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Online Marketing Tools and Reporting Software – Raven

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Jul 222015

What if you could reclaim the time that tedious reporting wastes? With intuitive online marketing software, you can stop grinding away at your computer and be home in time for dinner.

Once you’re set up with Raven, you’ll be creating your first campaign in minutes building custom, mobile-ready reports. With automated, interactive marketing reports, Raven will be the time-saving hero to your team and a delight to your clients.

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Online Marketing Tools and Reporting Software – Raven

Full featured SEO software tool: rankings, analytics …

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Jul 222015

SEOprofiler […] can substantially improve a company’s SEO campaigns. In addition, the program offers detailed, aesthetically pleasing reporting features that are useful for displaying data generated by this software suite. on is a site that will make any webmasters day. There’s no better way to outplay your competitors. Review on

I was recently searching for a reliable backlink report source and came across SEOprofiler. And, boy, am I glad I did! Not only was their site easy to use, but the intelligence it offered by way of its comprehensive report was worth it! John Muehling,

SEOprofiler was the exact tool I was looking for. I tried about 10 other tools that tried to do what SEOprofiler did 100 times better. After analyzing the data from the reports I made a few simple tweaks to my site and I moved up to the front page of Google. Greg Tampa,

SEOprofiler is great for site owners who are serious about their SEO efforts. Jeremy Moore,

After evaluating all SEO tools, I chose SEOprofiler to be the core of my business operations. The best tools are the Top 10 Optimizer and the web-based white-label reports for my clients. […] Hard work, smarts and entrepreneurial thinking combined with SEOprofiler are a winning combination for SEO agencies. Clayton Kessler,

One of the best things about SEOprofiler is the way it combines so many effective and essential SEO tools into one convenient location. With SEOprofiler, the expert can get everything he needs without having to run all over the place and the beginner can be sure he isnt forgetting anything.

SEOprofiler is perfectly suited for managers, owners, and administrators of web sites who need to increase traffic to their sites. As far as SEO tools go, you would be hard pressed to find a more professional and more comprehensive one than SEOprofiler. We heartily give it a good four and a half stars out of five. Review on

Thanks for creating a great backlink manager tool. I was just using the one on [competitor] and their tool is far more limited and cumbersome. It dawned on me as I got frustrated that I should try your option. And it’s about to save me hours of work. So thank you! Eddy Salomon,

I was blown away by the simplicity of use, and information being given out. Jordan Kovats,

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Full featured SEO software tool: rankings, analytics …

The 10 Biggest Tax Havens in the World – TheRichest

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May 082015

In 2009, the governments of the 20 wealthiest countries in the world vowed that they will tighten the regulations that enabled rampant tax evasions in their own nation and territories. The major problem that these countries faced was the high level of secrecy when it comes to withholding the financial assets of clients from the authorities. However, two years later, despite the increase in such regulations, people were still left with a great number of countries to choose from that will allow them to evade their taxes through the use of offshore accounts. This was according to a report made by the Tax Justice Network.

The report, which the Tax Justice Network referred to as the Financial Secrecy Index, assessed 73 different jurisdictions around the world that allowed billions of foreign currency to be stored in offshore accounts. The money that was deposited into these accounts were also left untaxed. The report found that governments worldwide lose approximately $250 billion in revenue every year because of these offshore accounts.

This list is comprised of the 10 biggest tax havens in the world countries that allow the highest level of client financial secrecy, tax evasion, and offshore accounts.

Bahrain, situated near the Persian Gulfs western shores, is a small island-country. The archipelagos largest island is Bahrain Island. While there are plenty of financial institutions offering offshore banking services and bank accounts in the island, its client financial secrecy is the lowest of all the other nations included in this list. Bahrain gets tenth place because it has the lowest level of Financial Secrecy Index value based from the Tax Justice Networks report, which is at 660.3. It also has a Secrecy Score of 78.

Germany makes it easy for people to open offshore bank accounts. However, this has also resulted in the increasing number of individuals opening such accounts so they can evade their taxes. The good news is that the country is trying to control this problem through the implementation of stricter and much more stringent policies. In the report, Germany got a score of 669.8 for its Financial Secrecy Index value, and a Secrecy Score of 57.

Many of the offshore banks in Japan do not subject the deposits made by their clients to interest rate standards and regulations. Fortunately, with the offshore banking center that has been established in Tokyo, the countrys law enforcement authorities would at least be able to monitor and control any developments in these financial institutions.

Jersey is a British Crown Dependency that houses a great number of banks offering offshore accounts to foreign clients. Offshore banking and investments has been a part of the bailiwicks underground economy. In the Tax Justice Network report, Jersey got a Financial Secrecy Index value of 750.1 and a Secrecy Score of 78.

Singapore, an island city-state in Southeast Asia, is considered by many as one of their best choices for opening offshore bank accounts. Almost anyone can open such a bank account without experiencing any hassle. This is one of the major reasons why Singapore was graded with a Financial Secrecy Index value of 1,118 and a Secrecy Score of 71 by the Tax Justice Network.

The states of Nevada and Wyoming are two of the major contributing factors to the countrys increasing problems in terms of tax evasion. In Nevada, there are no capital gains, gift tax, personal income tax, and inheritance tax. In Wyoming, there are no corporate taxes, inventory taxes, unitary taxes, gift taxes, estate taxes, personal income taxes, franchise taxes, and inheritance taxes.

In the Peoples Republic of China, there are two Special Administrative Regions, with Hong Kong being one of them. It is located at the south coast of China and is surrounded by the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta. Seven million people live in the region. Aside from being a popular tourist hot spot, Hong Kong is also a haven for people who do not want to pay their taxes and deposit large amounts of money in offshore accounts. Here, clients do not have to pay for sales taxes, capital gains, and payroll taxes. They also do not have to worry about personal tax being deducted from their money.

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The 10 Biggest Tax Havens in the World – TheRichest

CPD officers plead the fifth

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Apr 142015

CLEVELAND – Five Cleveland police supervisors pleaded the Fifth during CPD patrol officer Michael Brelo’s trial Monday.

The supervisors each face two counts of dereliction of duty related to the Nov. 29, 2012 Cleveland police chase and shooting.

Attorneys for Sgt. Michael Donegan, Lt. Paul Wilson, Sgt. Randolph Daley, Sgt. Jason Edens and Sgt. Patricia Coleman appeared with their clients in court.

A sixth Cleveland police officer invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination after taking the stand at the trial last Wednesday.

Officer Michael Demchake immediately stated he was told not to answer questions based on advice from his attorneys.

His refusal to answer questions sparked an angry outburst by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty.

“We need his testimony in this trial. We’re asking for his testimony. We’re asking for the truth. That is his duty as a police officer,” said McGinty.

McGinty said Brelo’s colleagues knew he was “in trouble” for jumping on the hood of Timothy Russell’s Chevy Malibu and firing at least 15 shots through the windshield at the conclusion of the November 2012 CPD chase and shooting.

View a PHOTO GALLERY of some of the crime scene photos here

During opening statements last Monday , prosecutors said Brelo committed a crime when he jumped onto the hood of Russell’s car and fired 15 to 18 shots through the front windshield.

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CPD officers plead the fifth

Accounting giants say corporate tax advice is within the law

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Apr 112015

Major accounting firms say they are not doing anything illegal in helping corporations to minimise tax liabilities.

KPMG’s managing partner Rosheen Garnon faced the second day of the Senate inquiry into tax avoidance, which has so far heard Australia is missing out on billions of dollars in tax every year through avoidance and the use of loopholes.

“When we give advice and it relates to structuring it is done within the law, we always act within the law,” he said.

Senator Christine Milne raised concerns that KPMG and other major accounting firms advertise their abilities to aggressively minimise tax for clients.

“What these companies are doing is legal,” rebutted Ms Garnon.

She went on to repudiate suggestions by Senator Milne that the company’s offices in tax havens are acting immorally.

“If the clients have a commercial reason to be there, we will be there,” Ms Garnon added.

Google, Apple, Newscorp and Microsoft conceded to the inquiry yesterday that they do send Australian revenue offshore to more tax effective jurisdictions, but all insisted what they are doing is legal.

Microsoft admitted that the $2 billion it makes in Australia annually goes straight to Singapore, where the company tax rate is significantly lower.

Ernst and Young partner Rob McLeod told the committee Australias best bet was to keep working on multilateral tax reform through the OECD.

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Accounting giants say corporate tax advice is within the law

SEO NYC New York Search Engine Optimization Company

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Apr 082015

Our NYC SEO Experts Have Constantly Delivered Results

Hiring an SEO firm to work on your website is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your business. It can also be one of the most difficult decisions when trying to choose the right SEO New York company to hire. We have continued to get our clients multiple page one rankings and help their business succeed, and we know that we can do the same for you.

Additionally, we dont hold anything back. We are completely transparent and open about our methods and strategies. You will also be getting monthly progress reports so you can be confident that every dollar invested is working for you. Call today to speak with an SEO specialist and see how we can improve your search visibility with a free website assessment.

SEO has changed a lot, and most SEOs simply have it all wrong. They are focusing too much on rankings and backlinks and not focusing on revenue. Traditional SEO will hurt your siteits as simple as that!

Modern SEO involves providing goodwill in your marketplace and the best possible user experience. In fact, the secret to succeeding online is being seen as the authority leader or expert in your market. We help you do exactly that!

Ranking in the top organic listings in search engines like Google, Bing ad Yahoo means ultra targeted traffic to your site. However, traffic alone does not translate into revenue. Your website visitors can quickly turn away even from the smallest of web site issues.

Problems such as:

All of those things negatively affects your conversions rates, which will ultimately produce fewer sales. SEO is worthless if you cant generate new revenue from it. Thats why you need to rely on experts with a proven track record.

They dont call us SEO Web Designers for nothing. Our New York SEO services are designed to provide a comprehensive search engine marketing solution. Our company combines web site optimization, professional link building, content distribution, and social media marketing in order to fuel your search engine optimization effectiveness and engage website traffic at all stages of the buying cycle.

And the best part is you dont need to pay separately for each of these necessary services. We include it all as part of our overall SEO strategy to ensure high conversions rates and the best possible ROI (return on investment). With our expertise, we make sure you give your website visitors every possible chance to become your customer.

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SEO NYC New York Search Engine Optimization Company

Why You Must Account For Seasonality In SEO & SEM Projections

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Apr 082015

Digital marketers must often make projectionswhen creating strategies for search engine optimization, PPC, social media and even conversion rate optimization. This usually happens when a client or prospect asks forsome idea of what can be achieved when signing up for the service. Or for an in-house SEO or SEM, it would occur at the beginning of a new project or campaign.

After years of doing online marketing for many large and sophisticated projects, we have developed a pretty good system for putting together client projections. While I will not reveal our model in detail today, I will provide the basics and discuss why skipping seasonality implications can become a major issue.

Lets start bytalking briefly about online traffic and seasonality. In certain industries, the traffic plummets some months and surges in others. Consider an eCard company or online floral retailer. What do you think their traffic looks like in the weekleading up toValentines Day, compared to the week after? Ill give you a hint: It is wayhigher.

Due to thisfact of operating a seasonal online business, marketing professionals have to account for the historical business numbers. The agency or in-house marketer cant take credit for a surge in traffic when it is clearly seasonal, and they shouldnt be looked down upon for a seasonal drop.

Lets now cover some background on reporting and SEO projections. Then we can get into seasonality.

It is nice to have baseline traffic numbers that you can reference any time. This is more of just an FYI number so that you know the mean of traffic. To get the mean, take your total annual traffic and divide it by 12. You now know your average traffic number each month.

Once you have this information, you can be aware of where your client is in comparison to this number in any given month. Its a good number to have in your head for your own personal knowledge and the clients.

Of course, one of the most important things you need to consider is the percentage increase year-over-year. If your client is experiencing a 10% year-over-year traffic increase in month 1and month 2, that means your traffic growth is flat. If you are at 12% year-over-year in month 3, you have grown 2% since the year started. Its all about understanding these margins and if there is margin growth based on your baseline of growth that already exists.

Of course, you need to be careful how much weight you give to increases and decreases. SEO can be fickle, as we all know. Some months are up and others can be down the main goal should be to see a clear upward trendover the course of the contract, with positive year-over-year numbers.

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Why You Must Account For Seasonality In SEO & SEM Projections

$32 Trillion Stashed in Offshore Bank Accounts – Asset Protection Planners Examine the Facts

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Apr 032015

VALENCIA, Calif., April 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Offshore banking is growing in leaps and bounds as both the rich and the not so rich look for safe places to stash their cash. They are doing it in record numbers and record amounts according to a recent Bloomberg News report, which said that as much as $32 trillion has been stuffed in offshore bank accounts. Of the world’s 50 safest banks, according to Global Finance, not even one of the top 25 safest are in the United States. In fact, there were 45 banks outside of the US that were on the top 50 safest bank list and only five (5) headquartered inside the US, California based Asset Protection Planners reports.

“For most people, it is not only the objective of not paying taxes,” says Philip Marcovici, a tax lawyer and board member a Lichtenstein wealth adviser. “It’s the objective of obtaining the right to privacy and seeking financial confidentiality.”

Asset protection from lawsuits is another major objective. E. Valdes, a firefighter located in Miami, Florida says, “I just don’t trust the courts here. I want to set up an offshore account to protect myself from the unknown. Plus, if I can put my money in a safer bank than any of the local banks, I don’t see why I shouldn’t.”

Mr. Valdes is not alone. The debt of nations can wreak havoc on its banking system and US isby far the most in-debt country in the world. The United States has over $18 trillion in debt. That is a little over $58,000 per citizen and an unsustainable 106% of its gross domestic product. China, on the other hand, the world’s fifth (5th) most in-debt country, has $3 trillion in debt, which is just a little over $2,000 per citizen, or 37.5% of its GDP.

Where are the Safest Banks Located?

Regarding the safest banks, Canada has six (6) banks on the world’s 50 safest banks list. The United States, which has nine (9) times as many people as Canada, has onlyfive (5) banks on the list. Germany, which is about one-fourth (1/4) the size of the United states has six (6) banks on the world’s safest banks list. The United States is almost fourteen (14) times bigger than Australia in population, yet the Aussies have four (4) banks showing, all of which are on the top half of the 50 safest banks list.

The top 10 safest banks are located in Germany, Switzerland, Germany, Germany, Netherlands, Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg and France, in that order. Of the top 50 safest banks,zero (0) were in Africa, 15 were located in Asia, four (4) in Australia, 19 in Europe, 11 in North America and one (1) in South America.

Banks in jurisdictions such as Switzerland can also act as money management firms. They have expert financial advisors who work with their clients to invest funds in a combination of interest bearing and stock market investments that suit their clients’ desires.

Who Has Offshore Accounts?

There are an estimated 26.2 million US citizens who have offshore bank accounts. Many of these individuals do not hold their bank accounts in their own names but in companies and/or trusts for enhanced protection from US litigation. Plus many foreign banks will not open personal accounts for US people, so a foreign corporation or LLC must be filed to hold title to the account.

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$32 Trillion Stashed in Offshore Bank Accounts – Asset Protection Planners Examine the Facts

SEO.IN Named Best Search Engine Optimization Service in India by for April 2015

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Apr 012015

NAPLES, FL–(Marketwired – April 01, 2015) – The independent authority on search marketing,, has named SEO.IN the best search engine optimization firm in India for the month of April 2015. SEO.IN was chosen based on their impressive performance in an in-depth analysis of the solutions they offer. While there are thousands of agencies offering a variety of solutions, the ratings consist of the best highlighted based on the results of the rigorous evaluation process.

These firms are judged in order to establish which produce the top overall firms. This is accomplished through the use of a set of analysis criteria consisting of five areas of evaluation used to measure and compare search engine optimization firms based on the most essential aspects. The five areas of analysis used during this process include keyword analysis, off page optimization, reporting methods, on page optimization, and needs analysis.

For a more in-depth evaluation, the independent research team connects with customer references. Clients are contacted to obtain their opinions on the solutions provided to them. This provides valuable insight into the internal processes and methodologies of the agency offering the solution. In many cases customers contact directly to voice their opinions.

SEO.IN has been put to the test as a part of the thorough investigation and has earned their position as the best search engine optimization company in India. Through strong client references and high scores in each of the five verticals of evaluation, SEO.IN has passed each phase of the investigation process. Those looking for a trustworthy company to assist them should consider SEO.IN.

About SEO.IN is a quality online marketing provider and full service agency dedicated to ensuring their clients around the world are receiving the best possible measurable solutions. Through innovative SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and reputation management services, helps build digital marketing strategies for businesses to succeed in the 21st century.

About is a provider of internet marketing rankings. The central purpose of is to identify and proclaim those individuals or services offering top internet marketing solutions available. Search engine optimization services are put through an in-depth investigation to ensure the rankings contain the absolute best services the internet marketing industry has to offer.

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SEO.IN Named Best Search Engine Optimization Service in India by for April 2015

SEO India, ROI-Oriented SEO in India @ $225, Best SEO …

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Mar 312015

SEO Services

SEO has changed a bit these days and offering best SEO services with guarantee is not possible for most of the SEO companies but We at Ranking By SEO India promise you to bring your website on top in search results for most of the targeted keywords because we know very well what works in SEO today. read more…

Ranking By SEO India has achieved remarkable success in link building. Whether you need contextual links, web 2.0 links, high authority guest blog links, reciprocal links or one way links, you can unhesitatingly contact us. We make sure that you will get only high quality links from us that will help you generate huge traffic and higher rankings. read more…

Do you need serious visitors on your website to grow in your business? Contact Ranking By SEO India immediately because we have an expert PPC management team that is always ready to help your business. Our team extends you 24X7X365 support and delivers you unexpectedly better results for your business. read more…

Social media optimization has become a great source to join hands with millions of internet users worldwide and convey business message to them. At Ranking By SEO India, we research each project sincerely and then design an unbeatable social media optimization plan for each of our clients. read more…

If you are looking for quick, stable & affordable online reputation management services then, we at Ranking By SEO India guarantee you to provide the promised results within a couple of months and improvement in situation within a few days. So, whatever your concern is, you can get in touch with us unhesitatingly. read more…

In today’s SEO optimization world without help of guest blogging, it is impossible to rank higher in search results. We at Ranking By SEO India offer you high quality guest blogging services that help you in getting higher search engine rankings as well as huge traffic to your website that matter. Sign Up today with us. read more…

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SEO India, ROI-Oriented SEO in India @ $225, Best SEO …

Sydney SEO Company – Video

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Mar 272015

Sydney SEO Company
AllSearch52 is a Sydney SEO company that focuses on getting our clients organic search rankings based on applying content strategy, keyword research and onsite optimization. http://www.allsearch52

By: AllSearch52

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Sydney SEO Company – Video

Top Enterprise SEO Agency Awards Given out by 10 Best SEO

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Mar 242015

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) March 23, 2015

10 Best SEO recently compiled a list of top 10 SEO firms to honor industry leaders for their accomplishments. The top three Best Enterprise SEO Agency award winners on the current list of companies are Digital Current, Boostability and Customer Magnetism.

Companies are quickly turning to 10 Best SEO to locate and contact top Web development companies that can help them become contenders on the Internet. Based out of San Francisco, 10 Best is proud of its marketing team that can analyze the practices and deliverable results for some of the best SEO companies around the world. Firms that made the list did so in the categories for best enterprise SEO agency, and top enterprise search engine optimization agency.

Digital Current is a best enterprise SEO firm that embraces the concept that each client comes with a unique set of circumstance and needs. The Mesa, Arizona company understands that the only way to deliver a successful package is to tailor content that will make each webpage unique and relevant for search. The company knows that increasing traffic will ultimately lead to increased conversions.

Boostablity is a leading enterprise search engine optimization agency based in Lehi, Utah. When companies look to find themselves in front of their customers, they turn to a Web development company like Boostability. As an enterprise-level optimization agency, theyre able to help companies target their customers on a consistent basis. Social media engagement is also a critical component of SEO. Boostability delivers in helping companies develop effective social media campaigns.

Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Customer Magnetism is known for being able to build a companys global presence and has helped its clients develop partnerships with international conglomerates. This company knows how to make their clients brands the center of attention. As a top enterprise SEO agency, Customer Magnetism focuses on delivering long-term results. There is no one-size-fits-all mindset. A company always has the choice of going it alone with an in-house staff. However, staying abreast of the latest trends and methodologies in the field of SEO usually requires the expertise and knowledge of companies that do it for a living. They live and breathe SEO strategies. They know that a client’s success is their success.

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Top Enterprise SEO Agency Awards Given out by 10 Best SEO

The Top 10 SEO Trends that will dominate in 2015

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Mar 222015

The SEO industry in 2014 is virtually unrecognizable from that of 2011 and earlier, and this coming year well see even more changes in best practices for the industry and how we execute SEO campaigns.Learn the insider secrets to each of the 10 niche topics and stay up to date on the latest trends in internet marketing and SEO needs.

Traffic & Ranking Analysis

There are many online tools to use to track your sites traffic and rankings on Google. Google Analytics is a good online tool to see your websites rankings on Google. It displays the traffic of your website and how people got to the site. Also, it shows the strongest keywords that led people to your site, which then shows which keywords you should build up for your site through SEO services. Make sure the content you have on the site is search engine friendly and they needs to be unique and updated frequently. The more content your site has, generally the more traffic it will get.

Plan and Write Good Content

Content is key when it comes to search engine optimization. You need to make sure your content looks legit for both users and search engines. Google will be able to tell if your content is computer generated, and they will punish your website.

Use E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a great way to personally keep in touch with your clients. It is important that you keep your customers up to date with new products, thus allowing you to keep selling. E-mailing your clients individually builds up trust and confidence with the client, which is a very effective sales technique. You will easily be able to build strong repeat customers that will have a personal connection with you.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a decent way to advertise your company online. You will appear at the top of Google searches, but you must pay every time a user clicks on the advertisement. If your conversion sales rate is good, then you may benefit from using pay per click advertising and it might benefit the overall ROI of the business

Interactive Media & Youtube

The rest is here:
The Top 10 SEO Trends that will dominate in 2015

How Competitive Analysis Leads To A Better B2B SEO Program

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Mar 112015

If you are not monitoring competitors online, you might be missing opportunities and potentially overlooking points of weakness in your SEO program.

Whenever we kick off a new program, obtaining a list of key competitors is a crucial first step. This helps us understandthe market and uncovervarious competitor tactics. We often learn a lot by assessingtheirstrengths and weaknesses in keyword strategy, site architecture, content marketing, link building and social media.

Oftentimes, we are asked to present our competitive findings to management and ultimately organizational leadership.In this column, Ill outline an example of a recent competitive analysis we created, along withhow we uncovered opportunities to better aid our clients SEO program.

The first step in SEO-specific competitive analysis is in understanding how well (or poorly) competitors perform for various keyword targets. For this program, there were three elements of keyword performance to consider:

We obviously dont have access to competitive traffic and visitor performance. As such, keyword rank or keyword visibility is one of the few public facing metrics we can compare against.

As priority keywords are defined, compare competitiveperformance individually and across targeted organizations. Here are two examples of how this might look.

First, a summaryof priority keyword performance across competition.

In the second screenshot, green shaded cells indicate which competitor had the best position for each applicable target keyword.

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How Competitive Analysis Leads To A Better B2B SEO Program

Lane Boland on Your 1st 5 SEO Clients – Genius Bing PPC tactics, & SEO Vendors – Video

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Mar 072015

Lane Boland on Your 1st 5 SEO Clients – Genius Bing PPC tactics, SEO Vendors
This video is about Lane Boland Interview.

By: Dynamik 365 – SEO Internet Marketing

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Lane Boland on Your 1st 5 SEO Clients – Genius Bing PPC tactics, & SEO Vendors – Video

Offshore Companies Registration, Offshore Company …

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Mar 022015

Sterling establishes, manages and administers offshore companies and international companies, offshore trusts, private foundations and funds utilized in various structures for an international clientele spanning over 80 countries. These entities combined with Sterlings supporting services allow us to provide a number of different solutions designed to achieve specific objectives of our clients. These objectives broadly include asset protection, international investment, tax optimization and foreign market entry.

Todays global business and investment environment is continually evolving with new bilateral and multilateral frameworks being agreed between countries, governments looking to increase tax revenues to fill voids and other factors that can effect the international investor, corporation or businessman. Sterling understands these ever changing dynamics and provides services designed to help our clientele achieve their objectives while remaining compliant in the new global environment. We continually strive to make the complex simple so our clients can focus on other matters.

Whether the situation requires services relating to offshore companies, private foundations, offshore trusts and/or funds in Seychelles or any other country, Sterling can accommodate your needs in a competent and expeditious manner.

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Offshore Companies Registration, Offshore Company …

Attorneys in Freedom Industries bankruptcy: 'We just can't wait any longer'

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Feb 272015

Lawyers for Kanawha Valley residents and businesses pressed Thursday for some action to free up $3 million in Freedom Industries insurance money, a move they said they hope will help compensate victims of the January 2014 Elk River chemical leak and allow attorneys to begin pursuing other litigation over the leak.

About 20 lawyers representing various groups of leak victims said they want the companys insurance payment so that money can be split among their clients right away.

Nitro lawyer Harvey Peyton said he has clients who are small businesses that lost what to them were significant sums of money because of the Freedom leak and the resulting water crisis.

Weve wasted a year now, waiting for this to be resolved, Peyton said. We just cant wait any longer.

Peyton was among the lawyers who turned out for a court-sponsored meeting in which Charleston lawyer Jim Lane, a court-appointed claims manager in the Freedom bankruptcy, was trying to gather views from various parties to assist U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Ronald Pearson in finding a way to resolve the bankruptcy proceeding.

With no clear plan for bringing the case to a close, Pearson set up but did not attend Thursdays meeting at the federal courthouse. Pearson has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday to hear a report from Lane and consider proposals for a path forward.

In a memo distributed at Thursdays meeting, Lane noted that Freedom has about $1.5 million in the bank but owes lawyers and environmental services professionals $3.2 million for work performed since the company declared bankruptcy. Freedom also owes various vendors and other parties about $6 million in pre-bankruptcy bills and 3,800 claims filed against Freedom over the chemical leak total about $200 million, Lane said in the memo.

Charleston lawyer Bill DePaulo questioned when someone involved in the bankruptcy perhaps the appointed committee of Freedoms creditors would begin pursuing investigations and potential lawsuits to recover more money for the bankruptcy estate, perhaps from former corporate owners and managers, some of whom are now facing criminal charges.

If part of the judges question is how do we cut the pie, another question is how big is the pie? DePaulo said. We need to be aggressively pursuing assets.

So far, no legal actions on behalf of the bankruptcy estate or creditors have been take concerning potentially fraudulent transfers of Freedoms funds or against former company officials over their management of the Elk River chemical operation. Such actions have basically been frozen for months, with the courts informal approval, while officials focused on cleanup of the Freedom facility, located just upstream from the regional drinking-water intake. Criminal charges filed against at least one former Freedom official Gary Southern allege that Southern tried to cover up his role at the company to protect his personal wealth from the bankruptcy case and civil lawsuits filed over the chemical leak.

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Attorneys in Freedom Industries bankruptcy: 'We just can't wait any longer'

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Hope Lefeber Discusses Recent Third Circuit Expansion of Exclusionary Rule

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Feb 252015

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) February 25, 2015

In its recent decision in U.S. v. Michael Wright, 2015 WL 507169 (3d Cir., Feb. 2015), the Third Circuit extended its recent holding in U.S. v. Franz, 772 F. 3d. 134 (3d Cir. 2014), thereby further diluting the protection of the Fourth Amendment, says federal criminal defense attorney Ms. Hope Lefeber.

According to court documents, as part of their investigation,DEA agents obtained a search warrant, signed by a magistrate judge, for Defendant Michael Wrights apartment. An affidavitsummarizing the Governments knowledge of the conspiracy and containing a list of items the DEA expected to findwas also attached and signed. Subsequently, the Government sealed the affidavit (to preserve details relating to an ongoing investigation). When the DEA executed the search, they were unable to provide Defendant with a list of items to be seized, in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Ms. Lefeber explains that the lower court initially suppressed the search, ruling that the good-faith exception to the exclusionary rule could not excuse a facially invalid warrant under U.S. v. Leon, 468 U.S. 897 (1984). The Third Circuit vacated the lower court’s decision and remanded based on Herring v. U.S., 555 U.S. 135 (2009). On remand, the District Court denied the motion to suppress, concluding that the DEAs mistake was simple and did not benefit the Government. Accordingly, Defendant was convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Defendant Wright appealed his conviction, arguing that denying his motion to suppress reduced the Governments incentive to carefully scrutinize the contents of each warrant before execution. The Third Circuit disagreed and noted that the DEA agents negligence fell below the grossly negligent exception to the good-faith rule, articulated in Herring. Similar to its recent ruling in Franzwhere an officer mistakenly read a sealing orderthe DEAs conduct was held not to be grossly negligent, since the omission of the list was inadvertent, observes Ms. Lefeber. Therefore, though the search violated the Fourth Amendment, the officers could rely on the good-faith exception to the exclusionary rule because deterring isolated negligence is not with the social cost of excluded evidence.

Ms. Lefeber believes that this case further erodes the protections of the Fourth Amendment and renders meaningless the requirement to specify the items to be seized. Officers can now “search and seek” and later legitimize the search by listing the items later.

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