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BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: Beaches along the country have been maintained to give a great atmosphere for recreation and comfort for beach-goers especially families thronging to the shorelines during free time following recent renovation works carried out at Muara, Serasa, Berakas and Sengkarai Beaches.

More recently, Tungku Beach is being renovated and the Ministry of Development have taken the initiative to clean up the area and build basic amenities such as water supply, public toilets, a surau and notice boards.

This is done on behalf of the welfare and safety of visitors and vendors visiting or operating in the area.

However, damages to facilities (photo above) have been found in a short span of time.

The Ministry of Development urges cooperation from beach-goers and members of the public to help maintain the cleanliness of amenities and the immediate surroundings as well as not to litter.

It is hoped that Tungku Beach can become a popular spot for recreation and leisure in the country. BRUDIRECT.COM

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Beach-Goers Urged To Maintain Facilities At The Beaches

Apr 222014

Since Ronald Reagans supply-side tax cuts for the rich followed by other giveaways like eliminating the death tax so billionaires can pass on their fortunes tolucky heirs the United States has been on a mad dashto oligarchy, as Bill Moyers and Michael Winship note.

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

The evidence of income inequality just keeps mounting.According to Working for the Few, a recent briefing paper from Oxfam, In the US, the wealthiest one percent captured 95 percent of post-financial crisis growth since 2009, while the bottom 90 percent became poorer.

Our now infamous one percent own more than 35 percent of the nations wealth. Meanwhile, the bottom 40 percent of the country is in debt. Just this past Tuesday, the 15th of April Tax Day the AFL-CIO reported that last year the chief executive officers of 350 top American corporations were paid 331 times more money than the average U.S. worker. Those executives made an average of $11.7 million dollars compared to the average worker who earned $35,239 dollars.

Mr. Moneybags from the Monopoly game

As that analysis circulated on Tax Day, the economic analyst Robert Reich reminded us that in addition to getting the largest percent of total national income in nearly a century, many in the one percent are paying a lower federal tax rate than a lot of people in the middle class.You may remember that an obliging Congress, of both parties, allows high rollers of finance the privilege of carried interest, a tax rate below that of their secretaries and clerks.

And at state and local levels, while the poorest fifth of Americans pay an average tax rate of over 11 percent, the richest one percent of the country pay are you ready for this? half that rate.Now, neither Nature nor Natures God drew up our tax codes; thats the work of legislators politicians and its one way they have, as Chief Justice John Roberts might put it, of expressing gratitude to their donors: Oh, Mr. Adelson, we so appreciate your generosity that we cut your estate taxes so you can give $8 billion as a tax-free payment to your heirs, even though down the road the public will have to put up $2.8 billion to compensate for the loss in tax revenue.

All of which makes truly repugnant the argument, heard so often from courtiers of the rich, that inequality doesnt matter. Of course it matters.Inequality is what has turned Washington into a protection racket for the one percent.It buys all those goodies from government: Tax breaks. Tax havens (which allow corporations and the rich to park their money in a no-tax zone).Loopholes. Favors like carried interest. And so on. As Paul Krugman writes in his New York Review of Books essay on Thomas Pikettys Capital in the Twenty-First Century, We now know both that the United States has a much more unequal distribution of income than other advanced countries and that much of this difference in outcomes can be attributed directly to government action.

Recently, researchers at Connecticuts Trinity College ploughed through the data and concluded that the U.S. Senate is responsive to the policy preferences of the rich, ignoring the poor. And now theres that big study coming out in the fall from scholars at Princeton and Northwestern universities, based on data collected between 1981 and 2002.Their conclusion:

Americas claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened. The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.Instead, policy tends to tilt towards the wishes of corporations and business and professional associations.

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Americas Mad Dash to Oligarchy

From its inception, America has welcomed the best and brightest to its shores, and we have the worlds largest economy to show for it. Similarly, foreign direct investment has been an essential driver of our economic growth. Unfortunately, America is losing its competitive advantage in attracting global investment and the well-paying jobs it provides.

Maine, which ranks ninth in the nation in the number of workers per capita employed by foreign companies, is in a global race for jobs. At a time when most lawmakers are doing all they can to encourage job creation, however, the Maine Legislature has passed a tax haven bill that will ultimately discourage foreign investment in the Pine Tree State.

Insourcing companies, foreign companies that operate in the United States, are bringing investment and jobs to our country from abroad. In Maine alone, insourcing companies employ 30,500 people more than 6 percent of the states private-sector workforce.

To ensure insourcing companies have the best opportunity to grow business and workforce in the United States, policymakers must recognize how the global economy works. The tax haven legislation may seem like it is going after abusive tax practices, but in reality, it misses the mark completely in understanding the 21st-century complexities of how global businesses operate. This could spell bad news for Maines efforts to retain and attract insourcing companies, which would have a negative impact on the states economy overall.

In fact, the Organization for International Investment recently released an economic report providing a first-ever analysis of the role insourcing companies have played in the U.S. economy over the past decade. The findings were striking. Insourcing companies, as a group, outperformed the economy-wide average in nearly every relevant economic indicator, including increasing their contribution to U.S. gross domestic product by 25.2 percent, nearly double the private sectors 14.3 percent increase. The report also showed that these companies charitable giving has grown by 44 percent over the past decade, compared to an economy-wide contraction of nearly 5 percent.

Insourcing companies raise their industries economic performance, invest heavily in research and development, buy materials locally, establish innovative workforce training programs, and increase compensation and benefits for Americans by paying them a 22 percent premium above the U.S. private-sector average. In short, when insourcing companies invest in America, families prosper and communities thrive.

At the state level, Maine ranks 45th in the nation in corporate tax rate competitiveness, according to the Tax Foundation. Instead of working to modernize the tax code, lawmakers in Augusta recently passed legislation that would blacklist certain countries by deeming them tax havens and arbitrarily penalize employers in the state who have operations in these jurisdictions. The flawed premise behind tax haven legislation is that if a global company has operations in any number of jurisdictions, it must be doing so to avoid paying taxes. This legislation completely overlooks legitimate business decisions such as reaching new customers or streamlining supply chains.

The bills premise is a false assumption that misrepresents the value global companies provide, and it conflicts with the longstanding agreements that America has negotiated with other countries to ensure global companies pay the taxes owed in an equitable manner.

Take Luxembourg as an example: America has had a tax treaty in force with Luxembourg for more than a decade. Even though Maines population is 2.5 times larger than this European country, Luxembourg has invested more than $202 billion in the United States. In fact, last year alone, its investment in the United States outpaced those from Germany, France, China, and Mexico, to name a few.

Simply put, states that do not respect the obligations of our nations tax treaties and protocols risk losing the investments that directly support 5.6 million jobs in America. States that align with these international norms position themselves to capture global investment and jobs in the future. Gov. Paul LePage should veto the tax haven legislation that will only make Maine less competitive in the global race for job creation.

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Tax haven legislation is misguided, will make Maine even less competitive

Terrorism charges follow article on al-Qaida video as claims of violence elsewhere are used to gag critics Human rights groups have warned of a crackdown on freedom of speech in Morocco as one of the country's few independent journalists prepared to appear in court this week on charges of aiding and abetting terrorism. Ali Anouzla, the editor of the Arabic news website Lakome , faces up to 20 …

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Morocco warned of crackdown on freedom of speech as editor faces trial

New Malvinas secretary says Buenos Aires will defend its claim to islands and surrounding waters in international courts Argentina will seek legal punishment, including prison sentences, for anyone who drills for oil in the Falklands and the surrounding waters it claims as its territories, the country's newly created Malvinas secretary has told the Guardian. In his first interview with the …

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Argentina 'will seek to punish' firms that drill for Falklands oil

Liberty Retail Revolutions merges with Liberty Shoes
Liberty Shoes (LSL) and Liberty Retail Revolutions have merged their operations to strengthen retail presence in the country.


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Liberty Retail Revolutions merges with Liberty Shoes – Video

LYNCHBURG, Va. New concerns have arisen over Liberty Universitys use of a choreographer who has advocated for homosexual causesas its Department of Theater Arts opens its production of Mary Poppins this weekend.

Information provided to Christian News Network reveals that the choreographer is also a photographer whose homosexual advocacy extends into his photo shoots, which include that of a drag superstar. Students at Liberty took part in free photography sessions during his recent visit to the campus.

As previously reported, the university recently published an article regarding the production, which it celebrates as being the schools largest to date, presented by Alluvion Stage Company, an arm of the universitys Department of Theater Arts. It outlined that Alluvion has hired a guest music director, a flight director, and a Broadway choreographer to assist with the presentation.

The article then focused on selectedselected choreographer Geoffrey Goldberg, a New York City-based artist who has been involved with professional theater for over a decade, and traveled the country for five years assisting with the production of Mary Poppins, among others. It included a brief interview with Goldberg, as well as quotes from Alluvions artistic director Linda Nell Cooper. The article also featured a video from Liberty News Service, which likewise contained a brief interview with Goldberg and provided video footage of him working with students.

Goldbergs bio on his website outlines that herecently directed and choreographed the new musical Bradley Cole. An online review of the musical explains that Bradley Cole is enriched with contemporary issues such as shame and confusion over same-sex attraction. It outlines the plot, where Ian is secretly, repressively, in love with Ben, although one of his female friends expresses interest in him.

Goldbergs social media pages also indicate his support and advocacy for the homosexual agenda, posting Happy pride, everyone on Twitter last June in recognition of Homosexual Pride Month. Goldberg is also a member of the Facebook group Marriage Equality New York, and hisPinterest page likewise features a board that includes homosexual wedding ideas.

However, it has now come to light that Goldberg also runs Geoffrey Goldberg Photography, which similarly showcases his advocacy for the homosexual lifestyle. His website features two homosexual men under his weddings and couples section, with one photo capturing the couple embracing.Goldbergs website and Facebook page also highlight a photo shoot with self-proclaimed drag superstar, Schwa de Vivre,a male drag star donned in makeup and feminine apparel.

This winter has been a DRAG!!! But sometimes DRAG can be a blast! he wrote as his status for the album.

Goldberg additionally shares photographs on his Facebook page of Liberty University students that participated in free photo shoots during his visit to Lynchburg, just days after posting photographs of his drag superstar photo shoot.

As previously reported, director Linda Nell Cooper told Christian News Network that Alluvian/Liberty University was not aware of Goldbergs homosexual advocacy, but stated that ones personal life is not a factor in the hiring process for stage productions.

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New Concerns Arise Over Liberty Universitys Gay Choreographer as Play Opens on Campus

Free Speech in My Driveway
Supreme court decision proves we have good ol boy network running the show. This country would do fine without crony capitalism and war profiteering. Give us…

By: babaloo42 .

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Free Speech in My Driveway – Video

In Solomon Islands' flash floods, at least 15 people have died
After the flash floods that have devastated much of the country in Solomon Islands, at least 15 people have died. The government said more than 50, 000 people have been affected by the disaster….

By: Mrtv English Channel

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In Solomon Islands’ flash floods, at least 15 people have died – Video

BEIJING (AP) In a face-off between the defense chiefs of China and the U.S., Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told his Chinese counterpart on Tuesday that his country does not have the right to unilaterally establish an air defense zone over disputed islands with no consultation.

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Hagel, Chang air differences over disputed islands

Worshippers carry a cross in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on Good Friday during Holy Week, in Jerusalem’s Old City.Reuters

As priests are abducted in Crimea, churches burn in Sudan, and American pastors waste away in North Korean prisons, how long will it take this administration to name a new ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom?

With the president visiting Saudi Arabia and the first lady visiting China earlier this month, April would have been a prime opportunity to send a message that America values religious freedom, even in the presence of necessary allies with dismal reputations in this regard. This isnt a Democratic, Republican, liberal, or conservative issue; its a matter of common decency and of human rights.

The ambassadorship has been vacant for six months and it has been nearly two months since President Obama stated at the National Prayer Breakfast that he looks forward to nominating our next ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom.

I have personally witnessed the shocking truth of the presidents related statement that “around the world, freedom of religion is under threat.”

– Recently, I was in the West Bank where earlier this year in the village of Deir Istiya, attackers set fire to the local mosque and spray painted hate messages on its walls.

– The same day I was leaving the region, radical Islamists fired at least 40 rockets into the towns of their Jewish neighbors.

– A few weeks ago, as worshippers were gathering in St. Pauls Roman Catholic Church in Nigeria, Boko Haram a militant group trying to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state, attacked the church and killed over 45 parishioners. One of the survivors lost her husband and child in the attack and when interviewed all she could say was, we saw hell.

– In the mainly Buddhist nation of Burma, the number of displaced Rohingya Muslims has climbed to more than 150,000; others have been killed at the hands of Buddhist mobs, and all of this has happened since Burma began making its move toward political reform.

— In the Central African Republic, Christian militias are now responding with unspeakable violence against the mainly Muslim Seleka rebels who notoriously terrorized Christians in the country last year, and on a recent Sunday morning in Mombasa, Kenya, extremists killed 2 Christian church leaders as they sat in the pews of Joy Jesus Church.

See the article here:
OPINION: US, Obama must act now to save lives, protect religious freedom

ABC Aftermath of Solomon Islands flash flooding as locals inspect the damage and house that was carried downstream along lower Koa Hill into China Town.

Emergency officials in Solomon Islands are working hard to provide food and shelter for thousands of flood victims, with damage to infrastructure hampering response efforts.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has confirmed 17 dead in the disaster, with the toll expected to rise.

Flash flooding has swept away entire residential districts and at least 23 people are missing.

OCHA has estimated that 12,000 people have been affected by the flooding in the capital, Honiara, and 37,000 affected in Guadalcanal Province.

Several days of heavy rain caused the Mataniko River to burst its banks, washing people and buildings out to sea.

Solomon Islands was also hit by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake late on Friday night.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) says there are no immediate reports of damage from the quake within Honiara, however it says communications with other parts of the country are poor and the situation is unclear.

Graham Kenna from Save the Children in Solomon Islands says the weather is clearing, but the risk of a cyclone developing remains.

“We have been able to get further afield from Honiara city to do some assessments from the outlying areas,” he said.

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Infrastructure damage hampers relief efforts in flood-hit Solomon Islands, thousands of people in need

The government is part of the OECD discussion on international taxation proposals but will have little say in whether they are adopted globally.

Could we actually be worse off with whats finally proposed? Should the government take actions sooner, by implementing new domestic tax measures in the budget?

The key focus of the OECDs discussion is BEPS (base erosion and profit shifting). The most public examples are multinational companies, such as Google, Starbucks and Amazon, which transfer profits globally, based on recognised international tax principles.

In effect, profits are drawn away from the country of the customer and often placed somewhere with low or no tax, effectively enhancing the return to the shareholder. And, while this doesnt offend the letter of the law, it has been called into question morally.

Make no mistake; if there was an easy answer, it would already have been put in place. Some countries have implemented their own remedies, India and China being two notable examples of jurisdictions that modify their domestic laws and interpretations to the benefit of their respective governments.

But therein lies the problem. International business embraces multiple jurisdictions, none of which have the same rules of taxation. While there are some broad principles, local implementation is unique. Likewise, while there are broadly accepted principles for the pricing of related party transactions, each country has its own interpretation of these.

Reliance is often placed on mutual agreement procedures contained in tax treaties to solve the impasse. However, the process of resolution is often arduous and long. And, of course, not all countries have tax treaties, particularly not tax havens!

Critically, only 34 countries comprise the OECD. The notable omission of all BRIC countries (Brazil Russia, India and China) shows the potential lack of global reach.

Revenue Minister Todd McClay has acknowledged the success of whatever solutions are proposed relies on the majority of countries adjusting their domestic tax laws to embrace the new international tax best practice.

Even the most optimistic will agree this will take a considerable amount of time to implement, if at all. For years countries such as Ireland have sought to attract business through tax breaks and incentives.

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BUDGET 2014: Time to tackle tax on multinationals

Republican Senator Rand Paul has been making a big play for millennials lately, most notably by taking his civil liberties pitch to colleges around the country. Paul has got the right idea when he says his party must evolve, adapt or die (although I think the first two are virtually the same thing).Katie Glueckof Politico wrote that The Kentucky senator drew a largely friendly reception at the University of California-Berkeley as he skewered the intelligence community.

Sen. Paul spoke of dystopian nightmares and added that your rights, especially your right to privacy, are under assault. Paulalso saidhe perceives fear of an intelligence community thats drunk with power, unrepentant and uninclined to relinquish power.

Virtually all of the other politicians taking that stand come from the left side of the political spectrum. They include figures like independent socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall. Rand Paul is not like these other defenders of civil liberties.

Rand Paul, like his father, prefers to package his fairly old-school brand of economic conservatism under the trendier name of libertarianism. Thats not just a labeling change. It also means Paul has paired his retrograde economic ideas with a very outspoken stance against militarism and the espionage state. Its a mixture that Paul hopes can make inroads with groups that are not traditionally Republican voters.

Pauls play for millennials was almost inevitable. As a recent Pew studyreported, that generations disaffection with the two-party system appears to be at record levels. Fifty percent of millennials polled said that they do not associate themselves with either party, which is the highest percentage recorded thus far. Its also a 10 point jump from their equivalent age groups level of political affiliation only seven years ago.

But Rand Paul gravely misunderstands the nature of that political disaffection. Yes, millennials feel alienated toward political and other institutions. They have a right to feel that way. AsJoshua Hollandsays, millennials didnt abandon these institutions. The institutions abandoned them.

But Rand Paul and libertarianism are not the answer. His economic strategy can be summed up in a quota used for one of his bills: remove the shackles of big government byreducing taxes, regulations, and burdensome union work requirements.

In other words, more of the same conservative philosophy that got us in this mess in the first place. Here are 10 reasons why millennials should be extremely wary of the senator from Kentucky.

1. His philosophy of deregulation created your jobs problem.

Rand Paul loved to preach the gospel of deregulation. He went so far as to proclaim that Obama was putting his boot heel on the neck ofget thisBritish Petroleum. Why? Because BP was being asked to bear part of the cost for the oil spill it created.

Go here to read the rest:
10 reasons Americans should be wary of Rand Pauls libertarianism especially millennials

The Repeal of the Second Amendment is in Our Future
It's coming because we won't wake up or even try to take our country back. We are still brainwashed and we will become slaves. The U.S. government is complet…

By: John Reynaga

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The Repeal of the Second Amendment is in Our Future – Video

Gene Policinski

Senior Vice President/Executive Director, First Amendment Center

Thursday, March 13, 2014

No one I know sent flowers or candy, but on March 9 we all had cause to celebrate the anniversaries of two very different First Amendment landmark moments.

Sixty years ago, on March 9, 1954, CBS News Edward R. Murrow hosted an episode of the prime-time television program See It Now, in which he successfully exposed Sen. Joseph McCarthys mean-spirited and shoddy tactics in pursuing alleged communists in the U.S. government.

And on March 9, 1964, the U.S. Supreme Court, in deciding New York Times v. Sullivan, set a new national standard for uninhibited, robust and wide-open discussion on matter of public concern and on the performance and conduct of public officials. Some say the ruling effectively provided a second ratification of the First Amendments protection of the freedoms of speech and press.

The Murrow broadcast program contributed to McCarthys downward slide toward Senate censure later that year, prompted also by eight weeks of misbegotten televised hearings targeting the U.S. Army. McCarthy had soared to national fame following a 1950 speech in which he claimed to have the names of 205 communists in the U.S. State Department. By 1954, his combative style and high-profile congressional hearings involving hundreds of government officials had captured national attention and boosted his political power.

With film clips showing McCarthys tactics and a no-holds-barred narrative, Murrow told viewers that no one familiar with the history of this country can deny that congressional committees are useful. It is necessary to investigate before legislating, but the line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one and the junior Senator from Wisconsin has stepped over it repeatedly.

Murrow said to his audience that we must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We are not descended from fearful men not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular.

A decade later, the Supreme Court ruled in a case involving an advertisement published in The New York Times in 1960. The ad claimed an unprecedented wave of terror against civil-rights workers, particularly in Alabama. Even though a Montgomery, Ala., city commissioner, L. B. Sullivan, was not named, he sued the newspaper and those who signed the ad, citing a number of factual errors. Alabama law and what well may have been biased state courts favored Sullivan and he was awarded $500,000 in damages.

Read more:
Celebrating two First Amendment landmark moments

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

Richard Branson proves that sometimes being a quitter can be a good thing. A post from the Biography Channel on, Richard Branson Biography, gives insight into Bransons life having left school at 16 to publish a student magazine and begin his Virgin business. Since then Branson has pushed the envelope in almost every conceivable manner- having grown a business empire encompassing hundreds of companies doing business in some 30 countries, according to Entrepreneur Magazines Website posting, Richard Branson, has also attempted numerous world records crossings of both air and sea, and set up humanitarian efforts around the globe and now is even traveling into space. On a personal note, along the way Sir Richard has himself been driven to quit smoking.In an personal commendation of a nicotine free method for quitting smoking, Branson has paid homage to anti-smoking authority Allen Carr (now deceased) in a video, posted on youtube on Feb 27, 2010, for helping people stop smoking, having set yet another example for the world to follow. Carr agreed with Freedom Laser Therapys long standing belief, as seen in his uploaded video form the Richard and Judy Show (UK) on Apr 26, 2007, that using nicotine to quit smoking is only prolonging the addiction. Similarly, Freedoms new home use program, the Freedom Quit Smoking System also uses psychological common sense, the crux of Carrs efforts as part of its methods to help free users from the clutches of nicotine addiction.

Although Branson and Virgin are now supporters of the usage of e-Cigs, another deliver device of nicotine, they have still shown great strides in the battle against smoking. As Branson states on his website, World No Tobacco Day, We were the first airline to ban cigarettes many years ago, against a wail of protests from the industry. We didnt stop there and soon became the first train company to ban smoking. It definitely helped thousands of our staff to give up smoking and thousands of other people too.

Freedom Laser Therapy salutes Sir Richard Branson for the following: his personal stand on smoking, his belief in the usage of a nicotine free method of quitting, Virgins support of the World Health Organizations World No Tobacco Day (May 31st 2014) and Bransons efforts to help free smokers from the clutches of nicotine addiction.

Freedom founder Craig Nabat says, Personally, I admire Virgins commitment to freeing the world from the harmful effects of smoking and because of this, we’re offering to give $10,000 worth of the new home use Freedom Quit Smoking System to the Virgin Group at no cost to them, as a convenient and economical treatment option to help their employees who have the desire to quit.

About Freedom Laser Therapy Freedom Laser Therapy Inc. is an established Los Angeles-based nicotine addiction clinic that has helped change the lives of thousands of smokers. After years of research and development, the company has launched the innovative Freedom Quit Smoking System highlighted by its convenient at-home usage and requiring only 10 days to quit smokingto help Americans across the country quit this deadly habit and promote healthier lifestyles. April 2014, marks the beginning of the Freedom Corporation Smoking Cessation program nationwide launch.

Here is the original post:
Freedom Laser Therapy Founder Craig Nabat Applauds Billionaire Adventurer Richard Bransons Triumph of Quitting …

Rising sea levels and increasing temperatures caused by human activity was a key finding of a seven-year report by a UN panel on climate change released this afternoon.

In the Pacific some low-lying countries could completely disappear, meaning whole populations will have to be relocated to other countries.

One of those is the Marshall Islands, a group of 24 atolls lying just north of the equator halfway between Fiji and Hawaii.

For the 60,000 inhabitants of the country, discussion over whether climate change is real is an insult.

They’ve been watching their country disappear under rising seawaters for years.

Mack Joel and his wife Tilang have lived in Majuro their entire lives, and they say the island is disappearing fast.

As a child Ms Joel used to play in a park next to a cemetery, where there were trees halfway to the reef. Now, that park has now completely vanished, along with half of the graves.

The latest scientific reports suggest the world is currently heading for a one- to two-metre rise in sea levels by the end of the century. If those predictions are accurate, the Marshall Islands – like many other low lying countries – will be lost forever.

It seems the cruellest of ironies that those most affected by climate change are those who are doing the least to cause it. The Marshallese, like their neighbours in Kiribati and Tuvalu, are mostly subsistence farmers. Their carbon footprint is virtually zero, yet it’ll be these people who’ll suffer the most.

Vice-President of the Marshall Islands Tony de Brum is an outspoken critic of the big powers’ efforts at tackling climate change and is extremely frustrated that his people have nothing to do with the rising waters, and that there is nothing they can do to control it.

Excerpt from:
Marshall Islands won't give up war on climate change

Government Subjugating Religious Freedom
On this Friday, March 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, guest host David Knight covers the latest news, including developments in Ukraine as the country's P…

By: TheAlexJonesChannel

See the original post here:
Government Subjugating Religious Freedom – Video

Pacific Islands Forum provides ongoing support to Pacific development

In the wake of 13 Pacific Forum Island Countries (FICs) completing peer reviews of their country development systems over the last four years, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) is continuing to review progress made on implementing the review Recommendations.

The Forum Secretariat is also continuing to discuss with countries their Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) progress and the post 2015 development agenda. As part of this ongoing support, a review team from the Forum Secretariat is visiting and meeting with government, development partners, NGOs and private sector representatives in both Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu in order to gauge progress against the peer review recommendations and the MDGs.

It is a long term endeavor, and success depends on the sustained commitment and participation of Forum Island Countries, development partners and other stakeholders, says Charmina Saili, Regional Planning Adviser at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. We are here this week to continue our support, to discuss progress, challenges and how we and the rest of the region can help.

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is focused on supporting this crucial follow-up process and where needed helping countries mobilize additional resources to support the implementation of their peer review recommendations.

Over time the real benefits of better development coordination such as more effective use of development resources, reduced administrative burden for countries, improved information to guide decision-making and ultimately more effective delivery of health, education, energy, water and sanitation services to Pacific citizens will be fully realized.

The Forums Regional MDGs Adviser, Resina Katafono, is part of the delegation and will be discussing with government and their stakeholders progress and actions taken to achieve the MDGs by 2015. Papua New Guinea developed its own set of targets and indicators associated with each of the MDGs, says Ms Katafono. They did this in order to better reflect the realities in the country.

The 2013 Tracking the Effectiveness of Development Efforts in the Pacific Report notes that there has been good progress over the past year in strengthening country systems and processes for planning, budgeting, public financial and aid management. Peer reviews of country systems have revealed that FICs are paying more attention to setting medium term costed priorities and establishing frameworks and systems to underpin and ensure effective progress in implementing national development plans.

There are strong signs of good progress at the country level to strengthen country systems and processes. As a result, more FICs are exerting stronger leadership over their development agenda and engaging more effectively with development partners.

The challenge now is for FICs to sustain this momentum with the collective support of their development partners.

Follow this link:
Pacific Islands Forum provides ongoing support to developmen

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