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Flying Islands Chronicles – Gameplay – PC/HD
(2014)Flying Islands Chronicles – Gameplay – PC/HD —– The residents of flying islands have long used steam robots to handle their daily chores, but something went terribly wrong and now…

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Flying Islands Chronicles – Gameplay – PC/HD – Video

Oct 222014

Sons of Liberty Tee's
Just a quick thank you to for providing this channel with a few T-Shirts that I can share on camera. They make a ton of prints from Molon Labe, Don't Tread On Me, Come…

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Sons of Liberty Tee’s – Video

By Peter Campbell for the Daily Mail

Published: 01:17 EST, 20 October 2014 | Updated: 01:35 EST, 20 October 2014

The campaign to make corporations tax affairs more transparent has received a boost after a FTSE 100 firm vowed to be completely open about its finances.

Energy giant SSE will today become the first big company in Britain to qualify for the Fair Tax Mark, which was launched earlier this year to encourage firms to disclose whether they use tax havens or avoidance schemes.

The company paid 430m of corporation tax in the UK last year. SSE boss Alistair Phillips-Davies said the company has a responsibility to contribute to the societies in which it operates.

Boost:Energy giant SSE will become the first big company in Britain to qualify for the Fair Tax Mark

He added the firm seeks to pay the right amount of corporation tax at the right time, in the right place and explain how it does it.

Richard Murphy, director at the Fair Tax Mark, said: Today is a major breakthrough for the campaign for responsible tax behaviour. Corporation tax avoidance costs the UK economy billions a year money needed to support vital health, education and social security services in this country.

Energy companies tend to incur big tax bills.

Centrica, the owner of British Gas, is one of the largest tax-contributing companies in the UK, and last year paid more than 1bn to HMRC.

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Campaign to make corporations' tax affairs more transparent receives boost after SSE vows to be completely open about …

'You're moving closer to Russia and blame Russians for being close to NATO'
Journalists grill Chuck Hagel's recent claims that Russia is on the doorstep of NATO during the daily State Department briefing. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!…

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‘You’re moving closer to Russia and blame Russians for being close to NATO’ – Video

Freedom Planet Ep.9 – Final Dreadnaught
Thanks for watching Champs and Champettes! Check out the following links to keep in touch ;) Daily Stream: Twitter: Patreon: http://ww…

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Freedom Planet Ep.9 – Final Dreadnaught – Video

The Kabalyero Show [E1] Strife Brawl Tournament, SotA Bitcoin, Daily Shoutouts And More
Strife Brawl Tournament, Shroud of the Avatar and Bitcoin, Daily Shoutouts and more. Hi guys, my name is Kabalyero and thank you for watching The Kabalyero Show. The show where I share to…

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The Kabalyero Show [E1] Strife Brawl Tournament, SotA & Bitcoin, Daily Shoutouts And More – Video

Reddit is considering creating a cryptocurrency backed by shares of the company. These shares would then be redistributed back to the community in recognition of the role it has played in the sites success.

Or that at least is the plan for some of the $50 million the company raised in funding from a group of investors that include Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator, Alfred Lin of Sequoia Capital and Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz.

Other investors participating in the round, according to CEO Yishan Wongs blog post on the subject, include Peter Thiel, Ron Conway, Paul Buchheit, Jared Leto, Jessica Livingston, Kevin and Julia Hartz, Mariam Naficy, Josh Kushner, Snoop Dogg, and Yishan Wong.

The capital will be applied to a number of projects, Wong wrotethe company plans to hire more staff for product development, expand the community management team, build better moderation and community tools, work more closely with third party developers to expand its mobile offerings, improve the self-serve ad product, build out Redditgifts marketplace and invest in the infrastructure.

The investors also pledged to give back 10 percent of their shares to the community. In the comments section, Wong went into more detail about how that could occur.

We are thinking about creating a cryptocurrency and making it exchangeable (backed) by those shares of reddit, and then distributing the currency to the community. The investors have explicitly agreed to this in their investment terms.

Nothing like this has ever been done before. Basically we have to nail down how to do each step correctly (it is technically, legally, and financially complex), though in our brief consultation with an ex-SEC lawyer, he stated he could find nothing illegal about this plan. Nevertheless, there are something like 30 different things we have to pull off to make this work, so were going to try.

Wong freely acknowledges the plan could fail and if it does, its back to the drawing board for a plan to reward the community.

But it is unlikely Reddit would junk the entire project without salvaging something from it.

Last month Daily Dot noted that Reddit was seeking a cryptocurrency engineersomeone with a background in math or computer science to explore new technology applications and infrastructure involving the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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Reddit's Cryptocurrency Could Have Many Uses

In future releases of Firefox, you may have access to a private browsing mode thats a whole lot more private. Theres a chance that Mozilla could be working to integrate support for Tors anonymous surfing tech into their browser. Tor integration might not be a perfect privacy solution but its definitely an upgrade over the private browsing modes our browsers currently offer.

Patrick Howell ONeill of The Daily Dot recently spoke with Andrew Lewman, executive director of the Tor Project. During their exchange, Lewman mentioned that several major tech firms have ongoing discussions about adding Tor functionality to their products. One of those companies, Lewman said, has a 10% to 20% share of 2.8 billion internet users.

He didnt specifically name Mozilla, but those numbers line up pretty nicely with estimates of Firefox market share from trackers like NetMarketShare and StatCounter. And theres every reason to think that Mozilla would at least consider adding Tor support to Firefox.

Mozilla is one of the most trusted companies on the internet, particularly when it comes to user privacy. They spearheaded the push for Do Not Track (which has unfortunately failed) and they launched the Lightbeam add-on to show Firefox users how the sites they visit were sharing their browsing data with third parties. Firefox has always offered loads of configuration tweaks that allow users to lock things like cookies down, too.

Mozilla and the Tor Project also have a pretty decent working relationship already. They share many of the same values and goals and Mozilla says theyre always discussing new ways to increase trust and privacy on the web.

Youll already find Firefox in the Tor browser bundle, but Firefox integration would bring easy Tor access to hundreds of millions of additional users. Tors network will need to be scaled up to handle the additional traffic not that 100% of Firefox users will click in, but even 10% of its base would be hard on todays Tor network.

Now read:PORTAL router puts hassle-free TOR privacy in your pocket

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Firefox could be adding built-in Tor support for improved private browsing

It’s no secret that everybody’s thinking about privacy and cyber security more since the world was pummeled with the unsettling, spy-novel truths of the Snowden revelations. Now, companies are starting to seize onto the zeitgeist by building more secure tools for the internet. And it sounds like Tor will be at the front of that line.

The Tor anonymity network is in talks with “several major tech companies” about integrating its technology into their software, according to the Daily Dot. One of those companies, the Daily Dot’s Patrick Howell O’Neill, is Firefox, and that integration might come in the form of a Tor button that would enable anonymous browsing for hundreds of millions of people. Again, it’s unclear if this major tech company is indeed Firefox, but Tor executive director Andrew Lewman offered some hints.

“They very much like Tor Browser and would like to ship it to their customer base,” said Lewman. “Their product is 10-20 percent of the global market, this is of roughly 2.8 billion global Internet users.” Lewman added, “[The tech companies are] willing to entertain offering their resources to help us solve the scalability challenges of handling hundreds of millions of users and relays on Tor.”

This sounds like a great idea! Indeed, Firefox does have between 10 and 20 percent of the global browser market, and Mozilla, the nonprofit that builds the open source browser, is certainly interested in issues like privacy and security. Last year, Mozilla launched Lightbeam as an add-on that helps users visualize who’s collecting data from them. A similar add-on that offers increased privacy or even total anonymity makes perfect sense. The Daily Dot calls it an “easy Tor button.” We call it genius.

But even if it’s not Firefox, it would be a smart move for any browser to take advantage of Tor’s anonymity network. Easy integration into a popular browser would not only offer better privacy for millions; it would also encourage more people to think about cyber security. We already saw this earlier this year, when Apple announced that it would integrate DuckDuckGo, the anonymous search engine, into Safari for iOS 8. This is in addition to new, improved encryption in iOS 8.

If anything, turning Tor into a mainstream resource means that everybody enjoys better security. The Tor network works like a daisy chain that puts distance between the user and their destination, so that hackers or spies can’t trace who’s doing what on the internet. The longer that daisy chain gets, the harder it is to identify the person on the other end. Although as we learned a few months ago, it’s not impossible to identify Tor users. Still, it’s much harder.

So regardless of who’s doing it, you should be excited by the idea of more Tor integration. It’s a boon for your privacy and good for cyber security. And hopefully, it’s just around the corner. [Daily Dot]

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Dreaming of a Tor Button for Firefox

NSA Leak: Epic TSA Agent's Rant
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NSA Leak: Epic TSA Agent’s Rant – Video

How to Pronounce Aleutian Islands
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How to Pronounce Aleutian Islands – Video

Mahfuz Anam

The Daily Star

Publication Date : 26-09-2014

What was set up to protect the press and its freedom appears to be poised to destroy both.

Recent newspaper reports have alerted us about certain changes that the Press Council is proposing to bring in its own law that we consider to be dangerously anti-free press and fundamentally contradictory to the very purpose for which the Council was set up.

Article 39 of our Constitution guarantees freedom of the press with reasonable restrictions.

Basing on that the Press Council Act was promulgated in 1974. It’s very first objective says, The Council shall preserve the freedom of the press and improve the standards of newspapers and news agencies in Bangladesh.

Objective 2(a) says, Help newspapers and news agencies to maintain their freedom, objective 2(e) says, To keep under review any development likely to restrict the supply and dissemination of information of public interest and importance.

As to its powers, it was given the right to warn, admonish and censure.

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Protector-turn-predator of press freedom

Minal – Bitcoin 23/09/2014 Every night right before the News, Albert Thoumy brings us facts and advice on a new topic related to our daily lives. You c…

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Minal – Bitcoin 23/09/2014 – Video

How to Pronounce Ladrone Islands
Can we reach 1 Likes? Watch video to the end :) Leave a Like, Comment, Favorite, and Share if you enjoy. Subscribe for more. Pronounce Daily definition:…

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How to Pronounce Ladrone Islands – Video

Sep 242014

Cebu Press Freedom Week 2012 (highlights)

Cebu media community set aside competition to celebrate freedom of the press.

A one-day seminar on overcoming pornography.

Remix dance Show. CEBU Daily News Staff you can follow on facebook

This independent production brought to you by Lady i. We brought our ‘Freedom Time’ to the islands of Cebu & Dumaguete, away from the concrete jungles of Met… *part 1 *audio only *dominant language used: Cebuano September does not only mark the start of the BER months, it is also the month wherein Cebuanos are reminded on the importance of press freedom through the Cebu Press Freedom celebration. This week long celebration is solely celebrated in Cebu that coincides with the declaration of martial law which was on Sept. 21, 1972, a time in our history wherein the freedom to speak one’s mind was taken away from every Filipino. Be reminded with the importance of Press Freedom in this Pagtuki episode.

Annual motorcycle event participated by different motorcycle clubs, groups & enthusiast in going around Cebu City from dawn to sunrise. This is a pre-sinulog…

September 19, 2011 Balitang Bisdak News by GMA-7 Cebu Uploaded by Nestor Daarol 09154636823.

Friends for Tibet – Cebu and Tibet Support – Pilipinas would like to give thanks for all the supporters and to the performers (who played for a good cause du…

freedom park cebu.

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Freedom and responsibility

The pieces are falling into place for the next phase of Liberty Puzzles’ business.

The Boulder-based maker of wooden jigsaw puzzles is weeks away from opening a retail store on the Pearl Street Mall.

The shop, which would be the first brick-and-mortar locale in the company’s 9-year history, could lay the foundation for the operation to shift away from a wholesale-focused business model, owner Chris Wirth said.

Liberty Puzzles is setting up shop at 1468 Pearl St., a 685-square-foot space that most recently served as a retail front for Kid Robot, a maker of pop art and street art toys and collectibles.

“It made sense for us to plant the flag on the historic bricks of the Pearl Street Mall and see if that model works for us,” Wirth said.

Mike Snow cleans a puzzle before sending it to quality control on Tuesday at Liberty Puzzles on 49th Street in Boulder. For more photos and a video about the company, visit (Jeremy Papasso / Daily Camera)

Liberty Puzzles now sells about “several dozen thousand” puzzles a year through its website and via the wholesale route to about a 100 small stores across America.

The puzzles are made by machine and a 30-person workforce in an east Boulder facility that in recent years has turned into a bit of a tourist draw, Wirth said. About two years back, Liberty Puzzles opened a showroom at its 2526 49th St. headquarters and made an open offer for drop-in tours.

Visitors pop in Liberty Puzzles on a daily basis, he said. During the peak summer tourist season, Wirth’s business has hosted more than 10 groups in a single day.

“We’ve sort of been overwhelmed,” he said.

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Boulder's Liberty Puzzles piecing together Pearl Street location

Mark Karpeles: Spiral of Epic Bitcoin Exchange Failures Loom
In his first interview since Japanese police launched their investigation into his bankrupt exchange, former Mt. Gox CEO, Mark Karpeles told The Daily Beast that Bitcoin's worst enemies are…

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Mark Karpeles: Spiral of Epic Bitcoin Exchange Failures Loom – Video

Harf. On NATO Rasmussen Comments Russia. 15 Sept 2014 (Ukraine)
Marie Harf, State Department Deputy Spokesperson. U.S. Department of State – Daily Briefing: September.15.2014 NATO DESCRIBES RUSSIA AND ISLAMIC…

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Harf. On NATO Rasmussen Comments Russia. 15 Sept 2014 (Ukraine) – Video

BITNEWS ON THE GO! Bitcoin is trending on Reddit! Why? The Daily Show Tweet, 711 in Mexico PayPal
BITNEWS ON THE GO! Bitcoin is trending on Reddit! Why? The Daily Show's John Stewart Tweeted About Bitcoin, All 7 Elevens in Mexico Announced They Accept Bitcoin Today PayPal's People Economy…

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BITNEWS ON THE GO! Bitcoin is trending on Reddit! Why? The Daily Show Tweet, 711 in Mexico & PayPal – Video

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag | Freedom Cry | Review | Ginx Daily

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Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag | Freedom Cry | Review | Ginx Daily – Video

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