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In a Huge Breakthrough, Googles AI Beats a Top Player at …

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Jun 262016

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Caption: Google

In a major breakthrough for artificial intelligence, a computing system developed by Google researchers in Great Britain has beaten a top human player at the game of Go, the ancient Eastern contest of strategy and intuition that has bedeviled AI experts for decades.

Machines have topped the best humans at most games held up as measures of human intellect, including chess, Scrabble, Othello, even Jeopardy!. But with Goa 2,500-year-old game thats exponentially more complex than chesshumangrandmasters have maintained an edge over even the most agile computing systems. Earlier this month, top AI experts outside of Google questioned whether a breakthrough couldoccuranytimesoon, and as recently as last year, many believed another decade would pass before a machine could beat the top humans.

But Google has done just that. It happened faster than I thought, says Rmi Coulom, the French researcher behind what was previously the worlds top artificially intelligent Go player.

In theory, such training only produces a system that’s as good as the best humans—not better. So researchers matched their AI system against itself.

Researchers at DeepMinda self-professed Apollo program for AI that Google acquiredin 2014staged this machine-versus-mancontest in October, at the companys offices inLondon. The DeepMind system, dubbed AlphaGo, matched its artificial wits against Fan Hui, Europes reigning Go champion, and the AI system went undefeated in five games witnessed by an editor from the journal Nature and an arbiter representing the British Go Federation. It was one of the most excitingmoments in my career, both as a researcher and as an editor, the Nature editor, Dr. Tanguy Chouard, said during a conference call with reporterson Tuesday.

This morning,Nature published a paper describing DeepMinds system, which makes clever use of, among other techniques, an increasingly important AI technology called deep learning. Using a vast collection of Go moves from expert playersabout 30 million moves in totalDeepMind researchers trained their system to play Go on its own. But this was merely a first step. In theory, such training only produces a system as good as the best humans. To beat the best, the researchers then matched their systemagainst itself. This allowed them togenerate a new collectionof moves they could then use to train a new AI player that could top a grandmaster.

The most significant aspect of all thisis that AlphaGo isnt just an expert system, built with handcrafted rules, says Demis Hassabis, who oversees DeepMind. Instead, it uses general machine-learning techniques how to win at Go.

‘Go is implicit. It’s all pattern matching. But that’s what deep learning does very well.’ Demis Hassabis, DeepMind

The win is more than a novelty. Online services likeGoogle, Facebook, and Microsoft, already use deep learning to identify images, recognize spoken words, and understand natural language. DeepMinds techniques, which combine deep learning with atechnology called reinforcement learning and other methods, point the way to a future where real-world robots can learn to perform physical tasks and respond to their environment. Its a natural fit for robotics, Hassabis says.

He also believes these methods can accelerate scientific research. He envisions scientists working alongside artificially intelligent systems that can home in on areas of research likely to be fruitful. The system could process much larger volumes of data and surface the structural insight to the human expert in a way that is much more efficientor maybe not possible for the human expert, Hassabis explains. The system could even suggest a way forward that might point the human expert to a breakthrough.

But at the moment, Go remains his primary concern. After beating a grandmaster behind closed doors, Hassabis and his team aim to beat one of the worlds topplayers in a public forum. In mid-March, in South Korea, AlphaGo will challenge Lee Sedol, who holdsmore international titles than all but one player and has won the most over the past decade. Hassabis sees him as the Roger Federer of the Go world.

In early 2014, Couloms Go-playing program, Crazystone, challengedgrandmaster Norimoto Yoda at a tournament in Japan. And itwon. But the win came with caveat: the machine had a four-move head start, a significantadvantage. At the time, Coulom predicted that it would be another 10years before machinesbeat the best players without a head start.

The challenge lies in the nature of the game. Even the most powerful supercomputers lack the processing power toanalyze the results of every possible move in any reasonable amount of time. When Deep Blue topped world chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997, it did so with whats calledbrute force. In essence, IBMs supercomputer analyzed the outcome of every possible move, looking further ahead than any human possibly could. Thats simply not possible with Go. In chess, at any given turn, there are an average 35 possible moves. WithGoin which two players compete with polished stones on 19-by-19 gridthere are 250. And each of those 250 has another 250, and so on. As Hassabis points out, there are more possible positions on a Go board than atoms in the universe.

Players will tell you to make moves based on the general appearance of the board, not by closely analyzing how each move will play out.

Using a technique called a Monte Carlo tree search, systems like Crazystone can look pretty far ahead. And in conjunction with other techniques, they can pare down thefieldof possibilities they mustanalyze. In the end, they canbeat some talented playersbut not the best.Among grandmasters, moves are rather intuitive. Players will tell you to make moves based on the general appearance of the board, not by closely analyzing how each move mightplay out. Good positions look good, says Hassabis, himself a Go player. It seems to follow some kind of aesthetic. Thats why it has been such a fascinating game for thousands of years.

But as 2014 gave way to 2015, several AI experts, including researchers at the University of Edinburgh and Facebook as well as the team at DeepMind, started applying deep learning to the Go problem. The idea was thetechnology could mimic the human intuition that Go requires. Go is implicit. Its all pattern matching, says Hassabis. But thats what deep learning does very well.

Deep learning relies on what are called neural networksnetworks of hardware and software that approximate the web of neurons in the human brain. These networks dont operate by brute forceorhandcrafted rules. They analyze large amounts of data in an effort to learn a particular task. Feed enough photos of a wombatinto a neural net, and it can learn to identify a wombat. Feed it enough spoken words, and it can learn to recognize what you say. Feed it enough Go moves, and it can learn to play Go.

At DeepMind and Edinburgh and Facebook, researchers hoped neural networks could master Go by looking at board positions, much likea human plays. As Facebook showed in a recent research paper, thetechnique works quite well. Bypairing deep learning andthe Monte Carlo Tree method, Facebook beat some human playersthough not Crazystone and other top creations.

But DeepMind pushes this ideamuch further. After training on 30 million human moves, a DeepMind neural net could predict the next human move about 57 percent of the timean impressive number (the previous record was 44 percent). ThenHassabis and team matched thisneural net against slightly different versions of itself through whats called reinforcement learning. Essentially, as the neural nets play each other, the system tracks which move brings the most rewardthe most territory on the board. Over time, it gets better and better at recognizing which moves will work and which wont.

AlphaGo learned to discover new strategies for itself, by playing millions of games between its neural networks, against themselves, and gradually improving, says DeepMind researcher David Silver.

According to Silver, this allowed AlphaGo to top other Go-playing AI systems, including Crazystone. Then the researchers fed the results into a second neural network. Grabbing moves suggested by the self-play, this neural network looks ahead to the results of each move. This is similar to whatolder systems like Deep Blue would do with chess, except that the system is learning as it goes along, as it analyzes more datanot exploring every possible outcome through brute force. In this way, AlphaGo learned to beat not only existing AI programs but a top human as well.

Like most state-of-the-art neural networks, DeepMinds system runs atop machines equipped with graphics processing units, or GPUs. These chips were originally designed to render images for games and other graphics-intensiveapplications. But as it turns out, theyre also well suited to deep learning. Hassabis says DeepMindssystem works pretty well on a single computer equipped with a decent number of GPU chips, but for the match against Fan Hui, the researchersused a larger network of computers that spanned about 170 GPU cards and 1,200 standard processors, or CPUs. This larger computer network both trained the system andplayed the actual game, drawing on the results of the training.

When AlphaGo plays the world champion in South Korea, Hassabiss team will use thesame setup, though theyre constantly working to improve it. That means theyll need an Internet connection to play Lee Sedol. Were laying down our own fiber, Hassabis says.

According to Coulom and others, topping the world champion will be more challenging thantopping Fan Hui. But Coulom is betting on DeepMind. He has spent the past decadetrying to build a system capable of beatingthe worlds best players, and now, he believes that system is here. Im busy buying some GPUs, he says.

The importance of AlphaGo is enormous. The same techniques could be applied not only to robotics and scientific research, but so many other tasks, from Siri-like mobile digital assistants to financial investments. You can apply it to any adversarial problemanything that you can conceive of as a game, where strategy matters, says Chris Nicholson, founder of the deep learning startup Skymind. That includes war or business or [financial] trading.

For some, thats a worrying thingespecially when they consider that DeepMinds system is, in more ways than one, teaching itself to play Go. The system isnt just learning from data provided by humans. Its learning by playing itself, by generating its own data. In recent months, Tesla founder Elon Musk and others have voiced concerns that such AI system eventually could exceed human intelligence and potentially break free from our control.

But DeepMinds system is very much under the control of Hassabis and his researchers. And though they used it to crack a remarkably complex game, it is still just a game. Indeed, AlphaGo is a long way from real human intelligencemuch less superintelligence. This is a highly structured situation, says Ryan Calo, an AI-focused law professor and the founder of the Tech Policy Lab at the University of Washington. Its not really human-level understanding. But it points in the direction. If DeepMinds AI can understand Go, then maybe it can understand a whole lot more. What if the universe, Calo says, is just a giant game of Go?

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In a Huge Breakthrough, Googles AI Beats a Top Player at …

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800 Gambler – Gambling Problem Hotline in NJ | Gambling …

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Jun 242016

Problem (also called compulsive) gambling is not a hopeless condition. Gambling addiction, whether it happens in an Atlantic City casino or Monmouth living room, is a treatable illness, and hope and help are available to those who are struggling with it and want to learn how to stop, as well as to their families and significant others. Help for gambling addiction in New Jersey is within reach when problem gamblers or their loved ones call our helpline at 1-800-GAMBLER. This number is operated by the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ), and is a free and confidential 24/7 hotline offering support, treatment, and hope to the disordered gambler, as well as to their friends and family members. The goal of this helpline is to create a single point of contact for those who are struggling with addiction and feel that life is starting to become unmanageable. We aim to get them the help they need so that they can learn how to stop gambling and stay on the path of recovery.

When a person calls the hotline, a brief intake is conducted and the caller is referred to a combination of twelve-step program, treatment provider, and/or in-patient facility within NJ. With respect to the twelve-step program, the caller is typically encouraged to regularly attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings in NJ, while the family member or loved one is encouraged to join Gam-Anon. It has been found that joining a twelve-step program can greatly increase the chance of recovery for those struggling with problem gambling. Loved ones who attend Gam-Anon meetings can also recover from the emotional aftershock of their friend or family members gambling problem, and can become a valuable part of that persons support network. Meetings happen regularly all throughout the state of New Jersey, from Atlantic City to Freehold and Marlboro Township.

In addition to the helpline, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey offers the ability to text 1-800-GAMBLER directly, as well as a feature where anyone who wants to learn how to stop gambling can Click to Chat and communicate online with a representative to help find the best support, treatment, and hope in NJ. Problem gambling is a progressive illness that only gets worse, never better. This can lead to a full-blown addiction that can destroy relationships, sink finances, and tear apart families. Dont wait until its too late. If you think you or someone you love is struggling with this disease, call the 800-GAMBLER helpline. Help is available for problem gamblers of all types and ages, anywhere in the state of New Jersey, whether they struggle with casino gambling in Atlantic City or sports gambling in Atlantic City, Marlboro Township, Monmouth, Freehold, and anywhere else in the state. For additional information about how you can help yourself or a loved one learn how to stop gambling and start living, call 1-800-GAMBLER at any time of day or night.

Mission Statement: The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose primary purpose is to represent the best interest of disordered gamblers and their families, recognizing that problem or disordered gambling is a treatable illness. The Council focuses on educating the general public, training professionals throughout the State, referring those struggling and their families in treatment, and advocating for increased treatment services for those struggling and their families.

The Council also advises the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services, provides the executive and legislative branches of State government with relevant data on all aspects of the problem, and provides assistance to those private or public agencies in the State who request it. The Council neither opposes nor endorses legalized gambling. However, the Council may take positions on various issues when the members believe that taking a stand is in the best interest of those we are trying to help.

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800 Gambler – Gambling Problem Hotline in NJ | Gambling …

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Vacation Without Children (Childfree Getaways)

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Jun 152016

By Susan Breslow Sardone

Updated April 17, 2016.

You’re finally alone, ready to start your vacation. You turn to your beloved, about to speak. But then… “WAAAAH!” Suddenly, the sounds of silence are punctuated by a fretful, crying baby — and the child is wailing as if it may not stop until it reaches college age.

When one travels, this happens all the time….in airports, on trains, planes, in restaurants, even in hotels with thin walls. Peace of mind is shattered by ear-piercing cries from OPBs (Other People’s Babies).

What can you do?

Even if you have children, love kids, or are planning to start a family, you shouldn’t have to spend a romantic vacation surrounded by the sticky-fingered set. The good news is, you don’t have to. There are plenty of places that offer vacations without children; you just have to be selective.

Many all-inclusive resorts such as Sandals, SuperClubs, and Iberostar Grand Hotelsrestrict guests under age 16 or 18 — so any immature people you may encounter on a vacation at such properties will be emotionally, rather than chronologically, immature.

Also, numerous fine inns, especially those furnished with treasured antiques, do not accept youngsters.

I don’t know of any cruise line that restricts children, but if you want to avoid the little darlings, your best bet is a river cruise. More expensive than ocean cruises, they have zero facilities for children and tend to attract an older crowd. (The one exception is AmaWaterways, which partners with Disney on a few sailings and is launching some custom-built ships for family travelers.)

On an ocean cruise, sailing a longer itinerary to distant ports at times other than summer and school breaks certainly cuts down on the likelihood you will encounter toddlers to teens. Large cruise ships are starting to make concessions to adults:

I’ve spoken with many hoteliers and they tell me the best times to travel are what they call the “romance months” of May and September when kids are in school and couples season, which begins after Labor Day and ends before Thanksgiving. Personally, I’ve found October and early June relatively childfree times to travel as well. Also, immediately before a major holiday, such as the first two weeks in November or in February before spring break is a safe bet.

The term “family-friendly” is a red flag for me and should be for others who’d rather not vacation among children. If you book such a resort, expect children to be seen and heard throughout your stay.

We once took advantage of a Valentine’s Weekend package at a family-friendly resort expecting a reprieve from the shrieks of infants, but we were out of luck. That’s because it coincided with President’s Day weekend. And further to the consternation of childfree couples, new parents towed newborns along on what was intended to be a romantic interlude. One of the contributors to this site calls it “stroller shock.”

Still, some multi-generational resorts do make a concerted effort to keep romantic couples and rambunctious families separate. The more upscale a place you select, the more likely it will have facilities that segregate children from grown-ups. Most hotel spas are off-limits to kids, for example, and better hotels and cruise lines feature adults-only pools. Among them:

Beware of hotels that have adults-only swim hours, though: While you won’t have to put up with screams and splashing, you will be swimming in the same water where diapers may have dipped earlier.

Let the resort manager know how much you appreciate being in a serene, childfree space. The more you patronize places that cater exclusively to adults, the better it will be for everyone who likes to unwind without the presence of children.

Now if Disney would only make one day a month for adults on vacation without children, we’d be delighted.

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Vacation Without Children (Childfree Getaways)

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South Carolina Beaches – South Carolina Lakes – SC Parks

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Jun 052016

Walk the shores of a secluded barrier island; launch your boat in deep, crystal-clear South Carolina lakes; visit the state’s only lighthouse open to the public on South Carolina beaches; canoe down winding blackwater rivers – for family fun, romantic destinations and outdoor adventure, South Carolina beaches,lakes andrivers offer unmatched opportunities for your favorite water activities.

Remote islands rich in Native American history and oceanfront parks with miles of white sand beaches, fishing piers and picnic areas – South Carolina State Parks offer some of the best public access beaches on the coast. Beach parks include freshwater lagoons, saltmarshes, maritime forests, a 3,000 year-old Indian shell mound, a lighthouse, a castle and one of the best birding sites along the East Coast.

South Carolina boating, fishing and scuba diving destinations in our lakes and rivers are world-class. The natural mountain lakes and vast man made reservoirs of the state park system create an amazing collection of 23 scenic lake parks. Boat ramps, campgrounds, cabins, meeting facilities, hiking trails, natural wonders and cultural treasures are just a few of the attractions youll find around these South Carolina lakes.

From fast running mountain rivers to the longest winding blackwater river in the nation, the scenic rivers of South Carolina offer great fishing, kayaking and canoeing adventures. Twelve scenic state parks are located in the best natural beauty South Carolina has to offer along the rivers of the Palmetto State.

If you love the water, you wont find a better day-trip or vacation destination than the beautiful South Carolina beaches, lakes and rivers in our state parks.

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South Carolina Beaches – South Carolina Lakes – SC Parks

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SEO New Jersey | SEO NJ | SEO Services Company in NJ

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May 152016

SEO New Jersey is a Digital Marketing division of EXPRESEO, SEO Company in New Jersey. With 11+ years of experience in the Search Engine Marketing industry, we have seen it all. Search Engines are moving targets because they change the rules every month or so. When they do this it can shake up the rankings. They do this to make sure that you are getting the most relevant result when doing a Search. They do their best at being the best Search Engine for the user experience. Google is always trying to get it right for people who type in questions looking for specific answers. If Google has the answer, why would anyone look any further? Our Google SEO Experts are here to help you.

Our Inbound Marketing campaigns take into account both Sales and Marketing, leading to higher overall conversions and faster sales for the client. Our knowledge of Internet Marketing paired with a solid background in Sales provides a unique perspective on Search Engine Marketing strategies that we implement for all our clients.

Things have really changed in the Search Engine Marketing world and being ranked on the first page isn’t good enough anymore. You need to be ranked on the top for your keywords to can get the most of Search Engine Traffic. Our clients are ranked on top of Google for their main keywords. Feel free to do a search for our clients main keywords in red listed under Testimonials and you can see for yourself. Our Online Marketing programs are design to fit the budgets of large, medium or small business in New Jersey.

In response to a high demand for mobile-responsive, search engine and user friendly websites, we launched web design and development services in Hillsborough, NJ in 2015 . We are builders of modern innovative websites and our out-of-the-box digital marketing strategy makes us one of the best web design companies in New Jersey.

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SEO New Jersey | SEO NJ | SEO Services Company in NJ

Kansas City Web Design – Web Design Kansas City SEO KC …

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Apr 182016

Kansas City Web Design | Kansas City SEO

Are you searching for Kansas City web designers? Kansas City Web Design is a unique online marketing and website development firm. Our web developers provide Silicon Valley quality at Midwest prices. We run an efficient, low-overhead operation and pass the savings to our clients. As you will see proudly displayed in our portfolio, we have a diverse client base. We can adapt our web design style for any type of business, from corporate to retail, and from traditional or elegant to high-tech or edgy. We wont stop the design phase until you are 100% satisfied with your new web design. In addition to web development, we also develop mobile websites and apps, eCommerce websites and custom web applications. We are Kansas Citys top WordPress developers. We also specialize in responsive web design and custom HTML5 web site development. As a creative agency, we strive to provide the best web design Kansas City has to offer.

Although we offer web design in Kansas City, we are best known for our Internet marketing and search engine optimization services. At the end of the day, all we care about is reducing your marketing and advertising costs and increasing your revenues. We really like creating custom website designs, but we LOVE creating websites that make money for our clients. Our exclusive Kansas City SEO brand of search engine optimization service is all about getting your phone to ring more and filling your inbox with quality email inquiries.

An effective SEO strategy will deliver a higher return on investment than any other form of marketing or advertising. We strive to be the best SEO company in Kansas City. Talk to one of our Kansas City SEO experts today for online marketing, social media marketing or for a free SEO website analysis, and learn more how to avoid costly web design mistakes.

There are over 700 Kansas City website design firms and countless regional and national companies that offer web development and online marketing services. While many KC web design companies may be able to provide great design services, a relative handful can provide true search engine friendly coding or help your company achieve sustainable organic search engine ranking results. So, if youre searching for web design Kansas City, learn more about us and find out why so many KC businesses are choosing our firm and why we may be the best partner for your company. Were confident our expert team provides the most effective SEO Kansas City businesses will find anywhere.

Contact us

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Kansas City Web Design – Web Design Kansas City SEO KC …

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SEO Tampa Service Company in Clearwater & Tampa FL | Web …

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Mar 212016

Search engine optimization (SEO) is meant to be a highly affordable way to drive targeted traffic to your small business website, too often though SEO companies charge you too much to do the wrong SEO work for your business.

The affordable SEO Companyspecialize in providing affordable small business local and organic SEO to get you the best results for your budget. For small local businesses such as those in Tampa, local SEOserviceis important whether they are selling online or offline . The affordable SEO companyprovides complete on and off page SEO services for small businesses so they can leave the internet marketing job to the affordable SEO company and just check the statistics occasionally. If you are looking for affordable small business local SEO Tampa based service look no further as the affordable SEO companys SEO packages may be the best way to go.Affordable small business SEO packages start from $170 a month and go up to $550 a month: and are NOT based on an annual contract. These packages will include everything needed for an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign. Each package includes a suitable amount of on and off page SEO.

On page SEO work includes keyword research, creating content for your website with the right relevant keywords, ensuring your website is coded to best practice standards to make it readable by search engines and making sure your website is regularly updated with fresh content.

Off page SEO work is primarily link building, again though this will be targeted and may include content submission with the keywords relevant to your pages and links within the content to drive relevant traffic as well as search engines to your website.

If you are unsure which package you need for your business then you may want to start off with an SEO diagnostics and SEO analysis report, this will look at your websites current position and identify the main areas that need to be worked on and how much work will be involved. To get to this three main areas are looked at in this report:

Affordable SEO Company provides Local SEO, Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing and PPC/ADWords services in Tampa FL, Clearwater FL, St. Petersburg FL, Palm Harbor FL, Palm Coast FL, Tarpon Springs FL, Orlando FL, Daytona Beach FL, New Smyrna Beach FL, Panama City FL, Jacksonville Florida, New York, California

We recommend Host Gator for Reliable and Affordable WordPress hosting

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SEO Tampa Service Company in Clearwater & Tampa FL | Web …

How to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Singapore

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Mar 132016

Posted on: January 26, 2010 by editor IMPORTANT UPDATE!

Since the publication of this article, it has become a great deal more difficult to open an account in either Hong Kong or Singapore. To find out which jurisdictions are now better options for you, please read our Practical International Banking Guide, in which you will find the names and contact details of individual personnel within banks all around the world.

Singapore is a convenient destination to protect and add value to your international wealth according to the website of one of the 205 banks operating in Singapore today. I couldnt have put it better myself!

Singapore has developed in recent years into a sophisticated private banking and wealth management base for Asia. But besides targeting their traditional but fast growing market of wealthy entrepreneurs in Asia, the best offshore banks in Singapore today are also developing products and services tailored for North Americans, Europeans and Australians, including multi currency accounts.

UPDATE 2015 For the Latest information, names, addresses and contacts, see the latest Offshore International Banking Guide 2015

If this sounds like you, read on to find out about some of the advantages and disadvantages of opening an offshore bank account in Singapore, and learn how to open an offshore bank account as a non-resident. Is Singapore the best offshore banking country for the new decade?

Singapore Banks Among The Best

Typical investors from this latter group are looking for first-world banking services, delivered over the internet in English, in a country that is outside the zone of influence of the United States and the European Union.

One of the worlds most prosperous countries, Singapore today boasts a prominent financial centre and highly developed economy. Its flexible regulatory framework, independent judiciary and practical English-inspired legal system have become the foundations of the countrys success.

In common with most offshore financial centres, interest earned by individuals on bank deposits and foreign sourced income including foreign sourced dividends received on non-Singaporeans securities is exempt from Singapore taxes. Singapore also has no capital gains tax nor estate duty on bank deposits and investments.

Accounts can freely be maintained in all major currencies. These multi currency accounts provide an excellent hedge for those of us who foresee major devaluations of currencies like the dollar and the euro in the months and years ahead.

Accounts may also be opened in the name of foreign entities like corporations, trusts and LLCs, achieving even greater privacy and asset protection benefits, and sometimes legally sidestepping any requirement to report assets as personal holdings.

All these benefits are delivered in a strong bank secrecy regime, helping account holders to protect their investments from prying eyes inside or outside the country. Banking secrecy in Singapore is not just laid down by law, but is part of the national business culture. Indeed, tax authorities in Singapore are specifically blocked from having any access to individual bank accounts.

As in Asia in general, a lot of business in Singapore has traditionally been carried out in cash. This is epitomised by the $10,000 bill, the largest bank note in the world: at current exchange rates (January 2010) one of these bills is worth more than seven thousand US dollars. These days, however, as restrictions on cash are becoming tighter, sophisticated internet banking is becoming the norm.

So, if you are not resident in Singapore how can you access these banking services? Everything starts with opening a basic current, savings or checking account the basis of your banking relationship.

One of the disadvantages of banking in Singapore is that you will need to go there to open an account. Banking regulations do not permit the opening of accounts by mail, unless the client is already known to the bank. The only possible exception to this is opening an account at one of the many banks in Singapore that send officers to visit their wealthier clients in their overseas homes, or have associated offices in other countries. HSBC clients, for example, may be able to open accounts at HSBC in Singapore via their local offices. The above process, however, is not advisable if banking secrecy is important to you since it leaves permanent records of your accounts accessible in other jurisdictions. In any case I always recommend visiting at least once so you can get to know your banker personally.

Apart from that, opening your account should be relatively straightforward. There are few complications. If you choose one of the commercial banks such as DBS Bank or United Overseas Bank, a few hundred dollars will be enough to open an account. If you want a higher level of personal service and are prepared to make a higher deposit, lets say over a hundred thousand dollars or equivalent (bank policies vary widely), contact one of the more discreet private banking operations. I recommend you go for one of the lower profile ones, since they tend to offer the best privacy protection.

A full list of banks operating in Singapore is available on Wikipedia, and you can contact them directly. It is always easier, however, if you have an introduction from a regulated professional who is known to the bank, such as a lawyer, accountant or company formation agent.

My firm can help with that, for example, if you are a Q Wealth member. Membership starts at just $99 per yearso wont break the bank!

In terms of documentation needed to open an offshore account, you will be expected to provide proof of who you are (a copy of your passport), where you live (such as a utility bill) and most importantly of all, proof that the funds come from a legitimate source. For example, if the funds you are depositing were obtained from a real estate sale or from an inheritance, you would show the relevant legal documents to prove this. Finally, it is advisable to take a letter of reference from your bankers at home, introducing you as a responsible account holder. This bank reference may be addressed to whom it may concern.

Note: Peter Macfarlane is editor of the Practical Offshore Banking Guide, an annually updated guide available free to readers of The Q Wealth Report. If you havent got yours yet, sign up today to access this information.

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How to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Singapore

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What is the Best Offshore Bank? – Q Wealth

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Mar 132016

Posted on: March 26, 2009 by editor

By Peter Macfarlane, Offshore Banking Expert for The Q Wealth Report. Part of the mini series on Secrets of Offshore Banking and Asset Protection.

Clients often ask me what is the best offshore bank? However, there is no correct answer to that. The best answer I can give is to respond to the question with a question. Best offshore bank for what? For privacy? For wealth management advice? For corporate accounts? For e-commerce? All these require different types of banks and services, which is why there is no single best offshore bank.

Below are just a few factors you should consider when looking for the best offshore bank for you. Lets talk first about privacy or bank secrecy, because thats what is on most peoples minds at the moment.

Your Country of Citizenship and Residence as beneficial owner of the account is a major factor, even if technically you are opening an account for a corporation or foundation from the other side of the world. In order to enhance your banking privacy, you should be looking to bank in a jurisdiction where you home country does not have undue influence. Europeans, for example, should look to other continents, to countries that are not covered by the European Union Savings Tax Directive. That means avoid all European countries, including Switzerland, Liechtenstein etc. Avoid also territories of European countries like the Cayman Islands, which are British, or Curacao which is Dutch. Panama might be a good option, or Uruguay, or a wilder card country.

For Americans, however, Panama is to be avoided. Even the best offshore banks in Panama cannot be regarded as private for Americans, because of the US influence in Panama going back nearly a century. Switzerland no longer offers good banking privacy to Americans since long before the current UBS fiasco. The Caribbean is also too much within the US sphere of influence. Americans looking for the best offshore bank for privacy should look to some lower-profile European countries, or maybe to the Middle East or Africa.

Another important factor to consider is what do you want out of your bank? For some people, the best offshore bank may be one where you have a great relationship with a private banker who knows you, advises and supports you, and takes you to lunch in a nice restaurant when you visit. Others couldnt care less about that, but prefer great technology online access to markets 24/7, without the hassle of trying to get hold of a private banker by telephone to execute buy or sell instructions.

Some people know exactly what they want while others dont have a clue and therefore need good, impartial wealth management advice.

Also important how strong is the bank? Very important these days as most offshore centres do not have deposit protection or guarantee programs like the FDIC. That said, reputable offshore jurisdictions really dont need such programs. The banks being bailed out are in the USA and Western Europe. Small, private offshore banks generally have a much more conservative profile and are not exposed to so much risk. We havent heard of any tax haven banks going under during the crisis, have we?

Next question o your mind does Peter have specific recommendations for banks? The answer is yes I do. I deal with a number of the best offshore banks, right from small ones through to the biggest, physically located in many different jurisdictions around the world. I can put you in contact with them so you can open your account directly, with no need to deal through intermediaries. This information, however, is reserved for paying subscribers of The Q Wealth Report. Specifically, you will find my recommendations for the best offshore banks in the Practical Offshore Banking Guide 2009 that you can download right now in the Members Area, as soon as you have signed up. If, after reading this guide, you need more help making a decision, members are welcome to contact me for a personal one-on-one consultation. If you are considering membership of The Q Wealth Report, then the Practical Offshore Banking Guide 2009 is just one excellent reason why you should sign up now!

Coming Next: Wealth Management Advice Whom Can You Trust?

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What is the Best Offshore Bank? – Q Wealth

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Agency – Seolhr

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Mar 092016

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Agency – Seolhr

Cranked SEO – Using Yoast SEO for WordPress

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Mar 022016

Yoast SEO is not automatic. Out of the box, using default settings, it does very little to promote search engine rank. You have to add SEO content to the plugin for it to be put to work in the way it was designed. If you installed Yoast SEO and believe the presence of this plugin will help your website to the top of Google, then youll be waiting an awfully long time. Thats not saying anything bad about Yoast SEO at all, just stating that youll need to use some skills to get what you want out of it. Yoast SEO is easily the best SEO plugin I have used.

The following are some tips to get you along your way. I wont go into huge detail here about the SEO features themselves, because I have other parts of this website already dedicated to describing individual elements of SEO, like in my 10 Step Guide. This section will describe some of the features of Yoast SEO and Ill describe how and why I do or dont use all the features included.

Usually, every page in your website is an SEO opportunity, but in some cases you may not want the page content or the code behind that content to affect your overall SEO score with search engines like Google. Using Yoast SEO an applying content to it doesnt guarantee rank, it just prepares the page to be in the best shape for getting rank. Youll only get page 1 rank if you can trump what your rank competitors are doing. If youve read a lot of content from the rest of this website, youll know that rank competitors are not necessarily industry competitors. A website about any topic has to compete with all sorts of other related content online for rank, and those competitors might just as easily be the likes of Wikipedia or YouTube or even Google itself. Thats tough going! The single most powerful search engine rank earner is your page content, not the Yoast SEO settings. But get them to work in harmony and you might be onto a winner.

The rest is here:
Cranked SEO – Using Yoast SEO for WordPress

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50 Best Island Vacations – Vacation Idea

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Feb 292016

Island Vacation Guide Insider Tips & Ideas

Read our editors favorite tips and tricks for getting great deals, packages and specials; when to travel to avoid crowds, lesser-known destination and how to choose the best island vacation for you.

Some have the means to get away to a secluded island several times of year, while others save up for special occasions like anniversaries, honeymoons and family reunions. Here are some of the top reasons to plan an island getaway and ideas on where to go.

Photo: Hotel Monte Mulini

Create fun memories, whether you want to learn something new like scuba diving or take many sunset walks on the beach. Choose a destination with an overwater restaurant and unique honeymoon suites. Couples enjoy getting massages together and many unique spas offer specially designed couples spa suites. Some of the top resorts in the world are located on an island. Private island vacation ideas include Peter Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands, Cayo Espanto in Belize, Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas and Soneva Fushi in the Maldives. Pricing at Kamalame Cay is all-inclusive: meals, snorkeling gear and sea kayaks. There are many resorts for families and couples on Barbados, including Sandy Lane Resort, The Crane Resort and The Fairmont Royal Pavilion.

While most travelers agree that some of the best destinations include Hawaii, French Polynesia and the Caribbean, which spot you choose will depend on your interests and budget. If you live on the East Coast, getting to the Caribbean or Florida will take less time than flying to the Pacific. If you are on the West Coast, Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii are all great choices. Private island resorts on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia should not be overlooked either – they offer awesome scuba diving, snorkeling and secluded sandy beaches.

See more here:
50 Best Island Vacations – Vacation Idea

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Tallahassee SEO Company. Get New Customers Today!

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Feb 142016

Icon SEO has been providing a myriad of successful SEO campaigns to several Tallahassee businesses, big and small. Their pricing is competitive and they have a history of work projects that reflect their dedication to business owners everywhere. The root of their work ethic comes from enthusiastic SEO experts who are attracted to working for a company that functions in tandem with the latest technologies. Talent will always follow the most deserving corporations, and Icon SEO has been spending years recruiting the best of the best in virtual marketing.

Digital marketing has become an important component to any prosperous business plan. Icon SEO is currently offering several SEO packages using multi-tested methodologies ensured to garner web traffic and clientele. Tallahassee now requires a competent SEO agency to take over the whimsical ways of the web and turn business owners time into another form of profit. The first step is to understand what Icon SEO can do for a Tallahassee business, and then work that into a comprehensive SEO plan.

Icon SEO works wonders with its varied SEO services. From time-tested techniques to an integration of modern search engine theory, Icon SEO has formulated a holistic SEO experience geared to help businesses grow and outrank competitors. Below are just a few of the more common services Icon SEO offers:

In addition, Icon SEO includes a team of SEO experts with varied specializations in popular areas of search engine optimization. These specializations allow clients to choose a plan thats best for them with someone who understands their needs. Below are a few examples of specialized services only offered by Icon SEO:

So why choose Icon SEO for investing for the digital future of your important business? The answer is simple, Icon SEO is the best found in the SEO company Tallahassee area because it practices local SEO methodology. Most SEO companies utilize copy and paste methods of garnering web traffic and revamping business web campaigns. However Icon SEO takes a unique approach by procuring exclusive plans that emphasize local content and obtain local SEO results.

Having a local plan means taking advantage of the Tallahassee SEO experience. Icon SEO believes in generating affordable opportunities for business owners by only using techniques that will function on a local scale. There is no one SEO method that works like a charm for every city in the United States. Tallahassee, Florida is a unique place with one-of-a-kind businesses looking to serve their city.

So dont wait, make an appointment today with Icon SEO to find out more about what their local SEO practices can do for your Tallahassee business. Dont let that website go another year without a content update or an image revitalization. If you wait too long youll be left behind in digital dust, and other businesses will pick up the slack. Icon SEO is ready to serve Tallahassee, so browse the website today and begin choosing which options are right for your company.

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Tallahassee SEO Company. Get New Customers Today!

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Ethical egoism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Feb 112016

Ethical egoism is the normative ethical position that moral agents ought to do what is in their own self-interest. It differs from psychological egoism, which claims that people can only act in their self-interest. Ethical egoism also differs from rational egoism, which holds that it is rational to act in one’s self-interest.[1] Ethical egoism holds that actions whose consequences will benefit the doer can be considered ethical.

Ethical egoism contrasts with ethical altruism, which holds that moral agents have an obligation to help others. Egoism and altruism both contrast with ethical utilitarianism, which holds that a moral agent should treat one’s self (also known as the subject) with no higher regard than one has for others (as egoism does, by elevating self-interests and “the self” to a status not granted to others). But it also holds that one should not (as altruism does) sacrifice one’s own interests to help others’ interests, so long as one’s own interests (i.e. one’s own desires or well-being) are substantially equivalent to the others’ interests and well-being. Egoism, utilitarianism, and altruism are all forms of consequentialism, but egoism and altruism contrast with utilitarianism, in that egoism and altruism are both agent-focused forms of consequentialism (i.e. subject-focused or subjective). However, utilitarianism is held to be agent-neutral (i.e. objective and impartial): it does not treat the subject’s (i.e. the self’s, i.e. the moral “agent’s”) own interests as being more or less important than the interests, desires, or well-being of others.

Ethical egoism does not, however, require moral agents to harm the interests and well-being of others when making moral deliberation; e.g. what is in an agent’s self-interest may be incidentally detrimental, beneficial, or neutral in its effect on others. Individualism allows for others’ interest and well-being to be disregarded or not, as long as what is chosen is efficacious in satisfying the self-interest of the agent. Nor does ethical egoism necessarily entail that, in pursuing self-interest, one ought always to do what one wants to do; e.g. in the long term, the fulfillment of short-term desires may prove detrimental to the self. Fleeting pleasure, then, takes a back seat to protracted eudaimonia. In the words of James Rachels, “Ethical egoism […] endorses selfishness, but it doesn’t endorse foolishness.”[2]

Ethical egoism is often used as the philosophical basis for support of right-libertarianism and individualist anarchism.[3] These are political positions based partly on a belief that individuals should not coercively prevent others from exercising freedom of action.

Ethical egoism can be broadly divided into three categories: individual, personal, and universal. An individual ethical egoist would hold that all people should do whatever benefits “my” (the individual) self-interest; a personal ethical egoist would hold that he or she should act in his or her self-interest, but would make no claims about what anyone else ought to do; a universal ethical egoist would argue that everyone should act in ways that are in their self-interest.[4][5]

Ethical egoism was introduced by the philosopher Henry Sidgwick in his book The Methods of Ethics, written in 1874. Sidgwick compared egoism to the philosophy of utilitarianism, writing that whereas utilitarianism sought to maximize overall pleasure, egoism focused only on maximizing individual pleasure.[6]

Philosophers before Sidgwick have also retroactively been identified as ethical egoists. One ancient example is the philosophy of Yang Zhu (4th century B.C.), Yangism, who views wei wo, or “everything for myself”, as the only virtue necessary for self-cultivation.[7] Ancient Greek philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and the Stoics were exponents of virtue ethics, and “did not accept the formal principle that whatever the good is, we should seek only our own good, or prefer it to the good of others.”[6] However, the beliefs of the Cyrenaics have been referred to as a “form of egoistic hedonism”,[8] and while some refer to Epicurus’ hedonism as a form of virtue ethics, others argue his ethics are more properly described as ethical egoism.[9]

Philosopher James Rachels, in an essay that takes as its title the theory’s name, outlines the three arguments most commonly touted in its favor:[10]

The term ethical egoism has been applied retroactively to philosophers such as Bernard de Mandeville and to many other materialists of his generation, although none of them declared themselves to be egoists. Note that materialism does not necessarily imply egoism, as indicated by Karl Marx, and the many other materialists who espoused forms of collectivism. It has been argued that ethical egoism can lend itself to individualist anarchism such as that of Benjamin Tucker, or the combined anarcho-communism and egoism of Emma Goldman, both of whom were proponents of many egoist ideas put forward by Max Stirner. In this context, egoism is another way of describing the sense that the common good should be enjoyed by all. However, most notable anarchists in history have been less radical, retaining altruism and a sense of the importance of the individual that is appreciable but does not go as far as egoism. Recent trends to greater appreciation of egoism within anarchism tend to come from less classical directions such as post-left anarchy or Situationism (e.g. Raoul Vaneigem). Egoism has also been referenced by anarcho-capitalists, such as Murray Rothbard.

Philosopher Max Stirner, in his book The Ego and Its Own, was the first philosopher to call himself an egoist, though his writing makes clear that he desired not a new idea of morality (ethical egoism), but rather a rejection of morality (amoralism), as a nonexistent and limiting spook; for this, Stirner has been described as the first individualist anarchist. Other philosophers, such as Thomas Hobbes and David Gauthier, have argued that the conflicts which arise when people each pursue their own ends can be resolved for the best of each individual only if they all voluntarily forgo some of their aims that is, one’s self-interest is often best pursued by allowing others to pursue their self-interest as well so that liberty is equal among individuals. Sacrificing one’s short-term self-interest to maximize one’s long-term self-interest is one form of “rational self-interest” which is the idea behind most philosophers’ advocacy of ethical egoism. Egoists have also argued that one’s actual interests are not immediately obvious, and that the pursuit of self-interest involves more than merely the acquisition of some good, but the maximizing of one’s chances of survival and/or happiness.

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche suggested that egoistic or “life-affirming” behavior stimulates jealousy or “ressentiment” in others, and that this is the psychological motive for the altruism in Christianity. Sociologist Helmut Schoeck similarly considered envy the motive of collective efforts by society to reduce the disproportionate gains of successful individuals through moral or legal constraints, with altruism being primary among these.[16] In addition, Nietzsche (in Beyond Good and Evil) and Alasdair MacIntyre (in After Virtue) have pointed out that the ancient Greeks did not associate morality with altruism in the way that post-Christian Western civilization has done. Aristotle’s view is that we have duties to ourselves as well as to other people (e.g. friends) and to the polis as a whole. The same is true for Thomas Aquinas, Christian Wolff and Immanuel Kant, who claim that there are duties to ourselves as Aristotle did, although it has been argued that, for Aristotle, the duty to one’s self is primary.[17]

Ayn Rand argued that there is a positive harmony of interests among free, rational humans, such that no moral agent can rationally coerce another person consistently with his own long-term self-interest. Rand argued that other people are an enormous value to an individual’s well-being (through education, trade and affection), but also that this value could be fully realized only under conditions of political and economic freedom. According to Rand, voluntary trade alone can assure that human interaction is mutually beneficial.[18] Rand’s student, Leonard Peikoff has argued that the identification of one’s interests itself is impossible absent the use of principles, and that self-interest cannot be consistently pursued absent a consistent adherence to certain ethical principles.[19] Recently, Rand’s position has also been defended by such writers as Tara Smith, Tibor Machan, Allan Gotthelf, David Kelley, Douglas Rasmussen, Nathaniel Branden, Harry Binswanger, Andrew Bernstein, and Craig Biddle.

Philosopher David L. Norton identified himself an “ethical individualist,” and, like Rand, saw a harmony between an individual’s fidelity to his own self-actualization, or “personal destiny,” and the achievement of society’s well being.[20]

According to amoralism, there is nothing wrong with egoism, but there is also nothing ethical about it; one can adopt rational egoism and drop morality as a superfluous attribute of the egoism.

Ethical egoism has been alleged as the basis for immorality. Egoism has also been alleged as being outside the scope of moral philosophy. Thomas Jefferson writes in an 1814 letter to Thomas Law:

Self-interest, or rather self-love, or egoism, has been more plausibly substituted as the basis of morality. But I consider our relations with others as constituting the boundaries of morality. With ourselves, we stand on the ground of identity, not of relation, which last, requiring two subjects, excludes self-love confined to a single one. To ourselves, in strict language, we can owe no duties, obligation requiring also two parties. Self-love, therefore, is no part of morality. Indeed, it is exactly its counterpart.[21]

In contrast, Rand saw ethics as a necessity for human survival and well-being, and argued that the “social” implications of morality, including natural rights, were simply a subset of the wider field of ethics. Thus, for Rand, “virtue” included productiveness, honesty with oneself, and scrupulousness of thought. Although she greatly admired Jefferson, she also wrote:

[To those who say] that morality is social and that man would need no morality on a desert islandit is on a desert island that he would need it most. Let him try to claim, when there are no victims to pay for it, that a rock is a house, that sand is clothing, that food will drop into his mouth without cause or effort, that he will collect a harvest tomorrow by devouring his stock seed todayand reality will wipe him out, as he deserves; reality will show him that life is a value to be bought and that thinking is the only coin noble enough to buy it.[22]

In The Moral Point of View, Kurt Baier objects that ethical egoism provides no moral basis for the resolution of conflicts of interest, which, in his opinion, form the only vindication for a moral code. Were this an ideal world, one in which interests and purposes never jarred, its inhabitants would have no need of a specified set of ethics, according to Baier. This, however, is not an “ideal world.” Baier believes that ethical egoism fails to provide the moral guidance and arbitration that it necessitates. Far from resolving conflicts of interest, claimed Baier, ethical egoism all too often spawns them. To this, as Rachels has shown, the ethical egoist may object that he cannot admit a construct of morality whose aim is merely to forestall conflicts of interest. “On his view,” he writes, “the moralist is not like a courtroom judge, who resolves disputes. Instead, he is like the Commissioner of Boxing, who urges each fighter to do his best.”[23]

Baiers is also part of a team of philosophers who hold that ethical egoism is paradoxical, implying that to do what is in one’s best interests can be both wrong and right in ethical terms. Although a successful pursuit of self-interest may be viewed as a moral victory, it could also be dubbed immoral if it prevents another person from executing what is in his best interests. Again, however, the ethical egoists have responded by assuming the guise of the Commissioner of Boxing. His philosophy precludes empathy for the interests of others, so forestalling them is perfectly acceptable. “Regardless of whether we think this is a correct view,” adds Rachels, “it is, at the very least, a consistent view, and so this attempt to convict the egoist of self-contradiction fails.”[24]

Finally, it has been averred that ethical egoism is no better than bigotry in that, like racism, it divides people into two types themselves and others and discriminates against one type on the basis of some arbitrary disparity. This, to Rachels’s mind, is probably the best objection to ethical egoism, for it provides the soundest reason why the interests of others ought to concern the interests of the self. “What,” he asks, “is the difference between myself and others that justifies placing myself in this special category? Am I more intelligent? Do I enjoy my life more? Are my accomplishments greater? Do I have needs or abilities that are so different from the needs and abilities of others? What is it that makes me so special? Failing an answer, it turns out that Ethical Egoism is an arbitrary doctrine, in the same way that racism is arbitrary. […] We should care about the interests of other people for the very same reason we care about our own interests; for their needs and desires are comparable to our own.”[25]

Continued here:

Ethical egoism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Outer Beaches Realty – Outer Banks Rentals

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Jan 082016

Welcome to the Outer Beaches family!

If you are looking for an Outer Banks vacation rental, you’ve come to the right place. Sit back, relax and let the sparkling blue waves of the ocean lull you to sleep. Choosing Outer Beaches Realty for your Hatteras Island vacation guarantees you the best Outer Banks Vacation Value, as well as our award-winning accommodations and service.

We are here to help you find the perfect vacation rental for your family at the best possible price. When you rent with Outer Beaches Realty, there are no additional fees and no hidden surprises. We Dare You to Compare the price of our Outer Banks rentals with other companies that are charging extra fees to see how much you can save!

Click Here to view our Vacation Rental Brochure.

All of us at Outer Beaches Realty consider the Outer Banks of North Carolina an unparalleled family vacation destination, and we look forward to sharing our beautiful Cape Hatteras beaches with your family.

With locations ranging from oceanfront to soundfront, amenities including private pools, hot tubs, game rooms, pet friendly rentals and more, you will find that Outer Banks vacation rentals offered by Outer Beaches Realty are truly the best of the best on Hatteras Island.

For accommodations ranging from luxurious Signature Elite homes at to quiet oceanside condos, Outer Beaches Realty has you covered with a large selection of Hatteras Island accommodations. Every family is different, and our wide selection of Outer Banks vacation rentals ensures that you can find a vacation home or condo tailored to your family’s vacation needs.

Hatteras Island is a beach lover’s paradise, offering 72 miles of pristine North Carolina beaches to explore. With regular appearances on national “Best Beaches” lists, Hatteras Island offers some of the best watersports and fishing on the North Carolina coast. Your Hatteras Island vacation can also offer explorations into Outer Banks History, Outer Banks Shipwrecks in the Graveyard of the Atlantic and Outer Banks Lighthouses, including the renowned Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton.

Cape Point Reopens to Off-Road Vehicle Access

On the heels of Hatteras being named a top ten sport fishing town in the world by Sport Fishing Magazine, anglers have more news to celebrate as the famed Cape Point reopens to off-road vehicle access today. Full Story

McCrory looks ahead to new Outer Banks bridges

RALEIGH – Construction should start next spring on a long-overdue replacement for the jittery old Bonner Bridge on the Outer Banks, Gov. Pat McCrory said Tuesday. Full Story

OBR mourns the passing of Jack Kepler (84)

By every measure Jack was an original personality. There was only one Jack and everybody knew him on Hatteras Island. He was always thinking about marketing. He came up with a lot of the slogans that we still use today in our marketing and was instrumental in acquiring several large accounts on the island because of his marketing abilities. We will all miss Jack an awful lot. Full Story

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Outer Beaches Realty – Outer Banks Rentals

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Florida Islands – List of Islands in Florida

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Jan 062016

Florida islands may not be the states biggest tourist draw, as when many people think of the Sunshine State, they often think of Orlando and Miami. However, beyond these popular destinations, there are also Florida Islands that are worth a visit, particularly if you want to see some of the states best beaches. From the serene Florida Keys to islands on the Gulf Coast like Sanibel Island or Marco Island, there are many ways to enjoy the island life without the hassle of flying to the Caribbean. There is no passport or line at immigration to enjoy these islands, and they deliver every ounce of sun, sand, and surf that you will be looking for in island vacation spots.

A list of islands in Florida is lengthier than some people may think. The Florida Keys alone take up a significant portion of this list, as there are many small islands beyond the well-known Key West, Key Largo, and Islamorada. To explore these Florida Islands many travelers start out in Miami. The drive from Miami to the end of the Florida Keys, in Key West, takes just over three hours and is filled with spectacular views. If youre interested in boating, fishing, and a relaxed atmosphere, the Keys will be perfect for you. On the other hand, the best Florida Island beach isnt located in the Keys. Many of the beaches are small and rocky, and this section of Florida lacks the wide, sandy beaches that many travelers crave.

Beyond the Florida Keys, a list of islands in Florida also includes options along the Gulf Coast. These destinations are popular for their convenience, the availability of affordable flights, all inclusive packages, and even vacation rentals. From Sanibel Island to Marco Island, islands along the Gulf Coast provide a sunny escape from a cold northern winter without having to travel too far. There is a range of accommodation to choose from on these islands. Whether you are looking for a big resort with every imaginable amenity or a small vacation rental on a quiet beach, youll find it along the Gulf Coast.

Some travelers will be surprised to learn that the best Florida Island beach is located near Miami, which sometimes has more a reputation for its parties and great restaurants. While the Florida Keys are mostly rocky, Key Biscayne and Miami Beach both offer wide, sandy beaches. Many visitors to Florida have never heard of Key Biscayne, and this beach has remained largely a local secret. You will need a rental car to reach Key Biscayne, although there are also island hotels and resorts that are beautiful and worth a stay. While Miami Beach offers a wide, crowded stretch of beach with no cover from the sun, Key Biscayne is dotted with palm trees where you can spend a lazy afternoon reading a novel or having a family picnic.

Other popular Florida Islands include Captiva Island, Hutchinson Island, and Santa Rosa Island. The best Florida island beach might just be the one where you encounter the best deal. Throughout the winter and beyond, resorts in Florida offer last minute deals, all inclusive packages, and more to entice people to the sunshine state. The value might be so fantastic that you find yourself throwing away your list of islands in Florida and following the best deal. This will also help you to discover new places in Florida that you may wind up visiting year after year!

See the original post here:
Florida Islands – List of Islands in Florida

Belize – Offshore accounts, Safe Offshore Banking

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Dec 142015

Private Banking in Belize Belizeis recognized Worldwide as one of the best tax havens for offshore accounts, safe offshore banking, offshore brokerage, IBC company formations and secure offshore Trusts. This gives you maximum privacy, international banking,asset protection, wealth building andtax-free investment in a financially solid and trustworthy country withLaws designed so nobody can touch your assets or find out who owns them.

You want your money and investments to be safe with your identity fully protected. Let us show you how by providing free offshore advice with financial services tailored to maximize your profits and minimize your liabilities and tax.

Receive free offshore bank information, documents and advice plus banking details designed to let you go about your business in private with secure Belize banks and three other top ratedbanks we use in other tax-havens of the Caribbean to give you total asset protection.

To shield yourself, the bank accounts should be setup in the name of an International Business Company [an IBC] which gives you absolute secrecy and protection. There are no annual company returns to furnish anddirectors andshareholders remain anonymous. We offer a one-day offshore company incorporation service from our law firm in Belize with your IBCdocumentscouriered right to your doorstep anywhere in the World.

We value your privacy and appreciate your business. Service is always provided to you on a personal basis while maintaining maximum confidentiality at all times.

Trust the firm that has been incorporating offshore companies and offering solid asset protection and banking advice for over 20 years. Get it right first time with the friendly experienced team at Offshore Services Inc. All emails are answered promptly.

Incorporation fees

Belize country profile

Your banking information

Tax-freestock trading accounts

Advantages of Belize as a tax havenLots of good reasons to incorporate in Belize

Protect family assets with a Belize Trust formation

IBC Application form

You can relax as we take care of all the details and incorporate a new Belize offshore company for you in just one day.

Only the best and most secure tax-haven banks are referred to our clients for their private banking. Not all Offshore Banks are as good as the ones we use. All the hard work has been done for you over the years in seeking out the best and most secure ones. Have access to tax-free internet banking, debit and credit cards, online wire transfers and high-return investments in the best Belize banks and three other large onlinebanks we use in the Caribbean.

Read the rest here:
Belize – Offshore accounts, Safe Offshore Banking

Dallas SEO – Helping Your Business Get More Business

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Nov 022015

Hire an Dallas SEO Expert today. Remember in case you are running an online business or a website where you will like to communicate some message a website that is well designed by following search engine optimization rules will be the best for your website. In most cases search engines such as Google will end up imposing penalties to those who will fail to follow the rules. Penalties can impact negatively on the overall performance of your website hence you should try and ensure all is well when designing your website. Some of the issues that you need to check on are to try and employ experts who are highly qualified to offer you the services. For you to access the best experts you need to take your time and visit several of them in Dallas so that you will be able to decide on the best. Even if you are too busy in your daily routine you can still access the best experts while carrying out your comparison online. When carrying out your comparison online you should try and compare as many companies as possible so that you will decide on the best. Carrying out your comparison online is very easy hence you should prefer it over other forms of comparison. The following are benefits that you will enjoy after you decide to work with the best Dallas SEO company:

The best company will offer you the best Dallas SEO services

For you to enjoy the best services you need to look for a company that has enough experts who will be able to offer you the best services. Remember search engine optimization services are very crucial in the design of any website because it is through search engine optimizations where your website will gain great access online. The main aim of designing a website is to try and gain access online and after you carry out enough search engine optimization you will be able to land on the best position in Google ranking s which will enable your website achieve more. As a resident in Dallas it is your duty to ensure you access all the possible opportunities online by making your website rank up in the Google rankings. After a website is rank well it will always access more audience which will transform into a lot of customers which is healthy for any business.

Dallas SEO services will enable you access more customers online in case you are running an ecommerce website

In case you use your website to run an online business it will be to your advantage after you decide to hire experts for search engine optimization services. From statistics it has been known that many people who search for websites that offer services or products online will tend to concentrate in accessing services from websites that appear in the first page. After you take your time and carry out the necessary search engine optimization services you will end up getting your website consistently in the first page of Google rankings. This will make you access more audience for the services or products which you are offering online. In some cases the audience will turn directly into your customers or they may end up referring others. This will make you achieve more sales which are very necessary in any business.

Dallas SEO will enable you avoid search engine optimization penalties easily

There are some penalties that search engines can impose on websites that fail to follow rules set in place. After you take bold steps and look for experts who will offer you search engine optimization services in Dallas you will end up avoiding all the penalties which can really affect the overall performance of your website. Penalties are risky where they can end up making you fail to appear online hence making your potential customers go for other websites that offer services similar to yours. They may never come back again in case they access the same services from your competitors hence making your website incur great losses. To avoid the penalties permanently, you need to hire experts who will offer you quality Dallas SEO services.

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Orlando SEO Company | Orlando Search Engine Optimization

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Oct 222015

Orlando SEO Firm: Web Solutions of America is an Orlando based SEO Company that is proud to offer SEO services and consulting throughout Central Florida and all of the US.

Search engine optimization or SEO, is the process of increasing the visibility of a website through the identification of algorithmic conditions and then using that knowledge to influence the organic or natural search engine ranking for a particular keyword phrase. In other words, SEO is the practice of helping websites rank higher for specific, targeted keyword phrases. The higher a website ranks in the results for a relevant search, the more likely it is to be visited. The increase in qualified traffic will typically generate more conversions (sales, leads, etc.) for a website.

Your SEO plans shouldnt begin after your website has been built. It should be an integral part of the design process. Web Solutions has a web development team that works side by side with our SEO team to make sure every website we build is search engine friendly and readily accessible to every SE. After the initial design and build, well begin our optimization efforts to make sure your site appears for the most relevant results.

Web Solutions of America takes a multi-faceted approach to search engine optimization which includes customizing a plan for each client. This typically involves the research & identification of the best converting keyword phrases, creation of search engine friendly text, and finally any off-page optimization strategies we deem necessary. We specialize in organic search engine optimization or natural SEO which does not involve paying for placement or traffic.

We know there are several Orlando area SEO companies out there, however, we also believe there are only a few quality choices. Our team of SEO experts has a proven track record of experience and knowledge in the industry. This is something we have a passion for and we will often help others for free on SEO forums and other SEO related blogs. Our SEO team is led by Bob Gilmour, the highest respected member of the forums located at SEO Chat. With over 4k posts, he knows a little bit about the subject.

Anyone can say they are SEO experts, we can prove it (contact us, well show you). Successful search engine optimization is about demonstrating consistent results across a variety of industries and clients (in every major search engine). Our results and our referrals from previous clients speak for themselves.

The Orlando SEO team at Web Solutions of America is focused on the client first. By listening to our clients concerns and needs, we determine the best possible strategy for optimizing your site. We stay on top of the latest updates to the major search engines algorithms and determine the best way to get your site where you want it to be for the search terms you want. We know that having plenty of relevant content on your website is key to ranking high in search engines, and will write content for you if needed. Web Solutions understands the same strategy wont work for all websites; you need an SEO strategy custom tailored to you. It isnt just about getting traffic to your site, but qualified traffic. In other words, our Orlando SEO team will not only drive visitors to your site, we will drive visitors that have a good chance of converting.

At Web Solutions of America SEO is our specialty. We are a Florida SEO Company that provides SEO services throughout the state. Our goal is not only to increase your online visibility through search engine optimization, but to use our years of experience to convert this increased traffic to sales. SEO today, has become more than just rankings.

Interested in learning more about how our SEO Orlando services can improve your online visibility? Contact the SEO team at Web Solutions of America Orlandos Premier SEO Company.

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Web Solutions of America works with attorneys, realtors, schools, local contractors, equipment manufacturers & suppliers, hotels, transportation firms, roofing contractors, golf courses and much more.

Wed love to have the opportunity to speak with you about your goals and how we can help you achieve them. Give us a call today for a free analysis of your web site or just to talk internet visibility.

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Orlando SEO Company | Orlando Search Engine Optimization

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