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Religious Freedom is Good for Business
Religion is growing and will continue to grow globally, with about 9-in-10 people projected to be affiliated with religion in 2030 compared with 8-in-10 in 1970, according to the World Religion…

By: Family Research Council

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Religious Freedom is Good for Business – Video

Oct 222014

Salon PepTalk Oct 21
On Site SEO vs OFF site SEO. Google cares more about what “OTHER” people say about your business, than what “YOU” say about your business. One of the OFF site SEO is Google Reviews. If you…

By: PepTalk SalonGuru

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Salon PepTalk Oct 21 – Video

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SEO Video Optimization Expert Provides Top Notch Video SEO Services Let me guess you recently spent a small fortune on getting some awesome videos made for your business and you your wife…

By: Jason Speckert

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Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrency markets remain stable, as Bitnet secures Series A funding.(IBTimes UK)

The price of bitcoin has remained relatively stable over the past 24 hours, shifting by less than 1% in value since yesterday.

Most other major cryptocurrencies have followed in bitcoin’s lead, with litecoin, dogecoin and peercoin all moving by between 0% and 2%.

The biggest mover across all digital currency markets is uro, the “hybrid commodity token” that pegs its value to the fertilizer urea. Uro’s price jumped by 45% to take its market capitalisation up above $1.5 million for the first time since July.

The co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel has said that despite bitcoin being founded on the same set of ideas as PayPal, the two have developed in very different directions.

“Bitcoin is the opposite of PayPal, in the sense that it actually succeeded in creating a currency,” Thiel said in a talk at the Booth School of Business in Illinois.

“However, its payment system is lacking, and it is often used to make illegal transactions, such as to buy heroin. Until bitcoin is used to make more legal transactions, I am a bit sceptical.”

Thiel has previously described bitcoin as “badly lacking”, saying in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) last month that he would become “more bullish” on bitcoin when the payment volume of bitcoin significantly increases.

Bitnet secures $14.5m Series A funding

Bitcoin payments processor Bitnet has raised $14.5m in a Series A funding round that it hopes will go some way to enticing major merchants into using its payments software.

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Cryptocurrency Round-Up: PayPal Founder Sceptical of Bitcoin and Bitnet Receives $14.5m Funding

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Bitcoin 2013 conference – Roger Ver – Bitcoin 101 for Business
Recorded at the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, CA. Conference sponsored by Bitcoin Foundation. Red Pill Recording recorded this talk.Roger Ver is the CEO and founder of …

By: maimunsaja

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Bitcoin 2013 conference – Roger Ver – Bitcoin 101 for Business – Video

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Seo For Business Davie – CALL 786-565-4022
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SecuraCoin Retail Bitcoin Exchange We are a Digital Currency Business based out of Toronto, Canada. We specialize in servicing Money Service Businesses (MSBs) and other reta…

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SecuraCoin Retail Bitcoin Exchange – Video

How to find what is the value of Bitcoin?
Rodrigo's Bitcoin start-up: Apps, books courses for entrepreneurs: In this video I ask Rodrigo how peopl…

By: Start Grow Your Business

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How to find what is the value of Bitcoin? – Video

The Bitcoin market had an exciting week with the market value breaking over the $400 mark againbut its been hovering above and below the $400 band since that happened. Canada received an amazing talk from Andreas Antonopoulos, previous Chief Security Officer at and author of Mastering Bitcoin, who spoke to the Canadian senate with an impassioned explanation of Bitcoin and its innovative future.

In the legal corner of Bitcoin news, Dorian Nakamotoa man outed by Newsweek alleged to be the Satoshi Nakamotois seeking a lawsuit against Newsweek for what happened after the article that brought attention to him. Still no word on who or what the actual Satoshi Nakamoto happens to be. And, Butterfly Labs is striking back against the Federal Trade Commission after a complaint shut down the business as part of an investigation into its practices.

Last, but not least, a new website has launched that gives an up-to-date measure of historical Bitcoin volatility at

When the market value of bitcoin fell below $400 near September 27th, it must have led to a community-wide depression. It seems this way because now that the market value has risen, once again, above $400 (sometime midnight Sunday) it triggered a few joyous posts on reddit.

Since then, the price has hovered near $400, rising and falling in a band between $415 and $395.

Andreas Antonopolous last week went in front of the Senate of Canada and spoke to the government body about the regulating Bitcoin. The first eleven minutes is Antonopoulos speech and the remaining almost hour-and-a-half of the video is questions. Even if you dont have two hours to watch, its worth watching his opening statements.

Antonopoulos argues against tight regulation on Bitcoin because it will stifle innovation and during the questions segment rebutted numerous queries about crime and money laundering by discussing the nature of privacy and security with Bitcoin. He especially did a good job of showing how while BItcoin is more transparent than fiat money it can also be more secure.

The senators ask interesting and extremely thoughtful questions, most of which center around consumer protection and economics; but amid the most enlightening was Who are Bitcoins biggest detractors around the 41:20 mark.

In an attempt to resolve the hunt for the legendary Satoshi Nakamotothe mythical Batman and inventor of BitcoinNewsweeks Leah McGrath Goodman claimed that Dorian Nakamoto of California happened to be the mythical Bitcoin inventor. This led to a major disruption of Nakamotos life.

This has happened before. A reporter for The New Yorker interviewed Michael Clear, another cryptographer with a math backgroundyet also denied being Satoshi. However, Dorian Nakamoto had the benefit of a very similar name.

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Bitcoin Weekly 2014 October 15: Bitcoin breaks $400, Antonopoulos speaks to Canadian Senate, Butterfly Labs vs. FTC

Humans love to have their minds blown. We are changed by that feeling of seeing or learning something perfectly new — that feeling we call awe. And, according to Jason Silva, thats the secret to really spectacular online content.

Great content trades in the currency of inspiration, said Silva, host of the popular National Geographic TV show Brain Games and futurist with YouTube series Shots of Awe, at Advertising Week in New York City earlier this month. If we are going to tell a story, if we are working with advertisers — why not make that story inspirational? Why not make that story mindblowing? Why not give people that experience of cognitive ecstasy? Because I promise you they are going to be more compelled to share if they are moved by what you have created.

At a time when the volume of material for people to read and watch is exponentially growing, being able to grab consumers attention online is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you can invoke wonder and amazement in the content you create and share, you stand a better chance at making those consumers your customers.

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Silva spends his life seeking that feeling — that exhilarating neurostorm of intense intellectual pleasure. He specifically curates what he reads, sees and does to maximize his potential for experiencing awe.

I think it was Aristotle who used to say that human beings dont care about spectacle, what they care about is ecstatic understanding, he says. We want to feel like we learned something new. We want to upgrade our maps. We want that cognitive ecstasy.

How does he define awe? Its that sensation you experience when youre presented with something you have no existing framework to process. Consider the first time you went to the Grand Canyon or the first time you saw an IMAX 3-D film about space. Literally you have no reference points for what you are seeing, no anchoring for what you are seeing, so your mental maps of the world are being upgraded in real time and that is an experience of awe.

Its next to impossible to listen to Silva and not believe what he preaches. Hes animated, energetic and eager. Its as though he wants to give his audience a taste of the cognitive ecstasy he preaches about. But alongside his charismatic presentation is some pretty impressive science. A 2012 study published in Psychological Science determined that experiencing awe slows down peoples perception of time, and that the more a person experiences awe, the more satisfied they are with life.

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Advances in technology open up more opportunity for awe — and thats a good thing. The changes we are experiencing now, such as the constantly shrinking size of a computer chip or the miniaturization of the video camera, will provide new experiences we cannot even imagine. Silva says thats not something to be feared, but something to look forward to.

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Your Online Content Should Deliver 'Cognitive Ecstasy'

Between 2006 and 2012, two companies established by Declan Conway, Pronanotect and Spearpoint Holdings, raised a total of 1.9 million from investors

Shareholders in two Business Expansion Scheme (BES) companies run by businessman Declan Conway have written to him demanding to know why almost 1.6 million was transferred from both firms to a number of offshore entities.

Between 2006 and 2012, two companies established by Mr Conway, Pronanotect and Spearpoint Holdings, raised a total of 1.9 million from investors, much of it through the old BES, which allowed backers to write off part of their outlay against their taxes.

A number of individual investors subsequently became concerned that 811,000 was transferred from Pronanotect and 771,000 from Spearpoint to two offshore companies controlled by Mr Conway, Delaware-registered Avant Capital Partners and Avant Investments LDA in Portugal.

The six individuals, responsible for 275,000 of the total invested in both companies, want a detailed summary of the expenses, including the amounts, reason, method of payment and proof that the money was received.

Accounts show Pronanotect and Spearpoint paid some of the costs incurred by the various Avant entities in 2010, which were then recorded as owing this money to both companies.

Pronanotect was given the right to convert this debt into shares in three businesses set up to recycle waste plastic into fuel oil. Spearpoint does not appear to have received a similar guarantee.

Pronanotects latest accounts state that in June last year, the company exercised this right by entering into an agreement with Avant giving it the right to future royalties, revenue and capital appreciation from three businesses in the US, UK and Africa.

However, the investors say the businesses involved are carrying out the activities for which Pronanotect was set up in the first place.

Mr Conway and his brother Brendan are directors of both BES companies.

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Shareholders in BES-backed companies seek information on transferred money

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) October 13, 2014

10 Best Design (10BD) has been collecting and analyzing reviews and statistics about web design companies for years. The resulting awards have grown to become renowned in the industry, leading many to covet top ranking positions. This month, 10BD has released the latest iteration of the Best SEO Web Design Firms awards, which establishes companies who have proven the ability to provide both amazing design and a well-optimized website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about drawing visitors and potential customers to a website, while allowing a company or individual the ability to market their product or service by creating a robust web presence. Making a brand accessible is an ingredient in the success stories of many companies.

Listed #3 amongst the top search engine optimized web design companies, Forix Web Design, based in Portland, Oregon, has built its reputation by multiplying their customer’s average click rates and decreasing their abandoned shopping carts. They focus on web design and development in order to provide their business partners with websites that are optimized to appeal to their target customer base.

Ranked #2 amongst SEO website design agencies, Blue Fountain Media has earned its reputation through their customer oriented approach. Based in New York, New York, they research and run tests on their client’s websites in order to identify challenges and areas for improvement. By keeping what is valuable and works well from the client’s current approach, and adding their own techniques to strengthen and improve optimization, Blue Fountain creates a powerful web presence for their business partners.

Rated #1 of the Best SEO Web Design Firms is Big Drop Inc. Based in New York City, Big Drop enhances website optimization. Using their expertise in the field, Big Drop creates platforms for their customers which can evolve as their brand continues to grow and change. Part of Big Drop Inc.’s philosophy is that a website should continue to increase traffic and interest over time. Engaging visitors, who eventually turn into customers, and continuing to do so prolonged periods is what SEO optimization is all about.

In their own ways, each of these three companies have found ways to serve their customers need to create and enhance their web presence. Each of these firms has earned a solid reputation and a spot amongst the 10 Best Design, the top firms within their field.

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SEO Web Design Companies Awarded by 10 Best Design

Offshore Companies Regulations

By: International Business

Offshore Companies Regulations – Video

How-To Reduce Taxes With Offshore Companies

By: International Business

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Information On Offshore Companies

By: International Business

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Information On Offshore Companies – Video

Top 10 Offshore Companies

By: International Business

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Top 10 Offshore Companies – Video

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