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NATO Countries Have Begun Arms Deliveries To Ukraine: Defense Minister
Ukraine's defense minister said on Sunday that NATO countries were delivering weapons to his country to equip it to fight pro-Russian separatists and “stop” Russian President Vladimir Putin….

By: WochitGeneralNews

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NATO Countries Have Begun Arms Deliveries To Ukraine: Defense Minister – Video

Published September 15, 2014

Sept. 15, 2014 – Former NSA systems analyst turned leaker Edward Snowden appears via video link from Russia to hundreds at the Auckland, New Zealand Town Hall. Snowden says the NSA is collecting mass surveillance data on New Zealanders through its XKeyscore program and has set up a facility to tap into vast amounts of data.(AP)

WELLINGTON, New Zealand Former National Security Agency systems analyst turned leaker Edward Snowden said Monday that the NSA is collecting mass surveillance data on New Zealanders through its XKeyscore program and has set up a facility in the South Pacific nation’s largest city to tap into vast amounts of data.

Snowden talked via video link from Russia to hundreds of people at Auckland’s Town Hall.

Shortly before he spoke, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key issued a statement saying New Zealand’s spy agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau, or GCSB, has never undertaken mass surveillance of its own people. Key said he declassified previously secret documents that proved his point.

“Regarding XKeyscore, we don’t discuss the specific programs the GCSB may or may not use,” Key said. “But the GCSB does not collect mass metadata on New Zealanders, therefore it is clearly not contributing such data to anything or anyone.”

Snowden, however, said Key was carefully parsing his words, and that New Zealand agencies do collect information for the NSA and then get access to it.

“There are actually NSA facilities in New Zealand that the GCSB is aware of and that means the prime minister is aware of,” Snowden said. “And one of them is in Auckland.”

He said Key was avoiding the main issue by not talking about XKeyscore.

“To this day, he’s said I won’t talk about this. I won’t talk about this because it’s related to foreign intelligence,” Snowden said. “But is it related to foreign intelligence if it’s collecting the communications of every man, woman and child in the country of New Zealand?”

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Snowden: NSA collecting data on New Zealanders

Ukraine's defense minister said on Sunday that NATO countries were delivering weapons to his country to equip it to fight pro-Russian separatists and "stop" Russian President Vladimir Putin. Valery Heletey told a news conference he had discussed weapons deliveries in bilateral meetings with NATO defense ministers during a NATO summit in Wales on Sept. 4-5. NATO officials have said it will not …

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NATO countries have begun arms deliveries to Ukraine: defense minister

What happens if Scotland goes independent and the country starts to fail? – Free Speech – BBC Three
Programme website: The Free Speech audience debates Scottish independence in Edinburgh.

By: BBC Three

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What happens if Scotland goes independent and the country starts to fail? – Free Speech – BBC Three – Video

The recent controversies around Reverend Bruce Shipmans remarks and the William F. Buckley, Jr. Programs upcoming invitation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali highlight an important hypocrisy in the state of free speech on campus. Rich Lizardo, president of the Buckley Program, wrote yesterday in defense of Hirsi Alis visit to campus, saying, Her work does not qualify as libel and slander, as was suggested by the open letter, and it cannot be reduced to purported hate speech, a slur used simply to silence speech with which one disagrees.

Yet anyone with a comparative eye would see the resemblance to the assaults fired at Rev. Shipman for his short letter in the New York Times weeks ago.

While the circumstances are not the same in these two, heres a comparison to consider: Rev. Shipman made a connection between Israels policies and growing anti-Semitism in Europe, writing, As hope for a two-state solution fades and Palestinian casualties continue to mount, the best antidote to anti-Semitism would be for Israels patrons abroad to press the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for final-status resolution to the Palestinian question.

However, opponents, such as Chabad at Yale, quickly labeled his comments as justification of anti-Semitism. Pressure piled on Rev. Shipman to resign, many coming from friends of the Jewish community on campus and in the country. A few days later, he did.

On the other hand, in an interview with David Cohen of the London Evening Standard in 2007, Hirsi Ali said, Violence is inherent in Islam its a destructive, nihilistic cult of death. It legitimates murder. The police may foil plots and freeze bank accounts in the short term, but the battle against terrorism will ultimately be lost unless we realise that its not just with extremist elements within Islam, but the ideology of Islam itself Islam is the new fascism.

The Reverends comment about Israel and growing anti-Semitism in Europe pales in generality and in ferocity in the face of Hirsi Alis comment about Islam. Yet the right has responded in a very different manner: calling for sanction in the former, defending free expression in the latter. If we are to entertain that Hirsi Alis comments are made out of legitimate concern over the treatment of women, then we must equally consider the Rev. Shipmans concern for those under carnage in Gaza. Free speech either cuts both ways or it is not: This is the hypocrisy of free speech of which we must be aware.

One cannot disregard the blatant double standard at work in these two cases. I doubt that Hirsi Alis comments would have passed the censors had she replaced Islam with Judaism as her subject of criticism; likewise, Rev. Shipmans comments would hardly have been construed as hate speech if he swapped Israel for Russia and Gaza for Ukraine. This double standard reaffirms a certain worldview protecting America and its allies interests by censoring opposing opinions in the name of hate speech.

We are reminded of repeated instances in American academia where anti-Zionist comments are censored in the name of anti-Semitism, as we have seen in the recent firing of Professor Steven Salaita at University of Illinois. Not only is this the type of hate speech that Lizardo believes silences speech, but it is deeply harmful to any discourse fighting anti-Semitism at large. While few would disagree that mounting anti-Semitism in Europe and abroad is a virulent problem that needs to be confronted, it serves no ones interests to water it down by calling anti-Zionist comments anti-Semitic just to shut them out of the public sphere.

The standards of academic freedom and freedom of speech should not be kicked around as ideological ammunition: There probably ought to be limits to those standards, and that deserves a much longer discussion. But the selective justification as Ive seen lately on campus and in the media is not conducive to a constructive discourse.

Adrian Lo is a senior in SaybrookCollege. Contact him

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LO: The hypocrisy of free speech

Putin: Western counties are trying to revive NATO by creating a crisis in Ukraine
Vladimir Putin says Moscow has no intention of launching a new arms race, but will analyze potential threats and adequately respond to all security challenges. He announced that his country…

By: PressTV News Videos

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Putin: Western counties are trying to revive NATO by creating a crisis in Ukraine – Video

A NATO air strike in eastern Afghanistan killed 14 people, including civilians, and wounded at least 13 others, an Afghan official said on Wednesday, just months before most foreign forces pull out of the country. President Hamid Karzai condemned the deaths. The governor of Kunar province, Shuja ul-Mulk Jalala, said villagers brought the bodies of the 14, including two children, from their …

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Afghan official says NATO air strike killed up to 14 civilians

Liberty Geek with Chuck Episode 11: Australia, the country against gaming
Chuck the Liberty Geek looks at the history of Australia and oppression of gamers in particular in it's long history. The Voluntary Virtues Network is a voluntaryist network, and is comprised…

By: Voluntary Virtues Network

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Liberty Geek with Chuck Episode 11: Australia, the country against gaming – Video

Zhang Yunbi and Cai Hong

China Daily

Publication Date : 10-09-2014

The impact of the Diaoyu Islands dispute on China-Japan ties is diminishing, but pessimism over future relations remains, the latest public opinion poll in both countries showed.

A majority of the public continued to see the significance of the relationship but “the proportion of such people is shrinking to a record low on both sides” – 65 per cent of those polled in China and 70.6 per cent in Japan.

The 10th Public Opinion on China-Japan Relations 2014 survey, co-sponsored by China Daily and the Japanese nonprofit think tank Genron NPO, was released in Tokyo on Tuesday.

The latest poll follows two years of global attention on security policies and territorial disputes between Asia’s two largest economies, as well as Tokyo’s official positions regarding its wartime atrocities.

The annual poll, conducted in July and August this year, gathers responses from a wide spectrum of society.

In China, the survey included 1,539 Chinese residents in the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang and Xi’an, 201 international relations scholars from around the country and 813 university students and faculty members at five top Beijing universities. In Japan, respondents included 1,000 members of the public and 628 intellectuals, mostly with experience of China.

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Survey finds pessimism in China's ties with Japan

NATO might be losing its focus as it tries to strengthen its roles with both the crisis in Ukraine and rise of the terrorist group ISIS in the Middle East, according to foreign policy analysts.

Luke Coffey and Frank Gaffney told the military alliance is slowly forgetting its principle mission in protecting the defense of its member states.

Coffey is the Margaret Thatcher Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and Gaffney serves as the founder and president for the national security think tank, Center for Security Policy.

There is a growing call from critics that the organization doesnt have a role in fighting ISIS, now called Islamic State.

I think NATO needs to get back to some of its roots, back to the basics, said Coffey. ISIS, without a doubt, poses a threat to the members inside NATO, but I think as an alliance this is not a challenge NATO should take on.

He instead proposes the U.S. lead a coalition of the willing” that could include NATO members, but should not fall under their jurisdiction because as we saw in Libya in 2011, when you get 28 members around a table it slows down the process and with this fight against ISIS youre going to need quick and rapid decision-making .

– Luke Coffey

Gaffney sees NATO as being a pale shadow of itself as result of reduction in defense spending by the U.S. and its allies. [Before] we go into Iraq or Syria with NATO, I think we best should think about rebuilding NATOs capabilities to protect their own territory.

Only four of NATO’s 28 member states, including the U.S., have met the pledge to meet or exceed 2 percent of their country’s GDP on military spending.

NATO members are currently debating how to possibly boost their support for Ukraine’s military to fight pro-Russian rebels.

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Is NATO still relevant against Russia, ISIS?

BOSTON, Sept. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –With schools back in session and fall sports practices across the country underway, Liberty Mutual Insurance looks to shine a new light on the importance of sportsmanship in youth sports. Liberty Mutual today introduces the Play Positive Pledge, an opportunity for youth sports teams and organizations to earn $2,500 for pledging their commitment to …

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New Program from Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive Renews Spirit of Sportsmanship in Youth Sports

As leader of the country hosting the NATO Summit in Wales, British Prime Minister David Cameron has flaunted the UKs defense credentials. In a paper published today, Malcolm Chalmers, head of research for the Royal United Services Institute think tank, says that in the next financial year, the amount Britain puts toward defense spending could fall to 1.88 percent of GDP. I think the UK …

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Can Britain meet its NATO defense commitments?

Pat Sep 6 (IANS) In Independent India's 68th year, Bihar has a staggering 23,000 freedom fighters or their dependents who get pensions from the government, an RTI querry has revealed. "As per 2012-13 figures, Bihar has over 23,000 freedom fighters, the highest in the country," rights activist Manohar Mishra, who filed the query under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, told IANS. After that, the …

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In 68th year of Independence, Bihar's 23,000 freedom fighters

The Falkland Islands are set in a unique and dramatically beautiful environment In the South Atlantic Ocean. The Falkland Islands Government is seeking a Director of Education who will be responsible for the strategic and operational management of all departments within the Education Directorate, including the Islands Training Centre.

We are looking for a pragmatic leader and decision maker who will drive forward the implementation of effective strategic and practical measures to help shape the future direction and effective delivery of all education and skills development across the Islands at a key time in its history.

The appointment will be fixed term for either two or three years in the first instance with the possibility of extension of this term if mutually agreeable. The salary package is inclusive of a (taxable) 2 5 % gratuity element upon satisfactory completion of contract. Additional benefits include a lower tax regime than in the UK, a relocation grant and a yearly return flight package to the country of recruitment for the successful applicant and any dependants who accompany them to post.

For an application form, further information and a job description please contact: Falkland Islands Government Office, Falklands House, 14 Broadway, London SW1H OBH Tel: 020 7222 2542, E-mail:

Further information about the Falkland Islands can be found by visiting our website at

Apply for this role

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Director of Education, Falkland Islands

TIME World Ukraine NATO Too Wary of Russian Threats to Let Ukraine Join Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko speaks during a media conference during a NATO summit at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales on Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014. Virginia MayoAP Despite Russia’s actions in eastern Ukraine, the U.S.-led alliance is keeping Kiev at a distance

With its aggression against Ukraine, Russia achieved in just a few months what Vadim Grechaninov has been trying to do for a decade. His mission as President of the Atlantic Council of Ukraine, a lobbying organization based in Kiev, has been to convince his countrys leaders, citizens and military officers that joining NATO is Ukraines only path to security. He never had much success. According to a Pew Research poll taken in 2009, a majority of Ukrainians51%opposed NATO membership, while only 28% supported it.

That dynamic is now being reversed. The most recent nationwide survey taken in July suggested that, for the first time in their post-Soviet history, a plurality of Ukrainians44%would favor joining the alliance that Russia sees as a strategic threat. When the Rating Group, a Ukrainian pollster, conducted the same survey in 2012, they found only 19% of respondents in favor of NATO accession. Ukraines new government has likewise embraced the idea, proposing a law last week that would clear the way for NATO membership. But Grechaninov, a retired major general of the Soviet army, is no more optimistic about his country joining the alliance today than he was five years ago, especially after watching the news that came out of the NATO leaders summit on Thursday. They are still bending to Moscows demands, he says of the alliance.

Those demands have been very explicit. The day President Vladimir Putin annexed the Crimean peninsula in March, he warned NATO not to make itself at home in our backyard or in our historical territory. As if that wasnt clear enough, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov drove home the point on Thursday as the NATO summit commenced in Wales. Any attempt to draw Ukraine into the alliance, Lavrov said, would scuttle the fragile peace talks between the Ukrainian government and the separatist rebels whom Moscow has armed and supported since April. The U.S. wants NATO to win, Lavrov said in Moscow. [It wants] a situation where America dictates its will to the whole world. These ambitions, he added, will lead to no good.

A far more alarming message came on the eve of the summit from the Russian military. Yuri Yakubov, an influential general of the Russian army, told the Interfax news agency on Wednesday that Russia would be amending its official military doctrine this year in light of the approach of U.S. and NATO bases right up to our borders. He said the revisions would identify the alliance as a likely opponent in a future conflict, and it would make some dramatic amendments to Russias nuclear strategy. It is necessary to set out the conditions in which Russia could launch a preventative strike with Russias strategic nuclear forces, he said. In its current form, the doctrine only envisions using nuclear weapons in response to a strike against Russia. It does not mention the possibility of a preventative nuclear attack.

This kind of rhetoric was, perhaps thankfully, nowhere to be found during the first day of the NATO summit. Putins recent reminder that Russia is one of the strongest nuclear powers did not come up in any of the public comments, and neither did the warning from General Yakubov about a preventative strike. The most concrete step NATO announced in response to Russias aggression in Ukraine was the creation of a very high readiness force of several thousand troops that could be deployed near Russias borders in the course of about two days. (It took Russian forces no more than a day in late February to sweep into the capital of Crimea and help install a loyal government to prepare the annexation.)

The new rapid reaction force was meant to calm NATO members in Eastern Europenamely Poland and the Baltic statesthough it did not measure up to their demands. What the eastern allies wanted were permanent military bases to be built closer to Russias territory. But their allies in Western Europe, particularly Germany, shot down those requests, as they would break a pact that NATO made with Russia in 1997 not to station permanent combat forces near Russias borders. (It did not seem to matter that, with the conquest of Crimea, Russia broke the pledge it made to the U.S. and U.K. in 1994 never to violate Ukraines sovereignty.) Asked at a press conference on Monday whether NATOs new force would be permanent, its Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said, Actually very few things in life are permanent. He added: The bottom line is you will see more visible NATO presence in the East.

There were, however, some more encouraging signs than that of NATO unity and assertiveness. The day before the summit, France agreed to halt the scheduled delivery next month of an aircraft carrier to Russia, saying that the conditions were not right. It took months of pressure from the U.S. and other allies for the French to stop the weapons transfer, though it is not clear whether France will go ahead with the sale of another warship to Russia next year.

In showing support for Ukraine, the allies also tried to make President Petro Poroshenko feel like the summits guest of honor. The leaders of NATOs five most powerful membersthe U.S., U.K., Germany, France and Italymet with Poroshenko to discuss his countrys conflict with Russia, and they collectively pledged to create several trust funds worth about $16 milliona largely symbolic sumto help modernize the Ukrainian military. But they stopped short of promising to provide Ukraine with any weapons, and they made no commitments to let Ukraine join the alliance at any point in the future.

Speaking by phone from Kiev, Grechaninov says he is disappointed, but not surprised. If Ukraine were to join NATO, every one of its members would be treaty-bound to defend Ukraines in case of a foreign attack, and none of the allies have been willing to risk that kind of confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia. Grechaninov understands these fears, but he warns that the alliance is only delaying the inevitable. Putin can only be stopped by a force greater than his, he says. We waited for this force from NATO, and they have it. They can stop Putin. But right now they dont consider it, he says, pausing to find the right word. They dont consider it expedient.

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NATO Too Wary of Russian Threats to Let Ukraine Join

Agares – Hymns Of Freedom (2004) [HD]
Artist: Agares Album: Hymns Of Freedom Year: 2004 Genre: NSBM Country: Latvia Tracklist: 01. Intro 02. Through The Thickness Of Thousandyear Yoke 03. World Full Of Lies 04. Last Sacrifice…


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Agares – Hymns Of Freedom (2004) [HD] – Video

Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) — Gen. Keith Alexander (Ret.), former director of the NSA, comments on the escalating situation in Ukraine. He speaks with Trish Regan on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Hackers who stole gigabytes of data from JPMorgan Chase & Co. may have been trying to send a message that U.S. financial institutions can be disrupted, the former director of the National Security Agency said.

The FBI is investigating the cyberattack on JPMorgan and whether other banks were penetrated in retaliation for U.S.- backed sanctions on Russia, according to people familiar with the investigation who asked not to be identified because the probe is still underway.

Graphic: Data Breaches in the U.S.

Keith Alexander, the NSA director from 2005 until last March, said he had no direct knowledge of the attack though it could have been backed by the Russian government in response to sanctions imposed by the U.S. and EU over the crisis in Ukraine.

Securing the Net

How would you shake the United States back? Attack a bank in cyberspace, said Alexander, a retired U.S. Army general who has started his own cybersecurity company to sell services to U.S. banks. If it was them, they just sent a real message: Youre vulnerable.

As NSA chief and head of the U.S. Cyber Command, Alexander tracked and tried to thwart international hackers, giving him knowledge of their tactics. He was head of the NSA in 2008 when the country of Georgia was invaded by Russia and experienced a series of disruptive cyberattacks believed to be the work of Russian hackers.

Keith Alexander, former director of the National Security Agency and former commander of U.S. Cyber Command, speaks during a Bloomberg Television interview in Washington, on June 3, 2014. Close

Keith Alexander, former director of the National Security Agency and former commander… Read More

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Former NSA Chief Says JPMorgan Hack May Be a Warning

INDIANAPOLIS The governor of Indiana is vowing to defend the display of a veterans memorialin one the state parks after a prominent atheist activist organization expressed opposition to the carving because it includes a cross.

So long as I am governor, I will defend the right of Hoosiers to display this sculpture in Whitewater Memorial State Park as a lasting tribute to the service and sacrifice of all who have worn the uniform of the United States,Gov. Mike Spence wrote in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Last month, the Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a letter last month to the Cameron Clark, the director of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to assert that the cross, which will be a part of the wooden sculpture that includes a bald eagle and an Indiana stateflag. It also reads, All gave some; some gave all.

No secular purpose, no matter how sincere, will detract from the overall message that the Latin cross stands for Christianity and the overall display promotes Christianity, the correspondence, written by attorney Rebecca Markert, read. The display of this patently religious symbol in a city park would confer government endorsement of Christianity, a blatant violation of the Establishment Clause.

The Establishment Clause, found in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, reads, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Markert asserted that the display of the monumentshould it include the crosson public property was unlawful, and asked the Department to either replace the statues cross with a secular symbol, remove the cross or deny the statues placement in Whitewater Memorial Park.

But Gov. Mike Pence, who reportedly attends an evangelical Christian church, said that hesupported the placement of the sculpture and vowed to defend it. He disagreed that the presence of the cross constituted a legal violation.

I fully support the decision by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to accept the sculpture commissioned by local citizens to honor all who have fallen in service to our country, he said. The freedom of religion does not require freedom from religion. The Constitutions of our state and nation more than allow the placement of this Hoosier artists sculpture on public land.

A Facebook page has also been created in support of the memorial entitledKeep the Cross Carving at Whitewater Memorial State Park. It currently has over 1,100 members.

It infuriates me that people will not let others display a symbol on which our entire government is established. The naysayers are out there saying this country was not founded on Christianity. That is quite a broad claim to make, one supporter, named Keith, stated. We cant display the Ten Commandments in a courthouse, but our own Supreme Court has a monument of Moses holding the Ten Commandments on the east side of the courthouse.

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Freedom of Religion Does Not Require Freedom From Religion: Gov. Vows to Defend Memorial

Sep 032014

Nato would welcome an independent Scotland even if the country removed Trident, the former UK ambassador to the military alliance says.

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Nato states 'would welcome' Scotland

Sep 032014

Australia will accept an invitation to boost its role within NATO at the group's summit in Wales, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Wednesday, saying it was in the country's national interest. While not a member, Canberra is a close US ally and has played an increasing part in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation operations over the past decade, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bishop said …

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Australia to play enhanced NATO role

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