the offline wallet. This computer can generate transactions, but it cannot sign them because it does not have the private key. A user wishing to transfer coins generates an unsigned transaction on the online computer, carries the transaction to the offline computer, signs the transaction, and then carries it to the online computer to broadcast the transaction to the Bitcoin network.

Using a split Armory or Electrum wallet can make processing transactions much safer, although the user must still verify the transaction details to ensure malware on the online computer has not altered the transaction before it is signed. Unfortunately, no such clients currently exist for altcoins, although the need for them is recognized and bounties have been offered for their development.

Hardware wallets

Using two computers in a split arrangement where transactions are carried via “sneakernet” is relatively secure, but the logistics are complicated. A much more convenient method would be to use a dedicated hardware device to store the private keys and verify transactions without the possibility of theft. These devices are already in development, with one (the “Trezor” wallet) due to be shipped within the first quarter of 2014.

Transaction integrity verification

Hardware wallets work well for local transactions but not for safely interacting with a remote website on a potentially infected computer. Securely verifying a transaction that has transited a potentially compromised waypoint requires an offline device that can display the details of the transaction before it is processed. Public-key cryptography signs the transaction data on the bank’s server before the data is sent to the user. The offline device can verify the signature of the transaction and determine if any changes occurred in transit. If the transaction shows no tampering, the offline device generates a one-time code that authenticates the transaction. This transaction integrity verification (TIV) should become standard for all financial entities, including institutions and sites that accept cryptocurrencies.


After observing CCSM, CTU researchers drew the following conclusions:

As discussed in Enterprise Best Practices for Cryptocurrency Adoption, wallet security is the most pivotal aspect to keeping funds secure. Implementing the practices outlined in that publication will mitigate most, if not all, of the current threats to cryptocurrency wallets.


Table 1 lists the most commonly observed malicious filenames in the CTU research team’s sample set.

Table 1. Common filenames in malware samples.


[i] Bitcoin (capitalized) refers to the protocol, software, and community, while bitcoins (lowercase) are currency units.

Read more from the original source:
Cryptocurrency-Stealing Malware Landscape – Dell SecureWorks

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Comment: A tax haven crackdown would help the developing world

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Mar 252015

By Anas Sarwar MP

As part of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill which Parliament is expected to approve today, the government is attempting to implement a public register showing who really owns companies. The bill is a good example of how UK legislation can affect countries around the world, especially those in the process of development.

The developing world loses around three times as much through tax avoidance and evasion as it gains through aid. Ending secrecy around who really owns companies is a vital part of fixing this, because many companies dodge taxes by hiding their identities using complex and secretive ownership structures.

The new register of who owns companies is an important reform which will make it harder for criminals to use companies as what Global Witness calls ‘get-away cars’ vehicles for corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, terrorist financing and so on – safe in the knowledge that there are no links to them personally.

Unfortunately, Mr Cameron has had far less success with the UKs Overseas Territories (OTs) and Crown Dependencies(CDs). Between $21 – $32 trillion in private financial assets is held in tax havens and of this, an estimated 25-30% is from developing countries.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) in particular is known for creating firms whose real owners are untraceable so no surprise that BVI firms have turned up in the HSBC Swiss tax scandal, in the theft by Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha of hundreds of thousands of dollars and in a mining deal which cost the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) some $1.3 billion (twice their annual health and education budget). The BVI alone is thought to host at least 400,000 shell companies dwarfing their tiny population of 33,000 people.

The UK should be preventing the illicit financial flows from these countries, not protecting those responsible. This isnt just the right and moral thing to do, its the smart, business thing to do.

The Department for International Development (DFID) currently gives DRC around 163 million a year and Nigeria 271 million a year – the third largest recipient in 2014/15. Nigeria has enjoyed a 50-year oil boom but at the same time has lost $400billion in oil revenues, whilst 84% of the population live on less than $2 a day.

This equates to around two thirds of the health budget or provision of education to 1.7million of the 5.5million girls out of school. It is in our interest to tighten UK legislation and support them in implementing a robust tax system, given their commodity wealth.

Back in London, Mr Cameron has repeatedly requested the OTs and CDs create public registers of who is really behind their myriad shell companies. At first they claimed they were holding public consultations on the matter but over a year since the first consultation was launched, it is clear that the islands leaders plan to stick to business-as-usual.

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Comment: A tax haven crackdown would help the developing world

SEO That Works | seoWorks – Sydney Melbourne Brisbane …

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Feb 242015

Its our job to make your web pages turn up on the first page of the Search Engine resultsand you deserve to be there!

Our natural or organic SEO services deliver resultsbecause we really doknow how Search Engine Optimisation* works!

But it isnt just about turning up at the top of Page 1 on Google, Yahoo or Bingwhat it is reallyabout is

You want expert advice from one of the most experienced SEO companies and you are here because you have realised that not all search companies are alike. You want expert consultants and high quality services that are backed by research, Case Studies and a demonstrable track record from Ecommerce SEOthrough to Enterprise scale sites to SME website.

From our locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane San Francisco and New York, our agency serves clients Australia-wide as well as client companies located around the world.

And our philosophy is really quite simple we concentrate solely on fully researchedSearch Engine Optimisation techniques, tested on our own test sites first and, only when fully proven do we then apply these to our clients web sites.

With our practical, tactical solutions you can achieve the online visibility and success you desire.

As a leading globalSEO company, we are more than just consultants; we start from the ground up, researching your keywords, analysing competitors, reviewing website infrastructure, enhancing content, applying link development strategies and then implement all of these methodologies to deliver to your company the best results, across Australia and around the world.

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SEO That Works | seoWorks – Sydney Melbourne Brisbane …

Vogogo offers free fraud and risk service to cryptocurrency firms

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Jan 192015

Summary:Vogogo services are being offering for free following a year of cyberattacks against the cryptocurrency industry.

Vogogo’s fraud and risk mitigation service is being released as a stand-alone system to help cryptocurrency companies protect themselves against rising rates of cyberattack.

Announced on Monday, the cryptocurrency payment processing and fraud mitigation company said that high demand prompted the release of the service for free, in both use and integration. In the current threat landscape, it is more important than ever that the enterprise invest in cybersecurity measures — and the crypto industry is no exception.

In recent times, to name but a few, Mt. Gox, Bitfloor and Bitstamp have all been reportedly the victims of cyberattacks. Hackers are able to hijack mining pools or break into a virtual currency exchange’s hot wallet system to steal funds, and unfortunately, many exchanges either close or do not have enough funds left in cold storage to compensate traders.

See also: Police suspect Mt. Gox Bitcoin theft was an inside job

Vogogo, which works with companies including CoinTrader, ANXPro, Rock Trading, QuadrigaCX and BitMEX, offers a fraud and risk mitigation service which validates large volumes of high-risk payment transactions. Each separate individual or business involved in a transaction is verified — as well as each individual transaction itself — before being processed.

Vogogo CEO Geoff Gordon commented:

It’s also frustrating as we believe these types of sophisticated fraud events can be effectively prevented with the right systems in place. Therefore, we have elected to open up our fraud and risk mitigation services to crypto-based businesses, worldwide, free of cost.”

Vogogo’s chief revenue officer Rodney Thompson said that the decision to open up Vogogo’s service was not only to help combat fraud, but to educate players within the fledgling industry on how to manage overall fraud levels and risk.

The offer allows any crypto-based firm free integration and use of the platform for a minimum of three months for free.

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Vogogo offers free fraud and risk service to cryptocurrency firms

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NSA releases report on privacy violations — on Christmas Eve

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Dec 262014

WASHINGTON, Dec. 26 (UPI) — The National Security Administration released a report on a decade’s worth of privacy violations — on Christmas Eve.

The agency posted the report to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request by the American Civil Liberties Union. It includes redacted reports to the president’s Intelligence Oversight Board from the fourth quarter of 2001, when surveillance increased because of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, to the second quarter of 2013.

The breaches include deliberate misuse of NSA surveillance capabilities by staffers who wanted to spy on spouses or lovers. But the agency said most violations of privacy were the result of unintentional mistakes.

In a statement, the NSA said the dozen or so cases of deliberate violations had been reported to the board and the Justice Department. There are also instances of data on U.S. citizens being stored on unsecured computers and of data that was supposed to be destroyed being kept.

“These materials show, over a sustained period of time, the depth and rigor of NSA’s commitment to compliance,” the statement said. “By emphasizing accountability across all levels of the enterprise, and transparently reporting errors and violations to outside oversight authorities, NSA protects privacy and civil liberties while safeguarding the nation and our allies.”

Patrick Toomey, a lawyer with the ACLU’s National Security Project, said the reports show “an urgent need for greater oversight by all three branches of government.”

Related UPI Stories

2014 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction, republication, redistribution and/or modification of any UPI content is expressly prohibited without UPI’s prior written consent.

Photos: The Year in Review

Notable deaths of 2014

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NSA releases report on privacy violations — on Christmas Eve

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NSA Opens Up Data Automation Software For Public Use

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Dec 012014

The Apache Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has worked with theNationalSecurityAgency (NSA) on the release of Niagarafiles (or Nifi, to the initiated) technology designed to automate data flows among multiple computer networks. The software is free and open source (so is available to the public) through the Apache Software Foundation. But why is automating data flows important?

Automation for the people

Data flow automation is important because it brings together data streams that need to be aggregated for analysis and yes, think big data analytics here if you wish. This can be hard work when data formats and data transmission protocols differ between different sources. But Niagarafiles handles this exact cross-format challenge.

Data flow automation is important to commercial enterprises because they can us it to control, manage and analyze the flow of information from geographically dispersed sites such as international office headquarters and/or customers and partners. If you need to ask why the NSA is good at complex data flow automation and aggregation, then go back to the start of the first paragraph and start reading again.

Situational awareness

So far so good, but why perform data flow automation anyway?

The NSA explains that coalescing information from multiple sources can help create comprehensive situational awareness and that this is as relevant to the NSAs wider work as it is to business. Lead Developer of Nifi Joseph L. Witt explains that this technology, Provides a way to prioritize data flows more effectively and get rid of artificial delays in identifying and transmitting critical information.

So is the NSA about to start sharing more of its software with the enterprise business sector? The organization confirms that this release is first in a series of releases of in-house software products the NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP). Posting the code to open source forums allows the private sector and others to examine the agencys research up close, and potentially benefit from it through additional enhancements and applications.

The agency says it often uses open source offerings to confront todays complex foreign-intelligence challenges with creativity and agility.

But heres the point i.e. open source is all about community contributions and shared knowledge, so the at the same time the government can gain from related research advances that occur in the wider world of enterprise software.

Read this article:
NSA Opens Up Data Automation Software For Public Use

2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade 4WD 4dr SUV for sale in Brooklyn, – Video

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Oct 272014

2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade 4WD 4dr SUV for sale in Brooklyn,
This 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade 4WD 4dr SUV is for sale in Brooklyn, NY 11214 at Ultra Auto Enterprise. Contact Ultra Auto Enterprise at or http://www.carsfors…

By: Ultra Auto Enterprise Inc

Continued here:
2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade 4WD 4dr SUV for sale in Brooklyn, – Video

Taulia's Bhaji Illuminati Presents at Inaugural Conference

 Illuminati  Comments Off on Taulia's Bhaji Illuminati Presents at Inaugural Conference
Oct 042014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – October 03, 2014) – Taulia, the market-leading platform for supplier financing, presented this week at the inaugural 2014 Vidyard Ignite conference. The conference was called “the world’s first B2B marketing summit.”

Senior Marketing Manager Bhaji Illuminati represented Taulia on a panel that included executives from Square, Salesforce, and Deltek. All four companies were recognized by Vidyard as “video marketing trailblazers.”

“Taulia has become an innovative marketing leader in the business-to-business space, in part because of our work with Vidyard,” said Illuminati. “We’ve worked with the Vidyard team to make our videos humorous, entertaining, and informative, and these video campaigns have helped contribute to Taulia tripling our revenue for two consecutive years.”

The panel was titled “Mastering the Science of Video and Content Marketing” and reviewed the latest trends in video marketing and how to improve content marketing.The discussion, which was moderated by Vidyard Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Lessard, touched on video marketing best practices and how to utilize data and insights from video content to increase ROI.

Illuminati also presented two Taulia videos, “The Creator of the Most Remarkable Software in AP,” as well as “Treasury Tim,” which is part of Taulia’s P2P Superheroes campaign, to the audience of nearly 200. One executive in attendance noted that Taulia’s humorous videos have set the standard in the enterprise marketing world.

“When we create a video, we strive to make it on the level of Taulia’s marketing content,” she said. “It’s Taulia or bust.”

Vidyard also honored Taulia, which provides the most flexible form of supplier financing, via cloud-based invoice, payment, and dynamic discounting solutions, with a video marketing award at the conference.

To see more Taulia videos, please visit itswebsite.

About TauliaTaulia is the fastest growing SaaS platform and network for Supplier Financing, eInvoicing, and Supplier Portals. Through turning every invoice into a revenue opportunity, Taulia enables organizations to strengthen supplier relationships while adding millions to the bottom line. Some of the most innovative brands in the world rely on Taulia, including Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, Pfizer, Pacific Gas & Electric, Hallmark, and many other Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit

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Taulia's Bhaji Illuminati Presents at Inaugural Conference

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Your freedom of speech on campus is under attack – Video

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Oct 012014

Your freedom of speech on campus is under attack
Are America's institutions of higher learning are becoming hostile environments for freedom of speech? Do students lose their freedom of expression when they enter a public institution of…

By: American Enterprise Institute

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Your freedom of speech on campus is under attack – Video

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Free Speech or a Hostile Work Environment? – Video

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Sep 112014

Free Speech or a Hostile Work Environment?
Thom Hartmann debates Justin Danhof, General Counsel Director-Free Enterprise Project-National Center for Public Policy Research Website:, over the case of a North…

By: thomhartmann

Read this article:
Free Speech or a Hostile Work Environment? – Video

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Microsoft openly offered cloud data to the NSA

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May 172014

Microsofts cooperation with the NSA and FBI on the controversial Prism program has been laid bare in a new book written by an American journalist who brought it to public attention in the first place.

Glenn Greenwald, the American journalist who worked extensively with Edward Snowden, wrote in a new book that Microsofts cloud services allowed the National Security Agency [NSA] to collect data from a range of its different cloud options.

“Beginning on 7 March 2013, Prism now collects Microsoft SkyDrive data as part of Prism’s standard Store Communications collection package for a tasked FISA Amendments Act Section 702 [FAA702] selector, stated a slide released by Greenwald, according to Cloud Pro.

It is detailed in Greenwalds new book, No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the Surveillance State, and goes on to hint that Microsoft was implicit in the NSA data collecting process.

“This success is the result of the FBI working for many months with Microsoft to get this tasking and collection solution established,” the document stated.

Part of the reason that it was able to do this was down to the FISA Amendment Act of 2008 that legalized NSA Internet surveillance and allowed warrantless wiretapping by the NSA and related agencies.

“This means that analysts will no longer have to make a special request to SSO for this. This new capability will result in a much more complete and timely collection response from SSO for our enterprise customers,” the documents added.

Other sabotage methods employed by the NSA and outlined in Greenwalds book include the supply-chain interdiction, which meant intercepting various communications products in order to carry out covert surveillance. This included routers and servers made by Cisco and involved implanting beacons before the products were repackaged and shipped out to customers across the world.

“While American companies were being warned away from supposedly untrustworthy Chinese routers, foreign organizations would have been well advised to beware of American-made ones,” Greenwald said.

Read more:

Microsoft openly offered cloud data to the NSA

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Enterprise SEO Audits Go Beyond The Desktop Crawl

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Apr 242014

Digital technology and the way consumers are using it is evolving at a pace never seen before, and the platforms and tools used by digital marketers are trying to keep up with it all.

We all know content is still king. In order to win the battle for the consumers attention, or Google rankings, you need to provide quality content and lots of it. (See my article, 3 Tips To Beat The Volume Game, forin-depth discussion on massive internet contentgrowth.)

To satisfy this insatiable demand, content management systems and platforms have had to evolve and allow for the agile and dynamic creation and deployment of content. As you take any SEO recommendation and distill it down, a single message appears: Build more pages.

This brings me to the root of this article performing SEO audits in the enterprise-level world where the number of website pages has become limitless.

Simply put, websites are getting increasingly larger and search marketers have to work with dynamically generated pages, master-detail sets, online directories, e-commerce pages, product reviews, shopping carts, dynamic comparison pages, mobile-only content, tags and read-more links, making the average number of pages skyrocket.

Along comes the search marketer who used to have to optimize 50 pages and thought that was challenging; now we are looking at thousands of pages, which creates huge technological and resource challenges when performing technical audits.

Our crawling tool of choice for technical audits is Screaming Frog. Its an amazing program that will perform any technical SEO audit in the blink of an eye with an incredible level of detail and flexibility. However, like any desktop audit tool, it has four major limitations caused by the simple fact that it is a desktop application.

Note: This is not intended to be a comparison between DeepCrawl (described below) and Screaming Frog; they both have their own unique strengths and applications, and we utilize both of them heavily.

We set out to evaluate a number of different solutions that would allow us to perform technical audits on a larger scale. We excluded any of the Suite providers, as we had very specific needs and wanted a partner that focuses purely on auditing, instead a ranking tool that also does XYZ.

We came across DeepCrawl. DeepCrawl is a server-based solution, so it removes all the limitations you experience with a desktop audit tool it can run at any time, and the size of your computers memory doesnt matter.

Enterprise SEO Audits Go Beyond The Desktop Crawl

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Used 2003 Jeep Liberty | VIP Auto Enterprise, Inc, Orlando, FL – Video

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Mar 042014

Used 2003 Jeep Liberty | VIP Auto Enterprise, Inc, Orlando, FL
Used 2003 Jeep Liberty in Orlando, , , . VIP Auto Enterprise, Inc. Call us at (407) 277-9500 or visit BLACK with GRY . 100507 miles…

By: VIP Auto Enterprise

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Used 2003 Jeep Liberty | VIP Auto Enterprise, Inc, Orlando, FL – Video

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FOUND Friday: Search & Content Marketing Trends – Video

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Feb 282014

FOUND Friday: Search Content Marketing Trends
GinzaMetrics CEO Founder Ray Grieselhuber and COO Erin Robbins O'Brien chat about the latest search and content marketing trends.

By: GinzaMetrics | Enterprise SEO Content Marketing

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FOUND Friday: Search & Content Marketing Trends – Video

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Pierre Teilhard De Chardin | Designer Children | Prometheism | Euvolution | Transhumanism