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SEO Thursday - Video

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Sep 222014

SEO Thursday
In todays episode, Virginie (CEO of Business Website Center) and I will be talking about the basics of emails marketing and how to use your website to build a list of names.

By: Simple Biz Support

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SEO Thursday – Video

Local Seo For Business In Oakland Park – CALL 786-565-4022
Local Seo For Business In Oakland Park LOCAL SEO FOR BUSINESS IN OAKLAND PARK : 00:00:05 Local Seo For Business In Oakland Park 00:00:05 Local Seo Website Optimizat…

By: clarabelle schwager

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Local Seo For Business In Oakland Park – CALL 786-565-4022 – Video

The Nackey Loeb School of Communications has announced that general admission and VIP package tickets to its annual First Amendment honors event, with featured speaker Donald Trump, are available at A small number of sponsorship opportunities remain as well.

The early evening event is on Nov. 12 at the Radisson in downtown Manchester. The 12th annual honors program, it will highlight individuals or groups that have used their First Amendement freedoms in some important way in the past year.

Previous honorees have included an outspoken school board member, a former state attorney general, and reporters or editors from newspapers such as the Nashua Telegraph, Portsmouth Herald, and Keene Sentinel. This year’s honorees are expected to be announced within a few weeks.

Businessman Trump is known as much for his business-reality TV series as for his mega-deals. But he has also been mentioned for political office, from governor of New York to the White House, an address he has not ruled out.

His last New Hampshire appearance, a Politics and Eggs breakfast at St. Anselm College, drew a record crowd.

Tickets for the event, which begins with receptions at 5:30 p.m., range from $75 to $150.

Excerpt from:
Tickets on sale for Loeb First Amendment honors with Trump

The Impact of Religious Liberty on Economic and Political Liberties
Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Tim Shah of the Berkley Center for Religious Liberty at Georgetown University, and Brian Grim of the Religious Freedom and Business…

By: American Enterprise Institute

The Impact of Religious Liberty on Economic and Political Liberties – Video

Local Seo Consultant Wilton Manors – CALL 786-565-4022
Local Seo Consultant Wilton Manors LOCAL SEO CONSULTANT WILTON MANORS : 00:00:05 Local Seo Consultant Wilton Manors 00:00:05 Local Seo For Business In Wilton…

By: clarabelle schwager

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Local Seo Consultant Wilton Manors – CALL 786-565-4022 – Video

Local Seo For Business Wilton Manors – CALL 786-565-4022
Local Seo For Business Wilton Manors LOCAL SEO FOR BUSINESS WILTON MANORS : 00:00:05 Local Seo For Business Wilton Manors 00:00:05 Local Seo Consultant Wilton…

By: clarabelle schwager

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Local Seo For Business Wilton Manors – CALL 786-565-4022 – Video

Local Seo For Business Oakland Park – CALL 786-565-4022
Local Seo For Business Oakland Park LOCAL SEO FOR BUSINESS OAKLAND PARK : 00:00:05 Local Seo For Business Oakland Park 00:00:05 Local Seo Expert In Wilton Manors…

By: clarabelle schwager

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Local Seo For Business Oakland Park – CALL 786-565-4022 – Video

Bitcoin Gets Boost As U.S. Watchdog Approves First Swap
TeraExchange on Friday launched a swap based on the bitcoin virtual currency, becoming the first to receive approval from a U.S. federal regulator for a fina…

By: Newsloop Business

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Bitcoin Gets Boost As U.S. Watchdog Approves First Swap – Video

Most SEO campaigns are destined for failure because expectations are too high, budgets are too low, decisions are made based on assumptions instead of data and customer expectations are misunderstood.

Whether you’re managing a campaign yourself, or you’ve hired an SEO professional, ask these 7 questions to determine if your campaign is on the right track.

Setting unrealistic goals for your SEO campaign, such as dominating Google and Bing for every product or service you offer right out of the gate, will most always result in failure. Instead, set realistic objectives for your campaign and achieve success incrementally. For example, most businesses offer multiple products or services. If your business falls into this category, it can be daunting to achieve top rankings for everything you offer. With an incremental strategy, you can optimize for one product or service, and after you’ve achieved success, move onto the next product or service and so on.

Also, keep in mind that a successful SEO strategy can be perceived as unsuccessful only because the goals are so completely unrealistic.

This is a big one. Most businesses do not have realistic timeframes or budgets for their SEO campaigns. They want results immediately, and at the same time, are only willing to make a minimal investment. Consult with an SEO professional and determine what a realistic timeframe and budget would be for your type of business. The more competitive your industry, the greater timeframe and larger budget you should expect. If you go into an SEO campaign with a short timeframe and unwillingness to make the necessary investment, it will most likely fail because you are not giving your SEO professional the necessary time to test and make adjustments needed for a successful long-term campaign.

Optimizing for the wrong keywords is common and often the cause of an SEO campaign’s failure. Ideally, you’ve hired an agency or professional to manage your campaign and they’ve chosen the right keywords after performing extensive keyword research. However, if you’ve selected your own keywords based on what you “think” your customers are searching, without verifying with real data, it’s highly probable that your campaign is not using the right keywords.

Analyze keyword data using a reputable keyword research tool and see what keywords your (successful) competitors are using, to make sure you’re optimizing for the right keywords.

If you have failed to select the right keywords, then you’re either not delivering enough traffic to your site, or not delivering the right traffic or a combination of both. A quick sniff test to determine if your campaign is delivering the right traffic is to look at your site’s bounce rate for organic search traffic. If you see a high bounce rate for organic search visitors, then what they’re searching for is not consistent with what they’re finding on your website. It’s important to distinguish the bounce rate for organic visitors from other visitor types (i.e., direct visits, referral visits, etc.) so you can make informed decisions based on your organic search traffic specifically. If you have a high bounce rate for all visitor types, this means you may have a larger issue to address, such as your website.

A successful SEO campaign starts with a professional website that engages visitors upon arrival. Visitor engagement is crucial to a campaign’s success, because engagement ultimately results in conversions, which is how most businesses measure a campaign’s success. The lack of a professional website discredits your brand and therefore reduces engagement and conversions.

Here are some questions to ask when evaluating your website:

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7 Reasons Your SEO Campaign Will Fail and What You Can Do About It

Bank Of England Sees Bitcoin Fraud Risk, Deflation Danger
The Bank of England said on Thursday that Bitcoin and similar digital currencies may be at increasing risk of fraud and could damage Britain's economy if they find widespread use. The BoE said…

By: Newsloop Business

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Bank Of England Sees Bitcoin Fraud Risk, Deflation Danger – Video

The Members – Offshore Banking Business – NYC 2014
The Studio at Webster Hall 13-September-2014.

By: nbmkms

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The Members – Offshore Banking Business – NYC 2014 – Video

Sep 162014

It is imperative for small businesses to have a high performing website that propels them ahead of the competition. Achieving this is not as difficult as you might think. Take a look at this checklist and see how you can improve your small business websites SEO.

Google Tools

Sign up to and link Google Analytics with Google Webmaster Tools to track what your visitors are looking at and how visible your website is on Google. To improve visibility use Google Keyword Planner to research keywords with a relatively large volume and low cost per click.

Keep Content Unique

Keep your title tag under 60 characters, meta description under 155 characters and make sure each page has at least 300 words of static content.

The title tag should include your city (when offering local services), two keywords and your business name, and be in the head section of your HTML code on your homepage.

The header (H1 tag) expands and uses the elements from your title tag and should include the full name of your page or post.

Have meta description that invites users to click on it with a call to action (CTA) to try your product, call your business or get something for visiting your website.

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SEO Your Footer

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The Small Business SEO Checklist

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) September 16, 2014

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertisingbetter known as SEO and PPC, respectivelyare two of the most essential tools for increasing online awareness of companies and their products or services. Server Side Design, Inc., also known as SSD Fair Marketing, has primarily provided web promotion services to residents of the Houston metro area for the past decade. One of its divisions, SEO Austin, focuses on helping business owners in Austin, the capital of Texas.

Recently SEO Austin announced the expansion of its SEO and PPC services in the area to better help its clients with marketing and Google ranking systems. This is especially crucial for e-commerce companies that solely rely on the Internet for selling their products and services. SEO Austin offers its SEO and PPC services through its parent company’s upSEARCH and upCLICK, respectively.

With UpSEARCH, SEO Austin helps increase the online visibility of their clients’ website. The company’s SEO services comprise a 12-month roadmap to online authority. Each month is dedicated to a particular component of search engine optimization that showcases the client’s products and services. Such components include onsite blog articles, press releases, email newsletters, FAQs, info-graphics, and videos. At the end of the 12-month period, SEO Austin guarantees the attainment of top listings on the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

With upCLICK, SEO Austin manages clients’ pay-per-click campaigns. A web marketing professional is assigned to the integration and management of PPC campaignswhich can be from Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, Bing, and Facebook and LinkedIn ad programsinto one account. SEO Austin makes sure that clients create ads that pay attention to search trends and select the most appropriate keywords and keyword phrases. The aforementioned factors are crucial in not only generating traffic, converting leads into revenue, but also boosting the client’s online brand authority.

About SEO Austin: SEO Austin is the Austin, Texas division of renowned web marketing firm Server Side Design, Inc., which was founded in 2005 and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It was established to specifically address the needs of the business community in the state’s capital city. In addition to PPC and SEO services, SEO Austin specializes in social media marketing and local maps optimization. The company has its headquarters at 9600 Great Hills Trail, Austin, TX 78759. For requesting services, customers can call 512-298-1881 or send an email message to info(at)seoaustininc(dot)com. SEO Austin’s website address is

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SEO Austin, Inc. Expands its SEO and PPC Services

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Comcast completely denies their claims. In a blog post, the company said “We have no policy against Tor, or any other browser or software. Customers are free to use their Xfinity Internet service to visit any website, use any app, and so forth.”

According to a report on Deepdotweb, Comcast customer representatives have branded Tor “illegal” and told customers that using it is against the company’s policies.

Tor is a type of web browser that, in theory, makes all your internet activity private. The software routes traffic through a series of other connected internet users, making it difficult for governments and private companies to monitor your internet usage. Up to 1.2 million people use the browser, which became especially popular after Edward Snowden leaked information showing that the NSA was eavesdropping on ordinary citizens. Prior to that, Tor had been popular among people transacting business on Silk Road, the online market for drugs and hitmen.

The problem is that downloading or using Tor itself isn’t illegal. Plenty of people might have legitimate reasons to want to surf the web in private, without letting others know what they were looking at. But Tor has been pretty popular with criminals.

Some Comcast reps allegedly begun telling users that it is an “illegal service.” One Comcast representative, identified only as Kelly, warned a customer over his use of Tor software, DeepDotWeb reports:

Users who try to use anonymity, or cover themselves up on the internet, are usually doing things that arent so-to-speak legal. We have the right to terminate, fine, or suspend your account at anytime due to you violating the rules. Do you have any other questions? Thank you for contacting Comcast, have a great day.

Comcast customers, speaking to Deepdotweb, claimed that Comcast repeatedly asked them which sites they were accessing using Tor.

In a statement to Business Insider, Comcast refuted the claims made in Deepdotweb, stating that they had launched an internal review into the discussions reported above:

Customers are free to use their Xfinity Internet service to visit any website or use it however they wish otherwise.Like virtually all ISPs, Comcast has an acceptable use policy or AUP that outlines appropriate and inappropriate uses of the service.Comcast doesnt monitor users browser software or web surfing and has no program addressing the Tor browser.he anecdotal chat room evidence provided is not consistent with our agents messages and is not accurate. Per our own internal review, we have found no evidence that these conversations took place, nor do we employ a Security Assurance team member named Kelly.Tors own FAQs clearly state: ‘File sharing (peer-to-peer/P2P) is widely unwanted on Tor’ and ‘BitTorrent is NOT anonymous’ on Tor.

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Comcast Denies It Will Cut Off Customers Who Use Tor, The Web Browser For Criminals (CMCSA)

Internet freedom activists are holding a rally Monday outside the Comcast Center in Philadelphia to protest Comcast’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable.

The rally, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. at 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd, is organized by Free Press, a nonpartisan group that advocates to preserve open Internet communication and free speech. The group is demanding protections for net neutrality, and the rally will urge the Federal Communications Commission to adopt rules that prevent broadband providers like Comcast and Verizon from discriminating against online content and services. Monday is the FCC’s deadline for public comments on the matter.

Speakers at the rally include Chris Rabb, a professor at Temple’s Fox School of Business, as well as members of Free Press and other allied organizations.

-Allison Steele

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Internet freedom group to rally Monday outside Comcast Center

This kind of national pride is hard work. You have to decide what are the things your nation should be proud of and how it is going to achieve them in reality. Above, Yes supporters flags are displayed besides a block of flats on Leith Walk in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

What does it mean to be a free country? No one is naive enough to believe that it means acquiring the capacity to do whatever you want. For governments, of big countries or small ones, room to manoeuvre is scarce. An independent Scotland would face the same limits on its freedom of action as it does now. The power of oligarchies and markets and inequalities to restrict democratic choice would not disappear. Freedom does not arrive just because you declare it. And if it ever does arrive, it is complicated, constrained and contested. Scots, coming late to the business of national independence, also come to it with few illusions. Too much has happened to too many dreams of national liberation for any sensible citizen to believe in a great moment of transformation after which everything will be simpler, purer, better.

But national freedom isnt meaningless either. Room to manoeuvre can be expanded. Democratic spaces can be opened up. The terms of the struggle between public and private interests can be renegotiated. Citizens can become more confident of their power to insist on decency and dignity. A place can be defined as a society and a culture as well as an economy. And the greater the constraints, the more naked the power of unaccountable elites, the more vital it is that whatever collective freedom remains is grasped.

Like everything else, though, even this qualified freedom has a price. Some of that price is literal the financial losses that have to be set against financial gains. But theres another kind of reckoning to be done, one that is more abstract but perhaps in the long term more important. National freedom isnt another word for nothing left to lose. Its another word for no one left to blame no one, that is, except yourself. If you make your own choices, you become responsible for their consequences.

This is, especially for small nations that have long been part of a larger imperial whole, a severe loss. Theres a deep and abiding satisfaction in imagining how wonderful you would be if only those foreign bastards would let you. Being free means having to live with the dawning realisation that you might not be so wonderful after all. Freedom in this sense is not an illusion its an act of deliberate disillusion.

What a free country quickly discovers is that the better Us of its imagination is not already there, fully formed, just waiting to blossom in the sun of liberation. It has to be created and in order to create it you have to genuinely decide you want it.

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What kind of new state could Scotland be?

Sep 132014

Signing up with an incompetent SEO agency can do considerable harm to your business. If you are not technical, or dont understand the basics of how SEO works, hiring an agency may even be a frightening prospect. Bad SEO can fail to attract traffic to your web site, and even worse, it can make it go down.

Do you suspect that youre currently working with a bad firm? If so, the faster you figure it out, the better. To help you do that, this article will review 12 warning signs that youre dealing with a poor quality firm.

While this post is focused on how to recognize if you the agency you have is a problem, you can use many of these tips to qualify a firm before you start. Either way, dont stay connected with a bad firm. Take action and move on!

1. They Wont Tell You What They Are Doing. This is a clear and immediate indication that what is happening is bad. SEO is a form of marketing. You would never let your PR firm run off and do whatever they felt like doing without telling you, and your SEO firm is no different. Demand that your SEO firm explain everything they are doing, and if they are not willing to do that, then you should fire them on the spot.

This is especially true for any agency you have involved in performing content marketing (or link building) for you. Review every single site where they propose to obtain a link for you, just as you would with your PR agency. This part of SEO is a form of PR, and each place where you publish content, or get written about, is a reflection of your brand. Make sure its a positive image you are creating out there!

This does place a burden on your organization to learn what the SEO firm is doing, but do not try to sidestep this responsibility. If you dont have the resources to do this yet, you should probably hold off on pursuing SEO until you do!

2. You Cant Understand Their Explanation. Closely related to the first warning sign, if the firm does talk to you about what they are doing, but theyre not able to help you understand it, then they are not a match for you. A key value you should look for in any SEO firm is their ability to help you understand why they are doing what they are doing.

In some cases, bad SEO firms will offer explanations to you that make it sound like SEO is some form of voodoo. For example, if someone says Google only likes pages that have 200 to 300 words on it, this should raise an alarm. Google wants to find the highest quality pages possible in relation to each query. For some queries, it may only make sense to have 20 or 30 words to highlight the key features of a particular product, and on other pages, you may want to have 1000 or more words.

Ever since the advent of technology, there has been a huge value to people who can explain to non-technical people how something works, and how to use it. SEO is no different, and you should be willing to pay a premium to get someone who can do this for you.

12 Warning Signs of a Bad SEO Firm

A fundamental aspect of any sovereign economy is the right to mint and value a currency. In the United States, the Constitution lays this out clearly. Section 8 permits Congress the right to coin money, and Section 10 denies the states or anyone else that right. Creating a physical alternative to the U.S. dollar isnt just difficult, its outright illegal.

Then came Bitcoin. What makes Bitcoin so unique (and legal) is that it is a digital currency and, thus, never minted. While its popularity has grown substantially in the past two years, the currency has actually been floating around since 2009, when it allegedly was created by clandestine developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Since that time, the currency has gone from little more than a theory to being worth as much as $1,200 per Bitcoin. At time of publication, it was trading just below $500.

Bitcoins are created through a process called mining, and they only exist in a computer file known as the blockchain, which is akin to a complex puzzle. After a computer works on the blockchain for a certain amount of time, a piece of the puzzle is solved, releasing 25 Bitcoins (rate halves in mid-2016) to the solver.

Seems easy, right? Buy a bunch of computers and get to mining! While this is how it worked early in Bitcoins existence, it isnt quite that simple any longer. Part of the genius of Bitcoin is how elegant it is as a functioning monetary base. As more Bitcoins come into existence, the blockchain puzzle becomes progressively more difficult. The monetary base of Bitcoin was built to grow by 3% annually. This number was not chosen randomly: A 3% inflation rate is considered a healthy target for developed economies, and is near the figure targeted by central banks around the world.

As Bitcoins popularity has exploded in the past two years, the mining has grown exponentially more difficult and expensive. Whereas in 2009 it was possible to utilize a standard home PC for mining purposes, today it takes highly specialized kits to mine profitably. One has to remember, computers cost money and run on electricity. So, if you are running a non-specialized PC, it may cost $100 in electricity to mine $25 worth of Bitcoins. While some hobbyists still engage in such operations (I tried it myself), it is obviously far from a sound business.

To seriously mine Bitcoins it takes a minimum of a $5,000 investment. Companies likeButterfly Labsbuild specialized graphic cards designed specifically for blockchain hashing. These cards cost several thousand dollars and are typically back-ordered for months. To be in the business of Bitcoin mining requires an entire fleet of this equipment, which can easily cost $100,000 or more. To further complicate mining, this equipment typically is obsolete in six to 12 months, meaning further capital outlays are constantly needed to stay profitable. Entrepreneurs who have been successful at mining have significant capital, both intellectual and dollar denominated. Cheap access to power also helpsdifferent parts of the country can have widely varying kilowatt costs.

If it is not profitable for the average person to mine Bitcoins any longer, then why has it exploded in popularity? The answer is twofold in my mind. First, and most importantly, central banks around the world have done very little to build confidence in paper currencies since the financial crisis in 2007. Furthermore, countries around the globe have taken on dramatic amounts of debt over the past seven years, resulting in an increase in the debt-to-GDP ratios of every developed market, and most of them have even doubled.

Open exchange rates have made fiat (paper) currencies viable since the removal of the gold standard in 1971. If one country practiced irresponsible monetary policies, the exchange rates punished them and devalued their currency. But what happens when everyone acts irresponsibly? Bitcoin is what happens.

The second reason Bitcoin has become so popular is that it has caught the attention of the investing community. The virtual currency has turned into a haven for speculators due to the extreme volatility of its exchange rate; at times it has doubled in the span of just a few weeks.

By design, there is a finite amount of Bitcoins that will ever be mined (20,999,839.77, to be exact). With a constrained supply, hedge funds have looked to corner the market on Bitcoin and have accumulated substantial holdings in the currency.

Continued here:
Bitcoin could lay the groundwork for an international currency

Rochester White Hat SEO Basics – YourProfitWeb, Inc. of Rochester, NY
Business Owner's Guide t Rochester White Hat SEO Basics What s SEO? SEO, r search engine optimization, s th term usd t describe th process f driving website t b…

By: Rochester SEO

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Rochester White Hat SEO Basics – YourProfitWeb, Inc. of Rochester, NY – Video

WASHINGTON: There are more companies than people in the small US state of Delaware, its population of under one million nestled on the Atlantic coast just south of New Jersey.

The reason is clear: The state offers companies low taxes, an efficient, pro-business legal environment, and it allows anyone to set up a company anonymously, registering a shell that hides who really controls it and controls the money within it.

That has now put Delaware, and other states that permit shell companies, in the sights of the US authorities, after they have campaigned against international tax havens like Switzerland to fight tax dodging and money laundering.

Around two-thirds of the 500 largest US companies, including Coca-Cola, Google and Walmart, are registered in the state, even as they operate from distant headquarters.

All they need in Delaware is a small mailbox, and they can enjoy the sweetheart environment it offers businesses.

And Delaware benefits substantially: the business of hosting businesses brought it US$880 million in fees and taxes in 2013, 23% of the state budget.

But that same environment works for criminals as well. For just a few minutes and a few hundred dollars, anyone can register a company in the state without divulging the beneficial owners name. As in offshore tax havens, the state protects that secrecy.

Most states require more documentation to get a library card or a driver licence than Delaware does to set up a company, John Kowalko, a state politician, told AFP.

Most companies take advantage of the system to do good, but some have ulterior motives.

Delaware shell companies are hiding places for all kinds of miscreants.

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US tax haven Delaware under pressure

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