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Apr 212014

Big Conversation: How can we clean up our beaches?

12:04pm Thursday 17th April 2014 in News

During a two-daylitter-pick 40volunteers filled atleast one bin bag ofrubbish each fromSouthends beaches.


Ive been volunteering toclear up my local beacheswith Surfers AgainstSewage and you wouldntbelieve how many bluecotton buds we find. Thereason theyre there isbecause people are flushingthem down the toilet andtheyre ending up in the sea.

People dont realise thatswhere they end up and Idont blame them. I think itshould say on thepackaging do not flushand people should be madeaware they shouldnt beflushing anything like that.


Generally speaking, Cory doa good job of litter pickingand keeping the beach prettyclean as theyre out there inforce, but one of the bigissues is the general public.Weve got a good number ofbins, but people cant alwaysbe bothered to use them andjust drop stuff where theystand. Ive got a bin ten feetaway from the front door ofDoodahs and people still cantmanage to get their litter in it.We need a bit of education toencourage people to use thebins.


Theres a very simpleanswer which is for thecouncil to spend moremoney on their contractorCory. Every year they claimto do more for less, buttheres something wrongsomewhere. They used toremove washed up seaweedand tidy the beach, but nowthey dont bother. When youdont want to do something,you find an environmentalregulation so you dont haveto do it. Seaweed is natural,but when it has tamponsand plastic straws in it, itsanother matter.

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How can we clean up our beaches?

LAYING ON THE BEACH – Boats Beaches Babes 15 of 23
This song is available on Itunes, Amazon etc. it's off the “Boats, Beaches Babes” Water Songs double album. Enjoy! Thanks for supporting independent music.

By: patrileys

See the original post here:
LAYING ON THE BEACH – Boats Beaches & Babes 15 of 23 – Video

If youre tired of the usual summer hotspots, there are many more beaches in the Philippines worth exploring. Some of them are still unspoiled by commercial development and less crowded. They boast of long coastlines, gentle waves, clear waters and some even have pink sand beaches perfect for a relaxing summer.

1. Pangasinan’s ‘Mini Boracay’

In the town of Dasol in Pangasinan, tourists flock to see the gentle waves kiss the white sand along Osmea beach. Just a five-hour trip from Metro Manila, beach lovers will surely enjoy the “mini Boracay” experience that also includes beautiful rock formations along the beach.

2. Beach bumming at Laiya

San Juan, Batangas is proud of its 32-kilometer coastline boasting of clear waters and fine, white sand. Just three hours from Manila, Laiya Beach is a good spot for sunbathing, snorkeling and bonfires.

3. Puerto Princesa’s Isla Puting Buhangin

Enjoy peace and quiet in a hidden paradise in Puerto Princesa, Palawan for free. Isla Puting Buhangin, an island of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters will surely take your stress away. Just a reminder, because the island has yet to be touched by commercial development, don’t forget to bring your own food.

4. Northern Samar’s pink beach

Tired of white sand beaches? Heres something new: Sila Island in San Vicente Northern Samar boasts of pink sand beaches. It got is hue because of corals. Spared by super typhoon Yolanda, the pink beaches of Northern Samar also hosts activities such as diving, snorkeling and island hopping.

5. Compostela Valley escapade

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Where to go beach bumming this summer

Good Beach Guide rates three-quarters of 734 beaches around the UK coast as 'excellent' following hot, dry summer of 2013 As well as helping butterflies and bees , last year's hot and dry British summer led to a record number of beaches reaching the highest standard of water quality in nearly three decades. The Good Beach Guide, compiled by the charity Marine Conservation Society (MCS), said …

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Record number of British beaches receive highest water quality rating

All of Northern Ireland's beaches have an acceptable level of water quality, according to the annual Good Beach guide, published on Tuesday.

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NI beaches' water quality acceptable

More beaches in Wales have been recommended for their excellent water quality with fewer failing minimum standards, the Good Beach Guide says.

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VIDEO: Beach water quality improves in Wales

AROUND SOUTH FLORIDA: Mad Men star in the Palm Beaches for a movie premiere
Mad Men star Robert Morse in the Palm Beaches for a movie premiere with the Palm Beach International Film Festival, artists painting murals inside stairwells…

By: TheListShowTV

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AROUND SOUTH FLORIDA: Mad Men star in the Palm Beaches for a movie premiere – Video

Apr 102014

SAN DIEGO – San Diego County has an endless supply of surf and sand. Here are our picks for top San Diego beaches.

Mission Bay

If you’re looking for a place to take your family and that is centralMission Bay is the beach for you. There’s plenty of sand, grass and calm waters for children to play.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is home to plenty of bars, great restaurants, bike-friendly paths and interesting characters. Even better, it’s the home toSouth Beach Bar and Grille, which serves up its famous fish tacos.

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach fits the mold for the stereotypical SoCal beach. It’s home to outdoor bars, all types of shops and parties. It also has a great boardwalk for everything from bicycling to walking to skateboarding.

Imperial Beach

If you’re looking for a hidden gem, Imperial Beach is likely it. Imperial Beach is home to good surf, fishing and it’s rarely crowded. The beach also hosts a farmers market every Friday evening.

La Jolla Shores

Follow this link:
Top San Diego beaches

From Perdido Key to Marco Island, from Amelia Island to the Florida Keys, Florida’s beaches are among the best in the world.

That’s no idle boast it’s a fact, according to the 2014 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Top 25 U.S. Beaches list announced March 18. Of the 25, an unprecedented 10 are Florida beaches.

“We appreciate the passion of our visitors who love Florida beaches and recommend them to others through TripAdvisor,” said Visit Florida’s chief marketing officer, Paul Phipps. “The Sunshine State has 825 miles of beaches, and they have all won people’s hearts, from the wild beauty you find at St. George Island to the urban sophistication of Miami’s South Beach.”

The Travelers’ Choice Top 25 beaches for 2014 include Florida shores that are serene and wild, such as Caladesi Island State Park, and those that brim with activity, such as Pensacola Beach.

With overall ranking in parentheses, here are the Florida beaches on the 2014 Travelers’ Choice list:

Siesta Key Public Beach (#3)

St. Pete Beach (#9)

Caladesi Island State Park (#11)

St. Augustine Beach (#14)

Bahia Honda State Park and Beach (#17)

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10 Florida beaches make TripAdvisor's list of 25 best in the world

The organizers of the upcoming Easter parade in the Beach have a message for politicians: stay away.

Follow this link:
Politicians asked to stay away from Beaches Easter Parade

A salt farm at the entrance to Lido Beach Resort today.

CAVITE CITY Ever wonder what used to be one of the hippest beaches of the Philippines when life was much simpler?

Just a quick drive or ride from Metro Manila is Lido Beach in Cavite City, whose popularity in the ’50s and ’60s can be likened to that of Boracay today.

The Lido Beach resort, started and owned by Celedonio Santamaria, became a popular destination when Manila Bay was still relatively safe and clean to swim in.

Families and friends would flock to Lido Beach, stay a few hours to enjoy the gray-sand beach, and travel back to Metro Manila the same day. It’s a quick 30- to 40-minute ride or drive from Roxas Blvd.

Back then, most Filipinos still couldn’t afford to travel to white-sand beaches in the Visayas and Mindanao. Air transport was generally still a Philippine Airlines (PAL) monopoly, and budget airlines and piso fares were unheard of.

Many got to Lido Beach by taking a mini-bus from Roxas Blvd. or via the family’s first car, the Beetle or Combi.

Benedicta Laurente, a resort staff since 1976, shared that guests would come even on weekdays, and that the beach would be full of people on Sundays. Guests would have picnics in huts or on the beach or buy food at the resort.

Noong kasikatan nito, talagang maraming tao. Masaya, lalo na pag Linggo. Makikita mo mga tao naliligo dyan at ang makikita mo lang ay mga ulo nila. Ganoon karami…Kahit ganitong ordinary days, maraming customers, she recalled.

She said people who visited the resort declined over time after Manila Bay’s pollution reached Cavite’s beaches and as tourists chose to go by air to explore the country’s white-sand beaches in the Visayas (Cebu and Aklan), Palawan, and even hard-to-reach places in northern Luzon.

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Throwback summer destination: Lido Beach

Wave Mountain – Rock trip _xvid.avi
Beach Waves Rocks Mountains. Ouverture du festival ZIC SI GAOUSES 2012. Beach Waves Mountain. Dominican Beach Rock Waves. Very Relaxing Sounds of Crashing Oc…

By: yogaworld

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Wave Mountain – Rock trip _xvid.avi – Video

Topics: alexandria bay, editors picks, noosa, nudist beach, sunshine coast

AN OUTSPOKEN nudist suggests the “sleazy elements” that visit nude beaches would be eradicated if clothes-optional beaches became legal in Queensland.

Rocky Ind, a full-time nudist who organised the recent Alexandria Bay Beach Carnival, said legalising nude beaches – like Noosa’s Alexandria Bay – would give genuine nudists the authority to evict the creeps.

“Everywhere they’ve put legalised nude beaches, it becomes self-policing, it gets rid of the sleazy element,” Mr Ind said.

“Anywhere that becomes nude, well then they’ve got something to say to those who are not doing the right thing.”

Mr Ind’s expert input follows two recent incidents on Sunshine Coast beaches.

In the first, a lone female jogger was approached on Noosa’s A-Bay beach by a male nudist who shoved a camera into her hands and asked her to take his photo. In the second incident, a nude man approached three teen beachgoers last week at Coolum’s Second Bay.

“My opinion of these people, and the opinion of the vast majority of the nudists in Australia, is that these people are not genuine nudists,” Mr Ind said.

“People in the nude should be avoiding those people, not out there on display, in your face, as it were.

“The incidents of this sort of behaviour is just about zero in legalised nude beaches; you don’t get that sort of interaction.”

See original here:
Nudist beach would weed out perverts, says advocate

ISLA VISTA, Calif. –

The beaches along the coast of Isla Vista will be closed off to the public this coming weekend during the so-called “Floatopia” or “Deltopia” event.

The Santa Barbara County Community Services Department made the announcement Thursday.

The past beachside bacchanals, known as “Floatopia,” attracted thousands of partiers and left a large-scale mess that included mounds of trash and human waste.

University of California police and Santa Barbara County sheriff’s deputies said the last un-permitted event of 2009 caused public health and safety concerns.

The following year, up to this year, the IV beaches have been closed off during the weekend event. However, partiers moved their location to Del Playa, which led to the name change of “Deltopia.”

County officials say this year’s event is not a sanctioned event and there are no approved permits issued.

The beaches along Isla Vista will be closed Saturday and Sunday; the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department will enforce the closure.

On the beach today, NewsChannel 3 spoke with some young people who were tanning and drinking.

“We come out here and have a lot of fun,” said Peter Sanders from Fullerton. Pointing to a large bottle of Old English 800, a malt liquor he said, “Of course we recycle. We do our part.”

Here is the original post:
Isla Vista Beaches Closed Through The Weekend

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GULF SHORES, Al (CBSMiami) Beaches across the Gulf coast, including the Florida Panhandle, are getting the star treatment as thousands of starfish drift ashore.

Most of them, dead or dying, are washing up on beaches from Perdido Key, Florida in Pensacola to Alabama.

The majority are brittle stars, also called spider starfish, and they are very common in waters around the world. This is very rare, I have lived here all my life and I have never seen them like this, said beachgoer Charlotte Phillips.

Marine experts said rough surf caused by recent storms may have pushed the starfish over the sandbars and onto the beach.

Tidal pools hold most of whats left.

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Thousands Of Dead, Dying Starfish Washing Ashore Fla, Bama Beaches

By Katy Stickland

Story Created: Apr 1, 2014 at 11:24 PM ECT

Story Updated: Apr 1, 2014 at 11:24 PM ECT

TOURISM leaders are calling on the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) to provide more lifeguards for the islands beaches. It comes following the drowning of 26-year-old Sashell Ross at Bacolet beach earlier this month. The Maravel pre-school teacher was on holiday with friends in Tobago when she got into difficulty in the water. The beach has no lifeguard cover. The President of the Tobago Hotels Restaurants and Tourism Association, Nicholas Hardwicke says although it is impossible and impracticable to have lifeguard cover on all of Tobagos beaches, major public beaches should be covered. Some beaches such as Lambeau have no bathers but lifeguard cover. Grafton, Turtle Beach, Grange and Back Bay which are visited by hundreds of bathers a week during the season have no coverage, says Hardwicke. If lifeguard facilities are not provided on the beach then you should at least have enough adequate signage to warn the visiting public to exercise caution. The THA has taken some strides towards this, although it is not universal. But this should not be a cheap option. We need lifeguard facilities at all the key beaches. The THAs Division of Tourism and Transportation provides lifeguard cover for nine of Tobagos beaches including Store Bay, Pigeon Point, Mt. Irvine, Bloody Bay, Castara, Kings Bay, Charlotteville and Speyside. There are currently no lifeguards on duty at Little Rockly Bay (Lambeau) because the lifeguard tower is closed for renovation work. Hardwicke says the provision of lifeguards is a benchmark issue and one we have been aspiring to for a long time. Their importance is not just that theyre there for the protection of swimmers in the water but in many incidences lifeguards are the first responders to incidents which can happen in a beach environment. They are an authoritative presence which is required. They provide an important link to other law enforcement and emergency response agencies, said Hardwicke. I first raised this in1999 and there was a unanimous agreement by all stakeholders and government that something should be done. It is now 2014 and nothing has been done. From a public safety point of view we want to see the facilities with appropriately trained, manned and capable teams put in place. There is much more that they could do. Tobago News asked the THAs Division of Tourism and Transportation to respond to the concerns. Up until press time there had been no response.

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Calls for more lifeguards on Tobagos beaches

Robinson R66 landing on Vanuatu Islands
Robinson R66 over Espritu Santo Airfield (Palikulo Bay) (Vanuatu Islands) (Helicopter by Alabeo, SkyMaxx Pro and Maxx FX by Maxx-XP, BeachMAXX by jspahn, He…

By: Flights Worldwide Videos

Robinson R66 landing on Vanuatu Islands – Video

Mar 292014

Beaches Basketball League
Jacksonville Beach Florida “Beaches Basketball” where kids from 3 years of age are taught the great sport of basketball at St Paul's Gym. Tommy Hullihan dire…

By: David Schelldorf

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Beaches Basketball League – Video

Mar 292014

CAYO COSTA, Fla. — They shuffle along the beaches, eyes cast down, as if in a trance.

Occasionally, they dig in the sand with their toes, or with specialized shovels. They, shellers combing the beaches of Floridas outer islands, are searching for treasures in the form of Augers, Angel Wings, Buttons, Ceriths or Coquinas.

Shelling is a popular activity on Sanibel, North Captiva, Cayo Costa and other Gulf Coast islands. Businesses such as Captiva Cruises offer excursions just for shelling.

Its one of the top three places in the world to go shelling, said Brian Holaway. These out islands dont have as many people that shell on the islands. This morning there were 40 people on this beach (Cayo Costa) as opposed to 4,000. Ive been doing this for 20 years, and Ive had people go out with me for 15 years, at every time of the year.

The trip to Cayo Costa, an isolated island off the southwest coast of Florida, involved a 30-minute boat ride from Captiva Island. Shellers were turned loose on the beach for several hours to hunt their treasures.

We go out to the outer islands, Cayo Costa, and we have trips to other islands, Holaway said. We go to the islands that are only accessible by boat, and to the state parks so there arent as many people there. Its a lot of the same shells, but not as many people on the beaches.

The Gulf Coast islands, with their sandy beaches and shallow flats, are natural depositories for shells.

Just because of the orientation of the islands, and its very shallow out in the Gulf of Mexico, so along the whole Gulf Coast here, Holaway said. Sanibel runs east and west so it can act as a little catch pit. The other islands are still good, but Sanibel is east and west, so it can kind of catch them differently.

Sanibel is known for its shelling, but it is also the most populated of the islands.

Shells can be found nearly anywhere on these beaches. However, not all shelling trips are created equal.

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Florida beaches no shell game

Mere footsteps from one of the finest beaches – Elviria, Malaga ELVIRIA BEACH Mere footsteps from one of the finest beaches on the Costa Del Sol, next door to Marbell…

By: 1CasaHomesInSpain

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Mere footsteps from one of the finest beaches – Elviria, Malaga – Video

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