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Minneapolis Best SEO Service Company – Allume Digital
Allume, Minnnesota (usa) based software services provider, a people oriented company that believes in mutually beneficial success with our clients. We do all…

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Minneapolis Best SEO Service Company – Allume Digital – Video

Powerful SEO Reseller Dashboard Your Clients Will Love!
If you're tired of spending time sorting through emails and managing marketing projects, this platform is for you.'s Free Agency Platform sav…

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Powerful SEO Reseller Dashboard Your Clients Will Love! – Video

(PRWEB) March 28, 2014 has declared the 2nd best ecommerce SEO firm in the March 2014 edition of the ratings. The ratings are compiled through a systematic analysis of the core solutions provided by each firm. Buyers looking for effective ecommerce SEO consultants turn to to find consultants which have been evaluated by an independent third party.

The independent research team at performs a veracious evaluation of the search engine marketing services in order to remain versed of the latest developments of contesting ecommerce SEO agencies. Contesting agencies are evaluated through the use of five verticals of evaluation in areas including on-page optimization, needs analysis, keyword analysis, reporting methods, and off-page optimization. The listings of top ecommerce SEO agencies is updated based on the results of the evaluation to feature the top in the search engine marketing industry.

Clients of online marketing solutions are often contacted in order to better understand the overall quality of solution being produced to them. Customer references are often a strong indicator of the quality of solution which each ecommerce SEO consultant provides. Often times clients connect directly with to provide their feedback. has been named the second best ecommerce SEO agency based on a meticulous evaluation of their provided services. The independent research team has named them due to their continued performance and their history of successful search engine marketing services. Those looking for a talented ecommerce SEO service to meet their specified needs should consider

About is an experienced search marketing firm sworn to making websites more visible and profitable. They tackle sites head-on, researching and implementing the sharpest tools and techniques in the industry to put their clients ahead of the online competition.

About is a provider of search marketing rankings. The first goal of is to learn and declare those individuals or services producing best search marketing solutions available. Ecommerce SEO services are put through a thorough examination to ensure the rankings contain the absolute best services the search marketing industry has to offer.

To learn more about visit:

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One of the most trying points in my search marketing career has been molding a mindset coupling both SEO and the user experience. This primarily means stepping away from bot obsession and solely thinking about rankings and traffic.

Every campaign must meet site objectives while hopefully maintaining heightened organic visibility. SEO is evolving more to focus on satisfying the end user.

However, there are many times where I still want to make SEO, bot-focused revisions to a site that may impede upon site usability and the user experience. So this begs the question: which should win?


While it may seem difficult to meld both SEO on-page implementation while also providing the best user experience, those who can do this well will be the more successful search tacticians.

What I have compiled below are what I seem to encounter the most day-to-day in the ongoing relationship between usability and SEO with my clients.


We need more content above the fold but if we do add a few paragraphs it will push our product listings below the page fold. This is a logical worry. We can appease the engines with above-fold content but what if it is at the cost of losing product listing visibility?


Use tabs or an expanding div. With this, you will be able to show introductory page content with an option for an interested reader to read more while also having product listing visibility about the page fold.

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How Combining SEO & Usability Solves 4 Common On-Site Problems

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) March 18, 2014

With so many web marketing companies taking up real estate, it can be difficult to know who to hire when the time comes. Now a solution exists through 10 Best SEO’s rankings. Released in March, this list measures the Best SEO Agencies for that month. Providing an updated, month-to-month look at what companies are currently on top, the list makes it easy for those interested in hiring an SEO company to make the decision.

1. Yodle A US based company, Yodle uses organic search engine optimization in order to draw as much web traffic to a page as possible, then follows up with a call to action that entices the visitor to sign up for an email list, contact the company, and more. Combining natural lead generation with aggressive marketing tactics, Yodle is the highest ranking SEO company in the month of March, using techniques which generate large amounts of income for its clients.

2. Matomy Another US based company, Matomy takes a different approach through the use of paid marketing such as pay per click advertising, combined with an organic search campaign, to generate the traffic it draws. Once the visitors arrive, Matomy ensures the websites have great content in order to keep them there. Because of the extensive keyword research performed before beginning, Matomy is the perfect choice for those looking to go into niche websites.

3. BrightEdge BrightEdge has been named the #3 Best SEO Agency because it takes a more direct approach to search engine optimization, designing websites from the ground up to take the most advantage of Google’s algorithms. By constantly staying on top of updates to search engines and other factors that influence the landscape of the internet, BrightEdge is able to provide its clients with optimal service and a guarantee of success. Their team works hand in hand with their clients in order to design an SEO service that sticks by a set of guiding principles, focusing only on the desires of the client.

4. Absolute Absolute offers a full suite of marketing options, of which SEO just happens to be a part. However, it’s an effective part they operate by using organic traffic, not paid advertising. Social media also plays a large role in Absolute’s efforts to provide their clients with the best service possible.

By following this list, website owners can more easily select a company to complete services needed. With multiple SEO companies, someone has to be the best after all, not every company can rank number one in Google. With 10 Best SEO’s monthly list, now potential clients can know to whom to turn.

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Best SEO Agencies Announced by 10 Best SEO

New York City, New York (PRWEB) March 17, 2014

The rapidly growing online marketing awards organization, 10 Best SEO has recently announced the winners of its new Best SEO Agencies ranking, and New York-based Yodle was named #1.

Yodle uses aggressive and innovative lead conversion tactics for their clients. Utilizing advanced search engine optimization to drive relevant website traffic, Yodle provides distinct services and products through e-commerce platforms. With a full service team, Yodle builds the online presence of their clients through optimization that drives searches for specific products and services. They provide real time results to their clients which allows for quick feedback and the opportunity to adjust campaigns as needed.

Founded in 2005 with a goal of designing and implementing better ways for small businesses to connect with customers, the company had only a handful of employees working out of cramped offices and apartments. Today, Yodle has tens of thousands of satisfied clients that have seen their Internet presence grow dynamically through the companys practices. Yodle has also grown from that handful of employees to well over 700 experts in online advertising and marketing.

Named one of the best SEO agencies, Yodle has no plans other than to continue growing and improving on antiquated marketing techniques. Not that awards are new to the agency. Over the years, they have been the recipient of the following awards: AlwaysOn 250 Global, AlwaysOn OnMedia 100 and a Stevie Award. Yodle has also been ranked on many highly regarded lists: 50 Fasting Growing Companies in New York, CareerBuilder Top Companies to Work For, Best Places to Work, Top Jobs Creator, Top SEO Companies and Americas Most Promising Companies, to name a few.

Still, hitting the top of this list is lauded as a prominent achievement for the company with its humble beginnings. The original goal to provide independent and original online market services to local business has certainly exceeded even their wildest expectations, especially considering the competition. Yodle, New York, New York Matomy, New York, New York BrightEdge, San Mateo, California Absolute Web Services, Miami, Florida 352 Media Group, Newberry, Florida Tuuli Media, Miami, Florida 3wiredesign, Little Rock, Arkansas WebiMax, New York, New York Qualified Impressions, New York, New York Ocean19, Chicago, Illinois

10 Best SEO uses a stringent testing program to determine the Best SEO Agencies based on a series of quantitative and qualitative ranking points.

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Yodle – A Top SEO Agency – Ranked #1 on Rapidly Growing 10 Best SEO

In the modern era of reputation management and public relations, incorporating creative, digital and clever online search engine optimisation (SEO) skills have never been more important. However, with the growing expectations of the modern day PR agency, is our industry actually suffering from an identity crisis and dragging its feet too much?

PR Agencies are finally expanding into SEO The latest PRCA statistics show that PR agencies now offering SEO are up to 72%, a massive increase when compared with the fact that only 19% were selling SEO just five years ago. I am glad the industry has started to wake up. However, despite the vast majority of PR agencies now offering these services only a limited amount of actually advertise this online. The latest numbers are that 25% of agencies are advertising these services but are they just outsourcing it?

SEOs dabbling with PR?

Similarly, as the line between SEO agencies and PR agencies becomes more and more blurred, SEOs recognise that securing online coverage, with the necessary associated link is a PR tactic which is now invading into their territory or is that the other way around? As a result, the majority are now carrying out online PR themselves: whether they call it that or not. Is this now clever link building or link earning, I will leave that for you to decide? Through creating engaging online content, all respectable SEO agencies are now reaching out to online influencers themselves albeit slightly differently to how we do it. I published a post on that issue just last week which received some interesting comments. Through producing this great content, securing coverage online and accumulating links in articles, the once defined disciplines within the two sectors are overlapping with increasing regularity. But who does it best and can the two work together for the greater good?

PRs and SEOs working together

Despite this apparent merge taking place, there are areas in which good PR and SEO agencies can effectively work together. Whilst many within the public relations industry offer SEO as part of their wider package, it is yet to be seen if such agencies can provide the high end expertise of a technical SEO practitioner. At my agency Prohibition we dont do technical SEO and dont claim to do it either that would be daft. We tend to work with specialist SEO agencies and then we do our best to secure coverage and if there isnt a link we work with them to get it if necessary. However, today for instance we have secured some coverage for a client in The Sun newspaper which was just in print. My client is happy because they have a national piece of coverage but there is no link as a payback does that mean I am not happy no it does not. So I think a blend of both is the perfect concoction.

I believe the client is often in the best position overall to ensure both agencies work together and they stay on the same page. There is no need for a turf war work together and lets do a great job for our clients because that is all they want anyway.

Why the overlap?

It is hardly a surprise, with more and more full-service agencies popping up, that overlapping occurs. The primary objective of SEO is to drive higher amounts of quality traffic to a clients website. When pitching to clients, this can be a PR objective, but more ordinarily PRs remit is further up the funnel, generating a buzz of conversation and high awareness for a business or product whether that is online or in print. Dont get me wrong we do get asked for web traffic though, especially if we are managing a clients social media.

When you compare the two services, whilst aspects do overlap, clients should be thinking whether they want to improve their brand reach through online organic search traffic, or whether they want people to be more aware of their business and brand. The one big benefit that I always drill home is we (PRs) have always been in charge of your corporate reputation and we know how to deal with situations properly when the proverbial hits the fan. I always say who do you turn to in a genuine crisis? Not an SEO person or a digital agency for that matter it will be the corporate communicator.

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Are the boundaries between PR and SEO merging?

(PRWEB) March 12, 2014 has declared as the 4th best search engine optimization copywriting service for the month of March 2014. Search engine optimization copywriting agencies are evaluated by the independent research team to learn which agencies produce the best search engine optimization copywriting services. While there are thousands of search marketing agencies offering services in the industry only the truly best are highlighted within the ratings.

SEO copywriting firms are judged in order to determine which produce the top overall SEO copywriting solution. This is accomplished through the use of a set of investigation criteria consisting of five verticals of evaluation used to measure and compare SEO copywriting firms based on the most essential aspects of SEO copywriting solutions. The five verticals of investigation used during this process include on SEO friendly, conversion driven, marketable, writing standards, and variance.

For a more rigorous investigation of competing search engine optimization copywriting companies the independent investigation team at communicates with customer referrals of the top competing internet marketing companies. Customers are asked various questions about the solutions provided to them and about their experiences with the internet marketing firm. Customers often go out of their way to reach directly to tell of their experiences and opinions pertaining to internet marketing solutions.

The rankings are released monthly to assist businesses in selecting a top performing search engine optimization copywriting firm. has been featured in the list due to their reputable services identified through the proprietary evaluation process. Thousands of search marketing services are considered each month but only the truly best are considered for the rankings.

About is an experienced search marketing firm sworn to making websites more visible and profitable. They tackle sites head-on, researching and implementing the sharpest tools and techniques in the industry to put their clients ahead of the online competition.

About is a organizer of internet marketing evaluations. The leading goal of is to decide and declare those individuals or consultants providing best internet marketing solutions available. Search engine optimization copywriting consultants are put through a in-depth investigation to ensure the rankings contain the absolute best consultants the internet marketing industry has to offer.

For additional information about visit:

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As SEOs, we all generate ranking reports for our keywords on a regular basis. Maybe weekly or monthly,but we all do it at some point. With so many changes in the last few years (or months, even!)do you really think ranking reports are the only metric to track SEO efforts? I dont think so, because:

With these updates, how can a small ranking report of ONLY targeted keywords prove SEO efforts? It cannot. Efforts of SEOs are no longer limited to targeted keywords, so why should we limit our reporting?

Difference between Old Reporting and New Reporting

As a SEO, you put effort into increasing accessibility, content marketing, quality link acquisition, and generating social signals just to get rankings in search engines. But these efforts also help websites get referral traffic (if quality content marketing or link acquisition is done) and increase in brand awareness (if social media strategies are successful). Also, when using diversity of keywords in on-page and off-page optimizations, you also help increase search engine rankings for other (non-targeted) keywords. Are you all reporting these metrics to your clients or bosses? If not, you are undervaluing yourself and your work.

So, how do you make sure you are reporting all of the benefits of your work? The reports I recommend for any SEO Campaign are as follows.

Pretty self explanatory, but often overlooked. This report should include all the activities you completed. For example, what content youmarketed and where, what infographics you distributed and where, and any other action you took that resulted in benefits for the client.

Monthly Activities Reporting

Ranking Report should not be limited to targeted keywords, but must be on wider scale.

Targeted + Variations of Keywords Ranking Reporting

This should include direct, referral, and search traffic. Why? Because your efforts may help increase brand awareness, so direct traffic and content and social media marketing referral traffic would increase as well.

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SEO Strategy Has Changed, But Has Your Reporting Structure? by @AltafGilani

(PRWEB) March 03, 2014 has announced the 2nd best ecommerce SEO company in the March 2014 edition of the rankings. The rankings are organized through a systematic analysis of the core solutions provided by each company. Buyers looking for compelling ecommerce SEO agencies turn to to find agencies which have been evaluated by an independent third party.

Search engine marketing services are put to the test through a rigorous evaluation process to determine which services to feature in the rankings. While there are thousands of ecommerce search engine optimization services the rankings are comprised of the absolute best the search engine marketing industry has to offer. The independent research team examines various ecommerce search engine optimization services across five areas of evaluation in order to determine the overall level of performance in areas including keyword analysis, reporting methods, off-page optimization, needs analysis, and on-page optimization.

The independent investigation team spends time identifying the online marketing industry as a whole to better interpret how performing ecommerce SEO companies influence the industry. Time is spent visiting various industry events to obtain a wider interpreting of the industry and to connect directly with ecommerce SEO companies in a neutral setting. Customer references are often used as another metric to uncover which ecommerce SEO companies supply the best services. has been selected the second best ecommerce SEO consultant based on a veracious investigation of their supplied solutions. The independent research team has selected them due to their continued performance and their history of successful search engine marketing solutions. Those looking for a experienced ecommerce SEO service to meet their specified needs should consider

About is an experienced search marketing firm sworn to making websites more visible and profitable. They tackle sites head-on, researching and implementing the sharpest tools and techniques in the industry to put their clients ahead of the online competition.

About is an established independent research firm focusing on the analysis and listings of internet marketing firms all around the world. The listings are established by the independent research team each month to feature the top ecommerce SEO firms based on their performance and their rating achieved through the proprietary analysis process.

Learn more about at:

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Feb 252014

Message to seo specialists
A message to seo specialists on few topics while posting ads for their clients at Outlived classifieds. Start placing ads now:…

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Message to seo specialists – Video

Great Source of Local SEO Clients is the link where you can get the yellow pages scraper in the video, its included in my membership program.

By: Chad Kimball

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Great Source of Local SEO Clients – Video

New Delhi, India (PRWEB) February 10, 2014

Businesses keen on boosting sales online can now avail of standard Search Engine Optimization.A frontline company in SEO industry, Outsource SEO has a proven track record of successful optimization campaigns. The company is also offering budget and starter packages for $399 and $249 monthly respectively.

The package includes keywords research, SEO analysis and refinements, title & metadata, content optimization, search engine code optimizations, SEO checks, sitemaps & feeds, SEO accounts, Google analytics, manual directory submission, articles publishing, press releases, social bookmarking, local business listing and support. For additional work cost, the clients will be billed at $12 per hour, commented a senior executive with the company.

Campaigns Outsource SEO runs for the clients are based on thorough research and analysis. The company has worked with diverse industries in the past, cultivating the experience required to design and execute efficient optimization plans. The companys services range from on-page content optimization to off-page SEO strategies, which makes them capable of framing custom campaigns for the clientele. Their success lies in affordable yet effective solutions.

Outsource SEO has a deep understanding of how the search engines operate. The executive added, Every business has different requirements in terms of SEO needs. We provide businesses with custom solutions factoring in their specific industry, challenges and goals. Our result oriented custom campaigns are crafted after extensive research and immense professionalism. Moreover, we can execute social media optimization campaigns as well.

The company also holds expertise in designing, executing and monitoring PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, ensuring clients to come up with concrete success figures. They integrate organic SEO services with effective marketing strategies, setting up successful, cost-effective PPC campaigns for businesses. Contact for more information on PPC services in India. Visit here to get apprised of various services of Outsource SEO. Use this link to get apprised about affordable SEO services India along with PPC.

About the Company

Outsource SEO assists businesses stay ahead in the fiercely competitive online world with their search engine optimization, social media optimization and pay-per-click services. Leveraging expertise in digital marketing, they assist clients advance their interests in the online market space. Click here to know more about this SEO firm India that has cultivated immense trust of clients in the few years it has been in the industry.

Contact Information

Outsource SEO E-47/7 II Floor, Okhla Phase II New Delhi – 110020, India Ph.: (800) 745-6903 Email: Website:

More here:
Standard Outsource SEO Package Now Available Just For $649 Monthly

Offshore Company

The terms offshore business and offshore company have no precise legal, tax or general business meaning. The term offshore usually refers to the place of physical location of a person, legal or natural person (i.e. overseas). This is geographical. We however use the terms offshore business and offshore company as terms or definitions used activities or structures in connection with matters such as the structuring of international business and family wealth management or personel and business tax planning. So it is not purely geographical, perhaps geographical, structural and activities.

In our usage, the term offshore company traditionally refers to a company incorporated in a jurisdiction or territory that offers at least the following advantages to its non-residents;

In addition to the term offshore company there are also other terms commonly used such as International Business Company or IBC, International Trading Company or ITC, Exempt Company, Limited Liability Company or LLC, Free Zone Company or FZC, Free Zone Enterprise or FZE, etc. Regardless of their names, they mostly share all or some of the above features. We therefore do not just look at the label but rather the contents.

Typically, the our clients use the following type of companies for tax planning and international business;

Very low or zero tax offshore companies incorporated in jurisdictions often described as tax haven islands such as Labuan, British Virgin Islands, Belize or the Seychelles or Brunei.

Companies incorporated in jurisdictions which offer both offshore companies and onshore companies and which may benefit from favourable tax regulation and / or special offshore company regimes. For example:

Labuan has two types of companies, trading and non-trading. The non-trading company is a zero tax company which may be used more or less in the same manner with say BVI BC or Brunei IBC. The trading company, either used alone or in conjunction with a Malaysian domestic company is used as a tax planning vehicles to access Malaysias numerous DTT.

Mauritius has two types of company that are used for offshore business and international tax planning. The Mauritius GBCII Offshore Company pays zero tax and is effectively a tax haven company, similar in many respects to a BVI Company, whilst the Mauritius GBCI Company is tax resident and typically utilised for double tax treaty and international tax planning.

Hong Kong, although not typically regarded as a tax haven, has a favourable tax regime which effectively means that correctly structured, managed and administered Hong Kong Companies can be utilised for undertaking offshore business and international business without paying tax in Hong Kong provided that any profits arising are not made in Hong Kong. This type of tax regulation is known as “territorial taxation”.

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Offshore Company Formation | Offshore Companies …

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 05, 2014

The new elite service was designed in recognition that every individual website has its own unique SEO requirements and link necessities. The founders of SEO Empiro announced their new services in a statement that read, We understand that our clients need customized and results-oriented SEO, and that is what the Elite SEO service is designed to provide.

SEO Empiro follows a specific formula when offering their elite service to clients. The company analyzes the clients needs and provides niche relevant SEO components in the design of and SEO campaign. Once the campaign is fully implemented, the company runs and maintains the clients campaign on a monthly basis with emphasis on the specific niche of the site and its performance.

According to a company spokesperson, clients are attracted to the elite service because they like the fact that the package is created exclusively for their individual site. Typically, and SEO firm mass produces their SEO packages and sells them to many different clients who end up sharing links, tiers, and SEO structures with other webmasters. SEO Empiro experts point out that this business model lets and SEO package work for a short time, but eventually it gets identified and is no longer effective.

The SEO Empiro Elite SEO Service focuses on exclusivity and control. The service is built on four unique components to achieve this. First, there are no shared structures on the DEO campaign. There are also no shared link components and clients own the rights to all components used in the campaign. Perhaps most important, each SEO campaign delivered in discrete and private with no shared hosting, no IP sharing, no mass track back foot prints and no SEO dilution.

More information about the Elite SEO service is available on the SEO Empiro website at Visitors to the site can contact the company using the embedded form on the sites Contact Us page.

See the original post here:
SEO Empiro Launches Elite SEO Service Featuring Innovative And Unique Link Building Structure

Sedona, Arizona (PRWEB) January 29, 2014

SEO Essential Solutions is helping to educate small businesses on how to gain an edge on their competitors website presence. Large companies with hundreds of employees often have an SEO specialist on staff who keeps up with the latest rules and regulations that are posted by the search engines. Smaller establishments simply do not have the budget for a full-time employee, therefore, making it much more cost efficient to out-source these projects to a professional SEO firm such as SEO Essential Solutions.

SEO Essential Solutions believes in small businesses, and with that, believe that they deserve the same amount of priority as large budget corporations. Why hire one in-house person to audit your website and its issues, when you could have an entire team working for your small business at a lesser price? said co-owner of SEO Essential Solutions, Bonnie Sedan.

Some of these budding businesses have chosen to hire a contractor to build their websites and populate web copy. However, without knowing the specific requirements of the various search engines, the companys website can appear deep down on the rankings list when queried, or could even not appear at all. Business owners and small business CEOs spend their days doing exactly what they know best running their companies. They cannot be expected to know search engine dynamics.

Auditing a website and a companys digital assets requires a lot of expensive software and time. We want to make it as affordable as possible for our clients to receive an on-site audit and proposal, so they can see where they can make improvements that make will make a significant difference, said co-owner of the company, Pamela Ravenwood.

There are many ways in which a website can be penalized in ranking or listing. There are SEO strategy errors where the website builder may have tried to take shortcuts in order to maximize ranking for the short term, only. These shortcuts can result in any of the search engines totally disregarding the information completely or removing a website from the search engines.

Errors made in the building of a website can also get the site pushed deep into the rankings rather than to the top, due to lack of knowledge from a website developer, or their known and unseasoned attempts to optimize a website just to make an extra buck, knowing that it will not be their problem after the site is complete.

A complete website audit was developed by SEO Essential Solutions to scan the customers site and note each and every problem in a simple and understandable set of documents. In addition, SEO Essential Solutions analysts research the clients social media, website usability and competitors. If the client decides to have SEO Essential Solutions continue monitoring and optimizing their website on a monthly basis or chooses to have SEO Essential Solutions fix the online problems outlined in their proposal, the cost of the analysis is deducted from the yearly package price making it absolutely free.

About SEO Essential Solutions: With offices in Madison, WI, Galena, IL and corporate headquarters are in Sedona, AZ, they are a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in overall brand and company growth for businesses across the country. For addition information, visit

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SEO Essential Solutions Announces the Launch of Affordable Website Audit for Small Businesses

Types of Offshore Companies

“Offshore”: A Definition Very Low or Zero Tax Offshore Companies The LLC or LLP Type of Company Companies Incorporated in Tax Advantageous Onshore Jurisdictions

As terms the words ‘offshore business’ and ‘offshore company’ have no precise legal, tax or general business meaning, as the word ‘offshore’ often means nothing more than anywhere other than the place of physical location of the person using the word (i.e. overseas). We use the words offshore business and offshore company as terms of definition in connection with matters such as the structuring of international business and family wealth management or tax planning. Read about the many reasons and benefits attached to utilising international corporate or fiduciary trust structures.

Typically, our clients utilise the following types of offshore companies to structure international business and for tax planning:

Very low or zero tax offshore companiesrefer to, for example, the differing types of offshore companies that can be formed in offshore company formation centres such as the BVI or British Virgin Islands, Belize or the Seychelles or Brunei. Companies incorporated in jurisdictions which offer both offshore companies and onshore companies and which may benefit from favourable tax regulation and / or special offshore company regimes. For example:

Mauritius has two types of companies that are used for offshore business and international tax planning. The Mauritius GBCII Offshore Company pays zero tax and is effectively a tax haven company, similar in many respects to a BVI Company, whilst the Mauritius GBCI Company is tax resident and typically utilised for double tax treaty and international tax planning.

Hong Kong, although not typically regarded as a tax haven, has a favourable tax regime which effectively means that correctly structured, managed and administered Hong Kong companies can be utilised for undertaking offshore business and international business without paying tax in Hong Kong provided that any profits arising are not made in Hong Kong. This type of tax regulation is known as “territorial taxation”.

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The LLC or Limited Liability Company and the LLP or Limited Liability Partnership type of company, are a particular class of company used for offshore business, international business and tax planning because they have the advantage of limited liability but the flow-through characteristics of a partnership for tax purposes. By this, we mean that profits are divided amongst the members, in proportion to their respective holdings, and are taxed in their hands. In some circumstances, if all the members or partners are non-tax resident in the domicile of the LLC or LLP company and no business is undertaken in that country, neither the LLC or LLP company nor the members or partners will be subject to tax in the company’s country of establishment. Such companies are said to be “fiscally transparent” and examples include US LLCs, the Isle of Man LLC and the UK LLP.

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Follow this link:
Offshore Companies and International Business – OCRA Worldwide

San Bernardino, CA (PRWEB) January 20, 2014

The leading search engine optimization company in India, is offering the latest Reputation Management service to its customers who are looking for that extensive web presence to be in the good books of their customers. This was announced by the company Director, Mr. Kausik Dutta on the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebrations which were held at the company premises in Kolkata, India. He also discussed at length about the future roadmap and business strategy of the company, which is a clear signal in its urge of becoming the top most digital marketing firm not only in India but across the globe. The CEO revealed that this advanced Reputation Management service which it is planning to launch in the days to come is a step further in its ambition of becoming the topmost player in the SEO world globally. According to the Director / CEO, this specialized service is surely going to increase its customer headcount and the overall satisfaction graph of its existing clientele.

The company management also revealed that this specialized reputation management service will take into account the best SEO techniques required to improve a website’s reputation, image and ranking in Google. This will help negatively promoted domains to make a complete turnaround and eventually be visible to their potential customers in no time. Since a lot of online businesses / companies are affected by negative propaganda launched by their rivals, it becomes increasingly important to have a robust online reputation management strategy in place. Therefore, companies like SEO Company India is working on this particular aspect of SEO, which a significant number of organizations are opting for. Through this web promotion method, a website can be positioned favorably in the eyes of prospective customers or business prospects. In this way, the company wants to generate additional customers this fiscal who are looking for some form of specialized internet marketing services.

Company sources also revealed that in the coming months it is going to launch some more additional SEO services in India for its existing as well as new clients. Top SEO companies in India are offering the latest digital marketing solutions to their clients in helping them achieve a robust online presence. This has been well conceived by who has already started providing the latest series of search engine optimization services in India. Advanced Reputation Management is a part of the overall web promotion services that the company has planned to provide its Indian and overseas clients. The management of SEO India Company is planning a few more upgraded services this fiscal which will act like an icing on the cake.

About the Company is the topmost digital marketing firm in India offering a comprehensive range of web promotion services to its customers. It offers the latest SEO solutions through its team of experienced web analysts and search engine optimizers who are thoroughly professional.

More here: Has Finalized Its Plan Of Providing The Most Affordable Reputation Management Services

In defamation cases, the First Amendment applies equally to bloggers, dead-tree journalists and anyone else who is speaking to the public, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a new trial for Montana blogger Crystal Cox, whom a jury found liable for defaming an investment firm and one of its lead partners. Ms. Cox, in her appeal, didnt dispute the jurys finding that fraud and other allegations she made in a 2008 blog post were false and defamatory.

She argued, rather, that the jury could find her liable for defamation only if it also found she acted negligently. And the jury couldnt award damages unless itfound that Ms. Cox knew the post was false or acted with reckless disregard of its truth. The trial judge gave neither instruction to the jury.

Obsidian Finance GroupLLC and partner Kevin Padrick, who won a $2.5 million judgment against Ms. Cox, argued that only institutional media defendants deserved such First Amendment protection.

Judge Andrew Hurwitz, writing for the unanimous panel of the Ninth Circuit, said Ms. Coxs status as a blogger was irrelevant.

The protections of theFirst Amendment do not turn on whether the defendant wasa trained journalist, formally affiliated with traditional newsentities, engaged in conflict-of-interest disclosure, went beyond just assembling others writings, or tried to get both sides of a story. As the Supreme Court has accurately warned, a First Amendment distinction between the institutional press and other speakers is unworkableIn defamation cases, the public-figure status of a plaintiff and the public importance of the statement at issuenot the identity of the speakerprovide the First Amendment touchstones.

Eugene Volokh, Ms. Coxs lawyer, said the decision was rightas a matter of First Amendment principle but also as a matter of history and precedent.

A lawyer for Obsidian and Mr. Padrick, Steven Wilker, emailed us this statement:

While we are obviously disappointed in the ruling, we do note that the court concluded that there was no dispute that the statements were false and defamatory. We also note that the Court describes Ms. Cox as apparently having a history of making similar allegations and seeking payoffs in exchange for retraction. Ms. Coxs false and defamatory statements have caused substantial damage to our clients, and we are evaluating our options with respect to the courts decision.

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First Amendment Doesn’t Distinguish Between Bloggers and Press, Court Says

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