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Myths in SEO run almost as deep as they do in Lock Ness and Area 51. Lets have some fun and look at 10 of them today. By no means a definitely list, these still pop up.

Yes, its nice to rank on top, but you know that actual rankings fluctuate on a daily basis. Does the #1 spot actually get you more clicks and conversions and the # 2 or #3 spot. Depends on the phrase sometimes. And for those trying to get off page 2 of the SERP and onto page 1, be careful. Often the click through rate (CTR) of the top spots on page 2 are far better than the CTRs on the lower positions on page one. If you rank well on page 2, be careful when planning your assault on page one. Unless you can get above the fold, it might be better to stay put and own the top of the second page. All of this will, naturally, vary a great deal form site to site, page to page and even across individual phrases. Sometimes people research on one phrase and buy on another version, for example.

Its important, but even the most well-crafted title tag cant elevate a site skipping everything else. This is a somewhat common refrain from bloggers as some of the most popular platforms dont include things like meta descriptions in their base code. Plugins exist to easily add them, and allow access to a bunch of other common areas SEOs like to fiddle with. You should spend time getting the title right, but this alone wont save a sinking ship.

Social takes time, I cant be bothered with SEO, so Ill just do social. There was a time when ranking a website was like making consomm. You wanted one thing clear broth. At that time, you could focus on a single tactic and it would boost rankings. Today its more like trying to make the worlds best seafood chowder. Success depends on a complex mix of ingredients, freshness and timing. One ingredient alone wont bring success, and yet without that one ingredient, you dont have a chowder.

People like to consume content in videos. Videos are easy to produce and easy to consume. Its pretty easy to make high quality videos today, and even if you dont the expectations of people online have aligned with more modest efforts. But lets face it, embedding videos can negatively affect page load times, frustrating visitors. And a video alone wont help rankings. Youve got to give the engines something to understand, as theyre not going to watch that 4 minute rant you posted. Transcripts are a great way around this little issue. Videos are a great part of growing your content, but arent a silver bullet, despite what some ads on Facebook would have you believe.

Nope. No amount of ad buying will get you organically ranked higher. If you still believe this today, click here. The instant and engine starts determining ranking based on ads bought is the instant it loses credibility. Game over, Player One.

Maybe you do, but its not your call to make. Great content is content thats deemed great by searchers and visitors to your site. All the standards in the world wont help you if no one likes your writing style, voice or message. Grammar affects how people (readers) perceive you, so that can have a direct impact on engagement and rankings. But never delude yourself into thinking what you produced is excellent just because you put time into it. Watch what visitors engage with and seek to follow that same pattern.

While important as a vote of confidence for the content they point to, there is simply so much link spam these days that its tough to know where to turn. Obviously buying links is a dead end, and it doesnt matter how you split this hair: sharing, encouraging, incentivizing, buying its all the same. You want links to surprise you. You should never know in advance a link is coming, or where its coming from. If you do, thats the wrong path. Links are part of the bigger picture. You want them, but you want them to be natural. If an engine sees you growing tem naturally, youre rewarded with rankings. If they see you growing them unnaturally, youre rewarded with penalties.

No. It will help the engine gain a better understanding of your content, and allow us to use that content in unique ways in the SERPs (should we choose to), but installing the code doesnt boost rankings.

While technically a different discipline, its time more folks starting seeing them as similar. Both focus on improving a website for users. Investing in SEO and not investing in usability is like tying one sneaker and going for a run. Yeah, youll be OK, but wouldnt it be a better experience with both shoes tied?

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10 SEO Myths Reviewed by @DuaneForrester

How Content Is Important In SEO Marketing For Law Firms? Call 123456789 Richard Jacobs, Attorney Marketing Specialist 73-03 Bell Blvd #10 Oakland Gardens, N.Y. 11364 (888) 225-8594 In this video I have talked about 'why…

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Friday SEO Chat – Back to the core
SEO 101: Managing Indexation and Content Visibility In this primer on visibility and indexation you'll learn the basics of SEO! We'll be covering robots.txt, robot tags, sitemaps and more!…

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Friday SEO Chat – Back to the core – Video

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Sep 262014

Your website is often treated as nothing more than an electronic flyer for your brand. The possibilities are endless however, if your website is entrusted to a company who grasps its full potential. This understanding is only achieved by getting to know who you are and what makes you tick. We are that company and our main priority is to accurately represent you as our customer to your audience. We realize that your website is your online identity, a first port of call in this modern age for anyone interested in who you are and what you have to offer.

The challenge then is to ensure that your website is not only easily located by your clientele, but also that their attention is captured immediately upon its discovery and that they remain engaged throughout their interaction. We pride ourselves in consistently delivering in three key areas of website creation to guarantee this.

A thorough appreciation of the means by which search engines such as Google and Bing locate, but more importantly, rank the content of your website is a non-negotiable requirement for any person involved in its development. Our team has years of experience in both the design of website layouts that are search engine friendly as well as the judicious use of keywords that will ensure your website ranks highly in related web searches.

A clear vision will result in a great design. We are resolute in delivering websites that are easy to navigate and interact with and cater for your customers most pressing needs. We achieve this by taking great interest in you and your brand and spending the necessary to discover the intricacies of your potential viewership. Armed with this knowledge, we deliver a website that we know will appeal to your audience and keep them coming back.

The final drawcard that distinguishes good websites from great ones, is your content. Our wordsmiths understand that crafting the right sentence makes all the difference in gaining the trust of your viewer. You want to endear yourself to your audience without coming across as unprofessional. We know how to strike that perfect balance.

By now you realize that this could be the start of something beautiful. Head over to our Contact page, its time to start the conversation.

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Home | SEO New York

Google's New Patent and Its Impact on Content and SEO

By: Influence Co.

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Google’s New Patent and Its Impact on Content and SEO – Video

Beta Show #3 Bitcoin Comic Book
If you like this content, you can donate Bitcoin to Jamie at this address Jamie with Alex from the Bitcoin Comic Book and…

By: World Crypto Network

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BOSTON, Sept. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –Content marketing is considered the No.1 approach to SEO, but 47 percent of marketers still struggle to create effective strategies for search. Brafton has helped more than 700 customers use content to drive SEO goals, but also to engage searchers for broader results. The agency's webinar on Sept. 24, Content for SEO & Users: 4 principles for click-worthy …

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Upcoming webinar focuses on content marketing for SEO & engaged search traffic

Yandex is Russias most popular search engine with a 62% market share, and also has a stronghold in Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey. Google is still a major stakeholder in the Russia market, but if you are marketing in Russia, you should optimize for Yandex first, Google second.

Yandex has several SEO requirements that differ from other search engines, which makes SEO in Russia a different ball game. This also makes Yandexone of the most interesting search engines to optimize for because its different from what SEO professionals tend towork with day-to-day.

Here are 11 things you need to know about SEO for Yandex:

If you work at a company outside of Russia, you probably dont get very many requests for Yandex SEO. Thats because Russia has its own SEO agencies that specialize in Yandex, and most Russian companies do not operate outside of Russia. Because of this, most Russian companies hire agencies within Russia. There is a very good chance you may go your entire career without ever having to optimize a site for Yandex unless you live in Russia or one of its bordering countries.

MatrixNet is Russias page priority algorithm (similar to PageRank). MatrixNet measures site popularityand the sum and relevancy of backlinks to determine a thematic index citation (TIC) score, which plays intoMatrixNet. Rather than scoring on a scale of 0-10 like PageRank,TIC is scored on a scale of 0-10,000. The TIC score is also the same for every page on the website rather than on a page-by-page basis. A TIC score quantifies the importance of a piece of content, which is included in SERPs to help users determine the quality and credibility of the content. A plugin called Yandex Elements will allow you to see the TIC score forsites with a score higher than 10. TIC scores are also influenced by rationality of content and inbound links.

Yandexs index is re-calculated a few times a month for static pages, and several times per day for blog posts, whereas Google constantly crawls and indexes content. Yandex also respects rules set up in robots.txt. Creating a sitemap will also help Yandex index your content quicker.

Local SEO for Yandex is highly targeted towards a users metro area. Local search results are delivered to users in more than 1,400 cities, resulting in users having very different search results depending on where they are in Russia. Of course, this is mostly only true to geo-specific search queries. For companies with regional businesses, youll need to set up regional preferences in Yandex Webmaster Tools, add preferences to Yandex Catalog, and use regional domains or subdomains along with region-specific content.

The on-page factors and what is most important differs greatly from Google. Heres what Yandex looks at, and how much weight they place on each factor:

Unlike Google, how your search listings appear in SERPs isnt quite as easy to influence.

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11 Things You Need to Know About Yandex SEO by @hgjones2

GTA 5 Illuminati + Jetpack Easter Egg! GTA 5 Mystery! More GTA 5 Content Subscribe: GTA 5 Video: Twitter:…

By: NoughtPointFourLIVE

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GTA 5 – NEW ILLUMINATI & JETPACK MYSTERY (GTA 5 Easter Eggs & Mysteries) – Video

GTA 5 Easter Egg! Illuminati Reference in GTA 5! More GTA 5 Content Subscribe: GTA 5 Video: Twitter:…

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There has been explosive growth in native advertising in 2014. Native advertising is defined by the IAB as advertising that takes the form of the content around the ad.

While native ads have been in existence since the early 2000s (with many considering Google AdWords as the first serious play) it has gained new momentum this year as the SEO landscape has changed so significantly.

Native advertising offers an unparalleled user experience. An overwhelming majority of consumers say that sponsored content doesn’t hinder their experience on a website. Consumers are also more likely to look at native ads and share them over display ads.

Content marketers are paying attention to the trend.

Native ads help circulate strong content, encourage sharing and earn unsolicited backlinks.

SEO in 2014 has been focused heavily on content marketing as Google has pushed the community to stop explicit link building. As small businesses create stronger content, they will also naturally start to think about how to more effectively grow their audiences.

Launching a native ad campaign is easy for a small business that is already engaged with SEO, social, and content marketing. Content marketing efforts have already created great content on the website and native advertising offers excellent click-through rates to bring more readers.

Having a blog with a consistent flow of content can grow a loyal reading audience, reinforce the brand, and gain backlinks the right way. Recommendation widgets, like Internal Discovery from Disqus, show suggested links to content already on websites and are easy to install. They allow users to navigate through more content, stay on the site longer, and encourage engagement.

Promoted social media posts provide the same benefits, and are also easy to execute. Mashable recently reported on a small business that promoted content on Facebook and saw a 19 percent increase in monthly guest volume and gross revenue as a result.

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Why Small Business Should Care About Native Advertising

Unique, and original, content drives the Internet (so were constantly told), and weSEOs spend much of of our time producing and honing that content in the hopes of making the all mighty Google happy as a clam.

Unfortunately, there has always been an ongoing problem with spammy websites lifting existing content verbatim, and passing it off as their own creation. These scraper sites not only devalue the original content they have stolen, but they can also impact the page rankings of the original page.

Many of us have been affected by scraper sites over the years, and there is nothing quite as nerve wracking as having your hard work stolen, and then watching it earn a better piece of SERP real estate. So what is Google doing about scraper sites, and what can we do to protect ourselves and our websites?

If youve been lucky enough to avoid scraper sites thus far, a short primer will put you in the picture. A scraper site is a website that lifts original content from another site and passes it off as its own. Were not talking about paraphrasing or quoting here. Scrapers steal whole blocks of original content, copying and pasting it onto their own websites. They do this to generate revenue, to divert traffic from the original site, and to manipulate page rankings. Up until recently, there was little a webmaster could do about scraper sites that had stolen their content. That may be starting to change. Though I stress the phrase may be.

Over the last few years, Google has attempted to address the scraping problem through their various search algorithms. Unfortunately, that has had little effect on either scraper sites or their ability to gain ground in a given SERP. Just a few months back in February, Googles Matt Cutts sent out a tweet announcing a new feature that allows webmasters to report scraper sites (shown above).

Its not too much to say that Cutts tweet was met with consternation, some derision, and a fair bit of ill humor. It even prompted a response tweet that has since gone viral, but the less said about that the better. Whether you are a fan of Cutts and Google or not, it is clear that they have scraper sites in their cross-hairs and are working on a plan to address the situation.

Reporting a scraper site is easy, and only takes a few moments. Simply go to Googles Scraper Report page, enter the URL of original site and the URL of the scraper site. The report page also asks that you enter the search results URL that demonstrates the problem. Finally, before you can submit your report, you must confirm that the original website is following Googles webmaster guidelines, and that it has not received any recent manual penalties.

Google has yet to say what they are going to do with this information, and submitting a report is no guarantee that your site will improve in the page rankings or that the scraper site will be immediately penalized. But clearly, Google is gathering this information to help them form a suitable attack strategy to combat scraper sites.

If your website has fallen pray to a scraper, there is not much you can do at the moment about the thievery itself. If your site is still outranking the scraper site, then you are in good shape as far as the SERPs go. However, if your site is being outranked by a scraper site, there are a few things you can do to help your sites performance.

Despite the critical backlash against Matt Cutts February tweet, it is clear that Google is taking a fresher look at scraper sites. While reporting a scraper site may not result in any immediate action, the fact that Google is gathering this information is at least a step in the right direction. If you are being outranked by your own content, file a report and then take to your own website and look for ways to improve your optimization strategies. At some point, our content efforts and following all the rules has to get rewarded, right?

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SEO 101: Are You Being Outranked by Your Own Content? by @dariozadro

BITCOIN 2014 – Wences Casares (Xapo) – Getting to a Billion Bitcoin Users
Help make more of this content possible. Please donate: 1LAbmS7ksjpgEyxgHu2JdQhtzk6D3WfE4c THIS VERSION HAS FIXED SOUND:…

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BITCOIN 2014 – Wences Casares (Xapo) – Getting to a Billion Bitcoin Users – Video

BITCOIN 2014 – Wences Casares (CEO Xapo) – Getting to a Billion Bitcoin Users
Help make more of this content possible. Please donate: 1LAbmS7ksjpgEyxgHu2JdQhtzk6D3WfE4c Recorded May 16, 2014 at BITCOIN 2014 in Amsterdam, Holland. Wences Casares – Founder and CEO,…

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BITCOIN 2014 – Wences Casares (CEO Xapo) – Getting to a Billion Bitcoin Users – Video

Affordable Web Design with SEO in Vancouver Low Cost Web Design The reason why we can offer low cost website design is because we use templates. Your content management system in this case will be WordPress (CMS)….

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BITCOIN 2014 – Keynote – Dr. Patrick Byrne, Overstock CEO
Help make more of this content possible. Please donate: 1LAbmS7ksjpgEyxgHu2JdQhtzk6D3WfE4c Recorded May 16, 2014 at BITCOIN 2014 in Amsterdam, Holland. Dr. Patrick Byrne, Overstock CEO BITCOIN…

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Minecraft: Islands of Junara – The Progress… In Death! – Episode 2
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Minecraft: Islands of Junara – The Progress… In Death! – Episode 2 – Video

Minecraft: Islands of Junara – The Adventure Begins! – Episode 1
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Amarillo TX Internet Marketing Company | Local SEO Agency | Website Design Professionals
Amarillo Texas SEO Company | Website Design Professional | Content Marketing Agency Ozment Media – (972) 890-3734 Ozment Media offers…

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SEO, PPC and Content Marketing Case Studies
Our clients share how Digital Third Coast's services have helped them make a measurable difference, from improving rankings to generating leads and increasing eCommerce sales. Find out more:…

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