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The Islands Gymnastics team from the Islands YMCA recently competed at the 2012 YMCA National Gymnastics Championship in Milwaukee. 1,700 gymnasts from 22 states and 106 YMCA’s took part in the competition.

The Islands Team sent 22 girls and three boys, all ages 6 to 16, to compete. It was the first year that the men’s competition was included in the meet. By the end of the three day competition, the Islands Team won over 40 gold, silver and bronze medals and eight of the gymnasts walked away with first place all around in their age division.

Jill Conway, from the Islands Team, competed in the championship event, which only the top 25 in the country qualify for, and placed 12th. She also made the All America Team.

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Islands Gymnastics team dominates at YMCA National Championship

A handful of Hokies competed at the Liberty Twilight meet on Thursday, including event victories in the men’s and women’s pole vault and the women’s shot put. Samira Burkhardt won the women’s shot put, throwing 50-4 (15.34m), …

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Hokies take three events at Liberty Twilight

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